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CBCS Message Board - Terms of Use SteveRicketts 1 8 yearsSteveRicketts (18543): Open thread to view post. auction starts in a few minutes! High grade moderns and SS! sborock_ComicLink 1 22 dayssborock_ComicLink (3735): It's bidding time! Session 3 certified comic books from titles 'N' through 'S' close shortly within the ComicLINK Focused Auction! Auction lots start closing at 8 PM Eastern Time (5 PM Pacific). This session offers a wide selection of Post-1975 key and high-grade certified comic books. Make sure to check out the wide variety of signed comic books certified by CGC and CBCS! Don't forget to bid! Peace, Steve
CBCS VSP Submission Haul antoniofett 3 29 daysantoniofett (2126): @Wade_Story Thanks for the info and feedback! I think I see the issue now. Cully did the Variant I believe. I'll still enjoy it!
CBCS 10th Anniversary Celebration Auction @ MCS ending Mon 17th - Fri 21st! Scifinator Jump to first page149Jump to last page 1 monthJames42 (4029): I ended up with a couple books for essentially the slab cost. One was a 9.6 copy of Star Wars 31, which was the first Star Wars comic I ever got (way back in the mists of time). Still have my first one, but it will be nice to have a displayable copy. Pre-rivets label, too.
New Slabs for Dad’s Collection dielinfinite 1 1 monthdielinfinite (26607): My dad had recently bought some Frank Miller signed comics from ComicSketchArt’s ebay store on my recommendation. CSA is fairly well-known so I wasn’t too worried about the authenticity but I’m still glad they all came back verified and the 9.8s are a nice bonus
Got some beautiful slabs back Wond3rWom4n 5 2 monthsmattness (1514): That’s Sabine Rich. She’s also the colorist on the J. Scott Campbell WW #750 books.[/quote] Thank you so much!
Re-Certifying (Re-Grading) Comics - Strikeouts, On Base, and Home Runs. Scifinator 13 2 monthsDoorCntyComicColl (114): Something I wanted to explain to the younger collectors that love to slab books as opposed to keeping them raw. I was buying books as a kid back in the late 70's and 80's. This is a copy of Ka-Zar the Savage #1 from 1981 that Brent Anderson signed at a Chicago Con back in 1981 when I bought it right when it came out. I am thinking about getting it slabbed by CBCS for signature authentication though the book does have some color breaking spine...
CBCS Crooks Patrickjones2549 Jump to first page78Jump to last page 2 monthssoutherncross (30321):
PGX to CBCS signed StanPinkerton 14 2 monthsProdigalSon (211): I've actually had some luck with PGX.. I've cracked several for signings, and had my fair share retain the same grade, a few higher, and sadly, some lower. But switching PGX over to CBCS has been more successful for me than switching CGC over to CBCS. I've had some CGC's drop a full 2 points in grade while switching over.
Comic Link NO RESERVE Auctions (ending 3/29 - 4/08/2024) JazzyJeffie 4 3 monthsJazzyJeffie (418): Thanks to everyone who bid, hope you won! Considering to send some more. It takes awhile for the sales to be remitted, but it's worth the wait I guess.
Finding out the results of grading Nickrob1234 6 3 monthsNickrob1234 (7): This coment wins!
Is Frank Miller Signature/Remaque/Head Sketch/Full Figure Sketch worth it? paulwhng Jump to first page33Jump to last page 4 monthsmulti007 (4063): You are correct. I remember reading an article where he was at a local comic bookstore last year and he signed one free book Per person.
Mail Call - Signed comics sportshort 20 5 monthssportshort (16140): It struck me, I could easily be wrong on this, maybe "variant" is not the term I would use. To me it seems that the better term for this is "error". To me "variant" seems intentional, if this is the case, "error" seems the better term. I am in no way an expert, so I am likely wrong about this. What do you all think?
No Encapsulation if Verification Fails option? press 24 5 monthssportshort (16140): Agreed!
Sendin in slabbed books Zorro 9 5 monthsmakahuka (3133): Welcome!
Biggest CBCS Submission Yet drchaos Jump to first page38Jump to last page 6 monthsdrchaos (27898): My plan has generally been to work from the top down and the bigger books will pay for everything else. The lesser books do pile up so I am starting to get that figured out but to say I have a plan might be a bit strong.
WANT TO BUY - Chadwick Boseman signed books twoseezy 2 6 monthsOGJackster (49635): The only ones I have seen are on eBay for $25-$50,000.
Authorized Witness GothamBridge 8 6 monthsTomasaCorwin (4): I am also still trying it.
Mail Call Rinova 6 7 monthsmakahuka (3133): Looks very sharp, digging the books and labels.
Pre-screen and signature authentication DoorCntyComicColl 6 7 monthsDoorCntyComicColl (114): Appreciate that.. glad to be on.. Finding a boatload of info so its helps since I've been out of the comic book game since the early 80s.
Mail call/New Labels/and a question. Zombie_Head 10 8 monthsdielinfinite (26607): @Zombie_Head Yup, 205/1000
How do I perform a split transaction on an invoice? Can I call CBCS? Wond3rWom4n 7 9 monthsIronMan (6210): CBCS does not list a customer service phone number. However, the email response time is quick. My last email got an answer just a few hours later. Usually it's just one or two days. As other's have mentioned, calling the bank first is probably the fast and simple solution.
VSP and signature differences over time; any experiences? James42 11 9 monthsmakahuka (3133): 🤣🤣🤣
For Sale: Napoleon Dynamite #1 SIGNED By Jon Heder CBCS 9.8 00slim 20 10 months00slim (17791): Bump?
Can signed comics be pressed safely? Firegoof19 6 10 monthsmakahuka (3133): Good advice on paint markers.
Question about submitting unwitnessed sketch covers Firegoof19 9 11 monthsFiregoof19 (360): As requested. Gene Simmons Zombie
Marvelmania MrNotSoNice 17 1 yearMrNotSoNice (3433): Turns out there is another signed copy (Kirby, I presume). Oh well, at least my 9.4 is the highest-graded signed copy (so far.)
Authentication and fees GothamBridge 8 1 yearSigur_Ros (4191): They would have to assess each of them separately, of course, but yea I agree $150 is a lot for 5 of the same. Since they have to do the research/comparisons for the same sig 5 times a discount makes sense. 5 different sigs would take more time and effort. Regardless, I agree with the single trial book option. If it doesn't pass, they charge an extra $8.00 rejection fee that they don't tell you about. You'll be out $30 + $8 x 5 books.
Mail Call...interesting but small MrNotSoNice 4 1 yearMrNotSoNice (3433): Not super high-grade, but a nice Mephisto cover just the same. Available for trade.
Value Estimate on Darwyn Cooke Signed Book MurrayC 4 1 yearHooperSchaefer (51): I think ComicHoarder gave some good advice & numbers. I would piggyback that Cooke signed books currently have a limited market. He’s one of my favorites—and you’re right, there won’t be any more signed copies—so I don’t get it, but it is what it is. However, you do have three quintessential Cooke floppies where he’s responsible for cover & interior art (with “Batman: Ego” probably being the title that would round out...
Small but mighty Mail Call! dielinfinite 7 1 yeardielinfinite (26607): @makahuka lol HAVE. He’s still around. He’s out of the country a lot so I manage his collection stateside
Redo signature verification? donho 15 1 yearEbayMafia (37171): I'm not sure, I only ever sent one book back, it was the first year they opened. But it seems that without some kind of formal process, misunderstandings like this are bound to happen. The guy at the convention may be doing his best to provide good customer service, but if that's not his role, he misses a step in the process because he doesn't realize it's not as cut and dried as he thinks it would be.
Superman vrs Spider-Man treasury edition signed Zevgoli 11 1 yearZevgoli (360): Thanks to a very helpful Cynthia V at customer service I’m submitting the book to CBCS for a raw grade and signature verification of Stan Lee and Neal Adams. I’m also getting the book pressed thanks to Steve’s acknowledgment that it can be pressed. I will post the result when I get the book back. Cheers, Zevgoli
Surfing with the Alien - Run Completed Scifinator Jump to first page50Jump to last page 1 yearScifinator (15666): Looks like the early favorite is Silver Surfer 4 Truth be told, my choices are: ***1st place - Silver Surfer 4 **2nd place - Fantastic Four 50 *3rd place - Silver Surfer 1
ASP VS VSP, Proof Materials? Blaidd 5 1 yearZombie_Head (3493): @Blaidd just because you have all that proof doesn’t mean it will pass take it from me. Just FYI. So don’t get upset about it if it doesn’t. I would still encapsulate it if you got it yourself, that’s what I did.
Where's My Comics Or Grades? rapturestar 6 1 yearSigur_Ros (4191): Thought they said all books in the system were going to be returned by May 1st ? They had some of mine almost that long but I got them back early May. Stay on them. Hopefully they don't just stop replying, as happened with me.
Miracleman #1 "Gold Variant" Club BartAllen 28 1 yearBartAllen (49): My second Miracleman Eclipse badge:
Facilitator for Heroes Con Pittboss 3 1 yearpower_struggle55 (6649): im just going to go their table for 4 comic grading and one rehold
What would you rate this Infinity Gauntlet sign by GP with a COA and stampe BigLouComicGuru 9 1 yearTravis (510): I think they were generous giving it a 8.5
Update on the astonishing tales 25 signatures. Zombie_Head 8 1 yearSiggy (25525): I was expecting to see 25 signatures on an Astonishing Tales comic :oops: This makes more sense. Very cool! They look great on the inside.
MAIL CALL - VERIFIED ONLY! sportshort 18 1 yearfigment (18839):
What signatures are you getting verified? MurrayC 20 1 yearHulkSmash (9979): I missed the window but I have Larry Hama Peter David Scott Koblish Greg Pak To send in eventually
VSP: $10 off 4/19-5/3 dielinfinite Jump to first page107Jump to last page 1 yearKatKomics (29123): pretty sure it's "ship" by the 10th not arrive at CBCS by the 10th Really hope so because my estimated delivery date is the 10th!! hope there are no delays!
Promo Question Retired_11B 13 1 yearRetired_11B (812): I actually stopped collecting in 2004, and my boxes were placed in the attic and forgotten until recently. My neighbor is a collector and got me back into it. So currently I am on the look out for variant covers, art work covers, and signatures. I just got the email that my books that I turned in at Galaxy Con here in Richmond were getting ready to ship. These will be my first with CBCS. I do have some getting ready with a presser to head...
Latest CBCS Submission drchaos Jump to first page51Jump to last page 1 yeardrchaos (27898): Mission accomplished! With two CBCS guys pitching in it only took us just over three hours to get everything done.
Superman vs The Amazing Spider-man Geekme 13 1 yeardpiercy (4787): I did a video when I picked up my Superman/Ali book a few months ago. Really great book.
Looking for THIS X-Men 94 - Reward for hooking me up! DrBalls 8 1 yearBatman79 (1227): Good luck DrBalls
Venom #3 CBCS 9.8 - Kirkham Variant Cover B Signed 3 times! fakadar 2 1 yearfakadar (12): 1 day left
Signature re-verification needed if i send book in for pressing? FoxBe 5 1 yearByrdibyrd (24736): You and me both!! Welcome to the forum!! :D
My February 2022 submission of 694 books has been completed drchaos 28 1 yearNellYXL (6): Yes, I also thought about printing my book, but so far I am confused by the difficulties.
Making decisions -Tiers -Express Processing -Grading Press Screen JC600 5 1 yearJC600 (101): @Nuffsaid111 Yes, that was my thought. If they do pass VSP then I will be glad to know that I have a couple pieces of Jack's history that he actually had his hands on. I appreciate your opinion!
For Sale: Booster Gold #1 DOUBLE SIGNED CBCS 9.4 00slim 7 1 year00slim (17791): Bump?
What If.. I don’t know the date of the signature M1ster_E 8 1 yearByrdibyrd (24736): If the signature is already on the book, you need to ask for a VERIFIED signature and not an authentic one. 'Authentic' is for a witnessed signature and you need the date it was witnessed. For verified you don't need a date. If you're seeing a request for a date, you need to cancel and ask for the other type of signature.
Signature Verification - Jack Kirby JC600 18 1 yearDavethebrave (16337): Forum customer service is great!
Looking for a sample of Karen Berger's signature Element_Lad 10 1 yearElement_Lad (2389): So the signature belongs to Greg LaRocque. No relation to the book but does to Legion.
Notice of when CBCS is not open? FoxBe 9 1 yearFoxBe (17): glad you got your books! if it was just over the turnaround time, may be worth checking if fell within a closure or if you are due back some money/credit for the grading fees. That’s what “guarantees” are for =)
Order says SHIPPED, but no movement… WndrWmn74 6 1 yearmulti007 (4063): Shipping from Texas has been delayed for about 2 weeks due to the ice storms. My Steve Rickets sketch cover said "shipped" starting on Jan 25. But fedex JUST picked it up yesterday from cbcs. Even My Comic Shop has been shut down for about 2 weeks now. (I missed out on a private signing because they didnt ship the order in time before the deadline). It is what it is...
authentication services donho Jump to first page39Jump to last page 2 yearsNuffsaid111 (19149): How about "CGC is incompetent". Now THAT would be cool!
And yet THIS is why I bought comics… WndrWmn74 Jump to first page37Jump to last page 2 yearsEddieTheComicGuy (927): Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way!!! STAY STRONG!!!
All 8 books mislabeled no response please help Contact630 Jump to first page71Jump to last page 2 yearsgrapeape (491): Outrageous. They are going to fail as a business if they are unwilling to fix communication with their customers. Pure dumpster juice in the sweltering heat is how I'd rate their customer service.
Mail call, Merry Christmas! MrNotSoNice 6 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): You're correct. Also, pressing on the diaphragm was supposed to stimulate breathing, but it was rarely successful. CPR and mouth-to-mouth may not save everyone (not by a long shot), but it was a huge improvement on this approach.
Regrading Question... SpikeSoleil 7 2 yearsSpikeSoleil (6): Okay, thanks everyone! I haven't received the books yet - still in shipment - but I will definitely consider regrading with press screening for some of them.
CBCS Secret Wars #8 dual singed slab kadargo27 10 2 yearsNuffsaid111 (19149): I caught that too. very astute!
Does CBCS's signature verification count with sketch covers? SoulReaverDan 8 2 yearsPolarisNuclearSS2020 (1124): No sketches can be verified, at all. To be credited on the CBCS label by the individual who drew the sketch, the sketch & signing must be done in the presence of a CBCS authorized ignature witness.
Music City Comicon 10/28/22 Submission how to track? actionnerdtoys 18 2 yearsactionnerdtoys (15): Thanks for the clarification
Back from CBCS pretty happy kadargo27 6 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): @power_struggle55 I'd consider the Beckett Authentication if you're concerned about the signatures not being authenticated. I can't think of any time I've heard of signatures from those creators being rejected, though. It's usually the older crowd like Jack Kirby & Stan Lee who get rejected.
