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Turnaround time 7.0 tylerindo 473 49 minutesScifinator (8750): @DVSCHO Completed means it has shipped, so it should be 1-5 days depending on how far you live from Dallas shipped back to yiu by FedEx which is standard.
Weekly Cover Contest Discussion Thread DrWatson 863 10 hoursEbayMafia (21093): I hug it a lot.
CBCS Pressing Update Vol 1, #2 SteveRicketts 181 3 daysKinsella5 (445): While I have only submitted books a few times in the past, with over half a dozen open orders currently at CBCS, the only emails I have received is when books have been received and then when the books have entered the pressing queue for those in need of pressing. Beyond that, no emails ever from that point including when they have shipped which I feel is one of the more important notices for a customer. As a back-up I have FedEx notifications...
CBCS 101: A Newbie's Guide. dielinfinite 269 5 daysOffpanel (1): Thanks @xkonk and @dielinfinite. Good to know
  CBCS Forum Moderation and Suspension Thread The_Watcher 74 2 monthsJesse_O (28302): 11-29-21 Beastboy1980 one week suspension for a pattern of complaining about CBCS and not contributing in any other way to the forum over the last two weeks, approximately.
Schedule an appointment with us! Jake_Fleming 42 3 monthsComicE2 (25): Well.... I did get a notice I had book to pickup. But could not reach anyone and I understand why. It been quit had on everyone this year. But what is the new way to schedule a pickup now. I know they had a calendar before. But is there a number to call because I know email can take a while to see. Order# 20-27F4CA4 20-27AA2AD Thank you,
New Message Board Atmosphere SteveRicketts 84 4 monthsNearmint67 (317): @SteveRicketts can we all have pumpkin pie before thanksgiving :)
  Board Rules about Political Posts: Please Read SteveRicketts 108 9 monthsOGJackster (30466):
  CBCS Authorized Signature Program announcements thread. Jesse_O 4 2 yearsJesse_O (28302): ASP rule changes from 2018. CBCS is announcing some changes to our Authentic Signature Program. CBCS is dedicated to keeping the integrity of the ASP at the highest level, and over the last 12 months, it has become evident that change was needed. We did not make these changes sitting in a boardroom, we actively solicited and received feedback from both our customers, creators and Authorized Witnesses. The overwhelming area people thought we...
  Weekly cover contest winners Jesse_O 1 2 yearsJesse_O (28302): Week 01 - Genesis (winner @Darkga) Week 02 - Madness (winner @Maverick) Week 03 - The Horror (winner @Helric1) Week 04 - Robots (winner @Darkga) Week 05 - Femme Fatale (winner @Jeremy_K) Week 06 - Pets (winner @Despain) Week 07 - Outer Space (winner @Helric1) Week 08 - Water (winner @AndyRexia) Week 09 - Death (winner @esaravo) Week 10 - Dragons (winner @steveinthecity) Week 11 - Sports (winner @esaravo) Week 12 - Catfight (winner...
  CBCS Forum Selling Guidelines The_Watcher 1 3 yearsThe_Watcher (4039): As a courtesy to its members, CBCS allows the selling and trading of books and comic related art on its forum. ANY SALE OR TRADE IS DONE AT THE BUYER'S OWN RISK. Neither CBCS, Administration, nor Moderation will act as arbitrators in the case of a dispute. Disputes need to worked out between the buyer and seller. The selling guidelines are as follows: ● Only CBCS, CGC, raw books, comic related art, or other comic related items are...
  CBCS FAQ Jesse_O 1 4 yearsJesse_O (28302): What does a checkmark (asterisk online) by the grade mean? In rare cases, a comic book will look much better than the given grade. In these rare cases, a Check Mark will be placed on the label by the numerical grade. The best way to understand why a specific comic book received a Check Mark designation is to refer to the graders' notes. Example: a comic is graded 8.0. However, the covers are such that it looks like a 8.5 or a 9.0. CBCS...
  CBCS Message Board - Terms of Use SteveRicketts 1 6 yearsSteveRicketts (12433): CBCS Message Board Terms of Use Created: December 15, 2015 Last update: March 30, 2018 The CBCS discussion forum and message board [the “Forum” or “CBCS Message Board”] accessible through the Web site [the “Site”] [collectively the “Forum Services”] is brought to you by Comic Book Certification Service, LLC [“CBCS,” “we,” “our,” or “Company”]. In addition to any other Terms of Use and/or...
(Just for fun) ID this cover... CONTINUED OGJackster 15748 5 minutesesaravo (64516): It definitely looks like it could have been from one of his Thor covers!
Reacquainted with an old friend Batman66 11 30 minutesDavethebrave (2888): Amazing.
Comic Book Day of the Year Calendar DrWatson 4184 47 minutesesaravo (64516): ...
Anyone use fountain pens? KatKomics 19 1 hourHulkSmash (5108): I tried calligraphy in maybe jr high. It did not work out. I ended up with more ink on my hands than on paper and fine tips made it look like a cat shredded everything😂 Maybe you’ll have the patience and dexterity for fountain pens.
Share Your Personal Artwork Thread flanders 56 2 hoursjake (793): These drawings are more in the vein of Sunday Funnies that I do for my boys. ...
Star Trek: Picard | Season 2 Official Trailer | Paramount+ OGJackster 5 2 hoursthe420bandito (8316): Yeah don't waste your time ST: Discovery. Trekkies beware!
