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CBCS Message Board - Terms of Use SteveRicketts 1 4 yearsSteveRicketts (9468): CBCS Message Board Terms of Use Created: December 15, 2015 Last update: March 30, 2018 The CBCS discussion forum and message board [the “Forum” or “CBCS Message Board”] accessible through the Web site [the “Site”] [collectively the “Forum Services”] is brought to you by Comic Book Certification Service, LLC [“CBCS,” “we,” “our,” or “Company”]. In addition to any other Terms of Use and/or...
11 of my comics up for Auction at Heritage Scifinator 18 4 hoursScifinator (2380): Down to the final 5 hours. To paraphrase an old addage...Bid early and bid often! ;)
TMNT the Last Ronin Jesse_O Jump to first page184Jump to last page 11 hoursBronte (7033): Update. Apparently they sent the password to the secret access area to everyone by mistake. I emailed the company and stated that I wouldn't have bought the one book for admission if I didn't think I had a chance to get any cool stuff. He said he verified that all the good stuff was ordered by legit folks but had 1 spare ashcan. He made it available to me so I just bought that. Good luck on the ashcan being in good condition. They are...
Weekly Cover Contest #213 - Gunfights and Shootouts! esaravo 27 20 hoursPaint_Monk (1245):
MAIL CALL - SDCC dropoff continuation Scifinator Jump to first page34Jump to last page 2 daysScifinator (2380): @DavidM - Were it not for Omega men and the introduction of Lobo, i probably wouldn’t have collected any DC. Back in the late 70’s and 80’s I viewed them as the Empire and Marvel as the rebellion. How times changed by the 90’s. Probably at least 75% of my DC collection is Lobo related. Just loved the irreverence.
For Sale: Modern Keys tonnage71 3 2 daystonnage71 (453): All-New Wolverine #2 sold this AM. The rest are still available if anyone is interested. Let me know!
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups 9/16 & 9/23! Jedyzon 3 4 daysJedyzon (493): :)
Norse Mythology - Gaiman/Russell/Sienkiewicz Nuffsaid111 8 4 dayswillieCPA4646 (194): I ordered issue #1 from Westfield Comics before the COVID-19 shutdowns. I still have not received the comic yet.
Want to trade? Scifinator 24 5 daysScifinator (2380): Here is my updated want list: Archer & Armstrong Vol 1 - 0 Gold Armorines Vol 1 - 0 Gold Bloodshot Vol 1 - 0 Gold Chaos Effect Alpha Red Chaos Effect Omega Gold Cry for Dawn - # 1, 3, 4, 6 & 8 Crypt of Dawn - # 4 thru 6 Dawn Vol 1 - # 0.5 & 3 Dawn: Return of the Goddess - # 3, 4 Deathmate Blue (Gold Variant) - in CBCS 9.8 Eternal Warrior Vol 1 - #1 Gold Embossed Eternal Warrior Vol 1 - #1 Gold Flat Fantastic Four # 48, 49, &...
Comics coming to bookstores and newsstands!! Jesse_O 10 12 daysB3Chandler (125): Here are several pictures displaying some of the artwork from the 1st issues, enjoy. ...
Aftershock comic headed to television. Jesse_O 2 12 daysFirehawk2069 (310): To eBay!
Flanders's Comics for Auction at MCS - Ending Monday September 14th flanders 7 13 daysTedsaid (5220): hey, that star wars is doing much better now!
Represent: Book One, "It's a Bird" by DC - free digital comic Jesse_O 1 17 daysJesse_O (18801): CNN article. This is the DC comics press release. I already downloaded and read it on Comixology and found it to be quite moving. I know this will not be everyone's cup of tea, but for those of us that care about systemic racism, this is really quite timely and poignant. ...
Game: Slab Uno - The Third! dielinfinite Jump to first page891Jump to last page 17 daysCatmanAmerica (20001):
New Comic Book Day 09/09 Pick-ups! *Birthday Edition* Jedyzon 5 18 daysNoblebeast315 (897): Very happy B-day to you friend. Enjoy it!
submission#2 Comicninja0215 20 18 daysSiggy (9967): Are the people who verify (BAS) in the same building as the CBCS graders? Certainly for some.
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups! 09/02 Jedyzon 3 24 daysReelgee (17): I gotta stop watching you, I go over budget every time lol.great mail call.
Suicide Squad Sketch Cover Cheese 1 24 daysCheese (61): Man look at its beautiful. I heard a rumor that the artist is incredibly handsome and really cool btw...OK OK no one has said either of those things about me lol.
Beckett Grading Services...for comics? Supertom Jump to first page69Jump to last page 25 daysGAC (18563): And you came to the forum?! I hope you're wearing a mask atleast?! All kidding aside...I sincerely hope you get better soon.
Advice on Shipping Comics from Continental Europe to CBCS absavior 6 27 daysNchatzi7 (22): I shipped an order to CBCS sometime in may, the package took about 1,5 month to reach CBCS office (due to the epidemic though). After that the comics that I send for simple grading, no other service, took about 2,5 months to get graded. I had a return of the wolverine 2, the moebius variant which came as a 9,8. When I submitted that it was going for around 700, now last one sold for 400.. Sometimes you benefit and sometimes you don’t. All in...
Several graded comics for sale; Johnjakewish 2 27 daysJohnjakewish (81): Bump
Holy cow look what I found in the wild. Cheap cheap. Zombie_Head 8 30 daysHarrisonMade (13): @Zombie_Head I have one too, had Jim Lee and Chris Claremont sign mine. Hoping to have Scott Williams sometime soon as well.
WEEKLY COVER CONTEST #208 - Kicked in the Teeth! esaravo Jump to first page51Jump to last page 1 monthMountie73 (1592): Congrats Mater
Grading Staples issues on Something Is Killing The Children absavior 6 1 monthabsavior (5): I suppose it's worth sending then. But since I have multiple copies will probably send the copies that do not have this issue first.
Differences between variants absavior 7 1 monthsteveinthecity (249): I can’t imagine any ads are specific to a variant, but rather consistent with other books printed at the same time(as the variant). To me any differences in ads of the same basic comic(exclusive of cover) would equate to a later printing.
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups 8/26 Jedyzon 1 1 monthJedyzon (493):
What is this? And can I remove it? Cheese 17 1 monthjaysonslade (16): For clarity... I never said I agree with keeping a comic covered up in tissue paper and not enjoying it. I also never said to not display and enjoy your sketch covers. I did say that I thought it had a logo printed on it, but I see now that was clearly the logo on the cover showing through the tissue paper. I'm totally into collector doing whatever they want... because I do whatever I want. And I would never ever ever ever under any circumstance...
Dollar bin pick up plus 10% off lol Zombie_Head 11 1 monthcomicsforme (2008):
FYI - Classic Spider-Man #1 Cover Rendered as a Shattered Mosaic Rinova 23 1 monthheatseekers (1): I ALSO FORGOT TO MENTION FOR THE 3 BOOK SET USE COUPON CODE SPIDER FOR FREE SHIPPING.
WEEKLY COVER CONTEST #207 - PUPPETS esaravo Jump to first page50Jump to last page 1 monthesaravo (38783): Thanks everyone for the votes! The new contest will be up shortly.
Marvel 2013 Newsstand edition going cheap on MCS auction Joosh 1 1 monthJoosh (1887): OK, so it’s mine I’m selling, but MCS didn’t notate it’s a newsstand edition that pretty much can’t be found if your looking for it. So I want to let any newsstand edition hunters on the forums know about it. New Avenger 8, 1st appearance Black Order, graded CGC 9.2. It’s at $7 right now.
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups! 8/19 Jedyzon 2 1 monthNoblebeast315 (897): Agree with you with your last comments friend. I call it “Hobby Arrogance.” It’s a type of behavior you can see in any hobby and is absolutely juvenile. Comic collecting is not a competition. It’s for personal enjoyment. All the best.
DC cancels Teen Titans, Young Justice, Suicide Squad, Hawkman, and more drchaos 16 1 monthStudley_Dudley (17739): But how do you really feel?
Saddle River Comics - New eBay ID & Link drchaos Jump to first page584Jump to last page 1 monthdrchaos (16507): Spent the last few hours slashing prices on ebay:
Mail Call! Dell'Otto delivers! Jedyzon 10 1 monthSteverogers11 (2992): @robo true but damn it looks cool the way it is
Mail call - nuffsaid style Scifinator 4 1 monthDoc_Cop (1865): How would you like to own the original art from those early nineties Masterpiece trading cards!!!!
Signed/Numbered Comic - Verification? Patrickjones2549 12 2 monthsSiggy (9967): It was a sincere question, but I understand it comes off as shit-stirring. Looking at the labels again, I see "(#2833/10000)" is the same as CGC saying, "#2833/10000 Written On Cover", just not as specific at detaching it from the verified sig, but probably enough to CYA. I might just be picking the fly-shit from the pepper pot, but it really doesn't seem "out there" to picture some comic-book-fan-posing...
CBCS mail call today 21 slabs Zombie_Head 30 2 monthsComicninja0215 (371): Nicely done!!!!! cant wait for my first batch to come back!!! I'll put them up here when they arrive although it's going to be awhile
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups! 8/12 Jedyzon 1 2 monthsJedyzon (493):
CGC Mail Call 8/8 Jedyzon 10 2 monthsJedyzon (493): I put them in graded mylar sleeves from bcw
Star Wars Kanan the Last Padawan #1 FOR SALE! daywalker 1 2 monthsdaywalker (2293): Kanan The Last Padawan #1 in NM condition FOR SALE! $20 plus shipping! Shipping: 1-4 books $5 via media mail packaged in a Gemini mailer. 5-9 books $9 priority mail. 10-15 books $15 flat rate priority.
San Diego Comic Con 2020 Thread drchaos Jump to first page82Jump to last page 2 monthsCatmanAmerica (20001): And here's the third bagged and boarded book (bonus inclusion)...
My Wolverine collection - thoughts, anything missing, pedigree worthy? HULK2K20 5 2 monthsHULK2K20 (4): Ah. I'm definitely missing that part. Thanks for the clarification. Hulk 180, 181, and 182 are in the "key issues" tab.
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups 8/6 Jedyzon 1 2 monthsJedyzon (493):
What grade? comixcited 12 2 monthsMrNotSoNice (298): That is a very nice copy.
FOR SALE: Star Wars The Clone Wars #2, #6, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12 daywalker 1 2 monthsdaywalker (2293): Star Wars The Clone Wars #2 in NM condition FOR SALE! $40 plus shipping! Star Wars The Clone Wars #6 in NM condition FOR SALE! $30 plus shipping! Star Wars The Clone Wars #8 in NM condition FOR SALE! $20 plus shipping! Star Wars The Clone Wars #9 in NM condition FOR SALE! $15 plus shipping! Star Wars The Clone Wars #10 in NM condition FOR SALE! $15 plus shipping! Star Wars The Clone Wars #11 in NM condition FOR SALE! $15 plus...
FOR SALE: Star Wars Kanan the Last Padawan #1 daywalker 1 2 monthsdaywalker (2293): Kanan The Last Padawan #1 in NM condition FOR SALE! $15 plus shipping! Shipping: 1-4 books $5 via media mail packaged in a Gemini mailer. 5-9 books $9 priority mail. 10-15 books $15 flat rate priority.
Alex Ross Timeless Variants Nuffsaid111 29 2 months00slim (8101): Appreciate the heads up! I’ll grab one of those for sure. If Ross sells a yellow label 9.8 on his site, I’m in for that.
Ultimate fallout 4 9.8 for sale $899!!! devo3000x 13 2 monthsdevo3000x (11): Awesome Josh, I really like the new cases. Glad it arrived quickly! Tim
Mail Call - Spidey senses are tingling Scifinator 16 2 monthsScifinator (2380): As long as they continue not to damage my comics in grading or encasement and as long as @SteveRicketts keeps up the magic with my press comics, I am good.
WTB Spawn 1 CBCS 9.8 newsstand edition, CGC Ok too, maybe, I guess Joosh 6 2 monthsJoosh (1887): My brother did, seller’s have minimum consideration so his offers were immediately declined. He’s not in a hurry, so it’s all good. I’ve got most of my favorites through a combination of patience, persistence, and dumb luck. For my PC I’m thinking about getting a Spawn 1 Black and White reprint, probably a 9.6 for that one.$$$$$ EDIT: Book has been procured! Thanks @Devo3000x for finding the deal.
Small Mail Call! dielinfinite 11 2 monthsdielinfinite (14585): @Nuffsaid111 Thanks! I’m just glad to finally have it back. The Japanese postal service actually suspended shipments to the USA the day after she dropped it in the mail so it sat in limbo for a month until things started moving again.
Absolute Carnage #1 Set hogan36 8 2 monthshogan36 (63): @HulkSmash Thank you!
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups! 7/29 Jedyzon 3 2 monthsJedyzon (493): Yeah
Who likes Ashcans? Scifinator 28 2 monthsPuckster (910): These were part of a collection I acquired recently. Anyone interested? Make an offer. I'll send actual scans if needed. ...
Comic Wall Mounts/Frame hogan36 7 2 monthsHulkSmash (1707): @lawguy1977 there are different depths as well. this one has a 1.5” ledge. clickable text
Grading hogan36 18 2 monthshogan36 (63): Thanks, that sounds good . Least I know if the signatures can be verified and won't count against me.
Paypal Weirdness drchaos 7 2 monthsJohnnylray (2645): found this recently..EBay says its will ‘move pretty quickly’ on payments transition as PayPal agreement expires.
Venom #25 CBCS Shannon Maer Ultimate Editio Jedyzon 18 2 monthskon_jelly (356): I have a scanner, so no camera needed.
What do you all recommend from your pull lists CarsonG 19 2 monthsmonjoody (572): I never read the DH run. I'll look into that, thanks!
Punchline vs Batman Who Laughs vs Designer vs Joker Huntet groovy31 3 2 monthsNoblebeast315 (897): I agree. People already love the Batman that laughs because of his dark nature and that he is a combination of both Batman and the Joker. Punchline is going to stick around for a long time because she is an attractive female with deadly skill and lots of character to rival many of the other popular female characters ( Harley, Catwoman, etc)
Temperature Comicninja0215 30 2 monthsComicninja0215 (371): My silver books still have white pages which I'm shocked about. I have a few comic skins around them to keep them safe till I get them graded. Btw , does anyone know how well a slab actually protects a book? 🤔
CBCS launches Census/Graded Population Report spaulus Jump to first page127Jump to last page 2 monthsStudley_Dudley (17739): @Scifinator we can make that happen if you happen to have a Transformers #1 Canadian price variant or a complete TF #1 from Marvel UK.
Comics anthology to benefit The Hero Initiative sborock 1 2 monthssborock (10521): Pretty cool and a great cause!
Artificial Market Inflation CaptainCanuck 12 2 monthsesaravo (38783): @flanders - I wish I had two dozen 9.8 graded copies of a red-hot book!
WTB Winter Soldier 1 and Siege 2 and 3 9.8 Dell'Otto Covers Ice9 1 2 monthsIce9 (1): Hello, Please message me if you have one available and the price. Thank you.
Bat Books For Sale Noblebeast315 8 2 monthsNoblebeast315 (897): Yup the pair. Sounds great. DM me.
Naftixe's Sales Thread naftixe Jump to first page45Jump to last page 2 monthsnaftixe (156): Update 07/19/2020 CBCS forum discounted prices. FREE Shipping within USA. International Shipping is extra. All of these Comics are listed in the CBCS Database. Send me a Direct CBCS Forum Message to buy at these prices. $35 Each, or 3 for $100: 9.4 Chastity Love Bites #1 Premium 9.2 Dawn #1 9.4 Lady Death: Love Bites #1 9.2 Lady Pendragon Preview Edition #1 8.0 Preacher #3 9.4 Undertaker #1 DF Alternate 9.4 Untold Tales Purgatori...
What was your first CBCS submission?? Comicbookzach Jump to first page49Jump to last page 2 monthsComicbookzach (295): Signed by Tim H.!
10 month wait for modern key is over! JustACollector 3 2 monthsPaint_Monk (1245): Great book! (But I'm not liking the overly rounded look of the new slabs)
So, this happened... Jesse_O 5 3 monthszdoes10 (1985): We had a substitute Mail Carrier last week that came after the regular mail and this is what I got. Did not have my camera at the mailbox.
For Sale: Modern & Bronze Keys tonnage71 17 3 monthstonnage71 (453): Great news @sportshort! Hope we can do business again one day.
New Comic Book Day pick-ups 7/8 Jedyzon 1 3 monthsJedyzon (493):
Newbie Question on Grade Evil Ernie Eternity 1 hotrod1376 10 3 monthsflanders (4018): It's a great one! Too bad I'm an idiot and sold a 9.4 copy about a year ago.
Did I do ok today at my LCS??? Zombie_Head 17 3 monthsJesse_O (18801): Aftershock also has a benefit book out. It is 48 pages long. It seems to be selling for about $10 online.
WEEKLY COVER CONTEST #200 - MUMMIFIED! esaravo Jump to first page58Jump to last page 3 monthsTowmater (5835): You posts in the new contest thread made it clear what the delay was about.
EPIC CAP COLLECTION COMING!!! Jesse_O 8 3 monthsBrianGreensnips (7963): I so agree.That was a great run.
Label variations jedijohnson 7 3 monthsjedijohnson (30): Another interesting find while looking up both CBCS and CGC labels on eBay. All have Ahsoka misspelled. Ashoka vice Ahsoka. hahaha
Is this common? Rinova 6 3 monthsRinova (38): Hi everyone, UPDATE: So appears that @willieCPA4646 and @Oxbladder are correct, delayed release. Thanks everyone!
For Sale - Justice League 15 Yellow, HQ 1 Pink Var. Yellow, and WD 108 BM_Cruz 2 3 monthsBM_Cruz (206):
CGC Unboxing mail call! 9.8 or NOTHING! - 6/27 Jedyzon 6 3 monthsDoc_Cop (1865): Sweet Banana Wolverine cover! And the virgin first Knull cover!
For Sale Edge of Spider Verse 2 / ASAM 194 / Incredible Hulk 141 Doc_Cop 16 3 monthsDoc_Cop (1865): My intent on selling these keys was to get the cash together to score either an Iron Man 1 8.5 or an ASM 101 8.5. Ended up the winning bidder on the ASM 101. So thanks to all for your purchases. I hope you enjoy your books! I'll do an unboxing video on my YouTube channel (Doc Cop Comics) when I receive it. Nuff said.
Weekly Cover Contest #199 - MASKS JLS_Comics Jump to first page49Jump to last page 3 monthsTedsaid (5220):
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups! 06/24 Jedyzon 2 3 monthsDoc_Cop (1865): thanks!
FOR SALE! HARLEY QUINN (vol. 1) #1-4 & Our Worlds At War daywalker 4 3 monthsHulkSmash (1707): Pmed
Marvel Unlimited Recommendations? tonnage71 4 3 monthsdielinfinite (14585): If you don’t mind more mature content, I highly recommend any of Garth Ennis’ MAX titles, particularly Fury: My War Gone By and Punisher: Born, though all of Ennis’ Punisher MAX run was great. Ennis did have a Punisher run on Marvel’s Marvel Knights line which was really good, starting with the Wlcome Back, Frank storyline, but that one is a bit more fun, almost a black comedy. ...
Mail Call Jedyzon 5 3 monthsEikkichi (150): Oooo could you please post a pic a of the TMNT in the cabinet ?
Aftershock comics sending out an S.O.S. Jesse_O 2 3 monthssborock (10521): Very cool!
DC dumping Diamond Jesse_O Jump to first page96Jump to last page 4 monthsInstant_Subtitles (688): @EbaySeller That might be one case since they often use Sam's Club as a means to gain Directv users.
Marvel reveals "On Sale Wednesday" variants. Jesse_O 7 4 monthsdpiercy (3939): 😂
Cost benefit of slabing mid & low grade books Schumy2 7 4 monthsdoog (3680): $100 sale. Meets my criteria. Sometimes I will chase trying to get a 9.8 Common Comic for fun, dangerous game As if I get a 9.6, the value is not worth doing. It’s an eye test. Having an excellent grading eye is key to the decision.
Wanting to buy CONAN THE BARBARIAN issues 150-170 in 9.6 or better Rafel 6 4 monthsJohnnylray (2645): @Rafel I have a run of Conan I'll break up. None graded however. All nice.let me know. Thanks.
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups! 6/11 Jedyzon 6 4 monthsJedyzon (493): Lol nice. You're my hero
Cbcs slabs over 125 pictures and price chefcomics 10 4 monthschefcomics (81): New batch Pm with offers and question
Pick ups at LCS Zombie_Head 12 4 monthsHeinzDad (3718): My list will be short until Marvel is back at it.
Grading Thoughts- ASM 300 (Venom Italian Version) Thaiboxer 3 4 monthsIronwill75 (163): 7.0 it’ll be harshly graded and all that black is a killer 🤦‍♂️
New Comic Book Day 5/31 Jedyzon 6 4 monthsJedyzon (493): Oh cool man i will check it out
Help id Todd's signature Madman 10 4 monthskaptainmyke (24408): After seeing examples from @eee91, I would consider the original poster's signatures to be early 1990s rushed signatures possibly. But, it is strange one says "Todd" and the other 2 are "T. McFarlane".
VENOM 25 CBCS 9.8 EDITION LIMITED TO 150 COPIES Cool_Fool 17 4 monthsMasochism (1784): From my computer I can see two links, on my phone it looked like a single link. My mistake.
Some Comics on eBay joelzstuff 5 4 monthsjoelzstuff (33): Ending tomorrow... Please check them out. Thank you! - Joel
ASM 300 ink running? Madman 27 4 monthschester15 (430): Come to think of it, wouldn't you EXPECT to see black blotches? Venom is all OVER that book!
Opinions on grading modern books JosephSMASH 18 4 monthsJabberwookie (2286): I’m way more of a casual collector than many on these boards. There’s some amazing collections on here and mine barely registers on the radar. With that said, I slab keys and books that have value to me. I do research to see if I end up on the plus side or even with the cost of slabbing. The books are still an investment and I prefer to have a certain amount of liquidity when it comes to selling in a pinch. So, basically, slab what you...
CBCS First Blind Mail Call!! flanders 21 4 monthsZombie_Head (1531): I didn’t have very good luck with avery pressing. I use dee pressing DeAngelo Long One of the best.
Harley Quinn, Supergirl, Three Jokers and TMNT Jesse_O 7 4 monthsJesse_O (18801): @IronMan I can understand where you are coming from, but I gotta respond. Yes, these general themes have been done before. However. I think a writer would be hard pressed to come up with a completely original storyline for characters as established as these are. For me, the story doesn't matter as much as how it is told. If the comic has a good artist and a good storyteller doing it, I'm entertained. That's all I really ask of a comic book,...
. dielinfinite 7 4 monthsAndyRexia (5090): The list of things that I want but never intend to buy is long and distinguished. I won't poach on his search for that book. In fact if I happen to find one I'll tell him about it. Good luck!
First appearance opinions JosephSMASH 10 4 monthsEbaySeller (5906): If you think about actually reading vs just owning comic books, the market from that perspective seems more rational and consistent. The book with the higher value is typically the one that more people feel compelled to read because of that new character. The one that is likely to get reprinted over and over again because of demand to read it, that's the one that has higher value. While Wolverine appears in the final page of Hulk 180, it's...
Regarding Grading price increases JosephSMASH 5 4 monthsJosephSMASH (31): Thanks everyone! I’ve been posting on the forum a lot today. All of you—especially if we talked on my previous posts today—have been a great help! I look forward to making more posts and conversing with you all in the future!!!👍
Deadpool #5 misprint JosephSMASH 8 4 monthsSiggy (9967): Agree. I like error books IF I discover them in the wild myself, but I'd at least want the story there, upside down, backwards, or mixed. And Copper Age or earlier. No interest in 'new' but that's me.
CLZ comics app - Just missing comics? Comicscollection 8 4 monthsRinova (38): I've been using CLZ for a couple of years and it keeps getting better.
Fresh cbcs batch 3 for 100 $50 each FRRE SHIPPING chefcomics 4 4 monthschefcomics (81):
Return of New Comic Book Day 5/20! Jedyzon 1 4 monthsJedyzon (493):
ASM 300 SHATTERED VARIANT? Madman 8 4 monthsDrogio (6523): I bought 2 when they first came out....sold one for double what I paid....basically paid for my second copy. I like free comics. I have a few ASM 300s, this one was my favorite. Didn’t care for the Ross cover, surprisingly, because I love his other covers in that run.
Hey, can we do the ebay seller name thing again? Enelson 19 4 monthsGotlift (2281):
New Teen Titans #1 Geohans 21 4 monthssborock (10521): So do I! I also remember being blown away by DC Comics presents (1st appearance) and this comic. Such an innovative comic at the time as most people could not care about the Teen Titans for so many years until this reincarnation.
Help confirm Todd McFarlane signature + Price? jotaro238 12 5 monthsGAC (18563): Yes, I would not be requesting any sort of refund.
Barnes and Noble Newsstand Variants New_Format 11 5 monthsHcanes (2274): @Joosh I got an extensive list as well I can send your way if it helps.
Absolute Carnage #1 Murder O's hogan36 6 5 monthshogan36 (63): Thank you all for your responses. I just ordered 4 copies the other day. The post office just delivered them today. All 4 of them have the same exact damage to them. I just didn't want to spend money to have them graded to receive a low grade. I'm shooting for a 9.6 or 9.8 on them.