NYCC express order arrived! leelewis17 5 2 yearsBriten (1775): Love that Surfer.
FS:Kirby Signed Avenger #2 CBCS 6.5 Verified AcuMan 7 2 yearsPhantomEwan (3759): @Joosh when I spoke to the CBCS rep at Washington State Summer Con about the imaging he told me they don’t do that anymore. I wanted to do the exact same thing with mine:
Thoughts on the book I bought Zombie_Head 12 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): @ComicHoarder You make some good points, but you also have to do some research sometimes. This baby, for example, may not have any signatures on it (no way am I opening up that slab), but... Folks will drop $500+ for one of these because high-grade newsstand editions of this book are extremely ( Extremely) rare. We're in...
Received a sweet Halloween Mail Call today. Josh7945 4 2 yearsJosh7945 (413): Yeah! It’s from Sleepaway Camp. Signed by Angela (Felissa Rose).
Order Update - Customer Service Jprez111 7 2 yearsLotsaSequel (295): There’s a submission from September and October of lat year with zero updates but I received an email about a submission from November that has moved into grading. Several emails to cbcs have been completely ignored and Darryl Hayden on Facebook has said several times he’d look into it and then proceeded to ghost the crap out of me. At this point I’m assuming these were lost due to the gymnastics cbcs seems to be doing avoiding answering...
VSP Received Nuffsaid111 15 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): And there's the stumbling block. I already paid to get the book in that case and verified. Do I want to pay for that all over again... for a photo of a signature. :oops:
@esaravo shout-out and sort of Mail call Scifinator 21 2 yearsesaravo (94423): @Hcanes - Thanks for the kind words, Greg.
Key Slabs for sale Ambush_Bug 7 2 yearsAmbush_Bug (200): Just a follow up, I switched these two up to be auctions!
mail call donho 6 2 yearsBuckets (252): @donho Thank you for the info.
Multiple Signatures but only get one verified, is that possible? cakenut 12 2 yearsJames42 (4029): I recently had a book verified and graded with four signatures on it. I knew there was a risk that some of the signatures would not be verifiable, even though I had personally witnessed each one. But you need to think about why you are having the signatures verified and the book encapsulated; is it for your own collection, or for possible resale? I wanted mine graded and encapsulated either way, as it was for my own collection. I spent way more...
Signature Verification Process Fishingiron 11 2 yearsWhammykablam (344): I've not had any fail, yet, so just wait until the invoice says Grading and you'll know.
Is VSP Grading worth it? X-Men #1 1991 IowaDad81 21 2 yearsxkonk (17719): I happened to be looking at Jim Lee X-Men #1s the other day. In 9.8 they look to be going for $175-200 on eBay. Like someone else said though, I don't think yours is a 9.8. If you want it verified and graded for your personal state of mind then I would go ahead. I don't think I would pay express, myself, but I also tend to send things for pressing and that gets pricey. If you're looking to sell it then I would probably leave it as-is.
Authorized Witness for C2E2 chirock 2 2 yearsdielinfinite (26607): 2 Weeks is the minimum time before a show to send your request to
another CBCS success story! ERB_in_CLT 20 2 yearsmulti007 (4063): yea - lots can happen in that year. Interest can drop cutting the value of the book in half. If its a witness or signature verification, the artist could have passed away and the book doubles in price and you cant capitalize on the jump right away... I could die. Then my wife is getting books a year later wondering "what the heck do i do with this - off to Goodwill!" its a risk for sure. lol
5 Day Ebay auction started today! Lots of Keys & 1st Appearances! KaptainKia 9 2 yearssportshort (16140): I had the exact same problem, I closed my browser (after a dozen wasted attempts), and it works fine now.
For Sale: Spawn #1 Newsstand McFarlane Verified Signature CBCS 9.6 00slim 11 2 years00slim (17791): Spawn sold on fee-bay this evening. Less than I wanted, but he bundled 3 books, so, I gave him a deal.
Verified Signature Program Rejection Element_Lad 26 2 yearsElement_Lad (2389): Good news! Four VSPs are graded, labeled and I have FedEx tracking information!!!
Imaging SP Issue Josh7945 9 2 yearsJosh7945 (413): That makes sense. Thanks for the responses, everyone. I think I have a better idea of what’s going on now.
CBCS Verified Slabs on eBay griffmiester 1 2 yearsgriffmiester (136): Lots of autographs and remarked CBCS verified as well as some Blue CBCS and "other" slabs. Please take a look thank you clickable text
Quandary - What would you do? Scifinator Jump to first page41Jump to last page 2 yearsmulti007 (4063): I’d like to use the Walking Dead #1 pricing. As the popularity of the show skyrocketed, so did the price of that book. But as the show dropped in ratings (significantly I might add) the books prices dropped. I say SS popularity will continue to increase as the character has more exposure.
Astonishing tales 25 signatures Zombie_Head 17 2 yearsEbayMafia (37171): Fair enough. Step 1 completed.
W quick question on VSP vs. ASP WndrWmn74 3 2 yearsWndrWmn74 (791): Exactly my thought. Thank you for the fast response my friend.
Featured Comics?? Josh7945 11 2 yearsHAmistoso (25086): clickable text
Membership Type Dealer SLAbLover 2 2 yearsdielinfinite (26607): First, be sure to read through this thread carefully To request to become a witness you must email your request to the Signature Series program manager, Matthew Edwards ( he will instruct you from there And no, a dealer is not automatically an authorized witness
Verified Signatures Nick_H 5 2 yearsNick_H (4): @Siggy Well I'll reach out Monday to customer service. Probably is the new norm now.
My First CBCS Submission KaptainKia 22 2 yearssborock (48457): Even if pressed, it won't raise the grade much as the real defect is the rust.
Submitting for signatures Comicskablooey 15 2 yearsComicskablooey (100): Thank you @Nuffsaid111 for the compliment and thank you@Whammykablam for the info. I did not see the option for the extra fee to speed up the process. $16.00 is not a bad investment for the extra sigs I want.
Is a Signature considered "Damage"?? KaptainKia 22 2 yearsCaffeine_Kid (1587): I think you meant blackmail, 😉
Would This be Weird? DWeeB1967 20 2 yearsHcanes (5224): Ahhhhhh did not realise this was a mail in submission.
Severe Lack of Signings Wolverine 8 2 yearsIronMan (6210): Another perspective: Given their #2 status, CBCS is probably better served attending comic cons and getting most of their signed books that way. This puts CBCS out where collectors see them and can learn about them. Make that important face to face contact. CGC can better afford to stay home and do a lot more in house signing events.
Signature search Skas 4 2 yearsSkas (1): Thank you. I was trying to get an idea of how many Jack Kirby signatures have been certified.
TAT Modern: Fast Pass + VSP JoshS2 4 2 yearsHulkSmash (9979): ^^ 2nd. It’s already too late.
Slab Crack Open, Press, and Regrade Questions naftixe 3 2 yearsnaftixe (190): @dielinfinite Thanks for the info!
CBCS Howard Chaykin CBCS Mail-In Signing sdr2711 15 2 yearssdr2711 (77): Cool. Sounds like I might have the boxes checked. I do think pressing may be recommended cause of the spine roll.
Refund or credit for grading if failed VSP? chrispcola 5 2 yearschrispcola (25): Thanks!
only one in census donho 24 2 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11512): I cringe whenever I see scribbling or writing on a book....... Im out
Slab a metal COA z24autox 8 2 yearsz24autox (55): Thank you all for the replies, I should have been more specific on the COA, was just thinking encapsulating it would help keep it from damage. It's hands down one of the nicest COA's I've come across. I'll see if encapsulating as art will fly.
Just posted some stuff on eBay... Thanks! joelzstuff 4 2 yearsjoelzstuff (90): Ending tomorrow, Thanks! -Joel
Creepshow signed Stephen King rhbjonge 13 2 yearsenaz13 (1892): Its a funny coincidence, not long after I read this post I saw this on Sideshow
Does vsp show on dashboard SlayerRick710 3 2 yearsSlayerRick710 (204): Ok that answers that thank you
Curious Secret Wars Autographs - To Verify or Not oldcitybass 10 3 yearsTerry88 (1276): Great book!
I set a CBCS fast pass record? LOL ERB_in_CLT 15 3 yearsThorneArt (1916): That TAT is amazing! Also, that sketch cover is FIRE! kudos to the artist!
Anyone using sborock 9 3 yearsBronte (37755): Just got an email. My hulk 181 is supposed to be comic of the day
Red label to Yellow label change in Grading Notes comixoasis Jump to first page49Jump to last page 3 yearsScifinator (15666): @dielinfinite - I agree, no designated place, not SOP and nor do they request it.
New Years Day Slab Sale Noblebeast315 4 3 yearsNoblebeast315 (2194): UPDATE: the following books are no longer available. - Frankenstein 1 - Supernatural Thillers 2 - Supernatural Thillers 5 - Dark Horse Presents Annual All the best.
Don Heck Gene Colan VSP goodness radd76 14 3 yearsDarkseid_of_town (14297): Very kind words...I bid and won this in an auction a while was stated as coming with a Mycomicshop written note of authentication for the book, so I thought okay so they witnessed the signing..but when it came the authentication was for Roy Thomas and not the deceased, sadly, Luckily both men signed in such a unique way its fairly easy to see that they are likely real
FS: Jack Kirby Signature X-Men #2 4.0 AcuMan 10 3 yearsDrWatson (51130): It's the nouveau riche. Next they'll only want to be paid with pictures of money.
BATMAN CGC and CBCS comics for sale! Comicsadelphia 15 3 yearsComicsadelphia (44): Hey everyone, this weekend, I am offering 10% off all listings on this thread! I will honor this offer until 8am Monday, for all you over night buyers. Thank you for looking!
Some fun books up on eBay griffmiester 4 3 yearsgriffmiester (136): Thank you!
ASP Signature Butter 5 3 yearsdielinfinite (26607): @power_struggle55 It pays to read the starred threads
Thanks CBCS! Charlotte Con ERB_in_CLT 5 3 yearsHulkSmash (9979): @ERB_in_CLT are sure his name wasn’t A. Wesome?
creators submitting my books - authentic vs. verified signatures Gabriel85301 2 3 yearsdielinfinite (26607): Yes that can be done if they complete the signature/sketch opp form and include it along with the books. The form should be in the Newbie’s Guide
How does CBCS handle Artist Remarks of cover TheEbner 10 3 yearsschmoff (41): ok thanks
CBCS Customer Service Email - No Replies for Months cck3z3r0 13 3 yearsbeastboy1980 (1125): steve is a great guy !!!
Label on my verified signature is not correct Crash2025 Jump to first page42Jump to last page 3 yearsDrWatson (51130): Have you seen their employees? Neither.
Before & After Nuffsaid111 10 3 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): So Jelly over your Spotlight 2 and SS 4! Kudos!
Is CBCS appearing at C2E2 this year? KMiracleman 3 3 yearsLotsaSequel (295): Does CBCS honor dealer discounts for on-site grading? Anybody know?
X-men #1 Kirby autograph Skaz 14 3 yearsDarkseid_of_town (14297): The simple answer is rarity. While there might be fifty copies of the newer stuff floating around signed by kirby , there might then only be 5 examples of the older more grail type books signed by him.
New slabs recieved kadargo27 8 3 yearskadargo27 (334): Yeah, pretty happy with the grades trying to up my game in silver age
Selling my small Golden Age collection on Myslabs dennisqdw 15 3 yearsdennisqdw (198): :D:D Thanx, makes me feel good to hear that. Parting with them has not been easy, but I've hardly looked at them for decades. Good to know that they'll make other people happy now.
How long till I get a notification that they got my book MrESauce 6 3 yearsdielinfinite (26607): it'll show up on the account with the email address you used when you submitted the book. If the account you created was with the same email address then it will appear there
VSP, or What is in a name anyway..... BPaxson002 4 3 yearsjake (2476): @BPaxson002 Florida
Kirby signed X-Men#2 & Avenger#1 Trade Inquiry AcuMan 1 3 yearsAcuMan (122):
Will CBCS be at Baltimore Comic Con? Wolverine 4 3 yearsSebastsk8 (2354): @Wolverine gonna be dropping off some books myself, along with a couple witnessed sigs and a witnessed sketch 😊
Signatures... newbie question? ERB_in_CLT 5 3 yearsERB_in_CLT (616): @dielinfinite that is NICE... I think I am sending Green Arrow #1 of his run. Not a major key to be sure, but a big fan of Green Arrow and Kevin Smith for that matter.
Customer Service Complaint/Missing Books from my Order 21-2F46F9A jackblankenship 29 3 years50AE_DE (6464): @jackblankenship You may want to edit out the address on the invoice you posted.
NYCC CBCS Signings Witness Representative? merlinflex 7 3 yearsNuffsaid111 (19149): Make sure you download the CLEAR App Health Pass for Covid to get in quick. No vaxxy; no attendee :D:eek::(|)
eBay: I posted some stuff... Raws, Graded and Sigs joelzstuff 3 3 yearsjoelzstuff (90): Ending in 5 hours, please take a look. Thanks everyone! - Joel
Processing?? myxzeus70 6 3 yearsxkonk (17719): @the420bandito this was my plan, and it worked briefly, but then things fell off an absolute cliff.
I just posted some comics on eBay joelzstuff 4 3 yearsjoelzstuff (90): Ending today Thanks everyone! Joel
CBCS Signature verification and original certificates RUBYROB 14 3 yearsrAd_1 (1): Convention programs would be in the same boat, and "Tour Books"...cough Deathmate cough
When you get the runaround from customer service, who do you call? eloreto Jump to first page43Jump to last page 3 yearsZombie_Head (3493): Problem is they are not. Who are you to bold anything I type like you want to pick a fight. Trust me you will lose. Go back to ur bridge troll.
Current Receiving Time BPaxson002 13 3 yearsComicbookzach (1020): I sent in a new order on Tuesday, and was Received and charged for yesterday.
Will CBCS be at Rose City CC this weekend? chubtoad01 3 3 yearsCoalTiger (398): Yes reps are in portland now. Last night I was at a Tynion signing and they were there taking submission. If you are dropping at the show they recommend coming with a completed invoice. It speeds the process.
Excellent job CBCS at Megacon. Zombie_Head 4 3 yearsJesse_O (39302): LOL!!!
Mail Call z24autox 7 3 yearslucjan (49): Beauty books! Love the 9.9! Don't see that often. Congrats! Lu
Submitting CGC Qualified Grade Autographed Comic Book Comicbookfanboy 5 3 yearsScifinator (15666): @Batman66 - i have never been charged such a fee. I suspect that CBCS secretly considers it an honored dury to do so.