Amazing spider-man 678 inquiry? And other venomized books TigerRose1981 16 3 hoursWhammykablam (25): This is all I've got so far.
history of bags and boards? ProdigalSon 14 6 hoursIronMan (4837): I know that by 1969 Robert Bell was advertising in the pages of Marvel comics and was sending a sample comic book bag out with orders for his comic book check list. Attached is an example from the pages of ASM 71 - April 1969. My younger brother and I ordered some comic books from Grand Book in NY in 1967. They did not come in comic book bags. We stored our "good stuff" in zip lock type freezer bags. I did not have an opportunity...
Weekly Cover Contest #282 - Does someone need a hug? esaravo 22 8 hourslawguy1977 (2341):
What do we have here? WMorse 52 8 hoursdfoster43 (391): I think I was just rick-rolled!
Post Funny Stuff #1, Vol 2 dielinfinite 467 9 hoursBronte (21137): The peanut yellow guy is male in m&m world....
What Are You Watching?: Part II 00slim 44 9 hoursGAC (37652): Documentary: Salinger
A few odds and ends up for sale Darkseid_of_town 780 11 hoursDarkseid_of_town (12326): Challengers of the Unknown 32 VG+/F- 12.00
Comic Book Sales: Year End Review BigRedOne1944 17 11 hoursBigRedOne1944 (9540): March 2021 Sales Continued King Conan #1 (8.0) $10.00 (3/16/21) Punisher #77 78 79 SET (8.0) $10.00 (3/16/21) Amazing Spiderman Index #3 (7.0) $2.00 (3/16/21) ...
Free covid tests from USPS Bronte 23 12 hoursBronte (21137): Very cool. Thank you fir the update.
Photos BigRedOne1944 7 12 hoursBigRedOne1944 (9540): Thanks to all for the suggestions! Seems like this would be the best way to go. Thanks Ed!
Your first comic acquisition of 2022 dielinfinite 59 12 hoursBigRedOne1944 (9540): Half went to Kids college and the other half went to 5.56 & 9mm Ammo
Poka's slabs for sale poka 11 12 hourspoka (20273): Newly uploaded
Comic Geek Questions EbayMafia 43 13 hoursBronte (21137): Anybody have thoughts on first appearance of gas lamp in strange academy? How about bedlam in venom books?
Wizard Comics 1/2 Issue Exclusives Up For Sale MutantMania 3 14 hourscomicsforme (2798): I kept all of mine.
TODAY IN COMIC BOOK HISTORY OGJackster 198 14 hoursOGJackster (30466): TURNING POINTS by Maggie Thompson Here’s the latest installment of Maggie Thompson’s ongoing look at important beginnings, middles, and ends, this time for January 21-27, 2022... 115 years ago January 22, 1907 Czech artist Jan Fischer is born. He co-creates the series Rychle Sipy with Jaroslav Foglar. 115 years ago...
CBCS: Comics You Just Got Back GAC 849 14 hoursVrishnak (294): Apologies for the lighting. ...
Strange happenings at CBCS Ginosdad 7 14 hoursStudley_Dudley (31919): Depending on how you paid, they can issue a refund to your card or send you a letter with the credit to apply towards a future submission.
Just show something cool: Part 4 KatKomics 239 15 hoursGAC (37652): @RexMuff that is very cool!!
The Golden Age of comics The_Watcher 4682 15 hoursMoomba (555):
RIP Louie Anderson GAC 12 16 hoursflanders (12126): Rip Louie. I always enjoyed his work and was a fan of the Life with Louie cartoon as a kid.
What are CBCS's restoration grading criteria? cbrescue1 11 17 hoursHexView (128): I'm looking for a link like these to CBCS'resto info: tttps://
old marvel calendars beastboy1980 2 17 hoursschmoff (5): yes i loved them still have a couple, they can be reused every so often you just need to check which years have the same calendar this year is the same as 1977
Is the great test coming? Davethebrave 31 19 hoursEbayMafia (21093): Right now for modern books that gain traction I see a common ratio of 1-3-5. Meaning that One 9.8 has market value equal to Three 9.6 and Five 9.4. When a modern book with plenty of supply gains traction because it has introduced a new character that is gaining in importance, I'm not so sure that $80 for a 9.4 is out of whack. The $135 for a 9.6 also seems not too unreasonable to me. It's the $400 for the 9.8 that catches attention and makes...
TV Guides Nuffsaid111 5 19 hoursNuffsaid111 (9718): Interesting... I dug a little deeper into those 2 graded TV Guides and although they are graded, there are no graders notes.
Weekly Cover Contest #281 - Let's Eat! Helric1 49 20 hoursReelgee (447): Congrads@esaravo
Forgive me Father #2 - Dekal Variant: Any leads Irodnyc 15 20 hoursIrodnyc (2): Thank you so much for the tip! Wish me luck!
Daily bugle civil war, will cbcs grade? DVSCHO 4 20 hoursByrdibyrd (1699): I think they can be graded because I'm seeing a few of the newsprint Daily Bugles (not this particular one) in the CGC census. The question is whether CBCS will grade it, too.
Gaspard Ulliel: Moon Knight actor dies aged 37 after ski accident OGJackster 7 20 hoursjake (793): RIP. A Moon Knight curse?!
Singer Meatloaf dead at age 74 Darkseid_of_town 21 20 hoursjake (793): RIP Meatloaf. He would do anything for love.
New To Your Collection #13 DrWatson 202 21 hoursSagii (6589):
For Sale: Multiple Copies of Cool Comic Books! Eclipse9665 3 1 dayEclipse9665 (102): Bump :)