Weekly Cover Contest 192: Aliens - They Came From Outer Space!? esaravo Jump to first page60Jump to last page 5 monthsShallaBal (276): sorry wrong thread
Mail call from cbcs Zombie_Head 9 5 monthsDonnied (781): If I was to drop $600 - $1000 on a comic, it would be on a nice golden or silver age key, not some silly gimmick cover reprint comic! Just not what I'm interested in.
DC To Start Publishing New Comics April 28 CaptainCanuck 6 5 monthsTowmater (5835): I hope DC is successful. Having another outlet for comics and maybe a revamping of the wholesaler system would be a benefit for the industry. Competition is generally a good thing.
Batman Keys for Sale lawguy1977 7 5 monthsesaravo (38783): So tempting, I've never owned a #171...
Decisions, Decision: Input Requested 00slim 23 5 monthsxkonk (7379): If you're going to get them all and the only question is timing, I would think about movie/shows and avoiding those potential bumps. Punisher is evergreen but doesn't have a show or movie to hype around right now. Harley was in a movie that already came out, but I'm sure they'll be talking about her being in something for DC again soon. Hawkeye is supposed to be on a Disney+ show with Kate Bishop, but I think the timing there is all thrown...
Silver Age Top Loaders hogan36 3 5 monthshogan36 (63): Thank you so much
Today only!! Free comic book day digital downloads Jesse_O 2 5 monthsxkonk (7379): My LCS had some downloads too, including some sketches you could color yourself. I tried a new set of markers on Wolverine, which only turned out ok, but colored pencils on Supergirl turned out fairly well.
Small Mail Call dielinfinite 5 5 monthsDarkseid_of_town (7779): Some nice slabs there, congrats
WTB: Babylon 5 The Lost Tales mini-comic (2007) Qalyar 1 5 monthsQalyar (1): I am looking for one or more copies of the 6-page mini-comic released in 2007 as a pack-in with some Best Buy editions of the Babylon 5: The Lost Tales DVD. Copies were also handed out at SDCC, about half of which ended up signed by JMS (for clarity, I do not want a signed copy). There were quite a few of these...
Mail call from cbcs. Zombie_Head 3 5 monthsBatman79 (526): Congrats! All three with low print runs. That invincible is amazing at a 9.8! Invincible 1 is the only one I don't have out of the entire run... a title that I GREATLY miss each month.
Top 50 Comics in My Collection! Drahcir Jump to first page95Jump to last page 5 monthsDrWatson (15155): Second 25 of fourth set:
Anyone want to give me some suggestions? Gabriel85301 10 5 monthsGabriel85301 (1565): Thank you everyone! I had ordered an 8x JL #12 lot on ebay, the guy claimed average grade was NM.. far from it..In the back of all the comics had huge creases, lots of bents, no bags and boards when shipped (but that one is on me because he never mentioned that in his description) His shipping was pathetic. Oh well, you lose some you gain some. At least I got the items. I'll have to check out GAC's...
FS Graded CBCS Issues, Some Witnessed Sigs Cool_Fool 1 5 monthsCool_Fool (1022): Selling some issues, any that are listed as Signed, were done at NYCC 2019. None have been pressed or restored. All cases are mint and never taken out of protective sleeve. (so there might be glare on some pics, sorry). Shipped USPS Priority 2 day box, so there is tracking and insurance. FLAT $12 for any number of issues. Will use a bigger box for more than 2. (Valid for US, true cost other areas). Bubble wrapped and well protected against...
Comic Grading hogan36 9 5 monthshogan36 (63): Thank you!
CGC Signature Series walk-thru Pt.2 Jedyzon 1 5 monthsJedyzon (493):
Absolute Carnage #1 hogan36 6 5 monthsRinova (38): I have a copy of that comic @hogan36. Not sure if you are still interested?
Heads Up - Two new DC Villains GanaSoth Jump to first page166Jump to last page 5 monthscyrano0521 (605): No way to determine what is hot or not except golden age and hard to find silver age, right now. Must wait for society to open back up and decide. Hopefully movie hype is a thing of the past.
Hey Guys, Wanna Trade? 00slim 30 5 monthsNelsconey (153): Is this still avail? Price?
CGC Signature Series walk-thru Pt.1 Jedyzon 6 5 monthsSpiderTim (2204): I have a Mark Bagley page from that ASM 375 issue! Its gonna be cheaper to get an X-Men 1 9.8 already graded than having yours pressed and regraded.
Weekly Cover Contest - In Glorious WIDESCREEN! dielinfinite Jump to first page77Jump to last page 5 monthsTedsaid (5220): I had considered this Crisis cover as well. I knew Alex Ross painted it, but I didn't realize until I looked it up that George Perez did the layouts. Perez is just a master at making fantastic layouts, IMO.
Kickstarter Horror Comic Book Series - Stay Awake GanaSoth 1 6 monthsGanaSoth (6474): Guys. This is a Kickstarter horror comic series from creator Joseph Oliveira, located in Liverpool, UK. Click or Touch here to get in on this horror series. STAY AWAKE is a 4 issue Psychological Horror Comic Series. Plot; Isaac Banks, a psychologist is forced to revisit the cases of three of his former patients when a detective reveals that each has died under suspicious circumstances. Parasomnias is a category of sleep disorders...
Kickstarter Comic Book Series - Burlap GanaSoth 3 6 monthsGanaSoth (6474): @Zombie_Head It's the story that's interesting and the artwork looks great! Whatever. To each their own.
Opinions on Gaiman Signature dielinfinite 13 6 monthsMagellan (284): Your first post was correct. A remark can be verbal or written. A remarque is something much more specific that applies to printing/engraving.
CBCS. X men 4. Omega Red chefcomics 6 6 monthschefcomics (81):
First time submission question bladefox 5 6 monthssportshort (3434): Also and this is an important "also", you need to write the promo code on the order form after you print it or it will not be applied. the last time i submitted I wrote the code in a couple of places, in notes and below the last entry in the order form, so that it would not be missed (it happens).
know of any brick & mortar stores with an eBay Presence?? Gabriel85301 19 6 monthsGabriel85301 (1565): Thank you! I will follow up with many of these in the next several days. I am a part time employee (I was only getting 25-32 hours week) at a "store" that starts with the letter "C," that many people shop at in bulk.. ha ha ha. I am in great health so I'm putting in about 36-40 hours a week. It is quite a change for me, but I'm loving it yet I come home so exhausted.
Treasury-Sized Editions and Other Larger Than Magazine-Sized Books esaravo Jump to first page129Jump to last page 6 monthsesaravo (38783): Might try to finish this off this weekend.
WTB: Blade (2006) Complete Series tonnage71 1 6 monthstonnage71 (453): Looking for the complete 12 issue run of Blade from 2006 (Volume 3) as a gift for my wife in NM or better condition. Only one set that I can see on eBay and the issues are in poorer condition than we’d like. PM me if you have a set for sale and are willing to part for it at a reasonable price. Thanks!
Marvel COMICS Pausing Output on a Temporary Basis willieCPA4646 2 6 monthsJesse_O (18801): There is no mention of coronavirus in the article or the original post. But I'm sure this is because of the impact coronavirus has had on our country. Since this is comic related, I am going to lock (not delete) this thread and post a snapshot and a link in the coronavirus thread.
Weekly Cover Contest: Time Flies Lenovations Jump to first page73Jump to last page 6 monthsGAC (18563): Ok, so if tied, CBCS slab decides....if both have CBCS or neither have it, then most 3 votes. Got it!
Get Free comics - while stuck at home Lenovations 4 6 monthsLenovations (517): Yes I would.
Venom #25 Shannon Maer Variant Jedyzon 10 6 monthsJesse_O (18801): Here is the virgin cover.
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups! 3/25 Jedyzon 5 6 monthsJedyzon (493): Thanks dude. Be safe out there
Best Terminator Comics dielinfinite 5 6 monthsdielinfinite (14585): On the subject of Terminator games, if anyone has a PS2, Xbox, or Gamecube (I believe it was released on PC as well) Terminator 3: The Redemption was really fun. Unlike the movie tie-in game that was rushed to coincide with the movie’s release this was released later and was a massive improvement. I really love the feature where as you take damage, the terminator’s skin is gradually blown off until you’re basically just the...
Todd McFarlane drchaos Jump to first page346Jump to last page 6 monthsdrchaos (16507): I just posted 33 Todd McFarlane books in my ebay store. Here are the group shots:
Comic Book Market CaptainCanuck Jump to first page33Jump to last page 6 monthsTommyJasmin (415): Noticed the same @EbaySeller - steady flow, down a bit overall. Most likely a bit of both your thoughts. I also note the average grade of recent sales for a given item - VF 8.0 right now for Incredible Hulk 181.
Mail call epic grail Zombie_Head 17 6 monthsDarkseid_of_town (7779): I keep wondering how this genera of books will play out now..given current events. With the world in such a bad place right now I wonder if people will still view this type of story as entertainment, or as too much of real world creeping in.....I watched the entire series till this season, but to me it feels like its losing its ….umph or power
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups - 3/20! Jedyzon 1 6 monthsJedyzon (493):
Super Secret Spider-Woman #1 Cover Cool_Fool 7 6 monthsHulkSmash (1707): I think “Spider” would be the preferred name. I don’t think we want to be assuming gender.
Spawn Comics For Sale Gbellgrant 1 7 monthsGbellgrant (7): Got some Spawn comics I want to get rid of, they are all in NM condition. I will post the prices and pictures below. First one to claim it in the chat will get the book, we will discuss payment in PM. PayPal only! Corona Can’t stop you from getting some cool books! Again all these books are in NM 101- $15 141- $60 145- $15 147- $18 150- Tan variant- $50 152- $10 176- $10 I will ask for you to pay shipping as well! Media...
Comixology - Digital comics sales dielinfinite 1 7 monthsdielinfinite (14585): So I know most of us here don't particularly care for digital comics but for those of us that are, Comixology's current sales have a lot of good material Some highlights include Robin Sale A Death in the Family for $6 Teen Titans: The Judas Contract for $6...
Greater Philly Comic Con Date Moved drchaos 1 7 monthsdrchaos (16507): Greater Philly Comic Con scheduled for next month has been moved to Labor Day weekend.
Comic Trading Gbellgrant Jump to first page31Jump to last page 7 monthsMutantMania (1658):
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups 3/11 Jedyzon 2 7 monthsBigDaddyK (203): I only snagged two books today. One new and one old.
WTB John Byrne's NEXT MEN Scifinator 4 7 monthsxkonk (7379): MCS has #23 in NM
Verified & Witnessed Sig on same label? Cool_Fool 12 7 monthsWatcher (3981): hahaha...'nuff said....
What's up with all the #1's? sportshort 18 7 monthsDarkseid_of_town (7779): I agree that the 1 thing is vastly overdone …..I think you have to vote with your not buy what is a reach for you or appears to be a cash grab and stick to the things you truly want and need. They wouldnt publish so many number 1's if there were not people grubbing those up in particular often as spec......
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups 3/4 Jedyzon 4 7 monthsBrianGreensnips (7963): @Jedyzon I wish that I picked up that Strange Academy yesterday. It sounds interesting. Good video as always.
Spawn News Stands Gbellgrant 7 7 monthsteacha777 (648): I have 2 signed by McFarlane CGC SS, PM if interested
$0.01 opening bid Auction w/FREE shipping! Scifinator 9 7 monthsScifinator (2380): SOLD - $19.50
Updated : ASM 361 for trade Gbellgrant 8 7 monthsHulkSmash (1707): I have these Batmans and somewhere i have a Batman &Spawn
New Comic Book Day pick-ups 2/26 Jedyzon 1 7 monthsJedyzon (493):
Which of these Minor Firsts do you like for value increase in next 2 years? EbaySeller Jump to first page36Jump to last page 7 monthsDrWatson (15155): I thought he meant Magik, which is 160 as a teenager. Lockheed is 166 as Kitty finds him while battling the Brood.
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups 2/20! Jedyzon 1 7 monthsJedyzon (493):
Signature Identications AzureZenorag13 2 7 monthsEikkichi (150): Looks like early Mark & Eric Silvestri sigs
Gwen Stacy #1 1:200 Jedyzon 4 7 monthskaptainmyke (24408): I bought them all. I have to. I also have this one too
One of the worse covers. GanaSoth Jump to first page55Jump to last page 7 monthsdrchaos (16507): Did one of the artists let their pre-schooler take a stab at the cover art?
Need Help zdoes10 3 7 monthszdoes10 (1985): Thanks.
WTB Claw the Unconquered #1 GanaSoth 1 8 monthsGanaSoth (6474): Guys. I'm looking to buy "Claw the Unconquered" #1 - DC Comics 1975. I'm wanting to buy a 9.8 candidate. PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks.
My CBCS Graded Comic Auctions Kinsella5 3 8 monthsKinsella5 (370): Actually it is technically my first time offering slabbed comics on eBay as I sat on the grading fence for a very long time, finally submitting some books last June, and again in December. Some to keep, some to sell but from an eBay seller standpoint, I have been selling since March 1997. I plan on packaging them quite carefully. Lots more I plan on submitting this year for grading. :-)
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups 2/12 Jedyzon 1 8 monthsJedyzon (493):
Transformers vs Terminator #1 GanaSoth 10 8 monthsDrogio (6523): Mercy is for the weak...
I guess i have a thing for Power Ranger helmet covers! Jedyzon 8 8 monthsJedyzon (493): thank you. Are you gonna get yours slabbed?
$0.01 Auction-Web of Spider-Man #90 (Doppelganger Edition) CBCS Graded 9.4 Scifinator 7 8 monthsScifinator (2380): 1 hour left!
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups 2/5! Jedyzon 1 8 monthsJedyzon (493):
Flanders's Slab Sales Thread flanders 19 8 monthsflanders (4018): bump...need $ for food.
FS: Harbinger #1 CBCS 9.6W & Rai #0 CGC 9.8W combo package Darkga 1 8 monthsDarkga (4413): I have a Harbinger #1 CBCS 9.6W and Rai #0 CGC 9.8W Valiant combo package for sale $460 shipped in the USA (international extra). Just selling some books to pay for slabbing the many books I still need to send in for grading. :) Harbinger #1 CBCS 9.6 White Rai #0 CGC 9.8 White; This was graded before the "Matte" and "Glossy" distinction on the...
New Comic Book Day pick-ups! 1/29 Jedyzon 1 8 monthsJedyzon (493):
February, 2020 Previews Jesse_O 2 8 monthsJesse_O (18801): I forgot one.
9.6 Guardians of the Galaxy 25 Auction w/ $0.01 starting bid! Scifinator 13 8 monthsScifinator (2380): SOLD - $31
The Rise of Skywalker - Leak ? GanaSoth Jump to first page46Jump to last page 8 monthsxkonk (7379): We could tell any time there was a cameo even if we didn't recognize the person because the camera very obviously hung out an extra beat. Using the credits we figured out Wedge was there, and the bartender in one scene was John Williams.
Weekly Cover Contest #177 - Seeing Red! esaravo Jump to first page104Jump to last page 8 monthsTedsaid (5220): In that case, I'm going to vote again
CRUZZER's SALE Gabriel85301 17 8 monthsArak (1000): Oh ... no. I am so sorry , You misunderstood me .. What I meant to say was since I dont do signatures do you have anything unsigned other then Street Fighter?
Mail Call from Submission 2 days PRIOR to Holiday promo. Scifinator 5 8 monthsScifinator (2380): That is just it, it was green because of manufacturing error.
Mail Call SDCC drop off. Scifinator 8 8 monthsScifinator (2380): Yeah, right? I certainly loved being able to go into my local comic shop and carefully pick my comics and know they were carefully placed on the shelf for sale. Plus, I HATED barcodes on the bottom of my comics and much preferred the Spidey head and other emblems in their place.
Star Wars Dark Empire #1 .01 starting bid Auction. Scifinator 16 8 monthsScifinator (2380): $26 final
Quick weekend mail call Jedyzon 2 8 monthscrystalphoto (585): nice!
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups! Jedyzon 1 8 monthsJedyzon (493):
Miss cut error Zombie_Head 2 9 monthskaptainmyke (24408): definitely an error copy. Leave it
MAGNUS Robot Fighter #12 CGC 8.5 Up for Auction with $0.01 starting Bid Scifinator 15 9 months50AE_DE (2863): That's great if you got it as a "throw in" since you probably just broke even after shipping and ebay fees. I did look at your other books and even though you had a bunch of 9.8's, the books were just a lot of stuff you can see in quarter bins.
Eclipso: The Darkness Within #1 Up for .01 start Auction! Scifinator Jump to first page65Jump to last page 9 monthsScifinator (2380): Yep, SOLD, and congrats to the winner! Mow onto the next .01 cent starting bid itemw which is CBCS 8.5 Star Wars Dark Empire # 1
Grade help please Zombie_Head 1 9 monthsZombie_Head (1531): How much Of a grade hit would this cause on a 9.4 grade book? Thx in advanced.
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups 1/9! Jedyzon 1 9 monthsJedyzon (493):
Next $ 0.01 starting bid auction Vote. Scifinator 1 9 monthsScifinator (2380): Tomorrow I will be listing another 1 cent start auction. I thought why not have some fun with it and let the CBCS forum decide which one I put up from the list of CBCS Certified & Encapsulated comics below: 9.6 - Guardians of the Galaxy #25 (has not been pressed) 9.6 - Justice League Europe #34 (has not been pressed) 9.0 - L.E.G.I.O.N. 92 #38 (has not been pressed) 9.6 - Marvels #4 (has not been pressed) 9.6 - Secret Weapons #2 (has...
New Mutants Official Trailer kaptainmyke 18 9 monthsLogan510 (2414): Well, at least it's not a comedy like most of the other Marvel movies. I'm probably going to hard pass on this one.
Error book anyone seen this before? Zombie_Head 19 9 monthsobiwan1971 (188): I had a new book printed the same way without pages attached, the book which was nearly perfect got at 6.5 and note on label saying “wraps 8,9,10 not attached”
For Sale - Batman Shadow of the Bat #1 CBCS 9.4 Has NOT been Pressed! Scifinator 15 9 monthsScifinator (2380): SOLD!
For Sale: Various comic book variant sets - Spawn, Hulk + More Jedyzon 1 9 monthsJedyzon (493): Selling a few of my raw variant comic book sets. All books are NM condition. If you need additional pics please PM me. Spawn #280 Mattina Variant Scorpion Comics exclusive set - $115 shipped Immortal Hulk #20 Dale Keown Aspen comics virgin set - $100 shipped Daredevil #600 Adi Granov set - $80 shipped Spectacular Spider-man #300 - Gabrielle Del'Otto set - $50 shipped Venom #1 Adi Granov virgin - $35 shipped -Smoke free...
New Comic Book Day! 1/1/20 Happy New Year! Jedyzon 1 9 monthsJedyzon (493):
Suggestions for Comic Database & Tracking Software Cool_Fool 5 9 monthscyrano0521 (605): Clz phone app is my go to for basic inventory; still keeping Access for detailed inventory
CGC Mail Call SHOWCASE - Christmas Edition 12/24! Going for all 9.8's???!!! Jedyzon 3 9 monthsJedyzon (493): @teacha777 i am but it all depends on what book it is.
AMAZING MARY JANE 1 ARTGERM 1:500 VIRGIN Rinova 17 9 monthsRinova (38): Thanks everyone. I’m going to wait it out and see if I can get it at FMV. I don’t want to have that buyer remorse feeling after purchasing it. The eBay seller is willing to sell it for $158 includes shipping but if I can buy it around $76 I need to wait. I’m going to ask my local shop next. Thanks again you guys are great.
Graded Batman Shadow of the Bat straight auction w/FREE Shipping! Scifinator 10 9 monthsScifinator (2380): Sold $29!
Latest CBCS Submission drchaos 10 9 monthsOGJackster (21568): Here's a few I sent in...
Mail call! Another Shannon Maer goodie Jedyzon 3 9 monthsJedyzon (493): Thanks man
My TMNT Ultimate 4-Pack arrived! Jedyzon 4 9 monthscrystalphoto (585): Awesome!
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups 12-18! Jedyzon 6 9 monthsDoc_Cop (1865): Just picked up Doomsday Clock 12, Scream 2, and Vampire State Building 3.
Slabs for sale BIN/Obo 11Taylor06 1 10 months11Taylor06 (37): Batman/Superman #1 Greg Horn Variant set. CBCS blue label 9.8 $150.00 + $14.99 USPS Priority mail shipping Vengeance Of Vampirella #1 Elite Comics Ryan...
Is there something special about Batman 614? Briten 8 10 monthsdrchaos (16507): Jim Lee, Joker, and Harley are all popular but that book is way overpriced.
Poly bag Crease lpgasdude 21 10 monthsScifinator (2380): @Siggy, I can attest from personal experiences, that you are correct on all counts...D@##!+
New Comic Day Pick-ups 12/11! Jedyzon 2 10 monthsDrogio (6523): It’s like 9am (est) and you’ve not only got your books, but posted a video? Does your LCS open at 7am?
Doctor Doom #3 - is about to get interesting GanaSoth 1 10 monthsGanaSoth (6474): Doom is about to be Super Doom. This could be a "sleeper" series much how Immortal Hulk was. Click or Touch here for the story.
Donny Cates on comic piracy article Jedyzon Jump to first page62Jump to last page 10 monthsArak (1000): and my nature valley peanut butter granola BARS have become 2 bite nuggets What the hell BILL?:eek::eek::(:(
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups! 12/5 Jedyzon 1 10 monthsJedyzon (493): New Comic Book Day Pick-ups! 12/5
BIG Bronze Age auction starts Monday -Wonder Woman, B&B, Supes, Star War #1 Tedsaid Jump to first page42Jump to last page 10 monthspoka (16849): It is a new feature they have started to roll out
TMNT #99 Big Time Collectibles Variant Jedyzon 2 10 monthssportshort (3434): awesome looking!
Lehigh Valley Comic Con December 7th Doc_Cop 1 10 monthsDoc_Cop (1865): I will be selling a few hundred key comics, all 8.0 - 9.8, 50 graded and the rest raw at this coming Saturday's Lehigh Valley Comic Con located at Lehigh Carbon Community College in Schnecksville, PA. Hope to see you there. For those not interested in keys, I will also have a few long dollar boxes. For those who have bought from me in the past, all books are sold below FMV. Nuff said...Joe
Todd McFarlane store signing 11-30-19 Squack 11 10 monthsno1lufcfan (1469): Just seen this on FB clickable text...that's some queue out side the shop
Printing error & help on autograph Zombie_Head 5 10 monthsZombie_Head (1531): Thanks guys.
LCSD 2019 what did you all get? Zombie_Head 1 10 monthsZombie_Head (1531): This what I picked up
New Comic Book Day pick-ups! 11/27 Jedyzon 5 10 monthsJedyzon (493): Thank you sir. Happy Thanksgiving
Mail Call - Fan Expo drchaos 4 10 monthsno1lufcfan (1469): very nice 👍
The Comic Mint - Customer Service = EXCEPTIONAL GanaSoth 19 10 monthsArak (1000): That , Is some above and beyond the call of duty customer service, Perhaps now with the backlash to outsourcing and dropped profits due to extremely bad customer service...we will see more businesses return to GOOD.... these guys are great letting you keep the other book - GREAT
X-men #2 Shannon Maer variant! Jedyzon 9 10 monthsJedyzon (493): Slick!!!
Weekly Cover Contest #168 Keeping it Holy, Priests and Nuns esaravo Jump to first page81Jump to last page 10 monthsseanw (967): Sorry it took awhile. The new contest is already up. Have Fun!
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups! 11/20 Jedyzon 8 10 monthsdpiercy (3939): @Doc_Cop how annoying would it be to have a dozen new pick up threads? Answer: VERY Point taken; I removed my vid.
Ebay Censorship and Listings Removed drchaos 21 10 monthsetapi65 (1670): If the nudity is covered, they're not delivering the content to minors. If you're talking about minors buying stuff on ebay that's already regulated. You have to be 18 to open an ebay account and 18 to have a paypal account. So minors can't purchase this stuff at all based on "regulations. I understand what you're saying, and for nude covers where the seller does not go through the process of covering those parts I get it; it's a...
New Comic Book Day pick-ups! 11/13 Jedyzon 13 11 monthsNoblebeast315 (897): I’m behind. I don’t grab many new releases but Morbius 1 & undiscovered country were two I very much wanted to grab. I’m sure it’s slim pickings at the LCS so will surf for comics 🏄
Shi: Return of the Warrior dielinfinite 4 11 monthsGotlift (2281): yep got on board yesterday.. great art.. good story.. here's a couple more covers George Perez Amanda Conner
Seeking Pricing Help - Walking Dead Rarities cjbehr948 13 11 monthscjbehr948 (170): Thanks again for the assistance, all! Got what I was looking to get for them.
Amazing Spider-Man #361 what grade would you give it? daywalker 29 11 monthsdaywalker (2293): Yes! He accepted my offer of $200 which includes shipping!
Doctor Doom #2 - Death of Doom GanaSoth 8 11 monthsDrogio (6523): Technically there were a few other doctor doom focused titles. Masters of Evil (1-4) and Books of Doom (1-6). Like Venom I’d think those would count towards legacy numbering. Any other Doom titles?
Spawn 301: Pdf at top of interior page nik 6 11 monthsnik (127): This is the cover but the one I bought has no title, price or number
I just bought NEW newsstand comics in 2019 Joosh 2 11 monthsshrewbeer (13200): Nice, B&N keeping the newsstand going! Looks like DC didn’t put the final nail in that coffin quite yet. After they killed it off in Jan ‘18 I did not think we would see any more.