Shadow Doctor Exclusive Beeda 1 3 yearsBeeda (59): Hey everyone, we wanted to let you know that our new exclusive drops next week with cover art by Beeda. There are limited 200 trade dress and 100 negative print. We chose this book because it's a phenomenal story...a phenomenal true story. It has lasting ramifications for social impact regarding race relations. The story follows the first black doctor West of the Mississippi who gets in with the Mob and Al Capone. Anyway, we thought we'd...
If you need VSP and you can be in Chicago.... Scifinator 24 3 yearsEbayMafia (37171): Candidly, the discount are irrelevant to me when TATs are at 18 weeks and growing. They should have raised prices 8 weeks ago to prevent this. I’m at the point where I’d prefer to pay 10% more and get back to a 6 week TAT. Actually been there for a while now.
Finders Fee Kirby signed X-men & FF AcuMan 4 3 yearsMatterEaterLad (2462): Good luck with you amazing (and ambitious) collection! I have an FF with a Lee sig on the inside and one with a Kirby sig, but I've never seen both together.
ISO Help: verified signature ERB_in_CLT 2 3 yearssborock (48457): Send in the original CGC label and we will accept that. You will need to get the new signature verified by us. Hope that helps a bit!
Looking for a Batgirl #23 Middleton variant raw Oteemorse 2 3 yearsvacaboca (1063): I have a copy I'm willing to part with, $110 shipped priority in the US... anything else you're looking for? I'm selling about 10k issues... You can take a look here:
Authentication Witness Form Jr101 13 3 yearsetapi65 (4060): I thought the list at their facebook was updated regularly, but I don't actually see that obviously happens. I see the list from 4 years ago I swear I've seen updated posts, but can't find them at the moment. I saw something about Clayton Crain requiring a ticket (think there's an upcharge on his sig if you get it graded) dated to a year ago. It looks like the best...
Verified REJECT DMC 14 3 yearsDarkseid_of_town (14297): Al alternate solution might be to attend a con where both the signer and CBCS are present and have him provide testimony to them he did sign said book, and that is his signature. It might not be enough even then but it sure would be some good persuasion for your viewpoint
Crossover #7 Exclusive Beeda 1 3 yearsBeeda (59): Hey all, We have a new exclusive for CrossOver #7, the only Crossover exclusive to feature Madman (or any other character not created in the book). Cover art by Alex Morrissey. clickable text We like the CBCS community so now through the 30th discount code CBCSISTHEBEST will get you 20% the exclusive. We hope you enjoy Alex Morrissey's return to the comic book world.
Newbie question: PGX to CBCS Bigw00ddaddy 9 3 yearsBigw00ddaddy (3): Thanks everyone! I appreciate the input :)
CBCS Grading policy for "Blue with notes" books Schumy2 9 3 yearsHulkSmash (9979): you could always use the verification screen to see if the sig may or may not pass. in my opinion; the book itself with or without the Stan Lee sig outweighs a bit of glue regardless of conserved, restored, or any other Designation. I have no issues with Conservation on pre bronze books. They are old. They have been deteriorating for decades and at some point someone wanted to keep it together after they read crap out of it.
New comic store opening in Lewisville TX! Guests:Sam De La Rosa and myself sborock 21 3 yearssborock (48457): @DrWatson They took pics. If I get them, I will post them.
Mail call, you win some, you lose some. Scifinator 14 3 yearsScifinator (15666): @EbayMafia - aha. Thnx mch
Verified Steve Ditko Signatures: Are There ANY DangerTrail 22 3 yearsNuffsaid111 (19149): In the very very early Ditko days, and in speaking with insiders in the industry, I don't think he was as opposed to signing books as later. I'm talking really early days. But later on, from what I understand, not a chance. So I get quite leary when I see something signed on a comic manufactured after the early - mid 70's.
Video: 5 Ways CBCS is BETTER Than CGC MurrayC Jump to first page195Jump to last page 3 yearsComicNinja0215 (4540): My CBCS books haven't hit pressing yet and i feel I'll get them back before my CGC ones.
Should I resubmit? 99issues 22 3 yearsxkonk (17719): I think a .5 grade demands that something is missing. I could be wrong.
How to become an Authorized Witness Belarak 10 3 yearsEbayMafia (37171): I think you just go down to the Kingdom Hall, learn about Jehovah, get the pamphlets and start ringing doorbells. Maybe there's a baptism involved...I'm not really sure.
Doing another podcast Monday 4/26 6pm CST sborock 29 3 yearsEbayMafia (37171): OK, @flanders, now I'm starting to think that maybe you are my wife. I've noticed that she's never in the same room with me when you post.
No signing event updates? JoshBungs 1 3 yearsJoshBungs (1): Has anyone gotten their books back from the Johns/Fabok/Anderson signing? Last update I got was that they were at the signing and I only got that by emailing in to ask. Since then no account updates and no responses from customer service. Are things just moving real slow over there?
Looking to Buy Jackson_p2 5 3 yearsJackson_p2 (1): @KatKomics She played Lorna Dane in “The Gifted”
Jack Kirby signature FF1 — CGC slab - CBCS signature verification ? I_age_like_milk 16 3 yearsI_age_like_milk (33): Great POV. Thanks. I do not want to sell, as I dont have a next best alternative and see no need (yet). I want to get it to best feasible state now and keep it. Granted no chump change (better buy GME) as I am currently residing outside the US. The services add cost and nerves - currently an ASM1 in routing (bless insurance). On the other side I purchased the book for ‚chump change‚ just looking at today‘s value.
Silk #1 Stacey Lee 1:25 CBCS 9.8 SS Stacey Lee/Stan Lee FS pkpickard 2 3 yearspkpickard (42): Now on Ebay with a $9 starting bid, no reserve.
If you send in a Red Label to be pressed, do you pay again for Sig Verify? Comix_Toronto 4 3 yearsGAC (71381): @Scifinator @lawguy1977 are correct...send the books back still encapsulated. You'll pay for pressing and grading only. There are no longer Red labels, you will receive a Yellow label. TATs are long...pressing I believe is around 10 weeks and grading is 6-8 weeks.
Crystal Clear Promotion zdoes10 9 3 yearszdoes10 (9587): @KatKomics I did use the fast pressing option.
A little history / update Scifinator 14 3 yearsJabberwookie (5694): @Scifinator Nice! No judgement here on keeping more. The reason I asked is I’m trying to figure out my own keep vs sale ratio, and of course reinvestment into silver age books. I’m always up for learning from people with more experience than I have.
March Promo: 10% off Grading fees dielinfinite 13 3 yearsKatKomics (29123): wow!!! can send in 6 moderns for press and grade for the same price as 3 vintage! If I sell 3 of the 6 then I'm way ahead!!
ISO/wtb Tomb of Dracula 10 cgc Rjman48 3 3 yearsRjman48 (300): Found
VSP Mailday goodness Nuffsaid111 13 3 years00slim (17791): That ASM 300 in 9.8 is impressive. Love the Groening signed Futurama book.
High grade keys for sale and auction Ambush_Bug 1 4 yearsAmbush_Bug (200): Hi there, I have a number of High grade Books up for auction this week, and some for sale, including a 9.8 SS of Amazing Spiderman #4, first Silk, and a 9.8 Ms. Marvel # 1, Origin and 1st series of Kamila Kahn, Abedo 3,the 2nd Appearance of Usagi Yojimbo, signed with sketch, Silver age keys such as an 8.5 Avengers 47, first Dane Whitman/ The Black Knight and an 8.0 Fantastic Four #33, first Attuma. I hope you can check them out, amongst many...
siignature value tonyz58 10 4 yearsPhantomEwan (3759): I had no idea what this was worth when I bought it, or what it is worth now. But I am happy to know I own a Kirby signature.
Magazine size holders cesidio 9 4 yearsHulkSmash (9979): My wife had the idea to omit 2020. So we would just write off This year as if it never happened. Your next birthday not until 2022, no 2020 taxes, and so on. Sounds good to me.
Signature placement russ3llk Jump to first page32Jump to last page 4 yearsHarrisonMade (167): @Studley_Dudley I agree with you about my book. A LOT is going on there. The original plan was to use a different book that was a blank that I had paid to have a commission done on. Sadly however, the artist decided to not work on it until the middle of the con instead of having it ready to pick up at the beginning of the con. So I made a plan b, still happy with the book and it will never leave my personal collection.
Awesome Slabs For Awesome Folks! Noblebeast315 11 4 yearsSiggy (25525): My slabs arrived and were perfectly packaged! Thanks!!
What to do about interior signatures? Bartonarms 24 4 yearsHcanes (5224): +1 for the customer service
Neal Adams Personal collections Zombie_Head 22 4 yearstheCapraAegagrus (2603): Wow. Super cool IMO.
CBCS vs CGC customer service russ3llk 2 4 yearsruss3llk (59): I am hoping to become a CBCS witness so that I can help others who are collecting in the NC area.
noob question I couldn't find the answer to about VSP Rezolution 4 4 yearsEbayMafia (37171): I know the feeling, I spent about 5 weeks hoping that "in grading" meant the signature had passed verification. It turned out in that case it did, and I think it probably does in general. Wait until you get the grade before you throw up though.
CBCS - magazine sized slabs??? Patrickjones2549 16 4 yearsScifinator (15666): @SteveRicketts & @SBorock - when you guys are ready, I have close to a hundred mags for you to practice your crafts on.
8 hour flash sale VSP Remarked Thanos Quest 1 & 2 2nd print Scifinator 4 4 yearsScifinator (15666): Gone.
Help with signature identification please Zombie_Head 7 4 yearsZombie_Head (3493): Thank you all for the help.
Predator #1 CBCS 9.4 signed by Chris Warner fakadar 4 4 yearsScorpion (1013): agree, More like $150 with that signature,
Charges for verifying signature (Reject / Grade Screening / Other)? waynemel 9 4 yearsEbayMafia (37171): @waynemel Maybe you are talking about two different books, but I can't imagine using Grade Screen in combination with Signature Verification. If the signature verifies, get it slabbed. If it does not verify, don't get it slabbed. I can't think of any other choice that would make sense.
Awesome Featured Comic (VSP Han Solo Variant) Scifinator 3 4 yearsScifinator (15666): Ouch, that is a bunch of Bantha Fodder. I know that he is otherwise a fairly private person, and 4 fig signatures would seem to make sense with such.
VSP success for Action Comics #1 (reprint) signed Jerry Siegel? Darkga 7 4 yearsDarkga (4787): @dielinfinite Thanks for your help. Yep, mine is from the run of 2000 (it's not the exact one pictured though). I'll give it a try. :D
3X Signed Batman 619 - VSP Results ggovel 4 4 yearscyrano0521 (1303): Somewhere around July 1st this year.
Not sure if slab was tampered with.. Wontizzl 8 4 yearspoka (24439): @Wontizzl an easy way to see that it is untampered is the heat seal which goes from the inner well to the label (last "E" in Signature)
Verification Program Question Ray_Bees 4 4 yearsRay_Bees (1): Thanks
Mail Call Scifinator 9 4 yearsScifinator (15666): @Doc_Cop Thanks much
Doncha just hate it when.... Scifinator 3 4 yearsEbayMafia (37171): @Scifinator It's good to have friends in high places.
Some books up for auction with MCS lawguy1977 1 4 yearslawguy1977 (6015): In case anyone is interested, I'm giving the MCS auction a try for a couple books. Batman #2 (2011) graded 9.6 by CBCS and signed by Snyder and Capullo clickable text Wolverine #66 (2003) graded 9.6 by CBCS and signed by Steve McNiven clickable text Auctions start later today. Thanks!
Doing Instagram live today 10/2 5pm EST sborock 2 4 yearssborock (48457): BUMP
getting if off my chest chefcomics 10 4 yearschefcomics (163): I see what you are saying. I am happy with the standard grading service. (Few hundred books in). This signing experience waste of my time and final concern. Will this effect the quality of the books moving all around the country? Just getting it off my chest. 👌 over it
How do you submit original art? TheBatPastor 8 4 yearsdielinfinite (26607): @TheBatPastor The only thing, and this is covered in the link, is that when you select the Slab-Only tier and add the VSP signature it won’t adjust the price automatically so the form will read $20 for slab-only + $25 for the verified signature but it should be adjusted by the staff when they receive the books
Big Mail Call...... garreth39 7 4 yearsB3Chandler (140): Nice, really like that Kurt Angle signed issue you have there. :D
Reholder for Verified Signature BeardedOne 5 4 yearsBeardedOne (10): Thanks for all the help. Really appreciate it
Re-encapsulation of verified sig book groovy31 7 4 yearsSpiderTim (3302): @dielinfinite I checked with Josh Avery and he is authorized!
Submission Type Question(s) Nuffsaid111 15 4 yearsEbayMafia (37171): I have a hard time understanding why CBCS would offer Signature Verification and slabbing for less than the cost of Signature Verification alone. It's either a mistake or it's smartly strategic. I can't really imagine it's a mistake, because the Slab Only option alone should not cost more than the modern grading option. So I assume it must be intentional. If the reason for the low price to get the program going and get these Slab Only books...
Mini Mail Call dielinfinite 1 4 yearsdielinfinite (26607): Just got these two in the mail! The turnaround time on these books was insane, in the good way! Regular modern grading, signature verification, 5-days from receipt to shipping, including a weekend. I couldn't believe it at first, I had to contact customer service to see if maybe the books had failed verification and were being shipped back ungraded.
Mail Day & Autograph Thoughts Nuffsaid111 5 4 yearscrystalphoto (1602): nice
Signed/Numbered Comic - Verification? Patrickjones2549 12 4 yearsSiggy (25525): It was a sincere question, but I understand it comes off as shit-stirring. Looking at the labels again, I see "(#2833/10000)" is the same as CGC saying, "#2833/10000 Written On Cover", just not as specific at detaching it from the verified sig, but probably enough to CYA. I might just be picking the fly-shit from the pepper pot, but it really doesn't seem "out there" to picture some comic-book-fan-posing...
Simple Question for Cost of Multiple VSP's enaz13 6 4 yearsenaz13 (1892): Thank you guys!
Lee Excelsior hologram sticker - Graded? Patrickjones2549 9 4 yearsPatrickjones2549 (25): @theCapraAegagrus Hahaha!!! Damn, you’re so hilarious! Has anyone ever told you that? You should have your own show. Haha! So damn funny!
Recent VSP / BAS verification issue moles Jump to first page72Jump to last page 4 yearsTerry88 (1276): haha ya I agree, after re looking over the paper work, it's amazing that it even ended up slabbed! But that said, I was actually looking forward to the red label to go with the book. I was kinda irritated and really confused when it showed up with a yellow one.
Stan Lee signature Slesko 10 4 yearsZombie_Head (3493): That is one option but when mine failed I knew mine was real so I had mine slabbed anyways.
Mail Call - Spidey senses are tingling Scifinator 16 4 yearsScifinator (15666): As long as they continue not to damage my comics in grading or encasement and as long as @SteveRicketts keeps up the magic with my press comics, I am good.
