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CBCS Turnaround 3.0 Virgincollector 275 1 daytonyv (1): I had the same question. I sent my books off about 9 days ago and haven't heard a thing yet.
CBCS Pressing Jesse_O 747 1 dayxkonk (1934): My credit card just got billed, so I think I finally finished press screen and have some books being pressed. I can't tell from the dashboard/invoice if it's my April order or my May order though. I emailed customer service so hopefully they can tell me.
New Personal AW application process Jake_Fleming 76 6 daysJustABitEvil (1418): @dielinfinite thanks!
  CBCS Forum Moderation and Suspension Thread The_Watcher 42 2 monthsJesse_O (10424): 06-12-2019 cornfieldcomics 7 day suspension for spamming the "report comment" account with numerous comments that do not violate forum rules. He needlessly reported excessive amounts of posts and in consideration of that, the standard suspension guideline was deviated from.
New Message Board Atmosphere SteveRicketts 79 5 monthsshrewbeer (13047): Saw this post updated so I started reading a bit... this place used to be a bit of a circus... as frustrating as it was, actually kind of miss it 😁
Schedule an appointment with us! Jake_Fleming 36 5 monthsVirgincollector (492): Had no issue dropping off at SC con dropped off about 120 blue label subs and about 19 yellow label subs and there were no extra fees to drop them off at a Con, Total drop off amount about $1450.00 for grading all modern. Saved about $200 not shipping out myself. I have a friend who spends $ on a one day ticket at any con nearby just so he can drop off in person and he saves a lot and it’s better for the blood pressure Lol! Not sure any of...
Changes to ASP: AWs Please read spaulus 79 6 monthsGabriel85301 (1395): I can speak highly about this dude, along with Ryan Hicks and Kevin.
  CBCS Forum Selling Guidelines The_Watcher 1 1 yearThe_Watcher (3809): As a courtesy to its members, CBCS allows the selling and trading of books and comic related art on its forum. ANY SALE OR TRADE IS DONE AT THE BUYER'S OWN RISK. Neither CBCS, Administration, nor Moderation will act as arbitrators in the case of a dispute. Disputes need to worked out between the buyer and seller. The selling guidelines are as follows: ● Only CBCS, CGC, raw books, comic related art, or other comic related items are...
  CBCS Signature restrictions for AWs Jesse_O 2 1 yearJesse_O (10424): 06-22-2018 Updates from Mark Roman via Facebook. see link above. This is concerning Byrne: Updated Stan Lee signings by Mark Roman 9/06/2018.
  CBCS FAQ Jesse_O 1 2 yearsJesse_O (10424): What does a checkmark (asterisk online) by the grade mean? In rare cases, a comic book will look much better than the given grade. In these rare cases, a Check Mark will be placed on the label by the numerical grade. The best way to understand why a specific comic book received a Check Mark designation is to refer to the graders' notes. Example: a comic is graded 8.0. However, the covers are such that it looks like a 8.5 or a 9.0. CBCS...
  CBCS Message Board - Terms of Use SteveRicketts 1 3 yearsSteveRicketts (8387): CBCS Message Board Terms of Use Created: December 15, 2015 Last update: March 30, 2018 The CBCS discussion forum and message board [the “Forum” or “CBCS Message Board”] accessible through the Web site [the “Site”] [collectively the “Forum Services”] is brought to you by Comic Book Certification Service, LLC [“CBCS,” “we,” “our,” or “Company”]. In addition to any other Terms of Use and/or...
Moon Knight just announced Batman66 56 3 minutes50AE_DE (763): I'm glad I got this years ago. I sold a CGC 9.8 New Mutants 9.8 and immediately bought this book. I still had to pay a little more since NM #98 was only in the $400s at the time.