How to Sell in bulk ronvaughan 12 11 monthsOdinson2000 (44): I had about 1500 books pre-1980, with about 85% pre-1977. This past summer, I pulled what I thought were the best 50 or so out and sold the rest in a one-time, one-hour bulk sale to a store to generate the money for grading. Now, by the time they’re all back from grading next year, I’ll have about 60 high value graded comics as my total collection. Not for everyone, but I’ve been very happy with the change. I’ve been reading...
New Comic Book Day pick-ups! 10/30 Jedyzon 1 11 monthsJedyzon (493): New Comic Book Day pick-ups! 10/30
Books for Sale! Earn Some eBay Bucks! cjbehr948 1 11 monthscjbehr948 (170): I have some CGC'ed books for sale on my E-bay page (along with other items; portions of some sales go to charity). There's an E-bay Bucks Bonus underway right now for USA users. Figured I'd post it. behr948 on E-bay The CGC books are set up in Best Offer format, so don't be afraid to make some!
Todd McFarlane Zombie_Head Jump to first page190Jump to last page 11 monthsSiggy (9967): Every grading company that wants to improve and be taken seriously should have learned from the mistake made when that/those comics with simulated cover wear was dinged for actual cover wear. That should have been the reddest flag imaginable. and a warning for future mistakes IF MEASURES AREN'T TAKEN. Obviously measures weren't taken to prevent the grader from being oblivious of the gimmick. If a decision was made that such a thing couldn't...
'Walking Dead' actors speak out against Walker Stalker Convention drchaos 2 11 monthsdrchaos (16507): Here is a link to the article: Walker Stalker
Captain Marvel 14 Amanda Conner Variant Trilogycomics 1 11 monthsTrilogycomics (92): Captain Marvel 14 Amanda Conner Variant One of the rarest variants out there. Last 9.6 sold for 2700 this spring.. One of the rarest variants. For board members 4000.00
Rob Liefeld to Sue Marvel? GanaSoth Jump to first page107Jump to last page 11 monthsHcanes (2274): @Towmater Agreed!
Venom 2 movie adds new Villain! GanaSoth Jump to first page31Jump to last page 11 monthsdielinfinite (14585): On reprints the credits are included on the back of the label
A few more books for Sale ** Spidey and Fantastic Four ** yamada69 1 11 monthsyamada69 (66): Fantastic Four #3 Spider-man #1 UPC Gold Edition ...
New comic book publisher starting up Jesse_O 3 11 monthsEbaySeller (5906): I apologize for being the skeptic on this but I would think this is doomed from the start. 1) The chances of a tiny start-up being able to profitably fulfill the demands of giant retail are slim. Unless the retailer is incredibly generous, they will make heavy demands and ask the supplier to incur significant risk (build end-caps, accept long payment terms, accept returns and work on very low margins). 2) The chances of...
Show your error comics Airmomo Jump to first page43Jump to last page 1 yearSiggy (9967): Post #14 :)
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups! 10/16 Jedyzon 1 1 yearJedyzon (493): New Comic Book Day Pick-ups! 10/16
My Spider-Man Mail Call esaravo 26 1 yearagamoto (233): Whoa, I'm going to assume these are all on the case?
TMNT #95 on fire!! Jesse_O Jump to first page210Jump to last page 1 yearcomicsforme (2008): Nice cover
Deadpool vs X-Men and The Avengers - Movie GanaSoth 9 1 yearBigRedOne1944 (7355): Ryan Reynolds is the whole reason the Deadpool movies are so entertaining in the first place. He really nails the Deadpool role for me.
New Comic Book Day pick-ups 10/9 Jedyzon 3 1 yearArak (1000): Thank you little brother :)
New York Comic Con 2019 Comic Book Exclusives + Merchandise Pickups Jedyzon 2 1 yearBatman79 (526): Thanks for the video! Some great catches from NYCC!!! :) Looking forward to Baltimore. If I see you, I will say hello! :)
Doctor Doom comes out tomorrow! GanaSoth 3 1 yearDrWatson (15155): Simone Bianchi :eek:
Hilarious Comic Book Character Names GanaSoth 3 1 yearKatKomics (9636): Did the Funky Flashman invent the comadena??
New York Comic Con 2019 Thread drchaos Jump to first page42Jump to last page 1 yearTowmater (5835): A 100 books? Do you witness for other people?
For Sale - Thanos # 13 CGC 9.8 Albuquerque Variant GanaSoth 2 1 yearGanaSoth (6474): Sold. Thanks guys.
Marvel Comics - The End GanaSoth 22 1 yearDarkseid_of_town (7779): Sure Gana, I am done with it..... Once I was "mocked into the essence of my soul " for holding a contradicting opinion I felt the need to respond but you are right...bad use of precious time, and valuable resources.
NYCC'19 Day 1+2 Haul! Exclusive Comics, Prints & Goodies! Jedyzon 5 1 yearGAC (18563): @Jedyzon my apologies. I will start a new thread.
New Comic Book Day 10/2 Jedyzon 3 1 yearBatman79 (526): Love those weekly videos!
MAIL CALL - first ever sportshort Jump to first page54Jump to last page 1 yearJabberwookie (2286): @sportshort I think you’re right. My son and I went about 4-5 years ago, and it was $90 for his autograph. The lines was 2-300 people. As much of a pain as it was, it was pretty cool seeing everyone getting excited when “the man” came out. For someone who read them when it wasn’t cool, it was definitely a sight to see.
Another messed up leg.... Comic... GanaSoth 19 1 yearDarkseid_of_town (7779): I generaly glance at a comic if I am considering only for the art...if it pulls me in, it goes in the sack. if it puts me off somehow, I leave it sitting, rather than expend valuable time of my own pondering what and why... I keep seeing some of the older JOJO comics with good girl art on the cover, with a girl on a horse or whatever and each time its nice book, wait why are her legs and hips drawn like that..oops...well next item...
Mini Pressing Mail Call dielinfinite 8 1 yearbige31 (1559): @dielinfinite I thought there might of been but glad you started one.
What are some "Epic" reads from the last 20 years? EbaySeller 13 1 yeartheCapraAegagrus (689): Not sure if I can recall any truly "epic" reads published in the 21st century TBH. All-Star Superman? Batman: White Knight? Civil War (Marvel)? Flashpoint? Justice (DC, 2006-07)? The New Frontier (DC)?
ComicXposure Closure part #2... kinda GanaSoth 6 1 yearGAC (18563): @GanaSoth I love it!!!! Good for you!!
Spider-Man #1 (1990) Appreciation Thread BigRonnie 28 1 yearmattness (1330): I’ll keep my eyes opened.
New Comic Book Day 9/25 Jedyzon 1 1 yearJedyzon (493): New Comic Book Day 9/25
Kingdom come Zombie_Head 5 1 yearWyldchyld (156): Have the books but didn't get the boxes set. It is a great story and we'll worth reading. The art is great as well.
Pawn shop pick ups for $2 a pop Zombie_Head 5 1 yearSquack (524): Love those Castlevania comics. Been looking for a set at a good price for a while.
Savage dragon Zombie_Head 13 1 yearpeterc777 (541): Yup, Graphic Fantasy #1
Current Turnaround on Yellow Label Books and additional question HarveyScorp 6 1 yearRed_Blade (133): Sounds like Asia turnaround time. Here it takes MONTHS (around 6 months yeah) for books to return if sent through LCS. They're sent via ships to and from the US. Unless you wanna pay premium which would take fewer months (to a few weeks maybe). But the price you pay for ONE slabbed book would be tripled or quadrupled as a result.
Captain Marvel #17 & Batwing #19 for sale daywalker 2 1 yeardaywalker (2293):
Weekly cover contest #159 - Evil Twin Lenovations Jump to first page94Jump to last page 1 yearGAC (18563): not sure what the "winner" actually wins other than the work of putting up the new contest thread and thinking of a topic that hasn't already been done. To me, it's about looking at cool books that I may want to pick up.
Heads up. New arrivals at Walmart GanaSoth 13 1 yearGanaSoth (6474): Mike. I just dropped it off at the post office.
Once & Future #1 graded and heading back to me danberry75 13 1 yearDarryl_H (1354): Awesome!
Marvel exhibit walk through @ the Franklin Institute Part 3 Jedyzon 1 1 yearJedyzon (493): Marvel exhibit walk through @ the Franklin Institute Part 3
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups! 9/11 Jedyzon 4 1 yearDoc_Cop (1865): Thank you for your service Jedyzon. I was a NYPD detective working at ground zero and the Belleview Morgue for 6 months following the attacks. I'm sure you have some stories of your own. God Bless. Nuff said.
Flanders's Slabbed and Raw Comic Sales Extravaganza! flanders Jump to first page137Jump to last page 1 yearflanders (4018): @Jabberwookie sent you a PM.
Secret Wars 8 Masochism 21 1 yearxkonk (7379): @IronMan Very weird. Yet another reason to prefer CBCS!
Disney demands cancellation of Star Wars panel GanaSoth 14 1 yeartheCapraAegagrus (689): A good one that I hadn't considered.
Need some help Jabberwookie 8 1 yearGAC (18563): Cheers!!🍻
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups! 9/4 Jedyzon 6 1 yearJedyzon (493): @Noblebeast315 Baltimore comic con is great. Went the last 2 years.
KISS Zombies comic signed by Gene Simmons preorders Jesse_O Jump to first page50Jump to last page 1 yearBigRedOne1944 (7355): I do have Many of the Kiss mags and comics shown in the thread. I was a big fan of the Image Psycho Circus Comic. I like the whole "Mystic" and Celestial angle. The Art was kick ass as well ...
Stung by CGC sportshort Jump to first page112Jump to last page 1 yeartheCapraAegagrus (689): I find that most people have literally no idea what an actual internet troll is. "You disagree with me? Troll!" "I"m wrong!? No way, troll." Most people need to grow up and accept that they are not always right, and that other people also have differing opinions. sportshort hasn't inferred any emotions/intent from my posts, and I commend that. People often drag other comments/people into their own negativity and then...
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups! 8/28 Jedyzon 2 1 yearBigRedOne1944 (7355): Nice Books and Presentation JED Looking forward to future posts!
Who’s Down For A Labor Day Flash Sale? Noblebeast315 8 1 yearDarkseid_of_town (7779): I am always around if Zatanna is on the auction table...
Back stock pick ups from LCS Zombie_Head 2 1 yearGAC (18563): METAL!!! 🤘🤘
Vampirella Red Sonja #1 Variants lestiff416 1 1 yearlestiff416 (16): Anyone else picking any of these up? My GREAT local shop is doing their FIRST Store Variant for this issue by a great local artist, Sean Forney, who has done a bunch of color work, sets up at shows, etc. really pushing local, local, local with this one!! Is really cool to see them trying something a little different!! If you are interested in grabbing a copy and supporting an awesome local shop, hit up their website at...
Comics for sale Amspider 4 1 yearSiggy (9967):
New Comic Book Day pick-ups 8/14! Jedyzon 1 1 yearJedyzon (493):
Speculating on this week's new releases drchaos Jump to first page40Jump to last page 1 yearxkonk (7379): Echo @the420bandito, their website has had a message about slow shipping for a while. The last order I got from them, which was my last regular pull list with them, took about a week instead of the usual 2-3 days.
EBay WOLVERINE books ending Sunday yamada69 2 1 yearyamada69 (66): Ending tonight!! Still some great deals to be had.
Submitting books for pressing after signature, also submitting for grading Randomdoge 2 1 yeardielinfinite (14585): CBCS normally lists the shows they will be attending here As for pressing affecting the signatures, the vast majority of the time they will not be affected. Certain inks are affected differently and on different paper stocks. Sharpies are fine most of the time but some pens, like paint pens, which some artists like to use, may not dry properly for a long time which could be affected in pressing.
SDCC Mail Call! dielinfinite 10 1 yeardielinfinite (14585): The type of scanner makes a huge difference. Here’s the same book I scanned at my library with the same settings before and after they changed the scanner Also, don’t worry about the scanner light harming the book. If you were to shine the light for an extremely lonng duration then it might hurt the book but an occasional scan won’t hurt it
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups 8/7 Jedyzon 1 1 yearJedyzon (493):
Just Placed Midtown Order for This Week drchaos 13 1 yeardrchaos (16507): Hit two stores so far. First store had one copy (probably not 9.8 but I took it anyway). Second store did not have any.
Beware of Seller lifeiswhatyoumakeit2012 GanaSoth Jump to first page42Jump to last page 1 yearCaptainCanuck (3728): . This seller does have some negative/neutral feedback accusing him of sending a different and/or lower grade book than what was listed. In your case, @GanaSoth it seems like the book you received was different than the one pictured in the listing.
Rob Liefeld Major Updates! JLS_Comics 26 1 yearTowmater (5835): I'd like to own the original art for that Pouch cover.
New Comic Book Day pick-ups 8/1! Jedyzon 2 1 yearDoc_Cop (1865): Jedzon, Great weekly. Thanks for taking the time. Much appreciated. Nuff said..
Dark Red #3 Misprint hogan36 4 1 yearVaComicsGuy (4033): This might help. Some current asking prices: ...
Playing around with my NEW PODCAST Mic.. Created This!! SPOILERS! Gabriel85301 1 1 yearGabriel85301 (1565): So I've had a podcast type mic that I bought many months ago, but I didn't open it up till recently and finally I recorded my 1st video on it.. I did a spoiler talking about SWORDMASTER #1 I created it on MovieMaker.. So meh.. not the best but I will get better.. So if you didn't read Swordmaster and don't plan to buy but want to know what it is about.. You can watch this 6 minute bidiyo I made ...
WTB Doom 2099 #1 in Mint Condition GanaSoth 13 1 yearDrogio (6523): @bama1955 spine ticks probably put his in the NM- range.
God Emperor Doom's First Appearance? GanaSoth 4 1 yearGanaSoth (6474): @Paulbg2000 thanks!
EBay WALKING DEAD Raw Books ending Sunday yamada69 7 1 yearyamada69 (66): Ending tonight!! Still some great deals to be had. I will be putting wolverine books up for sale next week.
Captain Marvel #8 Subliminal Message? GanaSoth 12 1 yearkaptainmyke (24408): KaptainMyke approved imo
50+ CBCS 9.8's end in 2 days! Wonder Woman! 80's! See List HERE vacomicon 2 1 yearxkonk (7379): I think I bid on a couple of those Uncanny's. Good luck with the sales!
I drew all over a comic book! Again! Joosh 5 1 yearStantheman (453): Sometimes there is a fun sense of freedom when we try to keep all our books Mint & then we get a beater that when can fold up when we read or it doesnt have to be protected I have a few cool readers of classic storylines like DD 181 that are in miserable shape I don't have to treat them with kid gloves! That's cool what you did!
Farmhand # 1 drchaos 13 1 yearEnelson (4593): I sold a 1-5 lot for $25 bucks and thought sweet, that's $25...then I saw amc news and thought "aahhh, fiddlesticks" Oh well I let my KCC thing run out...but it was getting exhausting...there 934 "hot" books with new characters I dont care about every week
Mail call from CBCS Zombie_Head 10 1 year00slim (8101): Just one theory: When Stan’s hand got tired, and he switched hands for signing, his sig got a little sloppy. In those instances, it didn’t always look quite like his sig. they may have erred on the side of caution.
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups 7/24! Jedyzon 5 1 yearJedyzon (493): appreciate it man you guys keep me on my toes. Mahershala ali has some big shoes to fill but i think he is more than capable. time will tell. Great day sir!
Todd McFarlane Steve McNiven, and Humberto Ramos added to Toronto Fan expo drchaos 27 1 yeardrchaos (16507): Vincent Vega in the House! Toronto just added John Travolta. Boston added him as well.
Marvel Comics October Releases GanaSoth 2 1 yearBatman79 (526): Better return dr doom to his bad ass former self!
Can BAS tell a real Stan Lee autograph? Zombie_Head 23 1 yearMusicmansell78 (29): I had the same thing happen to me man. I had a Web of Spider Man #1 signed by both Louis Simonson and Stan Lee. They verified the Simonson, but not the Stan Lee signature. Why would I have a book with one legit signature and then try to fake the other? Same as you man, I had it signed in person, and this is the second book of mine with Stan Lee's signature that this has happened with (also happened on a Wolverine #4). Like you, it made me...
How can this be with only thing on grader notes? Zombie_Head 19 1 yearX51 (14702): That reminds me that when I finish eating, I need to bag some comics.
Signed Raw Books for Sale Bmoney83 11 1 yearBmoney83 (8): Here are some photos from the signings at MegaCon this year....
ComicXposure issues? GanaSoth Jump to first page35Jump to last page 1 yearOGJackster (21568): That's why this forum should be promoted. It's one of the most useful sites for comic book collectors on the internet. Lots of insightful people with decades of experience. IMHO :)
SDCC wallbooks! dielinfinite 27 1 yearCatmanAmerica (20001): Yes! :beer::D
New Comic Book Day 7/19 Jedyzon 6 1 yearJedyzon (493): lol Yeah immortal hulk is real good so far. i appreciate it. i know i was slippin this week. Thanks for keeping me on my toes ;)
What if.. Topsykrets 10 1 yeardrchaos (16507): The price of a graded 9.4 more than doubled in the last 24 hours.
Newsstand & Direct Editions - Seeing Double esaravo Jump to first page114Jump to last page 1 yearStudley_Dudley (17739): I also don't think the pricers at Mile High could pass a piss test.
Codebreaking Hickmans' Image JLS_Comics 20 1 yearPaulbg2000 (3250): Dawn of X... None of those titles really excite me. I'm still a tad annoyed that they launched and cancelled a bunch of runs again that I was pulling... X-Force, Uncanny X-Men, Deadpool...
WTB The Flash #141 - Mint to NM condition GanaSoth 1 1 yearGanaSoth (6474): Guys. Im looking to buy a mint to nm+ condition "The Flash #141." Send me a PM or respond here please. Thanks in advance.
1st Graded Foreign - Spider-Man (1990) #1 (UK) PC/Amiga Video Game BigRonnie 18 1 yearBigRonnie (81): @kaptainmyke Anything of interest there?
@enelson's Sale Thread- Immortal Hulk,ASM,Image books,Watchmen-w/updates Enelson Jump to first page48Jump to last page 1 yearEnelson (4593): Some 99 cent carnage related auctions up on ebay ASM 430 NM clickable text ASM 431 VF clickable text Maximum carnage full series clickable text If you really want one of these ahead of time, make an offer and I'll just end the auction and sell here Not on ebay, but for sale 25...
Baltimore Canecllations - Bill Sienkiewicz & Sean Gordon Murphy drchaos 7 1 yeardielinfinite (14585): @Buckets He was at his booth today during Preview Night. Got him on a book. He’s charging $10/sig
Mail Call - Immortal Hulk #20 Alex Ross Signature GanaSoth 13 1 yearKCBatmanFan (1054): I was really, really tempted by these, but couldn’t fit them within my comic budget when they went on sale. Great pickups! has TWD 193 1st prints $10! GanaSoth 8 1 yeargotham44 (175): Thanks for the solid heads up. just picked that and 192 up
Help Identifying a Venom Comic dielinfinite 13 1 yearX51 (14702): I've had some letters I wrote published in comics. It's kinda weird to see your name printed in a comic. As a joke, a comic shop had me sign the letters page of some unsold comics they had in stock. Someone is going to buy a comic in a dollar bin one day and find out it has my signature in it. LOL!
CGC and Ebay Partner up? Paint_Monk Jump to first page74Jump to last page 1 yearVaComicsGuy (4033): Authenticity verified CBCS book. Ad has the CGC authenticity link
YAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssss! MAIL CALL!! Gabriel85301 4 1 yearGabriel85301 (1565): Gratitude. Also was nominated for Employee of the Month. :) So I'm on Fiyyyyyyyyyaaaaahh right now!
Major-X #1 First Print For Sale GanaSoth 15 1 yearBigRedOne1944 (7355): I have to admit that Cover #2 is really bad. I think the guy must have gotten lazy with an ego after his early success because Ive always loved a lot of his work.
Immortal Hulk #1 - eBay auction GanaSoth 2 1 yearGanaSoth (6474): It's sold. Thanks.
VSP question OoklaTheMok 6 1 yearGAC (18563): you should submit that for sure!
Why the first apparition of Zsasz is worth 2$? Beney117 4 1 yearBeney117 (24):
The Joker Movie JLS_Comics 6 1 yeardaywalker (2293): I agree “It’s a very "un-comic book" movie and I think because of that might be rather divisive. It seems more Scorsese that Russo.” Much like “Logan” was in my eyes. It looks really good!
New Comic Book Day 7/10! Jedyzon 2 1 yearGanaSoth (6474): Excellent video like always. Thx
Help? Captain America #34 2008 infinityG 14 1 yearJoosh (1887): From what I've gathered, Marvel didn't really kill the newsstand distribution so much as they let it die slowly. That makes sense in explaining why as you get into 2000 and newer, these newsstand books become harder and harder to find in any condition. In 2011 or thereabouts, I read that newsstand distribution was strictly limited to Barnes & Noble and Books A Million. The last Marvel newsstand books had publish dates of 12/2013. These...
FS: 1990s Bone comic books, TPB 6.0-9.0 - x1 signed ZosoRocks 1 1 yearZosoRocks (1845): I've started to add comics for sale on ebay, if anyone is interested in raw 1990s Cartoon Books frpm the "Bone" series. Also included is the HTF 1993 Hero Premiere Holiday issue in about 8.0 visual grade. Thanks for viewing my auction. Tim
Short Box of raw Amazing Spiderman for sale/trade Enelson 21 1 yearcrystalphoto (585): I am interested, but got distracted by all the Media Mail hoopla...PM sent...
Amazing Spider-man #24 - Spoilers GanaSoth 5 1 yearGanaSoth (6474): I figured out who he is: Read this first.... Kindred is amicable but ruthless, torturing Quentin Beck into near-insanity and brutally killing him after giving him permission to say his true name, though he lamented having to do so in order to keep his identity secret. Kindred is fixated on obtaining revenge on Peter Parker for an unspecified thing he'd done, though he is also strangely affectionate towards him -- referring to him as...
Selling Graded Comics Very Low Prices Robert86m 9 1 yearRobert86m (238): Still selling all orders made today will go out on the 5th
USPS Fun drchaos 19 1 yearRobert86m (238): I can say from experience USPS is all fine and cool until something goes wrong than it's a nightmare Fedex is 10x worse though
Help grade ASM 300 Spider-man sportshort Jump to first page34Jump to last page 1 yearBigRedOne1944 (7355): There is a HUGE!!! difference between a low grade Silver Age book like ASM #50, and a low grade modern book like ASM #300. For $250 I have to believe there are just simply too many much nicer books out there that could be had for that price, than that beat to death copy. After seeing those close up pics Im not sure the book is even worthy of a 2.0. I guess it can't hurt to do some fishing for a sucker, as there is one born every minute. ...
Terrificon - George Perez - They ain't making things easy drchaos 8 1 yearDWYCK (2): PM-ed you. Just happened to be looking for information on the G. Perez appearance but definitely interested.
Marvel #1000 Jesse_O 14 1 yearNightRelic (211): With 80 creative teams I can't imagine a cohesive, satisfying story and if it's 80 separate stories that won't work very well either. And then I start asking the question, "Why?" And it starts to feel like Action/ Detective envy and sour grapes. So, I will likely not buy any. As far as cover I like the main cover the best. But if I had the choice, I would go for the DC gay kiss variant. :) Can't believe they released that image. Good...
Mail Call! 6/24 - J.Scott Campbell Goodies, Marvel, DC, Image + More! Jedyzon 1 1 yearJedyzon (493):
Comic con pick ups. Zombie_Head 5 1 yearmichaelekrupp (10220): Definitely some good stuff in there.👍
DC Rebranding as DC Kids, DC and DC Black Label!!! Jesse_O 18 1 yearJesse_O (18801): @Tedsaid I was using that as an example of what would have been edgy in the 90's and is now mainstream. Yes, TWD is an Image title.
Graded Books for Sale ThorneArt 3 1 yearThorneArt (1165): *Bump*
WEEKLY COVER CONTEST WEEK 146 - Let's Have a Picnic! esaravo Jump to first page50Jump to last page 1 yearSagii (5455): Thanks guys! Wow! Was some incredible friendly competition this week. Will have a new contest up soon!
New Dc Black Label Title coming - Harleen Jesse_O 8 1 yearTedsaid (5220): Well, it will be interesting to see how they handle the Black Label stuff going forward. I imagine they are a little gun-shy with the "all adult" themes, after the Bat Penis kerfuffle. On the other hand, this particular artist was known for his erotica before they tapped him to start drawing the funny books. Will he let loose with Harley?
What Are Your Recent Submissions? Paint_Monk Jump to first page40Jump to last page 1 yearBronte (7033): Wanna buy a pence? J/K
The Maxx 1/2 error on foil cover Airmomo 10 1 yearAirmomo (23): They also put it in its own category in the cgc census labeling it as wizard presents the Maxx. I thought they would have put it with the other variants of this cover. Any idea if that will effect the value good or bad?
Walking dead pick ups Zombie_Head 9 1 yearvacaboca (862): Beautiful! I remember the day I got my 1 and 2, as part of a raw run 1-6 I bought blind on eBay... both graded 9.8, and my year (and run!) were made. Congrats!
