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CBCS Message Board - Terms of Use SteveRicketts 1 8 yearsSteveRicketts (18172): Open thread to view post.
eBay ending soon, Faro's Lounge, M House and more! Ending Soon! joelzstuff 2 1 dayjoelzstuff (89): Ending tomorrow Thanks!
CBCS Crooks Patrickjones2549 Jump to first page78Jump to last page 4 dayssoutherncross (28681):
UXM 129 Detached Centerfold Grade? drchaos 8 12 dayscesidio (2065): Honesty 2.0 to 2.5 seems about right. Not sure I would have spent the money for the signature. Wouldn't try an amatuer restoration. If you're looking for preservation that's one thing. If you're looking to flip probably not worth touching. Just my opinion
Autograph value ICConquest Jump to first page31Jump to last page 14 daysJoosh (4058): I agree. This is my only owned remarque because I really like it. It caught my eye at a comicon and I had to have it.
Greg Weisman con sig fee? TheShocker 1 18 daysTheShocker (238): Just wondering if anyone here knows the Greg Weisman's signature policy and or fee.
The Widest Signed Comic Selection Ever Offered in a ComicLink Auction!!! sborock_ComicLink 1 1 monthsborock_ComicLink (2668): The Focused Auction underway offers by far the largest selection of signed comic books certified by CGC and CBCS we've ever offered in a single auction. The vast selection of signed comics, certified by CGC and CBCS, includes major keys like Amazing Fantasy #15 CGC 4.0 (Stan Lee) as well as many rare signatures and signature combinations. Lots start closing Monday April 22nd. Bid now. In addition to many popular comic book creators that we...
Is Frank Miller Signature/Remaque/Head Sketch/Full Figure Sketch worth it? paulwhng Jump to first page33Jump to last page 1 monthmulti007 (3908): You are correct. I remember reading an article where he was at a local comic bookstore last year and he signed one free book Per person.
I just posted some Faro's Lounge, M House, graded, sigs and a lot of raws o joelzstuff 4 2 monthsjoelzstuff (89): one day left Thanks everyone!!!
Best type of marker for sig lenticular TheShocker 18 2 monthsTheShocker (238):
Prepping books for mail in signings. James42 8 2 monthsNuffsaid111 (18680): :) :) :) Funny story - just recently I was too lazy to change the blade on my box cutter that I use for cutting cardboard. I knew it was dull but figured, "meh... it's just a plastic bag". So there I went cutting, then cutting again, then cutting again the same damn line on the comic bag 3x for a signing window. I finally tossed the bag after mangling it by trying to cut the same line 3x, and I broke down and changed the blade...
Have a Fantastic Day! drchaos 14 3 monthsJesse_O (39161): @Nuffsaid111 great sketches!!! That colored Mephisto birthday cake one is a jaw dropper!!!!
Sendin in slabbed books Zorro 9 3 monthsmakahuka (3133): Welcome!
WANT TO BUY - Chadwick Boseman signed books twoseezy 2 4 monthsOGJackster (48538): The only ones I have seen are on eBay for $25-$50,000.
Turn around times for the other guys drchaos 4 4 monthsmakahuka (3133): CGC tats, interesting.
Authorized Witness GothamBridge 8 4 monthsTomasaCorwin (4): I am also still trying it.
Need help identifying comic professionals signature RedDawnRocker 10 4 monthsRedDawnRocker (6): I believe Chris Ulm was the only editor for Malibu before Marvel took over in the early 00s. It doesn't appear to be Dave Ohlbririch (the company head)or Tom Mason (I believe he was a VP at the time) either. The signature doesn't seem to come close to any of those three though.
Qualify for pressing Gr8gramBeemo 18 5 monthsComicNinja0215 (4384): @Gr8gramBeemo Yeah man!
Starlin Signature Opinion themoonwasblue 8 5 monthsthemoonwasblue (13): Thanks everyone, lots of good information. Judging by the link from @makahuka it seems possibly authentic? I guess the decision becomes, do I want to send it in for authentication and never see it again, or just keep it as is. I've seen others suggest as an option having it graded and keeping a picture of the page/signature with it afterwards. I'm not under the impression that its worth a ton of money in either case, but it was a fun...
Pre-screen and signature authentication DoorCntyComicColl 6 5 monthsDoorCntyComicColl (92): Appreciate that.. glad to be on.. Finding a boatload of info so its helps since I've been out of the comic book game since the early 80s.
Help identifying signsture drchaos 4 5 monthsdrchaos (27508): Mark Farmer was at Terrificon in 2019. It is entirely possible that he signed the book for me there. Thanks for the quick response.
eBay ending soon, Faro's Lounge, M House and more! Ending tomorrow joelzstuff 2 6 monthsmakahuka (3133): Nice books.
Help me to identify this signature - Truth: Red White and Black ASMCollector 9 6 monthsASMCollector (1): Unless there’s another one i can’t find a reference for the editor John Miesegaes
Unknown signature bunkjo 13 7 monthsmakahuka (3133): Tough one.
Carla Cohen thread drchaos 8 8 monthsdrchaos (27508): Found more books for a revised group shot:
Looking for a Facilitator for Dallas Fan Festival Hokiephysics 1 8 monthsHokiephysics (1): Hi All, I’m looking for a facilitator who will be attending Dallas Fan Festival in October and would be able to have 2 CBCS books signed by Alyssa Milano as well as submitted for re-slabbed after. Are there any facilitators on here who will be attending? Thanks in advance!
Little Rock Comic Con Zombie_Head 1 9 monthsZombie_Head (3455): Just wondering if anyone going to Little Rock Arkansas comic Con next weekend?
Finally sold my collection! furlo316 24 9 monthsearthshaker01 (19938): Thanks. He knows my collection, as he has graded a lot of it over the years when he was at CBCS. He said he could always tell when a batch of mine came across his grading desk, due to the obscurity and higher grades. I haven't really talked to him about my collect too much since he went to comic link. He thinks it's very unique in rhese grades. I'm just at a point in my life that I want it all gone within the next few years. Kind of waiting to...
Authentication and fees GothamBridge 8 10 monthsSigur_Ros (4008): They would have to assess each of them separately, of course, but yea I agree $150 is a lot for 5 of the same. Since they have to do the research/comparisons for the same sig 5 times a discount makes sense. 5 different sigs would take more time and effort. Regardless, I agree with the single trial book option. If it doesn't pass, they charge an extra $8.00 rejection fee that they don't tell you about. You'll be out $30 + $8 x 5 books.
Grade it or not? James42 9 10 monthsEbayMafia (36750): Is she bowling in that drawing?
Value Estimate on Darwyn Cooke Signed Book MurrayC 4 10 monthsHooperSchaefer (51): I think ComicHoarder gave some good advice & numbers. I would piggyback that Cooke signed books currently have a limited market. He’s one of my favorites—and you’re right, there won’t be any more signed copies—so I don’t get it, but it is what it is. However, you do have three quintessential Cooke floppies where he’s responsible for cover & interior art (with “Batman: Ego” probably being the title that would round out...
Just got back kadargo27 1 10 monthskadargo27 (334): Batman/Shadow book very happy with the grade signed by Alex Ross Happy with the grade
Small but mighty Mail Call! dielinfinite 7 10 monthsdielinfinite (26426): @makahuka lol HAVE. He’s still around. He’s out of the country a lot so I manage his collection stateside
Redo signature verification? donho 15 10 monthsEbayMafia (36750): I'm not sure, I only ever sent one book back, it was the first year they opened. But it seems that without some kind of formal process, misunderstandings like this are bound to happen. The guy at the convention may be doing his best to provide good customer service, but if that's not his role, he misses a step in the process because he doesn't realize it's not as cut and dried as he thinks it would be.
Facilitator needed for Fan Expo Chicago spfd18 2 11 monthsaltomista (13): You can contact Clan McDonald Comics. They're going to Fan Expo Chicago.
New Mutants 98 Newsstand Pen marks on the back cover CraigAnEm 27 11 monthsHulkSmash (9667): Although a 9.6 is possible based on the criteria @GAC pointed out; I would not hold my breath on a modern. That would be nice if it got a 9.4/9.6 assuming lack of other defects. Being a modern I wouldn’t expect it. Was it still common practice to have date “stamps” in the 90s? The signature has the most benefit unless you have Liefeld sign it too. Don’t get me wrong; it’s super cool and (more) valuable with the sig regardless of the...
When the market makes clear, NO reserves… jgzachary13 21 11 monthsGAC (68700): There are many different motivations for people putting up an eBay listing....up to and including no intention of actually selling.
ASP VS VSP, Proof Materials? Blaidd 5 11 monthsZombie_Head (3455): @Blaidd just because you have all that proof doesn’t mean it will pass take it from me. Just FYI. So don’t get upset about it if it doesn’t. I would still encapsulate it if you got it yourself, that’s what I did.
Miracleman #1 "Gold Variant" Club BartAllen 28 1 yearBartAllen (49): My second Miracleman Eclipse badge:
Facilitator for Heroes Con Pittboss 3 1 yearpower_struggle55 (6161): im just going to go their table for 4 comic grading and one rehold
What would you rate this Infinity Gauntlet sign by GP with a COA and stampe BigLouComicGuru 9 1 yearTravis (442): I think they were generous giving it a 8.5
My Magazines are graded and ready for pickup! drchaos 10 1 yeardrchaos (27508): You had me beat by a few months.
Promo Question Retired_11B 13 1 yearRetired_11B (812): I actually stopped collecting in 2004, and my boxes were placed in the attic and forgotten until recently. My neighbor is a collector and got me back into it. So currently I am on the look out for variant covers, art work covers, and signatures. I just got the email that my books that I turned in at Galaxy Con here in Richmond were getting ready to ship. These will be my first with CBCS. I do have some getting ready with a presser to head...
Latest CBCS Submission drchaos Jump to first page51Jump to last page 1 yeardrchaos (27508): Mission accomplished! With two CBCS guys pitching in it only took us just over three hours to get everything done.
For Sale: X-Men #11 Signed by Jack Kirby (Raw) AcuMan 3 1 yearNuffsaid111 (18680): The old comic lover me loves subscription creases as well. That's when the comic mattered. Stories mattered. CGC and CBCS did not matter because they weren't around. Then, along came grading companies and made that subscription crease a maximum 5.0 (or so) grade. Which then translates into lower revenue. And now that I just dump this stuff after it's slabbed, I no longer like subscription creases since it makes an impact on my revenue.
Anyone know who’s signature this is? Josh7945 20 1 yearHeinzDad (29705):
The RIPPED Cover Game SteveRicketts Jump to first page155Jump to last page 1 yearSteveRicketts (18172): @esaravo Gald it made it safely. Thank you so much for participating in the contest! I had a good time doing it!
LI Comic Fest Convention / Show GTS_Comics 1 1 yearGTS_Comics (34): Ill be here! Long Island Comic Fest - Upcoming Shows and News VFW Hall • Post 3211 320 South Broadway Hicksville, New York 11801 NEXT SHOW DATES THROUGH 2023! LONG ISLAND COMIC FEST SAT • APRIL 29TH 2023 ( Special Guests BILLY TUCCI & KEITH WILLIAMS ) SAT • OCT 28TH 2023 IT'S TOY TIME Collectible Toy Show SAT • SEPT 30TH 2023 SHOW UPDATE: HELLO FANS AND FRIENDS!...
Can anyone identify this signature & sketch art? HooperSchaefer 14 1 yearSigur_Ros (4008): Label errors are always free 👍
My February 2022 submission of 694 books has been completed drchaos 28 1 yearNellYXL (6): Yes, I also thought about printing my book, but so far I am confused by the difficulties.
How Do I Verify Old Autographs? Bryce 11 1 yearmulti007 (3908): This ^^ I used the wrong form and they emailed me a with the correction. you don’t have to worry about making a mistake because they will fix it for you.
Faro's Lounge, graded, sigs and a lot of raws on eBay joelzstuff 7 1 yearjoelzstuff (89): I reposted, They are ending in 3 days. Thanks! - Joel
What If.. I don’t know the date of the signature M1ster_E 8 1 yearByrdibyrd (24736): If the signature is already on the book, you need to ask for a VERIFIED signature and not an authentic one. 'Authentic' is for a witnessed signature and you need the date it was witnessed. For verified you don't need a date. If you're seeing a request for a date, you need to cancel and ask for the other type of signature.
Notice of when CBCS is not open? FoxBe 9 1 yearFoxBe (17): glad you got your books! if it was just over the turnaround time, may be worth checking if fell within a closure or if you are due back some money/credit for the grading fees. That’s what “guarantees” are for =) the world's largest comic book art website AnthonySnyder 6 1 yearmulti007 (3908): Holy crap- you have over 140,000 listings!
Verified Signature but for the Wrong Person Brservice776 21 1 yearSiggy (25455): I hope they don't tell the shop owner they need to get you to contact CS.
Cbcs is now the worst with turn around times Edgar_albarez Jump to first page39Jump to last page 1 yearCFP_Comics (3850): I think they were around 2 years old as a business.
How to add new signatures on a graded book? chirock 13 1 yearmulti007 (3908): @radd76 thanks. Side note. I paid $10 to crack the slab.
authentication services donho Jump to first page39Jump to last page 1 yearNuffsaid111 (18680): How about "CGC is incompetent". Now THAT would be cool!
CGC books up!! Make me an offer consumetheliving 5 1 yearJesse_O (39161): Yes. That's fine.
Todd McFarlane tierney1997 Jump to first page33Jump to last page 1 yearEbayMafia (36750): Darwin didn't anticipate the internet. Survival of the fittest became survival of the loudest.
GI Joe A Real American Hero #6 CGC 8.5 2nd print signed ending soon! LotsaSequel 16 1 yearLotsaSequel (295): Link to the eBay store itself so you can see everything up for auction not just the slabs ending today! So many good books for auction you don’t want to miss out! 15 more starting tonight!
Should i Consider this a loss? Image Zero signed by original Image creators Adler28 15 1 yearAdler28 (13): Thank you Steve, I haven't heard any information yet and i will be vigilant and be as patient as possible. Thank you again for reaching out to them. (Sorry i missed the email on the reply)
Comic not listed on submission form Lothran 10 1 yearEbayMafia (36750): @Lothran You should be aware of the information above before you ship it off. It won't be in a case, and the declared value needs to be low enough to qualify for Raw Grade (I believe $250 is still max).
Rhode Island Comic Con Cancellations drchaos 3 2 yearsNuffsaid111 (18680): Ditto - I literally just bought a comic about Monty Python for him to sign. Oh well
Faro's Lounge, Graded comics & Raw Comics joelzstuff 4 2 yearsjoelzstuff (89): Just reposted some, Ending in 2-3 days Thanks! - Joel
FS:Kirby Signed Avenger #2 CBCS 6.5 Verified AcuMan 7 2 yearsPhantomEwan (3658): @Joosh when I spoke to the CBCS rep at Washington State Summer Con about the imaging he told me they don’t do that anymore. I wanted to do the exact same thing with mine:
Submission for signing triggers email claiming books moved to pressing adamlui 6 2 yearsxkonk (17598): @adamlui I also don't have experience with sending books for a signing, but I have gotten the "your books are in the pressing area" email at the same time as "your books have been received" before. That's just the stage of the process they're entering, it doesn't mean they're being pressed today.
Could I get some insight on why my book got the grade it did? SoulReaverDan 27 2 yearsJoosh (4058): The question has been answered thoroughly so all I want to say is this forum is the best. A valid question was asked. Valid answers were given; not a keyboard warrior in site. 😎
Thoughts on the book I bought Zombie_Head 12 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): @ComicHoarder You make some good points, but you also have to do some research sometimes. This baby, for example, may not have any signatures on it (no way am I opening up that slab), but... Folks will drop $500+ for one of these because high-grade newsstand editions of this book are extremely ( Extremely) rare. We're in...
Todd McFarlane, best books for his signature? Madman Jump to first page70Jump to last page 2 yearsMadman (92): Thanks all. I did get pressing added. Fingers crossed, it all goes well with my books. I might send a couple more in a few weeks after my deployment (AD military)
Mistakes happen, so I guess it was only a matter of time PhantomEwan Jump to first page38Jump to last page 2 yearsNuffsaid111 (18680): :D:D:D:D:D:D:D In reverse, I could always get Jason Mamoa to sign Flipper #1. He's "loosely" associated with Flipper. Or maybe get Walt Simonson to sign Journey into Mystery 83. Frank Miller to sign Daredevil #1 You get the idea.... :eek:
Granite State Comic Con 9/16-18/22 Element_Lad 9 2 yearsElement_Lad (2280): Ok I just had to have it! So I contacted her after the con and bought it! The look on his face is priceless! Batman by Michelle Sciuto
Reholder Witness Signature Bandwell Jump to first page32Jump to last page 2 yearsGAC (68700): @Byrdibyrd exactly! 🍻
eBay comics, Check it out joelzstuff 2 2 yearsjoelzstuff (89): Thanks Everyone! -Joel
Oversized comics and Grading/boarding Lobofan 6 2 yearsesaravo (92686): I have submitted a few Treasuries to CBCS for Raw Grading. They use Life magazine-sized mylar bags, and they are a little roomy. There are two tamper-resistant stickers on the back flap. ...
Facilitator Question Drogio Jump to first page170Jump to last page 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): I'll take a discount code...
For Sale: Ready for Verification Web Heads!!! leelewis17 5 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): Nice books! I'd consider it if I had the spare cashola.
Authorized Witness for Silicon Valley Comic Con 2022 CoolLalaki 3 2 yearsCoolLalaki (1): Oh, ok. For a moment I thought there was something wrong with my e-mail. I even e-mailed customer service to verify if Matthew was the point of contact and I haven’t heard from them either. I also called customer service but haven’t received a response at that front as well. If I don’t hear anything, I might have to take the verified route.
Questions about Signature Verification earthprime 8 2 yearsdielinfinite (26426): Assuming it passes verification the label will say something to the effect of “Verified Signature”
Just 3 days left on eBay, Thank everyone! joelzstuff 2 2 yearsbeastboy1980 (1125): Open thread to view post.
Stray Dogs sketch cover kadargo27 5 2 yearsEddieTheComicGuy (904): Very cool!!!
Help Identifying Signatures On Artwork markacz 8 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): I spotted the similarities right away (the same, just one has the extra bit), so I looked at A Lot of her signatures and sure enough, she'll sign both ways, though is the only time I saw both signatures on the same piece.
Signature Verification Process Fishingiron 11 2 yearsWhammykablam (344): I've not had any fail, yet, so just wait until the invoice says Grading and you'll know.
Books submitted in August 2021 Grades are in drchaos 4 2 yearsdrchaos (27508): Next group is getting scanned in at CBCS now: Archie (1943) 19 CBCS 3.5 (21-2F3E3D3-002) Archie (1943) 134 CBCS 5.0 (21-2F3E3D3-001) Archie 80th Anniversary Everything Archie (2021 Archie) 1E CBCS 9.8 SS Parent/Shultz (21-2F3E3D3-019) Witnessed Signatures: Dan Parent and Jeff Shultz (both with sketch) on 07/31/2021. Collector's Edition. Archie and Friends Superheroes (2021 Archie) 1COLLECTOR.A CBCS 9.8 SS Parent/Shultz...
Signature Failure What does it mean? MrESauce Jump to first page40Jump to last page 2 yearspoka (23776): well - this one do
Is VSP Grading worth it? X-Men #1 1991 IowaDad81 21 2 yearsxkonk (17598): I happened to be looking at Jim Lee X-Men #1s the other day. In 9.8 they look to be going for $175-200 on eBay. Like someone else said though, I don't think yours is a 9.8. If you want it verified and graded for your personal state of mind then I would go ahead. I don't think I would pay express, myself, but I also tend to send things for pressing and that gets pricey. If you're looking to sell it then I would probably leave it as-is.
In-Person Kirby Signature / Autograph ShoddyShortBox 16 2 yearsGAC (68700):
another CBCS success story! ERB_in_CLT 20 2 yearsmulti007 (3908): yea - lots can happen in that year. Interest can drop cutting the value of the book in half. If its a witness or signature verification, the artist could have passed away and the book doubles in price and you cant capitalize on the jump right away... I could die. Then my wife is getting books a year later wondering "what the heck do i do with this - off to Goodwill!" its a risk for sure. lol
When you buy signed books, what do you look for? multi007 22 2 yearspower_struggle55 (6161): good idea. I have an idea where it is (went through every box and cataloged whats in what box...just need to go through said box)
Not Another Sales Thread!? Noblebeast315 2 2 yearsHeinzDad (29705): Ruh roh, I’ll be keeping an eye open. @Noblebeast315 reels me in at some point on all his sales thread!
2021 Bob Layton signing TAT's TigerRose1981 14 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): @TigerRose1981 I have a few books from my dad, too, but I'll get forum detention if I show them off. No smut on the forum!! I did send two of them to CGC to get graded (1st printings of a couple of higher end adult comics in nice shape). We'll see how that goes... My SIKTC #21 has shipped out of Tampa and I'm hoping to get it next week. Fingers crossed. I have a couple other Tiny Onion gold foils (Dept. of Truth #18 & Sandman Universe:...
GalaxyCon signing question Madman 4 2 yearsMadman (92):
Quandary - What would you do? Scifinator Jump to first page41Jump to last page 2 yearsmulti007 (3908): I’d like to use the Walking Dead #1 pricing. As the popularity of the show skyrocketed, so did the price of that book. But as the show dropped in ratings (significantly I might add) the books prices dropped. I say SS popularity will continue to increase as the character has more exposure.
Membership Type Dealer SLAbLover 2 2 yearsdielinfinite (26426): First, be sure to read through this thread carefully To request to become a witness you must email your request to the Signature Series program manager, Matthew Edwards ( he will instruct you from there And no, a dealer is not automatically an authorized witness
Symbiote Spider-Man #1 hogan36 9 2 yearshogan36 (198): @HulkSmash The 9.0 grader notes: light bend right bottom of front cover moderate bend left bottom of back cover The 9.4 grader notes: light bend left bottom of back cover I inspected my books before and took a video of me holding my comics before/during the signing and submitting. There was no bends in them.
Question on SWAU signings ARTisCOOL 5 2 yearsARTisCOOL (140): @ERB_in_CLT Thanks for sharing your experience!
Verified Signatures Nick_H 5 2 yearsNick_H (4): @Siggy Well I'll reach out Monday to customer service. Probably is the new norm now.
Phoenix Fan Fusion Gabriel85301 3 2 yearsSpideyAZ (1): Collector's Choice Comics is advertising CBCS witnessing.
Web of CGC Spider-Man smeninc 2 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): That's pretty cool!:beer:
Tynion signings arrived, sort of. Belarak 18 2 yearsKinsella5 (728): The Simmmonds books are expected to be signed later this month at MegaCon in Orlando. Part of my 50+ Tynion/Dell'Ederra books that I had sent in last summer for the signing, two of them were for Tynion/Simmonds but was told that they were not not signed last year so those two will get signed by Tynion and Simmonds later this month and then get sent to CBCS. I suspect they will be put through under a "rush" service because they were...
RANDOM SALE!!! EddieTheComicGuy 1 2 yearsEddieTheComicGuy (904): I'm going through my short boxes and found some books I feel could go to a new home. I'll keep posting books as I find them in the boxes until Saturday. This is a TOTALLY RANDOM collection of stuff. If you're interested in any books simply comment which books you'd like. I usually ship USPS Priority Flat Rate, but if you'd like first class I'm fine with that too. I WILL NOT SHIP MEDIA MAIL!!! I'm sorry I just won't do it!!! I want...
Is a Signature considered "Damage"?? KaptainKia 22 2 yearsCaffeine_Kid (1307): I think you meant blackmail, 😉
"I am Iron Man" smeninc 11 2 yearssmeninc (147): lol. You are right. I meant Silver Surfer #50 and not $50. :facepalm
Would This be Weird? DWeeB1967 20 2 yearsHcanes (5190): Ahhhhhh did not realise this was a mail in submission.
My eBay listings are ending Friday, Check it out! joelzstuff 1 2 yearsjoelzstuff (89): Thanks everyone that have bought from me before! Anyways, I just posted some raw, graded and some sigs on eBay. My user ID is joelzstuff. Thanks again! - Joel
CBCS Signing with Gibbons, Lanning, DeMatteis, Nowlan!!!!! sborock 5 2 yearssborock (48454): BUMP!
Stitched 9.8 X-Men 1 Jim Lee covers smeninc 2 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): That's pretty cool. They definitely look better that way. :D
Converting Old Tiers For ETA? 00slim 2 2 yearsxkonk (17598): @00slim I'm a little surprised your quickstream isn't back yet. I had some in with a 2-Day order from February and got them back. The quickstream part of the order wasn't pressed although it should have at least been screened; maybe I messed up and forgot it. From memory I think quickstream pressing was like two or three months though, so you must be close especially if you had quick press. Consumer was on the same schedule as the slow...
Severe Lack of Signings Wolverine 8 2 yearsIronMan (6162): Another perspective: Given their #2 status, CBCS is probably better served attending comic cons and getting most of their signed books that way. This puts CBCS out where collectors see them and can learn about them. Make that important face to face contact. CGC can better afford to stay home and do a lot more in house signing events.
