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Turn Around Time 10.0 tylerindo 489 8 hourspower_struggle55 (3897): makes me wonder if cbcs did lose my submission and are refusing to admit it. i mean if a guy submitted in april is being sent to them back on earth is my nov 2021 still where its at. print invoice says recieved account says processing (has been such since jan 2022) tracking still is passed invoicing (has been since the tracking feature was added) email from them claims its being graded Jesse since that should be the case if they...
CBCS Pressing Update Vol 1, #2 SteveRicketts 644 3 daysBigLouComicGuru (14): @SteveRicketts Hello Steve what about this order it was received in August 2022, 22-2D9D9D9 ?
  CBCS Forum Name Change, Moderation, and Suspension Thread The_Watcher 116 4 daysJesse_O (35400): 01-29-2023 Mountie73 name changed to MarvelousComics per request.
Weekly Cover Contest Discussion Thread Part Deux DrWatson 279 6 daysHAmistoso (16743):
CBCS 101: A Newbie's Guide. dielinfinite 425 2 monthsPaul_G (43): So my first every batch just came back from CBCS. Sent via Oakville August 2021 ("Received" November 2021), half with pressing. I had received 4 later orders back before this first one (no pressing being the key). As you will see above in this thread: you need to go to your dashboard, click on the order, then download the order PDF --this is what gets updated more reliably. The dashboard itself rarely updates from received or...
New Message Board Atmosphere SteveRicketts 116 4 monthsDrWatson (38839): That wouldn't have gotten you banned, probably wouldn't have even warranted a strike unless it was beyond the pale or included pictures.
  CBCS Official Statement J.Haas 128 5 monthsJesse_O (35400): Well, after reading up on the situation, I better understand what you are referring to. I didn't get too deep into it, but from what I see these are foil images added right to the existing cover. At least as early as 2009, CGC was giving these universal labels and calling them variants. If I got that wrong, please clarify. I'm guessing that since CGC had set that precedent, CBCS followed suit. As to whether or not these ARE variants seems to...
  NEW MAILING ADDRESS 07-28-22 Jesse_O 1 6 monthsJesse_O (35400):
  Board Rules about Political Posts: Please Read SteveRicketts 108 2 yearsOGJackster (40423):
  CBCS Authorized Signature Program announcements thread. Jesse_O 4 3 yearsJesse_O (35400): ASP rule changes from 2018. CBCS is announcing some changes to our Authentic Signature Program. CBCS is dedicated to keeping the integrity of the ASP at the highest level, and over the last 12 months, it has become evident that change was needed. We did not make these changes sitting in a boardroom, we actively solicited and received feedback from both our customers, creators and Authorized Witnesses. The overwhelming area people thought we...
  Weekly cover contest winners Jesse_O 1 3 yearsJesse_O (35400): Week 01 - Genesis (winner @Darkga) Week 02 - Madness (winner @Maverick) Week 03 - The Horror (winner @Helric1) Week 04 - Robots (winner @Darkga) Week 05 - Femme Fatale (winner @Jeremy_K) Week 06 - Pets (winner @Despain) Week 07 - Outer Space (winner @Helric1) Week 08 - Water (winner @AndyRexia) Week 09 - Death (winner @esaravo) Week 10 - Dragons (winner @steveinthecity) Week 11 - Sports (winner @esaravo) Week 12 - Catfight (winner...
  CBCS Forum Selling Guidelines The_Watcher 1 4 yearsThe_Watcher (4067): As a courtesy to its members, CBCS allows the selling and trading of books and comic related art on its forum. ANY SALE OR TRADE IS DONE AT THE BUYER'S OWN RISK. Neither CBCS, Administration, nor Moderation will act as arbitrators in the case of a dispute. Disputes need to worked out between the buyer and seller. The selling guidelines are as follows: ● Only CBCS, CGC, raw books, comic related art, or other comic related items are...
  CBCS FAQ Jesse_O 1 5 yearsJesse_O (35400): What does a checkmark (asterisk online) by the grade mean? In rare cases, a comic book will look much better than the given grade. In these rare cases, a Check Mark will be placed on the label by the numerical grade. The best way to understand why a specific comic book received a Check Mark designation is to refer to the graders' notes. Example: a comic is graded 8.0. However, the covers are such that it looks like a 8.5 or a 9.0. CBCS...
  CBCS Message Board - Terms of Use SteveRicketts 1 7 yearsSteveRicketts (14973): CBCS Message Board Terms of Use Created: December 15, 2015 Last update: March 30, 2018 The CBCS discussion forum and message board [the “Forum” or “CBCS Message Board”] accessible through the Web site [the “Site”] [collectively the “Forum Services”] is brought to you by Comic Book Certification Service, LLC [“CBCS,” “we,” “our,” or “Company”]. In addition to any other Terms of Use and/or...
CBCS Svengoolie Fans OGJackster 699 1 minDWeeB1967 (7614): Excellent, @OGJackster. 🍻
2023 NFL playoffs and SuperBowl picks and discussion Jesse_O 177 1 minPre_Coder (17639): I'm predicting KC (offense primarily) will be playing flash football, while Philly (entire team) will be playing smash mouth football.
Is this a good offer from seller: Mister Miracle 2 CGC 7.5 GAC 4 2 minutesGAC (52372): Thank you gents!! appreciate the insight! @Darkseid_of_town Thank you Mike! appreciate that! @esaravo great grade...I was looking for an 8.0 or higher. I have a 6.5 now but want an upgrade. I'll have to confirm shipping to Canada from the seller. cheers guys!!
Darkseid Sale Thread and Collection Offerings Darkseid_of_town 262 3 minutesDarkseid_of_town (14224): Open thread to view post.