New Comic Book Day pick-ups 6/12 Jedyzon 3 1 yearGanaSoth (6474): @Jedyzon Great video. @etapi65 he's probably really good friends with the LCS and he gets his pulls on Tuesdays. Of course we will never know if that's the case or not. Why ruin something as great as that? I wouldn't tell a soul.
Marvel Collectible Classics: Amazing Spiderman #1 (#300 Chrome Cover) CGC elee 1 1 yearelee (1): FOR SALE MARVEL COLLECTIBLE CLASSICS: AMAZING SPIDERMAN 31 (ASM #300 IN CHROME) CGC 9.8 WHITE Pages Asking price $1,150.00 USD including shipping in CANADA. Additional $17.00 USD for shipment to the USA.
Today’s CBCS Mailcall! KCBatmanFan 3 1 yearoakcitycomics (234): Man that 880 is sweet
PSA - CBCS now encapsulating Glass and Metal covers Jesse_O Jump to first page32Jump to last page 1 yearetapi65 (1670): Certainly is a novelty, and certainly could be worth nothing. Not to mention, long term how do these hold up? Do they oxidize? Is the aluminum treated with something that could outgas to the pages? And, the metal is essentially glued to a front page. Could the glue give out? In the meantime, it's a rare variant.
New Comic Book Day pick-ups 6/5! Jedyzon 2 1 yearGanaSoth (6474): Great video. Thx
Short box bought today here are the keys Zombie_Head 11 1 yearDoc_Cop (1865): Floating in the same boat as you Darkseid! Nuff said...
Any love for Silver Surfer Black? Jesse_O 28 1 yearDrogio (6523): Assuming the “Fallen One” Surfer from Donny Cates Thanos run IS the black surfer...which has yet to be confirmed (but we all believe will be in time)... Chronological by release date: Thanos 15 1st print = first appearance (cameo) Thanos 16 1st print = first appearance (full) Thanos 17 J.G. Jones Shop Variant = first cover appearance Thanos 15 4th print (trade dress) = first cover appearance that’s not a shop variant (Note:...
Contest! Free stuff! JLS_Comics 4 1 yearno1lufcfan (1469): Good man yerself 👍
Weekend Mail Call 6/1 Jedyzon 1 1 yearJedyzon (493):
Symbiote Spider-man #1 - Crain - Best Cover GanaSoth Jump to first page36Jump to last page 1 yearGanaSoth (6474): Haha
WEEKLY COVER CONTEST WEEK 143 - Imprisoned Behind Bars! esaravo Jump to first page55Jump to last page 1 yearOGJackster (21568): Damn!!! I got busy and forgot to vote :(
EBay ending Sunday Haunt, The Wicked & Divine, Thor yamada69 1 1 yearyamada69 (66): Hello all, A few books ending on Sunday. All starting at 0.99! Haunt, The Wicked & Divine, Thor, Blackest Night, Wool, Image United, Trees, clickable text
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups 5/29! Jedyzon 2 1 yearGanaSoth (6474): Great video. Thx!
In Extended Clip, Captain Marvel Is Revealed To Be A Villain GanaSoth Jump to first page62Jump to last page 1 yearMR_SigS (11120): Now I want apples and oranges lol "What about when Peter Quill murdered a bunch of dudes mid-mission, just to get his Walkman back? Oh, right, I forgot that Walkmans are imbued with the power of nostalgia and thus far more valuable than the life or safety of a woman." Ummm… Were the death certificates in the dvd Extra Features? Besides, the Walkman was given to him by the most important woman in his life. And did I miss...
Akira live action has a release date! JLS_Comics 1 1 yearJLS_Comics (5461): Finally, after a decade long gestation period, the WB life action adaptation of Akira has a release date. Directed by Taika Waititi and will be out in 2021 clickable text
Great Deal on Mylites2 and Fullbacks GanaSoth Jump to first page48Jump to last page 1 yearkaptainmyke (24408): Short boxes will do your back a huge favor @Kinsella5
Atlas Comics Library Movies By Paramount JLS_Comics 25 1 yearLonestar (2376): So if I'm reading this (and other things) correctly, Dynamite owns the Trademark to Atlas Comics, but does not own the characters or intellectual property. Right?
New Comic Book Day 5/22 Jedyzon 1 1 yearJedyzon (493):
Justin Ponsor Passed away JLS_Comics 8 1 yearetapi65 (1670): Man, I thought he was recovering. RIP
EBay Blackest Night Regular and Variants Auctions ending on Sunday .99cents yamada69 1 1 yearyamada69 (66): Hello all, Check out all the BLACKEST NIGHT regular and variant cover books I have up for sale ending Sunday. All starting at .99 cents!! clickable text
Newsstand comics not dead yet Joosh 6 1 yearX51 (14702): They are placed on the magazine racks where the newsstand comics are/were placed. My recollection is that everything in that section was marked as newsstand. Bongo was there until they quit producing newsstand versions. There is a different section in the store where the direct market stuff is/was located. It looks like the direct market section quit selling "new" single issues. They have some shelf damaged old ones and they have...
Epic Mail Calls Scott9406 5 1 yearHeinzDad (3718): You ever want to part with one of those cosmics I’m your guy!!!!!
Harbinger 1 CBCS 8.5 For Sale obrie2tm 1 1 yearobrie2tm (2158): CBCS Graded 8.5, Harbinger 1 with coupon. $125 + $10 shipping. Number 18-46F6841-004 for graders notes. Returns within 14 days after receipt.
Game: Slab Uno II: Electric Boogaloo dielinfinite Jump to first page235Jump to last page 1 yeardielinfinite (14585):
Stan Lee: Ex-manager of comic book legend charged with elder abuse GanaSoth 12 1 yeargmellos (243): Same here. I overpaid for a Stan signed CGC book but the cool thing is that Walt Simonson is going to be a Comic Con so I can have him sign the book too?
New Comic Book Day 5/15 Jedyzon 1 1 yearJedyzon (493):
Deathstroke gets Terminated GanaSoth 3 1 yearDrWatson (15155): He'll be back.
Candy Shop Yoosh5492 8 1 yearYoosh5492 (456): This candy is calorie free and guaranteed to hit the spot. :D
A Thunderbolts MCU film? JLS_Comics 8 1 yearJLS_Comics (5461): lol what about Thunderbunny?
WEEKLY COVER CONTEST WEEK 140 - The Sincerest Form of Flattery drchaos Jump to first page38Jump to last page 1 yearKarlhungus (340): Nice! I'll try to get a new one up this afternoon!
Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man Topsykrets 3 1 yearStantheman (453): one off
No way this is a 9.6 CBCS Graded Comic GanaSoth Jump to first page44Jump to last page 1 yearJLA555 (389): @DrWatson THANK YOU DRWATSON, WELL SAID
Immortal Hulk Buy or Sell(Spec/sale question) Enelson Jump to first page124Jump to last page 1 yeardrchaos (16507): Al Ewing will be signing at Midtown this month. Limit is three items. For me: Immortal Hulk # 1 1:50 RI Immortal Hulk # 1 Regular Cover Immortal Hulk # 2 Regular Cover
CBCS On-Site Grading Dallas FAN Expo starts May 2nd spaulus 6 1 yearGamecube2482 (177): @TimBildhauser OK. Thanks for the response.
Mutant Beaver - Immortal Hulk #2 GanaSoth 16 1 yearWraith (1867): Sadlemon and 7ate9 comics sell the same books and I've had nothing but good experiences with the latter .. ( they ship from uk which is cheaper for me (
New Mutants movie moved again! JLS_Comics 7 1 yearPaulbg2000 (3250): I would completely agree....This to me appears as. Fox - "We can't release this potential piece of crap during the Disney Sale!!! We'll push it until after the sale closes!!!!" Disney - "What did we buy?!...Let's dump it back until we figure this thing out!" I think they'll promote the hell out of it in the new year for Disney+ as an exclusive after the launch. Kinda the same way that Netflix dropped Cloverfield...
Immortal Hulk #1-16 for sale - 1st Prints GanaSoth 13 1 yearGanaSoth (6474): @esaravo Thanks ! Good luck to everyone that bid or will bid.
Justice League #1 CGC 9.8 for Sale GanaSoth 1 1 yearGanaSoth (6474): Selling: Justice League #1 - Crain Virgin Cover - Limited to only 600 copies $100 Shipped I accept PayPal. Private Message me.
Marvel's MCU Phase 4? JLS_Comics Jump to first page35Jump to last page 1 yearJesse_O (18801): Interesting article based on a possible easter egg seen in the Endgame movie. Could the next phase be about the Secret Invasion storyline??? They are speculating a lot based on a 5 second clip, but Marvel does love its' easter eggs!!! Marvel Fan Spots Clue In Avengers: Endgame Which May Reveal The Next MCU Phase
SHAZAM Premiere and social media reactions JLS_Comics Jump to first page49Jump to last page 1 yearX51 (14702): Didn't see it. Have no desire to see it. I'm glad others enjoyed it. I saved money while others are entertained. The world keeps turning.
New Comic Book Day pick-ups 5/1 Jedyzon 1 1 yearJedyzon (493):
Marvel Comics Announces The Death Of Rocket Raccoon GanaSoth 23 1 yearKrazywan (469): Rockette Raccoune
New Comic Book Day 4/24! Jedyzon 1 1 yearJedyzon (493):
Mail Call! dielinfinite 9 1 year00slim (8101): Some of them are easy to confuse for photo covers. Very nice.
The first superhero - the Phantom!!! Jesse_O Jump to first page45Jump to last page 1 yearDavidone (263): The Phantom may be the most widely published hero in history and yet he is not very popular in America. Does anyone know his first comic appearance? There are many very early appearances in Brazil, Argentina, Australia and a few other countries
New Comic Book Day 4/17 Jedyzon 7 1 yearakiva (29): @Jedyzon Thanks for the video, keep sharing! I get my best ideas for what to read from you guys on this forum.
That Major X #2 cover tho... Enelson Jump to first page41Jump to last page 1 yearJustThatGuy (2563): @Wraith it appears that opens up room for another joke.
Star Wars Just Made TARKIN More Bad*** Than Darth Vader GanaSoth 1 1 yearGanaSoth (6474): Well, we already knew this was true, but Marvel Comics now confirm it. Click or touch here to read all about it.
54 Books Mail Call (Late Edition) infinityG Jump to first page41Jump to last page 1 yearinfinityG (1108): Thank you @esaravo! If it weren't for your encouragement to show my books I wouldn't have made this post. Cheers!
EBay Blackest Night Variants Auctions ending on Sunday .99cents yamada69 3 1 yearyamada69 (66): Seems to work for me but try this
Mail Call Friday, January 11, 2019 drchaos Jump to first page87Jump to last page 1 yearno1lufcfan (1469): Top man 👍
The set is once again complete! dielinfinite 11 1 yearNuffsaid111 (4635): I was lucky enough to get 1 Ross Andru autograph back in the early 90's. I think it was on a Batman title although I forget which one (gotta go dig in my collection to find it now that I've seen these). I can't even imagine how much his signature would be worth on a #129 if he were alive when CGC/CBCS began.
Double Digital code sticker ASM 698...error book? Joosh 2 1 yearkaptainmyke (24408): That's weird, man. Super weird.
Alice Cooper Sketch Cover drchaos 7 1 yearGAC (18563): brilliant!!!
Question to those that get sigs inside books Shanthark 21 1 yearBronte (7033): @Wraith "you don't flick through pages before sending to grading ?" As with all books and "magazines" I ignore the words. All I'm interested in are the pretty "pictures" J/K =)
Joker JLS_Comics 21 1 yearmartymann (30408): OO mm
Comics went from billing to processing to shipping? Shanthark 20 1 yearcomic_book_man (1976): Mine went from one order to two orders to disappeared to reappeared to missing services to overcharged to shipped...just waiting to find out when they will be returning from space, shouldn't be much longer. I can see them with my binoculars, or maybe that's a bird. I don't know anymore. :beer::(|)
New Comic Book Day! 4/4: Immortal Hulk, Justice League, War of the Realms! Jedyzon 1 1 yearJedyzon (493):
Does Batman Kill? JLS_Comics 15 1 yearOdins_Raven (2389): Does Batman kill? A. Batman is a fictional character, so he will do whatever the artists/writers make him do. B. Batman has at least been implied to have killed (Killing Joke) which was a one shot and (I'm pretty sure) was not intended to be considered canon. C. Perhaps the underlying question is, do his fans think he SHOULD kill and why or why not? I'm sure if Batman were real (which sorry Scott Snyder he isn't) he would defend himself...
My first time selling here thread...slabs Enelson 29 1 yearEnelson (4593): Awesome- great to hear Anyone else interested? I still have New mutants, East of West, ASM 361(leaning towards keeping that one soon) ASM 569, ASM 298, Southern Bastards, Redneck, Failsafe, long Lost, X factor, new mutants 8, Nam
April 1 MAIL CALL.. Gabriel85301 1 1 yearGabriel85301 (1565):
Belated Mail Call! Siya Oum Edition (plus lots of checkmarks) dielinfinite 10 1 yearsoonerjudd (32): Nice haul! I met Siya at Emerald City a couple weeks ago and had her sign a few of these. Love those headshot covers!
Avenge The Fallen JLS_Comics Jump to first page32Jump to last page 1 yearMR_SigS (11120): Hey, Jonesy! You stupid cat!
AOC YAY OR NAY ONLINE_209 Jump to first page109Jump to last page 2 yearsxkonk (7379): Small states Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Vermont (and maybe more depending on what you consider small, and non-state DC) apparently aren't concerned.
Help grade my asm 316 (newsstand) Enelson 22 2 yearsteacha777 (648): Always press IMO, coming back with a 9.6. That would of been a 9.8 with a press is frustrating to say the least
My even more ridiculously cheap xmen sale Enelson 3 2 yearsEnelson (4593): Price Cut $65 bucks, shipped, 80+ comics...I'm just sick of storing 30 volumes of xmen, it confuses me Final price also check out the cbcs graded books I have up clickable text
Free Comics - you pay the shipping ThorneArt 4 2 yearsScorpion (810): to many copy's made and horde by collectors to make them not worth anything today. also the writing was bad. peps line up at LCS to buy 2 or more copy's of these books. 20 + years later everyone got one lol. the one to buy would be the gold or plat, copy's that where made and where less copy's of them.
Selling off last of graded comics Robert86m 2 2 yearsDarkseid_of_town (7779): per the forum selling rules some pictures couldn't hurt and helps establish its a real offering
New Comic Book Day pick-ups! 3/27 Hulkverines, Detective Comics + More! Jedyzon 2 2 yearsGAC (18563): Cool vid and channel....subbed.
Morbius Movie Updates JLS_Comics 5 2 yearsJoosh (1887): Thanks for the info! It’s about time, and I think the 2013 storyline works really well as a solo story. Spider-Man is in a couple issues but not an integral part of it.
The Disney / Fox Merger is now a "Done Deal" !! JLS_Comics 13 2 yearsrobertofredrico (514): That's how it was 5 years ago. Now, in 2019 it looks like this:
Modern Slabs For Sale, Amazing Spider-Man 2099, SpongeBob, Warlock Infinity Joosh 6 2 yearsJoosh (1887): @HeinzDad PM sent
First appearance of Ghost? (Dark Horse) Joosh 8 2 yearspoka (16849): if you open cliffhanger 0 you will find several sketches of danger girl.
Grade this ASM #299 ZZXMAN 25 2 yearsZZXMAN (12): I didn't buy it for invest, so I will keep this copy for my personal collection because it looks really well in the front cover. I am happy with it. :)
New Comic Book Day Pick-ups 3/20! Jedyzon 1 2 yearsJedyzon (493):
2019 is the year of AKIRA! JLS_Comics 14 2 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): Battle of the Planets! Great pick I was going to pick up the comics a couple years ago and completely forgot, thanks for reminding me :cool:
Selling Captain Marvel & Spider-Man 2099 fakadar 3 2 yearsGabriel85301 (1565): holmie I wish I would have known so I could have given you some advice on that.. but I assumed you needed to come up with some fast $$ For that Captain Marvel, I was straight out selling 9.8s in the $140 RANGE with ease.. I have a boatload of True Believer Captain Marvels in the 9.4-9.6 graded range signed by KSD (yellow labels) that I been getting $80-115 range.
Recommend a (comic) book dielinfinite 25 2 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): Black Monday Murders East of West Seven To Eternity Wytches Black Science Paper Girls We Stand On Guard sold Jesse_O 11 2 yearskaptainmyke (24408): Probably a surge in visitors checking to see if it's still up, kicking the bandwidth meter up from the shared news story.
eBay sales listings Topsykrets 2 2 yearsTopsykrets (250): All New Wolverine 21
Showcase Zombie_Head 16 2 yearsTedsaid (5220): Ouch ... goodbye, South America. Nice books. I would guess, with a good press, they will be: 9.0 for the Spectre (unless, is that a scratch on the cover, near the red guy's back?); 9.4 or 9.6 for the Dahmer (unless that vertical line near the "D" on the left side is a flaw); and maybe a 6.5 for the #205.
Mail Call! dielinfinite 5 2 yearsdielinfinite (14585): Thanks! Definitely some personal favorites in the batch. The Punisher book is one of my favorite single issues ever (I actually have a blank with Tim Bradstreet to recreate the cover using the Netflix versions of the characters), the ASM is a childhood favorite, and the Leia is by Greg Hildebrandt, an artist I grew to love from trading cards when I was young and whose work includes one of the original Star Wars movie posters ...
Unknown Comics Sale Discounts + B2G1 dielinfinite 14 2 yearsdielinfinite (14585): My books arrived today, ahead of schedule, and they all look great!
WEEKLY COVER CONTEST - Week 131 - In the Jungle, The Lion Sleeps Tonight drchaos Jump to first page37Jump to last page 2 yearsZombiebigfoot (1752): Thanks for all the votes everyone! I’ll have a few more mugs of coffee to stir some ideas up for our next contest, which I’ll have up shortly. Again, thank you all for the votes. 😁🍺
FS: CGC 9.8 SDCC Comics #2, 1st Hellboy 00slim 10 2 years00slim (8101): Bump for Spidey. 😏
When does cbcs take the money for grading? Shanthark 10 2 yearsGabriel85301 (1565): I call them. I took my card off back in December because I was a victim of card theft so I had to closely guard my situation for a bit and was taking my card off anything everywhere. I'm sure the site is encrypted, but I did use my computer to enter so you never know.
Another Rick & Morty Thread kaptainmyke Jump to first page323Jump to last page 2 yearskaptainmyke (24408): omg meeseeks and unity is my favorite
Comic Book Industry Troubles ? GanaSoth Jump to first page62Jump to last page 2 yearschirock (45): The biggies might fail, but make mine Alterna comics. Inexpensive cover price because newsprint, no variants, and customers aren't taken for granted [or called nazis]. All ages covered, from the Chair to Cyko KO.
I drew all over a comic book Joosh 19 2 yearsBrianGreensnips (7963): @Joosh I love the title to your post "I drew all over a comic book" I like it!
Newest "Hellboy" trailer ZosoRocks 3 2 yearsGAC (18563): Deep Purple Smoke on the water!!!!! trailer was cool too!!
Books for Sale; Earn EBay Bucks in USA! cjbehr948 13 2 yearscjbehr948 (170): There’s another EBay Bucks promotion going on! Just added a ton of Walking Dead 15th Anniversary variants to my page. The #19 1:100 pencil sketch is one of them! Good luck!
A good haul from the 2019 Great Lakes Comic Con Joosh 19 2 yearsJoosh (1887): @Jessie_O this was the first time I felt compelled to pick up the small press books. It’s cool to buy the books directly from the creator(s) and thus far these are good reads. There were actually many more there, a few posted above.
Graham Crackers Comics Jesse_O 3 2 yearsStudley_Dudley (17739): I've been using GCC since 2014 for my new comics. Any time I've had a problem, they've always been quick to offer a solution. I really like them. Glad it worked out for you, @Jesse_O!
Grade this ASM #300 ZZXMAN 23 2 yearsDrogio (6523): Finger prints, no touch. But the prints probably keep it less than 8.0...maybe cleaning would help, but prints are usually there to stay.
anyone have a copy to sell me? donho 14 2 yearsesaravo (38783): @Frontier2Xterra - Thanks, Jon.
Check out these Comic Mask for sale ! GanaSoth 2 2 yearscomicsforme (2008): Sweet.
Shwarzenegger signed certified Conan comic.. Ambush_Bug 16 2 yearsDJC_II (1827): I nominate you for best comment of the week award
Skybound Megabox Cancelled! jgzachary13 3 2 yearsdpiercy (3939): I thought a lot of the comic exclusives in these were really lame the last year. Forgive me for being negative. Monday Auction Mountie73 2 2 yearsKatKomics (9636): I've been clicking on the free comic raffle thing when I can remember - you never know, someone has to win - could be me?? Also been checking the auctions far nothing peaking my interest, but again, listings always change so you never know!
DC gets revenge on Wendys GanaSoth 1 2 yearsGanaSoth (6474): Click/Touch here for funny details. Also added bonus, a guy talks trash to Wendy's & Wendy's response is hilarious (to me). *Located towards the bottom of the page.
Reused cover art? dielinfinite 11 2 yearsdoog (3680): Finally looked, not a single story duplicated. I just assumed the same stories, now I have some more fine reading, many thanks
MCU Wolverine Actor JLS_Comics 12 2 yearsthe420bandito (5665): It's a shame they wasted Huge in so many of those mediocre X-Men movies. He is and always will be Wolverine (even with all the singing and dancing on Broadway).
FS - CBCS 9.8 Batgirl #12 Artgerm ThorneArt 4 2 yearsOxbladder (1005): Those Batgirl covers were some of his best, even though he was mimicking Sana Takada's style.
Detective #1000 JeeHyung Lee Virgin + Trade, Sold Out, except... Tedsaid Jump to first page34Jump to last page 2 yearskaptainmyke (24408): Oh but its not published art on a cover. Looks like a digital art piece from his Deviant Art page or something
EBay Walking Dead issues yamada69 2 2 yearsyamada69 (66): Bump!! ending tomorrow!
Weapon H...pour one out for the homie Enelson 16 2 yearsshrewbeer (13200): The big two understand that they are catering to speculators just as much as they are to readers. That’s where it is going. Once the spec dies they had better be ready to downsize without going bankrupt. Even though there has been some negative news about DC’s layoffs, their restructuring has put them in a better position for long time survival.
Traveling to Israel GanaSoth 11 2 yearsGanaSoth (6474): @BrianGreensnips Thank ya. I'm gonna try. :)
Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey - 1st Image JLS_Comics 11 2 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): Inspired, I threw together a history of Black Mask video that goes over Ewan McGregor's character and which "version" of Black Mask he'll portray.
G.I. Joe #2 & #3 - No Staples GanaSoth 9 2 yearsesaravo (38783): I believe staple mishaps have occurred for years. I have a copy of X-Men #29 that looks normal. But don’t judge this book by its cover. Look inside and you see it was stapled twice. Once without the cover and then again with the cover. ...
Man-Thing in Armor? GanaSoth 8 2 yearsHcanes (2274): The tiny man-thing seems to be a prisoner if you notice the little chain around his wrist. I wonder if the character wielding him is the "Shadow Colonel" who looks like the bad guys from the video game Killzone and various anime/manga villains.
CBCS Ultimate Edition Detective Comics 1000 GanaSoth 6 2 yearsDrogio (6523): If Batman on tech 1000 isn't your thang....
The last Comic Book Stan Lee wrote? Joosh 13 2 yearsdielinfinite (14585): Here’s the credits page for the story. Looks like Stan did provide the updated script
Black Knight in the MCU? JLS_Comics 1 2 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): Evidence is mounting that Black Knight will appear in the MCU, possibly as soon as Avengers: Endgame. This would be the Dane Whitman iteration, Captain Britain’s friend and on again / off again Avenger. He spent some time in England, where PP will be for part of FFH, will he meet Brian and Dane? Someone found a small city in the Quantum Realm in Ant-Man and the Wasp, he could be there too. Who knows. But regardless, he’s a cool, under...
DC/Vertigo Six Days GN Jesse_O 3 2 yearsOGJackster (21568): It does sound pricey. We can get a 100 Page Giant for $4.99. 36 pages more for $20.00? I'll probably skip this one.
FS: Dark Horse Comics 2-lot "The Umbrella Academy" #nn ZosoRocks 1 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): This is another auction for a couple of HTF comic books that Netflix had adapted and has now made a new Netflix series on the action. Condition is subjective for both, but IMO they are no lower than Fine/Very Fine+ - and I also believe that they both can be professoonally pressed and/or graded to become NM (9.0+) or better. Sharp corners! Thanks for viewing my auction....good luck! Best regards, Tim ...
Superior Spider-man just went Cosmic ! GanaSoth 2 2 yearsMasochism (1784): What, no armpit wings?
Free - Captain Marvel #1 - Just Pay Shipping GanaSoth 18 2 yearspoka (16849): Agree - candidate for worst cover of the year. And if that is not enough - marvel also destroyed the 1:10 movie cover
Spider-Man 2099 is hot...why? Joosh Jump to first page33Jump to last page 2 yearsJoosh (1887): I've found this to be true. #46 (Last issue of Spider-Man 2099) is much less available than #1. Relatively hard to find the later Newsstands in NM, but not expensive, which is just my kind of collecting. I like the search. Odd finding is issue 2-10ish have plenty of newsstand books out there. Even MileHigh has them listed for same price as Direct.
Game: Slab UNO dielinfinite Jump to first page999Jump to last page 2 yearsdielinfinite (14585): 999 posts! Amazing! I believe this officially fills the thread so I’m gonna start a new one so we can continue where we left off!