Signature search Skas 4 2 yearsSkas (1): Thank you. I was trying to get an idea of how many Jack Kirby signatures have been certified.
TAT Modern: Fast Pass + VSP JoshS2 4 2 yearsHulkSmash (9667): ^^ 2nd. It’s already too late.
CBCS Howard Chaykin CBCS Mail-In Signing sdr2711 15 2 yearssdr2711 (77): Cool. Sounds like I might have the boxes checked. I do think pressing may be recommended cause of the spine roll.
CBCS witness signing at convention - separate invoice for each? waynemel 9 2 yearswaynemel (213): Oh my..I missed that...thanks @dielinfinite I just sent email to Matt. Let's see what happens
CGC Finally Graded My Robert Downey Jr Signed Books drchaos 11 2 yearsdrchaos (27508): All five books are now up for sale on my comic shop. Link below: Iron Man # 1
Signature help Yoosh5492 13 2 yearsMutantMania (5622): It's funny you said that because there is actually Stan Lee signed toilet paper on eBay right now 🤪
Submitting My First Comic to CBCS Signature Event desslocktx 14 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): Freakin' love that movie! :heart: Dug my DVD copy up just the other day and watched it again.
Reproduction Covers & Signature Verifications OldBob 2 2 yearssborock (48454): Yes, but it will only grade a 0.3 at best with the notation of the fake cover. BTW...welcome to the forum!
Will CBCS Verify My Kids' Signatures? geistca 8 2 yearsgeistca (1): Awesome, this is great. Thanks all for the help!
Batman #108 Szerdy hogan36 7 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): This is true, too.
Some stuff on eBay joelzstuff 2 2 yearsjoelzstuff (89): Ending tomorrow, Thank Everyone! -Joel
Ice Cream Man #25 hogan36 5 2 yearsdpiercy (4787): Love this series.
Curious Secret Wars Autographs - To Verify or Not oldcitybass 10 2 yearsTerry88 (1276): Great book!
I set a CBCS fast pass record? LOL ERB_in_CLT 15 2 yearsThorneArt (1916): That TAT is amazing! Also, that sketch cover is FIRE! kudos to the artist!
Legit McFarlane signature? OrionPax 25 2 yearsDavethebrave (15553): Yeah, given it is probably the most common slabbed book in existence and one of the most common sigs too… you should be selective.
3 Comics up for Sale in MCS Auction ending Monday January 14th Vrishnak 2 2 yearsVrishnak (862): Pushing to the top for continued visibility.
New Increased CGC Fees drchaos 20 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): @Lord_Raiden You are not wrong. I understand that they've apparently spent some cashola on things and 'need' to raise prices/drop discounts to cover for it, but what I'm seeing for my money is a huge push for trading card grading, and guess what? Not my cuppa tea. I think I'll take my business to CBCS.
CBCS Signing Event with Ed Hannigan sborock 7 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): BUMP!! Thought I'd share what I'll be sending in. Sorry for the horrendous photo. I was trying to keep the cat from jumping on the table with the books laid out and I didn't realise the photo was such crud until I uploaded it. Oops! :oops:
2 months since sent book in MrESauce Jump to first page33Jump to last page 2 yearsxkonk (17598): @Sebastsk8 I don't know that it's so much being "completely fine with the process" as some people have been using CBCS for a while and trust that their books will get back to them. Plenty of those same people have suggestions for how things could be better, but the number of new(er) customers winging complaints into the forum is larger, or at least louder. As to this particular problem, I doubt they're going back to old orders and...
Customer service sucks ass! myxzeus70 21 2 yearsDrWatson (49644): They are closed today and Monday for Christmas, the holidays, and any other festive celebrations.
Don Heck Gene Colan VSP goodness radd76 14 2 yearsDarkseid_of_town (14297): Very kind words...I bid and won this in an auction a while was stated as coming with a Mycomicshop written note of authentication for the book, so I thought okay so they witnessed the signing..but when it came the authentication was for Roy Thomas and not the deceased, sadly, Luckily both men signed in such a unique way its fairly easy to see that they are likely real
BATMAN CGC and CBCS comics for sale! Comicsadelphia 15 2 yearsComicsadelphia (44): Hey everyone, this weekend, I am offering 10% off all listings on this thread! I will honor this offer until 8am Monday, for all you over night buyers. Thank you for looking!
Signature or higher grade? stanley_1883 19 2 yearspower_struggle55 (6161): depends on the signature and/or comic. some comics are so old its hard to find anything great....but if its signed by a holy grail like stan lee or Jack kirby....who cares
Thanks CBCS! Charlotte Con ERB_in_CLT 5 2 yearsHulkSmash (9667): @ERB_in_CLT are sure his name wasn’t A. Wesome?
creators submitting my books - authentic vs. verified signatures Gabriel85301 2 2 yearsdielinfinite (26426): Yes that can be done if they complete the signature/sketch opp form and include it along with the books. The form should be in the Newbie’s Guide
LCS bought new collection this is what I’ve picked out before anyone else. Zombie_Head 12 2 yearsGAC (68700): @Zombie_Head Nice!! some great books there! Love the Spawn box!
X-men #1 Kirby autograph Skaz 14 3 yearsDarkseid_of_town (14297): The simple answer is rarity. While there might be fifty copies of the newer stuff floating around signed by kirby , there might then only be 5 examples of the older more grail type books signed by him.
Selling my small Golden Age collection on Myslabs dennisqdw 15 3 yearsdennisqdw (198): :D:D Thanx, makes me feel good to hear that. Parting with them has not been easy, but I've hardly looked at them for decades. Good to know that they'll make other people happy now.
TMNT #98 Mike Vasquez Jennika Action Figure Variant Limited to 800 hogan36 6 3 yearsHeinzDad (29705): Oh no, I totally hear you. Ive been there before and learned. Not at the cost you’re in though I’m sure.
Thoughts on this? Sebastsk8 30 3 yearsSiggy (25455): I certainly see that for high grades- I do it as a deterrent to stealing my image for a scam. No one in their right mind would buy a slab with a blocked serial number. On eBay someone twice tried using the image of my AF15 used by the person who sold it to me on the CGC forum. That's when I started blurring them.
Mail call from Megacon Orlando Zombie_Head 15 3 yearsDalkiel (1966): @Zombie_Head Thanks for the info. 👍
Kirby signed X-Men#2 & Avenger#1 Trade Inquiry AcuMan 1 3 yearsAcuMan (122):
C2E2 Thread drchaos 5 3 yearsHcanes (5190): It's another ReedPop event I would expect more or less the same from NYCC. Then you have Emerald City the first week of December
Stan Lee signed toilet paper Davethebrave 9 3 yearsNuffsaid111 (18680): I wonder if the original story changes after usage?
Signatures... newbie question? ERB_in_CLT 5 3 yearsERB_in_CLT (616): @dielinfinite that is NICE... I think I am sending Green Arrow #1 of his run. Not a major key to be sure, but a big fan of Green Arrow and Kevin Smith for that matter.
Customer Service Complaint/Missing Books from my Order 21-2F46F9A jackblankenship 29 3 years50AE_DE (6464): @jackblankenship You may want to edit out the address on the invoice you posted.
Any Upstate NY / Great Northeasters out there remember FantaCon? dfoster43 1 3 yearsdfoster43 (1627): It was 1980 and my first 'big' comic convention was in my back yard. What a day. I'm sure I don't have to go into detail, it was probably exactly like everyone's first convention. But what memories this brings back of those days. I can almost smell the fall Albany air. Albany was my stomping ground and FantaCo was my LCS as John S Iavarone was incredibly rude to anyone under 21 that dared enter his place I never went there much....
NYCC CBCS Signings Witness Representative? merlinflex 7 3 yearsNuffsaid111 (18680): Make sure you download the CLEAR App Health Pass for Covid to get in quick. No vaxxy; no attendee :D:eek::(|)
eBay: I posted some stuff... Raws, Graded and Sigs joelzstuff 3 3 yearsjoelzstuff (89): Ending in 5 hours, please take a look. Thanks everyone! - Joel
CBCS Announces Stan Sakai Signing! flanders 25 3 yearsmonjoody (1080): I've done two mail-in signings. It really depends on where everyone is located. The Parillo, Mattini signing took the longest. Sent them in July '20 and got them back end of November '20. Also did the Cates, Stegman signing this year. Sent in three (2 for DC, 1 for both) in January '21 and got them back mid-March '21.
Processing?? myxzeus70 6 3 yearsxkonk (17598): @the420bandito this was my plan, and it worked briefly, but then things fell off an absolute cliff.
I just posted some comics on eBay joelzstuff 4 3 yearsjoelzstuff (89): Ending today Thanks everyone! Joel
CBCS Bob Layton signing! sborock 17 3 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): I know, right? If I thought the investment potential for these books might fizzle out in the meantime, I probably would stick a crowbar in my wallet and shell out. ;)
Will CBCS be at Rose City CC this weekend? chubtoad01 3 3 yearsCoalTiger (397): Yes reps are in portland now. Last night I was at a Tynion signing and they were there taking submission. If you are dropping at the show they recommend coming with a completed invoice. It speeds the process.
Question about con dropoff/signings Sebastsk8 8 3 yearsSebastsk8 (2354): I'm curious how they'd handle a book with a numerous amount of sigs - 17 should fit on front and back, but that skyline book I think has over 100 names on it of past and present contributors. While I'm not sure that many would even fit on the book using front and back covers, would be interesting to see how they'd handle that.
Star Wars: THE HIGH REPUBLIC #7 hogan36 18 3 yearshogan36 (198): @Belarak Thank you to you all as well!
WTB Kirby Signed X-Men #6, Raw or Graded, Any condition AcuMan 4 3 yearsBatman66 (22106): @AcuMan I thought you found a copy already, did that deal fall through?
Dynamic Forces Autographs LEPERME5SIAH 5 3 yearsLEPERME5SIAH (1): Thank you everyone!
Assistnace Identifying Signature on comic book Pabs29 12 3 yearsHulkSmash (9667): Best I can figure is Zigler, but have not been able to find a sig. best case for zigler is that large squiggle is a cursive Z. No one on the con list I could find has a sig remotely close to what you have.
Is it really Jim Lee signature? manouro Jump to first page43Jump to last page 3 yearsteacha777 (1180): Anybody willing to try and forge a signature to see if it gets verified? Don’t answer on the thread of course
Excellent job CBCS at Megacon. Zombie_Head 4 3 yearsJesse_O (39161): LOL!!!
Introducing the Larry Hama File Copy Collection vacomicon 4 3 yearsvacomicon (190): I'm super excited about all of the JOE single issues that are being worked on by CBCS. Since Larry had all of the ultra-rare out-of-print Joe Trades (who knows how tiny some of those print runs are) I partnered with MCS to to satisfy fans in the meantime. Thanks for checking them out!
Mail Call z24autox 7 3 yearslucjan (49): Beauty books! Love the 9.9! Don't see that often. Congrats! Lu
CGC 2.5 TTA 44 SS Stan Lee (Just Need Your Two Cents) 00slim 5 3 years00slim (17613): This has bitten me more than once. The, “well, I already have one . . .” mentality.
PGX Regrade Question DeltaKilo 10 3 yearstheCapraAegagrus (2603): Um, yikes.
Submitting CGC Qualified Grade Autographed Comic Book Comicbookfanboy 5 3 yearsScifinator (15111): @Batman66 - i have never been charged such a fee. I suspect that CBCS secretly considers it an honored dury to do so.
Any AWs attending Comic Con Prague? dielinfinite 3 3 yearsdielinfinite (26426): I sent an email to the convention’s contact asking if they are aware of any CBCS witnesses at the show. Another long shot but I have to try
The Sewer Lair - Turtle Talk - TMNT kaptainmyke Jump to first page1101Jump to last page 3 yearsBronte (37061): Linebreakerscomics the last ronin 4 with AARON Bartling is apparently sold out and available for scalper prices on ebay. If anyone has one for something remotely reasonable, please let me know
Books signed on the first page instead of cover goalcam 21 3 yearsDarkseid_of_town (14297): You might find this article interesting.....notice the image of him signing the copy in the picture.....he is signing the book precisely where yours appears to have the signature as well, rather than the first page as he often did.To me that is suggestive at least....... My only confirmed Kirby signature to compare.. ...
If you need VSP and you can be in Chicago.... Scifinator 24 3 yearsEbayMafia (36750): Candidly, the discount are irrelevant to me when TATs are at 18 weeks and growing. They should have raised prices 8 weeks ago to prevent this. I’m at the point where I’d prefer to pay 10% more and get back to a 6 week TAT. Actually been there for a while now.
Finders Fee Kirby signed X-men & FF AcuMan 4 3 yearsMatterEaterLad (2462): Good luck with you amazing (and ambitious) collection! I have an FF with a Lee sig on the inside and one with a Kirby sig, but I've never seen both together.
LOUISIANA COMIC CON radd76 9 3 yearsradd76 (549): Anywhere from $5 to $15 per witnessed signature is what I have seen them charge (CGC or CBCS)- so witness 100 books in a day you make $500-$1500. You would also need to do the paperwork with them and see their books to CBCS or CGC. If you do under your account then you need to also charge the grading and shipping + return shipping. If you submit under their account then they pay grading plus shipping - only shipping would be you to the...
ISO Help: verified signature ERB_in_CLT 2 3 yearssborock (48454): Send in the original CGC label and we will accept that. You will need to get the new signature verified by us. Hope that helps a bit!
Neal Adams store? Davethebrave 9 3 yearsNuffsaid111 (18680): Funny thing is that for the longest time.... 80's / 90's and probably the early 2000s, Neal Adams was free. I got dozens of autographs from him during that 25 year period. And now..... $50? .... yea.... not even if I hit the lottery. Thats for sure.
Newbie(ish) question re signatures and forms ERB_in_CLT 2 3 yearsHulkSmash (9667): If they are CBCS authentic sig; then CBCS will adjust the dates accordingly. You would only need to put the invoice date.
Authentication Witness Form Jr101 13 3 yearsetapi65 (4060): I thought the list at their facebook was updated regularly, but I don't actually see that obviously happens. I see the list from 4 years ago I swear I've seen updated posts, but can't find them at the moment. I saw something about Clayton Crain requiring a ticket (think there's an upcharge on his sig if you get it graded) dated to a year ago. It looks like the best...
First CBCS Mail Call peterc777 7 3 yearspeterc777 (2057): Thank you everybody! I was trying to choose books that hopefully somebody might be interested in if I ever have to sell them. I'm more of a DC guy, so these were the ones that came to mind. I bought the “Power Bosom Girl” All-Star back when I started collecting again back in 2007-08 for not very much -- most likely because there's some mold or mildew staining (or something else) on the back cover. I always told myself I would pick up a...
Verified REJECT DMC 14 3 yearsDarkseid_of_town (14297): Al alternate solution might be to attend a con where both the signer and CBCS are present and have him provide testimony to them he did sign said book, and that is his signature. It might not be enough even then but it sure would be some good persuasion for your viewpoint
Slabs, Signed and Swamp Raws 4 Sale! Noblebeast315 Jump to first page33Jump to last page 3 yearsNoblebeast315 (2194): @HeinzDad Awesome! Thanks so much man. Baller Box Bureau would be a great avatar caption. @Jesse_O let’s make that happen! 😉 I can get you both Swamp Thing 8 & 10, no sweat. I will PM you. All the best!
CBCS Celebrity Signed Books jtruong008 20 3 yearsjtruong008 (118): My last CBCS Celebrity signed book. Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman, Jai Courtney, and Scott Eastwood.
Crossover #7 Exclusive Beeda 1 3 yearsBeeda (59): Hey all, We have a new exclusive for CrossOver #7, the only Crossover exclusive to feature Madman (or any other character not created in the book). Cover art by Alex Morrissey. clickable text We like the CBCS community so now through the 30th discount code CBCSISTHEBEST will get you 20% the exclusive. We hope you enjoy Alex Morrissey's return to the comic book world.
Newbie question: PGX to CBCS Bigw00ddaddy 9 3 yearsBigw00ddaddy (3): Thanks everyone! I appreciate the input :)
Just posted some stuff on eBay... joelzstuff 8 3 yearsjoelzstuff (89): Ending today Thanks everyone! -Joel
Elvira Quarantine Special Kickstarter Package kaptainmyke 11 3 years00slim (17613): Love me some Elvira. I was seriously considering backing this. Very cool stuff indeed, @kaptainmyke! I have a book set aside for her to sign, should I get the chance to meet her at a Con in the future.
From The Collection of Frank Miller Book - questions Towmater 11 3 yearsTowmater (10537): @ticktocktyler Thanks!
**CHRIS CLAREMONT AND ROY THOMAS SIGNING** GenuineCOA 9 3 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Only a few days left to get your orders in. Don't miss this opportunity!
Signature & Grading Questions hogan36 3 3 yearshogan36 (198): @dielinfinite Thank you!
Pensacola Pensacon Belarak 7 3 yearsBelarak (987): I was hoping to get approved as a witness prior to the show, but it doesn't look like it will happen. I can always spend the extra money and have them verified by Beckett. The books are worth it.
CBCS SIGNING WITH JOHN SNYDER III! sborock 2 3 yearsDrWatson (49644): Oh, so it isn't Bo Duke. :(
Pre-Order! My latest Archie Exclusives: ASM 300!!! vacomicon 1 3 yearsvacomicon (190): Hi, Fellow comic nerds! First off, Thank you to EVERYONE here on the forums who pre-ordered my last 2 Archie exclusives! While Everything's Archie has been delayed a month (to add a reprint of the now-famous Betty in 2021 story (yay, free bonus!), we have been authorized by Archie to pre-sell our next exclusives... A rare 3-PACK ASM #300 Homage (Archie & Friends SuperHeroes #1) for only $49.95, with each book limited to only 300...
FS some slabs and raw books starlord 15 3 yearsstarlord (5250):
Authorized Witness for 2021? chirock 4 3 yearssborock (48454): Matt is extremely busy working and on the road. He will answer all emails.
Should I resubmit? 99issues 22 3 yearsxkonk (17598): I think a .5 grade demands that something is missing. I could be wrong.
First Books back From CBCS Andaus24 16 3 yearsComicNinja0215 (4384): @Andaus24 facts !!
Looking for help to identify signature Jezzter 4 3 yearsHcanes (5190): @Jezzter nice find, a Byrne and Austin combo.
Previous Owners Signature on Cover zombiederek 7 3 yearsMurrayC (2674): You can turn that "Dale Hopkins" into "To Dale Hopkins, from your pal, Stan Lee! Excelsior!" kidding.... KIDDING.... I'm kidding...
Giuseppe Camuncoli Signature Event lalste 4 3 yearsNuffsaid111 (18680): I've learned with these signing events to modify my mindset that once they're sent in, it could be upwards of double digit months. I send in and don't even think about them anymore otherwise I'll go bananas if I do think
Please help.. KyleeRenew6209 12 3 yearsHulkSmash (9667): 2nd.. Looks like a Bagley sig
Kubert signing Comicbookzach 4 3 yearsComicbookzach (1020): It reached grading!
If you send in a Red Label to be pressed, do you pay again for Sig Verify? Comix_Toronto 4 3 yearsGAC (68700): @Scifinator @lawguy1977 are correct...send the books back still encapsulated. You'll pay for pressing and grading only. There are no longer Red labels, you will receive a Yellow label. TATs are long...pressing I believe is around 10 weeks and grading is 6-8 weeks.
I am on a podcast tonight 10pm EST sborock 5 3 yearsSpiderTim (3269): I'll have to watch it later as I missed it!
CBCS mail-in signings update Jesse_O 14 3 yearsFearTheManThing (5): Any status updates on the Johns, Finch, etc. signing??? Thanks.
Amazing Sycophant Gleason Homage Slabs Cowabunga_Kyle 6 3 yearsNuffsaid111 (18680): Yeaaaaa... and further than that; I'm not quite sure if that comic was put forth for him to sign that he might not go.... in light terms.... No, I'm not signing
Various modern CBCS slabs for sale Silk, Spider Gwen and Fairyland Robodog 25 3 yearsRobodog (56): Well, I have one more and a very happy customer! LOL I’ll (try to) sell the other one for closer to FMV.
Help with Signature Identification Goonboon 12 3 yearsKatKomics (28670): I know there are many but my 2 fav examples are early vs recent Mignola signatures and based on situation is Mr. Perez
Adam Kubert signing Comicbookzach 4 3 yearsComicbookzach (1020): @Wolverine Very nice choices!
PLEASE HELP TO IDENTIFY THIS SIGNATURE TOGOR90 4 3 yearsTOGOR90 (2): thank you very much
Ultimate Spiderman #1 Signed by STAN LEE? WHAT?? REALLY? Gabriel85301 12 3 yearsflanders (25049): Im assuming no sig since you have not uploaded a video. That's too bad.
CBCS Stan Sakai signing event Jesse_O 7 3 yearswaynemel (213): For updates, check out the FB page for signing, see here,
Blast from the past Wyldchyld 11 3 yearsWyldchyld (1430): I bought the shirt for my 11 year old daughter to wear at heroes con but she wanted to get Renae DeLiz to sign it and it just went crazy from there. It's one of my favorite pieces that we have.
Signature placement russ3llk Jump to first page32Jump to last page 3 yearsHarrisonMade (167): @Studley_Dudley I agree with you about my book. A LOT is going on there. The original plan was to use a different book that was a blank that I had paid to have a commission done on. Sadly however, the artist decided to not work on it until the middle of the con instead of having it ready to pick up at the beginning of the con. So I made a plan b, still happy with the book and it will never leave my personal collection.
Signed Comics with Pressing Success? Erudito 5 3 yearskaptainmyke (27076): The only comics that cannot be pressed would be textured comic covers, jeweled or bedazzled comics, and paint markers, like the ones Mike Mayhew and others use.
What to do about interior signatures? Bartonarms 24 3 yearsHcanes (5190): +1 for the customer service
Just readied 10 comics for CBCS TheLJ 3 3 yearsDarthmauler (364): Good luck on your submission! Hope they come back what you want. I have 10 there grading now and i have another 2 stacks of 10 rrady to go out soon. Once you gwt your 1st book graded and encapsulated back you want more. It is a good addiction to ha e just when picking out books you have either already read them or have multiple copies so you can still read it if you want to lol 😆 thats what i do but everyone is different 😊
Neal Adams Personal collections Zombie_Head 22 4 yearstheCapraAegagrus (2603): Wow. Super cool IMO.
noob question I couldn't find the answer to about VSP Rezolution 4 4 yearsEbayMafia (36750): I know the feeling, I spent about 5 weeks hoping that "in grading" meant the signature had passed verification. It turned out in that case it did, and I think it probably does in general. Wait until you get the grade before you throw up though.
Metal cover signature?? Johnjakewish 8 4 yearsthe420bandito (11192):
Grading Question hogan36 10 4 yearshogan36 (198): @Tedsaid I really don't know if that is the case with just mine or other people's as well. I'll just have to wait to see. I'm watching out for another one to see if it will have the same issue as mine. Thanks!
Help with signature identification please Zombie_Head 7 4 yearsZombie_Head (3455): Thank you all for the help.
Charges for verifying signature (Reject / Grade Screening / Other)? waynemel 9 4 yearsEbayMafia (36750): @waynemel Maybe you are talking about two different books, but I can't imagine using Grade Screen in combination with Signature Verification. If the signature verifies, get it slabbed. If it does not verify, don't get it slabbed. I can't think of any other choice that would make sense.
VSP success for Action Comics #1 (reprint) signed Jerry Siegel? Darkga 7 4 yearsDarkga (4787): @dielinfinite Thanks for your help. Yep, mine is from the run of 2000 (it's not the exact one pictured though). I'll give it a try. :D
Change in Policy or Error Nuffsaid111 25 4 yearsDrWatson (49644): I've had 9.8s with interior signatures. They do little to affect the grade.
Signature book grading-smudged signature Enelson 8 4 yearsEnelson (6289): @Nuffsaid111 yes this was a midtown book
Doing Instagram live today 10/2 5pm EST sborock 2 4 yearssborock (48454): BUMP
Just posted some comics on eBay... joelzstuff 3 4 yearsjoelzstuff (89): Ending today! Please take a look, Thanks again - Joel
getting if off my chest chefcomics 10 4 yearschefcomics (159): I see what you are saying. I am happy with the standard grading service. (Few hundred books in). This signing experience waste of my time and final concern. Will this effect the quality of the books moving all around the country? Just getting it off my chest. 👌 over it
How do you submit original art? TheBatPastor 8 4 yearsdielinfinite (26426): @TheBatPastor The only thing, and this is covered in the link, is that when you select the Slab-Only tier and add the VSP signature it won’t adjust the price automatically so the form will read $20 for slab-only + $25 for the verified signature but it should be adjusted by the staff when they receive the books
Help Identifying signature Longshot 1/6 Remz 19 4 yearsRemz (10): @xkonk, thanks for the clarification. Your signature find seems closest to what I have. I'm debating on submitting to CBCS but if it's fake I'll just keep it raw.