Fear of sending my books to CBCS Qillabee 29 4 yearsGAC (71381): @dielinfinite Great book!! Fantastic sketch! Love the Harley character..she's a modern classic...very versatile and I bet artists like drawing her because of it. That's a very impressive 1st sketch for a collection.
High End Spideys And More 4 Sale Noblebeast315 11 4 yearsElvinv (568): Finally received books. USPS 🤦‍♂️ Thank you
What if I’m the sketch artist? Cheese 10 4 yearsCheese (61): @RexMuff Sure! and Thanks! I like to draw goofy and silly things though sometimes I like to draw serious things as well. I also sometimes make webcomics. I’m not done with my first sketch cover yet so I’ll post some of my digital art if that’s ok.
Pressing Signed Comics Balidoosti 12 4 yearsPuckster (3001): I has this exact same question. Thanks for asking and thanks for all the responses.
Promotion Codes zdoes10 3 4 yearszdoes10 (9587): @zdoes10 Thanks, I'll check them out.
Latest CBCS mail call drchaos 27 4 yearsdrchaos (27898): Sorry for the delay but all books are now priced and available for sale on My Comic Shop.
Jack Kirby, VSP, and BAS - ADVICE WANTED eee91 13 4 yearsGAC (71381): Here's my Kirby that passed VSP.
10 month wait for modern key is over! JustACollector 3 4 yearsPaint_Monk (1843): Great book! (But I'm not liking the overly rounded look of the new slabs)
Opinions please. Scifinator 27 4 yearscyrano0521 (1303): Definitely Red label for the SS 1
Signature Verification Este_Stark 4 4 yearsZombie_Head (3493): Good luck getting stans verified even if you got it in person. Lol
Class act ALERT! Scifinator 26 4 yearsScifinator (15666): Wait, is Ed Canadian also? Sorry, Weird Al reference there.
June 2020 CBCS Promo Question? 00slim 10 4 yearssborock (48457): Yes, 10 must pass to get the free one.
Re-Introducing CBCS' Slab-Only Option! dielinfinite Jump to first page70Jump to last page 4 yearsxkonk (17719): @SpiderTim It's a slab-only order. There are no grades, only Zuul.
Some Comics on eBay joelzstuff 5 4 yearsjoelzstuff (90): Ending tomorrow... Please check them out. Thank you! - Joel
Don Heck Nuffsaid111 12 4 yearsSiggy (25525): I have 2 Ka-Zar pages by Heck & Royer (purchased from Greg Koudoulian), but unfortunately Heck didn't sign either one. In the 1st panel, we see an early Bobbi Morse appearance as she helps Ka-Zar- perhaps sewing his upper and lower body together lol. Sorry for the poor images.
CBCS Blowout Slab Sale teacha777 16 4 yearsteacha777 (1180): Bump
Help confirm Todd McFarlane signature + Price? jotaro238 12 4 yearsGAC (71381): Yes, I would not be requesting any sort of refund.
eBay: X-Men #1 Cover "E" Signed 4x CBCS 9.6 Kinsella5 4 4 yearsKinsella5 (728): Just now seeing this, thank YOU for bidding and winning, I am glad it went to a good home and that someone here on the forum was able to get it too!
Walking Dead: Here's Negan 9.8 Signed by Robert Kirkman Kinsella5 1 4 yearsKinsella5 (728): For those Walking Dead fans, I have one of the Here's Negan one shot variant that was found only in the Image Comics 25th Anniversary Blind Boxes back from 2017. Only 500 copies made, I had mine signed by Robert Kirkman and then submitted to CBCS for signature verification and grading. It came back a 9.8 and I have it up for eBay for around the price that unsigned copies seem to go for. According to the CBCS Census that I checked recently only...
I am doing a podcast tonight at 8pm CST sborock Jump to first page34Jump to last page 4 yearsJesse_O (39302): I am going to be posting any current offers in the "New to the forum..." pinned and locked thread.
How the heck do I figure out what something like this is even worth? agamoto Jump to first page44Jump to last page 4 yearsagamoto (292): Not quite, I submitted pictures to Beckett's signature review service. Just the ones for Joe jack and Stan. They don't pass or fail anything, for 10 bucks a signature they tell you whether a signature is likely or unlikely to pass a full certification. The seller is Chaucer Auction in the UK. They said the book was authenticated by Gary King of Autographica in the UK, but it's Beckett back here in the usa I need to worry about pleasing. Chaucer...
CBCS Authorized Signature Program announcements thread. Jesse_O 4 4 yearsJesse_O (39302): ASP rule changes from 2018. CBCS is announcing some changes to our Authentic Signature Program. CBCS is dedicated to keeping the integrity of the ASP at the highest level, and over the last 12 months, it has become evident that change was needed. We did not make these changes sitting in a boardroom, we actively solicited and received feedback from both our customers, creators and Authorized Witnesses. The overwhelming area people thought we...
Anyone got a John Broome sig? ftwjedi 1 4 yearsftwjedi (25): Just wondering if anyone has John Broome's sig on a book. Tried Google and couldn't find an image of his signature
Opinions on Gaiman Signature dielinfinite 13 4 yearsMagellan (332): Your first post was correct. A remark can be verbal or written. A remarque is something much more specific that applies to printing/engraving.
Verified Signature jpoffenberger103 Jump to first page34Jump to last page 4 yearsjpoffenberger103 (5): How would I go about submitting with signatures if I'm not sure whose they are?
Newest Peach Momoko Variant ElRey 3 4 yearsElRey (3): that's a sweet commission!
Huge price for low grade VSP! sborock Jump to first page43Jump to last page 4 yearsBatman66 (22411): you get to the page where the book is hit the refine button the category/'s you want to be shown...
CBCS March Promo: $5 off VSP Books dielinfinite Jump to first page33Jump to last page 4 yearsDarryl_H (1704): Send them :-)
Verified & Witnessed Sig on same label? Cool_Fool 12 4 yearsWatcher (4166): hahaha...'nuff said....
COA In Slabs zdoes10 12 4 yearsGAC (71381): I'm a fan of the red label, so I would send it in. But take the advice of @DrWatson and @Drogio if you feel the signature is real or will pass verification and you want to get rid of the green fake grade label. 🍻
Pressing signed comic books? Madman 13 4 yearsGanaSoth (9409): Yep.
WTS NYCC TMNT & DeadPool Signed 9.6s & 9.8s Cool_Fool 1 4 yearsCool_Fool (1071): All signatures were done at NYCC 2019. These are being offered here and not on feebay or other sites for a week or two to give you fine ppl a shot at some great issues at good prices. TMNT #1A Re-cover (7/18) Planet Awesome Exclusive - Signed by CA Boss Logic, Signed & Remarked by Kevin Eastman (Raphael cover) $120 ...
Label Idea! Scifinator 18 4 yearssborock (48457): Yep!
My CBCS Graded Comic Auctions Kinsella5 3 4 yearsKinsella5 (728): Actually it is technically my first time offering slabbed comics on eBay as I sat on the grading fence for a very long time, finally submitting some books last June, and again in December. Some to keep, some to sell but from an eBay seller standpoint, I have been selling since March 1997. I plan on packaging them quite carefully. Lots more I plan on submitting this year for grading. :-)
Rhode Island Comic Con Mail Call drchaos Jump to first page57Jump to last page 4 yearsno1lufcfan (3058): @drchaos wow that's some nice books....and 800 books at RI.....👍👍👍
Fan Expo Vancouver 2020: Autograph Witness Needed gmgq23 2 4 yearsxkonk (17719): CBCS should have a booth; go and let them know you need a witness before you get the signature.
VSP: Al Simmons AKA SPAWN? gmgq23 1 4 yearsgmgq23 (1): Has anyone had CBCS verify the signature of Al Simmons AKA Spawn? The real life person who Todd McFarlane made into Spawn? I've got a bunch of comics signed by Al back in the day when he came to down, and I'd like to send them in for VSP. LMK, thanks!
Graded Comics for Sale by Scifinator Scifinator Jump to first page58Jump to last page 4 yearsScifinator (15666): So, today, I offer up my early X-Men comic to the CBCS rhelm: Freshly Graded 5.5 Fine - with WHITE Pages in January 2020 and has NOT been restored. Photos reflect slab has not been removed from protective bag hence some color/reflection effects. Up for Sale! X-Men # 12 Volume 1 - This important early issue of X-Men contains not only the first appearance of powerhouse villain Juggernaut, but the Origin of X-Men mentor Professor Charles...
FOR SALE: a few CBCS SLABS FOR SALE Johnjakewish 3 4 yearsJohnjakewish (81): Bump
Mail Call from Submission 2 days PRIOR to Holiday promo. Scifinator 5 5 yearsScifinator (15666): That is just it, it was green because of manufacturing error.
Spawn #1 - CBCS 9.6 signed by Todd McFarlane on Ebay. fakadar 1 5 yearsfakadar (12): I have this auction ending tomorrow night.
Help confirm Todd McFarlane signature sportshort 22 5 yearsBrashSmurf (980): No congrats on the back. Glad to hear it looks legit
Doing a podcast interview 1/11 sborock 7 5 yearssportshort (16140): Me! do research or even pay attention? know you're asking for the world! good luck.
Hoping for insider Guidance on non-witnessed signatures EbayMafia 12 5 yearsDarkseid_of_town (14297): Mostly I would agree with you Cyrano good point, but with mine you can see the writing on the bottom of the page and how it matches the scans well as the cover and placement. When I do shoot images of someone signing something I invariably do the shot so it seves as solid evidence....often with a trademark dinosaur toy I use in images Aside from that Siggy did the photos and provided the comic so I feel rather assured ...hes a pretty...
Latest CBCS Submission drchaos 10 5 yearsOGJackster (49635): Here's a few I sent in... ...
Todd McFarlane store signing 11-30-19 Squack 11 5 yearsno1lufcfan (3058): Just seen this on FB clickable text...that's some queue out side the shop
Mail Call! Scifinator Jump to first page33Jump to last page 5 yearsno1lufcfan (3058): Not wishing to damper your expectations my friend but I'm 6 weeks ahead of you (21st June) and I'm still in processing :eek: ….still xmas is only around the corner so hopefully santa will be good to both of us 👍
No QC and bad customer service spells disaster for CBCS Musicmansell78 Jump to first page91Jump to last page 5 yearswtbmok (128): Sounds like they are understaffed but that's not really an excuse for bad customer service
1st CBCS EXPO! sborock 23 5 yearsDarryl_H (1704): If anyone who expressed interest in the Expo, but has not been contacted back please let me know.
Seeking Pricing Help - Walking Dead Rarities cjbehr948 13 5 yearscjbehr948 (170): Thanks again for the assistance, all! Got what I was looking to get for them.
Suggestion: Submission form. Gabriel85301 1 5 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): I wish you could download a Submission form (to print for a friend) online. CANADA CBCS has it. Just a suggestion. :)
Help on my order status and a balance Randomdoge 13 5 yearsRandomdoge (21): alright so I saw the option to email them a confirmation of adding a payment method , I think , hopefully it goes a smooth from now
To Have Graded with VSP OR Just Frame? hitmantyler 23 5 yearshitmantyler (90): They are inside a Mylar Sleeve and the behind 98% UV Blocking Rated Museum Glass. It was a extra charge for that type of glass but always pay for it as feel it makes the books always look shine more than regular.
On Site Grading and VSP Later hitmantyler 5 5 yearshitmantyler (90): Well thats sad, but will still bring books for send in grading. Thanks for responding.
Question about an “art” slab! Tr3ntOw3ns 6 5 yearsWyldchyld (1495): This is what an art slab with witnessed signature will look like.
Signature question Sebastsk8 3 5 yearsdielinfinite (26607): ASP books with 10 or more signatures are charged an additional $5 and if they have 20 or more it’s an additional $5 on top of that
Sig. Verification pricing...? PlayTimeComics 6 5 yearsEbayMafia (37171): I went also...and I met Neal Adams:D:D To get the joke, see my thread on Neal and the Apocalypse.
Graded comic for sale JLA555 5 5 yearsTedsaid (7340): Love that Dell'Otto cover!
SIGNATURE WITNESSING FOR DALLAS COMIC SHOW 11/23-24 GenuineCOA 1 5 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Genuine COA will once again have a booth at the Dallas Comic Show, November 23-24, to offer signature witnessing and CBCS Comics grading. See pricing and reserve your order for ON-SITE or SEND-IN signature service at the link below. If your desired signer is not listed, message us on Facebook or . ...
MAIL CALL - first ever sportshort Jump to first page54Jump to last page 5 yearsJabberwookie (5694): @sportshort I think you’re right. My son and I went about 4-5 years ago, and it was $90 for his autograph. The lines was 2-300 people. As much of a pain as it was, it was pretty cool seeing everyone getting excited when “the man” came out. For someone who read them when it wasn’t cool, it was definitely a sight to see.
Once & Future #1 graded and heading back to me danberry75 13 5 yearsDarryl_H (1704): Awesome!
Submitting signatures authenticated by Beckett ruckers 27 5 yearsdielinfinite (26607): The CBCS Grading Guide doesn’t mention stickers specifically but first mentions “very small amounts of tape,” which I would imagine to be similar, in the 7.0-5.5 range But I doubt it would be that big a hit since here’s an example of a book with the Wizard sticker on the cover earning an 8.0
Submitting VSP with a remark Infinity 4 5 yearsdielinfinite (26607): Something like: “Verified Signature: X Sketch on Cover”
Mail call from CBCS Zombie_Head 10 5 years00slim (17791): Just one theory: When Stan’s hand got tired, and he switched hands for signing, his sig got a little sloppy. In those instances, it didn’t always look quite like his sig. they may have erred on the side of caution.
SIGNATURE WITNESSING FOR DALLAS COMIC SHOW 8/10-11 GenuineCOA 1 5 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Genuine COA will have a booth at the Dallas Comic Show, August 10-11, to offer signature witnessing for CBCS Comics. It will also be a chance to drop-off books for our AUTHORIZED SIGNINGS with ROY THOMAS, CHRIS CLAREMONT and many more... Reserve your order and see many more offers at the link below. Be sure to join the GCOA - CBCS Signing Ops FACEBOOK group to see more offers as they are announced. ...
Can BAS tell a real Stan Lee autograph? Zombie_Head 23 5 yearsMusicmansell78 (29): I had the same thing happen to me man. I had a Web of Spider Man #1 signed by both Louis Simonson and Stan Lee. They verified the Simonson, but not the Stan Lee signature. Why would I have a book with one legit signature and then try to fake the other? Same as you man, I had it signed in person, and this is the second book of mine with Stan Lee's signature that this has happened with (also happened on a Wolverine #4). Like you, it made me...
How can this be with only thing on grader notes? Zombie_Head 19 5 yearsX51 (14744): That reminds me that when I finish eating, I need to bag some comics.