My Lot for sale. Mickee92 16 2 yearspoka (16849): estimated value, offer and advice provided
SDCC Mail Call dielinfinite 7 2 yearsthe420bandito (5665): Great books. I would have never lasted the 7 month turn-around though. With any luck they get that under control and flourish.
WEEKLY COVER CONTEST WEEK 123 - FUTURE SHOCK! JLS_Comics Jump to first page55Jump to last page 2 yearsX51 (14702): Don't be too hard on yourself. Medical emergencies can distract you and make you not think as clearly. Google used to be good. It's pathetic now. It gives search results that don't even include the words I enter into the search engine. They got rid of the "+" sign for searching and the closest substitute is putting words in quotes. Even that gives poor results.
Sandman: The Dream Hunters #2 (Mike Mignola variant) for sale Magellan 1 2 yearsMagellan (284): Sandman: The Dream Hunters #2 (Mike Mignola variant) - CBCS 9.4 NM - Witnessed Sig: Mike Mignola - $800 This variant is super rare and incredibly hard to find. This is one of only two graded copies I have ever seen. Note: CBCS made a mistake on the label (it is not issue #1) Paypal only, please. Price includes shipping via Priority Mail w/in the US. Sales are final and no returns. Feel free to message for more photos and...
FS: Marvel Collector Corps 4-lot - Deadpool X-Men Spider-Man Squirrel Girl ZosoRocks 1 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): All boxes are complete with initial subsctiption issues included. All were opened upon arrival to verify completeness. Deadpool - 1st issue X-Men Women of Power Spider-Man Thanks for viewing my auction. Best regards, Tim
FS: 16-lot Japanese Anime/Manga - action figs, graphic novels ZosoRocks 1 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): Items i found while cleaning up - all from my son's previous collection. Shonen Jump Naruto Viz Media Dragonball Z SDCC exclusive figure and promos. Thanks for viewing my auction. Best regards, Tim
Hidden Gems Variants ThorneArt 20 2 yearsJesse_O (18801): Hidden Gems are incentive ratio covers that use an artist previous art for the cover. Mike Zeck has said that Marvel has selected four pieces from his portfolio for Punisher comics. There was a Kirby FF "hidden Gem" cover. Other artists include Wrightson, Cockrum, Starlin, Romita Sr. and Miller to name a few. There are some really great looking pieces out there!!! I just ordered the the Dr. Strange #10 (the 400th Dr. Strange comic...
NORTH TEX COMIC BOOK SHOW FEB 2-3 (KRAVEN'S LAST HUNT REUNION) GenuineCOA 2 2 yearsGenuineCOA (161): NORTH TEXAS COMIC BOOK SHOW has added legendary artist NEAL ADAMS. Reserve your order for ON-SITE or MAIL-IN CBCS signature submissions as the link below.
Manufacturing error... quick question? OoklaTheMok 3 2 yearsOoklaTheMok (40): Thanks! I was more concerned with the validity/rarity of these types of errors (i.e. 1:1M as opposed to 67:1M), similarly to how Canadian price variants are now recognized as a smaller set of the bigger production run, you know what I mean? Do you or anyone know if these errors increase the value, like Venom Lethal Protector - black cover? It's strange a printing error is recognized but isn't that still a 'manufacturing error'? Still, if/when...
MARVEL STAR WARS #39-44 EMPIRE STRIKES BACK COMPLETE SET STORYLINE FOR SALE Praxis99 6 2 yearsGanaSoth (6474): Welcome to the forums. Very nice books!
What’s in the Box? Take a look and see. esaravo Jump to first page38Jump to last page 2 yearsesaravo (38783): @BrianGreensnips - Feel free to make me an offer! I hope to get back 15 more comics (10 SA and 5 BA) that I submitted at Terrific Con in August in the next few weeks. So I will try to post that unboxing too.
FS: Artgerm Batgirl #12 9.8 ThorneArt 1 2 yearsThorneArt (1165): Hey Folks, Selling my Batgirl #12 CBCS 9.8 $275 + $15 Priority shipping in the USA Thanks
.50 special at my LCS, a few good books Joosh 4 2 yearsmichaelekrupp (10220): Nice scores!
Anyone have Sleepwalker #1 for sale? GanaSoth 1 2 yearsGanaSoth (6474): Hey guys. I'm looking for a graded copy of Sleepwalker #1 or a raw copy that is in 9.8 condition. PM me or reply here. Thanks.
What’s your favorite Batman who laughs cover Topsykrets 28 2 yearsNuffsaid111 (4635): Yea but who cares - the covers are sooooooooo cool. Oh... wait... you mean it's not all about the covers? <eye roll>
Corner Box and UPC Box Evolution JLS_Comics 3 2 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): Thank you!
Found a great eBay site !!!! Tony 22 2 yearsJohnnylray (2645): I guess we got
FS: 2007 Marvel Toys Legendary Comic Book Heroes - Madman / BAF Pitt torso ZosoRocks 1 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): I've listed the VHTF original 1st issue of the Legendary Comic Book Heroes "Madman" figure that comes with "Timmy" and a BAF Pitt "torso" piece. Thanks for viewing my auction and good luck. Best regards, Tim
Best online comic subscription services? kaptainmyke 20 2 years1243782365 (503): I've never ordered from DCBS. If I have, I can't remember but this week I have heard MULTIPLE stories of a mistake they made with the J. Scott Campbell Daredevil variant. This variant was supposed to be a 1:100 variant but DCBS presold them as a regular variant at cover price when they were doing there preorder sales two months ago. And guess what? They fulfilled EVERY order. That is why I am looking into moving my online subscription to DCBS.
New to your collection #3 Jesse_O Jump to first page999Jump to last page 2 yearsbrysb (2907): Often the ones to look out for are those who advertise 9.6/9.8, unless slabbed they almost always tend to be vastly over-graded. Some think because a comic is unread/uncirculated it is automatically 9.6 or higher.
Best ebay category for Ghost in the Shell? drchaos 6 2 yearsdrchaos (16507): I will try movies & TV and see how this one goes.
Mail Call Gabriel85301 6 2 yearsGabriel85301 (1565): Today's mail CALL!! Season 2.. EPISODE 9
GoCollect - Worth it? ThorneArt 11 2 yearsCitikill (10): @Zarbongo thanks got all mine on there now!!
Image Dead Rabbit Canceled- anyone know why? Enelson 18 2 yearsX51 (14702): It shows up on eBay periodically. Here's one.
X-Men Marks Jewelers Comics for trade ThorneArt 4 2 yearsThorneArt (1165): Thanks @xkonk I appreciate the trade and goodwill. I will pay it forward. :)
Dr Chaos's Black Friday Sale starts tonight! drchaos Jump to first page42Jump to last page 2 yearsdrchaos (16507): I have a couple things. Stay tuned.
Auction Wins KYoung_1974 2 2 yearsKYoung_1974 (732): @Treweldy, I think you said you would be interested in seeing them when I got them in...
Black Friday Sale Part 1 Early Releases elreycomics 2 2 yearsdrchaos (16507): That is a nice group of books. GLWTS!
ThorneArt - For Trade - Hulk ThorneArt 1 2 yearsThorneArt (1165): Hello, I am looking to trade these HULK issues for sub #140 Uncanny X-Men. I have never been a great grader, so please bear with me. Hulk #149 Fine? Hulk #187 VF+? ...
BATMAN IN DETECTIVE COMICS 89/90 organic 1 2 yearsorganic (13): Hi, I am clearing out some of my collection and willing to sell some of my books. Feel free to contact me if any question. Set of 5 comic books BATMAN IN DETECTIVE COMICS #611,#612,#613,#615,#116 Price for set $25 Here are the buying details: The Book what you see that is the book what I am selling. Please see pictures for the condition. Shipping method will be at the buyer's request . You can tell me if you...
WOLVERINE VARIANT EDITION 2007 organic 1 2 yearsorganic (13): Hi, I am clearing out some of my collection and willing to sell some of my books. Feel free to contact me if any question. [ b]WOLVERINE #50 VARIANT EDITION $50 [/b] Here are the buying details: The Book what you see that is the book what I am selling. Please see pictures for the condition. Shipping method will be at the buyer's request . You can tell me if you want extra insurance or just the cheapest option, etc. I will use...
FS: Spider-Man 2099 #1, rare 2nd Print ToyBiz Variant CGC 9.8 00slim 3 2 years00slim (8101): True. It has great potential, but I have one more for my PC already. I know some boardies would appreciate it & just wanted to offer it in case.
Trade? Topsykrets 8 2 yearsTopsykrets (250): Anyone else interested
The “Well, Now I Want One” Thread 00slim 24 2 yearsBabaLament (2951): @00slim Back is clean. The gnarly bag was setting off my OCD, so I re-bagged it. Looks much better.
Sig Verification help Citikill 12 2 yearsCitikill (10): @KingNampa I have the entire Dark nights metal run graded, figured I would go ahead and do these too, especially if I can get them verified. That way I can have an entire graded set.
TMNT Macroseries error Zombie_Head 13 2 yearskaptainmyke (24408): New Ryan Brown Boba Fett painting I just got
WEEKLY COVER CONTEST !! Week 113 Pre-Code Crime drchaos Jump to first page36Jump to last page 2 yearsseanw (967): WOW! This is the first time I won! Thank you!! :D:beer: I will have the new contest up in a few moments! :D:D
Love for Arach-Knight Topsykrets 7 2 yearsX51 (14702): I'm talking about his feet. He doesn't have a camel toe.
November 2018 Previews Jesse_O 8 2 yearsJesse_O (18801): @DavidM Believe me, when I get them done I'll be showing them off!!!! :beer:
Expect dates?? Mrpoort 2 2 yearsMR_SigS (11120): There's a thread discussing it.
Just In From Florida 00slim 13 2 years00slim (8101): Yeah, I’m helping a supplier liquidate inventory, then there’s my stuff.
Are CBCS numbers down? Randomdoge 15 2 yearsJustThatGuy (2563): sell em on ebay for grader error variant.
Has this comic, colour touch? ZZXMAN 14 2 yearsZZXMAN (12): Ok, I will buy a UV flashlight. I think it's worth to have one, to detect color touch and more things that can't be seen easily.
Tracking Citikill 5 2 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): @Citikill Welcome and good luck with the books.
ALBANY COMIC CON martymann 3 2 yearsdrchaos (16507): You and me both brother. I still have Rhode Island on my calendar.
Rare Modern Variants for Auction/BIN on eBay (Star Wars, Tsum Tsum & more) xpsp3windows 1 2 yearsxpsp3windows (73): Selling a bunch of rare modern variants on eBay. Either I upgraded them or have multiple copies so no longer need them. Can offer some good deals for boardies! STAR WARS SPECIAL C-3PO #1 HARRIS RED ARM SPOTLIGHT VARIANT 1:1000 CGC 9.8 (Auction ending Today) MARVEL TSUM TSUM #4 JOHNSON 1:25 VARIANT CGC 9.8 (Auction ending in 4 days) All other Buy it Now listings can be found here " xpsp3windows items for sale" ...
FS: Artgerm Batgirl Variants ThorneArt 1 2 yearsThorneArt (1165): Hello Everybody, I got a couple of books that are for sale. Batgirl 2009 #12 & #14 Batgirl #12 9.8 $325 (ship incl in the usa) Batgirl #14 9.6 $90 (ship incl in the usa)
Is this comic trimmed? ZZXMAN 10 2 yearsZZXMAN (12): ok thanks for your answer and now I have understood that it is not trimmed.
General "waviness" of new modern books Enelson 8 2 yearsbrysb (2907): Everyone is so quick to press!
FS: Anita Blake Vampire Hunter mixed lot ZosoRocks 1 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): 3-lot of two books (x1 HC / x1 paperback) and a SDCC exclusive Marvel Limited Edition Print. Thanks for viewing my auction.
Heritage Catalogs! ThorneArt 4 2 yearsOGJackster (21568): This is Heritage Magazine For The INTELLIGENT COLLECTOR #5 2008
Batman cover "problem": common or uncommon? sl4wt3r 11 2 yearsTedsaid (5220): No, they are all like this. It's just how this issue / format is printed.
Custom cover Topsykrets 7 2 yearsOdins_Raven (2389): @Topsykrets I love fan created covers! Gives me an idea for a new thread... ;)
Grade this ASM #299 ZZXMAN 18 2 yearsZZXMAN (12): Yes, but I explained to the seller that I had not noticed that the pages were cream on the bottom and that the cover was slightly discolored on the right side. He understood it and told me that there wasn't any problem to cancel my purchase, so he canceled it.
Gambit Movie To Be A 'Romantic Comedy' JLS_Comics 15 2 yearsshrewbeer (13200): LOL 🤣
Latest pick ups Zombie_Head 8 2 yearsZombie_Head (1531): Or it could be 2nd print. Lol I’ll have to check it and see what print it is.
Mail Call! Received 4/20 dielinfinite 7 2 yearsdielinfinite (14585): @BigRedOne1944 Thanks! I think the Phantasm one is my favorite of the bunch as well! Certainly more pleasing than the other cover I was actually curious that the phantasm book didn’t have a note like “2nd Print” or “Prestige Edition” as I’ve seen it referred to online. Then I saw that maybe the two are considered different books because of the slight difference in the...
Batman Damned Topsykrets Jump to first page68Jump to last page 2 yearsGAC (18563): Agree 100%! Raw = $5 but Batman Damned raw is a 1000% mark up and CGC is $10 but Batman Damned CGC is a 500% mark up....yup! seems fair.
Shouts out to Obiwan1971 ! Mail Call ! Gabriel85301 1 2 yearsGabriel85301 (1565): My CBCS Mailcall. 4 months and 21 days later after my books were received by CBCS, submitted for me by @OBIWAN1971 as an authorized witness for me.
My books are back! Joosh 17 2 years00slim (8101): Very cool. Congratulations! There are zero 9.8 copies of that Spidey 2099 2nd Print on the CGC census, by the way. (Edit: I missed the fact you mention that in another post) I have 3 copies that I had them press. Hoping MAYBE one will get a 9.8.
Cloak and Dagger Masochism 1 2 yearsMasochism (1784): Selling a Cloak and Dagger lot including their first appearance. Link to auction
Return of Wolverine review xkonk 10 2 yearsDrogio (6523): Relationship Logan is gonna kill Independant Logan...
[PSA] Publishers: Variant Fatigue Syndrome kaptainmyke Jump to first page419Jump to last page 2 yearsDrogio (6523): That's his shop variants count as first appearances?
Hellboy Pushed Back 3 months JLS_Comics 7 2 yearsshrewbeer (13200): @Scorpion knows whats up.
FS: Mattel DC Super Heroes - 6in Steel & Cyborg Superman ZosoRocks 1 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): Both figures are considered MIP and both packages are visually C8.5/9.0 and C9.2. Thanks for viewing my auction. Best regards, Tim
Birds of Prey Movie set for 2/7/2020 JLS_Comics 4 2 yearsStudley_Dudley (17739): I'm curious as to the ceiling of my Suicide Squad 23.
Hope for DC Black Label Jesse_O 21 2 yearsbrysb (2907): If DC plans to re-release all of those classics under the Black Label line then I want to see additional content, otherwise what is the point? I would not re-buy something like Batman Year One just because they slap a BL tag on the book! I like the larger size format in Batman Damned and disappointed to hear that not all the other series will be released this way.:( I assume those printed in standard comic form will be much less than $6.99??
Is this a 9.8? Flip1987 13 2 yearsNuffsaid111 (4635): 11.3 - there's a "light bend" ;)
TAT Thread - Modern VSP w/Fastpass ThorneArt 5 2 yearsJLA555 (389): this is another foram that I followed that did quicksteam worked well for him
FS: Valiant Comics 1992 Archer & Armstrong #0 - CGC 9.6 ZosoRocks 1 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): I'm continuing to list auctions for other high graded pre-unity Valiant books, if you are interested - but be forewarned, I'm running out. :o) Thanks for viewing this one and if you haven't, check out my other auctions. I've lowered prices on many things. Best regards, Tim
TAT Whiner Finally Receives Books Masochism 4 2 yearsJoosh (1887): Nice video, I hope to make my own soon.
How do you grade this? Flip1987 8 2 yearsFlip1987 (30): Mine its Just in The cover... What a disappointment
Weekly Cover Contest 107 - GIANT-SIZED!! JLS_Comics Jump to first page41Jump to last page 2 yearsDoc_Cop (1865): Congrats! I'm actually trying to score that comic as we speak! Great choice. Nuff said..
Mystery Science Theatre 3000 The Comic Joosh 1 2 yearsJoosh (1887): Anyone else get this book? I enjoy the new version on Netflix and this is based off of that. They make fun of old comics instead of movies. I thought it was amusing. I even picked up a cheap copy of the book they make fun of in 1st issue.
BTC DEAD RABBIT #1 Exclusive graded editions ThorneArt 3 2 yearsDJC_II (1827): @richgarc next popular trend Most of it is based on a speculator's market
Keystone Comic Con drchaos 11 2 yearsxkonk (7379): I was able to meet up with @obiwan1971 to help out with Claremont signatures. Happy to meet him. Sounded like a rough con for the vendors though. Chatting with Claremont was cool, and I went to Ken Lashley's panel. He was super nice and had some interesting stories. Set up a commission with a local artist. I had fun. I hope they do it again next year.
Has anyone ever tried converting modern CBCS 9.8's? Lundon44 17 2 yearsjrs (1864): @Lundon44, CGC labels and cases seem to have changed a lot also.
"Gotham" Autographed Comic Advice VSP Jada Pinkett Smith HammitChris 8 2 yearsHammitChris (268): I don't plan on selling it. I just want to get it slabbed to protect it and for the presentation. I like the way signed books look in CBCS's cases.
Graded Books for Sale; Earn E-Bay Bucks! cjbehr948 1 2 yearscjbehr948 (170): Just listed some big guns on my E-bay page. If you're in the E-bay Bucks program, you can get 8% in E-bay Bucks on the purchase if you buy them before 2:59 AM Eastern/11:59 PM Western. - TWD #1 CGC 9.0 - TWD #19 CBCS 8.5 - TWD #100 Lucille Edition CGC 9.4 - ASM #129 (1st Punisher) CGC 7.5 (WHITE pages) - Rick & Morty #1 (Roiland Variant) CGC 9.6 behr948 on E-bay Good luck!
Mail Call: Received 4/19 dielinfinite 8 2 yearsBabaLament (2951): @dielinfinite Did not know the Punisher Movie book would fit in a slab. Now added to my next submission. :D
The Rocketeer JLS_Comics 17 2 yearskaptainmyke (24408): and yet that Sequel never happened... Hollywood bureaucrats shelving film projects...
What's the best suggestion for keeping 9.8 after a remark Lundon44 19 2 yearsLundon44 (34): So after almost 10 days, multiple emails and probably 20+ calls trying to get someone on the phone I finally received an email response today. Because the ASM #800 was submitted on the 2-Day tier with a 2-Day turnaround time I've been advised it was already graded and ready to ship. I asked if they could confirm the grade. They said it got 9.8 so the pressing would be a waste. I guess I got lucky from the sounds of it!
The Predator JLS_Comics 19 2 yearsMr_adam_R (512): monster squad! I haven't thought about that movie in years! what a classic. now I know my next movie purchase. thank you!
FS: Sirius Comics - Dawn #1 (Blacklight Ed) #1/2 (Wizard Excl) signed 9.4+ ZosoRocks 5 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): :o) thanks for the compliments....first bid at $35.00 is in now. IMO - right now - that is at a bargain!! I've had them in my "to get graded bin" for years....*sighs*.....sadly.....that isn't happening any time soon. Someone profits on my holding back!! :o) Thanks again for checking out the books! Tim
I’m celebrating 5 months today! Madbeez 17 2 yearsBabaLament (2951): @silverage1375 I started selling comics about a year ago, I'm the definition of "small, local guy;" but I was up in the city last week for NCBD, and retailers small & large are refusing to submit books to CBCS until TAT's get under control. The big dog in my area had started crossing over, and was doing a 50/50 split between CGC & CBCS. Talked to her last week, and the management was *not* happy. They submitted a bunch of...
FS: Entity Comics Zen Intergalactic Ninja / Young Zen / signed 9.4+ ZosoRocks 1 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): This auction is a 4-lot of signed and unsigned comics. It also contains a sketch on backing board by Bill Maus. Thanks for viewing my auction. Best regards, Tim Look at this on eBay
FS: Marvel Comics - Venom 6-LOT various titles - includes Newsstand var ZosoRocks 1 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): Thanks for viewing my auction. 6-lot of various "Venom" titles from 1994-95-96-97 and one issue from Jun 2018. Includes two Newsstand variant copies. Best regards, Tim Look at this on eBay
Stan Lee label redux Crunkpostit 7 2 yearsCrunkpostit (157): Over the years his signature has really gotten worse. The one in my avatar is a sig that most likely came from the early 90's. When I first met him in 2011 he was like 88 or 89. Was a great meeting, got to shake his hand and talk to him a little and wasn't flocked by his "handlers". It was so cool. Next year I went to go meet him again and got a couple books signed. I wanted to cry after seeing him. In just a couple years time, I...
Captain Marvel JLS_Comics 24 2 yearskaptainmyke (24408): Do not sell yet. This movie is going to take off to crazy levels. Wait until after week 2 of the movie.
Superior Spider-man JLS_Comics 2 2 yearsstanley_1883 (108): i completely agree. the series was awesome, i loved it.
FS: Valiant Comics Solar, Man of the Atom CGC 9.6 ZosoRocks 5 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): I've always wondered that too...and I am not sure if CGC ever corrected the label template...because other eBay sales are also like this label. Good post...thanks!
FS: Verotik Comics Death Dealer 1 & 2 - signed ZosoRocks 2 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): Link corrected...sorry.
FS: Marvel Comics - various Spider-Man series ZosoRocks 1 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): I've just listed a 5-lot of various dated and various titled Spider-Man comic books. All are in various grades. Thanks for viewing my auction.
Toronto Fan Expo drchaos Jump to first page73Jump to last page 2 yearsDJC_II (1827): I got a book signed by jock which he did 5 years ago. He will sign it wherever you ask him
FS: Valiant Comics Harbinger #1 - CBCS 9.0 VSP signed Lapham ZosoRocks 1 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): Thanks for viewing my auction.
replacing bags and boards stanley_1883 15 2 yearsBrianGreensnips (7963): You could do Amazon or EBay and not have to buy the minimum of $100 worth, but you will pay a considerable anount more.
FS: Revolutionary Comics Led Zeppelin & Van Halen ZosoRocks 2 2 yearsvacaboca (862): I think this is the correct link :)
FS: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Book #4 - CGC 9.0 ZosoRocks 1 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): "Superman vs. Batman" Look at this on eBay Thanks for viewing my auction. Tim
FS: Marvel Venom: Lethal Protector Mini-Series 1 2 3 (x2) 4 5 6 - 8.0/9.0+ ZosoRocks 1 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): Look at this on eBay Thanks for viewing the auction! Tim
FS: Various Spider-Man series w/ McFarlane Spider-Man Silver/Gold ZosoRocks 1 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): Look at this on eBay Look at this on eBay Thanks for viewing my auctions. Tim
Adi Granov Elektra Variant stanley_1883 1 2 yearsstanley_1883 (108): I was wondering if anyone has an Adi Granov Elektra variant? He was selling them at SDCC. I missed out as I got some Billy Tucci prints instead. Specifically I'm looking for the black suit. Please let me know if you have one you're willing to part with. Raw preferably. Thank you kindly.
Huge collection organic Jump to first page57Jump to last page 2 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): For fans of irony: Newb is too busy with his baby and custody battle to say what he has for sale or list prices but he has time to respond to individual PMs Newb is FLIPPING his books for money but says, "...I feel 25% is fair. I feel it is a very good discount for "COLLECTORS". 50% off eBay completed sales .............smells of a "FLIPPER" I.M.O" and my personal favorite: Newb is calling forum participants...
Weekly Cover Contest 103 - A Day at the Beach drchaos Jump to first page33Jump to last page 2 yearsdrchaos (16507):
Web Of Spider-Man #32 tonnage71 8 2 yearskaptainmyke (24408): Very cool.
Thanos Legacy Masochism 15 2 yearsMasochism (1784): @Drogio It is. Enjoy your books!
FS: 1995 VALIANT Visitor v Universe 1 - CGC 9.4 Newsstand ZosoRocks 5 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): Darn templates! The formatting is different for each the desktop, the tablet and the phone. That field can only be deleted on the desktop version. Corrected....thanks! Checked my other auctions, and corrected them as well. Thanks!
Someone please help PumpernickelPete 19 2 yearsDrogio (6523):
Fox/Disney merger in retrospect stanley_1883 6 2 yearsGAC (18563): Marvel is pretty much hitting it out of the park with every release. Mostly due to the fact that the exec's at the helm are all comic book fans first and foremost. These people know these characters inside and out and better than most fans. When the merger is complete, those characters will join the Marvel stable helmed by the same exec's. In my opinion, as a fan of comic book movies, Disney/Marvel will continue with the high quality releases...
The Black Order Getting Their Own Book JLS_Comics 1 2 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): THR Article 'The Black Order' showcases the Cull Obsidian. They might have met their match in Avengers: Infinity War, but Thanos' right-hand monsters from that movie aren't staying down. The Cull Obsidian returns this November in its own comic book series, and this time, there's no gauntlet-obsessed titan to tell Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight and the rest of...