Help me remember a classic cover CatCovers 16 19 minutesesaravo (78362): Even Archie Comics got into the act last year. I probably should have picked up a copy, since I don’t ever expect to own the original.
James Gunn's DCU Plan GAC 24 19 minutesByrdibyrd (21511): Agreed. Having the competition out there will keep both of them putting out higher quality product rather than getting lazy, which would explain a couple lackluster Marvel efforts lately.
What are you drinking? GAC 344 37 minutesGAC (52372): Tough day at work today....polar vortex is on it's way....calling for -42c tomorrow. Staying in tonight for a few drinks and listening to a mix of Tool, Alice In Chains, NIN and others....happy tomorrow is Friday. Vanilla whiskey highball. Cheers!! 🍻
Weekly Cover Contest #335 - Is There A Doctor In The House? peterc777 60 1 hourShallaBal (1879): Didn't post a cover, but at least I remembered when it was voting time! Vo-ted!
Have you ever had a fan letter published in a comic book? Post pictures! Chance_Bartels 18 1 hourChance_Bartels (50): @HulkSmash Yes, the frame company cut into the book.
(Just for fun) ID this cover... CONTINUED OGJackster 36610 2 hoursdrmccoy74 (6464): Six
Where are the comics for little kids? OGJackster 56 2 hoursByrdibyrd (21511): @Rush_is_a_band That sounds like it could be fun!
Storing your comics Bobashek 43 4 hoursMurrayC (2003): Good question. I simply slide a backer board between each row. And they don't slosh at all
Comic Book Day of the Year Calendar DrWatson 5975 7 hoursmichaelekrupp (23754): ...
RIPPED Kickstarter SteveRicketts 190 13 hoursmulti007 (2058): I picked up a sketch cover - Im looking forward to it. But there might be shipping delays - fedex says weather is real bad in TX... I'll post ASAP
Where the *$?k is my Dave Gibbons signed book?!? KMiracleman 24 14 hoursmulti007 (2058): Ok - I'll play devil's advocate (now that's a great name for a new book series) for @LotsaSequel for a second... He's right you know. The "other" company had delay problems too, as we all know. The difference here is THEY fixed their problems and delays with additional hires. But since we all know about cbcs's delays for over a year now, we're desensitized to it. I can fully understand @LotsaSequel's anger of this. Now...
Your (bi)weekly/Monthly pointless Spec update page! HulkSmash 10 18 hourssoutherncross (22468): Excellent, while there was a surge in Marvel keys and minor keys I was targeting DC books including HOS 92 and I'm not a big Swamp thing fan. I really should check the TV show out. I did the movies and well... If you've seen them I don't need to comment.
Post Funny Stuff #1, Vol 3 drchaos 411 19 hoursflanders (19041):
horrible ebay experience.... FYI multi007 74 20 hoursKav (1837): thats what she said!
What comic books have you read today? michaelekrupp 940 20 hoursHulkSmash (7173): Spawn unwanted violence. 2 issue miniseries so far good. #2 sometime this month.
Favorite Old School Video Games Murm 115 20 hoursEbayMafia (31459):
X-MEN VOTE OGJackster 10 21 hoursSilversorrow (791): Yup easy choice, Dazzler all the way!
Received my first SWAU signature ARTisCOOL 3 23 hoursByrdibyrd (21511): That's a beautiful book.
WTT FOR A HULK 180 or to upgrade my key books Mmanick 6 23 hoursMmanick (279): Closed trade made
For Sale: Detective Comics #43 - Early Batman Golden Age 1940 - $1,550 CWill2021 4 1 dayDavethebrave (10481): Nice book. Given price point, sharper photos may help.
Fedex Man Today Nuffsaid111 12 1 dayNuffsaid111 (14907): Yea... in the end I don't care. I just sell the sh$t anyway. As I said many times and don't hide my feelings - I feel this whole grading thing is one big pyramid scheme silly game. Some call it a necessary evil and other euphemisms. Quite frankly I call it B.S. But that's just my personal feelings. Ultimately it makes me good money and profiting off others who don't feel as I do. Good enough for me in a hobby that's been destroyed in many...
CBCScary Horror/Sci-fi Thread of Comics and Movies OGJackster 51 1 dayOGJackster (40423): Don't forget The Ark starts tonight on the SYFY channel at 7:00 PM pacific.
New to Your Collection #15 dielinfinite 521 1 dayFads89 (3091): Two more Silver Age ASMs!
Figment's Fire Sale figment 349 1 dayfigment (9313): SOLD to @xvipah!!! Thanks, it is on the way!
Some art for sale! LotsaSequel 2 1 dayLotsaSequel (286): Bump!
What are Betty and Veronica doing? BigRedOne1944 21 1 dayrobo (350): Whatever they want.
Correct address? NickinDallas 5 1 dayNickinDallas (1): Thanks for both the welcome and the link (VERY helpful!). I know it's icy here but 9 days out seems excessive. Oh well, whattaya gonna do?
For Sale: Copper/Modern Raw Comics---Massive Collection!!! Galen130 781 1 dayGalen130 (3346): That's all for back is killing me. I'll have another sequentially numbered lot to list next time. :)
NCBD Pickups (all pickup replies/posts welcome) dpiercy 12 1 daydpiercy (4485):
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups 2/1 Jedyzon 1 1 dayJedyzon (814): the world's largest comic book art website AnthonySnyder 5 2 dayspoka (21978): Bought there before. Grading is within range. great for OA
Fantastic Four 252 NEWSSTAND w/Lakeside Tattooz? jaysonslade 5 2 daysjaysonslade (121): Thanks for all the great info!! Much appreciated.