Some CBCS signed books for sale AlexH 5 5 yearsAlexH (181): The Canada post website says it is $11.32 US ($14.77 cdn). This is standard shipping. No signature, but I trust you. Let me know. Also, thank you Dr Watson. It is good to hear from you
VSP question OoklaTheMok 6 5 yearsGAC (71381): you should submit that for sure!
My First Red Labels from CBCS esaravo 28 5 yearsJesse_O (39302): I just posted about CBCS July special, 6 week Guaranteed TAT!! That includes VSP (Verifying a signature). That does NOT include pressing. See the post for all the details and code.
SIG WITNESSING WALKER STALKER/ FAN FEST CLEVELAND, NASHVILLE, ATLANTA 2019 GenuineCOA 1 5 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Genuine COA is now taking MAIL-IN signature submissions for Walker Stalker Convention / Fan Fest Events CLEVELAND (August 3-4), NASHVILLE (August 25-26) and ATLANTA (October 18-20). Place your order for CBCS Comics submission at the link below. If your desired signer is not listed, contact Genuine COA on Facebook. Be sure to join the GCOA - CBCS Signing Ops Facebook group to see more offers like this. ...
Holy quick! furlo316 5 5 yearsfurlo316 (234):
VSP Promo Turnaround Time - 11 Business Days My Stuff is Back! Drahcir 1 5 yearsDrahcir (420):
Can CBCS Verify Signatures without slabbing the product? Paint_Monk 3 5 yearsPaint_Monk (1843): Thank you!
SIGNATURE WITNESSING FOR NORTH TEXAS SHOW JUNE 29-30 GenuineCOA 4 5 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Don't miss the comic grading panel with STEVE BOROCK, this weekend at the North Texas Comic Book Shows, in Irving TX. It's sure to be informative! Afterward, find Steve at the Genuine COA booth #111 where he will offer FREE GRADE SCREENING to attendees. Have your books inspected by Steve himself, to help you make a decision on grading. Genuine COA will be at the show all weekend to offer signature witnessing and CBCS Comics grading. You...
First CBCS submissions! Zordar 9 5 yearsCohnman (386): Nice books ..
MAIL-IN SUBMISSIONS FOR NEW MEXICO COMCIC EXPO SIGNING W/THOMAS & CLAREMONT GenuineCOA 1 5 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Genuine COA is NOW accepting MAIL-IN signature submissions for the NEW MEXICO COMIC EXPO, which includes AUTHORIZED SIGNINGS with ROY THOMAS and CHRIS CLAREMONT. Reserve your order for MAIL-IN submissions at the link below, or DROP-OFF at one of our event booths. Books are due by August 13, 2019. Contact us if you do not see an option for your desired signer. Be sure to join the GCOA - CBCS Signing Ops group...
selling question donho 11 5 yearsdonho (665): Which is why I ask you folks for advice, you know where the bodies are buried and how to unearth them
Getting 1 comic verified with a signature to post from UK carleato 4 5 yearsVirgincollector (494): is it modern or older? PM me
Who signed this? xkonk 19 5 yearsxkonk (17719): That second letter must be a P. Comparing mine to the first picture @comic_book_man posted, it looks like there are two lines but they overlap a lot in mine. I don't have any reason to doubt that the guy I bought it from lied (it was part of an inexpensive lot, and he didn't advertise it as signed), but it could just be different enough to be verified. Maybe I'll try again for giggles sometime when I have others to send together.
Can comics be submitted for signature verification at events? GoG 3 5 yearsesaravo (94423): @GoG - As long as CBCS is at that event. Just to let you know, they are running a special on their Verified Signature labels right now ($10 off per book).
SIGNATURE WITNESSING AT WASHINGTON STATE SUMMER CON JUNE 15-16 GenuineCOA 1 5 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Genuine COA will be found at booth #160 of Washington State Summer Con, June 15-16, to offer signature witnessing and CBCS Comics grading. We are NOW accepting MAIL-IN signature submissions for this event, which includes AUTHORIZED SIGNINGS with ROY THOMAS, CHRIS CLAREMONT and JIM STERANKO. Reserve your order for ON-SITE or MAIL-IN submissions at the link below. Books are due by JUNE 10, 2019. Be sure to...
Signature question bige31 13 5 yearsMR_SigS (11124): Go for it. I don't have the time it'd take to pressure wash it :beer:
Red Labels - My fav Nuffsaid111 18 5 yearsKinsella5 (728): When I come down off the grading fence and get some books submitted I look forward to the red label option with CBCS. Back in the 80's and 90's most of the creators I would meet would sign on the inside front page. One such book that I have is the two issue Silver Surfer series that was written by Stan Lee with artwork by Moebius, I had both creators sign them and they did so on the inside front page and I knew that when I ever had them graded I...
CBCS census Mugroantics 16 5 yearsthe420bandito (11308): Great example. I have prob 6-7 raw copies of that book. None above 4.0-5.0. I believe the Savannah copy was a 9.4. Ultra tough book in high grade.
How would these Sigs be labeled? Mountain_11B 12 5 yearsdielinfinite (26607): The downside is that signature authentication isn’t cheap. You’re looking at $25 for the first sig and $15 for each additional sig and that’s on top of regular grading and shipping fees so you’re looking at nearly $100 per book to get all the signatures authenticated. Otherwise, Comic Skins are a good alternative. They also sell clear backing boards that you can use with a mylar sleeve
Signature Verification TMoneyLove 25 5 yearsDrogio (7809): Ed, I’m not 100% sure but I would think for comics in grades less than 9.0 writing on the cover May not impact the grade significantly. So if this comic was an 8.0 without the signature and the writing only drops it to a 7.5, I would think 99.9% of those submitting this comic would take a 0.5 hit to have a blue label rather than an 8.0 green label. Just throwing that out there. Probably green vs. blue label is a case by case determination...
CBCS Dallas On-Site Saturday! Darryl_H 1 5 yearsDarryl_H (1704): Reminder, CBCS is still taking books for onsite grading at Dallas Fan Expo. This won't last long so swing by and drop off your books for onsite grading quickly.
Mail Call! dielinfinite 9 5 years00slim (17791): Some of them are easy to confuse for photo covers. Very nice.
Name only 1 book that you would have signed by George Perez gotham44 Jump to first page34Jump to last page 5 yearsesaravo (94423): That would be great with Starlin, Perez, and Wolfman sigs!
SIGNATURE WITNESSING FOR COMICPALOOZA, MAY 10-12,CLAREMONT & CONWAY GenuineCOA 1 5 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Find the Genuine COA booth in the autograph area of Comicpalooza, May 10-12, for signature witnessing and CBCS Comics grading. We are now accepting orders for ON-SITE or MAIL-IN signature submissions at the link below, which includes AUTHORIZED SIGNINGS with CHRIS CLAREMONT and GERRY CONWAY. This will also be your final chance to drop off books for our Spring signings with other BACK ISSUE ICONS signers, JOHN ROMITA SR, SAL BUSCEMA,...
Interesting signature service and TAT updates from CBCS IronMan 2 5 yearsBronte (37755): The authentication service looks interesting. I have a script for Harry Potter with all cast signatures. If I could get 2 or 3 random signatures semi verified to see if it's worth verifying the entire script could save a bunch of time and possibly money.
Bill Finger CBCS Verified Sig ftwjedi 17 5 yearsTimBildhauser (2239): Once a signature is verified it doesn't need to be verified again if the book is cracked out. It's essentially the same process as cracking a yellow label, it has to be done by a CBCS staff member or facilitator though in order to maintain the chain of custody.
Who will be at WonderCon? (me) ThorneArt 6 5 yearsCatmanAmerica (30452): Now in Anaheim, just dined at Karl Strauss, growlin' and ready for Wondercon... :beer::D
Wondercon 2019 Jesse_O 2 5 yearsBatman66 (22411): @Jesse_O that's awesome
2 Day Modern with Verified Sigs Verde 2 5 yearspoka (24439): no - TAT is probably around 3 weeks - maybe 1 week more
Graded Books For Sale Noblebeast315 6 5 yearstonnage71 (730): Nice books!
FOR AUCTION - Amazing Spider-Man #700 CBCS 9.0 Signed by STAN LEE 2nd Print fakadar 2 5 yearsfakadar (12): 2 days left, ends Saturday.
Heritage weekly: Large KIRBY/LEE VSP collection of silver/bronze age keys Odins_Raven 18 5 yearsJustABitEvil (2304): Leave that Kammandi alone!
ROY THOMAS & CHRIS CLAREMONT AUTHORIZED SIGNINGS GenuineCOA 1 5 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Genuine COA's BACK ISSUE ICONS Signing Series is excited to bring these two classic creators back to the line-up, to join JOHN ROMITA SR, LARRY LIEBER and MANY MORE! Place your order at the link below for Signature Submission and CBCS Comics grading. MAIL-IN or DROP-OFF orders at one of our event booths from now until June 10, 2019. Be sure to join the GCOA - CBCS Signing Ops Facebook group to see more special...
Bug on Grader's Notes for signed books dielinfinite 8 5 yearsdielinfinite (26607): two ASP books of mine just shipped, still no signees :(
SIGNATURE WITNESSING FOR DALLAS COMIC SHOW APRIL 6-7, 2019 GenuineCOA 7 5 yearsGeoff (27): Thanks so much to everyone! You guys are great!!!
VSP labels Gaz973 17 5 yearsdonho (665): they do the fixes fairly fast and with no cost to you but I think shipping cost to them is credited to your account. as in if it costs you 15 to send to them you get a 15 dollar credit to your account. but the relabel is no cost.
Add authenticate signature of already verified signature CBCS graded book smeninc 6 5 yearsManonfire (63): It cost me $46 to get a graded comic opened, signed, authenticated, and re-graded that is including shipping.
Tales to Astonish 49 CBCS Stan Lee SS up for sale Ambush_Bug 7 5 yearsakiva (29): I gotta join this GPA website. That data looks awesome! I have been building my own sales charts using ebay and excel.
How long does signature verification take? fakadar 8 5 yearsNuffsaid111 (19149): Yea - maybe a week or so more for VSP has been my experience when compared to shipments without VSP.
*SIGNING OPPORTUNITY W/ JOHN ROMITA SR & LARRY LIEBER* GenuineCOA 11 6 yearsGenuineCOA (176): @KatKomics No, unfortunately. Mr. Romita is a very humble man and his own biggest critic, and though we feel he still has that magic, he does not offer sketches or remarques any longer.
SDCC Mail Call dielinfinite 7 6 yearsthe420bandito (11308): Great books. I would have never lasted the 7 month turn-around though. With any luck they get that under control and flourish.
finding out if your signatures were verified Mrpoort 15 6 yearsdielinfinite (26607): @Grune Signatures are verified using Beckett Signature Authentication, which has a large list of individuals they can verify. I don’t believe that list is entirely complete as my most recently completed CBCS order included two signatures for verification that don’t appear on that list.
Rocketeer Slabs For Sale! Magellan 1 6 yearsMagellan (332): Two Rocketeer books for sale. Prices include shipping via Priority Mail w/in the US. Paypal only, please. Sales are final and no returns. Feel free to message for more photos and details. Thanks! Pacific Presents #1 - CBCS 8.0 Verified Sig: Dave Stevens (Rocketeer Chapter 3) - $200 Rocketeer Adventure Magazine...
Convention Programs Magellan 8 6 yearsdocstrange (638):
Beckett signature search function? RRO 5 6 yearsRRO (1720): This, I am sure, is something that most of us would like to know.
Signature Verification Question - Other Writing on Cover CatCovers 6 6 yearsBronte (37755): For what it's worth, CBCS even noted the number in the notes, so I dont think it will harm your grade
Sig Verification help Citikill 12 6 yearsCitikill (10): @KingNampa I have the entire Dark nights metal run graded, figured I would go ahead and do these too, especially if I can get them verified. That way I can have an entire graded set.
Tracking Citikill 5 6 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): @Citikill Welcome and good luck with the books.
Payment? Tr3ntOw3ns 4 6 yearsDarryl_H (1704): You can email CBCS customer service at: You can also Call customer service during business hours, and use option #2 to let them know they can charge the card on file. The number is: 844.870.2227 and use Option #2
Shipping WTF? drchaos 20 6 yearsdrchaos (27898): The $285 I got back was the amount Fedex charged to insure each of three boxes for up to $9,500 per box. In the past I was not charged for this. Since I have third party insurance I have asked CBCS not to declare any value so I can avoid this charge in the future/ This amount is above and beyond the other shipping charges from Fedex.
help and CAN"T BELIEVE CBCS DID THIS donho Jump to first page64Jump to last page 6 yearsdonho (665):
Signature placement doog 13 6 yearsDJC_II (1829): I still say they should switch the red labels to orange, making them closer to the yellows. A guy I met at a con, working for cbcs, had a book where it was a collection of old batbooks. In it, he had sigs by the respective artists on the 1st page of their work. Thought it was cool. Makes reading the book very interesting.
Shouldn’t pressing taken care of this???? Zombie_Head Jump to first page48Jump to last page 6 yearspoka (24439): Think Joe is implying that he drives to CGC once a week to handle in submissions
TAT Thread - Modern VSP w/Fastpass ThorneArt 5 6 yearsJLA555 (389): this is another foram that I followed that did quicksteam worked well for him
Authorized dealers OoklaTheMok 8 6 yearsIronMan (6210): CBCS may not see a "locate a dealer" link and database on the website as much of a priority because unlike CGC you do not need to purchase a membership or find a dealer to submit books. One can submit books directly to CBCS without being a member or locating a dealer. All said though, having such a link is probably a good idea. Local Comic Shops are still businesses. They have to make $$ to stay in business. Many, maybe most LCS...
"Gotham" Autographed Comic Advice VSP Jada Pinkett Smith HammitChris 8 6 yearsHammitChris (283): I don't plan on selling it. I just want to get it slabbed to protect it and for the presentation. I like the way signed books look in CBCS's cases.
FS: Marvel Star Wars #1 CGC 9.6 Signed Chaykin ZosoRocks 24 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Thanks for viewing the auction Ted. And you are right....I know I had Chaykin sign the book in front of me. I don't have a picture, because I wasn't thinking of selling it for "guarantees". I had it signed, because it was a cool thing to have done. I don't regret it not being VSP...and will eventually transform it myself when I can (if I am able and it doesn't sell).....but right now....that is not a priority and someone else can...
AS Requested: 2-day + VSP Turnaround Tracker atrembley Jump to first page32Jump to last page 6 yearsThorneArt (1916): Beautiful, Jae Lee is amazing.
Re-holder Tirtawm 3 6 yearsTirtawm (5): Noted. Thank you!
Toronto Fan Expo drchaos Jump to first page73Jump to last page 6 yearsDJC_II (1829): I got a book signed by jock which he did 5 years ago. He will sign it wherever you ask him
FS: Valiant Comics Harbinger #1 - CBCS 9.0 VSP signed Lapham ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Thanks for viewing my auction.