Venom: First Host Clayton Crain Masochism 8 2 yearsMasochism (1784): @iggykoopa30 They are retailing at $40
FS: 11-lot var dated Amazing Spider-Man ZosoRocks 1 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): Earliest is #179 & #180 (Diamond Dist), blank barcode square. Also included is a signed John Romita Ann #5, along with a Newsstand edition of the HTF #602. Thanks for viewing my auction.
New Mutants 98, & ASM 361 9.6 For Sale 00slim 9 2 yearsMr_adam_R (512): congrats @00slim ! one step closer to TOS #39!!! :beer:
FS: Marvel Comics MIRACLEMAN #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 8 - w/ 1:25 & 1:50 var ZosoRocks 2 2 yearstimberghost (8): Looks sweet, nice starter price too.
Venom:Lethal Protector#1 @ $23,750.00 WHY??? vvv 23 2 yearsBigRedOne1944 (7355): Congratulations to YOU! Sadly, working hard and being accountable for yourself is a lacking trait in with today's self-entitled youth
The 2-day connundrum atrembley 10 2 yearsBigRedOne1944 (7355): Mostly for what others have already said. My personal view, and I know many will disagree.... 1- Im NEVER in a hurry, enough to pay the ridiculous premiums for ANY of the so called "Expedient" services, (Fast pass, 2-Day, quickstream etc), all are nothing more than marketing ploys designed to extract more money from the customer, and more often than not those fees are more than the book itself is worth. 2- I don't believe the book...
FS: Valiant Eternal Warrior #1 (Aug 92) - CGC 8.5 White Pages ZosoRocks 11 2 yearsX51 (14702): Bingo. Thanks.
About to send my first submission!!! Jason_hendon 23 2 yearsRedshade (1112): Hi. I have submitted several lots to CBCS ln the last two years without any problems. The usual turn around time was quoted as about 16 weeks and to be fair took about 18/20 weeks with which I have no problem with. One just has to be patient. It is what it is and one just has to chill and be aware that your submissions are going to be returned in about 6 months or more Apparently, they were uprooted by a hurricane from Florida to Texas and...
Weekly Cover Contest 101 - There is No Eye in Team drchaos Jump to first page38Jump to last page 2 yearsGAC (18563): Am I free to start the new thread contest or do we wait for something official?
Did Henry Cavill Quit As Superman? JLS_Comics 8 2 yearsX51 (14702): You know the rules and so do I.
Recent Comic Book Pickups! JLS_Comics 6 2 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): Here is our show from yesterday! We talked about all the latest and biggest in comic book news from the week
NOTHING SPECIAL ONLINE_209 14 2 yearsJoosh (1887): Comic skins are pricey. a few dollars more per slab for actual grading/slabbing. Is anyone selling empty CGC/CBCS slabs from deslabbing?
Have a subscription at your LCS? Why? stanley_1883 26 2 yearskaptainmyke (24408): All you gotta do is ask and Rich will make it happen brah
Vin Diesel starts Day 1 of Bloodshot Production kaptainmyke 6 2 yearskaptainmyke (24408):
Start filling those carts! Ebay 15% off $25+ today (8/8)! dielinfinite 3 2 yearsGeeWiz (2286): So happy I used the coupon to pick up this one
FS: MARVEL COMICS Civil War #1 - CGC 9.4 NM ZosoRocks 1 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): Here is another graded comic I am selling. Thanks for viewing my auction. Best regards, Tim Look at this on eBay
Question about grading. AzarathComics 2 2 yearsSteverogers11 (2992): Don't think it affects it. Could be wrong 🤷‍♂️
WTB : Some modern books! xpsp3windows 9 2 yearsxpsp3windows (73): Same here. There are a couple of listings at the moment on ebay but nothing to my liking.
ASM# 299 Grade ZZXMAN 7 2 yearsDoc_Cop (1865): 7.5 or 8.0 with a press. there plenty of these out there in better shape you could land at reasonable price. Books a good investment, just not this book. nuff said
TMNT #3 Laird NYCC Variant (1985) - CGC 9.0 DouggieW 2 2 yearskaptainmyke (24408): Not a bad price for a 9.0. Here's mine. I got it from Kevin Eastman's personal collection:
Submitted at Silicon Valley Comicon 4/7 Madbeez 2 2 yearsKYoung_1974 (732): Did you submit them 2-day modern or regular? What about pressing?
Any Illustrators, Pencillers and Colorists here? stanley1883 7 2 yearsstanley1883 (46): Thanks all, right now we're looking to hire a colorist specifically, and are looking for someone who is familiar with Chiaroscuro. We have a 1 comic that is all but done, just needs coloring, and a second that is being written currently, and are looking for the artist for that.
Current Pull List stanley1883 21 2 yearsstanley1883 (46): Ok so heres my take so far. Mera: Queen of Atlantis is great, seriously awesome. Well done DC Die! Die! Die!- I'm underwhelmed by the first issue, Kirkman's never let me down before so i may give issue 2 a chance, but issue 1 was meh, felt like the same old thing. New Lieutenants of Metal- super fun and campy book, has a great playlist with it, just a fun comic for those that also like hard rock, as Boy Band Nation are the...
Expanded and Modern Shipping? Themaxx35 5 2 yearsnikki666666 (1463): @Themaxx35 when you go to checkout, you can choose from there. either the standard option at the top will be for the whole lot or under each section as an indiviual price.
Venom #4 (2018) kaptainmyke 11 2 yearsDrogio (6523): Lots of damaged copies. I did find a couple 9.8 candidates. Thor GOT #6 has taken off. Can't find any in local shops.
Your book with the most views on MSC dielinfinite Jump to first page37Jump to last page 2 yearsDrWatson (15155): Somewhere there is a recreation of the unused cover of X-Men 56 that goes with it.
What comic(s) did you read today? dielinfinite 12 2 yearsDJC_II (1827): @Frontier2Xterra I know this sounds funny but I actually prefer them in their original prints. It's the paper they used, and how it took in the ink. I found the digital versions to be quite flat.
PSA:When packing comics, dont do this Enelson 6 2 yearsJLA555 (389): anything I ship I pay for priority mail cost is alittle more.
I was about to list this Todd signed Spawn 1 Newsie Raw, but . . . 00slim 9 2 yearschameleoncolors (491): I would do it. And the McFarland sig looks legit. Go for it, also love this book!
How much of an impact will pressing have on my comic? mattmurdock 15 2 yearsCaptainCanuck (3728): @Drogio Word is that only 1% of Image Comics distribution in this era were newsstand edition.
WTB Gotham City Sirens 1 Catwoman Variant stanley1883 1 2 yearsstanley1883 (46): Anyone have an issue of Gotham City Sirens #1 Catwoman variant for sale. let me know please. Raw or slabbed, high grade/nm-ish condition please .
A Few Slabs FOR SALE esaravo 19 2 yearsesaravo (38783): @shrewbeer - If you haven’t bought anything in a while, NOW is the perfect time to reward yourself and satisfy that collecting urge that gnaws at your gut.
90's Comics VS 80's Fashion Masochism 11 2 yearsX51 (14702): I see this title and I think of a comic from 2008.
How much will this affect the grade? mattmurdock 5 2 yearsmattmurdock (1): That's good to know, I thought it would be more serious given it's a modern book.
Diamond damages... An ongoing epidemic! JLS_Comics 12 2 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): In the video in the OP, he talks about a possible solution. Instead of 2 medium boxes crammed in to a large diamond box at 50-60 lbs (enough that the USPS person doesn't want to carry it) do just one with padding between the medium and large. Shipping costs will go up a little, but the other costs will go down and so will the frequency damages (which means lost sales, storage costs, etc). Most damages on the books come at the corners where...
For Sale : Spidergwen Silk and Venom VisceralDreams 1 2 yearsVisceralDreams (259): Hey guys, I've got some books up on my eBay right now and I thought I'd post them here as well. I've got more new listings coming. I'd rather sell on here or instagram but the insta sales have been kind of slow lately. My eBay is ivanscomicstore . Anyways here are some listings: 1st Appearance of SpiderGwen CBCS 9.6 First Print Edge of Spider-Verse 2  NIB ...
Ant-man and the Wasp JLS_Comics Jump to first page32Jump to last page 2 yearsxkonk (7379): I liked it. They kept the good tone from the first one.
Complete white cover over Batman 50 VictorCreed 8 2 yearsrobertofredrico (514): Someone asked CGC on Facebook about this "extra paper" thing and this is what they replied: Blank sketch covers and books with foil/acetate covers are usually shipped with an individual piece of wrapping paper attached to the staples for each book to prevent scratches and scuffing. Despite being initially attached to the book, it is not considered an actual “part” of the book, and would be better described as packing material....
Nice CBCS books in auction BrotherKenneth 2 2 yearsBrotherKenneth (66): Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th. Just a reminder that these auctions end on Tuesday July 10. Thanks for looking.
Week 96 cover contest - Hello Nurse! drchaos Jump to first page40Jump to last page 2 yearsJesse_O (18801): Go for it Helric!!!!
Another Comic Bubble Thread JLS_Comics 18 2 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): @BLBComics Here is the direct market video I was talking about. The next one is about corner and UPC code boxes
The "WANT TO BUY" Thread! (WTB) JLS_Comics Jump to first page196Jump to last page 2 yearsAnkurJ (117): Coverless/incomplete Detective 33 Low grade/restored More Fun 52
Problem to get grading notes ZZXMAN 4 2 yearsDrogio (6523): Anyone have a cgc account that gets free/unlimited grading notes? I have a comic that I had them grade, but didn't realize I didn't have rights to my own grading notes after my paid membership run out (BS if you ask me...I paid for it at the time). PM me if you're willing to help me out. No need to disclose your Superpowers publicly here!
Hulk 181 - Advice Needed cjbehr948 11 2 yearscjbehr948 (170): Thanks for the feedback, everyone!
Looking for, Seeking out, Searching, :) Gabriel85301 1 2 yearsGabriel85301 (1565): I jumped up on those True Believers a little too late, I have been buying in lots of 3 or 4 per title. If anyone of you out there got a bargain on any of issues, or can point me to the right direction, let me know. I'm pretty much gonna pick off MidTown at the end of this week (like I did with Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel TB issues), but I still have a list of about 90 more titles too go.
Shipping/Mailing Slabs from US of A to Canada? Gabriel85301 10 2 yearsCopperAgeKids (3712): I'd rather pay 10% and sell a book for generally more on eBay, than sell for less on Facebook. I buy from Facebook groups/auctions, I can't see how selling on Facebook groups pays. I do know a couple of dealers who sell cheesy copper/modern hot books on Facebook, for more than the book sells for on eBay. They don't run auctions, they just have dedicated followers who overpay, not knowing any better. I could sell like that, but it'd...
DC to release Wal-Mart Exclusive Anthology Series dielinfinite 7 2 yearsJoosh (1887): I highly doubt these will be newsstand (returnable) books. DC just stopped that 10/2017 and at that point they did not sell newsstand books at Walmart. They only had the shrink wrapped Walmart exclusive 3 packs.
FS: Amazing Spider-Man - Ltd Ed USPS repro #1 / SD Union-Tribune 24 promos ZosoRocks 7 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): Thanks for all the comments everyone. Yes...I am aware of BIN...never have had luck with it. As for leaving money on tbe looks like the winning bidder will get a bargain then. This stuff is just sitting around collecting dust. Hopefully I get a sale.... The secondary market is a bitch to be part of...LOL Thanks again.
FS: Star Wars 2 3 4 5 6 8 ZosoRocks 1 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): 2, 3, 4, 5 are all "Diamond" Reprints 6 and 8 are "Diamond" 1st prints. Thamks for checking out my auction.
Books for Sale on My E-bay Page! Earn those E-bay Bucks! cjbehr948 2 2 yearscjbehr948 (170): For those interested in "Preacher", I have 11 auctions for the series ending TONIGHT (6/21) starting at 8 PM eastern. Graded issues & a 47 book lot. Good luck!
Looking For Marvel & DC Key Reprints 00slim 11 2 yearsdielinfinite (14585): Batman Adventures 12 Sensation Comics 1 Unfortunately they’re currently out of stock but they do tend to restock (at least the Sensation Comics since it’s the latest book) once a new Fan Expo starts. The Sensation Comics is currently available in aconbo pack Fan Expo Sensation Comics Combo Pack.
Kyle Starks ONLINE_209 1 2 yearsONLINE_209 (1864): 18-19, 2019 at Stockton Arena!
Looking to sell/trade bulk series lots in NJ-jersey shore area Enelson 6 2 yearsxkonk (7379): Also NJ-related: I saw that one of the comic guys who sets up at the Peddler flea market in Sicklerville is selling his whole inventory. 30,000 some books. I only looked around there once so I don't know what all he has, but if anyone is sitting on a bunch of money...
Autograph verification Kalistyles 19 2 yearsKalistyles (22): Thanks for the help and responses everyone.
EBAY Brightest Day Run DC Green Lantern yamada69 2 2 yearsyamada69 (66): one day left!!
Halloween Comicfest 2018 comics announced Jesse_O 1 2 yearsJesse_O (18801): My favorite holiday and my favorite hobby come together once again this year. I'm looking forward to some of these and will probably get a copy of each one that I can get. Halloween Comicfest 2018 article and comic list
Keya Morgan Arrested (finally) JLS_Comics 17 2 yearsDrogio (6523): This is crazier than condition freak's story! Poor Stan. Based on the reports it sounds like he's struggling with memory loss amongst other old age issues (sight/hearing). I know it's his life and he should ride it out the way he wants to, but whomever takes care of him from here on out should be encouraging him to consider no more signings and reconnect with those who really care about him. I know Trinity had a personal signing in early...
Lucio Parrillo & Lee Bermejo SDCC MGA 1 2 yearsMGA (124): Hi guys, hope everyone is having a great con season. We are super stocked to announce our new collaboration with Scott's Collectables & MGA Lucio Parrillo & Lee Bermejo will be set up at the MGA booth at SDCC. We are accepting submissions for signatures. All books are due by 07/10. The cost will be $20.00 a sig. ...
Valiant/ Bloodshot question Enelson 15 2 yearsX51 (14702): Can't answer. I would guess 25%, but that's just a random guess.
What value do you consider too low to slab? kutworksinc 27 2 yearsCatmanAmerica (20001): It depends on the relative scarcity, estimated value and whether the collector is contemplating the eventual sale of books through a professional auction house. The expense of 3rd party grading and encapsulation has to be weighed against return on investment. IMO, with rare exception, collectors should reserve third party grading for books that are 5.0 and above (for GA & SA), 7.0 or higher for books of more recent vintage. The exceptions...
GEOFF JOHNS Exits as DC Entertainment President and CCO JLS_Comics 20 2 yearsLonestar (2376): Comcast's bid is in. $65 Billion. clickable text
Bulk Purchase stanley1883 19 2 yearsCopperAgeKids (3712): In this scenario, you can usually cherry pick.
Just got Amazing Spider-Man 800 Shattered Variant... Squack 21 2 yearsWraith (1867): now looks like sold out/ or almost sold out- just a few copies left - in all the secondary outlets i found it in . this is a book to have if can get hands on it i think.
ASM Keys Comicnewbie 24 2 yearsStu (717): Looking mostly for raw books at the moment. I’ll take affordable key slabs if the price is right.
Sky Between Branches Tdog13 2 2 yearsTdog13 (679):
Gamestop to sell comics stanley1883 17 2 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): LOL that sounds about right
FS: TSR Dungeons & Dragons Game, Handbook, Ltd Comics ZosoRocks 11 2 yearsBabaLament (2951): Hitting up used bookstores looking for old D&D or WoD sourcebooks is a tangential hobby to comic collecting. I have a goodly collection of D&D, Forgotten Realms, & World of Darkness core sourcebooks; but it’s the supplementary books that are the really hard finds. I also found a bunch of cloth maps from the old Ultima PC games in a box. I wish more games had cool add-on lore items like maps or codices, instead of poly-resin...
Artgerm's Catwoman 'B' cover for Issue One JLS_Comics 7 2 yearsDeesnutz (359): Lol
Stan Lee real or fake signatures Tsuggs124 Jump to first page37Jump to last page 2 yearsDocBrown (16885): You don't sssssay...
New to Forum and CBCS Frontier2Xterra Jump to first page65Jump to last page 2 yearsDocBrown (16885): Popcorn time!
Recent Comic Book Pickups: Showcase Them In A Haul! JLS_Comics 9 2 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): Thanks @BrianGreensnips, much appreciated!
Is This The End For The Walking Dead? JLS_Comics 19 2 yearsX51 (14702): I do too. It'll never die. It's like a zombie or something.
Ebay Auctions ending tonight ThorneArt 6 2 yearsThorneArt (1165): Hello Folks, I started a bunch of new, actual, auctions this weekend. :) Please feel free to take a look. ebay seller ct98
Ghost Rider #15-Newsstand Edition-Graded 1forchrist 11 2 years1forchrist (166): I knew they possibly did, but I didn't think I would find one in a condition to get a 9.8, which was my goal. I know there are many copies of this issue graded a 9.8, but I hadn't seen one from either of the 3rd party graders that were Newsstand.
Walking Dead 115 9.8 SS x33 Todhaircut 5 2 yearsMR_SigS (11120): You can still leave a link.
1st comic appearance of Jango Fett? jedijohnson 5 2 yearsDocBrown (16885): I thought there was a Quentin Tarantino film about a Jango something.... Unlocked? Unharnessed? Unshackled? Something like that...........
Protecting Jeweled Comics fivestar 10 2 yearsfivestar (62): Looks like 25 swarovski crystals
Do Archie Comics have 3 staples? Effects Gr? kaptainmyke 5 2 yearskaptainmyke (24408): I sent you an invoice for my A-Tax but you never paid me.
#UniteTheHeard ... also: Aquaman! JLS_Comics 13 2 yearskaptainmyke (24408): Oh look she's getting a sash. ffs
New Marvel triptych 1st issue variants Enelson 13 2 yearsWraith (1867): but not the newsstand version.
What grade would this go to? Randomdoge 3 2 yearsRandomdoge (21): Yea i was gonna submit it and add a pressing to help it out some more. The small cut its very small the first pic i zoomed in quite a bit the only ways to see it is if you're looking really close into it or touch it a bit and by touch i mean you'll feel a small bump
Which comics to submit Randomdoge 25 2 yearsRandomdoge (21): @doog yea i really dog skottie youngs art i also have the one shot of her well two of em i was thinking on that one being graded but i feel theres no Point for that one
Submitting multiple comics in person Randomdoge 16 2 years00slim (8101): They should definitely be able to take ATM/Credit.
Unknown Comic Books - ASM #800 Exclusive GanaSoth 28 2 yearsDrogio (6523): "And here's the kicker...we'll call it a 'fan appreciation variant' so they think we're doing something for them, even though we are charging them $20 for basically the same comic they just purchased!! It's brilliant, I tell ya!"
Deadpool 2 Trailer JLS_Comics Jump to first page50Jump to last page 2 yearsCopperAgeKids (3712): Woot-woot....just find a rock solid 9.8 candidate of Excalibur 86 (1st Pete Wisdon, direct edition with card insert) while gong thru my boxes trying to find a book that I sold on ebay a few days back...haven't found the sold book yet, but I did find this 'lil guy. Also found a few X-Force 116's...all 9.6/9.8 candidates. 1st Zeitgest and 1st Doop. I haven't seen Deadpool 2 yet. Can anyone LMK if Zeitgest and Pete W were portrayed in Deadpool...
Need help with signature identification. IxDmackxI 10 2 yearsMR_SigS (11120): The "professional signature" creators use on comics and art. Probably not the same used on personal checks and CC receipts. As mentioned, the sharpie sigs are clearly speedy versions of the sig printed on the cover art.
Grading help needed xmg88x 10 2 yearsxmg88x (4): Hmm in my opinion 7.5 is too low?
FS: AMC The Walking Dead 11-Lot ZosoRocks 1 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): Here is another memorabilia lot for the "THE WALKING DEAD" collector. Maybe there is something in here for you. Look at this on eBay Thanks for checking out my auction. Best regards.
Rick & Morty Renewed!! JLS_Comics 16 2 yearsrejaak (409): What is my purpose?
Miracleman #1 1:200 Variant GanaSoth 24 2 yearsGanaSoth (6474): @conditionfreak You got a good argument focal piece there. Both came out in 1954...
The Punisher = War Machine GanaSoth 27 2 yearskaptainmyke (24408): clickable text
Books for Sale as of 5/8/18 cjbehr948 1 2 yearscjbehr948 (170): Just listed a bunch from CBCS & CGC. "The Walking Dead", "The New Mutants", & more! Some of the books are charity auctions with a portion benefiting Scares That Care. Go nuts, folks! behr948 on E-bay
FS: Blizzard World of Warcraft 10-lot ZosoRocks 1 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): This 10-lot is all Blizzard WoW and an Overwatch emblem - from Blizzard Gear. It also includes an Employee ONLY exclusive coloring book and five promotional atist signature sheets. Great lot...thanks for looking!
Avengers 4 Will Be called? (poss. spoilers) JLS_Comics 28 2 yearsKatKomics (9636): West Coast Avengers....Great Lakes Avengers??
Free Comic Book Day 2018 ThorneArt 27 2 yearsdrchaos (16507): Elektra by Fabio Redivo Concept given to artist Lenny from Legion by Alexia Vendhuisen Concept given to artist Robot by Mark McKenna ...
The Batman Who Laughs #1 First Print - eBay GanaSoth 5 2 yearsconditionfreak (11273): Naw. I am only attempting to collect 9.8's of this issue. But I admit, the price is right on this one. For now.
Spider-Man 800 - Another Black Costume Cover GanaSoth 9 2 yearskaptainmyke (24408): I paid about $100 for mine too
For all the SCI-FI Geeks out there... GanaSoth 1 2 yearsGanaSoth (6474):
New Characters & your feelings towards them? GanaSoth Jump to first page40Jump to last page 2 yearsDocBrown (16885): DC did it 60+ years ago...just another in the long line of DC ripoffs by Marvel...
Cobra Kai! The YouTube Red series is up JLS_Comics 3 2 yearsOGJackster (21568): Sounds good. Thanx
Proof We live in Parallel Universe ?!? GanaSoth 1 2 yearsGanaSoth (6474): Stan Lee died in 1980 ! Of course its APRIL FOOLS on the cover ! I never seen this comic before.
Edge of Spider-Verse 2 Ebay Notice DAG 13 2 yearsWraith (1867): I like red goblin as it isn't as much if mix and mash creating a new character as much as it is a merge of two great characters into one.. That said they will likely demerge but its the cream of the crop in terms of the mix and mash characters as to me the storyline had been a bit better thought out. I don't understand the appeal of Spider gwen at all and really couldn't care what her books are worth as I don't want one . But all that...
New Ant-Man And The Wasp Trailer JLS_Comics Jump to first page31Jump to last page 2 yearsCopperAgeKids (3712): Yeah, I may have missed that rumor but I was sure it was only a matter of time in til Black Goliath was introduced into the film or Netflix MCU. I snagged my copy out of a long box sidewalk sale for $2, about 3 years ago. All the boxes were totally raw, not bagged/boarded. Got a few other goodies out of those $2 boxes; including an Action 521 (1st Vixen) that I gave a spit shine and press a 9.6 from CGC. I spent a good hour...
Third Printing Virgin Variant Limited Print kaptainmyke 7 2 yearskaptainmyke (24408):
Ebay Sniping Tools drchaos Jump to first page173Jump to last page 2 yearspoka (16849): Sorry - missed a “if”. Comment edited
You guys remember Old Hulk TV Show? GanaSoth 17 2 yearsgman (673): dual purpose! :-*
Spider-Man Merging with Venom again ??? GanaSoth 26 2 yearsDJC_II (1827): @thelastbard lol you have a saying for this? that's pretty amazing please explain
Help me Identify a Specific Hulk Comic GanaSoth 10 2 yearsGanaSoth (6474): Yeah I remember it was a strange portal world leading to other adventures/worlds. It was endless possibilities.
Arrived yesterday Mickcatron 5 2 yearsgman (673): Sell while it's high...don't wait and cry
Saturday Mail Call! dielinfinite 8 2 yearsdielinfinite (14585): A few more books just came in! ...
MY EBAY STORE - Selling RAW & GRADED COMICS comicbookchicks 1 2 yearscomicbookchicks (7): clickable text COMICBOOKCHICKS EBAY STORE USA Hi, I have an EBAY store (comicbookchicks) in which I mainly sell RAW & GRADED COMICS all genres. I am a top rated seller with 100% feedback score. I try to keep my prices low and fair. I offer Buy it now with best offer and regular auctions. Combined shipping and all raw comics come with brand new boards and sleeves, and are well protected when mailed out. I am a collector myself so I...
Let's Talk About Stan Lee JLS_Comics Jump to first page57Jump to last page 2 yearsX51 (14702): At the 6:57 timestamp, Jim Shooter talks about Stan Lee. There's a gap where he talks about Valiant (you can skip ahead), then he talks about Stan some more at the 11:00 timestamp.
Deadpool covers 5-2-18 Topsykrets 5 2 yearskaptainmyke (24408): That's downright outrageous! If proven true that could really hurt their business
Lady Death La Muerta #1 kickstarter ZosoRocks 8 2 yearsJustThatGuy (2563): Same way Stan is going broke :)[/quote] No more "with a happy ending" for Stan. Anyhow, I lost interest in Lady Death ever since Evil Ernie and her are not together. Plus, it maybe me, but no one seems to do Lady Death right 'cept for Steven Hughes.
