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Weekly Cover Contest Discussion Thread Part Deux DrWatson 465 9 hoursJames42 (2339): Man, early Adam Hughes looks a lot like Dave Stevens. I knew they were friends, but wow.
Turn Around Time 10.0 tylerindo 875 11 daysNearmint67 (8981): shipping update... due to arrive Monday...
  CBCS Forum Name Change, Moderation, and Suspension Thread The_Watcher 118 1 monthJesse_O (37588): 08-24-2023 MrNotSoNice a 24 hour "wrist slap" for starting a thread of a political nature. This will not count as a suspension.
CBCS Pressing Update Vol 1, #2 SteveRicketts 702 4 monthsJames42 (2339): @SteveRicketts Just got my first submission back today that I had CBCS press. You guys did a beautiful job; I never thought my Doctor Strange #169 could look that good. I will definitely be using CBCS pressing again; I have a stack of G.I. Combat to send out before the summer is over.
CBCS 101: A Newbie's Guide. dielinfinite 464 4 monthsBronte (34986): @BrenoMp Yes. They should be able to.
New Message Board Atmosphere SteveRicketts 118 5 monthsRRO (1580):
  Board Rules about Political Posts: Please Read SteveRicketts 108 2 yearsOGJackster (44519):
  CBCS Authorized Signature Program announcements thread. Jesse_O 4 3 yearsJesse_O (37588): ASP rule changes from 2018. CBCS is announcing some changes to our Authentic Signature Program. CBCS is dedicated to keeping the integrity of the ASP at the highest level, and over the last 12 months, it has become evident that change was needed. We did not make these changes sitting in a boardroom, we actively solicited and received feedback from both our customers, creators and Authorized Witnesses. The overwhelming area people thought we...
  Weekly cover contest winners Jesse_O 1 3 yearsJesse_O (37588): Contest originally started by JLS_Comics Cover Contest Round 1: Genesis (winner @Darkga) Week 02 - Madness (winner @Maverick) Round 3: "The Horror" (winner @Helric1) Week 04 - Robots (winner @Darkga) Round 5: Femme Fatale (winner @Jeremy_K) Week 06 - Pets (winner @Despain) Week 07 - Outer Space (winner @Helric1) Week 08 - Water (winner @AndyRexia) Week 09 - Death (winner @esaravo) Week 10 - Dragons (winner...
  CBCS Forum Selling Guidelines The_Watcher 1 5 yearsThe_Watcher (4067): As a courtesy to its members, CBCS allows the selling and trading of books and comic related art on its forum. ANY SALE OR TRADE IS DONE AT THE BUYER'S OWN RISK. Neither CBCS, Administration, nor Moderation will act as arbitrators in the case of a dispute. Disputes need to worked out between the buyer and seller. The selling guidelines are as follows: ● Only CBCS, CGC, raw books, comic related art, or other comic related items are...
  CBCS FAQ Jesse_O 1 6 yearsJesse_O (37588): What does a checkmark (asterisk online) by the grade mean? In rare cases, a comic book will look much better than the given grade. In these rare cases, a Check Mark will be placed on the label by the numerical grade. The best way to understand why a specific comic book received a Check Mark designation is to refer to the graders' notes. Example: a comic is graded 8.0. However, the covers are such that it looks like a 8.5 or a 9.0. CBCS...
  CBCS Message Board - Terms of Use SteveRicketts 1 7 yearsSteveRicketts (17292): CBCS Message Board Terms of Use Created: December 15, 2015 Last update: March 30, 2018 The CBCS discussion forum and message board [the “Forum” or “CBCS Message Board”] accessible through the Web site [the “Site”] [collectively the “Forum Services”] is brought to you by Comic Book Certification Service, LLC [“CBCS,” “we,” “our,” or “Company”]. In addition to any other Terms of Use and/or...
New to Your Collection #16 DrWatson 569 11 minutesJames42 (2339): @Gaard Seems pretty on-brand for Namor.
What are you listening to? 4.0 GAC 356 4 hoursStonecollector (319):
Let's see your pets! starlord 819 5 hoursDrWatson (44246): Trying to be incognito.
What Are You Watching?: Part III GAC 762 6 hoursStonecollector (319):
Ask questions here without starting a new thread 2023 - part IV Davethebrave 568 7 hourssoutherncross (26242): If I got the right store, a shop got robbed over a month ago and the thieves walked into a lcs that I visit. The owner new the books was stolen and new if he tried to ring the cops or ask for I.D. the thieves would of ran out of the store with the books. So the owner offered $400 and they accepted and after they left he rang the store and told him he was able to purchase the books back cheaply for them. Now I'm not sure it's this stores books...
MCS October Prime Auction figment 8 7 hoursEbayMafia (34749): It's the end of the road for me and Echo:
2023 NFL Week 5 picks and discussion Jesse_O 7 7 hoursNearmint67 (8981):
CT? Forum Assistance Nuffsaid111 9 7 hourssoutherncross (26242): @Nuffsaid111 I agree the response they gave was straight on the offensive. Instead of sorry about that, what can I do to make you happy. That response would be what one should expect to get. Now it's a return no questions asked and I'll have my money back please!
Just show something cool: Part 5 GAC 322 8 hoursHeinzDad (23563): Jealous
Movie Collections II: Share your Highlights, New Acquisitions, and more! dielinfinite 270 8 hours00slim (16145): Here’s most of what has arrived since my last update: And these are listed above, but...
What am I not understanding with CBCS pricing? MisterMR 38 8 hoursGinosdad (1970): @Gaard….fell off my drum set!!! Too funny!!