Cool books that hit my grading desk......... sborock 53 36 minutesBatman66 (1968): of my copies obviously color faded, but I really think the toning down of the colors worked to make it look more macabre. I like it. I need to get it sent in for signature verification
What are you listening to? drchaos 685 53 minutesGAC (5837):
AVOID TRCA-80 ON EBAY cpfefer 16 54 minutesdoog (2376): Never trust a raw grade, peer closely at the pictures with your glasses off
TMNT #95 on fire!! Jesse_O 139 1 hourkaptainmyke (22253): they had to use leo's blood and mutagen to save her life, it was a last second final effort to save her and it worked...sort of.
In case anyone here collects transformers.... Darkseid_of_town 76 2 hoursDarkseid_of_town (2796): Make note of the reshaped hand ànd Megatron in pistol form offered there. Awesome if you ask me
New to your collection #5 Frontier2Xterra 855 2 hoursGanaSoth (2558): Just got these since they were not printed at all a few months ago.... now the virgin connecting covers are complete for ASM 24 & 25.
Fan Expo Toronto farseer 3 2 hourssborock (255): Todd has always been cool to me when I have seen him.
The Mandalorian comic_book_man 10 2 hoursOGJackster (12406): Depends on how you blow it... Just kidding!!!
Help ID these characters OGJackster 5 2 hoursOGJackster (12406): @comic_book_man You sound like you know something about these toys. Are they worth much? They are currently up for auction.
MCU next phase...Am I the only skeptic? EbaySeller 14 2 hoursHcanes (1467): All this time I thought you were a man and not a woman.
Just show something cool part 2 BrianGreensnips 417 3 hoursCatCovers (1868): Now that's something I'd like to see. I do have an original poster for Love Me Tender (first Elvis movie) but that's not as awesome as Superman or Forbidden Planet. And yes, as you say, it's folded up. Never backed with linen, though - a friend's mom got it straight from the theater way back when.
Weekly Cover Contest #156 - Rookie Mistake xkonk 30 4 hoursGAC (5837): Ha!! so true! lol!!🍻
CBCS at Baltimore or NYCC this year 2019? wildmind 12 4 hourssborock (255): I will be there with CBCS as well. Love the B'More show!
THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER GAC 2 7 hoursGAC (5837): this is probably considered his 1st appearance.
Black Widow 1 (1999) J.G. Jones Wraparound Variant 1st Yelena Belova! daywalker 11 8 hoursPaulbg2000 (2537): Secret Empire Omega #1 and Tales of Suspense #101 are both dollar bin books right now...if they reveal that Black Widow in the MCU is actually a Red Room Clone (or the one that died is a clone) these books will heat up.
Stung by CGC sportshort 44 9 hoursxkonk (1934): Since this thread has turned into a discussion on usability, near and dear to my heart (and wallet, since it's my job), here's one of my favorite examples. One of the more popular kitchen brands, OXO, is so good in part because it was designed for people with arthritis . Often, things that are good for people having trouble are good for everyone.
TV Happenings OGJackster 440 16 hoursX51 (13673): We totally disagree about Krypton. One of my pet peeves is sci-fi that has people flying around in high tech space ships, but everywhere they live and go looks like it was made in 100 BC. I call it "cheap" and too lazy to invest in a set. Someone on the show needs to install light fixtures because they walk around in the dark a lot. I still can't get over them walking around in a forest in the beginning of Season 2. That's a new...
  For Sale Batman 77 Variant Stantheman 21 17 hoursStantheman (163): Well I never thought they would actually marry them or if they did I figured Joker or someone would kill her the following month! But to have her just leave him for no good reason just kinda seemed like a waste of time to me!
xkonk's revived sale thread xkonk 34 18 hoursxkonk (1934): Some more miscellaneous Wolverine: Wolverine Weapon X issues 7 and 9, Weapon X from the Age of Apocalypse series issue 3, Wolverine Punisher issue 3, Wolverine Punisher: Damaging Evidence issue 2, Wolverine Origin 2nd series issues 1 and 2, Bloodlust oneshot, and Wolverine saga 4. Let's say everything is at least FN, most should be better. 9 books of Wolverine-y goodness, $12. ...