MARGOT ROBBIE - FIRST TIME SEND-IN SIGNING! GenuineCOA 18 4 yearspoka (23776): @dielinfinite check sold items. 1 seller sold 3 copies @$120
Reholder for Verified Signature BeardedOne 5 4 yearsBeardedOne (10): Thanks for all the help. Really appreciate it
Never know what you'll find going through the ol' comic box. MrNotSoNice 15 4 yearscyrano0521 (1303): Definitely press it; i did not c/p my Sandman 1, snd now been thinking about it.
Snake Eyes Dead Game Remarked & Signed With COA hogan36 12 4 yearsBronte (37061): Yes. Its the sketch associated with signature. It is referred to as a remark
TCGs: MTG,Pokemon, etc. Anyone Play or Collect? dielinfinite Jump to first page31Jump to last page 4 yearsHaljordanfan (2320): Like others, I played back in the day. 94-98 to be exact. I had all the rare cards Moxes, Ali's, Juzam Djinn and about 100 or so dual lands. I used different ones in different decks and kept a few unplayed for trade ability. Like a dumb ass, I sold quite a few and the others I traded to a comic book store for statues I wanted. Looking back it still hurts.
Some raws, Graded and sigs for sale joelzstuff 8 4 yearsjoelzstuff (89): Ending today in a little over 1 hour. Please take a look. Thanks -Joel
Holy cow look what I found in the wild. Cheap cheap. Zombie_Head 8 4 yearsHarrisonMade (167): @Zombie_Head I have one too, had Jim Lee and Chris Claremont sign mine. Hoping to have Scott Williams sometime soon as well.
Mini Mail Call dielinfinite 1 4 yearsdielinfinite (26426): Just got these two in the mail! The turnaround time on these books was insane, in the good way! Regular modern grading, signature verification, 5-days from receipt to shipping, including a weekend. I couldn't believe it at first, I had to contact customer service to see if maybe the books had failed verification and were being shipped back ungraded.
Dollar bin pick up plus 10% off lol Zombie_Head 11 4 yearscomicsforme (3977):
OMG! A HORROR ANTHOLOGY SIGNING AT THE DALLAS CARD SHOW 8/22 GenuineCOA 1 4 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Genuine COA​ is teaming with Aequitas comics​ for the release of OMG! A HORROR ANTHOLOGY #1 at the Dallas Card Show​ on Saturday, 8/22 in Allen TX. You can find Genuine COA at the Aequitas Comics booth for CBCS Comics​ grading, along with SEVEN of the book's creators who will be signing at the show. To celebrate the release, Genuine COA is offering to acquire the book, signed by all seven creators, and submit to CBCS for ...
Simple Question for Cost of Multiple VSP's enaz13 6 4 yearsenaz13 (1876): Thank you guys!
Lee Excelsior hologram sticker - Graded? Patrickjones2549 9 4 yearsPatrickjones2549 (25): @theCapraAegagrus Hahaha!!! Damn, you’re so hilarious! Has anyone ever told you that? You should have your own show. Haha! So damn funny!
My new book finally Marvel preview 4 donho 2 4 yearsBrashSmurf (980): you sure that's the book you sent in, lol
Fear of sending my books to CBCS Qillabee 29 4 yearsGAC (68700): @dielinfinite Great book!! Fantastic sketch! Love the Harley character..she's a modern classic...very versatile and I bet artists like drawing her because of it. That's a very impressive 1st sketch for a collection.
What if I’m the sketch artist? Cheese 10 4 yearsCheese (61): @RexMuff Sure! and Thanks! I like to draw goofy and silly things though sometimes I like to draw serious things as well. I also sometimes make webcomics. I’m not done with my first sketch cover yet so I’ll post some of my digital art if that’s ok.
Pressing Signed Comics Balidoosti 12 4 yearsPuckster (2985): I has this exact same question. Thanks for asking and thanks for all the responses.
Metal COA hogan36 7 4 yearshogan36 (198): Thank you all!
Grading hogan36 18 4 yearshogan36 (198): Thanks, that sounds good . Least I know if the signatures can be verified and won't count against me.
Absolute Carnage #1 Stanley Artgerm hogan36 16 4 yearshogan36 (198): @crystalphoto Thank you!
10 month wait for modern key is over! JustACollector 3 4 yearsPaint_Monk (1843): Great book! (But I'm not liking the overly rounded look of the new slabs)
finally getting my cgc book donho 3 4 yearsdonho (665): some credit for future use so i got mollified
Opinions please. Scifinator 27 4 yearscyrano0521 (1303): Definitely Red label for the SS 1
Signature Verification Este_Stark 4 4 yearsZombie_Head (3455): Good luck getting stans verified even if you got it in person. Lol
Please help identify signature drchaos 3 4 yearsdrchaos (27508): That sounds right. Thanks for the quick response!
Help Identify This Signature kon_jelly 3 4 yearskon_jelly (509): Probably should have looked up the creator info on the book, good call! :)
New slabs signed by Perez kadargo27 3 4 yearscrystalphoto (1602): Nice!
Batman 89 is my curse. Need input. HulkSmash 22 4 yearsTedsaid (7340): What the hell is that? Looks like it came out in Feb, but I've never seen it before. "MSRP" sounds like marketing bullshit ... the "manufacturer" is DC, and they don't care what the hell you sell it for. I'd give it a miss.
PUBLIC SIGNING WITH ROY THOMAS IN TEXAS, JUNE 13, 2020 GenuineCOA 21 4 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Still time to get your tickets for tomorrow's signing with ROY THOMAS in Dunacanville TX! Don't miss the chance to get the autograph of this legend at this incredible price. There are a limited number of time slots available for this signing, so if you can attend, reserve your order for tickets at the link below, be for they sell out! Signature witnessing for CBCS Comics grading will be...
June 2020 CBCS Promo Question? 00slim 10 4 yearssborock (48454): Yes, 10 must pass to get the free one.
Help id Todd's signature Madman 10 4 yearskaptainmyke (27076): After seeing examples from @eee91, I would consider the original poster's signatures to be early 1990s rushed signatures possibly. But, it is strange one says "Todd" and the other 2 are "T. McFarlane".
Don Heck Nuffsaid111 12 4 yearsSiggy (25455): I have 2 Ka-Zar pages by Heck & Royer (purchased from Greg Koudoulian), but unfortunately Heck didn't sign either one. In the 1st panel, we see an early Bobbi Morse appearance as she helps Ka-Zar- perhaps sewing his upper and lower body together lol. Sorry for the poor images.
Help confirm Todd McFarlane signature + Price? jotaro238 12 4 yearsGAC (68700): Yes, I would not be requesting any sort of refund.
May the 4th: Show off your Star Wars Comics! dielinfinite Jump to first page34Jump to last page 4 yearsEbayMafia (36750): Star Wars 42 seems to be on the upswing again after dropping a bit post-Mandalorian. Had my CBCS 9.6 on MCS at $245, then bumped it to $275 with the arrival of stimulus checks. It sold last week at $275.
eBay: X-Men #1 Cover "E" Signed 4x CBCS 9.6 Kinsella5 4 4 yearsKinsella5 (728): Just now seeing this, thank YOU for bidding and winning, I am glad it went to a good home and that someone here on the forum was able to get it too!
Walking Dead: Here's Negan 9.8 Signed by Robert Kirkman Kinsella5 1 4 yearsKinsella5 (728): For those Walking Dead fans, I have one of the Here's Negan one shot variant that was found only in the Image Comics 25th Anniversary Blind Boxes back from 2017. Only 500 copies made, I had mine signed by Robert Kirkman and then submitted to CBCS for signature verification and grading. It came back a 9.8 and I have it up for eBay for around the price that unsigned copies seem to go for. According to the CBCS Census that I checked recently only...
Signature identification Magellan 5 4 yearsMagellan (332): Been trying, man, but yeah it’s tough. Image was blowing up back then, so all the coverage seems to be about their guys. Hard to find artist rosters for anyone else.
Wonder Woman book signed by Joye Hummel. rick13336 5 4 yearsDarkseid_of_town (14297): Mine was months back...when I posted the thread. I would hazard a guess she did not sign due the items being reprints ....these people arent really comic book people and probably don't understand much about our hobby. I hope she is doing well. I wish I could find a way to get through and change her mind about signing. I had high hopes
How the heck do I figure out what something like this is even worth? agamoto Jump to first page44Jump to last page 4 yearsagamoto (292): Not quite, I submitted pictures to Beckett's signature review service. Just the ones for Joe jack and Stan. They don't pass or fail anything, for 10 bucks a signature they tell you whether a signature is likely or unlikely to pass a full certification. The seller is Chaucer Auction in the UK. They said the book was authenticated by Gary King of Autographica in the UK, but it's Beckett back here in the usa I need to worry about pleasing. Chaucer...
FS Graded CBCS Issues, Some Witnessed Sigs Cool_Fool 1 4 yearsCool_Fool (1071): Selling some issues, any that are listed as Signed, were done at NYCC 2019. None have been pressed or restored. All cases are mint and never taken out of protective sleeve. (so there might be glare on some pics, sorry). Shipped USPS Priority 2 day box, so there is tracking and insurance. FLAT $12 for any number of issues. Will use a bigger box for more than 2. (Valid for US, true cost other areas). Bubble wrapped and well protected against...
ROY THOMAS PRIVATE SIGNING OPPORTUNITY!! GenuineCOA 4 4 yearsNuffsaid111 (18680): Thank you!
Absolute Carnage #1 hogan36 6 4 yearsRinova (262): I have a copy of that comic @hogan36. Not sure if you are still interested?
Pinky and The Brain Comic BookAutograph Identification SwampMonstarrr 13 4 yearspeterc777 (2057): I agree with @cyrano0521 -- Jesse Leon McCann. Especially since he does kinda look like the bearded sketch that's on a couple of the issues:
Writer/Artist/Celebrity Meet & Greet Memories 00slim 23 4 yearsCatCovers (10692): Have met quite a few over the years, but not so many beyond a handshake and a nice to meet you. The biggest exception would be Neil Gaiman, when he came to my LCS for a signing - pretty sure it's while I was still working there. This was before he was particularly famous. I'm not sure if Sandman had even started yet. The shop owner and I chatted with him for quite a while before the signing and several of us took him out to dinner afterward....
CGC Signature Series walk-thru Pt.1 Jedyzon 6 4 yearsSpiderTim (3269): I have a Mark Bagley page from that ASM 375 issue! Its gonna be cheaper to get an X-Men 1 9.8 already graded than having yours pressed and regraded.
Anyone got a John Broome sig? ftwjedi 1 4 yearsftwjedi (25): Just wondering if anyone has John Broome's sig on a book. Tried Google and couldn't find an image of his signature
Verified Signature jpoffenberger103 Jump to first page34Jump to last page 4 yearsjpoffenberger103 (5): How would I go about submitting with signatures if I'm not sure whose they are?
Bernie Wrightson last signing event? Cli4dR3D0g 8 4 yearsCli4dR3D0g (4763): Thank you etapi65!
Demon 1 w Jack Kirby sig Darth_Poster 7 4 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): Sweet! congrats.
CGC Signature to CBCS TheComicVault 7 4 yearsTheComicVault (6): Well, I think that answers my questions, with details lol. Thank you everyone.
Signature Verification Thaiboxer 8 4 yearsThaiboxer (13): Awesome, that makes sense. Thanks !
Huge price for low grade VSP! sborock Jump to first page43Jump to last page 4 yearsBatman66 (22106): you get to the page where the book is hit the refine button the category/'s you want to be shown...
Big Apple Comic Con is Postponed! drchaos 2 4 yearsNuffsaid111 (18680): Shocking!!! LOL
Absolute Carnage Lethal Protectors Guaranteed 9.8 & Signed by Ryan Brown hogan36 9 4 yearskaptainmyke (27076): That's how he signs his name. :)
Verified & Witnessed Sig on same label? Cool_Fool 12 4 yearsWatcher (4166): hahaha...'nuff said....
Just a heads up ONLINE_209 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 4 yearsetapi65 (4060): Looking at overall numbers, vs. percentages matters. They convey different information. The article you posted indicates maximum 370,000 hospitalizations of 31,000,000 flu cases in the US. That't with vaccines and anti-viral treatments available. So...1.1% get flu severe enough to seek medical attention and become hospitalized. They're also estimating a maximum 30,000 deaths. That's 0.096% death rate. Coronavirus for which we have no...
Pressing signed comic books? Madman 13 4 yearsGanaSoth (9373): Yep.
WTS NYCC TMNT & DeadPool Signed 9.6s & 9.8s Cool_Fool 1 4 yearsCool_Fool (1071): All signatures were done at NYCC 2019. These are being offered here and not on feebay or other sites for a week or two to give you fine ppl a shot at some great issues at good prices. TMNT #1A Re-cover (7/18) Planet Awesome Exclusive - Signed by CA Boss Logic, Signed & Remarked by Kevin Eastman (Raphael cover) $120 ...
Signature Identications AzureZenorag13 2 4 yearsEikkichi (167): Looks like early Mark & Eric Silvestri sigs
Label Idea! Scifinator 18 4 yearssborock (48454): Yep!
My CBCS Graded Comic Auctions Kinsella5 3 4 yearsKinsella5 (728): Actually it is technically my first time offering slabbed comics on eBay as I sat on the grading fence for a very long time, finally submitting some books last June, and again in December. Some to keep, some to sell but from an eBay seller standpoint, I have been selling since March 1997. I plan on packaging them quite carefully. Lots more I plan on submitting this year for grading. :-)
Consignments obiwan1971 8 4 yearsDarkseid_of_town (14297): pm sent
Bad Buyer Alert!!! Yoosh5492 7 4 yearsetapi65 (4060): This is what it sounds like is happening. Taking the hit as a buyer to feedback to increase chances of selling his copies.
High Grade Slabbed Auction starting @ $1- Cool_Fool 2 4 yearsCool_Fool (1071): More slabbed titles listed for auction stating at ONE DOLLAR - Happy Bidding -J ^_~ HavaTaco
JOHN ROMITA SR & JOHN ROMITA JR SIGNING GenuineCOA 4 4 yearsZombie_Head (3455): Thx
Spawn #1 - CBCS 9.6 signed by Todd McFarlane on Ebay. fakadar 1 4 yearsfakadar (12): I have this auction ending tomorrow night.
Help confirm Todd McFarlane signature sportshort 22 4 yearsBrashSmurf (980): No congrats on the back. Glad to hear it looks legit
Interesting Autograph Nuffsaid111 5 4 yearsNuffsaid111 (18680): You're probably right. And for all I know it might have been only "1990". I can remember getting that autograph too. Adam was a virtual no one at that time... just up and coming on Justice League.
Slabs for sale BIN/Obo 11Taylor06 1 4 years11Taylor06 (38): Batman/Superman #1 Greg Horn Variant set. CBCS blue label 9.8 $150.00 + $14.99 USPS Priority mail shipping
Printing error & help on autograph Zombie_Head 5 4 yearsZombie_Head (3455): Thanks guys.
How to identify a real signature (Bernie Wrightson) Beney117 24 4 yearsesaravo (92686): @Gregojira - Here’s the only one I can contribute, and since my name is not Hannah, I didn’t witness the signature.
No QC and bad customer service spells disaster for CBCS Musicmansell78 Jump to first page91Jump to last page 5 yearswtbmok (128): Sounds like they are understaffed but that's not really an excuse for bad customer service
Todd McFarlane Zombie_Head Jump to first page190Jump to last page 5 yearsSiggy (25455): Every grading company that wants to improve and be taken seriously should have learned from the mistake made when that/those comics with simulated cover wear was dinged for actual cover wear. That should have been the reddest flag imaginable. and a warning for future mistakes IF MEASURES AREN'T TAKEN. Obviously measures weren't taken to prevent the grader from being oblivious of the gimmick. If a decision was made that such a thing couldn't...
On Site Grading and VSP Later hitmantyler 5 5 yearshitmantyler (90): Well thats sad, but will still bring books for send in grading. Thanks for responding.
Help, I have con questions and I can't get up sportshort Jump to first page47Jump to last page 5 yearsTurbo (10): It's quite possible that some do - but there are a lot of different kinds of paint markers (oil vs. acrylic, etc.)... Did they provide any other specifics? I've been using them for a few years now with no ill effects, but some of these things like deterioration take more time so I'm curious.
Incredible Hulk 181 CBCS 9.0 Authentic Signature Herb Trimpe $6500 jeranimal 13 5 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11505): Then it becomes and expensive Shame;) I apologize to the OP for derailing his sale post. I know signed books are very popular and this one is for sure a holy grail for one lucky signature collector. As a purest it's just not for me. Good Luck with your sale.
SIGNATURE WITNESSING FOR DALLAS COMIC SHOW 11/23-24 GenuineCOA 1 5 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Genuine COA will once again have a booth at the Dallas Comic Show, November 23-24, to offer signature witnessing and CBCS Comics grading. See pricing and reserve your order for ON-SITE or SEND-IN signature service at the link below. If your desired signer is not listed, message us on Facebook or . ...
New York Comic Con 2019 Thread drchaos Jump to first page42Jump to last page 5 yearsTowmater (10537): A 100 books? Do you witness for other people?
SIGNATURE FACILITATION FOR ALAMO CITY 11/1-3 w MICHAEL KEATON GenuineCOA 6 5 yearsEnelson (6289): Wow...I just looked at that...I had no idea that signatures could cost so much. Is that normal for a celebrity? Its not like he needs the money. Why is it so much? I could see a star that has to make their living off B-movies or conventions charging that much...but $200!
John Byrne at NYCC 2019 JLS_Comics 7 5 yearsdrchaos (27508): Thurs 1-2PM, 5-6PM Fri 1-2PM, 5-6PM Sat 1-2PM, 3-4PM
Current Turnaround on Yellow Label Books and additional question HarveyScorp 6 5 yearsRed_Blade (133): Sounds like Asia turnaround time. Here it takes MONTHS (around 6 months yeah) for books to return if sent through LCS. They're sent via ships to and from the US. Unless you wanna pay premium which would take fewer months (to a few weeks maybe). But the price you pay for ONE slabbed book would be tripled or quadrupled as a result.
Once & Future #1 graded and heading back to me danberry75 13 5 yearsDarryl_H (1704): Awesome!
Today's find... Paint_Monk 2 5 yearsDWeeB1967 (10956): CGC labels are perfectly legal here, @Paint_Monk. Nice get.
Steve ditko signed comic Batman66 20 5 yearsGAC (68700): Wow!! Brilliant!!!!
Byrne Artifact Edition - NYCC Nuffsaid111 5 5 yearsdrchaos (27508): With Byrne you can only get a red label.
Comic Book PEDIGREES THREAD Sagii Jump to first page373Jump to last page 5 yearsthe420bandito (11192):
Submitting signatures authenticated by Beckett ruckers 27 5 yearsdielinfinite (26426): The CBCS Grading Guide doesn’t mention stickers specifically but first mentions “very small amounts of tape,” which I would imagine to be similar, in the 7.0-5.5 range But I doubt it would be that big a hit since here’s an example of a book with the Wizard sticker on the cover earning an 8.0
Sports signature on comic? Manonfire 6 5 yearsManonfire (63): Thank you all for the great advice
Is this Stan Lee signature genuine? please help. sportshort Jump to first page32Jump to last page 5 yearssportshort (14690): Do you have a pic? how old is the sig (assuming you have that info)? thanks.
CBCS Witnessed Signature Pricing comics2099 3 5 yearscomicsforme (3977): Thats a joke.From 4 now 10.
Back stock pick ups from LCS Zombie_Head 2 5 yearsGAC (68700): METAL!!! 🤘🤘
Spider-Gwen Vol.2 #1 Bradshaw Variant Verde 6 5 yearsVerde (89): Bump
Deal Caught on eBay hogan36 5 5 yearsEbayMafia (36750): Ebay is a fairly large the odds are good on that second lightning strike...eventually.
Comic Book Men ONLINE_209 7 5 yearsBrianGreensnips (14617): I met Mike and Ming at a show a few years back and they were also on a Q and A panel there. They looked like they were having fun and enjoying themselves. They seemed pretty down to earth.
Mall call From Heroes.... Noblebeast315 11 5 yearsno1lufcfan (3058): @Tedsaid very nice 👍
Any idea on who signed this? OoklaTheMok 12 5 yearsTerry88 (1276): /sorryforthehijacking=)
SIGNATURE WITNESSING FOR DALLAS COMIC SHOW 8/10-11 GenuineCOA 1 5 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Genuine COA will have a booth at the Dallas Comic Show, August 10-11, to offer signature witnessing for CBCS Comics. It will also be a chance to drop-off books for our AUTHORIZED SIGNINGS with ROY THOMAS, CHRIS CLAREMONT and many more... Reserve your order and see many more offers at the link below. Be sure to join the GCOA - CBCS Signing Ops FACEBOOK group to see more offers as they are announced. ...
Can BAS tell a real Stan Lee autograph? Zombie_Head 23 5 yearsMusicmansell78 (29): I had the same thing happen to me man. I had a Web of Spider Man #1 signed by both Louis Simonson and Stan Lee. They verified the Simonson, but not the Stan Lee signature. Why would I have a book with one legit signature and then try to fake the other? Same as you man, I had it signed in person, and this is the second book of mine with Stan Lee's signature that this has happened with (also happened on a Wolverine #4). Like you, it made me...
Signed Raw Books for Sale Bmoney83 11 5 yearsBmoney83 (8): Here are some photos from the signings at MegaCon this year....
Register Signature davidrmc 2 5 yearsdielinfinite (26426): There is no specific process that I’m aware of. Beckett will expand their library as known authentic examples become available. So maybe submit the artist’s signature for a yellow label?
Baltimore Canecllations - Bill Sienkiewicz & Sean Gordon Murphy drchaos 7 5 yearsdielinfinite (26426): @Buckets He was at his booth today during Preview Night. Got him on a book. He’s charging $10/sig
TerrifiCon Signings Bmoney83 4 5 yearsBmoney83 (8): Thanks for the reply, I will message you for more details 👍
Mail Call - Immortal Hulk #20 Alex Ross Signature GanaSoth 13 5 yearsKCBatmanFan (2451): I was really, really tempted by these, but couldn’t fit them within my comic budget when they went on sale. Great pickups!
Some CBCS signed books for sale AlexH 5 5 yearsAlexH (181): The Canada post website says it is $11.32 US ($14.77 cdn). This is standard shipping. No signature, but I trust you. Let me know. Also, thank you Dr Watson. It is good to hear from you
VSP question OoklaTheMok 6 5 yearsGAC (68700): you should submit that for sure!
Signature Verification using AAA COA NaughtaPoet 8 5 yearsesaravo (92686): Yes.
FS: 1990s Bone comic books, TPB 6.0-9.0 - x1 signed ZosoRocks 1 5 yearsZosoRocks (2131): I've started to add comics for sale on ebay, if anyone is interested in raw 1990s Cartoon Books frpm the "Bone" series. Also included is the HTF 1993 Hero Premiere Holiday issue in about 8.0 visual grade. Thanks for viewing my auction. Tim
SIG WITNESSING WALKER STALKER/ FAN FEST CLEVELAND, NASHVILLE, ATLANTA 2019 GenuineCOA 1 5 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Genuine COA is now taking MAIL-IN signature submissions for Walker Stalker Convention / Fan Fest Events CLEVELAND (August 3-4), NASHVILLE (August 25-26) and ATLANTA (October 18-20). Place your order for CBCS Comics submission at the link below. If your desired signer is not listed, contact Genuine COA on Facebook. Be sure to join the GCOA - CBCS Signing Ops Facebook group to see more offers like this. ...
00Slim’s Slab Sale For A Grail, Offers Welcome 00slim 12 5 years00slim (17613): Thought I’d revive this. Still Available: Stan Lee/Epting Signed Cap Fantastic (UK Black Widow) ASM 361 The Creature books I also got in a few 9.6 Danger Girl Previews. $60 each shipped!
Can CBCS Verify Signatures without slabbing the product? Paint_Monk 3 5 yearsPaint_Monk (1843): Thank you!
Portland.. Rose City Comic Con 2019 Gabriel85301 6 5 yearsMR_SigS (11124): lol I stopped buying new material around 1993/1994. This way I can continue buying the comics I grew up with while the hobby determines what new stuff is good and bad. Likely only/mostly the good stuff will make it to TPB- Then I may read them. Today's art is no doubt "superior" in terms of technique, but I find most of it to be too 'busy', and unable to tell a story by itself without words or dialogue. That's something many don't...
Help! Is this worth grading? kevinlmillard 5 5 yearsGAC (68700): it depends on why you want it slabbed. is it for resale for profit? if so, probably leave it as is. if it's for your PC and preservation? then maybe you want to.
SIGNATURE WITNESSING FOR NORTH TEXAS SHOW JUNE 29-30 GenuineCOA 4 5 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Don't miss the comic grading panel with STEVE BOROCK, this weekend at the North Texas Comic Book Shows, in Irving TX. It's sure to be informative! Afterward, find Steve at the Genuine COA booth #111 where he will offer FREE GRADE SCREENING to attendees. Have your books inspected by Steve himself, to help you make a decision on grading. Genuine COA will be at the show all weekend to offer signature witnessing and CBCS Comics grading. You...