FS: CBCS ART OA - Rob Liefeld - Badrock ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Drawn in the 1990s and in gold ink for myself amd upon request. Cool item. Thanks for checking out my auction.
New Mutants 98, & ASM 361 9.6 For Sale 00slim 9 6 yearsMr_adam_R (512): congrats @00slim ! one step closer to TOS #39!!! :beer:
About to send my first submission!!! Jason_hendon 23 6 yearsRedshade (1113): Hi. I have submitted several lots to CBCS ln the last two years without any problems. The usual turn around time was quoted as about 16 weeks and to be fair took about 18/20 weeks with which I have no problem with. One just has to be patient. It is what it is and one just has to chill and be aware that your submissions are going to be returned in about 6 months or more Apparently, they were uprooted by a hurricane from Florida to Texas and...
PSA - Dealing with CBCS AW's Jesse_O 2 6 yearsDrogio (7809): So what is happening? So these unauthorized witnesses know they are not authorized? Are they scamming or just not aware of the rules and their qualification )or in these cases disqualification)? Agree though....your comics, your responsibility to ensure they are handled properly.
Signatures verified kissfan 5 6 yearskaptainmyke (27079): Man I used to have all the McFarlane series 1 KISS toys. I made a killing as a 17 yr old kid back in the day at my comic store I worked at. I was a hundredaire.
best service to facilitate CBCS signatures schnove1977 11 6 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): The guys at COLLECTOR's CHOICE are great, they did my witnessing for a local Jusko event, along with see'ing them at Phoenix Conventions often. I've used Trinity once for a Stan Lee sig., and J&J Collectibles once as well. There is guy in Portland who has helped me twice at Rose City even though I was doing my own witnessing at those events, I don't remember his name but he's always been super civil and hope to run in to him again in...
Rob Liefeld signature from 1991 smeninc 10 6 yearsX51 (14744): I'm thinking that the one character on the cover is in shock that the cover is drawn so poorly. What is this topic about? Don't bother telling me. It has to do with Liefeld and I'm not interested.
Verification color change? kevinlmillard Jump to first page83Jump to last page 6 yearsVisceralDreams (259): I actually like the verified sig color. An ASM300, XMEN17, or ASM50 would look great with the red label. Black with white lettering or silver foil would be out of this world awesome.
I was about to list this Todd signed Spawn 1 Newsie Raw, but . . . 00slim 9 6 yearschameleoncolors (491): I would do it. And the McFarland sig looks legit. Go for it, also love this book!
Jim Starlin Authentic Signature w/ CBCS czarnickolas 18 6 yearsczarnickolas (28): Ah - it looks like I was wrong about his being at SDCC based on this FB post from him: I misread this as he would be there, and was asking if someone could pick up one of those sets for him while he was anchored to his table. What this actually looks like is that he will definitely not be there.
GCOA to Facilitate for CBCS at North Texas and Dallas Comic Shows GenuineCOA 2 6 yearsiggykoopa30 (261): Awesome! I was just asking this question a couple weeks ago. Nice to see CBCS representation at this one! See you there!
SDCC Exclusive Autograph Signing userX745 2 6 yearsLemonMonster (58): I would think so because Jim Lee is going to be at the DC booth.
How bad did i hurt this key FF 48 BeRealBro 23 6 yearsbrysb (12491): Yeah, I NEVER use resealable bags and I NEVER open a taped up bag without ALWAYS removing the tape first. I learned that lesson years ago when I ruined an old early 60's copy of Batman when the tape stuck to and ripped off part of the front cover!! HORRIFIC at the time! :(
Iron Man #55 Signature verified - Jim Starlin. iggykoopa30 18 6 yearsiggykoopa30 (261): True, true. He even took a picture of me holding he book right after he signed it. I now have that picture printed out and hanging in my man cave. The memories, indeed!
Autograph verification Kalistyles 19 6 yearsKalistyles (22): Thanks for the help and responses everyone.
Best signatures to have graded Buzbe Jump to first page31Jump to last page 6 yearsOGJackster (49635): Even though these are low in value, when I get some extra buck, they will be sent in to CBCS for obvious reasons.
VSP and Dynamic Forces signed comics eee91 Jump to first page36Jump to last page 6 yearsNuffsaid111 (19149): I am very very happy to hear there is such stringency in the signature verification process; even if some fail that are real. It gives me peace of mind and hopefully the red label will be seen as just as desireable as the yellow label over time.
What if I have comics already signed? Ladic 5 6 yearsGotlift (4821): On the comic submission page the is a box you check for exactly that. It says Encapsulate even it verification fails
Need help with signature identification. IxDmackxI 10 6 yearsMR_SigS (11124): The "professional signature" creators use on comics and art. Probably not the same used on personal checks and CC receipts. As mentioned, the sharpie sigs are clearly speedy versions of the sig printed on the cover art.
Autograph Placement Advice HammitChris 19 6 yearsJeremy_K (841):
For Sale: CBCS 7.0 Captain America #113 VSP Jesse_O 6 6 yearsJesse_O (39302): Sold!!!!
Inscriptions and VSP czarnickolas 5 6 yearsczarnickolas (28): @CopperAgeKids You've always got the best advice. The simple market analysis here is enough to keep the book as is and redirect my grading moneys elsewhere.
Return shipping for overseas people Newbie 11 6 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): There is no reason go use any companies other than CBCS and CGC; all the others are not reputable. As far as subbing books to CBCS, or CGC, for that matter, the most cost effective way to do so is to sub the books through an Australian CBCS Dealer. Shipping is cheaper, and you get their dealer discount.
Grading and signature verification help Newbie 3 6 yearsBronte (37755): Not sure if this is an option for you, but if the book is for personal collection and you dont get a satisfactory answer to whether they have the signature on file, why not wait a few months and check back? The book will survive a few months in a typical comic bag.....
Retroactive on-site signature verification? czarnickolas 9 6 years1243782365 (503): Interesting
VA Comicon - Rob Liefeld ASP opportunity Darryl_H 2 6 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): Awesome show.... I'm looking forward to setting up there and doing some buying, as well!
Liefeld pop-up witnesses? Zarbongo 14 6 yearsthelastbard (1282): @drchaos Congratulations on the facilitator status! I'm still relatively new to the AW side of things (almost a year now), so I have a road to travel before I'll hit that side of things. No rush! I'm also not getting a HUGE amount done.
Golden Age Comic Spine Roll Question HammitChris Jump to first page34Jump to last page 6 yearsQuaBrot (2018): @CFP_Comics Joe, show off!
FS: Large X-Files Collection - 34 lot ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): This is pretty much all of my X-Files memorabilia I have collected since the show started in the 90s. Most comics are signed 3 times....but also included are single signed and double signed exclusives too. All signatures are authentic - I had acquired them all over many conventions as an attendee. The 1st issue is a "newsstand variant", but is not signed. Still...a nice 1990s VHTF original newsstand copy. It isn't in top...
Tips to keep your Comic safe during signings GanaSoth 13 6 yearskaptainmyke (27079): nice. take that google seo!
Got these in the mail! Share your Stan Lee's spfd18 17 6 yearsVictorCreed (517): Sketch from Quesada signed by him and Stan.
Looking for Mike Ploog signed comics anthonybischoff 3 6 yearsanthonybischoff (118): What do you want for them
Great Philidelphia Comic Con Facilitators? spfd18 1 6 yearsspfd18 (50): Are there any facilitators attending the Great Philadelphia Comic Con on April 27th-29th? I'd like to get a few books signed and graded.
Pricing on these anthonybischoff 3 6 yearsMarcJ (364): Honestly, you're talking about $50 each, maybe $60 max. Slott isn't really a sought after signature and Spider-man in general isn't really "heating" up the scene. If those had been Granov signatures, you could maybe add another $15-20 to each book.
Hos92 4.5 double sig verified for sale Djstouty 3 6 yearsdrchaos (27898):
CGC to CBCS Signature Series Conversion? AdamHowlett 16 6 yearsdielinfinite (26607): If you got a yellow label and not a qualified yellow label like this Then yes, the Len Wein signature was treated as writing on the cover and the grade was affected accordingly
CBCS's new VSP process? Same sig list or? Darkga 6 6 yearsSpiderTim (3302): I didn't now all that info from CSA! This is a great post!
Sock Drawer Clean Out KingNampa Jump to first page42Jump to last page 6 yearsdrchaos (27898): Cool, check your PM.
Mix of Raw, CBCS, & CGC Books for Sale!!! cjbehr948 1 6 yearscjbehr948 (170): Planning on moving sometime this year, so looking to make some extra money. Some are raw, some are CGC, & a couple are CBCS. Feel free to take a peek at... clickable text Thanks!
Worth getting signature verified/graded? Popeye 25 6 yearskaptainmyke (27079): shut up! i didn't know i took the poster out as a kid
ECCC 2018 Accepting Submissions TrinityComics 13 6 yearsJesse_O (39302): Fixed.
CGC unrestored to CBCS restored! JAMESC Jump to first page71Jump to last page 6 yearsTedsaid (7340): Wait, where was this? A different thread maybe?
When should i contact customer service donho 15 6 yearspoka (24439): @SteveRicketts :D
first slabe from cbcs donho 9 6 yearsBrianGreensnips (14783): That is cool. Enjoy.
FS: Batman Adventures 12 w/ Yvonne Craig Sig 00slim 5 6 years00slim (17791): Glad you're happy with the book. Enjoy! 👍🏼
Wrong comic TheCollectorOfAll 21 6 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): Intercepted= The package was intercepted when it arrived at the destination city as shown on the package (Vegas). That is how FedEx intercepts and reroutes shipments. For practical reasons (man power), that is how FedEx operates. I am not making light of these issues. But I am sure that if you were dealing with CGC and not CBCS, all other things being equal,your experience would not have been the slightest bit different.
Gary Friedrich signature? anthonybischoff 6 6 yearsX51 (14744): I just deleted all of the info I typed before reading your request. If the original poster can't forward it to you, I'll try to type it up again tomorrow. PM me if I forget.
The Bog Blog - Swamp Creatures thread 2 Odins_Raven 6 6 yearsOdins_Raven (2389): @TellEmSteveDave Thanks!!! I asked the artist to incorporate a couple other things too. The initials of ST's creators; a sharp eye can find them ;) And since I live in the great PNW, a bit of favor to the psychedelic tubors that Swampy makes in the form of cannabis sativa. :D
What the cbcs???? Zombie_Head Jump to first page41Jump to last page 6 yearsDrogio (7809):
Stranger Con (Stranger Things) CBCS Witness? HammitChris 4 6 yearsCowabunga_Kyle (2271): I had a table also, I won't be going back.
If CBCS Presses & Re-Grades a Red Label? 00slim 17 6 years00slim (17791): Personally, I'd fast track both Grading & Pressing either way.
Yvonne Craig Signed Comic Detached Cover HammitChris 8 6 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): Highest grade would be a 4.0. It would probably grade out around a 3.0.
Rare signatures? Fiawol 4 7 yearsX51 (14744): I had to dig up the list to see what's on it. Hmmm!
Y is there not a graded and sign price forum Buzbe 5 7 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11512): Im not a fan of signatures on my books and I believe with the amount of signing that goes on the supply out weights the demand on of these modern day signers.
Blog post about VSP spaulus Jump to first page96Jump to last page 7 yearsshrewbeer (13263): Big difference though. The comma is not wrong; it is arguably redundant. That apostrophe is very irritating, agreed there! You would hate reading my contracts. In writing law it is best to add as many redundancies as possible, to avoid any need of clarification by judgement. Oxford commas? I put that sh*t on everything
Rick & Morty #1 for sale Ambush_Bug 6 7 yearsDrogio (7809): Swirls are lighting. Have this problem all the time I use a flash...gotta get the right angle, but yes others might think those are scratches and move along...
VSP gallery...Show em off! Odins_Raven Jump to first page103Jump to last page 7 yearsthe420bandito (11308): As soon as they are start accepting underground books I will have some fun VSP posts....
SECRET WARS REUNION SIGNING OPPORTUNITY! GenuineCOA 13 7 yearsGenuineCOA (176): BIG NEWS!! Genuine COA will attend the Bedrock City Comics GEORGE PEREZ signing and is now accepting MAIL-IN submissions for this signing. This will be the perfect compliment to the signers available at the NORTH TEXAS COMIC BOOK SHOW. Place MAIL-IN or BOOTH DROP=OFF orders for CBCS signature submission at the link below. ...
Need Help: Sketch Cover Grading Question HammitChris 12 7 yearsHammitChris (283): There is no bleed thru on the spine or cover.
1 Day (with VSP) TAT TEST KingNampa Jump to first page45Jump to last page 7 yearskaptainmyke (27079):
Buyer Beware Some Fake OA Going around KingNampa 17 7 yearsX51 (14744): Interesting. I didn't know anyone wanted his art. :)
Ace Comic Con (Glendale Arizona) Gabriel85301 11 7 yearscomic_book_man (1978): @Gabriel85301 I was going to go with my brother in law, but the signature prices are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to high. :oops:
Saturday Mail Call! dielinfinite 2 7 yearsconditionfreak (11292): Get a Harley Davidson and you're all set.
FOR SALE: Amazing Spider-man #299 Signed 9.6 kaptainmyke 1 7 yearskaptainmyke (27079): 1988 Marvel Comics AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #299 CBCS 9.6 Signed by TODD McFARLANE ON FIRST PAGE NM+ 1st Appearance of Venom in cameo. Chance cover art and story. CBCS ID# 16-26620BF-009 Click here for ebay auction listing
Arrived today Mickcatron 11 7 yearsthelastbard (1282): @Stu Ah, well... with J. Scott, I'd prefer to witness them myself, since I can yellow label them myself and save some money, you know? It's just a matter of patience!
VSP Question / Opinion - Jim Lee thelastbard 11 7 yearsthelastbard (1282): There's a little difference in some of the sigs, but mostly the same. Some dots on the i's, some note, some lazy L's, some not... It probably all depended on when he was doing them, lines, and at what point it was (year). I know my sig has devolved over time, but more based on my day job and age over the number of professional sigs I've done (FEW), ha ha.
" Brazilian Super-Hero " Capitáo 7 No.1(VF) KomicKazi 6 7 yearsKomicKazi (7202): O Lobinho No.28 Publisher: Grande Consórcio Suplementos Nacionais, Brazil 1942
What's in the box! 1st books back from CBCS! thelastbard 16 7 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): Thanks for sharing. Love the Batgirl #1 cover and of course the Harley Quinn. Just dropped my first dozen books off to CBCS at the NY Comic Con. Hoping I get close to the same results you got. Nuff Said!
Reward / membership structure? ComxDlr 4 7 yearsComxDlr (34): Just checking if anyone knows if this was ever updated? I dont see any changes to the Membership tab.. it says the reward program is coming in 2016, but its about to turn 2018 (just in case someone needs to know :) ) I am still deciding whether i want to start up here, and i'd like to do some VS books.. but not sure what to think of the membership/lack of membership/reward program.. etc.. Seems like things go slow in this industry.. not...
