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Pedigree Comics Jesse_O 43 8 minutesSagii (7944): @Nearmint67 Gems!
Weekly Cover Contest Discussion Thread Part Deux DrWatson 538 4 hoursSiggy (25134): I know this wouldn't count for the contest and apparently, I don't own a single comic with anyone painting so much as a protest sign. This is about as close as I can get, and since I own 3 pieces used as examples in the book (and since I like showing my stuff), I'll post them here. The first two are inks over blue-line art (the same blue-line example included in the book, only not folded), by Mike Royer and Steve Leialoha, respectively. The...
CBCS- Community Engagement Wade_Story 188 4 hoursRush_is_a_band (491): Thanks for the confirmation everyone!
Turn Around Time 10.0 tylerindo 950 4 dayssoutherncross (27513): Dropped off some books today at Emerald City comic con. My first submission since early 2020. Two golden age, one as a magazine because of size so on a different order. And a handful of early 70s books.
CBCS 101: A Newbie's Guide. dielinfinite 472 4 daysCaptAjax (58): I have sent two questions recently to the CBCS Customer Service and they were both answered within one business day!
CBCS Pressing Update Vol 1, #2 SteveRicketts 745 12 daysxkonk (17466): Moved to grading today. 30-ish business days because of the holidays.
  CBCS Forum Name Change, Moderation, and Suspension Thread The_Watcher 120 2 monthsJesse_O (38874): 12-28-23 HAmistoso one week suspension for trolling after receiving a warning. This is HAmistoso's first offense in a year's time.
  Weekly cover contest winners Jesse_O 1 4 yearsJesse_O (38874): Contest originally started by JLS_Comics Cover Contest Round 1: Genesis (winner @Darkga) Week 02 - Madness (winner @Maverick) Round 3: "The Horror" (winner @Helric1) Week 04 - Robots (winner @Darkga) Round 5: Femme Fatale (winner @Jeremy_K) Week 06 - Pets (winner @Despain) Week 07 - Outer Space (winner @Helric1) Week 08 - Water (winner @AndyRexia) Week 09 - Death (winner @esaravo) Week 10 - Dragons (winner...
  CBCS Forum Selling Guidelines The_Watcher 1 6 yearsThe_Watcher (4070): As a courtesy to its members, CBCS allows the selling and trading of books and comic related art on its forum. ANY SALE OR TRADE IS DONE AT THE BUYER'S OWN RISK. Neither CBCS, Administration, nor Moderation will act as arbitrators in the case of a dispute. Disputes need to worked out between the buyer and seller. The selling guidelines are as follows: ● Only CBCS, CGC, raw books, comic related art, or other comic related items are...
  CBCS FAQ Jesse_O 1 7 yearsJesse_O (38874): What does a checkmark (asterisk online) by the grade mean? In rare cases, a comic book will look much better than the given grade. In these rare cases, a Check Mark will be placed on the label by the numerical grade. The best way to understand why a specific comic book received a Check Mark designation is to refer to the graders' notes. Example: a comic is graded 8.0. However, the covers are such that it looks like a 8.5 or a 9.0. CBCS...
  CBCS Message Board - Terms of Use SteveRicketts 1 8 yearsSteveRicketts (17886): Open thread to view post.
(Just for fun) ID this cover... CONTINUED OGJackster 41608 24 minutesdrmccoy74 (10761): 3
CBCS Forum Snapshots 📸🖼👀 HAmistoso 65 42 minutesHAmistoso (22950): How many Adventures do you have in there...?
What are you listening to? 4.0 GAC 585 51 minutesHAmistoso (22950):
Let's see your pets! starlord 983 56 minutesOGJackster (47115):
New to Your Collection #17 GAC 66 1 hourFads89 (4228):
CBCS Only Slabs You Just Got Back #2 GAC 723 1 hourComicNinja0215 (4293): The new labels are smoking!!!🔥 Good on the team for putting that together. For whatever reason I feltni had to submit theese books together; even though they're not related in anyway. Disappointed on the number 9 but I still love it. On to the next one !
Weekly Cover Contest #392 - Paint the Town... Nearmint67 22 3 hourspower_struggle55 (5765):
Romance comics thread southerncross 135 3 hoursfigment (16238):
The Golden Age of comics The_Watcher 5496 3 hoursfigment (16238):
Comic Book Day of the Year Calendar DrWatson 7722 4 hoursSiggy (25134):
OT; What are you eating / cooking part 4 Bronte 619 4 hoursKatKomics (27814): @HeinzDad been forever since I made tamales...maybe once I have a kitchen again I'll make a few batches!!
Price reductions and NEW Listings in my MCS Consignment Scifinator 52 5 hoursScifinator (14733): $61 War Dancer #1 CBCS 9.8 1994 $46 War Dancer #2 CBCS 9.8 1994 $41 War Dancer #3 CBCS 9.6 1994 $65 Warheads #1 CBCS 9.8 1992 $50 Warlock #1 CBCS 9.8 1992 $68 Warriors of Plasm #1 CBCS 9.8 1993 $53 Warriors of Plasm #2 CBCS 9.8 1993 $53 Warriors of Plasm #3 CBCS 9.8 1993 This item's CBCS grade exceeds the top grade in the CGC census, 9.6 $53 Warriors of Plasm #4 CBCS 9.8 1993 $53 Warriors of Plasm #5 CBCS 9.8 1993 $65 Warriors of...