MAIL-IN SUBMISSIONS FOR NEW MEXICO COMCIC EXPO SIGNING W/THOMAS & CLAREMONT GenuineCOA 1 5 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Genuine COA is NOW accepting MAIL-IN signature submissions for the NEW MEXICO COMIC EXPO, which includes AUTHORIZED SIGNINGS with ROY THOMAS and CHRIS CLAREMONT. Reserve your order for MAIL-IN submissions at the link below, or DROP-OFF at one of our event booths. Books are due by August 13, 2019. Contact us if you do not see an option for your desired signer. Be sure to join the GCOA - CBCS Signing Ops group...
## WOW! LOOK AT THESE BOOKS ## Sabersaw 6 5 yearsSabersaw (25): up
Getting 1 comic verified with a signature to post from UK carleato 4 5 yearsVirgincollector (494): is it modern or older? PM me
Question about grading signed comics Robg 16 5 yearsetapi65 (4060): He did a free signing at a local shop about a year and a half ago...the line was insane and it was raining, but it happened. I paid $99.00 to do an event at a con with just him, 5 sigs (3 sigs...hmmm, don't recall now) some stuff we got to take home stuff.
CGC SS Venom: Lethal Protector 1 For Sale! B3Chandler 10 5 yearsB3Chandler (140): Bump!
Witnessed and unwitnessed signature Label Manonfire 12 5 yearsManonfire (63): This is exactly what I wanted to know! Thank you.
Mail call from Planet Comicon donho 9 5 yearsdonho (665): finally got the last of the slabs from Planet comicon. verified sigs joe jusko on the planet comicon exclusive spiderman, and Michael golden on the exclusive x men. and William Shatner on both star treks, with...
Who signed this? xkonk 19 5 yearsxkonk (17598): That second letter must be a P. Comparing mine to the first picture @comic_book_man posted, it looks like there are two lines but they overlap a lot in mine. I don't have any reason to doubt that the guy I bought it from lied (it was part of an inexpensive lot, and he didn't advertise it as signed), but it could just be different enough to be verified. Maybe I'll try again for giggles sometime when I have others to send together.
Mark Bagley's signature TML_Comics 5 5 yearsHcanes (5190): This +1. At East Coast Comic Con last year this was his rate. Although at NYCC last year he waived his witness fee for me on (3) books.
SIGNATURE WITNESSING AT WASHINGTON STATE SUMMER CON JUNE 15-16 GenuineCOA 1 5 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Genuine COA will be found at booth #160 of Washington State Summer Con, June 15-16, to offer signature witnessing and CBCS Comics grading. We are NOW accepting MAIL-IN signature submissions for this event, which includes AUTHORIZED SIGNINGS with ROY THOMAS, CHRIS CLAREMONT and JIM STERANKO. Reserve your order for ON-SITE or MAIL-IN submissions at the link below. Books are due by JUNE 10, 2019. Be sure to...
Marv Wolfman Zombie_Head 6 5 yearsZombie_Head (3455): He’s going to be in metropolis Il. In two weekends. Taking books for him to sign. Thx everyone.
Justin Ponsor Passed away JLS_Comics 8 5 yearsetapi65 (4060): Man, I thought he was recovering. RIP
How would these Sigs be labeled? Mountain_11B 12 5 yearsdielinfinite (26426): The downside is that signature authentication isn’t cheap. You’re looking at $25 for the first sig and $15 for each additional sig and that’s on top of regular grading and shipping fees so you’re looking at nearly $100 per book to get all the signatures authenticated. Otherwise, Comic Skins are a good alternative. They also sell clear backing boards that you can use with a mylar sleeve
Help Identifying Signatures on Ninjak #1 Spil2289 9 5 yearsetapi65 (4060): If it's from the 90s; I'd say it's probably legit. Sigs do change over time and these are close enough to what I've seen that 20 years of adapting a sig would account for it. Also, Jimmy does, most often, put the year next to his sig so that's a good sign. His current signature, though, you can't really make out the "Jim" it's just a bunch of connected swoops and the sig is more compressed. Quesada's sig is usually larger...
CBCS On-Site Grading Dallas FAN Expo starts May 2nd spaulus 6 5 yearsGamecube2482 (250): @TimBildhauser OK. Thanks for the response.
Phoenix Fan Fusion Gabriel85301 1 5 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): I know we are not to post prices publicly so if someone can direct message me what Gerry Conway normally charges for signatures getting graded, I would greatly appreciate it. I am attempting to create a budget limit. Thank you.
Going to wizard world Philadelphia next month Manonfire 7 5 yearsxkonk (17598): A rule of thumb I've seen before in terms of dollar value is don't slab unless the book is worth at least $100. If you're getting it slabbed for sentimental reasons, slab whatever you want. In terms of cons you can get to, last year I went to Keystone Con in Philly. They're supposed to do it again this year if Philly is convenient to you. Not really any announcements in terms of guests yet though.
SIGNINGS: ROMITA SR, BUSCEMA, SINNOTT, THOMAS, CLAREMONT, AND MORE... GenuineCOA 11 5 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Hey Fans, ACTIVITY TIME! Would you like to ask John Romita Sr a question that you have been dying to get answered? Join the GCOA - CBCS Signing Ops bold text Facebook group, find the related post there, leave your question in the comments, and we will select the best questions to read to Mr. Romita and capture his reactions on video. This is the only chance you may get to hear it straight from the legend, himself. Questions must be posted in...
Yellow Labels - The Signature Thread the420bandito Jump to first page111Jump to last page 5 yearsmattness (1511): Kevin Eastman & Stan Sakai signature & Sketch
Japanese? Info requested doog 7 5 yearsdoog (8293): Thanks a lot Jesse, love me some mysteries, and some history, and you threw me some meat! Not at all sure it is a print, I know a little about paper, it is the highest quality, but I know little about original art. I’ll be looking at some 90’s comics set in the Genghis era for fun, someday, maybe, there will be that page! As it happens, like a lot of us I bet, I have boxes full of random 90’s comics from independents to start with
Various CGC Spider-Man Comics For Sale! B3Chandler 6 5 yearsB3Chandler (140): No problem, and thank you for the purchase!
KISS Fans: Help Indentifying Sigs? 00slim 10 5 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Definitely three signatures....that is about all I can see. I sold sll my KISS I can't
Name only 1 book that you would have signed by George Perez gotham44 Jump to first page34Jump to last page 5 yearsesaravo (92686): That would be great with Starlin, Perez, and Wolfman sigs!
SIGNATURE WITNESSING FOR COMICPALOOZA, MAY 10-12,CLAREMONT & CONWAY GenuineCOA 1 5 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Find the Genuine COA booth in the autograph area of Comicpalooza, May 10-12, for signature witnessing and CBCS Comics grading. We are now accepting orders for ON-SITE or MAIL-IN signature submissions at the link below, which includes AUTHORIZED SIGNINGS with CHRIS CLAREMONT and GERRY CONWAY. This will also be your final chance to drop off books for our Spring signings with other BACK ISSUE ICONS signers, JOHN ROMITA SR, SAL BUSCEMA,...
Stan Lee signatures SlabGod69 Jump to first page42Jump to last page 5 yearsWraith (2115): that is cool and what signatures are all about to me :)
Alice Cooper Sketch Cover drchaos 7 5 yearsGAC (68700): brilliant!!!
Bill Finger CBCS Verified Sig ftwjedi 17 5 yearsTimBildhauser (2237): Once a signature is verified it doesn't need to be verified again if the book is cracked out. It's essentially the same process as cracking a yellow label, it has to be done by a CBCS staff member or facilitator though in order to maintain the chain of custody.
Question to those that get sigs inside books Shanthark 21 5 yearsBronte (37061): @Wraith "you don't flick through pages before sending to grading ?" As with all books and "magazines" I ignore the words. All I'm interested in are the pretty "pictures" J/K =)
CBCS at "Old School" Comic Show, NH Jesse_O 7 5 yearsMR_SigS (11124): At least he's not spinning it on a table ;)
SIGNATURE UNBOXING: AL PACINO, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, JUSTICE LEAGUE CAST.. GenuineCOA 3 5 yearskaptainmyke (27076): Wow Al Pacino, and Dustin Hoffman that's amazing!
verified signature items on ebay smeninc 5 5 yearssmeninc (147): I think I like Jim Aparo's art the best in my opinion. You know it is a big storyline if he is the penciller.
2 Day Modern with Verified Sigs Verde 2 5 yearspoka (23776): no - TAT is probably around 3 weeks - maybe 1 week more
Graded Thanos 13 9.8 signed for sale up on my eBay! KingSasqautch42 1 5 yearsKingSasqautch42 (1): Throwing this out to see who might be interested. I just put my Thanos 13 up on eBay. It's 9.8 witnessed signature from Donny Cates. Thanks in advance for any interest!
Another Rick & Morty Thread kaptainmyke Jump to first page323Jump to last page 5 yearskaptainmyke (27076): omg meeseeks and unity is my favorite
Heritage weekly: Large KIRBY/LEE VSP collection of silver/bronze age keys Odins_Raven 18 5 yearsJustABitEvil (2304): Leave that Kammandi alone!
ROY THOMAS & CHRIS CLAREMONT AUTHORIZED SIGNINGS GenuineCOA 1 5 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Genuine COA's BACK ISSUE ICONS Signing Series is excited to bring these two classic creators back to the line-up, to join JOHN ROMITA SR, LARRY LIEBER and MANY MORE! Place your order at the link below for Signature Submission and CBCS Comics grading. MAIL-IN or DROP-OFF orders at one of our event booths from now until June 10, 2019. Be sure to join the GCOA - CBCS Signing Ops Facebook group to see more special...
SIGNATURE WITNESSING FOR DALLAS COMIC SHOW APRIL 6-7, 2019 GenuineCOA 7 5 yearsGeoff (27): Thanks so much to everyone! You guys are great!!!
Facilitator for Star Wars Celebration 2019 BazookaJoeX9 2 5 yearsagrkdj (16): Following
Selling Amazing spider-man #252 JLA555 3 5 yearsJLA555 (389): @drchaos thank you I will
Signing advice for Captain Kirk (Shatner) donho Jump to first page35Jump to last page 5 yearsJustABitEvil (2304): I had him sign the one with the most Shatners on it I could find.
Rob Liefeld at ECCC OoklaTheMok 13 5 yearsKatKomics (28670): Pretty sure that's just how they draw it up in anatomy class....
Shwarzenegger signed certified Conan comic.. Ambush_Bug 16 5 yearsDJC_II (1829): I nominate you for best comment of the week award
WITNESSING FOR FAN EXPO DALLAS & TEXAS FRIGHTMARE MAY 3-5, 2019 GenuineCOA 3 5 yearsGenuineCOA (176): @Lonestar , the full list of signers you see in the Step 02 product represents signers that we will see across multiple shows and private signings in the coming months, not just Fan Expo Dallas. Any of those signers are available for order. Fan Expo updated their list of comic creators less than 24 hours ago, and those specific names have not yet been added to the Step 02 product. If there is a Fan Expo name you would like to order, let us know...
FOR SALE: Incredible Hulk #181 CBCS 9.0 Authentic Sig. Herb Trimpe $6000 jeranimal 2 5 yearsSteverogers11 (3605): Nice book. GLWS better centering I’d be all over that. Congrats on having a great copy and a proper sig
How long does signature verification take? fakadar 8 5 yearsNuffsaid111 (18680): Yea - maybe a week or so more for VSP has been my experience when compared to shipments without VSP.
A message from George Perez Cowabunga_Kyle 19 5 yearsSin (79): I think George will be more distracted with the sights.
Any Ditko Experts out there bigjer 20 5 yearsWraith (2115): Those few ditko signed marvel milestones are probably more rare than the original asm #1
*SIGNING OPPORTUNITY W/ JOHN ROMITA SR & LARRY LIEBER* GenuineCOA 11 5 yearsGenuineCOA (176): @KatKomics No, unfortunately. Mr. Romita is a very humble man and his own biggest critic, and though we feel he still has that magic, he does not offer sketches or remarques any longer.
*For Sale: Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows#1 Stan Lee Scott Campbell* B3Chandler 17 5 yearsB3Chandler (140): Wow, didn't imagine when I started this post that I would dig out some good information nuggets like this. :D
Signature Identification help? *SOLVED* UrsusRexCooper 12 5 yearsOGJackster (48538): Looks like Rob Liefeld did those feet LOL!
finding out if your signatures were verified Mrpoort 15 5 yearsdielinfinite (26426): @Grune Signatures are verified using Beckett Signature Authentication, which has a large list of individuals they can verify. I don’t believe that list is entirely complete as my most recently completed CBCS order included two signatures for verification that don’t appear on that list.
Romita Sr private signing in april Gmac7787 9 5 yearsNy85 (266): $80 is still very reasonable!!
NORTH TEX COMIC BOOK SHOW FEB 2-3 (KRAVEN'S LAST HUNT REUNION) GenuineCOA 2 5 yearsGenuineCOA (176): NORTH TEXAS COMIC BOOK SHOW has added legendary artist NEAL ADAMS. Reserve your order for ON-SITE or MAIL-IN CBCS signature submissions as the link below.
.50 special at my LCS, a few good books Joosh 4 5 yearsmichaelekrupp (29711): Nice scores!
Terrificon Mail Call Hcanes 12 5 yearsDrogio (7706): I’ll need to look back at my invoice...they were Batman 223 and 251, fast passed and pressed (was not aware of a “fast pass”on pressing at the time). I figured if I didn’t fast pass it I would not get them back until who knows February? And a fast pass spoiled have them back by x-mas....not the case. I see others getting their submissions with pressing back from terrificon and later and wonder what the hell did I pay for?
Who's signature is this? Enelson 4 5 yearsesaravo (92686): Here’s my Claremont scribble for reference:
Fan Expo Stan Lee Black Friday Signatures kevinlmillard 2 5 yearsDJC_II (1829): Poor Stalo, he will be missed.
Signature help MutantMania 5 5 yearscomic_book_man (1978): @MutantMania I think you are exactly right, pen ran outta ink!
Mail Call Gabriel85301 6 5 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): Today's mail CALL!! Season 2.. EPISODE 9
Stan Lee Tribute JLS_Comics 3 6 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): This is great! I've always heard very good things about Frank and Son
Over-billed...AGAIN! Odins_Raven 12 6 yearsDrogio (7706): Who cracked it? You or the witness? Makes a difference.
Sig Verification help Citikill 12 6 yearsCitikill (10): @KingNampa I have the entire Dark nights metal run graded, figured I would go ahead and do these too, especially if I can get them verified. That way I can have an entire graded set.
CBCS GRADING FOR CELEBRITY FAN FEST & DALLAS COMIC SHOW GenuineCOA 7 6 yearsGenuineCOA (176): @Batman66 Not a problem. I would suggest that you send all of the books for grading on the same order, so that they can be consolidated and save on your return shipping cost. For the order at the link, be sure to include a Step 01 for each book, and a Step 02 for each autograph. Once you place the order, you will receive a confirmation email with shipping instructions. Please package them securely with shipping...
Ebay Pet Peeve drchaos 17 6 yearsdrchaos (27508): I have not had that happen to me yet but that would piss me off. After experimenting with best offer early on I decided I want no part of it.
Signature Rates sbarb18 25 6 yearsGAC (68700): very true about not assuming his rate for apologies for that...I wasnt aware of his heart attack...hopefully it was a speedy recovery.
Signature Verification Failed oginecka 26 6 yearskaptainmyke (27076): ah ok - I kept images on my site for google and image search results.
Help(autographs legit?) Topsykrets 21 6 yearsBronte (37061): I sent them an email to ask various questions such as cost and encapsulation. Below is their response. We do offer a similar oversized holder that can encapsulate most standard sized magazines and then we have a much thinner holder that fits photographs up to the size of 8 x 10. Here’s the size holders we currently offer for autograph encapsulation. · Standard Holder - 2.6" x 3.75" · Tall Boy Holder -...
New York Comic Con TKD_Tarantino 14 6 yearsUnknown (64): Ugh. The one time I assume something at NYCC. Brought books to submit.
Baltimore Comic Con Sigs antoniofett 5 6 yearsdrchaos (27508): I got lots of great signatures this weekend before getting home around 11PM last night. Have to give Walt Simonson props for signing a couple of my books twenty minutes after the show closed on Sunday. I also have to give props to Dan Slott for signing about 28 of my books in one sitting. I still can't believe that I am heading in for NYCC this Wednesday.
**SIGNATURE WITNESSING FOR CBCS GRADING AT NYCC 2018** GenuineCOA 1 6 yearsGenuineCOA (176): As you know, CBCS will not have a booth at or near NYCC this year. Genuine COA will be walking the floor of NYCC 2018 in order to facilitate signature witnessing for CBCS Comics grading. We will also have a witness available for the nearby Marvelocity signing happening adjacent to the convention center. This opportunity will allow you to get a CBCS yellow label for signatures that happen at NYCC and accompanying events. We will also...
Shouts out to Obiwan1971 ! Mail Call ! Gabriel85301 1 6 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): My CBCS Mailcall. 4 months and 21 days later after my books were received by CBCS, submitted for me by @OBIWAN1971 as an authorized witness for me.
does a mailing label on the book truly lower the grade that much? donho 9 6 yearsdrchaos (27508): Ugh! That is just obnoxious.
Amazing Spiderman organic 5 6 yearsjohnctan (85): Are you selling?
TAT Thread - Modern VSP w/Fastpass ThorneArt 5 6 yearsJLA555 (389): this is another foram that I followed that did quicksteam worked well for him
Santa Rosa toy con guest list ONLINE_209 4 6 yearsONLINE_209 (1867): @X51 I just posted a couple of pictures cuz those are the ones I'm going to try to see oh plus Bill Moseley I forgot to add that one
Howard V Chaykin ONLINE_209 12 6 yearsMR_SigS (11124): I got a few things signed 3 years ago including this Shadow trade, and got a sketch on the backing board.
Neal Adams Signature shimabuku 26 6 yearsNuffsaid111 (18680): Neal Adams is a bright, top tier capitalist and artists rights supporter from long ago. He's going to charge maximum what he believes his autograph and sketches is worth. Absolutely nothing wrong with it but let's call it what it is. Charging for photographs and to talk with him will be next. And I'm ok with that too... but he's a capitalist to the max. He's the Gene Simmons of the comic world
PRIVATE SIGNINGS AT NYCC w/ JOHN ROMITA JR, JOE RUBINSTEIN and MORE.... GenuineCOA 1 6 yearsGenuineCOA (176): **NEW YORK COMIC CON PRIVATE SIGNINGS** Genuine COA is now accepting MAIL-IN CBCS Comics grading submissions for signatures from NEW YORK COMIC CON. PRIVATE SIGNINGS include JOHN ROMITA JR, JOE RUBINSTEIN, and MORE... See all option details and place your order at the link below, but act fast! Books and orders are due by 9/28/18. Remember, any of these signings can be combined with our BACK ISSUE ICONS...
"Gotham" Autographed Comic Advice VSP Jada Pinkett Smith HammitChris 8 6 yearsHammitChris (283): I don't plan on selling it. I just want to get it slabbed to protect it and for the presentation. I like the way signed books look in CBCS's cases.
FS: Marvel Star Wars #1 CGC 9.6 Signed Chaykin ZosoRocks 24 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Thanks for viewing the auction Ted. And you are right....I know I had Chaykin sign the book in front of me. I don't have a picture, because I wasn't thinking of selling it for "guarantees". I had it signed, because it was a cool thing to have done. I don't regret it not being VSP...and will eventually transform it myself when I can (if I am able and it doesn't sell).....but right now....that is not a priority and someone else can...
RCCC Sketches shimabuku 16 6 yearskaptainmyke (27076): x2
What's the best suggestion for keeping 9.8 after a remark Lundon44 19 6 yearsLundon44 (34): So after almost 10 days, multiple emails and probably 20+ calls trying to get someone on the phone I finally received an email response today. Because the ASM #800 was submitted on the 2-Day tier with a 2-Day turnaround time I've been advised it was already graded and ready to ship. I asked if they could confirm the grade. They said it got 9.8 so the pressing would be a waste. I guess I got lucky from the sounds of it!
FS: Sirius Comics - Dawn #1 (Blacklight Ed) #1/2 (Wizard Excl) signed 9.4+ ZosoRocks 5 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): :o) thanks for the compliments....first bid at $35.00 is in now. IMO - right now - that is at a bargain!! I've had them in my "to get graded bin" for years....*sighs*.....sadly.....that isn't happening any time soon. Someone profits on my holding back!! :o) Thanks again for checking out the books! Tim
FS: Entity Comics Zen Intergalactic Ninja / Young Zen / signed 9.4+ ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): This auction is a 4-lot of signed and unsigned comics. It also contains a sketch on backing board by Bill Maus. Thanks for viewing my auction. Best regards, Tim Look at this on eBay
FS: Marvel Dan Panosian - sketch on board Wolverine ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): This drawing was acquired by myself in the 1990s at one of the SDCC. In addition to the primary sketch, the reverse side of the backing board has a sketch of Cyclops. Thanks for viewing my auction.
FS: Verotik Comics Death Dealer 1 & 2 - signed ZosoRocks 2 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Link corrected...sorry.
Re-holder Tirtawm 3 6 yearsTirtawm (5): Noted. Thank you!
SIGNING OP ROMITA SR/ BUSCEMA/ CLAREMONT/ SINNOTT/ STERANKO/ GIELLA & more GenuineCOA 3 6 yearsJustThatGuy (5004): Yep. Lieberman, too.
FS: CBCS ART OA - Rob Liefeld - Badrock ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Drawn in the 1990s and in gold ink for myself amd upon request. Cool item. Thanks for checking out my auction.
Jim lee signature rate Merc51 10 6 yearsMerc51 (4): Same. I’ll be there Friday and Saturday
Cover Sketch shimabuku 5 6 yearsOdins_Raven (2389): Looks like he is taking "Remark Commissions taken each day at the Con's." And "All Commissions in my possession are on HOLD as I finish SPIDERGEDDON #0. I'll start back up with full focus August 30."
Good stores to buy from? Phahn20 15 6 yearsdrchaos (27508): Other than ebay?
Found this awesome sites for silver age! Phahn20 3 6 years50AE_DE (6464): The site had been around for quite some time. As mentioned above, the site had been cherry picked and most keys are now gone. I'm a member of their prime shipping and I still shop there whenever there is a sale. They grade using their own grading system that may not be consistent with Overstreet.
FS: 11-lot var dated Amazing Spider-Man ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Earliest is #179 & #180 (Diamond Dist), blank barcode square. Also included is a signed John Romita Ann #5, along with a Newsstand edition of the HTF #602. Thanks for viewing my auction.
Stocktoncon 2018 ONLINE_209 3 6 yearsONLINE_209 (1867): @Themaxx35 in my opinion yes
1991 Thing From Another World CBCS 9.4 SS 3X kaptainmyke 10 6 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11505): John Carpenter's "Thing" is one of my all-time favorites as well! "I'm a light sleeper Childs" Great Book..... too bad about the scribbling on it.
Looking for Stan lee signed book Flip1987 5 6 yearsDrogio (7706): I have an amazing fantasy 15 reprint signed by Stan, cbcs yellow label. It's the 2004 reprint that was inserted into American newspapers weekly up to about issue 13. Pm me if interested. I have a second one I'm waiting for to arrive from cbcs as well...was signed back in April, and sent in fast pass...but I had it pressed so you know...4 month TAT added on...
NOTHING SPECIAL ONLINE_209 14 6 yearsJoosh (4058): Comic skins are pricey. a few dollars more per slab for actual grading/slabbing. Is anyone selling empty CGC/CBCS slabs from deslabbing?
Stan Lee is done doing public signings Jesse_O 17 6 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): I was lucky enough to meet him a few times in the 90s and actually got to have some nice conversations with him.
Trinity Comics Experiences Frontier2Xterra Jump to first page87Jump to last page 6 yearsdielinfinite (26426): I believe you can still submit a McFarlane yellow label CGC book to CBCS to get a CBCS Yellow Label
Any signature witnesses for Soda City Comic Con @ Columbia, SC 8/25 - 8/26? ackage 3 6 yearsackage (1): Sounds good, let me know how your schedule looks. Thanks for the reply.
Signatures verified kissfan 5 6 yearskaptainmyke (27076): Man I used to have all the McFarlane series 1 KISS toys. I made a killing as a 17 yr old kid back in the day at my comic store I worked at. I was a hundredaire.
best service to facilitate CBCS signatures schnove1977 11 6 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): The guys at COLLECTOR's CHOICE are great, they did my witnessing for a local Jusko event, along with see'ing them at Phoenix Conventions often. I've used Trinity once for a Stan Lee sig., and J&J Collectibles once as well. There is guy in Portland who has helped me twice at Rose City even though I was doing my own witnessing at those events, I don't remember his name but he's always been super civil and hope to run in to him again in...
Gold Label Haunt #1G and Image United #1M signed question(s) ReaderMJ 5 6 yearsReaderMJ (1): Thanks for the input, I appreciate it. I am curious whether the 32/100 affects the book.
Rob Liefeld signature from 1991 smeninc 10 6 yearsX51 (14744): I'm thinking that the one character on the cover is in shock that the cover is drawn so poorly. What is this topic about? Don't bother telling me. It has to do with Liefeld and I'm not interested.