OT; What are you eating / cooking part 4 Bronte 259 8 hoursRbolton (2768): Spicy Ramen stir fry tonight
Trading; Golden Age Books. GAC 10 13 hourskaptainmyke (26932): I have some doubles of EC Books if anyone wants to trade. I am so close to completing full runs of all the horror titles... here's what I still need: GOLDEN AGE (1950-1955) EC COMICS Crime Suspenstories (1950-1955) E.C. Publications, Inc. Iss: 15, 2, 3, 7, 8 Haunt of Fear (1950-1954) E.C. Publications, Inc. Iss: 15(1), 17(3), 9, 13, 16, 24, 26 Shock Suspenstories (1952-1954) E.C. Publications, Inc. Iss: 10 Tales from the...
The Golden Age of comics The_Watcher 5259 13 hoursJgwalters100 (900): Not the best copy but I have tried to get a highe4 grade one. Surprisingly expensive considering its not any first appearance.
Monthly (Comic) Book Club - October - Wytches by Scott Snyder dielinfinite 2 14 hoursxkonk (16910): Jock has a few new classic covers, but I've only seen his interiors a couple times. Looking forward to seeing how they look.
First online order XMYTHICxAtlas 5 16 hoursNeutrons (206):
Weekly Cover Contest #370 And The Runner Up Is... DrWatson 35 18 hoursNeutrons (206):
Where will it end? EbayMafia 34 18 hoursEbayMafia (34749): I also made a small purchase near the end of the auction last night.
Comic Book Day of the Year Calendar DrWatson 6967 19 hourssportshort (10897):
What comic books have you read today? Part two. HeinzDad 65 19 hoursmichaelekrupp (26379): Late summer of ‘84 was a pretty good period for the Spidey books. The alien costume saga was starting to heat up in Amazing, while the Silvermane/ Kingpin/ Answer/ Cloak and Dagger saga was wrapping up in Spectacular. On top of this, the menace of the Puma and the potential Hobgoblin/ Rose alliance were simmering in the background. The only negative was Ron Frenz’s art on Anazing, of which I am just not a fan. I remember staying with my aunt...
Figment's Fire Sale figment 567 22 hoursfigment (14179): Good evening Mr. Pym! Tales to Astonish #56 CGC 9.0
NYCC Thread - Share Information Here drchaos 38 22 hoursdrchaos (25839): I will have a vendor pass for the show. On Thursday morning I am planning to start the day by getting some NYCC exclusive comics before I start getting signatures for the rest of the day. Two people trying to get exclusive comics we can each wait on a different line and get them more efficiently to save valuable time. Those lines can get really long. If anyone wants to team up please send me a DM.
2023 NFL Week 4 picks and discussion Jesse_O 57 1 dayNearmint67 (8981): That #21 is having a night!!!!
Storage cases for Graded-Slabs? earthprime 9 1 dayHAmistoso (21197):
Selling books stevenottney 13 1 dayNuffsaid111 (16812): Bingo. No skinny chicken or a horse with a clock in it's stomach for me (for those old enough to know what this is)
CBCS Only Slabs You Just Got Back #2 GAC 685 2 daysNuffsaid111 (16812): Mail Day. Lots of 6.0s of Strange Adventures #205, but probably not that many signed by his co-creator Arnold Drake. Always love autographs from the legends of the hobby. All autographs were free.
Post Funny Stuff #1, Vol 3 drchaos 833 2 daysPre_Coder (18421):
What grade say you? Haljordanfan 12 2 daysdrmccoy74 (8785): yeah. I think he had a 9.8 TMNT at one time. I bought my JIM 83 from him a few years ago.
MCS Weekly Auction Ending 10/2 figment 12 2 daysfigment (14179): At $21 somebody is going to absolutely steal this one!
Monthly (Comic) Book Club - September - Batman: Years One & Two dielinfinite 32 2 daysdielinfinite (26042): I agree that the final issue feels very rushed and anti-climactic. We never learn why the Reaper came out of retirement or when or why he would want Batman to replace him. Batman’s gun didn’t really get the focus it needed to make its inclusion worthwhile. Aside from the very brief moment with Chill at the end there was very little temptation to use it for its purpose. Beyond that, it didn’t really provide a lot of extra benefit or...
Trades: Post Books You Would Consider Trading GAC 35 2 dayssoutherncross (26242): I'm not sure, I just know it's a grey tone cover and they are very hard to find in higher grades due to the black cover.
SOLD! BigRedOne1944 12 2 daysBigRedOne1944 (11331): SOLD! $10.00 GI Joe Promo / Pinup SOLD! $8.00 Amazing Spiderman Index #8 NM- SOLD!...
Saddle River Comics - My Comic Shop Link drchaos 50 3 daysdrchaos (25839): Spent a good part of today cutting prices while watching football.
Jack Kirby's Fourth World Resource Thread GAC 43 3 daysSiggy (24440): Actually, this is my most favorite way to enjoy it, but it's not nearly as easy.
Carla Cohen thread drchaos 8 3 daysdrchaos (25839): Found more books for a revised group shot:
(Just for fun) ID this cover... CONTINUED OGJackster 39307 3 daysdrmccoy74 (8785): @makahuka wins!!!
Check out my Bronze Age auctions ending 9/10/2023! Darkga 6 3 daysDarkga (4775): Auctions close at about 2pm EST today 10/1. Happy bidding! :)
Should SHAZAM be included in the new DCEU James Gunn movies? CWill2021 9 3 dayssportshort (10897): Ditto! Holly mackerel! what a dumpster fire that move was. I had such high hopes for it.