CBCS Verified Signature Program questions ONLINE_209 16 7 yearscomic_book_man (1978): @dielinfinite thank you!
First submission back! helsabot 11 7 yearshelsabot (296): Yeah the check I am ok with, it because of a very lite indent at the top that is almost invisable, otherwise it's a beauty.
Dark Nights: Metal #1 - Terrificon Variant Grayspeedster 11 7 yearsGrayspeedster (406): @neyko Don't say that! I need this to pay for my unconceived childs college lol! If your interested anyone
Artist signature exceptions? Hanginglimbs Jump to first page97Jump to last page 7 yearsKingNampa (6756): This makes me seriously doubt the validity of witnessed signatures with CBCS. :eek:
WTF Baltimore? drchaos 16 7 yearsLonestar (4810): She does not live in Baltimore. She lives in Potomac, MD, which is just outside Washington, DC. Still fairly close to Baltimore, so your main point is valid.
CBCS OA / VSP submitter's reference ZosoRocks 17 7 yearsOGJackster (49635): Not slabbed yet but here is the COA. SCOTT SNYDER
Trinity Comics, CFP, and CBCS! BradT Jump to first page45Jump to last page 7 yearsDrogio (7809): No. Didn't know I was supposed to. What does that mean? They are under his account and shipped to him? I didn't get much guidance or input on the whole process. Finding out these details as I go.
Signature Hunt Themaxx35 6 7 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Thank you for making this thread. Genuine COA recently announced a big signing with classic creators, some only available to CBCS customers through this opportunity. MIKE KALUTA, who has never signed for CBCS before, was just added. Please LIKE the Genuine COA Facebook page to be the first to hear any new announcements as they are posted.
This Stan Sig does not seem legit . . . 00slim 10 7 yearsOdvar (243): Do the world a favor and get it verified.
CBCS Rose City Signing events Jesse_O 16 7 years1nOnly (365): Just got an email saying Liefeld will no longer be attending RCCC. Offering refunds for everyone that bought his VIP package.
Green Lantern personal ART grail! shrewbeer 16 7 yearskaptainmyke (27079): very cool brah
Accepting submissions San Francisco Con 9/1 spidermanbeyond 5 7 yearsspidermanbeyond (7): Just send you a PM with all my info. Thank you.
ART/VSP combo Q's shrewbeer 8 7 yearsshrewbeer (13263): @AndyRexia wonderful, thank you for the example 👌🏻 Still negotiating with the seller, if I strike a deal I'll post it!
Question: Asterisk Negrito68 10 7 yearsdielinfinite (26607): Open thread to view post.
Red vs Blue label: exclusively signed comics Darkga 11 7 yearsDarkga (4787): Red label it is then... I'll put it deep in the to-be-slabbed box though. Thanks!
Conan prototype issue,1st red Sonja (signed) Johnnyonthespot 5 7 yearsJohnnyonthespot (328): A conan try out by Smith April of 1970... reprinted in Conan #16
My newest haul,sending off tomorrow 07/31/17 Johnnyonthespot 11 7 yearsJohnnyonthespot (328): Lol
Daredevil # 1 Authentix sketch cover Gaz973 12 7 yearsdielinfinite (26607): @shrewbeer lol no, I think that was a piece CBCS used when they announced the ART labels
Mail Call! My biggest ever! dielinfinite 28 7 yearsvabchgent (490): @dielinfinite Definitely some nice books there, congrats
WTS Some old comics lying around KingNampa 20 7 yearsKingNampa (6756): People were inquiring for my asking price. Wasn't sure so I based this on average sales on ebay in last month. Price is firm on these. $1832+ Free Shipping via Paypal. Or if you pay by check (6% Discount) $1722 + Free Shipping. Shipping is USPS Priority Mail with Signature Required. Free Shipping within USA Only. Break down of price (sorry won't sell separately) IH #180-8.5= $460 IH #181 5.5= $1,199 IH #182 8.5= $173
Secret Weapons #1 "Valiant Validated" SteveRicketts 15 7 yearsGrayspeedster (406): Perfect! Uncompromising integrity!
printer defect ams #361 Zieggy1975 5 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): clickable text
AW's going to Boston Con? Gabriel85301 1 7 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): Let me know what AWs out there are headed to Boston Con! I got a couple sigs I'd love to get on my books and sent in for grading. Thank you.
Signature identify KingNampa 10 7 yearsX51 (14744): I'm not disputing that. I'm just letting people know that it's obviously changed over the years. Jim Shooter seems to be spelling out his name more fully now. It might be because I started a running joke that I didn't know who "Shoop" was. Others picked up on it and I saw my joke comment posted elsewhere.
grading a book with both kinds of sigs Comicbookzach 8 7 yearsJeremy_K (841): The date on the label lets people know that was witnessed (plus it's cheaper to slab)
J. Scott Campbell Signed Books. Open or not? imagejock 22 7 yearskaptainmyke (27079): Called it!
Green Label w Sig/Sketch/Numbered kclaw97 3 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): The VSP label will verify his signature and then say something like "sketch on cover."
Submission Diary from South East Asia flikhype 11 7 yearsflikhype (7): probably. thanks for the suggestion. :) Iron Man 251,Herb Trimpe VSP - I didn't see much defects. But there were some light creases on the spine. It's assumable grade should be an 8.0 I suppose. Conservatively. New Avengers FDNY - It looks pristine. I really couldn't see any defects with my naked eyes. I'd expect probably a 9.8 Hope that helps. :)
Slabbed Celebrity Signatures Thread DarthLego Jump to first page63Jump to last page 7 yearsKiloGraham (1337): Yup. When I think of A Guy Ritchie flick I think of a dozen crazy, shenanigan filled stories that all come together in the end. Still waiting on Rock N Rolla 2. @jimmylinguini pics of that Gretzky signed book when you get it back please!
Verified and authenticated sigs - same comic Drogio 4 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): @Drogio when you add a witnessed sig, the label will stay red, but the label will note that one sig was witnessed.
Verified sig. vs. CBCS witnessed sig. ? ncamother 2 7 yearsDrogio (7809): I would think that asp books have slightly more value in that the witness reduces the risk of an unauthentic signature to essentially zero. While vsp carries slightly more risk. as no account of when or where the book was signed is provided....and coa's, which cannot be slabbed with the book, cannot necessarily be tied back to the actual book... Just my opinion.
Welcome to the CBCS Forum! SteveRicketts Jump to first page530Jump to last page 7 yearsrec1978 (69): Hello All, I am new to the CBCS boards, but I have been around the block a little while (EBay for 16 years and CGC Chat Boards (same user id) for 4 years). If you see anything in my EBay store that you like, please feel free to shoot me a PM! Cheers, Ron As a side note: I am sending my first book, for CBCS Submission, today! ...
Encapsulate If Fail - CBCS Signature VSP flikhype 12 7 yearsflikhype (7): Thanks Steve.
Signature question... OGJackster 5 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): Yes, for only an extra $15 you will avoid having a grade drop due to "writing on interior."
Zombie Tramp Dollface [Dan Mendoza sketch] AlexMendoza 6 7 yearsDarkga (4787): I'm jelly.
CBCS ASP Fee Question Grayspeedster 12 7 yearsbennyb86 (796): Perfect, thank you! That was the way it was explained to me by customer service as well but got a bit confused for a second.
Adam West / Burt Ward Autographs Drogio 10 7 yearsDrogio (7809): So they were charging $100 and still personalizing it? That's a bit much. I'd rather get Stan lees auto on a comic he actually had some artistic input for that price and have a future investment.
LET'S SEE EVERYONES VSP's Odins_Raven Jump to first page47Jump to last page 7 yearsdrchaos (27898):
FYI: Prepping books for signatures. Gabriel85301 1 7 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): In the last several days so many people have been asking on different web sites and social media how to properly prep books for signatures and since we are now in to CON Season, I'd thought I would share my own method. I seen a lot of people prep comics for signatures different ways. I am sure you can all find video or page on how to properly prep a book for signatures, I just try and take it a step further so there isn't a big gaping hole...
Authorized Witness Question thebeardedbat 6 7 yearsDLAComics (40): Unless you send for 3rd party press. Paperwork i signed and post from mark i belive. Said 30 days from con date. Borock wanted 2 weeks. I think 3 months is acceptable for mutli shows
Gift Certificates Mathyus_42 3 7 yearsMathyus_42 (317): Ok, cool thanks.
Submitting authorized witness books aries316 3 7 yearsdielinfinite (26607): @aries316 You can use the website and include a copy of your signed withness authorization form.
Signature Verification Question jrs 3 7 yearsjrs (1864): Thanks @SteveRicketts. Much appreciated.
Need advice from experienced CON People KingNampa 12 7 yearsKingNampa (6756): Thanks for the advice all. I bought the package. I hate waiting in long lines. 😁
New CBCS Shipping Rates Jesse_O 15 7 yearsMio (541): My last batch of 7 books was 3x the price above. You Yankees do not know how good you have it.
Show us your Verified comics! LastRonin Jump to first page103Jump to last page 7 yearsDrogio (7809): It'll never be a best I can do is 9.6. Cbut maybe if there's value to doing so in the future I'll do just that. Thanks for the tip!
Signature conundrum OrbitCityComics 18 7 yearsMR_SigS (11124): Or at least more of a sense, anyway. Part of me will always wonder if my Kirby Sig was actually signed by Roz.
CBCS 4 Sale: CELEBRITY SS/ EWAN MCGREGOR+ 1243782365 21 7 years1243782365 (503): The thread is now closed and I am moving the books to ebay. In two months I should have some more celebrity CBCS SS. Ryan Gosling signed Drive #1s Labrythn #1 signed by Jennifer Connoley and probably a bunch more I can't think of right now.
eBay auction - Infinity Gauntlet #1 ZosoRocks 2 7 yearsZosoRocks (2131): I've lowered the price to $180.00 if anyone is still interested. Thanks for viewing.
Verified Signature jibaro 5 7 yearsSpiderTim (3302): You get charged per book and per signature my friend.
NJ Comic Expo Mail Call and Experience EddiePaxil 11 7 yearsEddiePaxil (88): @CopperAgeKids CBCS wasn't offering pressing yet at rhe time or I might have for the Mantle because we were sending it from right there. Otherwise I have a guy.
New to grading and i could use some help Brucewayne0483 13 7 yearsBrianGreensnips (14783): Welcome aboard. If you have the extra funds, I like what @JWKyle says about giving it a try. Do not be disappointed though if the grades come back lower than you were hoping. My first batch that I sent out to CBCS was pretty cool to get back and they look awesome. I sent books that I thought were really clean books and I was supprised not to see one of them come back at 9.8 So it has been an intersting education here on the forum about...
The NEW CBCS Label is LIVE! SteveRicketts Jump to first page68Jump to last page 7 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Tv's my 11st subs on the new label...I like it....I now don't have to fiddle my eyes to see the holo. Nice. Thanks!
Signed Jack Kirby comic found! CBCS Worthy? Johnnylray 30 7 yearsJohnnylray (2675): I'm on the fence with all this DF concerns..I may just keep the book , not slabbed, and pass it down to my kids.let them worry about real vs fake. and save myself $47 plus bucks. kind of bums me out that even though it was a limited, it could be fake. and I have a stack of DF books from 91-94 that Have COAs'. Ray/RI
Mail Call Part 2 Tanis 2 7 yearsKrazywan (469): @Tanis nice on the wolverine#10 it looks good with that gold label. I love that cover.
So I need help. Sorry if answers obvious Wolverine 14 7 yearsKaleljll (406): Got my first submission all written up, paid for, printed out and boxed up for shipping tonight! Print button shoes up I think eh upper right hand corner, found it with no problem. Hopefully I protected the 9 books I'm sending in well enough.
Signatures on books - detract or entice? ZosoRocks Jump to first page33Jump to last page 7 yearsRyanHicks (1974): These are thinner acid free permanent markers and this is the best thin-point gold marker you can get for signings (it is absolutely beautiful) but it is also one you need to give a few seconds to dry
CBCS at Long Beach Comic Expo Jesse_O 1 7 yearsJesse_O (39302): Date: Feb 18-19 From Mark Roman: "CBCS presents Len Wein at the CBCS booth #506 at Long Beach Comic Expo on Feb 18-19. Prices for signature are $5, except for Giant-Size X-Men #1, Incredible Hulk #181, House of Secret #92 & Swamp Thing #1, which are $25 each. If they are being graded, add another $20 to each signature fee. See you all there guys & gals!" ...
Mailing In Submissions Wolverine 7 8 yearsRevelations (523): You'll be able to find that invoice in your dashboard.
Which Kubert book to get graded? Wolverine 16 8 yearsWolverine (1960): For sure I will. I'm really hoping for 9.8's innthe Origin and Batman. I checked them over and can't find any defects at all. I mean I'm not a pro but can't find any colour break, bends, creases or anything. I have DofW signed by Soule and McGuiness but this is is in a lot better shape and the cover art is alott better anyways.
What grade if you don't VSP a signature? Darkga 16 8 yearsdielinfinite (26607): The list on CSA's site is not comprehensive. If you have a sig by a known creator that's not on the list I'd contact them too see if they have it
VSP include comics sealed in org bag? ZosoRocks 16 8 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Interesting...Steve, thanks again for clarifying this other service.
Verified Comic with Sketch uhussein92 4 8 yearskaptainmyke (27079): They will verify the signatures but the red label will say "Sketch on cover" or "Sketch on back cover". If witnessed, it would be a Yellow label with "Signed on mm/dd/yy by ..." and then "Sketch by .... on mm/dd/yy" etc
Usually high grade on a rack purchased comic kaptainmyke 8 8 yearsshrewbeer (13263): Seems to me 9.6 is the "new" NM. But then again I could have had it wrong all these years in the first place...
Sketch with signature question huskershawn69 5 8 yearshuskershawn69 (61): Thanks for the feedback..I was trying to figure this out since I've never submitted a sketch before. Appreciate the info guys!
COAs for VSP? Zarbongo 5 8 yearsZarbongo (110): Makes sense thanks.
Mail call Millvilleresident 7 8 yearsMillvilleresident (208): Supergirl by Ebas Arkham Revenge Harley Quinn by Dawn Mcteigue
Happy 94th Birthday to Stan!! Jesse_O 14 8 yearsSteverogers11 (3605): Loki is my fav character. Named my dog after him. Bad idea
For those who need late presents come on in? Lunarshade 1 8 yearsLunarshade (190): Chrissy and I have listed several graded books and will list another batch later in the week. So if you have been procrastinating or just want a gift for yourself like I do go on my store and check it out!
Yellow Label VS Red Label Question DLAComics 17 8 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Very cool. I like the package, a much better look than PSA. Best regards and thanks for the insight.