She-Ra first comic appearance ONLINE_209 24 6 yearsGAC (68700): She-ra the character was introduced sometime in the mid 80s. I can't imagine this 2014 book is her 1st appearance. That's almost 30 years to make it to comic book form. Seems strange.
First time Authorized Witness. iggykoopa30 12 6 yearsiggykoopa30 (261): Hope to see some of you folks at the North Texas Comic Book Show this weekend! Lookin' forward to it!
CBCS at SDCC 2018 Jesse_O 7 6 yearsJesse_O (39161): David Baron will have a VERY limited amount of SDCC 2018 exclusive prints (Signed & Numbered) available ONLY at the CBCS booth #507 on Thursday July 19, 2018!
Hulk 340 Wiacek Signature? TranthamJ 15 6 yearsKingNampa (6756): @TranthamJ here is the data to prove the point. 1st screen shot shows 9.8 unsigned VS. 9.8 wiacek signed. They sell for the same price on average! 2nd screen shot shows a Todd signature sells for about $200 more than unsigned :beer: Unless you are a huge Wiacek fan, you are wasting your time. ...
Couple slabs for sale Dalkiel 7 6 yearsDalkiel (1966): Cool.
Jim Starlin Authentic Signature w/ CBCS czarnickolas 18 6 yearsczarnickolas (28): Ah - it looks like I was wrong about his being at SDCC based on this FB post from him: I misread this as he would be there, and was asking if someone could pick up one of those sets for him while he was anchored to his table. What this actually looks like is that he will definitely not be there.
creator signature costs CHUNKBOX 9 6 yearsNuffsaid111 (18680): Artists and writers want their cuts from people getting yellow labels and immediately selling. They see what goes on Ebay. They're not dumb. Whether we say it in a positive, justified, light way or a hard, cold, rough way it's still what it is.
GCOA to Facilitate for CBCS at North Texas and Dallas Comic Shows GenuineCOA 2 6 yearsiggykoopa30 (261): Awesome! I was just asking this question a couple weeks ago. Nice to see CBCS representation at this one! See you there!
Iron Man #55 Signature verified - Jim Starlin. iggykoopa30 18 6 yearsiggykoopa30 (261): True, true. He even took a picture of me holding he book right after he signed it. I now have that picture printed out and hanging in my man cave. The memories, indeed!
A sunny day in Dallas, Julius Schwartz signature Darkseid_of_town 4 6 yearsDarkseid_of_town (14297): Someome stepped right up and fixed it for fast too, thanks!!
Conventions for April-May-June Gabriel85301 Jump to first page47Jump to last page 6 yearsdrchaos (27508): That may be why I do not use GoCollect.
CBSC Booth at Events shimabuku 8 6 yearsshimabuku (49): Thanks for the info guys! Appreciate it.
Signature Grading Prices CaptainCanuck 7 6 yearsCaptainCanuck (6120): Ya, it was private witness. I think I got gouged because he was my only option.
Kyle Starks ONLINE_209 1 6 yearsONLINE_209 (1867): 18-19, 2019 at Stockton Arena!
HeroesCon - great original sketch Tedsaid 3 6 yearsTedsaid (7340): You're right, it does! Which works for me, 'cause I love Noto's stuff, too. Here is a link to Rocha's Instagram account. His most recent (HeroesCon) commissions are posted first, including mine above. And here is a representative sample of Phil Noto. (From the web - I only WISH they were mine.)
Autograph Thearrow 9 6 yearsNuffsaid111 (18680): If on indicia on pre 1990ish books - I'm in. If on cover of pre 1990ish books - I'm out. Now that there is no indicia for the last 25+ years, cover is fine. (Option for indicia sadly is gone) I prefer autos on inside of tpb and hardcovers more than any comic book. It's that simple for me
Jock Signature Authentication Blizz 3 6 yearsBlizz (7): Totally forgot to say thanks for this response. I just wanted to see if anyone had submitted a Jock signature and it was actually verified by the company. I have since found a few verified sigs on ebay, so that's good to know they have him on file.
Comic Con "Experiences", and screwing over your fans mediaslave 28 6 yearsthelastbard (1282): @mrtoon2000 SDCC is a hard cycle... It gets bigger and bigger, and more expensive to attend, stay in the hotels, and pay for the booths. People are spending less and less on things like artists alley, so people, to some degree, need to charge more for things like sketches. Some do get absolutely ridiculous (and some unjustified swollen heads with little to too much celebrity status). There are still a lot who have reasonable pricing, might toss...
Keya Morgan Arrested (finally) JLS_Comics 17 6 yearsDrogio (7706): This is crazier than condition freak's story! Poor Stan. Based on the reports it sounds like he's struggling with memory loss amongst other old age issues (sight/hearing). I know it's his life and he should ride it out the way he wants to, but whomever takes care of him from here on out should be encouraging him to consider no more signings and reconnect with those who really care about him. I know Trinity had a personal signing in early...
Lucio Parrillo & Lee Bermejo SDCC MGA 1 6 yearsMGA (124): Hi guys, hope everyone is having a great con season. We are super stocked to announce our new collaboration with Scott's Collectables & MGA Lucio Parrillo & Lee Bermejo will be set up at the MGA booth at SDCC. We are accepting submissions for signatures. All books are due by 07/10. The cost will be $20.00 a sig. ...
Signature Verification On Raw Grade? 00slim 24 6 years00slim (17613): @KingNampa You’re messing with me, right, bro? That’s what Jake told me.
Stan Lee real or fake signatures Tsuggs124 Jump to first page37Jump to last page 6 yearsDocBrown (16887): You don't sssssay...
Recent Comic Book Pickups: Showcase Them In A Haul! JLS_Comics 9 6 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): Thanks @BrianGreensnips, much appreciated!
Best signatures to have graded Buzbe Jump to first page31Jump to last page 6 yearsOGJackster (48538): Even though these are low in value, when I get some extra buck, they will be sent in to CBCS for obvious reasons.
Explainlikeimfive: Stan Lee sig. values Enelson Jump to first page32Jump to last page 6 years3JJr (205): Thanks for that, McCoy!
Beckett Slab 00slim 11 6 yearsOGJackster (48538): Appears to be just an "Authentic Autograph" and not graded.
Phoenix COMIC FEST !! GRATITUDE KEVIN-RYAN Gabriel85301 9 6 yearsRyanHicks (1974): Thanks @Gabriel85301 and @thelastbard for the kudos and for sending/bringing your books in. Gabriel, it was great seeing you there as always. Kevin and I love helping all you guys out and building up these collections so its always good to hear when you guys appreciate the service.
Walking Dead 115 9.8 SS x33 Todhaircut 5 6 yearsMR_SigS (11124): You can still leave a link.
Need help with signature identification. IxDmackxI 10 6 yearsMR_SigS (11124): The "professional signature" creators use on comics and art. Probably not the same used on personal checks and CC receipts. As mentioned, the sharpie sigs are clearly speedy versions of the sig printed on the cover art.
Autograph Placement Advice HammitChris 19 6 yearsJeremy_K (841):
FS: Blizzard World of Warcraft 10-lot ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): This 10-lot is all Blizzard WoW and an Overwatch emblem - from Blizzard Gear. It also includes an Employee ONLY exclusive coloring book and five promotional atist signature sheets. Great lot...thanks for looking!
Grading and signature verification help Newbie 3 6 yearsBronte (37061): Not sure if this is an option for you, but if the book is for personal collection and you dont get a satisfactory answer to whether they have the signature on file, why not wait a few months and check back? The book will survive a few months in a typical comic bag.....
Retroactive on-site signature verification? czarnickolas 9 6 years1243782365 (503): Interesting
Saturday Mail Call! dielinfinite 8 6 yearsdielinfinite (26426): A few more books just came in! ...
Lady Death La Muerta #1 kickstarter ZosoRocks 8 6 yearsJustThatGuy (5004): Same way Stan is going broke :)[/quote] No more "with a happy ending" for Stan. Anyhow, I lost interest in Lady Death ever since Evil Ernie and her are not together. Plus, it maybe me, but no one seems to do Lady Death right 'cept for Steven Hughes.
Golden Age Comic Spine Roll Question HammitChris Jump to first page34Jump to last page 6 yearsQuaBrot (2018): @CFP_Comics Joe, show off!
Sean Murphy Batman White Knight 1 1st print MGA 1 6 yearsMGA (124): Hi guys got a bunch of Sean Murphy's hit series Batman: White Knight 1,2,& 3 1st prints at Granite Comic Con yesterday all 9.6 or better. As follows Batman White Knight B&W #1 signed $60 Batman White Knight #1 signed $20.00 Batman White Knight #2 signed $20.00 Batman White Knight #3 signed $50.00 or all 4...
SIG SUB FAN-EX DAL/EAST COAST CC/FRIGHTMARE GenuineCOA 3 6 yearsGenuineCOA (176): LAST CHANCE to submit MAIL-IN books for signatures from EAST COAST COMICON. Orders are due at the link below by 4/20/18.
Who is the sketch donho 16 6 yearsdonho (665): given to me as a gift. and I liked it
SIGNING OPP ROMITA, BUSCEMA, THOMAS AND MORE GenuineCOA 8 6 yearsGenuineCOA (176): There is still time to submit your comics to Genuine COA for the BACK ISSUE ICONS signings. Have your comics signed by featured classic creators such as SAL BUSCEMA (Hulk), DAVID MICHELINIE (Spider-man) or MIKE KALUTA (The Shadow) and then graded by CBCS Comics. See the full list below. JOHN ROMITA SR SAL BUSCEMA ROY THOMAS JOE SINNOTT DAVID MICHELINIE LARRY LIEBER JOE GIELLA DON PERLIN GERRY CONWAY MICHAEL KALUTA TOM DEFALCO Some of...
Tips to keep your Comic safe during signings GanaSoth 13 6 yearskaptainmyke (27076): nice. take that google seo!
Stan Lee Signing book mess up MrBamBam2u 21 6 yearsBabaLament (2961): @Hanginglimbs Yep. Left side, middle of the book; "Authentic Stan Lee's Collectibles, a serial number, and "Excelsior Approved." Any of his pre-signed stuff on the table, or direct orders from Stan Lee's Collectibles, is gonna have the sticker; at which point CBCS takes it to the woodshed when grading.
Before I go to FeeBay.. Looking for some CHO Gabriel85301 2 6 yearsobiwan1971 (243): When I set up at big Apple I’ll take a look. I think I have 1 or 2 of these
Need help in identifying an autograph WalkinWillie 15 6 yearsX51 (14744): I know the guy! Actually, I've seen him setup a lot and I know of him. I talk to his dad occasionally. I know his dad more than him. He sets up at pretty much every one of these shows... Now I have to take back what I said about his parents!
Got these in the mail! Share your Stan Lee's spfd18 17 6 yearsVictorCreed (517): Sketch from Quesada signed by him and Stan.
RUNAROUND ONLINE_209 Jump to first page72Jump to last page 6 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): Yeah, Tim....I agree with you 100%. I meant to say/imply that Borock would not be the one who did the investigation/leg work etc. Borock has his hands full as the head/finalizer grader at CBCS. This is a customer service issue, not a grader issue. All I meant is that Borock would have more experience overall and that he would simply direct customer service in the ideal direction. I actually meant to say what you said, I just didn't...
East Coast Comic Con Gabriel85301 3 6 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): Sending PM! :)
Great Philidelphia Comic Con Facilitators? spfd18 1 6 yearsspfd18 (50): Are there any facilitators attending the Great Philadelphia Comic Con on April 27th-29th? I'd like to get a few books signed and graded.
Mail Call! Shouts out to Matt of Trinity! Gabriel85301 2 6 yearsteacha777 (1180): Fast past is serious and Matt is a cool individual to deal with. Definitely recommend :beer:
Which book would you have Stan sign? czarnickolas 19 6 yearsMarcJ (364): I personally would have something signed that he wrote or where he appears on the cover. For the "collector" in me, I'd also have a copy of the same book without the signature, but again, that's just me. If you want something much more "unique", look at the stuff Stan wrote that isn't "hero" related. You'll be very surprised I would suspect once you find out all the stuff he's done. For example, did you know he...
Mail Call pn March 31. Received Jan 31. Gabriel85301 3 6 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): Gratitude! The next book I get I'm all jittery about. :)
Indy con Topsykrets 2 6 yearsMarcJ (364): I had a blast! Had some great conversations with Peter David, Tim Vigil, and Joe Jusko. I feel not enough people just stop and talk to these guys. I'm sure they get tired of just signing books. I got a signature from Jusko on a Marvel Preview that just happened to be his first work for Mavel which prompted a conversation about how he was still learning to draw when he did the cover and how there was no way you could get away with that in...
CGC to CBCS Signature Series Conversion? AdamHowlett 16 6 yearsdielinfinite (26426): If you got a yellow label and not a qualified yellow label like this Then yes, the Len Wein signature was treated as writing on the cover and the grade was affected accordingly
CBCS's new VSP process? Same sig list or? Darkga 6 6 yearsSpiderTim (3269): I didn't now all that info from CSA! This is a great post!
Nickel City Comic Con Facilitators? spfd18 9 6 yearsspfd18 (50): @CopperAgeKids yeah I know that both companies have witnesses and their booths. But what I was talking about with CGC was that at NYCC I was able to take my walking dead comic books (unsigned) to CGC's booth, and drop them off with them (and fill out the paperwork/pay for grading & shipping/pay for Kirkman's signing fee); then leave the convention. And latter that night, CGC took the books to Kirkman for him to sign, cause he had a private...
Stan Lee signature princing help sl4wt3r 27 6 yearsthelastbard (1282): The ones that made sense to have Stan and Joan were Peter and MJ images... Seemed more common when they showed up on the Stan Lee Stuff site ( Aside from that, I don't get the point. $600? Noooooo.... Even at a 9.8. Half that? Maybe. It would depend on the book itself aside from that.
eBay sales ending soon.. RAM BigRig 10 6 yearsBigRig (2006): Rick and Morty 31 UK variant This book ends at 7:00 pm est. This is the only signed UK variant I'v ever seen on eBay.
Sock Drawer Clean Out KingNampa Jump to first page42Jump to last page 6 yearsdrchaos (27508): Cool, check your PM.
WONDERCON 2018 dsalangsang 15 6 yearsThorneArt (1916): I will be there in Artist Alley (C-14) and will had Sketch Covers available to be submitted for grading or Art label.
**ROB LIEFELD MAIL-IN SIGNING OPPORTUNITY** GenuineCOA 18 6 yearsX51 (14744): All I have is this Christmas picture of him. Rob could draw him without feet.
Getting signatures verified raymondjohn 6 6 yearsraymondjohn (1): Two of the comics I have are Dynamic Forces so that's good to know. Thank you
Stan Lee signing obiwan1971 22 6 yearsdrchaos (27508): If Stan cancels a signing does that mean we get six more weeks of Winter?
Bats out of hell Topsykrets 9 6 yearsTopsykrets (255): Ah so each store might have a couple then
My comic book journey to date Mickee92 11 6 yearsBrianGreensnips (14617): The Wolverine 4 issue mini series Volume 1 with Chris Claremont and Frank Miller was really good. Origin was good too.
STAN LEE Private Signing Books due 3/25 TrinityComics 5 6 yearsDrogio (7706): @TrinityComics thanks for touching base. Hope you post back here when it's back on...holding off on sending a book until then.
ECCC 2018 Accepting Submissions TrinityComics 13 6 yearsJesse_O (39161): Fixed.
Same Book, 3 Different Labels dielinfinite 12 6 yearsdielinfinite (26426): It looks like CBCS has quietly changed their mind and updated the title to “Wizard Ace Edition: Amazing Spider-Man #129 #nn” which males a lot more sense than their previous decision
Who signed this Ghost Rider Captain America anthonybischoff 4 6 yearsTedsaid (7340): That's a great cover. Looks like Weeks channeling Mignola.
Should I open my ASM 700 for signatures? ronvaughan 12 6 yearsshrewbeer (13240): This really is not a hard book to get. Cracking this one for the cigs you want is probably your best chance at 9.8, and you can always get another one if it downgrades. Unless its a newsstand. Then its certainly not pocket change, and at 9.8 you’d be crazy to chance the downgrade.
TWD Variants Comicnewbie 5 6 yearsMarximus (652): The info is on GoCollect. Just be sure to filter by CGC signature series, and the appropriate variant. The site has sales records on all 18 variant covers. If you're not a paid subscriber, you can still get the data on 5 books for free, each month. But it's only 6 bucks a month....well worth it.
My fantastic 2018 Great Lakes Comic Con exp Joosh 11 6 yearsTimBildhauser (2237): @Joosh Why does Cody get all the credit? Show some love! LOL It was nice meeting you BTW. If you're coming to Motor City in May stop by and see us. ;)
first slabe from cbcs donho 9 6 yearsBrianGreensnips (14617): That is cool. Enjoy.
Superman Batman 7 Variant Dell Otto SS 9.8 ben62 14 6 yearsben62 (10): UP
Convention Sale For Comic Book Collections Khumbu 1 6 yearsKhumbu (199): I am trying to make a little extra scratch for ECCC and am having a little sale in my store. Mention you are from the forum and we will try and make a much better deal for you. At the very least throw in a bonus book for you. Comic Book Collections
GABRIELE DELL'OTTO Private Signing TrinityComics 1 6 yearsTrinityComics (244): **Gabriele Dell'Otto Private Signing** Books are due 3/5. For pricing information message us or visit or You can send your books to: Trinity Comics 2727 Merrilee Drive #440 Fairfax, VA 22031 Don't forget to put your name address and...
Wrong comic TheCollectorOfAll 21 6 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): Intercepted= The package was intercepted when it arrived at the destination city as shown on the package (Vegas). That is how FedEx intercepts and reroutes shipments. For practical reasons (man power), that is how FedEx operates. I am not making light of these issues. But I am sure that if you were dealing with CGC and not CBCS, all other things being equal,your experience would not have been the slightest bit different.
Accepting mail-ins for FANEXPO DALLAS TrinityComics 1 6 yearsTrinityComics (244): We are accepting submissions for books to be signed and CBCS graded at Fanexpo Dallas. Books are due in hand 3/25. Comic Creator Guest List Private Signings with Jim Lee, Joe Quesada, Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, David Finch, Donny Cates, Andy Kubert, Matthew Rosenberg, Joshua Williamson Celebrity Guest List The cost is $10 on top of comic creator fees ( If you find...
Trinity Comics Private Signing ADAM HUGHES TrinityComics 4 6 yearsktcomics (4): Message incoming
**GABRIELE DELL'OTTO PRIVATE SIGNING** TrinityComics 2 6 yearsktcomics (4): Best in the business just keeps getting better! I'll have several books to send in.
Best investment Comicnewbie Jump to first page212Jump to last page 6 yearsEngineJoe (178): Hey bud, you looking for a raw black error cover venom lethal protector? I’ll part with mine for the right price lol! Pm me if interested.
Stranger Con (Stranger Things) CBCS Witness? HammitChris 4 6 yearsCowabunga_Kyle (2270): I had a table also, I won't be going back.
If CBCS Presses & Re-Grades a Red Label? 00slim 17 6 years00slim (17613): Personally, I'd fast track both Grading & Pressing either way.
Steven butler Topsykrets 1 6 yearsTopsykrets (255): He will be at the Indy comic con Does anyone know if he will do sketch for a custom cover?
Any Evil Ernie Fans? ThorneArt 6 6 yearsDavidM (1582): I’m a fan from the early days and have that series, just not the S&N one. I met both guys at a NY con a few months after the 1st book came out. RIP Hughes.
Stan Lee Signature Advice HammitChris Jump to first page42Jump to last page 6 yearskaptainmyke (27076): You are right about getting him to sign early in the morning with his left hand, his dominant hand, first 50 people. Then after he takes a nap and has lunch he starts getting tired and signing with this right hand. It looks janky. Stan Lee is left handed.
Rare signatures? Fiawol 4 6 yearsX51 (14744): I had to dig up the list to see what's on it. Hmmm!
Facilitator Question - could use some help drchaos 3 6 yearsdrchaos (27508): Got it, thanks!
For Sale: Attention fans of Donny Cates FletchLives 3 6 yearsFletchLives (1): updated:
My Frank Miller RoboCop trilogy is complete! dielinfinite 14 6 yearsKingNampa (6756): I waited all my childhood for Robocop vs Terminator movie. :(
WTT - JSC Phoenix for Mark Brooks Variants ThorneArt 1 6 yearsThorneArt (1916): Hello, I have a set of (3) JSC signed Phoenix Variants. I would like to trade some or all for some of the Psylocke Virgin Variants. Anyone have any interest in trading?
A Big Thank You to Gabriel85301 1 6 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): A big huge Thank you to Mark Roman, Tim, Matt S (From Trinity) and other CBCS witnesses present for your assistance today at ACE COMIC CON. I appreciate YOUR SERVICE immensely. #GRATITUDE
Newly graded. More to be. whowill Jump to first page40Jump to last page 6 yearswhowill (431): IRON FIST.
Rick & Morty #1 for sale Ambush_Bug 6 6 yearsDrogio (7706): Swirls are lighting. Have this problem all the time I use a flash...gotta get the right angle, but yes others might think those are scratches and move along...
Chad Hardin Sketch Opportunity TrinityComics 4 6 yearsCowabunga_Kyle (2270): I like boobs too (allegedly)
VSP gallery...Show em off! Odins_Raven Jump to first page103Jump to last page 6 yearsthe420bandito (11192): As soon as they are start accepting underground books I will have some fun VSP posts....
GEORGE PEREZ SIGNING at BEDROCK CITY GenuineCOA 17 6 yearsGenuineCOA (176): To update, we had many customers contacting us across platforms such as this page and the CBCS Facebook groups asking if we would be willing to accept submissions for this signing. We initially called the store location of the signing to inquire about grading and were told that CGC submissions would be accepted on site. There was no mention of CBCS. We posted on social media and this forum about our attendance to reach those that were asking. We...
SECRET WARS REUNION SIGNING OPPORTUNITY! GenuineCOA 13 6 yearsGenuineCOA (176): BIG NEWS!! Genuine COA will attend the Bedrock City Comics GEORGE PEREZ signing and is now accepting MAIL-IN submissions for this signing. This will be the perfect compliment to the signers available at the NORTH TEXAS COMIC BOOK SHOW. Place MAIL-IN or BOOTH DROP=OFF orders for CBCS signature submission at the link below. ...
The Staros Report or The Intimates Anyone? mattness 4 6 yearsX51 (14744): Chris used to show up at my friend's store periodically. I'd seen him several times before I knew who he was.
Signature ID Help mattness 7 6 yearsmattness (1511): Wow, that was quick. Thanks @BigRig & @X51 the signatures do look similar to Brian Michael Bendis & Bill Sienkiewicz. Thanks again I appreciate it. :beer: I have a few more maybe I should post them lol.
Mail call! JustABitEvil 7 6 yearsJustThatGuy (5004): its going to cost you about the same. maybe $10-$20 or so more. I have used Matt's service before, zero complaints from me. great book by the way. cause "he's the Juggernaut, b!#ch"
ACE Phoenix Stan Lee Private Signing TrinityComics 3 6 yearsTrinityComics (244): Yes please, feel free to DM us.
TOM HOLLAND CHRIS EVANS Signing TrinityComics 1 6 yearsTrinityComics (244): We are attending Ace Comic Con and accepting submissions for Tom Holland, Chris Evans, and Jon Bernthal. Mail-In deadline is 1/5/17. Price and mail-in information is in the link below: ...
Todd McFarlane Sig Facilitators? c2t2merch 16 6 yearsmattness (1511): Just for reference: I had two Mcfarlane cgc yellow label signatures (one signed 2015, silver, one signed 2016, gold) regraded by CBCS last year (2016). I also submitted a universal cgc slab (silver polybage)to be signed by Mcfarlane through Genuine COA who was representing CBCS. This one was also regraded by CBCS, also last year 2016....
North Texas Comic Book Show Feb 10-11 spideyfan68 5 6 yearsspideyfan68 (55): Agreed I hope that all got worked out.
ASM #328 9.8 SS Lee/McFarlane & more! gman 5 6 yearsgman (673): thanks for the kind let's hear an offer or two. trades welcome as well.
New auctions starting at 99 cents this week kaptainmyke 1 6 yearskaptainmyke (27076): NEW! 99 cent auctions this week on ebay: Some good stuff! ...
1 Day (with VSP) TAT TEST KingNampa Jump to first page45Jump to last page 6 yearskaptainmyke (27076):
Poster Autograph Verification DukeTogo 6 6 yearsobiwan1971 (243): Send it thank Beckett. They are the best in the business for authenticity
To Slab or not to Slab? Hmmm... CEPubDude 13 6 yearsDrogio (7706): If you know their authentic and are just keeping them for display, they have options that will not only be less, but you can customize your label and reopen them whenever you want.
Ace Comic Con (Glendale Arizona) Gabriel85301 11 6 yearscomic_book_man (1978): @Gabriel85301 I was going to go with my brother in law, but the signature prices are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to high. :oops:
SIG OP W/ BRIAN BOLLARD & JOHN ROMITA JR GenuineCOA 7 7 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Sorry about the typo folks. Have to watch that copy and paste. Thanks for pointing that out. Yes, the signings are with BRIAN BOLLAND and JOHN ROMITA JR. @Hexigore , at the link in the post, Step 01 represents pricing for CBCS grading and any desired cleaning and pressing. Of course pricing depends on book tier and other options. Be sure to check the "Signature" box and click "Add a Witnessed Signature" for each...