So who is going to the Keystone Comic Con in Philly? Doc_Cop 4 18 hoursxkonk (1934): My haul for today: a couple of prints and a signature from Jim Cheung, who was a super nice guy A couple signatures to complete my X-Men triumvirate (I got 51 signed a couple years ago), and another 20 minutes of Steranko stories ...
Weekly Cover Contest #155 - Raising Kane Lenovations 39 19 hoursTedsaid (2820): Ha! That's where I am. Got my cover picked out and everything. People say, "Gosh, it's so hard to think of new categories." Well, just vote for me! I've got a half dozen already!
All the Star Wars TV shows and movies in the works OGJackster 8 19 hoursWraith (1508): rogue one is terrific ! The only recent star wars film that recaptured the magic of the OT in my opinion.
Submitting to CBCS: A Newbie's Guide dielinfinite 16 21 hoursGAC (5837): @Jesse_O You are very correct in that pinned posts tend to get overlooked. I, too, have done that.
Show me your Virgins comicsforme 31 22 hourscomicsforme (1420):
Where do you see the most spec value in the new X storylines? Darkseid_of_town 8 22 hoursPaulbg2000 (2537): Powers of X #1 - 6 1st Appearances House of X #2 - Moira Mutant Issue X-Men 108 has already had some ties to the current story, not sure if it'll tie in morelater...that was assumed death of Moira before this run started. My LCS has a stack of House of X#2 still...each week I buy 1-2 and they flip on Ebay for almost triple cover price still. House of X #2 2nd Print is getting just over double cover price right now...
Silicon Valley submissions Ginosdad 5 23 hoursGinosdad (331): Incredible Hulk 6 w/Stan Lee sig and Batman Adventures 12
Off topic; fishing. Show your catch Frontier2Xterra 177 1 dayesaravo (21377): It was cloudy and fairly calm this morning. Caught 7 bass on whacky-rigged rubber worms.
Spider-Man SONY cuts ties with Marvel Nuffsaid111 47 1 daykaptainmyke (22253): I agree. 2-3 days ago Tom Holland and Zendaya unfollowed Sony lol
Sales thread for Darkseid of Town. Darkseid_of_town 171 1 dayDarkseid_of_town (2796): Ten percent discount on all orders over 20 dollars through Saturday night.
THE PARK AVENUE COLLECTION martymann 1417 1 daymartymann (22026): ALL AMERICAN WESTERN #106 with an ad for SUPERBOY #1. OO OO mm
Bloodshot - which is better to own? Towmater 12 1 dayTowmater (3693): That glossy variant goes for a premium. :eek:
25 Years Ago X51 49 1 daysportshort (533): @theCapraAegagrus said "I personally look forward to the day that I'll be able to buy some old stuff at affordable costs." I wish it were now!
The Golden Age of comics The_Watcher 3196 1 daySagii (3885):
Noob - submitting tiers - value NONO 12 2 daysBrianGreensnips (5549): @NONO These are beautiful and very desirable. They are all above a 4.0 and maybe up to a 5.5. 28 and 29 are in the $400-$500 eaxh and #25 maybe xlose to $700-800 Range. I would recommend having them pressed. These 3 Batman books would sell very quick. Knowing that it might make sense to look at one of the other books like Whiz Comics that might be in even a higher grade than those and this way you do not sell the 3 most desirable books first...
CatCovers' Comics & Prints Sale Thread CatCovers 3 2 daysCatCovers (1868): Also up for sale is this 9.8 classic Catwoman cover by Adam Hughes. Looking for $150 or best offer. Price includes Priority Mail shipping in the U.S.
New pence to my collection OGJackster 74 2 daysGAC (5837): lol!!!!🍻
WTT for Tomb Of Dracula 10 in 5.0 and up Enelson 6 2 dayscomic_book_man (1518): @Enelson hehe ;) I'll keep a look out for you still. Bump!
‘Matrix 4’ Officially a Go OGJackster 10 2 daysbrandon77 (117): "Concordantly" - ha ha