No Encapsulation if Verification Fails option? press 22 5 hourssportshort (13137): I may just be dreaming, but I expect that at some point, CBCS will walk this portion of their policy back. Fingers crossed.
Any Personal Experience with Hero Restoration? flanders 93 5 hoursSauceDog (265): For those wanting to know the latest: It was revealed that Mike's store, Cool Stuff, was robbed back in January (and he didn't even tell me back then) and many customer comics were stolen. He blames the meth head who took his keys many months ago (but he never thought to change the locks when he knew this?), and who he explicitly told what was inside the store and its value (this is the same person he offered customer books to via text,...
FS: Modern Age drek, fillers, keys, odds & ends, yada yada yada!!! :) Galen130 304 7 hoursGalen130 (5396): That's all for now. I'll list more soon...probably Tuesday. :)
Monthly (Comic) Book Club - March - Saga xkonk 2 9 hoursdielinfinite (26223): lol thanks for starting this! I’ve been busy the past couple of weeks with some home repairs (damn floods) so I’ve been a bit distracted.
Poka's Comics Sales Thread poka 31 10 hoursGanaSoth (8900): I can vouch for Keld as well. Great guy, and seller.
Post Funny Stuff #1, Vol 4 Galen130 152 11 hoursdrchaos (26817):
NCBD Pickups (all pickup replies/posts welcome) dpiercy 282 20 hourssoutherncross (27513): @jake And I couldn't see the cover as it was bagged so I didn't know what I was getting.
What comic books have you read today? Part two. HeinzDad 145 20 hourssborock_ComicLink (1448): @Studley_Dudley AF was an amazing series!
Ask questions here without starting a new thread 2023 - part IV Davethebrave 908 21 hoursNearmint67 (9806): Did they use sliver staples in the silver age or gold staples in the golden age??? lol...:D
Post Interesting Stuff GAC 44 22 hoursHAmistoso (22950):
What are you drinking? GAC 439 22 hoursjake (2362): I like me a Samuel Smith's Chocolate Stout. Going a different direction tonight.
Do you consider "Color guides" as "original art"? multi007 4 22 hoursHulkSmash (9139): Browsing the sight; love this one!
What Are You Watching Part 4 GAC 23 23 hoursHAmistoso (22950):
Off topic; fishing. Show your catch part 2 KatKomics 200 23 hoursesaravo (90456): The weather has been all over the place. Today it went up to 60 degrees! So me, Al, and Mike went fishing for largemouth bass. The water temperature was 39 degrees when we started, but it warmed up to the low 40’s. We caught 8 bass between us, all on jigs. ...
Look Closely at your auctions people!! Huntergreene2 34 23 hoursesaravo (90456):
BRAVE AND THE BOLD 28 Jr1776 14 1 daydrchaos (26817): I have a CGC 7.5 copy for sale on MCS. It is over the budget though.
SpongeBob Comics #1 sells for $991! Record sale? Joosh 22 1 dayKadett_68 (15): I'm happy the Newsstand Editions are going for good money. I have #1-#5 Newsstand. Hurray for me.
Figment's Fire Sale figment 661 2 daysfigment (16238): SILVER SURFER #5 CGC 9.4
I'm A Little Confused on Shaolin Cowboy Issue 1 Dealiod 2 2 daysHerkzy (233):
What do you think of my Ghost Rider collection? MisterMR 16 2 daysdoog (8105): I am more of a mask than a “head on fire” guy, but my wife would surely disagree.
Upcoming Shows drchaos 57 2 daysMisterMR (127): I’ll be at Wondercon at the end of the month and then SDCC (33rd year in a row!) in July
FS: HTF Graded Marvel Universe Card Holograms NewsstandSpecific 1 2 daysNewsstandSpecific (428): Both low census population. I have them listed on eBay for $200 each. Open to offers. I was going to put together Series I-IV Hologram sets in CGC 9 but I’ve changed my mind. I also have a PSA 9 Spider-Man/Venom Hologram from Series IV en route that I will list as well (seller does not accept returns). Please reach out if interested. I collected these series when I was a kid but I’m kind of new to graded cards....
Collection Status/Labelled Books: Show Them Off GAC 8 3 dayssportshort (13137): I only have one, as well. It happens to be a DNA collection book also.
Help me to realize my dreams Jr1776 34 3 daysJr1776 (72): No honneslty considering the rarity of this item i hope for a 4.5 to 6.0 at best.
Thieves hit Las Vegas comic book business twice in three weeks OGJackster 7 3 daysEbayMafia (36478): I've never known a house that needed robbing or a car that needed stealing but we've all known some folks that needed killing (for stealing Pokemon cards) -Texas Jury Oath
Weekly Cover Contest #391 - Green with Envy lawguy1977 64 3 daysNearmint67 (9806): @Gotlift @ICConquest Hey guys... Great covers this week. The lantern had that special Green glow... lol... New listing coming up.
Monthly (Comic) Book Club - February - Batman: Road to No Man’s Land dielinfinite 39 3 daysxkonk (17466): This was a different read. Not a lot of super-heroics, not a ton of action per se. But they were mostly solid. It makes me want to watch The Batman again, which ends with Batman realizing that maybe he can't punch his way to every solution. It reminds me that I'm curious what they'll do if that ever gets a sequel.