Signed "Frank Castle" + Skull by Jon Berthal kaptainmyke 1 7 yearskaptainmyke (27076): Signed "Frank Castle" + Skull by Jon Berthal For Sale $199
FOR SALE: Amazing Spider-man #299 Signed 9.6 kaptainmyke 1 7 yearskaptainmyke (27076): 1988 Marvel Comics AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #299 CBCS 9.6 Signed by TODD McFARLANE ON FIRST PAGE NM+ 1st Appearance of Venom in cameo. Chance cover art and story. CBCS ID# 16-26620BF-009 Click here for ebay auction listing
FALL MAIL-IN SIG SUBMISSION OPPORTUNITIES GenuineCOA 2 7 yearsGenuineCOA (176): LAST CHANCE for MAIL-IN signature submissions for WIZARD WORLD AUSTIN. Guest List Below Have your comics signed and then graded by CBCS Comics​ for an AUTHENTIC SIGNATURE YELLOW LABEL. Place your order at the link below. If your desired signer is not listed, please contact Genuine COA.
Todd McFarlane signing question Bujinwraith 4 7 yearsBujinwraith (34): Thank you, everyone! I got in contact with Chris and am working on that. Hate that I have to rush. Next time I'll be more prepared.
Where do you buy your books-multiple places thelastbard Jump to first page53Jump to last page 7 yearsJustABitEvil (2304): My best flea market find was book on my avatar, X-Men 12. I paid $10 for it, granted that was nearly 20 years ago now. I had Stan Lee sign it at my first convention and CBCS received it on Monday and I can't wait to have my baby back. PS: Check for estate sales in your area.
Autograph Question Here. Shaggy99 25 7 yearsthelastbard (1282): It's okay, I'd forget what day was if I wasn't sitting in front of my work computer all the time looking at weekly, monthly, and quarterly data...
Am I reading this right? JustABitEvil 4 7 yearsesaravo (92686): @JustABitEvil and @ComicHaulics - I plan to be there on Sunday. Trying to figure out what to submit for grading and what to get signed. See you guys there!
Arrived today Mickcatron 11 7 yearsthelastbard (1282): @Stu Ah, well... with J. Scott, I'd prefer to witness them myself, since I can yellow label them myself and save some money, you know? It's just a matter of patience!
Need Assist in Verifying Signature Negrito68 3 7 yearsVictorCreed (517): Might help to see the sketch as well.
Can I submit items to Beckett now? Tommy49 12 7 yearsrobertofredrico (738): Q: Is it necessary to get my CGC book reholdered every 10 (or 7, or 12, etc.) years? A: No. The CGC holder is designed for long-term preservation and provides superior protection for your books. A properly handled and stored CGC-certified book can last for generations. The CGC holder is made from high-quality materials and is entirely archival-safe. The inner well that holds books, for example, is comprised of PETG, a plastic that is well...
Signature question Stu Jump to first page34Jump to last page 7 yearsthelastbard (1282): It's definitely still a Stan sig, but it has devolved over the years... It happens! Combination of age, sig evolution, and even a given day, where he could have signed God knows how many books. As people have said, he smudges, he makes mistakes, etc, so this one came out well! I have three, one from three-ish years ago, and two from three months ago, and there is a marked difference between the time-gap. BUT, still Stan! Still a win for you......
CBCS Graded X-men #1 SS Stan Lee, 99 Cents! KingNampa Jump to first page81Jump to last page 7 yearsDocBrown (16887): What does that sentence even mean...? You talk about how the US is now "ranked below all other major countries" (without even defining what a "major country" is...that is, it's just a talking point)...and then try and tie that into "what is best for yourself" is "inherently flawed." You believe...because you've been told so by people you do, but ought not to, trust...that it is individual freedom that is...
JOCK SIGNING!!! MostlyMarvel240 16 7 yearsDocBrown (16887): My mom puts my initials in my that the same thing as a jock signing...?
NYCC Reference Thread - Do not post drchaos 10 7 yearsdrchaos (27508): Thank you to everyone for leaving this thread clear during the Con. This was definitely the best Con I have ever had for signatures. I still can't believe how many big signatures I got. There are some artists I just didn't get to but I am still very pleased.
CBCS SIGNATURE WITNESS FOR NYCC BOOTH #2912 GenuineCOA 5 7 yearsGenuineCOA (176): As long as your preferences are clearly indicated on the comic backboard, we are happy to accommodate your requests and, of course, there would not be any additional charges.
Waited 17 Wks for 14 Books, Sides Not Sealed brigand80 30 7 yearsshrewbeer (13240): Just want to add that PETG and PET are completely different chemical compounds, not even close to one another. The inner well, PETG, can breathe. Not enough for you to notice if you tried breathing through it, but enough that the chemical off-gassing doesnt build up inside the well. Good point. If only. It's not restoration, its conservation. People should be far more accepting of the latter, rather it should be celebrated on GA...
JUSTICE LEAGUE Cast Signing! TrinityComics 7 7 yearsAbsolute_Zero (1104): I would love to get the whole cast as well as Green Lantern who ever that is
Spider-Gwen #25 by Ed McGuinness now up MGA 15 7 yearsMGA (124): Thank you for your support. every customer counts policy.
SIGNING W/ ROMITA JR & RUBINSTEIN GenuineCOA 2 7 yearsGenuineCOA (176): LAST CHANCE to place your orders and get your books to us by October 1!! Place your orders at the link below.
1st Submission to CBCS Negrito68 21 7 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): Check the graders' notes, if you didn't have your check marked red label ASM 300 pressed before grading. Still a VERY nice trio of books, in any event.😍😍😍
Gene Simmons Sigs thelastbard 26 7 yearsthelastbard (1282): 14, that's awesome!
**BACK ISSUE ICONS SIGNING OPPORTUNITY** GenuineCOA 15 7 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Only TWO WEEKS left to submit your books for some of these RARE signings! This is an incredible opportunity to get multiple signatures on a book from some classic creators. Place your orders at the link below.
SIGNATURES @ NY and RHODE ISLAND COMIC CONS GenuineCOA 1 7 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Genuine COA will be attending NEW YORK COMIC CON and RHODE ISLAND COMIC CON as part of creator signings and can offer signature witnessing for those events as an Authorized CBCS Witness! See offered signers and place your MAIL-IN signature and CBCS Comics grading orders at the link below. If you do not see your desired signer among those shown, please contact our offices for a quote. (Note:...
Spawn Vault Edition (post your results here) Darkga Jump to first page75Jump to last page 7 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): That does suck.
CBCS OA / VSP submitter's reference ZosoRocks 17 7 yearsOGJackster (48538): Not slabbed yet but here is the COA. SCOTT SNYDER
Error books Jackal42 7 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): @Tedsaid There are so many different variables it's hard to say without actually sending it in and seeing what grade they give it.
**DALLAS COMIC SHOW SEPTEMBER 16-17** GenuineCOA 1 7 yearsGenuineCOA (176): **MAIL-IN SIGNATURE SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE BY 9/11** Find the Genuine COA booth at the Dallas Comic Show, September 16-17, for signature witnessing and CBCS Comics grading services! For MAIL-IN or ON-SITE submissions, place your order at the link below. WE ARE ALSO OFFERING BOOTH DROP-OFF FOR OUR UPCOMING BACK ISSUE ICONS SIGNING OPPORTUNITY!! ...
Signature Hunt Themaxx35 6 7 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Thank you for making this thread. Genuine COA recently announced a big signing with classic creators, some only available to CBCS customers through this opportunity. MIKE KALUTA, who has never signed for CBCS before, was just added. Please LIKE the Genuine COA Facebook page to be the first to hear any new announcements as they are posted.
Perception of CBCS Graded Comics.. KingNampa Jump to first page63Jump to last page 7 yearskaptainmyke (27076):
Thoughts/Ideas on selling an odd collection OpiePride 14 7 yearsTowmater (10537): Depending you what you have don't forget to contact Comic Link. Good bunch of people.
Rick and Morty #1 johnctan Jump to first page46Jump to last page 7 yearsJesse_O (39161): Ok - thanks. I'll have to try the app on my phone. I can get to the estimated values per grade screen, but nothing from there. I can go to the "On the move" report, but that just lists the current movers, you can't search by individual comic that way. Like I said, I'll give it a try on my mobile later. Thanks again.
BATMAN: Dark Nights Metal #1 printing defects myxzeus70 10 7 yearsZosoRocks (2131): RIGHT ON! Thanks DL!
My first submission. Djchristensen 3 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): I never knew the influences behind these Jae Lee covers before.
Witness needed for Edmonton and Saskatoon Millvilleresident 3 7 yearsMillvilleresident (208): Still nobody? Sad face for me.
CBCS Rose City Signing events Jesse_O 16 7 years1nOnly (365): Just got an email saying Liefeld will no longer be attending RCCC. Offering refunds for everyone that bought his VIP package.
Accepting submissions San Francisco Con 9/1 spidermanbeyond 5 7 yearsspidermanbeyond (7): Just send you a PM with all my info. Thank you.
**************GOOD NEWS************** ONLINE_209 10 7 yearsJWKyle (3300): I just got off the phone with Jake about some submission question at this con. He stated they are not going to be there. Just a heads up for those going to do some cbcs stuff.
Debating which book to get signed Ny85 10 7 years1nOnly (365): @DarthLego Ya, I thought about that too. It seems to be the only one I can find online that others have had him sign.
ADVICE: Comic Priest to Marry Hulk 181 Pages Darkga 19 7 yearsDrogio (7706): I prefer "Wolvenstein"
Question: Asterisk Negrito68 10 7 yearsdielinfinite (26426): Open thread to view post.
Does Jim Lee still do con sketches? Darkga 26 7 yearskaptainmyke (27076):
Brent Peeples ONLINE_209 15 7 yearsThemaxx35 (2510): So, nothing significant. They had a $1 and half off sale going on. So picked up a lot of Terry Dodson Catwoman covers for $1 each. Nothing valuable but Catwoman is kind of a niche I collect and I just found out about Dodson's run in the New 52 so I was happy about that. And I found a nice NM copy of Batman 410. Again not valuable but it completed my high grade run of post-crisis Jason Todd intro books. As for the wall books, it was...
For Sale: Fantastic Four #1 1.8 & ASM #4 Sabersaw 16 7 yearsSteverogers11 (3605): Nice FF 1. Just a little higher cost than I'm looking for. GLWS
Red vs Blue label: exclusively signed comics Darkga 11 7 yearsDarkga (4787): Red label it is then... I'll put it deep in the to-be-slabbed box though. Thanks!
Con to Con Witnessed Signatures comic_book_man 20 7 yearscomic_book_man (1978): Good to know! ...and that just makes sense - I could see bias/favoritism for grading companies playing a negative role if that were not the case.
Grade or not? VictorCreed 18 7 yearsKingNampa (6756): @Atakmunky7 lol, yes you bring up a good point. I'm worried about my CBCS slabs getting scratched over time. Can someone create a slab to protect my CBCS' slab? Also can someone also grade that slab around my CBCS slab for its eye appeal and add a sticker to it?
Grendel 1-3's find Johnnyonthespot 2 7 yearsBroker1 (750): Sweet!
Framed Art VictorCreed 4 7 yearsDarthLego (20518):
Space Usagi Yojimbo has arrived! 00slim 9 7 yearsJeremy_K (841): how many more of these drops you think will happen? I'm betting a lot.
*RARE SIGNING OPPORTUNITY WITH GARTH ENNIS* GenuineCOA 3 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): Sweet! How the heck did this post go unnoticed 14 days ago?
FS Dark Tower Wind Through Keyhole Jae Lee DarthLego 1 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): For Sale The Dark Tower: The Wind Through The Keyhole By Stephen King Donald M. Grant Slipcased Illustrated Artist Edition. Signed by artist Jae Lee Limited to 5,000 copies. This is from my personal collection. ...
FOR THOSE WHO MIGHT BE INTERESTED ONLINE_209 5 7 yearsAndyRexia (6306): I'm kicking myself now for not getting one.
GOOD IDEA OR BAD IDEA ONLINE_209 8 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): Not everything has to be done with a motive of value increase.
InvestComics Facebook Auction! Friday 7pm ES Gabriel85301 1 7 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): Friday auction. 7pm EST. All Graded/signed comics. (except Spidey 1). Plus Silver Age, First Appearances, Key issues....we must have an audience of at least 20 or more to carry this auction. Let's make this happen. Please share this announcement and the live auction. See you at Signatures from; Todd McFarlane, George Perez, Joe Quesada, Jock, Dave Gibbons, Dan Slott, and more. 4 sigs on Silk first appearance...
For sale CBCS SS Jeremy_K 6 7 yearsJeremy_K (841): lol he put up a sign that said $50 (i think) for bad drawings of Batman. Money went to hero initiative. He's a pretty funny dude.
Live Auction on Facebook Live, Right Now! Gabriel85301 1 7 yearsGabriel85301 (1764):
New Celebrity signed thread Revelations 7 7 yearsdielinfinite (26426): A few books destined for yellow labels in the near future: Dolf Lundgren: Jon Bernthal (want to get Charlie Cox on this in the near future) Thomas Jane, Jon Bernthal, Dolph Lundgren (Humberto Ramos, John...
Questions About Authorized Witnesses ONLINE_209 17 7 yearsJesse_O (39161):
Going to Hawaii. Tnerb1107 13 7 yearsTnerb1107 (22): I have been to both. And Jelly's II
WTS Some old comics lying around KingNampa 20 7 yearsKingNampa (6756): People were inquiring for my asking price. Wasn't sure so I based this on average sales on ebay in last month. Price is firm on these. $1832+ Free Shipping via Paypal. Or if you pay by check (6% Discount) $1722 + Free Shipping. Shipping is USPS Priority Mail with Signature Required. Free Shipping within USA Only. Break down of price (sorry won't sell separately) IH #180-8.5= $460 IH #181 5.5= $1,199 IH #182 8.5= $173
Double cover signing? RRO 10 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): That was creative.
UnHoly Grail #1 New CBCS Variant Merlin Set MGA 7 7 yearsMGA (124): Thank you. I hand pick everyone. I appreciate the business
Trinity Comics at SDCC! Taking Mail-Ins! TrinityComics 5 7 yearsWolverine (1960): Hey Matt, I'll be sending you two books as soon as I can when they get here from across the pond.
Baby Teeth #2 SDCC Pre-sale Geoff Shaw cover MGA 3 7 yearsMGA (124): A little of their print runs are affordable and not as risky. Donny Cates the writer is a up coming super star. overall new line of books from After Shock is pretty good. Pestilence, Unholy Grail, & Baby teeth are recommended. Check them out
Any CBCS Authorized Witnesses In Cali ONLINE_209 13 7 yearsONLINE_209 (1867): that is true the books are for my personal collection until eventually i give them to my great nephew when he is old enough to appreciate them
Baby Teeth #1 Black preorder 5/28 MGA 19 7 yearsMGA (124): Hi Shrew, not to worry. It would be easier off the site. I can get it out tomorrow morning. The Hall is one of our partners, but wasn't involved on this one. Let me know if that works.
AW's going to Boston Con? Gabriel85301 1 7 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): Let me know what AWs out there are headed to Boston Con! I got a couple sigs I'd love to get on my books and sent in for grading. Thank you.
To reslab or not to reslab ONLINE_209 Jump to first page48Jump to last page 7 yearsAndyRexia (6306): I thought they had the lowest prices around? Did they increase? I don't use them, and probably never will, so I'm only asking out of curiosity.
Breaking: Carnage will be in the Venom Movie JLS_Comics Jump to first page63Jump to last page 7 yearskaptainmyke (27076): only Mrs KaptainMyke is the master of my Sith.
grading a book with both kinds of sigs Comicbookzach 8 7 yearsJeremy_K (841): The date on the label lets people know that was witnessed (plus it's cheaper to slab)
North TX Comic Book Show MostlyMarvel240 1 7 yearsMostlyMarvel240 (10): Ixll be attending the North Texas Comic Book Show July 15 and 16. Guests include Mark Bagley, Rob Guillory, Geof Isherwood, Jay Leisten and others. Books are due by July 10th. Link to complete guest list below.
Chris Claremont Zombie_Head 13 7 yearsJustThatGuy (5004): no. he just talks a lot. just be careful of some of the things you say though, he'll go off. he caught himself from getting angry because i brought up something that people were doing( killing his legacy) to his creations.
SPAWN THX Foil for Rick & Morty #1 1st print kaptainmyke 23 7 yearsGrayspeedster (406): It looks like it just got scrunched a little and a expert presser would be able to sharpen up that edge! That's my guess, I have no idea. Side note, I just paid $100 for 9.6-9.8 at my LCS and I can't wait to list it on eBay!
Growing trend of window bag signing comics kaptainmyke Jump to first page100Jump to last page 7 yearsverbogyrater (220): Yes, I did.
J.Scott Campbell Signing!! MostlyMarvel240 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 7 yearskaptainmyke (27076): A hard 8.
Ed McGuinness Sketch-Op Super Con & Boston MGA 1 7 yearsMGA (124): Here's your chance to pre-book a spot with Ed McGuinness at Supercon or Boston Comic Con, Spots are limited. For all inquires email me at We also can take in books for signing I represent Ed for those who don't know. Thanks Mike Rates: Blanks Pencil & Ink 1.Headshot $125 2.Torso $225 3.Full body $325 +25 on copics on all levels 9x12 Pencil & Ink 1.Headshot $250 2.Torso $350 3.Full body $450 +50 on...
Release Date Signing with Donny Cates MGA 1 7 yearsMGA (124): Available only to 12:00 midday Central 6/7/17 Get Donny Cates's new book Babyteeth #1 signed with a Special signed on release date label. We have 4 different covers currently available. The A and B covers for $75 graded.As well as the Red Pegasus Comics Variant and the Babyteeth Black Variant $100 graded. This opportunity is only available through Maxwell's Super Comics and MGC contact Lance or Mike...
Submission Diary from South East Asia flikhype 11 7 yearsflikhype (7): probably. thanks for the suggestion. :) Iron Man 251,Herb Trimpe VSP - I didn't see much defects. But there were some light creases on the spine. It's assumable grade should be an 8.0 I suppose. Conservatively. New Avengers FDNY - It looks pristine. I really couldn't see any defects with my naked eyes. I'd expect probably a 9.8 Hope that helps. :)
Verified sig. vs. CBCS witnessed sig. ? ncamother 2 7 yearsDrogio (7706): I would think that asp books have slightly more value in that the witness reduces the risk of an unauthentic signature to essentially zero. While vsp carries slightly more risk. as no account of when or where the book was signed is provided....and coa's, which cannot be slabbed with the book, cannot necessarily be tied back to the actual book... Just my opinion.
American Entertainment Exclusives JLS_Comics 26 7 yearsX51 (14744):
Trinity Comics JOCK Private Signing in July TrinityComics 17 7 yearsThanatos (3201): good to know :)
Heroes Con 2017 Taking Submissions Now! TrinityComics 4 7 yearsTrinityComics (244): It differs per creator. They charge different prices. We charge $10 flat on most.
Welcome to the CBCS Forum! SteveRicketts Jump to first page530Jump to last page 7 yearsrec1978 (64): Hello All, I am new to the CBCS boards, but I have been around the block a little while (EBay for 16 years and CGC Chat Boards (same user id) for 4 years). If you see anything in my EBay store that you like, please feel free to shoot me a PM! Cheers, Ron As a side note: I am sending my first book, for CBCS Submission, today! ...
Met the guys at the Phoenix Comicon! Kaleljll 8 7 yearsKaleljll (406): Yeah I think that was his sales pitch to try and sway me to become a CGC customer. It only solidified my loyalty to CBCS.
Awesome Con 2017 (DC) Robodog 9 7 yearsRobodog (56): I wouldn't mind hanging out with you again, also! Had a good time last year!!
Robbi Rodriguez Hello 2 7 yearsdrchaos (27508): Not that I know of but I do have this book available in my ebay store if you want one he already signed and remarked.
Set 9.8 Civil War 1 free? kclaw97 18 7 yearsFN_2199 (55): I bought this set signed but all are raw so I appreciate your dilemma. If it were me, I would keep the 9.8 and get a nice 9.4ish raw to have signed if this was just for the experience/memory. If this is for resale, not sure that it is worth the risk and additional fees; not in my opinion.
Crypticon KC need an AW! Sirtoddington 1 7 yearsSirtoddington (1012): Are there any AW's in the Kansas/ Missouri area that will happen to be at Crypticon KC in St. Joseph, MO in July?? I have couple books I would LOVE to get signed & have sub'd for yellow label, but could use an AW to help me out.
Penciller's sig instead of cover artist's? verbogyrater 9 7 yearsWolverine (1960): I'm gonna be getting this book by Jee, Capullo and Snyder at FanExpo
Jim Starlin refuses to work with CGC JLS_Comics Jump to first page264Jump to last page 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): There is no witnessing without consent. Witnesses are required to identify themselves and honor the wishes and rules of each signer. At least that is the CBCS policy.
SOLVED: opened SS#4 not missing page 31 kaptainmyke 24 7 yearsIsz_A (19): Did you just lose the yellow label too? oops say it was verified sig.....label looked yellow.
Post your animation cels ZosoRocks 22 7 yearsX51 (14744): Mike Judge is a comedic genius. I got to meet him for a few seconds and I felt honored to have the opportunity.
Encapsulate If Fail - CBCS Signature VSP flikhype 12 7 yearsflikhype (7): Thanks Steve.
Humberto Ramos flikhype 7 7 yearsSirtoddington (1012): the date you have to put in would be the date the signer had done the signature. I usually send mine to Trinity & get the date from them on their signing & put that in the signing date then print that form off & ship it with my books.
Help & Advice - George Perez OpiePride 13 7 yearsKingNampa (6756): @OrbitCityComics
What "pen" do you prefer for signatures? Drogio 20 7 yearsantoniofett (2104): Someone should use this!
Adam Hughes' Megacon Announcement KingNampa 10 7 yearsX51 (14744): Details? It sounds like manipulation. I don't really want his signature or anything he draws. That makes things simple.
Request: Polar Bear Comic Book Covers kaptainmyke Jump to first page46Jump to last page 7 yearsdrchaos (27508): George Rozen painting, oil on canvas; 18 x 25" Cover to Doc Savage pulp, spring of 1949
Scott Snyder Greg Capullo Private Signing TrinityComics 1 7 yearsTrinityComics (244): We have a Private Signing set up with Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. For mail-ins books are due in to us by May 17th. Price is $25/signature. In other big news we will be running ALL the Private CBCS signings exclusively with these guys for the rest of the year! If you are attending a show and don’t want to wait...
May the 4th! Post your Star Wars books! dielinfinite Jump to first page65Jump to last page 7 yearsThorneArt (1916): Here are some more Star Wars Sketch covers I have done: Wow, it turns out they are all sith related. :)
Amazon's Star Wars May the 4th Sale dielinfinite 16 7 yearsDrWatson (49644): Well, the 4th is officially over by about an hour.
CBCS ASP Fee Question Grayspeedster 12 7 yearsbennyb86 (792): Perfect, thank you! That was the way it was explained to me by customer service as well but got a bit confused for a second.
CBCS yellow or CGC green label.... verbogyrater 20 7 yearsrtdcomics (1067): yeah i was aware CGC wouldnt honour anyone else so just presumed this went across the board on signatures. The copy itself is strong so should retain its grade but anythings better than how it looks now.
John Cassaday private signing at Alamo City MostlyMarvel240 2 7 yearsLeeK (228): Hey - I attempted to join your group so I could chat on FB about this signing opportunity, but I seem to be in limbo on that... Lee
MACHETE kaptainmyke 18 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): tl;dr fyi jm2c urr imo
Sam Keith Alamo City Private Signing MostlyMarvel240 11 7 yearsMostlyMarvel240 (10): I'm an AW for CBCS so I can sign off as a witness for the books you want to get graded
Please grade Peter Laird's file copy TMNT #1 kaptainmyke 26 7 yearskaptainmyke (27076): Looks like Jim Lawson and Michael Dooney. Nice. Love Lawson's loose style and the contrasting Dooney's tight style.
Adam West / Burt Ward Autographs Drogio 10 7 yearsDrogio (7706): So they were charging $100 and still personalizing it? That's a bit much. I'd rather get Stan lees auto on a comic he actually had some artistic input for that price and have a future investment.
The "White Whale" Thread kaptainmyke Jump to first page73Jump to last page 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): A pod of white whales for everyone!
9-book Batman Master Race CGC graded 9.8 set ZosoRocks 4 7 yearsZosoRocks (2131): *snickers*
Whos signature is this??? Crunkpostit 5 7 yearscomicsheatingup (55): Google chap yeap autographed comics. There are a couple of Extreme tour books floating around Signed by him that are similar.
Marvel BS @ C2E2 dielinfinite Jump to first page33Jump to last page 7 yearsLonestar (4700): I agree with limits on number of signatures. 3 sounds good to me. Dislike the idea of personalizing them. I would pass on any that make that a requirement. Just my personal preference.