Proper Comic Classification Help! Sornom 11 2 yearsGanaSoth (6474): @kaptainmyke Why the ? I was showing him the differences in the two comics and the one he has is limited to 3000 copies.
Edge of Spider-Verse 2 Ebay Soon DAG 3 2 yearsDarkga (4413): Nice book! Be sure to update when it's on the bay. Thanks!
Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe Series JLS_Comics 10 2 yearsLogan510 (2414): If they ever get made. I got rid of all my Valiant books when the first wave of nuttiness hit.
FS: Large X-Files Collection - 34 lot ZosoRocks 1 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): This is pretty much all of my X-Files memorabilia I have collected since the show started in the 90s. Most comics are signed 3 times....but also included are single signed and double signed exclusives too. All signatures are authentic - I had acquired them all over many conventions as an attendee. The 1st issue is a "newsstand variant", but is not signed. Still...a nice 1990s VHTF original newsstand copy. It isn't in top...
Comic Shops stanley1883 25 2 yearsStudley_Dudley (17739): I have a few good ones that I frequent in the area. Four come to mind right off the bat. There are others too that get the occasional solid key in. All mess with toys and cards (sports or otherwise) but the ones I tend to visit are mostly comic centered. A lot of back issues, new comics and keys.
Key Issue Alerts! KeyCollectorComics Jump to first page44Jump to last page 2 yearscjbehr948 (170): Thanks for the tip!
Slabs for Sale; Ending Sunday, April 22nd! cjbehr948 2 2 yearscjbehr948 (170): Added a graded copy of "The New Mutants" #98 & a the Negan connecting covers from "The Walking Dead" to the mix. Enjoy!
Modern, copper, post modern? doog 16 2 yearsX51 (14702): Modern comics should be named after clothing or one's garb. I call it the garbage of comics.
Some cool Slab's for sale !!! whowill 13 2 yearswhowill (298): Pictures are in the Auctions plus the price. no reason to list them here when its easy to list on feeby with all info plus show the feedback with history of said seller :) Kaptainmyke: Thanks, its a great one. just like them Shredders !!
STAN LEE ON SVCC ONLINE_209 6 2 yearsdoog (3680): Isn’t capitalism great! An old man can be used by anyone who can weasel their way in for profit, including those who line up for signatures, for their personal profit. Clearly a 95 year old man can never have enough income, geritol is pricey. Never lined up for a signature, now for sure I never will. Bad taste.
eBay Deal of the Century CaptainCanuck 13 2 yearstonnage71 (453): So glad she’s willing to offer such reasonable shipping! I’m sure she packages her auctions like a pro!
Who is the sketch donho 16 2 yearsdonho (373): given to me as a gift. and I liked it
New with CBCS - Issues with CGC GanaSoth Jump to first page52Jump to last page 2 yearsGanaSoth (6474): @dpiercy The picture you circled here shows the inner well with the tray that holds the comic in place. This what all the CGC books should have inside the slabs but don't. In the pictures I provided for example; just shows poor execution on CGCs slabbing methods...[/quote] This is my CGC comic with no inner well tray... You can call it an inner well, but to me its...
WTS: Here's Negan (Blind Box) 9.8 KingNampa 5 2 yearsKingNampa (6742): BUMP I'm trying to buy some other stuff so I will lower the price. $296 free ship (in USA)!!! This book is selling $330-$350 + Shipping on Ebay. Get it fast! Free raw mystery books included (mostly modern stuff). :beer:
Stan Lee Signing book mess up MrBamBam2u 21 2 yearsBabaLament (2951): @Hanginglimbs Yep. Left side, middle of the book; "Authentic Stan Lee's Collectibles, a serial number, and "Excelsior Approved." Any of his pre-signed stuff on the table, or direct orders from Stan Lee's Collectibles, is gonna have the sticker; at which point CBCS takes it to the woodshed when grading.
Jim Lee draws Goku - only once ever ZosoRocks 14 2 yearsdoog (3680):
Need help in identifying an autograph WalkinWillie 15 2 yearsX51 (14702): I know the guy! Actually, I've seen him setup a lot and I know of him. I talk to his dad occasionally. I know his dad more than him. He sets up at pretty much every one of these shows... Now I have to take back what I said about his parents!
Amazing Spider-man #798 Alex Ross Virgin kaptainmyke 12 2 yearskaptainmyke (24408): No doubt probably Monday
Looking for Star Wars #1 signed by Fisher c2t2merch 1 2 yearsc2t2merch (22): As the title states, I'm currently looking for a Star Wars #1 (preferably one of the two Marvel series) signed by Carrie Fisher, graded 9.6 or higher and yellow labeled. Please PM me if you have one you'd like to get rid of, thanks. Image is posted as an example.
Reholder into an "Art" Slab Drahcir 5 2 yearsTimBildhauser (2225): IIRC to do it would essentially be considered a re-submission not just a re-holder so it would run $18. Like Jesse said though, double check that with Customer Service.
What are you currently reading? dielinfinite 6 2 yearsBrianGreensnips (7963): Batman. Tom Kings writing is really good. Also Old Man Logan and Old Man Hawkeye are 2 of my favorites.
RUNAROUND ONLINE_209 Jump to first page72Jump to last page 2 yearsCopperAgeKids (3712): Yeah, Tim....I agree with you 100%. I meant to say/imply that Borock would not be the one who did the investigation/leg work etc. Borock has his hands full as the head/finalizer grader at CBCS. This is a customer service issue, not a grader issue. All I meant is that Borock would have more experience overall and that he would simply direct customer service in the ideal direction. I actually meant to say what you said, I just didn't...
Y: The Last Man JLS_Comics 10 2 yearsdpiercy (3939): I read it; good series.
Mail Call and other New Arrivals drchaos 7 2 yearsDarkga (4413): I can only imagine how many points your have. :eek:
FS: Spawn #9 & Spawnmobile LE 2-pack ZosoRocks 5 2 yearsZosoRocks (1845): BTW - one off shelf in SD. Very close LCS and had elusive visits from Image artists...
Trade: Iron Fist or Venom for Red Sonja Jesse_O 5 2 yearsJesse_O (18801): Actually, someone gave a tip that there was a RS on Amazon. I never think of checking Amazon for comics, but I probably will now!! Anyway, picked one up for $8.95 plus shipping. But, if anyone is interested in these two, shoot me a trade offer!! I like to work trades!!
... About that Comic Book Bubble... JLS_Comics Jump to first page51Jump to last page 2 yearsSteverogers11 (2992): just got one
Glover's Deadpool Script JLS_Comics 4 2 years1243782365 (503): Doesn't reading that script suggest the script was written in response to the show being cancelled? Doesn't seem like an episode he already had written. Sudan only died a few days ago...
The FANTASTIC FOUR are returning JLS_Comics 15 2 yearsantoniofett (1894): Slott writing it? No thank you.
ASM 800 Dell’Otto Virgin Variant Comicnewbie 9 3 yearsDrogio (6523): None of the 800 trade or virgin variants excite me...hoping comic mint comes up with something, an homage or other cover. May go with the Crain cover (comic Xposure, but purchased through nycollectorcave) but likely stick with Just one copy of the cover a trade.
First Submission Received anthonybischoff 4 3 yearsanthonybischoff (118): I didn’t check the back of the spiderman 1 second print and it had a lot of foxing. The other spiderman had a scuff on the back.
Disappointed with CBCS VCBE Jump to first page123Jump to last page 3 yearsMR_SigS (11120): I don't know- That voice saying the right words might be pretty hot too.
Supergirl #20B by Artgerm JLS_Comics 13 3 yearsKCBatmanFan (1054): Here's his Black Panther cover: different for him, but I dig it.
CBCS Exclusive - Rob Liefeld remarques Jesse_O 2 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): I missed those by a day, since I was only able to go to Sunday of WonderCon.... Oh well! They would definitely bump up the value of the 87 and 98 I'm selling off, cough cough. Don't know what he's charging for the sigs and remarks, though. It WAS pretty expensive when he was paying for booth space (SDCC, for example). I commented to Mark that it's a great idea to use that space (on the covers) if it's available.
Got a surprise sketch today Jesse_O 6 3 yearsZosoRocks (1845): I concur.....I've seen plenty of those types of folks on this forum. you know who you are!! :o)
Nick Spencer / Ryan Ottley taking over ASM JLS_Comics 27 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): @bodmer71 I get a kick out of those when he posts them on IG. :)
CBCS Mail Call - Nor-Easter Edition drchaos Jump to first page31Jump to last page 3 yearsdrchaos (16507): I priced up the first batch but would ask that we move this conversation to my Ebay Store thread Saddle River Comics Store Thread
Interview: Alterna Comics' Peter Simeti JLS_Comics 1 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): Yesterday I had the opportunity to chat with Peter Simeti, the founder and publisher (and really everything lol) for Alterna Comics. He gave some really great insight in to the life of an independent publisher, getting books in to store via diamond and via their own recently launched direct ordering system. Alterna are also championing newsprint paper, $1.50 pricing, and keeping the newsstand market alive. We also talked about the movie...
Chew #1 Comicnewbie 9 3 yearsdrchaos (16507): Very!
Mix of Raw, CBCS, & CGC Books for Sale!!! cjbehr948 1 3 yearscjbehr948 (170): Planning on moving sometime this year, so looking to make some extra money. Some are raw, some are CGC, & a couple are CBCS. Feel free to take a peek at... clickable text Thanks!
**ROB LIEFELD MAIL-IN SIGNING OPPORTUNITY** GenuineCOA 18 3 yearsX51 (14702): All I have is this Christmas picture of him. Rob could draw him without feet.
EBay Auctions ending on Sunday yamada69 1 3 yearsyamada69 (66): Check out some books, slabs and Prime 1 Deathstroke statue I have up for auction clickable text Any questions let me know!
Bats out of hell Topsykrets 9 3 yearsTopsykrets (250): Ah so each store might have a couple then
For any Valiant or Mattina Fans Hcanes 5 3 yearsX51 (14702): Pre-unity is cool. The Acclaim incarnation was stupid to me. I grew up around radio stations, so the DJ angle was a little stupid to me. Regardless, it would be cool if Shadowman went mainstream. I own a Ditko Shadowman page of art. Gonzalo Mayo inks.
My comic book journey to date Mickee92 11 3 yearsBrianGreensnips (7963): The Wolverine 4 issue mini series Volume 1 with Chris Claremont and Frank Miller was really good. Origin was good too.
Out Of Context Member Quotes djpinkpanther67 Jump to first page235Jump to last page 3 yearsPre_Coder (10459): LOL Was Harry Osborne in there with him? Kind of seemed that way during the ASM 590 series.
Fake cover site for YEARS for fans det_tobor 15 3 yearsxkonk (7379): They aren't really twins until Artgerm does the cover.
Moving Some Books Out Of My Collection MarcJ 18 3 yearsKingNampa (6742): nice stuff :beer:
Jim Lee & J. Scott Campbell SS? KingNampa 2 3 yearsTimBildhauser (2225): They're both scheduled to be at Megacon May 24th-27th.
In search of, The Darkness #88 & 96 Ace1667 7 3 yearsAce1667 (1): Score 🎊🎈👍 thanks Bro.
Today's pickups including new grail drchaos 10 3 yearsdrchaos (16507): Both books are now available on eBay at the following prices: Strange Tales # 126 (First Dormammu and Cleo - $680.00 Tales to Astonish # 27 (First Ant Man / Hank Pym) - $5,775.00 Fun Fact - Hank Pym was the first original avenger to appear in Marvel Comics as TTA 27 came oput only two months after FF # 1 Tales To Astonish # 27 - January 1962 - Ant Man Incredible Hulk # 1 - May 1962 - Hulk Journey Into Mystery # 83 - August 1962 -...
STAN LEE Private Signing Books due 3/25 TrinityComics 5 3 yearsDrogio (6523): @TrinityComics thanks for touching base. Hope you post back here when it's back on...holding off on sending a book until then.
Catch up Topsykrets 5 3 yearsDrogio (6523): I've found swiping Moon Girl 28s off the shelves and flipping them on eBay a good money maker this week.
Liefeld Takes Extreme Universe To Netflix JLS_Comics 24 3 yearsX51 (14702): I think he did a bad swipe of this cover.
Vampirella submissions!!! Treweldy 6 3 yearsBigRedOne1944 (7355): I do love me some Vampirella! beautiful books sir!
Looking To Sell 2 Slabs At Cost 00slim 5 3 years00slim (8101): I went ahead and marked down the ones on e-bay, but without the fees associated with e-bay, they're still cheaper here. 👍🏼
Comic Book Pickups Video Domogotcomics 11 3 yearsDomogotcomics (196): Thank you @BrianGreensnips I need a new phone and to speak up. I use the music to drown some of the white noise I hear after recording.
Let's Talk Marvel "Fresh Start" JLS_Comics Jump to first page64Jump to last page 3 yearsdet_tobor (814): And that's why we get to see Krypton exploding over and over and over and over. Now, it's gonna be a "new" tv series that shows in less than 26 weeks what is done in less than a minute on all the Super (man, girl,boy) series. I wonder if there be dragons in this version like there were in Wiener of Steel?
Today’s arrival Mickcatron 6 3 yearsWolverine (1938): I had that Star Wars book in a 9.8 signed by both cassady and Campbell
Your favorite reprint? 00slim 28 3 yearsMR_SigS (11120): Such as it is.:heart::heart::heart:
CBCS Pressing and Grading Result #2 Darkga Jump to first page35Jump to last page 3 yearsWatcher (3981): doubt! They are everywhere and includes full hand prints...never seen anything like it. I'll try the cloth this wknd
TWD Variants Comicnewbie 5 3 yearsMarximus (652): The info is on GoCollect. Just be sure to filter by CGC signature series, and the appropriate variant. The site has sales records on all 18 variant covers. If you're not a paid subscriber, you can still get the data on 5 books for free, each month. But it's only 6 bucks a month....well worth it.
Avengers: Infinity War Release Date Moved JLS_Comics 1 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): April 27th instead of May 4th Official Tweet
Comic Con Revolution 2018 - West Palm Beach JLS_Comics 12 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): I sort of feel like they committed after reading about Chris Claremont's presence. Surely they'd get some submissions and a crowd draw from that one guest
Who Collects Spidey 300 Cover Swipes? 00slim 3 3 years00slim (8101): Gotcha. Did you have this one on your list man?
FS: Marvel Comics Presents #91, CBCS 9.0 ASP Magellan 1 3 yearsMagellan (284): Up for sale is a Marvel Comics Presents #91: Wolverine, CBCS 9.0 with a witnessed signature from Sam Kieth. White pages. The signature is on the reverse on the Ghost Rider/Cable side with Sam's sig in GR's flames. Asking $115 shipped.
My latest submissions! Let's talk about it Joosh 9 3 yearscawummel (138): That is quite the submission list. Hope you get the grades you are expecting on all of them. I missed that TMNT variant cover somehow, and I was at the show!
Variants Comicnewbie 29 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408): anybody get the Mattina TMNT #80 cover today? I ordered the 9.8 preorder one.
The Batman Who Laughs...1st Appearance?! Drogio Jump to first page165Jump to last page 3 yearsTopsykrets (250): comic mint still has some available
Artgerm on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever! JLS_Comics 22 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): There is indeed a new number one on the way. This new volume will take place in the Galactic Empire of Wakanda and pick up on the seeds that were dropped in the Marvel Legacy one-shot
first slabe from cbcs donho 9 3 yearsBrianGreensnips (7963): That is cool. Enjoy.
AMS 797 Comicnewbie 26 3 yearsDrogio (6523): @kaptainmyke Yes they did. I double checked my BAM! copy vs. what I picked up at the (not so) LCS. They're the same.
FS: Batman Adventures 12 w/ Yvonne Craig Sig 00slim 5 3 years00slim (8101): Glad you're happy with the book. Enjoy! 👍🏼
Orange Teen Titans 12 second printing? kaptainmyke 9 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408): I think it looks pretty cool. My initial thought was my NM87 being red instead of orange. Thanks guys!
VENOM! JLS_Comics Jump to first page31Jump to last page 3 yearsJustThatGuy (2563): ah ha. i thought i was posting in a different thread so i moved it to elsewhere clickable text
Keys for Sale: GSX1, BA12, maybe more later Darkga 9 3 yearsOGJackster (21568): Damn, saw this to late :(
Convention Sale For Comic Book Collections Khumbu 1 3 yearsKhumbu (196): I am trying to make a little extra scratch for ECCC and am having a little sale in my store. Mention you are from the forum and we will try and make a much better deal for you. At the very least throw in a bonus book for you. Comic Book Collections
GABRIELE DELL'OTTO Private Signing TrinityComics 1 3 yearsTrinityComics (244): **Gabriele Dell'Otto Private Signing** Books are due 3/5. For pricing information message us or visit or You can send your books to: Trinity Comics 2727 Merrilee Drive #440 Fairfax, VA 22031 Don't forget to put your name address and phone number on the backboard of each book plus...
Please grade Comicnewbie 18 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408): 9.0-9.2. I see bad edge wear along bottom, and both top and bottom corners of the spine are rounded too. Some edge wear along top but very faint. I see one color breaking ding on back cover and one on front cover or is that s specks of dust?
DNM variants Comicnewbie 14 3 yearsSpiderTim (2204): For that kind of money I'd rather buy a silver age key! For issue 5 I think that list is missing Planet Comic Con variants, 4 of them.
Tommy Topsykrets 1 3 yearsTopsykrets (250): Anyone heard of the 3 issue series? How is it
Accepting mail-ins for FANEXPO DALLAS TrinityComics 1 3 yearsTrinityComics (244): We are accepting submissions for books to be signed and CBCS graded at Fanexpo Dallas. Books are due in hand 3/25. Comic Creator Guest List Private Signings with Jim Lee, Joe Quesada, Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, David Finch, Donny Cates, Andy Kubert, Matthew Rosenberg, Joshua Williamson Celebrity Guest List The cost is $10 on top of comic creator fees ( If you find...
Black Panther Movie (Non-Spoiler Thread) JLS_Comics 9 3 yearsteacha777 (648): I got my tickets ready 2/16, can’t wait!
The Bog Blog - Swamp Creatures thread 2 Odins_Raven 6 3 yearsOdins_Raven (2389): @TellEmSteveDave Thanks!!! I asked the artist to incorporate a couple other things too. The initials of ST's creators; a sharp eye can find them ;) And since I live in the great PNW, a bit of favor to the psychedelic tubors that Swampy makes in the form of cannabis sativa. :D
How Would CBCS Handle A PGX Sig Book? 00slim 8 3 years00slim (8101): Thanks, @SteveRicketts. 👍🏼
Trinity Comics Private Signing ADAM HUGHES TrinityComics 4 3 yearsktcomics (4): Message incoming
**GABRIELE DELL'OTTO PRIVATE SIGNING** TrinityComics 2 3 yearsktcomics (4): Best in the business just keeps getting better! I'll have several books to send in.
Solo: A Star Wars Story (Thread 2) JLS_Comics 21 3 yearsDJC_II (1827): SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT
Classic Femme Fatale Covers & Art? 00slim Jump to first page69Jump to last page 3 yearsesaravo (38783):
EBay BLOWOUT some start at $.05 cents yamada69 5 3 yearsAbsolute_Zero (1028): The link is not working think you can fix it?
Bendis Is Taking Over Superman JLS_Comics 23 3 yearsdet_tobor (814): @shrewbeer, there was a whole mini series of material that has been forgotten. Convergence was one of the better "cross overs", and with that multi universe Brainiac introduced with a unique reason for his behavior, I wanted a lot more. Seeing our Superman and Lois give birth to Jon in Thomas Wayne's batcave gave the whole story a VERY special feel. And all of this was continued on this new Earth very nicely. Seeing their Superman...
Shipping to UK DarthMoore 29 3 yearsRedshade (1112): @SteveRicketts Thanks for the reassurance Steve.
Thor 705 Artgerm var ed. JLS_Comics 18 3 yearsJustThatGuy (2563): Or be like Greg Land, he watches a lot of pron.
X Men Comicnewbie 7 3 yearspoka (16849): Unless you are go8ng for the ridicules priced 1:1000 Variant the Campbell variants are the ones you wish to get
Valiant Fully Acquired by DMG Entertainment JLS_Comics 8 3 yearsX51 (14702): DMG came in and bought a used car from people who couldn't afford gas money. It was only a matter of time before this happened.
DC Comics Advertising on TV esaravo 8 3 yearsRexMuff (1730): That’s awesome, @esaravo, I named mine “Giggity”🍺
Any Evil Ernie Fans? ThorneArt 6 3 yearsDavidM (1294): I’m a fan from the early days and have that series, just not the S&N one. I met both guys at a NY con a few months after the 1st book came out. RIP Hughes.
Cover Contest Week 73: UPGRADES! JLS_Comics 25 3 yearsseanw (967): Looks like Helric1 takes this round :D
Kickass is back Topsykrets 5 3 yearsCopperAgeKids (3712): Save your money. If you really want variants of this book, the price will almost certainly drop by 50% two months after the release date.
Giant sized xmen 1 with no price on cover, Batman66 Jump to first page110Jump to last page 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408):
Shazam 28, mark jewelers variant Batman66 7 3 yearsCopperAgeKids (3712):
Batman 38 Topsykrets 4 3 yearsKatKomics (9636): no idea - bought it, read it - felt let down
The start of my comic wall Kaleljll Jump to first page31Jump to last page 3 yearsKaleljll (406): I added some more to the room and organized them a bit better. Added some behind my love seat as we for more later. I'm probably going to display some raw books there for now.
It's official. Dan Slott is leaving ASM JLS_Comics 12 3 yearsdpiercy (3939): I loved the Hammerhead vs Doc Ock storylines: 113-115 & 157-159. Particularly enjoyed the ghost of Hammerhead arc as a youngster.
Dark night metal 2 Topsykrets 1 3 yearsTopsykrets (250): They have copies first printing I believe for sale on I ordered mine lol
For Sale from One-Owner Collection esaravo 6 3 yearsesaravo (38783):
WTB GIANT SIZE XMEN HIGH GRADE KingNampa Jump to first page66Jump to last page 3 yearsesaravo (38783): @KingNampa - There is a gorgeous CBCS 9.4 on for $2,150.
New Comics Releases Jan 17-Batter Up! thelastbard 16 3 yearsDrogio (6523): @BrianGreensnips Can you check out the bottom left corner of Damag #1? See if there's a weird cut/jog? All the copies I've seen have a pic if you don't mind. Thanks!
Old man Hawkeye Topsykrets 5 3 yearsTopsykrets (250): Nvm lol
Facilitator Question - could use some help drchaos 3 3 yearsdrchaos (16507): Got it, thanks!
For Sale: Attention fans of Donny Cates FletchLives 3 3 yearsFletchLives (1): updated:
DKR For Sale or Trade esaravo 4 3 yearsesaravo (38783): Sold; thanks for looking!
WTT - JSC Phoenix for Mark Brooks Variants ThorneArt 1 3 yearsThorneArt (1165): Hello, I have a set of (3) JSC signed Phoenix Variants. I would like to trade some or all for some of the Psylocke Virgin Variants. Anyone have any interest in trading?
WTB - Uncanny X-Men #101 ThorneArt 5 3 yearsThorneArt (1165): Nothing like a restoration check, I just figured that it would be easier and more cost efficient to get a graded copy than it would be to get a raw copy and pay to get it graded myself. It is a grail for me this year. But thanks to a board member, that grail will be in my hands! Now onto a #95 or a #100 :)
When Will We See The New Mutants Trailer? JLS_Comics Jump to first page36Jump to last page 3 yearsneyko (538): And hopefully original. That trailer is bland as can be. Is the story that unique or that bland?
The Gambit Movie Just Lost Its 3rd Director JLS_Comics 8 3 yearsGAC (18563): hopefully fox never makes this film before Marvel takes over.
New Comics Releases Jan 10-Bye Puddin thelastbard 18 3 yearsLotsaSequel (183): Heard about another new release this week from a friend. Stabbity Bunny. The art looks good but I haven't had a chance to read one yet since all my LCS either don't have it or did but sold out. Checked feebay to see if I could get a copy and saw they have some cool variants! ASM 300 swipe, Donnie Darko swipe, and even a New Mutants 19 swipe! If anyone has read it let me know what you think!
What's in the box? - a different type thelastbard Jump to first page38Jump to last page 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): Just found another few things in a box... Nothing crazy, but since I was always buying anything X-Men, I thought they were notable. Has anyone else read these Christopher Golden books? Personally, I think they were the best. They were the first, too, go figure. The other reprints issues 110, 123, & 124 of Uncanny. ...
Poor Comics =( KingNampa Jump to first page36Jump to last page 3 yearsBuzbe (99): Glove my friend, Glove are your friend. no oil and no slide hints no need to bend to keep a good grip
FS - Slabbed Sketch Covers ThorneArt 2 3 yearsThorneArt (1165): UPDATE: I would trade one or both of these for a Uncanny X-Men #101 Graded Let me know. :)
Newly graded. More to be. whowill Jump to first page40Jump to last page 3 yearswhowill (298): IRON FIST.
Brian M. Bendis' First DC Project Is... JLS_Comics 4 3 yearsshrewbeer (13200): I am going to go broke when action 1000 hits the shelves, and none of them that I buy will be worth a damn thing 20 years from now 🤣
Nevermind SpiderTim 11 3 yearsStudley_Dudley (17739):
Must Have Single Issues For Your Library 00slim Jump to first page41Jump to last page 3 yearsdrchaos (16507): You are not going to make a lot of money with this one but I remember enjoying the 48 page story when I read it.