My crazy 99 cent auctions for 12/24 kaptainmyke 2 8 yearskaptainmyke (27079): The 9.9 ends tomorrow night. Aspen is selling "con stock" 9.8 graded sketch covers for $199 so I am curious what this gem will sell for.
Celebrity CBCS SS For Sale Henry Cavill + + 1243782365 25 8 years1243782365 (503): I guess I'll start moving these to ebay lol
Journey Into Mystery #112 Signed Stan Lee kaptainmyke 9 8 yearskaptainmyke (27079): It seems to be on track for what I was hoping for. :beer:
Ebay Black Friday Sale Sanemoreorless 1 8 yearsSanemoreorless (7): I am currently offering a %15 discount on all items, for boards members only. Mention this post via a direct message and I will invoice you with the discount. This sale will be active through Sunday Night 8PM pacific time. Thank you for looking and Happy Holidays!
Giant Size X-Men #1 CBCS 9.6 Cockrum Sig! Kevin4444 9 8 yearsKevin4444 (19): Bump, Price drop to $3300.
Dynamic Forces: A Review kaptainmyke 9 8 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): I was about to place an order to try them out. Think I'll wait.
Heroes Haven is apparently CBCS exclusive JLS_Comics 7 8 yearsKenWorthing (457): From what I understand of it having talked to both Pete and Sara, is that Pete was going to handle subs for CBCS and Sara was going to handle subs for CGC. All now past tense for future subs to CGC.
Seller Tips and Price Points of Graded Books kaptainmyke 17 8 yearsResurrection (661): @kaptainmyke I buy a Teen Titans 2 for $125.00 as a raw NM-, book grades 9.6 I sell it for $360/400. whatever FMV is. Random book is $5.00 and grades 9.8 sells for $25.00, well that is a book nobody wanted.
FOR SALE! Comics, Movies, & Collectibles! cjbehr948 5 8 yearsdielinfinite (26607): @cjbehr948 Sure, just give me a few weeks to steady my finances
Rhode Island Comic Con 2016 jayslo 3 8 yearsrobertofredrico (747): HAHA!
How do you display your comics? antoniofett 25 8 yearsantoniofett (2126):[/quote] This is my setup, I like using the j-channel because its cheap! In this image I just cut 2 strips of j channel in half and put strips of scrap wood behind to push them out. I think this setup cost about $8 to make.
How do you grade comics with loose pieces? kaptainmyke 20 8 yearskaptainmyke (27079): What's interesting to me is the prices of ASM jacked up tremendously from last years guides to this year. So, that 1.5 grade last year was worth around $1500 but this year shot up to $3500. This book will continue to go up in value so the 1.5 grade doesn't bother me much. Intrinsically being unrestored and complete is evident. When I bought the book, it was alleged as a 2.5 but when it changed hands the book literally was so fragile it...
Inside First Page Signature Image Option enaz13 6 8 yearsOrbitCityComics (1483): I actually like this idea.
Submission with COA is Red or Yellow? kaptainmyke 9 8 yearscjbehr948 (170): You'll get what Cyclops sees.
CBCS launches New Logo and Brand SteveRicketts Jump to first page1176Jump to last page 8 yearsnld3 (11): Please make the writing on the label bigger.
Show off your Frank Miller signatures! dielinfinite 26 8 yearsdielinfinite (26607): I always forget about this one:
Pressing signed comics djinn155 11 8 yearsCFP_Comics (3850): Should be fine.
CBCS at Buffalo & Long Beach Comic Cons SteveRicketts 1 8 yearsSteveRicketts (18543): #CBCScomics will be at #BuffaloComicon this weekend. We will also be at #LongBeachComicCon this weekend at booth #654. Stop by our booth at either show with questions, submissions, or to get a signature witness. We look forward to seeing you there! ...
Stan Lee. Rose City Comicon. Photos are UP kaptainmyke Jump to first page40Jump to last page 8 yearskaptainmyke (27079): what about the left and right brah
Original Art Personal Piece Question EddiePaxil 10 8 yearsEddiePaxil (88): Perfect thanks
I met George Perez at DragonCon 2016! Darkga 7 8 yearsivegotneatstuff (34): ha very cool !
"The Strain" CBCS Verified Books for Sale! cjbehr948 2 8 yearscjbehr948 (170): These are all ending tonight. Just bumping it up for those who haven't seen it.
Action Figures! kaptainmyke Jump to first page41Jump to last page 8 yearskaptainmyke (27079): Some new toys I picked up recently: A rare unmasked version of Casey Jones: I...
CBCS Books for sale..... svgcomics181 2 8 yearsGemCityJess (25): Nice.
Dynamic Forces Signed Books Red or Yellow? kaptainmyke 4 8 yearskaptainmyke (27079): Thanks. Just needed verification.
1 comic, 2 individuals, different convention Gabriel85301 5 8 yearsDarthLego (20518): There's also the 2-day turnaround option, you could do for the first sig, but that would be pricey.
Breaking OPEN a Yellow SS Slab Gabriel85301 4 8 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): Thank you!
Here's my "damaged" Stan Lee DF book! kaptainmyke 8 8 yearskaptainmyke (27079): I'll just leave a stack of comic books on top of it for a month or 5. #realtalk
New Label monks 27 8 yearsFrankCastle129 (568): I called and asked and CS said there will be no discount to reslab if they decide to change labels.
Signature Location Jamiemadrox 23 8 yearsDarthLego (20518): Over and out brah.
Comic Grading Help! smithy92 4 8 yearsESSA (52): Hey smithy i am also from the uk. If you type in the search bar for cbcs uk it will bring thread up for you or if you like you can post to cbcs uk on face book. send msg to Lee say Eshan sent you, i was recently in contact with Lee at the the mcm Manchester comic con his great guy he will help you answer all your question and submit the books for you. il get you some link ...
Signatures Unlimited Terrificon 2016 jayslo 10 8 yearsjayslo (7): I should rephrase, MY cost is cover price + $1 to pick up the book + return shipping
Howard the Duck 1 signed by Steve Gerber+++ Odins_Raven Jump to first page61Jump to last page 8 yearsDarthLego (20518): On second thought, all they need is to just remaster the original movie and rerelease it. :D
Dynamic force (COA) submission ESSA 7 8 yearscjbehr948 (170): CBCS sent all COA's submitted with my books back to me. I just opened the bag & put the slip in the back with the slab.
Show off your Stan Lee signatures! dielinfinite 28 8 yearsMR_SigS (11124): Looks like Stan is holding a Big Bambu doobie! lol
Yes or No on VSP - Help a Newb mattness 25 8 yearsmattness (1514): I just wanted to say thanks again for everyone's input on verifying signatures, even though you know there real. My first three books are off to CBCS. Thanks! :beer:
7.15.16 SteveRicketts Jump to first page292Jump to last page 8 yearsDarthLego (20518): I've got a fever. And the only cure is more cowbell!
CBCScomics Youtube Channel... SteveRicketts 27 8 yearsJeepinJesterJon (1): I never thought they could take a item of beauty and make it a item of perfection. I just didn't think that was possible anymore. Two thumbs up CBCS. I would give 3 but I only have 2 hands. haha
CBCS Turnaround 7/11/16 SteveRicketts Jump to first page66Jump to last page 8 yearssterlingcomics (16): Having automated information as to where the company is on basic perspective I think would be a great AUTOMATED enhancement to "keep it real". I suspect the reason why no one wants to do that is that it could help "kill/delay" business.
Shopping Cart broken, cannot order! HELP kaptainmyke 26 8 yearsStelbert_Stylton (1090): This is a modern-centric viewpoint too. If you use Rapid you make up the difference with 11 books, with Quickstream you break even with 16 books, etc.
McFarlane/Lee Failed VSP on eBay Towmater Jump to first page32Jump to last page 8 yearsBrianGreensnips (14783): Yeah, as soon as I saw it I could tell it looked way off. It is too bad that there are people out there always looking to scam someone. Such BS.
Signature Label Question cjbehr948 11 8 yearsDarthLego (20518): No, I didn't have time before work, I'll scan it when I get home. It was signed in 2014, I have a feeling it's in the old database that hasn't migrated yet.
Signature / Autograph identification Thread JazzyJeffie Jump to first page33Jump to last page 8 yearsBloodlikefire (199): Hey all, I bought a lot of signed comics Aspen comics. While trying to Identify the signatures on this Book Michael Turners Fathom Dawn of War #1C cover I am stuck on this signature. I know Michael Signature but I cannot figure out this signature on the bottom. Any Help would be appreciated. Thanks for the help.
Please help ID signature Bloodlikefire 4 8 yearsJazzyJeffie (418): Post this in the existing thread, instead of making a new one: Signature / Autograph identification Thread A lot of help has been provided already over there, and people are subscribed to that thread. You can get better help there.
VSP Question SdotMdot 5 8 yearsSdotMdot (10): Well it's the Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Neal Adams variant signed by Neal. Being new to this whole grading thing I was unaware of signatures being witnessed. Oh well ya live and learn. When I first looked into getting it graded I looked at CGC but find out about the qualified label so I framed it up. Then someone told me about the signature verification program so I treated myself. Naturally I want the highest grade possible but...
Neal Adams Signature Sticker? thebeardedbat 23 8 yearsspaulus (486): Batman2001 comments will be addressed. Any AW who does not identify themselves as a witness is not acting as a witness. Each and every signature that is being witnessed, the witness has to identify themselves as a CBCS witness. If an AW does not identify themselves, their status as an AW will be revoked, and all of their books in the grading pipeline will not be eligible for a yellow label.
20% off CGC's new case regrading deadline spaulus 15 8 yearsJeremy_K (841): Mr_SigS is right, I was wrong. The offer at all is thoughtful of customers cgc has potentially screwed over.
VSP Question thebeardedbat 5 8 yearsthebeardedbat (1): Thanks for the help!
Need some advice on these signature books VaComicsGuy 7 8 yearsSpiderTim (3302): I would VSP the Stan Lee signatures and any major creator. I personally will VSP a Detective Comics Laughing Fish that came signed by Marshall Rogers, hope it is his true signature.
CBCS Turnaround 5/23/16 SteveRicketts Jump to first page70Jump to last page 8 yearsHero_Restoration (58): I can't seem to find the 5-23 update, can we get an update on what is not on time?
CBCS On-Site Grading at Tampa Bay Comic Con! SteveRicketts 25 8 yearsSteveRicketts (18543): We have posted more information, as well as the pricing for On-Site Grading at the Tampa Bay Comic Con on our website. We look forward to seeing you at the show!
Help with Michael Turner signatures dielinfinite 5 8 yearsdielinfinite (26607): Thanks! At the very least I figured the signatures weren't printed or autopenned since the examples I have are different enough and I don't see why they'd go through the expense of having an intern hand sign each book when an autopen could do it cheaper and be just as "authentic."
Can somebody help me please? Wolverine 10 8 yearsWolverine (1960): Thanks Curmudgeon, great info. Just wish our dollar was doing better.
Autograph Fuss JazzyJeffie 23 8 yearsjoelzstuff (90): @Soma: I seen some DC Comics Signed by Stan Lee on eBay. there was a New 52 Detective Comics #27 SS CGC by Stan Lee not too long ago. That bugged the hell out of me. Anyways, It depends for me, the actors must be known for that character for a long time… like someone said before, I’m not going to have the cast from the walking dead sign my Walking Dead #1… the characters come and go. BUT, I have gotten Adam West and Burt Ward to sign...
SIGNATURE VERIFICATION Revan_Q 15 8 yearsMR_SigS (11124): Thank you, Dr
CGC Signature to CBCS Signature NeganKilledMe 9 8 yearsRyanHicks (1974): Yes, you can have it re-slabbed under the ART program instead and it will maintain the yellow label.
CBCS at Planet Comicon & Tidewater Comicon SteveRicketts 4 8 yearsmatthogan6288 (28): Had a great time today and everyone at the CBCS booth was GREAT!
CBCS Memberships Mathyus_42 12 8 yearsMathyus_42 (317): When you pack your books for shipping make sure to include a note with them saying what coupons you want to use and on what book. You would do the the same with the fast pass as well.
CBCS at Motor City Comic Con! SteveRicketts 13 8 yearsTimBildhauser (2239): Thank you sir!
Rare & Hard-to-Find VSP/ASP Signatures Odins_Raven Jump to first page35Jump to last page 8 yearsCatmanAmerica (30452): Harlan has pretty much retired from conventions, but we used to hang out and visit at some of the SF and early media shows. I guess I've known him since around '72. One of the last times we chatted was at an Aggiecon (Texas A&M University) about 15 years ago where we were among the guests. It was particularly memorable because we were requested as voice auctioneers for the charity auction that year. We both liked acerbic banter and on...
Motor City Comic Con 2016 Mathyus_42 3 8 yearscatrick339 (450): I'm there all weekend. My buddy Steve and I will be set up at Motor City with a buying booth this year. Got a big stack or a longbox or two of unwanted junk? Drag it along and we'll buy it....if the price is right. We like old Charlton, Gold Key, Archie, Dell, Tower, ACG. obscure 50's publishers, giveaways, anything from the 30's on up. Don't turn our noses up at low graders either...if the price is cheap enough. Coverless...
Sets For The Registry! Bagofleas 12 8 yearsOdins_Raven (2389): DC 4th World keys and #1's Jack Kirby VSP. So far: Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen 134 Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen 135 New Gods 1,2,4 Mister Miracle 1 Kamandi 1 Forever People 1 The Demon 1 OMAC 1
Someone break down the VSP MetalPSI 22 8 yearsJesse_O (39302): Just to clarify a couple things. A signature can be verified if it is on the list of names that CSA (the company doing the verifying for CBCS) can verify. This list is quite extensive and and includes a wide variety of people - comic related artists and creators, authors, politicians, celebrities, athletes, actors, etc. IF they do not have an autograph on file, they have access to a signature database used by numerous signature verification...
CBCS at San Diego! SteveRicketts 9 8 yearsDrWatson (51130): If any CBCSers haven't been there before, then I would bring a jacket, pullover, or sweatshirt befitting a CBCS employee because it will be cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey in that convention center during the show.
CBCS at Indiana Comic Con this wekeend! SteveRicketts 14 8 yearsTheLiamSturgess (289): Soooooo how did it go? :D
CBCS Website Help Mathyus_42 12 8 yearsMathyus_42 (317): No, I am not an approved witness. I wish I was, it would make this process a lot easier. LOL. I was just going to do this year like I did last year. Someone followed me to get my books signed. the reason I would not be able to all of the books on Saturday is because it is a pretty full day for me. I am also a volunteer at this show, so some of my time will be for that. Zach already told me in an email that I can submit books on different days,...
Ed McGuinness & Elias Chatzoudis FCBD at MGC MGA 1 8 yearsMGA (124): Email me with any questions can facilitate signatures
Adam Hughes Signing May 13th at MGC MGA 1 8 yearsMGA (124):