LET'S SEE EVERYONES VSP's Odins_Raven Jump to first page47Jump to last page 7 yearsdrchaos (27508):
Venom #6 Legacy Variant HOT HOT HOT jayslo 28 7 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): I thought it was Legacy Comics variant, I click.. It's a Legends.. I'll pass.. I got suckered in to clicking though.
WTS Some CBCS Graded Comics KingNampa 7 7 yearsKingNampa (6756): Both Iron Man's and both Wolverines sold. Thank you. I'll post the rest on ebay.
FYI: Prepping books for signatures. Gabriel85301 1 7 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): In the last several days so many people have been asking on different web sites and social media how to properly prep books for signatures and since we are now in to CON Season, I'd thought I would share my own method. I seen a lot of people prep comics for signatures different ways. I am sure you can all find video or page on how to properly prep a book for signatures, I just try and take it a step further so there isn't a big gaping hole...
Amazing Spider-man #194 newsie mark jeweler kaptainmyke 5 7 yearskaptainmyke (27076): I can get it pressed after I get it signed with a yellow label, too!
Authorized Witness Question thebeardedbat 6 7 yearsDLAComics (40): Unless you send for 3rd party press. Paperwork i signed and post from mark i belive. Said 30 days from con date. Borock wanted 2 weeks. I think 3 months is acceptable for mutli shows
How do you look up invoice numbers from 3rd? kaptainmyke 6 7 yearskaptainmyke (27076): Ok I got them in received status imo
FRANCESCO MATTINA Private Signing July TrinityComics 12 7 yearsClarke2pointO (1): Cheers kaptainmyke for the reply. I have also hit them up on Facebook. I am loving Mattina's work at the moment, especially the Venom work he is doing.
GCOA SIGNING OPPORTUNITIES FOR MAY GenuineCOA 3 7 yearsRafel (3733): I was in an independent film with Michael Colter called "America is still the place" back in 2015!! I wonder if he'll remember me?
Autograph with COA Jklugh 5 7 yearsJklugh (52): Thank you for the help guys. Much appreciated
Signature help hokagecarl 7 7 yearshokagecarl (4): Fantastic, thanks DocBrown and Towmater, looks bang on. Appreciate your help.
Authorized witness Rogue1369 6 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): As far as I know Steve Paulus is still a CBCS employee, I never heard otherwise.
COLLECTING Personalized Sigs & Sketches BLBcomics 23 7 yearsZosoRocks (2131): When I made my first submission for OA, I requested that the "character name" to be included on the label for better identification....but it didn't happen....*sighs*.... Maybe that will be a change we see in the future.
Frank Miller signature worth it? Themaxx35 Jump to first page39Jump to last page 7 yearsSirtoddington (1012): @Towmater SHUSH! Stan IS immortale & will NEVER EVER die! lol.
Question about Stan Lee signatures henchman21 29 7 yearsZosoRocks (2131): ...I'm partial to my_space.... :o) Aaahhh...the loneliness.....where did everybody go? LOL
Signature Verification Question jrs 3 7 yearsjrs (1864): Thanks @SteveRicketts. Much appreciated.
C2E2 Signings with STAN LEE, FRANK MILLER TrinityComics 2 7 yearsJesse_O (39161): Bump
BTTF #1 ZBox Edition, signed by Cast kaptainmyke Jump to first page48Jump to last page 7 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Nice!! "Out of Stock" I'm not sure they ever had stock......*smiles*..... Fake news!! LOL
JIM LEE, J SCOTT CAMPBELL Private Signing TrinityComics 15 7 yearsKiloGraham (1337):
Should I?? Sirtoddington 21 7 yearscseale0223 (767): I say go for it. As a fan you would be disappointed if you didnt do it and look back on this chance. And yes I would do one of the miniseries that it follows probably the one with the cover that is your favorite.
KEVIN EASTMAN Sketch Opportunity TrinityComics 3 7 yearsZosoRocks (2131): @kaptainmyke ...and so it begins..... :o)
Stan Lee "Bubble"? KingNampa Jump to first page189Jump to last page 7 yearsKingNampa (6756): Ok. Fun officially killed in this thread. I'm out. Thanks again @DocBrown for enlightening us/we/I...
Signature on interior page (best method) bythegram 14 7 yearsBrianGreensnips (14617): This frame was onlt about $12. at IKEA.
Is anyone going to La Mole Con 3/17--3/19? kaptainmyke 8 7 yearskaptainmyke (27076): sweet haven't I bought from you before? let me know please and thank you
Casey Jones steals the Batmobile kaptainmyke 15 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): Mark Hamill's Joker from the Arkham video games is hands down the best Joker.
What have you found in the Wild lately? Towmater Jump to first page37Jump to last page 7 yearsjaeldubyoo (22): That's one of my favorite covers. I think that cover is so cool. It reminds me of L.B. Cole art. I have one that's about a 6.5/7.0, but I would love to get a high grade one.
eBay auction - Infinity Gauntlet #1 ZosoRocks 2 7 yearsZosoRocks (2131): I've lowered the price to $180.00 if anyone is still interested. Thanks for viewing.
WTB Edge of Spider-Verse #2 Signed KingNampa 8 7 yearsKingNampa (6756): @DarthLego *hug* Dont worry I'll get it CVA graded, i want to know if it has nice eye appeal. My eyes aren't good enough to tell. 🤡
Verified Signature jibaro 5 7 yearsSpiderTim (3269): You get charged per book and per signature my friend.
Rhode Island Comic Con Submissions esaravo Jump to first page63Jump to last page 7 yearsJohnnylray (2675): Thanks!
Russ Heath SVCC Signings?? frankenstein 1 7 yearsfrankenstein (28): Will there be anyone at Silicon Valley Comic Con for AW signatures for CBCS?? Sure would like to get Russ Heath signature.
Joe Jusko signing March 8th RyanHicks 7 7 yearsRyanHicks (1974): We have about a week and a half left before the cutoff for receiving books for the Joe Jusko signing is here. We also have a few extra copies of some of his corner box variants still available. If anyone is interested, PM @KevinGawthrope or I.
LEE/AMELL/REEDUS/MORGAN/PAYTON SIGNING OPS GenuineCOA 16 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): I would totally welcome CBCS providing VSP red label 8x10 service via the website even if lacking the outer shell.
Authenticators at Comicpalooza in Houston? OrbitCityComics 4 7 yearscomicsforme (3977): I will be there all 3 days. I have a few for Jae to sign for me and hopefully a few other artist. Have fun.
Raw signatures MR_SigS Jump to first page81Jump to last page 7 yearsdielinfinite (26426): Dave Prowse, Ray Park, Ron Marz, and Jon Foster
Any updates with C2E2? XIrishX 9 7 yearsHelric1 (6801): Here's this in case it wasn't noticed
Does Anyone Recognize This Signature #2 mattness 4 7 yearsmattness (1511): Thank You!! He's part Turtle huhuhuhhuh
Verified Signature: New Gods 1 GAC 12 7 yearsOdins_Raven (2389): Ken my FCC friend, color me green with envy! If you ever feel like parting with this please let me know! -Justin
SALE: Doctor Strange Keys! Odins_Raven 4 7 yearsFoghorn_Sam (3769): Can you believe some of the first filtered cigarettes that were made in the 1950's were made with asbestos. They were touted as healthier for you than unfiltered (just never mind the fact we've made them twice as deadly by using asbestos). Yikes!
EMERALD CITY COMIC CON. Tons of Signings! TrinityComics 2 7 yearsTrinityComics (244): Creator of Hellboy Mike Mignola just added.
First mail call of 2017 Millvilleresident 12 7 yearsDertyComix (912): @JLS_Comics that i do agree. 2017 will be a great year for collecting. Im excited to see what books ill be picking up at the con in May, and what ill find theough out the year.
Convention season Master-List? Odins_Raven 3 7 yearsOdins_Raven (2389): Thank you!
Help with cover prep for signature mattness 3 7 yearsAndyRexia (6306): I've never done anything to the book itself but I do prep the bags. I always get the book pressed after having it signed as well.
New Maxx Appreciation Thread MetalPSI Jump to first page109Jump to last page 7 yearsMetalPSI (4486): Hey it isn't archived, well spank a monkey and call it banana
Signature Discovered Inside GAC 3 7 yearsGAC (68700): Awesome!! I make a point to try and flip through all my books before submitting but it's nice to know that incase I forgot you're there to catch it and ask if we'd want it verified. I would want the found signature verified every time. Thanks!!
Signed Jack Kirby comic found! CBCS Worthy? Johnnylray 30 7 yearsJohnnylray (2675): I'm on the fence with all this DF concerns..I may just keep the book , not slabbed, and pass it down to my kids.let them worry about real vs fake. and save myself $47 plus bucks. kind of bums me out that even though it was a limited, it could be fake. and I have a stack of DF books from 91-94 that Have COAs'. Ray/RI
Any pre-Cut window bags for sale? dielinfinite 29 7 yearsdielinfinite (26426): @DarthLego There's no mention of mil thickness. I definitely like these and are pretty much what I set out looking for when I started the thread
Printing/manufacturing error books... ZosoRocks 20 7 yearskandrcomics (13): I have one of the very rare Walking dead issue 17 errors with the first for wraps put in twice and the center four missing alltogether waiting for it to come back from cbcs and i'll post a pic
GABRIELE DELL'OTTO Private Signing TrinityComics 14 7 yearsDertyComix (912): :( My pre order of the virgin variant wont ship till then.
STAN LEE FRANK MILLER PRIVATE SIGNINGS. TrinityComics 27 7 yearsTrinityComics (244): FYI Mail-In books are due to us by 2/25/17 for Stan Lee
What kind of label will this get? DarthLego 5 7 yearsdielinfinite (26426): You will get a red label that says something like: "Witnessed Sig: Your Name Verified Sig: Creator's Name"
Mail Call - NYCC Signature Series drchaos 18 7 yearsdrchaos (27508): Cool! He signed this book for me:
Mail Call Part 1 Tanis 5 7 yearsTanis (43): @dpoercy I love that a signiture that I have obtained in person can be verified by a third party. I wouldn't do it with a comic I bought with a signature already on it unless I know it is from a reputable comic book shop, it is also much more expensive that way round! I must have spent at least 9 hours waiting around in queues getting all four of those signatures on that Hit-Girl
Signatures on books - detract or entice? ZosoRocks Jump to first page33Jump to last page 7 yearsRyanHicks (1974): These are thinner acid free permanent markers and this is the best thin-point gold marker you can get for signings (it is absolutely beautiful) but it is also one you need to give a few seconds to dry
SIGNING OP HUGHES/ JIMENEZ/ CHAYKIN/ JUSKO GenuineCOA 4 7 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Deadline to receive orders for these signings has been extended to February 6. Don't miss these opportunities!
Deadpool #1 8.5 Signed Nicieza FOR SALE! DrunkWooky 4 7 yearsDarthLego (20518):
Private signing with Scott Snyder at ECCC Beamer 4 7 yearstherealtimmyp (202): Awesome! How much would it cost?
Questions on Jim Starlin Signature enaz13 5 7 yearsenaz13 (1876): Thanks for the help, I feel a bit better about sending it in to get verified now.
VSP include comics sealed in org bag? ZosoRocks 16 7 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Interesting...Steve, thanks again for clarifying this other service.
New and have questions Heather 3 7 yearsHeather (1): Awesome thank you so much for your help with the information. Ill definitely look up her thread. I really appreciate.
Mail Call! dielinfinite 11 7 yearsdielinfinite (26426): @Jaydknight I don't have a lot of experience with them myself since the CGC community isn't exactly what I'd call welcoming but. asically there are several established categories in which people can register their books for points and people compete for the best set in each category. Here's the info page @ CGC The registry and competitive sets are a couple of the many "coming soon" features of the CBCS site
Mail Call for 1-14-2017 Gabriel85301 1 7 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): The label says that Mike Deodato did the cover but it was clearly John Tyler Christopher. I was also hoping they would have put 50th anniversary variant, 1:50 on the description. Not happy but the description but sometimes that's the way the ball bounces. I would like that Cover Art description fixed. Carol Danvers is my...
LAST CALL FOR PEREZ/ WOLFMAN SIGNING OP GenuineCOA 2 7 yearsZosoRocks (2131): But wait.....if you are in NM...GP is doing a signing at the ABQ con this weekend....and yep....I was able to submit my IG #1....with Perez and inker Rubenstien's autos. He is one of the rarer artists who will sign....up to 12 items, but only one sketch. Wonderful man. Very gracious! Have fun and thanks for the heads up.
Usually high grade on a rack purchased comic kaptainmyke 8 7 yearsshrewbeer (13240): Seems to me 9.6 is the "new" NM. But then again I could have had it wrong all these years in the first place...
Signatures Unlimited Paul Green Signing jayslo 2 7 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): What are the costs?
2017 Albuquerque Comic Con - Jan 13-15th ZosoRocks 4 7 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Thanks coat! I can be so blind sometimes. :O)
FS:New Teen Titan #2 9.8s Deathstroke Sketch Kevin4444 1 7 yearsKevin4444 (19): Howdy Folks, Had some killer George Perez slabs come in over the holidays. Open to trade offers for other major keys, other rules below. Rules: -Shipping at cost. Buyer picks method. -PayPal for payment. -I reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone that is on my personal probation list. -Post, PM or Email with offers. First form of "I'll take it" in the thread wins over PM negotiations. Please clearly ID which book you...
MAIL CALL THIS WEEK! 27 BOOKS.. Gabriel85301 7 7 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): Only notes were "bends top edge 1/2" stain right front cover on WW's knee with moisture waves" I was trying to figure it out because I didn't take it out after buying it bagged/boarded until I had to get it signed.
What types of artwork are Qualifed for OA? ZosoRocks 17 7 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Sounds like a good start. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the insight.
Liam's Foreign Comic Blowout! Great Deals! TheLiamSturgess Jump to first page40Jump to last page 7 yearsTheLiamSturgess (289): Thanks very much, Alex! :) You've got some sick signature books listed as well, I noticed. Stoked to see you again in the next few months, I hope!
Happy 94th Birthday to Stan!! Jesse_O 14 7 yearsSteverogers11 (3605): Loki is my fav character. Named my dog after him. Bad idea
YELLOW LABEL SIGNING WITH STAN LEE GenuineCOA 8 7 yearsGenuineCOA (176): @shrewbeer We have a cut-off date set for the 24th, but as long as we have your on-line order by then and have received your book before Tuesday the 27th, we can make it happen. You can place the order at the link in the original post.
Help: Need Notes for Graphic Fantasy #1 Despain 22 7 yearsDespain (1618): @SteveRicketts Thanks, Steve! Very helpful information. And Merry Christmas to you. I appreciate it.
SIGNING OPPORTUNITY: LEE/PEREZ/WOLFMAN/JUSKO GenuineCOA 7 7 yearsSpiderTim (3269): What if I only want you to get the signatures for me and then mail to someone else for pressing, I would just need your witness form to be included with the comic.
SPAWN #1 Black Ink Error NormdaMarine Jump to first page70Jump to last page 7 yearsTyrantK (136): So, you accuse someone of cheating based on the opinion's of others? No facts, no proof.... "Oh, I heard it somewhere." Thanks for addressing my questions/points. A true indicator of you actually wanting to have logical discourse. Troll on.
Looking for Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña Robodog 3 7 yearsRobodog (56): Alright, cool!
Yellow Label VS Red Label Question DLAComics 17 7 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Very cool. I like the package, a much better look than PSA. Best regards and thanks for the insight.
My crazy 99 cent auctions for 12/24 kaptainmyke 2 7 yearskaptainmyke (27076): The 9.9 ends tomorrow night. Aspen is selling "con stock" 9.8 graded sketch covers for $199 so I am curious what this gem will sell for.
My Yearly Purge DrunkWooky 10 7 yearsDrunkWooky (49): The NM 87 pictured is the gold second print variant. There is no first print included or pictured in that listing. I wish I had two first prints, then I would keep one and the other would be in that listing.
JEFF LEMIRE Signing GLENN FABRY Sketch Op TrinityComics 8 7 yearsTrinityComics (244): No grading is included in the signature price. Grading is $33 per book plus $23 shipping. Those are CBCS's prices
Journey Into Mystery #112 Signed Stan Lee kaptainmyke 9 7 yearskaptainmyke (27076): It seems to be on track for what I was hoping for. :beer:
FOR SALE: Bruce Timm/Michael Turner Sketch Muaythaiguy 3 7 yearsMuaythaiguy (97): Bump
Does anyone recognize this signature? frankenstein 6 8 yearsfrankenstein (28): Finally heard back from Mike Mignola. This is what he had to say "That is my signature. Before I had a more legible "artist signature" I just used my regular signature." M
Show off your Michael Turner dielinfinite Jump to first page119Jump to last page 8 yearsconditionfreak (11292):
Giant Size X-Men #1 CBCS 9.6 Cockrum Sig! Kevin4444 9 8 yearsKevin4444 (19): Bump, Price drop to $3300.
JOE SINNOTT! WONDER WOMAN Actress! NEGAN! TrinityComics 9 8 yearsdielinfinite (26426): Thanks for another successful signing, Matt! I'll be adding John Romita and Gerry Conway to the Marvel Tales in the near future as part my ASM 129 signature set.
Yellow Label Sketch Covers by Artists (ASP) kaptainmyke 4 8 yearskaptainmyke (27076): Thanks dudes cowabunga brahs
Ramos and Perez no longer in Trump states? JLS_Comics Jump to first page60Jump to last page 8 yearsThe_Watcher (4070): And we're done
AW's headed to Paradise Comicon? Gabriel85301 2 8 yearscomicsforme (3977): $40.00 signed threw Lando. Was at Alamo
COMIC ARTISTS/WRITERS THAT ARE ANTI-SLABBING Revan_Q Jump to first page34Jump to last page 8 yearsOrbitCityComics (1483): I have a book signed by him. I got it signed many moons ago when he was in Chicago for a store appearance. Good to know that it's rare.
Heroes Haven is apparently CBCS exclusive JLS_Comics 7 8 yearsKenWorthing (457): From what I understand of it having talked to both Pete and Sara, is that Pete was going to handle subs for CBCS and Sara was going to handle subs for CGC. All now past tense for future subs to CGC.
ASM 252/Secret Wars 8: US vs. Canadian print sonny4eyez 10 8 yearssonny4eyez (52): Thanks Everyone! All of you make valid points, in the end I opted not to get them signed. But I appreciate the responses.
Seller Tips and Price Points of Graded Books kaptainmyke 17 8 yearsResurrection (661): @kaptainmyke I buy a Teen Titans 2 for $125.00 as a raw NM-, book grades 9.6 I sell it for $360/400. whatever FMV is. Random book is $5.00 and grades 9.8 sells for $25.00, well that is a book nobody wanted.
Rhode Island Comic Con 2016 jayslo 3 8 yearsrobertofredrico (738): HAHA!
I Will be attending Megacon Tampa as an AW Brian 4 8 yearsBrian (49): Lmk if you need anything seemed to be plenty however I wasn't impressed by the selection. Shouldn't be a problem though if there is something you want send me a message.
Graded Twilight Zone #84 - Priced Fairly? tonnage71 10 8 yearsBLBcomics (1147): And just for the public record it was my then right hand man employee Mark Stichman who figured out which issue of Twilight Zone has the "first" Frank Miller professional comic book work. Frank told us Twilight Zone but was so embarrassed by it he would not tell us which issue number. We had made up a free 4 page brochure for all who came thru that week end which also contained a very complete check list of ALL Frank Miller comics work...
comic swapping thread Jeremy_K Jump to first page52Jump to last page 8 yearsDarthKribs (490): Wolverine what would you want in trade?
Anyone attending Akron as an AW in Nov? Robodog 1 8 yearsRobodog (56): Looking to get three books signed by a writer in Akron. Anyone gonna be an AW there by chance?
Witness attending Akron Comic Con 11/5-6 lestiff416 5 8 yearsJeremy_K (841): CBCS witnesses don't make any profit. Get a few T mailers if you plan to send in comics a few times a year.
How do you display your comics? antoniofett 25 8 yearsantoniofett (2104):[/quote] This is my setup, I like using the j-channel because its cheap! In this image I just cut 2 strips of j channel in half and put strips of scrap wood behind to push them out. I think this setup cost about $8 to make.
Current Creator Signature Fees IncentiveComic 18 8 yearsBrian (49): In general we have been advised against discussing creators prices as they can change from show to show and do not want to cause any confusion. That being said some people who do not charge DO charge if you are having the book graded. In fact Robbie just stated at NYCC he only wanted fans personal books signed in his line he wants the rest to go through his agents table. Please be sure to inform the creator if the book is for grading to...
Sig Facilitator for Stan Lee at Comikaze? Darkga 8 8 yearsRyanHicks (1974): Extremely likely that Anastasia's collectibles will be at Comikaze and they can witness Stan Lee sigs for CBCS.
Inside First Page Signature Image Option enaz13 6 8 yearsOrbitCityComics (1483): I actually like this idea.
GENUINE COA SIGNING OPPORTUNITIES FOR 2016 GenuineCOA 6 8 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Uhm.....I don't see Albuquerque on this list......may I politely ask to have my city's Con added to the signing schedule? If I say P-UH-LEEEEAASE??? PLEASE!! :o) JAN 13-15, 2017 in Albuquerque, NM You all do know that New Mexico is not in Mexico, right? :o)
Dynamic force Comics/Dan Slott signing neku528 9 8 yearspoka (23776): Thanks. No not worried about fakes but I would not buy a DF signature serie comic as long as it doesn't qualify for cgc/cbcs signature grading. Just personal pref.
JOCK Private Signing @ Mondocon Austin 10-22 MostlyMarvel240 2 8 yearsWolverine (1960): Just curious. How much are the books?
Expensive signatures neku528 26 8 yearsJeremy_K (841): A guy at the last comic con told me while waiting in line for a signature that a signature from Stan Lee adds a $100 onto the value of the book. I held it together pretty well.
Submission with COA is Red or Yellow? kaptainmyke 9 8 yearscjbehr948 (170): You'll get what Cyclops sees.
Stan Lee Autographs LanaiHaole Jump to first page38Jump to last page 8 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): He will sign interior pages. I have several but none are recent.
Greg Capullo Private Signing! MostlyMarvel240 4 8 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): Very nice!
Con with no witness? Vexsus Jump to first page35Jump to last page 8 yearsAznBane (70): The CGC census is low for 9.8 copies and yeah the 9.6 did have some good sales. Also unfortunately with Luke Cage out I would say don't expect it to go up much more. Look at sales of Alias 1 before and after Jessica Jones came out. The drop steeply shortly after the premier. Honestly the time to have sold your Marvel Premiere would have been when Luke Cage teasers were coming out. But you never know she might have a big role in upcoming series....
Neal Adams Opens Gallery in Manhattan. DrWatson 7 8 yearsconditionfreak (11292): Oh, I know he can afford it. But my actual question is, can it make a profit? I guess we will know in about two years.
Show off your Frank Miller signatures! dielinfinite 26 8 yearsdielinfinite (26426): I always forget about this one:
Con Stars take home "Garbage Bags Full of $" JLS_Comics 7 8 yearshuskershawn69 (61): You just have to get lucky with one tv series and you can rake it in. The hard part is getting lucky with that one show. Cool read...thanks for sharing.
Pressing signed comics djinn155 11 8 yearsCFP_Comics (3850): Should be fine.
Signature Crossover Icculus 10 8 yearsAznBane (70): If you're considering getting CGC books reslabbed and are concerned about the grade I would recommend using CFP for pressing since they can press it while you keep your yellow label. I only suggest pressing because CBCS is gaining a reputation for stricter grading. (Which is fine by me. I have peace of mind knowing my 9.8 is for sure a 9.8) In my opinion you should try to eliminate as many factors as you can before going through the process of...
John Tyler Christopher Signing NYCC MGA 1 8 yearsMGA (124): Hi guys here's your chance to get all your new action figures signed by JTC. Email with any questions. All books must be in by 10/4. Signature fee is $10 a book. Signature series witnessing and encapsulation. Dealers welcome. thanks Mike
For Sale: Amazing Spiderman 648 Campbell Var WCollecbales 13 8 yearsWCollecbales (154): $650 raw on eBay, another raw copy sold $600 via auction a few weeks back. It's a pretty rare cover, rarer than the black and white version of the cover.
Emerald City Comicon 2017 Stan Lee Confirmed kaptainmyke 14 8 yearsstophmaster (298): Couldn't agree more!
Who drew this original art? WCollecbales 15 8 yearsJLA555 (389): ?
La Mole Comic Con JLS_Comics 11 8 yearskaptainmyke (27076): just bought one thanks
CBCS First Sarah Giardina sketch ops !!!! whowill 5 8 yearswhowill (431): 5 spots taken !!
Yellow Label submitting own Sketch Cover? kaptainmyke 22 8 yearskaptainmyke (27076): Yellow label CBCS 9.6-9.8 Auction on ebay at 99 cents and see how the public values the comic book. What do you think?
Cincinnati Comic Expo Witness? AznBane 7 8 yearsTrinityComics (244): Our Stan Signing was pushed back to NYCC. Just a heads up. We can take mail ins or we can talk your book at NYCC to take to our signing. Thanks for the shout out!