Incredible Hulk No.1 Cover Swipe Masochism 1 3 yearsMasochism (1784): Latest design from Cover Swipes illustrated by Kyle Petchock and available only at
Charlotte MiniCon - Sat, January 27th Tedsaid 1 3 yearsTedsaid (5220): Hi, everyone. Just wanted to post the information for the Charlotte MiniCon, to be held Saturday, January 27th this year. If you've never gone, it's a great place for just comics, comics, comics! Here is the link. Looks like they have over two dozen guests this year! Including Brian Stelfreeze (a local favorite and current artist on Black Panther) and Al Milgrom, co-creator of Firestorm. Vendor space is completely sold out, but...
Adam Hughes Cover Alert! JLS_Comics 3 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): I love it. no wait ... ILISM!!
Your Top 10 Acquisitons of 2017 dielinfinite 30 3 yearsThanatos (3201): It's ridiculous how difficult it is to find a copy of Zatanna #16 raw in ~9.8 condition. I still look at every copy that shows up on eBay just in case. That Hawkman 4, Four Color 596 and GL 87 were all pressed by Avery, he does great work. Getting two RaM #1 BAM variants signed by Roiland back this week that he pressed and both got 9.8s.
Your 2018 “Want List” JLS_Comics Jump to first page78Jump to last page 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): I'm in save mode for my Hulk 181, just doing market research right now. I'm probably going to shoot for a lower mid-grade copy. I feel like that fits within my budget the best. It's got to have the stamp and present well.
Must-Have Collected Editions dielinfinite Jump to first page31Jump to last page 3 years00slim (8101): @dielinfinite Thanks for the heads up. I'll check it out, but I'm about to drop a couple hundred minimum on another pair of books. I do wanna pick it up in the near future, though.
Identify Mystery Paul Gulacy Original Art? kaptainmyke 16 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408): I'm totally open to selling it for sure
Captain America vol. 5 collage variant daywalker 3 3 yearsdaywalker (2293): I’ll take two!
New Comic Releases Jan 3 - Big Returns thelastbard 28 3 yearsDrogio (6523): i think it is also a problem when the cardboard stock covers get compressed (like at the bottom of a stack of comics) for a length of time. Just about all my ultimate fantastic fours have this defect, and I was very carefu, reading them. I'm keeping a close eye on my Metal foil covers...not letting them see too much weight.
Supergirl 18 Artgerm kaptainmyke 6 3 yearsComicHaulics (178): That is a thing of beauty. Will be picking this up for sure! :)
Star Wars: The Last Jedi - The Thread JLS_Comics Jump to first page75Jump to last page 3 yearsBrianGreensnips (7963): Just rewatched Rogue 1. Awesome movie.
Now THAT'S a cover swipe! Masochism 2 3 yearsMasochism (1784): Finished recreation. Thoughts?
New Comic Releases Dec 27 - Tryptophan thelastbard 8 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): @Drogio I guess it's good and bad? If there are books that sell-out nationwide, you're SET on the speculator side if you keep an eye out for which issues and/or covers are doing well. ;) Still, though, RIDICULOUS that they aren't keeping on top of things. That is what we call not giving a $%#@ about their jobs and time sensitivity of releases. Ummmm... WEDNESDAY is new comic release day, not Friday, next Monday, two weeks from Sunday, or,...
TOM HOLLAND CHRIS EVANS Signing TrinityComics 1 3 yearsTrinityComics (244): We are attending Ace Comic Con and accepting submissions for Tom Holland, Chris Evans, and Jon Bernthal. Mail-In deadline is 1/5/17. Price and mail-in information is in the link below: ...
Christmas Sale including Manufacturing Error SpiderTim 4 3 yearsSpiderTim (2204): The Fallen #1 Diamond Retailer Exclusive CBCS 9.8 Signed by Greg Pak: Green Arrow #1 CBCS 9.4 SIGNED by Kevin Smith: Horrorcide #1 CBCS 9.8 SIGNED by Steve Niles: Harley Quinn #1 CBCS 9.8 Aspen Comics Exclusive Variant: ...
New Comic Releases Dec 20-Bank Breaker thelastbard 21 3 yearsesaravo (38783): I did not know that this had been reprinted in color.
Secret Wars 8 Collection + Cover Swipes Masochism 8 3 yearsBabaLament (2951): Cover swipe collections are always cool. I completed the official ASM #300 swipe collection, the Spider-Man #1 (McFarlane/Torment) swipe collection, and now I'm also working on the Secret Wars swipes; but only the Marvel characters. After I get this set worked out, I'll probably move on to the rest of the connecting cover(s) sets.
Incredible Hulk #711 Variant tonnage71 6 3 yearsMenoth79 (130): Can't wait for Bruce banner..the true hulk to return
Grading specific books. Comicnewbie 2 3 years00slim (8101): If a signature is not authenticated, it will count against the grade. Just be aware, if it has multiple signatures, it will get pricey: $25 for the first verified signature & $15 for each additional.
FS: Original Art (Bagley) Spider-Man #26 p45 Darkga 1 3 yearsDarkga (4413): I have for sale the original comic art from Spider-Man #26 (1992) page 45. This is page 7 in the 8 page second story in the comic (thus the 7 at the top). This issue was penciled by Mark Bagley so it's a great way to get a one of a kind example of his work. $300 shipped, and discounts if you have bought something from me before. ;) This is the comic it is from. And this is the...
Happy Holidays to my CBCS Fam! JLS_Comics 11 3 yearsKaleljll (406): Happy holidays everyone!
Any interest in these slabs? thelastbard 21 3 yearsJeremy_K (841): thank you guys very much.
Unpacking Previews-Dec Previews-Feb Releases thelastbard 8 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): If you guys didn't pre-order this, be sure to get it. This trilogy will be Starlin's last work at Marvel based on recent political $@#%...
Set your DVR Happy! Starts Tonight (10PM SYF drchaos 18 3 yearsPhantomEwan (1364): Loving it, trying to get everyone to check it out. Especially episode 6 😊
FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2018 ONLINE_209 4 3 yearsZosoRocks (1845): Love the new Tick should be just as fun.
Free Comic Book Day 2018 comics announced Jesse_O 12 3 yearsconditionfreak (11273): Thanks for the link VaComicsGuy
BLACKEST NIGHT Blowout on EBAY yamada69 2 3 yearsyamada69 (66): Ends on Sunday!!
Selling Seven to Eternity 1 - FCBD Variant thpike 1 3 yearsthpike (364): I have this listed on ebay but thought someone might like it here. I don't think the slabs are for me, at least not this one. Maybe in the future I'll do something different. I'll stick with the same price I have it listed for at $100 shipped CONUS
Question: Jungle Action 10 Negrito68 10 3 yearsNegrito68 (82): I agree as there is nothing special about the book & was just made aware of the Marvel Value Stamp, as I see no reason for its exaggerated value. Thanks for all the responses
Any teachers or parents here? Gabriel85301 30 3 yearsOxbladder (1005): Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is awesome. Disney, Princess themed books, My Little Pony, and old style Archies all remain popular in my neck of the woods. An older DC book Amethyst is quite good too but that might be a bit more for slightly older kids (if they read).
comicbookcollections adding more for Holiday Khumbu 10 3 yearsKhumbu (196): OK guys, I was thinking of putting these books up later this week, but thought I would give everyone here a shot at these first. Not the best pictures...If you really want it and need a better pic p.m. me and I will see if I can get someone to get a better pic for me. btw, that says staple...
Venom Inc Omega - Dell'Otto Exclusive thelastbard 19 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408): I agree. At this point it's so natural to him he can do it in his sleep without reference photos like he used to.
Comic Book Numbers Game:How High Can We Get? JLS_Comics Jump to first page771Jump to last page 3 yearsSavage_Spawn (1904):
FS - The Simpsons card l/ Itchy & Scratcy #1 ZosoRocks 1 3 yearsZosoRocks (1845): Hi community. FYI - little over one day left on a Simpsons/Bongo Comic swag and comic lot on ebay. Thanks for looking. Tim
Books out of purgatory...delivering Thursday thelastbard 20 3 yearsWolverine (1938): I got 6 books that'll be here in a week or so. Was disappointed at a few of them. Expected a few lower 9's and then a few high 9's but got a mix all over the place.
New auctions starting at 99 cents this week kaptainmyke 1 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408): NEW! 99 cent auctions this week on ebay: Some good stuff! And more! 2 smaller TMNT mirage studios lots of...
Alterna Comics Graphic Novel "Metaphase" JLS_Comics 1 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): Tonight on my podcast we will be talking with comic book writer Chip Reece about his graphic novel Metaphase as well as Alterna Comics, his "home" publisher ... the same folks who brought back the newsprint paper! We will be live on YouTube starting at 8:30PM EST(ish) but it will be available to stream via iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher, etc., beginning tomorrow. Please let me know if you have any questions for Mr. Reece or - if...
Netflix picks up 'Riverdale' spin-off based drchaos 2 3 yearsKCBatmanFan (1054): It's a great, spooky little series. I wish they didn't average less than 3 issues a year.
Phoenix Resurrection Variants - Who's in? thelastbard Jump to first page40Jump to last page 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): @DJC_II Ouch!
Avengers: Infinity War!! JLS_Comics Jump to first page61Jump to last page 3 yearsDrogio (6523): Jealous.
Pressing took 6 months but well worth wait! Darkga 10 3 yearsOrbitCityComics (1483): It's encapsulated, which means you now have his DNA which made hold his super secret recipe for pancakes.
How Many "ZEROES" Are There? martymann Jump to first page77Jump to last page 3 yearsDarkga (4413): Here is another favorite of mine. Gen 13 #0
Heads up on Supergirl #12 DarthLego Jump to first page231Jump to last page 3 yearsGabriel85301 (1565): I can't wait to see his Captain Marvel Variant. For those who know me, she (Carol Danvers) is my absolute favorite. Art Germ is my favorite artist as well. I'd love to get a spot in the movie as an extra, I see it now during the credit scene.. Guy running from exploding building -- Gabriel Cruz. Source ...
$5000 To Spend On Comics..? tonnage71 Jump to first page91Jump to last page 3 yearsDocBrown (16885): Open thread to view post.
Full Script for Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 JLS_Comics 6 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): @kaptainmyke ;)
CLZ Black Friday Sale dielinfinite 11 3 yearsdielinfinite (14585): @OGJackster you may want to remove the link you posted as it automatically logs people into your account. That's why I didn't link directly to the Black Friday deals
For Sale - Infinity Gauntlet #1 ASP x2 9.4 ZosoRocks 11 3 yearsZosoRocks (1845): I'm happy, because this was a book that I used with my membership coupons, and out the door it was only about $23.00 + shipping with others. I made something and somebody else will do the same. I'm just hoping people will see that CBCS seems to have much nicer grading. We'll see, huh? Cheers.
Axel Alonso out at Marvel JLS_Comics 16 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): I was SHOCKED when Karen departed DC/Vertigo. Glad she's working at Dark Horse with her own imprint now. She's awesome.
Comic finds from my anniversary trip bige31 1 3 yearsbige31 (1559):
FS on eBay Ashcans, non-Sport trading cards ZosoRocks 2 3 yearsZosoRocks (1845): Here are a couple more of the other links out there... GPK sticker lot.. Ashcans/samplers Concert sticker - Rolling Stones SDCC swag lot - bidding has started at...
Danger Girl TV Series JLS_Comics 10 3 years1243782365 (503): Was Danger Girl the first creator owned comic book to get its own video game? Edit: Never mind looking at the list on wikipedia of video game comics there are a lot that predate Danger girl. Asterix 1983 or caddilacs and dinosaurs (1993 and 1994)predates Danger Girl.
New Comic Releases Nov 15-Laugh it up! thelastbard 16 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): @drchaos Oh, I'm going to have to get one of those David Mack Girl Who Handcuffed Houdini Covers! Ordering one now... I wasn't 100% sure, but ended up ordering the regular cover of Brilliant Trash yesterday.
Would you like to see a Morbius movie? JLS_Comics 15 3 years1243782365 (503): If Blade isn't in it its a waste of time.
Auction Wins - Post em if You Got em drchaos Jump to first page37Jump to last page 3 yearsdrchaos (16507): The slabs are going to the eBay store and most of the raw books are getting graded. If I get the books by Friday the Preacher 3 is getting signed by Ennis. I have many slabs.
Now on Sale: Brilliant Trash EC Homage Rooth 1243782365 2 3 years1243782365 (503): They look pretty great in real life too!
I have comic auctions ending today ThorneArt 1 3 yearsThorneArt (1165): Hey folks, I have a bunch of auctions that are ending in a few hours. ThorneArt Comic Auctions Thanks Chris
Cover Contest Week 62: Ragnarok! JLS_Comics Jump to first page38Jump to last page 3 yearsesaravo (38783): Unless someone starts a new contest, this one dies off with Week 62.
Saturday Mail Call! dielinfinite 2 3 yearsconditionfreak (11273): Get a Harley Davidson and you're all set.
New Comic Releases Nov 8 thelastbard 10 3 yearsdpiercy (3939): @thelastbard I like it.
FOR SALE: Amazing Spider-man #299 Signed 9.6 kaptainmyke 1 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408): 1988 Marvel Comics AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #299 CBCS 9.6 Signed by TODD McFARLANE ON FIRST PAGE NM+ 1st Appearance of Venom in cameo. Chance cover art and story. CBCS ID# 16-26620BF-009 Click here for ebay auction listing
Todd McFarlane signing question Bujinwraith 4 3 yearsBujinwraith (34): Thank you, everyone! I got in contact with Chris and am working on that. Hate that I have to rush. Next time I'll be more prepared.
Adam Hughes and the $1000 sketch kaptainmyke Jump to first page67Jump to last page 3 yearsdrchaos (16507): @X51 Suicide because Adam made him sad?
Bendis moving over to DC - Thoughts? thelastbard 17 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): If you notice, the statement from DC says "multi-year multi-faceted". What that means is not only comic books but also a seat next to Geoff Johns at the DCEU table. This is similar to his role on Marvel's creative committee before the whole Disney/Perlmutter shakeup. That's got to be rather enticing to him to once again have a hand in the film side of the business as well as whatever title(s) he'll be working on. Apparently, this...
Netflix's First Comic Book JLS_Comics 11 3 years00slim (8101): I'll say this, I'd read a "Stranger Things" comic book.
EBay BLOWOUT!! yamada69 3 3 yearsyamada69 (66): Ends tonight!!
WD 100 Red Foil on Comic Book Men - Question cjbehr948 10 3 years1243782365 (503): It was CGC 9.8 double signed.
New Comic Releases - Nov 1 - DC vs Marvel thelastbard 13 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): @Lonestar I pass the Neal Adams book yearly at SDCC... Next year, maybe I'll get him to sign something. Maybe even Deadman! My heart leans classic Batman and X-Men covers, though. ;)
Newsstand or Direct Editions? CEPubDude Jump to first page41Jump to last page 3 yearsshrewbeer (13200): Some do. Like this one. I cant find an online pic of the back, and am not gonna get up to pull one at 130am, but the barcode is top left on back
BOOKS FOR SALE; TWD, Batman, Superman cjbehr948 1 3 yearscjbehr948 (170): I was in 3 weddings this year. Needless to say, I took a beating on giving gifts to people. I've put up some graded books for sale. 3 of the "Walking Dead" #115 variants (the big 3), couple of Batman, & a couple of Superman (1 is the rare 1st Doomsday 5th printing). Have at it, folks. Feel free to ask questions & I'll answer when I can. Thanks! clickable text
Amazon Marvel DIGITAL comics sale! dielinfinite 8 3 yearsdielinfinite (14585): Amazon is holding the sale again until tomorrow, 11/3
Where do you buy your books-multiple places thelastbard Jump to first page53Jump to last page 3 yearsJustABitEvil (1567): My best flea market find was book on my avatar, X-Men 12. I paid $10 for it, granted that was nearly 20 years ago now. I had Stan Lee sign it at my first convention and CBCS received it on Monday and I can't wait to have my baby back. PS: Check for estate sales in your area.
Please pre-order from your comic shops! thelastbard 27 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): Honestly, though, thanks to all who have commented and are trying to pre-order. This becomes a BIG uphill battle trying to get the book seen, press coverage, and, most importantly, retailers to order so people can see it on the shelf. I'm convinced if the books are on the shelf, people will pick them up. But, retailers think in terms of this book versus X copies of Saga or Walking Dead... In that battle? I'm screwed. ;)
Am I reading this right? JustABitEvil 4 3 yearsesaravo (38783): @JustABitEvil and @ComicHaulics - I plan to be there on Sunday. Trying to figure out what to submit for grading and what to get signed. See you guys there!
Arrived today Mickcatron 11 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): @Stu Ah, well... with J. Scott, I'd prefer to witness them myself, since I can yellow label them myself and save some money, you know? It's just a matter of patience!
IMO Probably the worst investment KingNampa Jump to first page59Jump to last page 3 yearsOxbladder (1005): Yep. That's what it comes down to. While I have never paid anywhere near that much I have, according to realized prices, "overpaid" for some books. I'm sure lots of people have so it is all relative and desperation can wildly influence some people's choices.
Need Assist in Verifying Signature Negrito68 3 3 yearsVictorCreed (517): Might help to see the sketch as well.
Cover Artist Question dielinfinite 3 3 yearsLogan510 (2414): It's possible they did the drawing and someone else painted over it.
My newest CBCS box from Trinity Comics, CBCS kaptainmyke Jump to first page42Jump to last page 3 yearsChubbyfresh77 (31): @drogio I just received my HOS 92 from SDCC (without a press) if that helps give you any idea! And yes Matt has had my most prized books as well!
New Comic Releases-Oct25-EternallyMerciless thelastbard 18 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): I ended up getting Captain Marvel, Jean Grey, and Jughead from one of my local shops last night while waiting for some food to be ready nearby. I'm happy with the lenticulars, actually! I did see the new issue of Action Comics (lenticular), but that's coming in the mail from my online shop, so I didn't get it. Jean Grey: Captain Marvel:...
VSP Question / Opinion - Jim Lee thelastbard 11 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): There's a little difference in some of the sigs, but mostly the same. Some dots on the i's, some note, some lazy L's, some not... It probably all depended on when he was doing them, lines, and at what point it was (year). I know my sig has devolved over time, but more based on my day job and age over the number of professional sigs I've done (FEW), ha ha.
Cover Contest Week60:Demons, Witches, Ghosts JLS_Comics Jump to first page32Jump to last page 3 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): Will have new theme posted shortly
The Gifted JLS_Comics Jump to first page35Jump to last page 3 yearsshrewbeer (13200): It IS bad. I bought the entire season on Amazon to stream. Watched 3 episodes and I'm sick of it. Wont watch any more. Been watching Dark Matter instead, and that's not a very high budget show..
Locke and Key on Netflix new photos... thelastbard 10 3 yearspoka (16849): Just a few items from my store (excluding the key - 😂)
Solo: A Star Wars Story JLS_Comics Jump to first page33Jump to last page 3 yearsTowmater (5835): @Logan510 That's kind of vague. Might even be very questionable. Kind of cryptic when you don't know the whole story. Least that what I read somewhere. :beer:
WTB Eternals vol 2,3,4 dielinfinite 5 3 yearsdielinfinite (14585): @CopperAgeKids Sounds good! Let me know when you find them.
Original art from The Realm thelastbard 1 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): If you're an art collector, check out the original art on sale from the new series, The Realm, from Image.
CGC says "GOOD MORTY" is 1st appearance now. kaptainmyke Jump to first page498Jump to last page 3 yearsshrewbeer (13200): Sorry I dont see the aggressive language, you may be taking things a bit too personal. I just dont see the point of the same "they are all likely real" argument over and over again. Nobody has shown any pixelation or printing quality difference between the two slipcases, nor the cover insert yet; only that certain pieces are either there or not (feet, UV text). My point is, the argument that they are real based on printing quality...
Aquaman New 52 1-20 neyko 2 3 yearsOGJackster (21568): I don't see much?
The Punisher is Coming JLS_Comics 7 3 yearsBigRedOne1944 (7355): Looks like the same ole same ole.... BORING Why can't someone make a Traditional Super Hero type Punisher Movie with an actually intriguing plotline. Secret Hide out, Battle Van, Micro Chip and a Super Villians. A more Super vigilante along the lines of the Batman Movies. But, Nooo..... We get the same old tired fights scenes over and over with the same tired no plot. and if that ain't bad enough, the casting absolutely...
New Comic Releases Oct 18-Wander,Drown,&Die thelastbard 15 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): I took some pics of the lenticulars I picked up last night and stuck them in the "lenticular fail?" thread. :P
Turn Around Times? chadpdodge Jump to first page117Jump to last page 3 yearsLogan510 (2414): Think of it this way, it could be a lot worse, you could be a factory worker in North Korea.
Rick & Morty Thread Interdimensional Cable 3 DarthLego Jump to first page846Jump to last page 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408): The wings were broken so I opened it and fixed it:
Let The Flash Sale Begin! 00slim Jump to first page369Jump to last page 3 yearsJeremy_K (841): $5 TPB read once
Latest Stan Lee Comic Box tonnage71 1 3 yearstonnage71 (453): Looks like the comics are shipping soon, but does anyone know which four titles are included in this latest batch? Thanks in advance!
LEN WEIN has passed det_tobor 1 3 yearsdet_tobor (814): December 2017 issues of DC has the newest 2 page spread of a famed staff member's passing. I saw Len at many cons over the decades and he was ALWAYS someone who cared as much as he wanted to have fun there. He was as big a fan after he became a pro as he was long before then. Great character creator too!
JOCK SIGNING!!! MostlyMarvel240 16 3 yearsDocBrown (16885): My mom puts my initials in my that the same thing as a jock signing...?
Dark Nights: Metal - likes! and dislikes? ZosoRocks 7 3 yearsDrogio (6523): The batman who laughs is the best thing coming out of this arc. It's the only reason I'm paying attention and the only disappointment is that he's had a limited part so far...but it's just leaving me wanting to see and know more about him! Definitely hit on something bid here if they stay the course with this character. Speaking of which I'm going to start a thread to see what people consider his first appearance (cameo or otherwise). ...
Mylar bags TheDarkKnight 4 3 yearscseale0223 (666): I use mylite 2 standard size. Works great with Moderns.
New Comics for Wed Oct 11-Legacy, Oz, & More thelastbard 21 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): Darn, and I was thinking about buying a regular cover, too... Maybe I still should. Again, not like I'm going to take the stamp out, but if collectors are going to stamp hunt, that could help the value. I mean, uh, not like we buy comics for their later value, right? Cough cough...
What's in the box! 1st books back from CBCS! thelastbard 16 3 yearsDoc_Cop (1865): Thanks for sharing. Love the Batgirl #1 cover and of course the Harley Quinn. Just dropped my first dozen books off to CBCS at the NY Comic Con. Hoping I get close to the same results you got. Nuff Said!
WTB: Edge of Spider-verse #2 Greg Land natthapol_pr151 3 3 yearsnatthapol_pr151 (1): Thank you very much 00slim :)
New Comics for Wednesday Oct 4th - Legacy! thelastbard Jump to first page34Jump to last page 3 yearsNilesPaine (1147): Ye I’ll still pick up a few but compared to say last weeks Action Comics Lenticular or the Flash/Batman Button, doesn’t even come close. Honestly some of the regular A covers are better than the LH. :/
Zipper: Cosmic Jungle in Oct Previews thelastbard 6 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): I was a collector LONG before I was a creator! Have some books coming back from CBCS next week. :)
Just Finished DK III: The Master Race 00slim 14 3 yearsOrbitCityComics (1483): Read the first half and gave up on it. The pacing seemed a bit off. Miller's best days are behind him. This will not go down as a Miller masterpiece.
Comic Of The Week Drogio 13 3 yearsInstant_Subtitles (688): 1) Long-term. I rarely go after anything that involves/includes major events. But if things go as planned, it will be stored alongside any other collectibles I manage to keep/have graded. 2) Thanks. I was engaged once before, but it did not work out. So my only hope is to have the next one feel like she is the Selena Kyle to my Bruce Wayne. :angel:
One-Shot Battle: Marvel Legacy vs DC Rebirth JLS_Comics 16 3 yearsdet_tobor (814): I'll take a cherry uncola, thank you.
JUSTICE LEAGUE Cast Signing! TrinityComics 7 3 yearsAbsolute_Zero (1028): I would love to get the whole cast as well as Green Lantern who ever that is
Newsstand Variant canadianspiderman 26 3 yearsNilesPaine (1147): Comics are like Pokemon, ya gotta catch em all.
Spider-Gwen #25 by Ed McGuinness now up MGA 15 3 yearsMGA (124): Thank you for your support. every customer counts policy.
MCU Miles confirmed. JLS_Comics 5 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408): It's definitely a very astute observation though
Image Blind Box - utter disappointment x2 vacaboca Jump to first page39Jump to last page 3 yearsInstant_Subtitles (688): @KingNampa So YOU were the one that stole my luck last night! I had a chain of events that will not have me own any slabbed comics for a while. But since you got my luck, I'll do my best to be fine with that. ;) Cheers to what you got. :beer:
For Sale: Harley Quinn Vol. 1 #1 & 2 00slim 1 3 years00slim (8101): Harley Quinn Vol. 1, #1 CBCS 9.0 & #2 raw (7.0). $75 for the pair. Shipped. PayPal only, please. PM any questions.
Community Comic Sale Thread (Free~$50) KingNampa Jump to first page34Jump to last page 3 yearsKingNampa (6742): