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CBCS Turnaround SteveRicketts 221 16 minutesmjon30 (4): The grades are almost always fair if not accurate. Just the phone service and speed of delivery is kind of awful. Everyone at the shows is great. Greg is great. Fast pass is a rip off. I'm glad you got your books. Joining with Beckett surely ties them both up a lot.
  CBCS Forum Moderation and Suspension Thread The_Watcher 35 1 dayThe_Watcher (3466): 7-18-2018 TrinityComics one week suspension for using a shill account
The Dallas move, Status updates, questions and concerns Jake_Fleming 256 1 dayshrewbeer (11383): Post 225 on page 9, 5 days ago. Apparently SB knows how to use the copy and paste buttons :(|) although the offer of compensation seems to be missing from the latest paste
CBCS Pressing Jesse_O 558 3 daysSteveRicketts (6271): @xkonk I don't know what the user can see, but there is definitely a Pressing status on our end. I agree that it would be good information for the customer to have, so I'm going to request that it be added to the system. I don't know when it will be added, but I will certainly put it on the list for our developers.
CBCS at SDCC 2018 Jesse_O 7 3 daysJesse_O (5959): David Baron will have a VERY limited amount of SDCC 2018 exclusive prints (Signed & Numbered) available ONLY at the CBCS booth #507 on Thursday July 19, 2018!
  TAT Estimator Jesse_O 1 19 daysJesse_O (5959): Link to TAT Estimator. Read description to use. CBCS TAT Estimator
CBCS is Moving to Dallas... SteveRicketts 128 22 dayspoka (7702): Refer to this thread
  CBCS Signature restrictions for AWs Jesse_O 2 27 daysJesse_O (5959): 06-22-2018 Updates from Mark Roman via Facebook. see link above. This is concerning Byrne:
Changes to ASP: AWs Please read spaulus 77 1 monthSloptimusgrime (16): So perhaps a new section broken down by state of reliable and approved witnesses and their approval list of conventions they'll be attending or broken down by conventions. This could definitely be doable if broken down properly.
PSA - Dealing with CBCS AW's Jesse_O 1 1 monthJesse_O (5959): This was posted two days ago on the Official CBCS Signature Programs (ASP/VSP) Facebook page by Mark Roman. When you are dealing with a new CBCS AW or facilitator, it doesn't hurt to check if they are legit by asking Mark Roman. His email is:
New Message Board Atmosphere SteveRicketts 66 4 monthsstanley1883 (40): hello world. im back from a self imposed inadvertent exile. im Stanley1883, im assuming know some of you, someone catch me up please. its been like a year. whats new, and why is the evil empires chat forum not working for me? thanks in advance
CBCS Slab Security SteveRicketts 61 7 monthsBigRedOne1944 (2182): I think this just about sums it up.
  CBCS FAQ Jesse_O 1 11 monthsJesse_O (5959): What does a checkmark (asterisk online) by the grade mean? In rare cases, a comic book will look much better than the given grade. In these rare cases, a Check Mark will be placed on the label by the numerical grade. The best way to understand why a specific comic book received a Check Mark designation is to refer to the graders' notes. Example: a comic is graded 8.0. However, the covers are such that it looks like a 8.5 or a 9.0. CBCS...
  CBCS Message Board - Terms of Use SteveRicketts 1 2 yearsSteveRicketts (6271): CBCS Message Board Terms of Use Created: December 15, 2015 Last update: March 30, 2018 The CBCS discussion forum and message board [the “Forum” or “CBCS Message Board”] accessible through the Web site [the “Site”] [collectively the “Forum Services”] is brought to you by Comic Book Certification Service, LLC [“CBCS,” “we,” “our,” or “Company”]. In addition to any other Terms of Use and/or...
B&B #93- Variant exists MR_SigS 9 1 min50AE_DE (511): I agree that is just an error but I can see sellers call this an "error variant" just to cover their bases.
In your opinion what is the best Comic Con to attend if you care aboutcomic Ladic 19 5 minutesNuffsaid111 (1012): Baltimore. .... then Albany
48th Edition Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide OGJackster 27 6 minutesX51 (6379): It's on the wrong side.
SDCC 2018: Post your images and comments here! CatmanAmerica 28 12 minutesCatmanAmerica (6226): Author's panel... :beer::) .
TV Happenings OGJackster 124 1 hourOGJackster (5284): I just can't get excited about anything Star Wars anymore :(
New and old to your Collection -NEWSSTAND- Part 2 Hcanes 102 1 hourStudley_Dudley (2548): @Hcanes that note is too friggin sweet! Nice books!
Saddle River Comics - New eBay ID & Link drchaos 160 2 hoursdrchaos (8938): We have another winner!
New to your collection #3 Jesse_O 487 3 hoursFrontier2Xterra (298): Comic isn’t new to my collection but the Romita sig is. Glad to have this back.
Pulps & Pulp Art: Post'em if you got'em... CatmanAmerica 48 3 hoursCatmanAmerica (6226): Another cool 40's era Ziff-Davis Amazing Stories; this'n with a Robert Bloch tale... :beer::) .
FANDOM, then & Now: CatmanAmerica 95 4 hoursCatmanAmerica (6226): SDCC 2018... :beer::) .