How many books.. Gabriel85301 14 8 yearsJWKyle (3300): 50
Cincinnati comic expo BigRig 7 8 yearsiamocelot (1): Hey Guys I'll be an authorized witness for CBCS at Cincinnati Expo, if you need anything let me know. I can help with Celebrities and Artists thanks, Bryan Kiefer
Check out this SWEET Rocksteady sketch kaptainmyke 8 8 yearsUF2 (37): I will have him double check it. You can also DM him. His email was incorrect in the post. You can hit him up here.
NYCC PRIVATE SIGNINGS!MILLER,LEE,QUESADA... TrinityComics 28 8 yearsAbsolute_Zero (1104): PM sent to you @TrinityComics
Signature Series - Miller, Kubert, Janson, Towmater 5 8 yearsTowmater (10537): I thought it was weird too. If Miller gets $150.00 and it cost around $50.00 to have a comic slabbed and shipped that guy ended up getting jacked-up on some of those listings. Makes me wary of jumping feet first into a buying frenzy. I did buy on of the books last night. Liked the cover, the signatures, and that it came out of Miller's private collection (whatever that means?).
TRINITY COMICS GARTH ENNIS Private Signing TrinityComics 1 8 yearsTrinityComics (244): We have a Private Signing set up with GARTH ENNIS on October 7th. Price is $25 (all of Ennis's and our fees are included) per signature. Books are due by September 25th.
Signatures Unlimited Frank Miller Signing jayslo 3 8 yearsRevan_Q (31): Question sent.
Walking dead #1 Cynthiana ky variant BigRig Jump to first page33Jump to last page 8 yearsBigRig (2006): Submitted these books today so we will see what they grade when I get them back. Both asp tony Moore and vsp Robert Kirkman. Will come back as a red label. 12 weeks in counting.
The Eastman KRANG Sketch preview photo! kaptainmyke 5 8 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): Nice book. Enjoy.
For Sale: 1990s Batman Comics + KnightFall kaptainmyke 11 8 yearsDarthLego (20518): I would love to buy the lot, but my wallet has officially gone on strike and has threatened to leave me for good. :(|)
I met George Perez at DragonCon 2016! Darkga 7 8 yearsivegotneatstuff (34): ha very cool !
Stan Lee charging $100 per sign on final con kaptainmyke Jump to first page168Jump to last page 8 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): I am having Ming-Na sign this, this upcoming weekend, and yes, I'm grabbing a CBCS witness.. :)
What to get signed? bythegram 7 8 yearsbythegram (681): Just in case anyone is curious. I strayed from my list and ended up getting Spider-Man #1 (1990) Platinum signed. That cover was really the first one I remember being crazy over as a kid and has always been a goal to collect them all. So it made sense to me to get one signed. I wish it was in white ink but at the end of the day it's signed, it's authenticated (huge thanks to the CBCS team at Toronto's FanExpo) and it's off to be graded (I don't...
"The Strain" CBCS Verified Books for Sale! cjbehr948 2 8 yearscjbehr948 (170): These are all ending tonight. Just bumping it up for those who haven't seen it.
star wars #1 question Jeremy_K 24 8 yearsDarthLego (20518): Darth Maul wasn't killed by Obi-Wan, he was saved by cybernetic implants same way Vader was saved. Darth Maul had a huge role in the Clone Wars animated series which is Canon.
Dynamic Forces Deal of the Day (Daily) kaptainmyke Jump to first page45Jump to last page 8 yearsRevelations (523): They don't charge until they ship, so at least that's not an issue.
Cincy comicon 9/9 BigRig 8 8 yearsBigRig (2006): OK thanks on their website I could only see the 9th
Boston Comic Con Misterj1o 4 8 yearsThemaxx35 (2510): Mine popped up at the end of the last week.
I will be an AW at Baltimore Comicon Robodog 4 8 yearsRobodog (56): Not too late to get me your submissions!! I'll be taking them up until Thursday! After that, I'll do my best to get your sigs for you!! Any questions? Feel free to ask!! Have a great day!!
TRINITY COMICS KEVIN EASTMAN Sketch Opp TrinityComics 11 8 yearskaptainmyke (27076): It's my favorite toy, so it makes sense my first commissioned piece is of the same thing. I love it I'm totally excited.
Dynamic Forces comics with signatures huskershawn69 9 8 yearskaptainmyke (27076): I guess I don't have any unsigned with a limited print run. All the unsigned books I've received by DF in the past 3 weeks, consisting of over 50 books and not one had a COA that was unsigned. Apologies.
Witness Help in san francisco comic con 2016 neku528 2 8 yearsspidermanbeyond (7): I am going and might be able to help. How many books are you looking to get signed?
The TMNT 2016 SDCC Mega Bloks Time Capsule kaptainmyke 11 8 yearskaptainmyke (27076): Fiona his office manager emailed outside of ebay asking to use my photos for his blog! As soon as I find it I'll post the link. Way cool. I also took this time to communicate further asking for any of his prototypes or unreleased toys he'd be willing to part with at a good price. Awaiting response. :D
Baltimore Signature Facilitator Themaxx35 9 8 yearsSpiderTim (3269): I am also an authorized witness for Baltimore Comic-Con and can help you with any need for signatures for the show. You can contact me at my e-mail for details. I also have a better fee.
AW for Rose City Comicon Beamer 19 8 yearskaptainmyke (27076): Wow Amanda Connor used to be free. Moving up in the world!
CGC Damages Book Then Bans Submitter JLS_Comics Jump to first page57Jump to last page 8 yearsMetalPSI (4486): The intention of your reply quoting me doesn't look like that is what you are stating, at all.
AW help for Amazing Houston McNiven ticket Sanemoreorless 1 8 yearsSanemoreorless (7): I recently bought a "Civil War" ticket to Amazing Houston Comic Con but have had a family event come up and can no longer make it. I still have books I'd like signed by Steve McNiven, however, and am wondering if there are any local witnesses looking for a ticket in exchange for witnessing services. The ticket cost $200 and includes the following: *Complimentary Sketch by Steve McNiven, Courtesy of Amazing Comic...
Signature Rates for CBCS Gabriel85301 4 8 yearsdielinfinite (26426): @SD2416 VSP is $26 for the first and I think $15 for each signature after that, and that's because each individual sig needs to be investigated and authenticated individually
Dynamic Forces Signed Books Red or Yellow? kaptainmyke 4 8 yearskaptainmyke (27076): Thanks. Just needed verification.
1 comic, 2 individuals, different convention Gabriel85301 5 8 yearsDarthLego (20518): There's also the 2-day turnaround option, you could do for the first sig, but that would be pricey.
Here's my "damaged" Stan Lee DF book! kaptainmyke 8 8 yearskaptainmyke (27076): I'll just leave a stack of comic books on top of it for a month or 5. #realtalk
Cincy Comicon Verde Jump to first page40Jump to last page 8 yearsDarthLego (20518): @JeepinJesterJon there's two different conventions, Comicon and Comic Expo.
Witnessing Your Own Books? cjbehr948 Jump to first page56Jump to last page 8 yearsMetalPSI (4486): Exactly. They have a good product once again, but how they conduct themselves makes me sick. Once I am finished with my Maxx run, that will be it for CGC for me. I will be buying CBCS to compare and if I like, I will probably just stick with them from here on
KaptainMyke Crazy $0.99 CENT 7-Day Auctions kaptainmyke Jump to first page53Jump to last page 8 yearskaptainmyke (27076): the whole zero feedback is hurting me currently which is why i started unleashing a bunch of 99 cent items so i could gain easy feedback before i begin. make sense?
Signature Location Jamiemadrox 23 8 yearsDarthLego (20518): Over and out brah.
Signatures Unlimited Terrificon 2016 jayslo 10 8 yearsjayslo (7): I should rephrase, MY cost is cover price + $1 to pick up the book + return shipping
Howard the Duck 1 signed by Steve Gerber+++ Odins_Raven Jump to first page61Jump to last page 8 yearsDarthLego (20518): On second thought, all they need is to just remaster the original movie and rerelease it. :D
Dynamic force (COA) submission ESSA 7 8 yearscjbehr948 (170): CBCS sent all COA's submitted with my books back to me. I just opened the bag & put the slip in the back with the slab.
Show off your Stan Lee signatures! dielinfinite 28 8 yearsMR_SigS (11124): Looks like Stan is holding a Big Bambu doobie! lol
Trinity Comics STAN LEE Signing in July! TrinityComics 9 8 yearsospideyo (4): cant wait!
Dealers that frequent conventions that grade Tideson 6 8 yearsobiwan1971 (243): Forgive the error
Steve McNiven Signing Revan_Q 6 8 yearsdochell0069 (4): That was the price when I was at Amazing Las Vegas in June 2016. First one is free and after that $10 a pop.
WANTED SDCC AW: for late signing request Odins_Raven 1 8 yearsOdins_Raven (2389): Is there anyone Authorized Witness or not, going to SDCC who is willing to accept 1 last minute book for signing at the MASK cast reunion? I can mail the book overnight on Monday and am willing to pay you for the favor/trouble/inconvenience if someone is able to help me out?!
Stan Sakai! kaptainmyke 8 8 yearskaptainmyke (27076): I just found my copy of Groo the Wanderer V2 #2 signed and sketched by Sergio Aragones. Stan Sakai did the lettering.
Red, Black, Silver, Gold, or Copper? kaptainmyke 9 8 yearsDick_Pontoon (2407): Metallics can dry slowly. You need to be careful of smudging the sig.
BATMAN BEYOND: RETURN OF THE JOKER Revan_Q 8 8 yearsroarzola (445): Three years ago at the SDCC, I think it was 100.
My first order kaptainmyke 28 8 yearsStelbert_Stylton (1090): The Kool Aid is strong in this one.
Can we post 1 time comic art Ebay auctions? kaptainmyke 9 8 yearskaptainmyke (27076): I have photos of the unlisted stuff now so if anyone might be interested let me know... The ebay auctions only have a few hours left currently.
Heroes Con! Bagofleas 23 8 yearsPre_Coder (18962): :popcorn:
AW SKETCH COVER Revan_Q 2 8 yearsdielinfinite (26426): At a convention, the witness just has to be present when you pick up the finished sketch directly from the artist.
Signature / Autograph identification Thread JazzyJeffie Jump to first page33Jump to last page 8 yearsBloodlikefire (199): Hey all, I bought a lot of signed comics Aspen comics. While trying to Identify the signatures on this Book Michael Turners Fathom Dawn of War #1C cover I am stuck on this signature. I know Michael Signature but I cannot figure out this signature on the bottom. Any Help would be appreciated. Thanks for the help.
CBCS Paperwork Gabriel85301 4 8 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): The awesome thing about submitting books at a Con and them doing this, is you can have $ to spend at the con..
FMV for signed comics Jayzer 3 8 yearsOdins_Raven (2389): If the artist is still alive there should be at least a few example price ranges to go off of. If they are deceased then it gets a little harder to pin down a price since most deceased artists did not sign a ton of stuff, unless its someone like Herb Trimpe (RIP). Jack Kirby is a good example of someone who did sign a decent amount of comics but since none of them were "authenticated" it makes finding a legitimate signature a...
TRINITY COMICS FRANK MILLER Private Signing TrinityComics 11 8 yearsWolverine (1960): I sent you a PM about the Miller signing.
VSP Question SdotMdot 5 8 yearsSdotMdot (10): Well it's the Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Neal Adams variant signed by Neal. Being new to this whole grading thing I was unaware of signatures being witnessed. Oh well ya live and learn. When I first looked into getting it graded I looked at CGC but find out about the qualified label so I framed it up. Then someone told me about the signature verification program so I treated myself. Naturally I want the highest grade possible but...
JIM LEE Private Signing! July TrinityComics 12 8 yearsWolverine (1960): Ok now this changes things lol
TRINITY COMICS Private Sketch Op ADI GRANOV TrinityComics 2 8 yearsTrinityComics (244): SOLD OUT.
Neal Adams Signature Sticker? thebeardedbat 23 8 yearsspaulus (486): Batman2001 comments will be addressed. Any AW who does not identify themselves as a witness is not acting as a witness. Each and every signature that is being witnessed, the witness has to identify themselves as a CBCS witness. If an AW does not identify themselves, their status as an AW will be revoked, and all of their books in the grading pipeline will not be eligible for a yellow label.
VSP Question thebeardedbat 5 8 yearsthebeardedbat (1): Thanks for the help!
PRIVATE SIGNING W/ ARROW & WALKING DEAD CAST GenuineCOA 3 8 yearsGenuineCOA (176): @FUEGOMUSIC , this signing is being conducted through Genuine COA, who is an authorized facilitator for CBCS, so member discounts will not apply.
Star Wars Signatures dielinfinite 8 8 yearsMR_SigS (11124): HC Collection and #6 signed by Howard Chaykin last year in Sacramento.
Lee/Miller Private Signing @Fan Expo Dallas GenuineCOA 3 8 yearsWitchKing (1): Hi ! Do you know if CBCS has received the comics for that signing session that took place some weeks ago ? :o)
Need some advice on these signature books VaComicsGuy 7 8 yearsSpiderTim (3269): I would VSP the Stan Lee signatures and any major creator. I personally will VSP a Detective Comics Laughing Fish that came signed by Marshall Rogers, hope it is his true signature.
TOM KING Batman Rebirth #1 Signing TrinityComics 7 8 yearsnadabig (55): Is it additional for Scott Snyder?
RI COMIC CON - STAN LEE Revan_Q 9 8 yearsTrinityComics (244): Hi feel free to message me if you're interested in Stan Lee
Help with Michael Turner signatures dielinfinite 5 8 yearsdielinfinite (26426): Thanks! At the very least I figured the signatures weren't printed or autopenned since the examples I have are different enough and I don't see why they'd go through the expense of having an intern hand sign each book when an autopen could do it cheaper and be just as "authentic."
Alan Grant signiture southerncross 2 8 yearssoutherncross (28681):
Dallas Fan Expo 90scomicbooknerd 16 8 yearsPre_Coder (18962): Appreciate that very much! :D
Valiants X-O Manowar Jam Cover Muaythaiguy 1 8 yearsMuaythaiguy (97): In September release the special Jam Cover. My personal challenge is to collect all 50 signatures and send it to CBCS if i have all. How makes it CBCS possible to put all signatures informations,etc in one yellow label?
Certficate of Authenticity Engreid117 3 8 yearsEngreid117 (1): I figured as much, thanks. Damn Paper Girls #1 why must you have 5 signatures?! lol
Higher grade or signed? matthogan6288 12 8 yearsmatthogan6288 (28): Thanks everyone!
Autograph Fuss JazzyJeffie 23 8 yearsjoelzstuff (89): @Soma: I seen some DC Comics Signed by Stan Lee on eBay. there was a New 52 Detective Comics #27 SS CGC by Stan Lee not too long ago. That bugged the hell out of me. Anyways, It depends for me, the actors must be known for that character for a long time… like someone said before, I’m not going to have the cast from the walking dead sign my Walking Dead #1… the characters come and go. BUT, I have gotten Adam West and Burt Ward to sign...
SIGNATURE VERIFICATION Revan_Q 15 8 yearsMR_SigS (11124): Thank you, Dr
Selling/Trade 9.8 Signed New Star Wars #1 Wolverine 1 8 yearsWolverine (1960): Have a new Star Wars #1 J. Scott Cambell color variant cover (only 1000 made) signed by both J.Scott Cambell and John Cassady. Looking to sell or trade
Official Joe Madureira Appreciation Thread Soma 8 8 yearsDespain (1618): @Soma Thanks for sharing that, Soma. Very interesting. Now that you mentioned it, I can see the horse skull details as part of the rune. Pretty cool that Joe Mad has inspired you artistically. Are you planning your own comic book? It might be interesting if you used your own characters as your next body art. You'd be your own walking advertisement. I bet it has helped Joe when people ask him about his tats.
CGC Signature to CBCS Signature NeganKilledMe 9 8 yearsRyanHicks (1974): Yes, you can have it re-slabbed under the ART program instead and it will maintain the yellow label.
My First CBCS Submission Was ... ccmp99 Jump to first page38Jump to last page 8 yearsMoomba (696): My first submission consisted of two books. I was very please with the service and the grades achieved by both books. Sonic the Hedgehog #2, from the first 1993 series, which consisted of issues 0 to 3. My second book was Tales to Astonish #34.
CBCS SS Celebrity Books - Post yours 1243782365 28 8 yearsjtruong008 (118): Edward Scissorhands #1 - Signed by Johnny Depp!
Mark Hamill Revan_Q 6 8 yearsdielinfinite (26426): Yeah it was about $100 per signature when I saw him and it was $125 at the Celebration 2015 convention. In both those cases, Official Pix was the one organizing the autograph session, which included various other celebrity appearances, so he'll probably discouraged from giving away any free autographs.
Glenn Fabry Revan_Q 1 8 yearsRevan_Q (31): Besides Philadelphia, PA Wizard World, does anyone know if Glenn Fabry will be appearing at any other cons?
Witnessing a Second Signature DrunkWooky 16 8 yearsJeremy_K (841): striped label would be awesome for dual sig types
Alex Ross & Mark Waid Signing Nick 1 8 yearsNick (17): Hi all, just wondered if anyone on the board is going to the Alex Ross and Mark Waid signing at Aw Yeah comics this Saturday in Skokie Illinois? I so excited to meet finally meet Alex Ross it's so hard to find him doing a public signing. Also wondered if anyone has already met him and what is he like?
What unreleased issue do you want to grade!? DrunkWooky 2 8 yearsBronzeAgeBaby (286): Francavilla's Black Beetle Necrologue stuff ...
Rare & Hard-to-Find VSP/ASP Signatures Odins_Raven Jump to first page35Jump to last page 8 yearsCatmanAmerica (30172): Harlan has pretty much retired from conventions, but we used to hang out and visit at some of the SF and early media shows. I guess I've known him since around '72. One of the last times we chatted was at an Aggiecon (Texas A&M University) about 15 years ago where we were among the guests. It was particularly memorable because we were requested as voice auctioneers for the charity auction that year. We both liked acerbic banter and on...
Trinity Comics Signature Request Thread TrinityComics 19 8 yearsAbsolute_Zero (1104): Any cons that Tyler Kirkham he is appering this year?
Tampa Bay Comic Con - Taking Submissions! TheLiamSturgess 4 8 yearsTimBildhauser (2237): Yes he is but I'm having him dragged down to Tampa for the convention. We're actually going to be doing a panel on foreign editions there. :)
Awesomecon, Washington DC Robodog 4 8 yearsRobodog (56): Dang! I know I responded to this! There will be dealers here, but as fitz said, not as many as larger cons. Was there something specific you were looking for?
GREG CAPULLO Private Signing 5/26 TrinityComics 13 8 yearsJazzyJeffie (418): @TrinityComics Looking forward to this awesome signing opportunity! The book is already with you! :cool: :cool: :cool:
Trinity Comics at San Diego Comic Con July! TrinityComics 1 8 yearsTrinityComics (244): This is the big one! All guests are available for sigs including any exclusives they will have available we can pick up. Books are due by July 15th. Show is July 20th- July 24th Check the guest list here: If you are interested in any more of our signings and are on Facebook you can check our group out its updated far more frequently, and send an invite at: ...
Renato Jones The One Percent % #1 SOLD OUT MGA 1 8 yearsMGA (124): Hi guys I have a few copies available of Renato Jones One% #1 from Kaare Andrews signed and available for slabbing. The book is going into its second print already. I also will be attending Motor City if anyone wants anything witnessed. There is also a blank 1 in 125 available only 200 exist and I have 10 available. Not...
Trinity Comics WW Philadelphia Avengers! TrinityComics 1 8 yearsTrinityComics (244): We will be in Philadelphia for Wizard World Philadelphia. Huge celebrity show with some pretty good comic guests as well. THOR, LOKI, CAPTAIN AMERICA, WINTER SOLDIER, FALCON, THE BACK TO THE FUTURE CAST (May not be able to get Fox), ARROW. PLUS The lead actor in The Preacher TV Show plus cover artist Glenn Fabry. Check the guest list for all of the guests. ...
Trinity Comics Heroes Con Thread June 18th TrinityComics 1 8 yearsTrinityComics (244): Trinity Comics will be at Heroes Con in Charlotte June 18th-20th. It's a massive guest list. We will have access to all of the creators. Books are due by June 15th. Message us if you have books or any other questions. Check out the guest list here:
Trinity Comics FULL Convention Schedule TrinityComics 1 8 yearsTrinityComics (244): We will be at more shows and signings than just about any Facilitator out there. We will also have multiple private signings at these shows Tidewater Comic Con May 21st-22nd MegaCon. May 26th-29th Awesome Con June 3rd-June 5th Wizard World Philadelphia June 3rd-5th ...
JTC Han Solo & Iron Man Variant OP MGA 2 8 yearsMGA (124): clickable text clickable text
JTC is at it again. Brubaker 18 8 yearsMGA (124): Not sure of that just yet. I'm guessing 3 to 4k is the usual. he doesn't release that number till after it closes. Hope that helps. Mike
Cracking CGC Signature Series Cases Nick 3 8 yearsNick (17): I probably should have mention I recently signed a Authentic Signature Program Witness Agreement to be the secondary witness for a comic company called The Comic Alchemist. On a side note I guess I would have to send the comics off through the primary witness account?
FRANK MILLER CBCS Signing TrinityComics 1 8 yearsTrinityComics (244): Trinity Comics is taking submissions for a Frank Miller CBCS Private Signing at MegaCon. Feel free to message us for pricing info. The whole DKIII team is also available. Check out all the guests here. This takes place at the same show as our Capullo and Hughes Signings.
Boston Comic Con Signature info Averycomicpressing 1 8 yearsAverycomicpressing (39): Please feel free to contact me with any artist signature needs from Boston Comic Con. The list this year is great so far. For more info please feel free to contact me. Artist link and my contact is below. Don't forget we can also clean and press your books before we ship them back to you or to CBCS for a yellow signature label. ...
Trinity Comics May Convention Schedule TrinityComics 6 8 yearsTrinityComics (244): I appreciate that thank you for using the service!
Larry Lieber DesertWind 20 8 yearsRebellionComics (64): Those westerns are nice I always live the covers of those
MIKE ZECK & JOHN BEATTY Private Signing GenuineCOA 1 8 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Time is running out to reserve your CBCS Comics submission for the Genuine COA private signing with Mike Zeck and John Beatty. Have your comics signed by the team that brought you Secret Wars and many more. Place your orders at the link below. And don't forget that you can add a Stan Lee signature to any of these signings. ...
CHARLIE ADLARD Private Signing in July! TrinityComics 8 8 yearsTrinityComics (244): He changes it around based on how much he wants to raise for charity. He's a great guy. Sometimes $150-200 sometimes he'll do one for free just depends on his mood
ADAM HUGHES Private Signing 5/26 TrinityComics 3 8 yearsTrinityComics (244): Thanks! Big signings news for some other creators is coming soon 😏
Frank Miller signing DesertWind 4 8 yearsLazydayz137 (10): Apparently this thread is so crowded they need to yell to be HEARD @Stelbert_Stylton!
Jae Lee signing DesertWind 1 8 yearsDesertWind (10): With Free Comic Book Day quickly coming up it is time to announce who will be our special guest for our event. The phenomenal superstar artist, Jae Lee will be signing at Celestial Comics happening on Free Comic Book Day taking place Saturday, May 7th. We plan to have a TON of things going on but Jae will be a highlight. So mark your calendar to come on down to Celestial Comics. more details to follow. For those of you that can't be at our event...
Stan Lee/ Frank Miller Signing Opportunity GenuineCOA 1 8 yearsGenuineCOA (176): **DON'T MISS THE DEADLINE** Genuine COA is happy to bring you an extremely RARE collection of signing opportunities for the months of May and June, featuring legendary icons like Stan Lee, Frank Miller and many others!! We are now accepting mail-in orders for signatures and submission under CBCS Comics Authentic Signature Program (Yellow Label). To have your comics signed by any combination of the listed creators, reserve your orders at the...
Upcoming Convention Schedule Darryl_H 3 8 yearsDarryl_H (1704): yes i will be!! Just didn't list it here due to the closeness of the event :-)
Phoenix Comic Con June 2-5, 2016 RyanHicks 1 8 yearsRyanHicks (1974): Phoenix Comic Con is fast approaching and Kevin Gawthrope and I will be AW's volunteering at the CBCS booth. If you are attending the show, stop by and say hello (booth numbers still pending) and if you can't make it to the show but need to get some books signed or submitted, you can PM either of us here or in any of the Facebook groups and we'll get you taken care of. Lots of great guests including: Marv wolfman John Beatty George...
Rose City Comic Con Beamer 1 8 yearsBeamer (157): I will be an AW for the Rose City Comic Con for September in Portland. If anyone has books for signing PM me. Guest list as follows: Amanda Conner Jimmy Palmiotti Matt Kindt Mike Mignola Stacey lee Matt Fraction etc.
Ed McGuinness & Elias Chatzoudis FCBD at MGC MGA 1 8 yearsMGA (124): Email me with any questions can facilitate signatures
Adam Hughes Signing May 13th at MGC MGA 1 8 yearsMGA (124):