Your book with the most views on MSC dielinfinite 22 4 hourskaptainmyke (17011): I started today. This is going to take forever.... blah
Just show something cool Themaxx35 841 5 hoursOdins_Raven (1705): Skateboard deck I painted for my nephew's birthday. His first and middle names are John Blaise.
Going to go forward with my superman fan film finaly i am rewritren the scr David_Kent 62 6 hoursDavid_Kent (496): I may end up playing lex.
Titans - SDCC Trailer Paulbg2000 8 6 hoursThemaxx35 (1921): The Starfire depiction is killing me. I’m okay with everything else - Robin’s costume looks great - but Starfire looks like she’s wearing a Halloween wig. They cast a beautiful actress, how’d they screw it up after that?
Batwoman' TV series in the works with first lesbian superhero in the lead Scorpion 5 7 hoursJoosh (310): Current DC series are already full of it with supporting cast in Supergirl, Legends, and Arrow. This seems the next logical step. I’ll pass.
Joker Origin Movie jrs 3 7 hoursOdins_Raven (1705): Killing Joke already handled his origin adeptly...sigh, I'm sure Joaquin will do a good job but I cant say much else for DC. Personally I am more excited about the WW sequel.
THE PARK AVENUE COLLECTION martymann 1241 8 hoursmartymann (14398): 70 years old and still in pretty good condition. OO (SUMMER 1948) mm
Auction Wins Post Em If You Got Em drchaos 122 8 hoursHelric1 (988): First time win at Hake's auction
Any Last Remarks? Masochism 7 8 hoursMasochism (544): @nikki666666 Holy shit! Are those hip hop loafers available? If so, how much?! Ah, I just saw they were from your friend's account. Those are so nice. Your work is incredible, you got a new fan here, Nikki!!
What comic(s) did you read today? dielinfinite 12 9 hoursDJC_II (646): @Frontier2Xterra I know this sounds funny but I actually prefer them in their original prints. It's the paper they used, and how it took in the ink. I found the digital versions to be quite flat.
Is this worth it?? Stan lee signed Aliens 9 9 hoursAliens (274): @shrewbeer I might do that thank you
Thor #3 OGJackster 15 10 hoursJoosh (310): I fact checked this statement. It’s true.
eBay global shipping program Drogio 14 10 hoursGAC (1141): The problem lies on both sides but the buyer has leverage when it comes to dishonesty and Ebay's loyalty.
The Golden Age of comics The_Watcher 2021 12 hoursearthshaker01 (6613): Four color 128
Skin & Earth bythegram 3 12 hoursbythegram (154): @Oxbladder Same, I'm a fan of her music so thought I'd give it a try and am happy I did. It was a good read. It will be interesting to see where they take it with TV (and apparently gaming)
Comcast Not Countering for Fox? GAC 5 12 hoursGAC (1141): Its official:
Weekly Cover Contest Week 98 - Pirates!!! Savage_Spawn 44 12 hoursdrchaos (8938): Don't forget to vote!
Do you think Wizard Magazine was a big contributor to the speculation bubbl Ladic 18 12 hoursmichaelekrupp (202): Great point about how the variants skew sales data. This is exactly what happened in the 90s as well. As long as there were people buying ten copies of “hot” issues, you could lose the guys like me who were buying one of everything and still show an increase. The problem was (and may be again)when the “hot book” guys quit buying their ten, publishers quickly found that there was no one left.
Bob Kane,Adam West,Burt Ward and Alan Napier signatures on one comic. Redshade 25 17 hoursONLINE_209 (1141): I wonder why the difference in color
My first slabs ever have arrived Ladic 27 18 hoursDJC_II (646): It would be weird to receive a 9.4 with no grader's notes. The vast majority of collectors would be up in arms if they didnt receive any, especially on a very very popular key like this. Also, I'd tend to believe this may even have graded a 9.6 but this book lately grades hard due to its popularity
Just when you think you've seen it all ... Jesse_O 16 21 hoursIronMan (2278):
Trinity Comics Experiences Frontier2Xterra 76 22 hourschacault (28): I've send $1,000's of dollars to Matt for various signing services. He is an honest guy (this isn't a shill account. lol), and from what I can tell he is just lacking a robust infrastructure to effectively manage the volume of business. The shill account seems out of character, and I'm not worried about his honesty. That being said, with the experience thus far I'd be waiting awhile before sending some comics to them. I'm hoping that they'll...
The SILVER AGE's greatest hits, misses and ground outs: CatmanAmerica 43 1 dayX51 (6379): X-Men had a disadvantage in that it was bi-monthly for many years. You had to wait two months to get the current installment. X-Men #'s 1-11 had one main villain... Magneto. They battled the same villain for close to 2 years. If you read the published letters during that time period fans were wanting a change. Issue #11 introduced the Stranger who just took Magneto out of the picture completely. That opened the door to new villains. Juggernaut...
Moving w/ comics. BabaLament 15 1 dayX51 (6379): I hate it when I have a box of comics that haven't been bagged yet and I accidentally spill two gallons of Clorox bleach into the box. I learned my lesson about trying to dry them off with a blow torch too. Sheesh! Maybe I'm not taking this subject seriously because it doesn't seem like rocket science.
Ebay bad packaging job, can I ask for refund? Ladic 38 1 dayDrogio (3280): 2 working days max. Then force it.
Verification color change? kevinlmillard 72 1 dayScorpion (514): i like this better where it say Verified signature under the logo. this you can even see without reading the who thing.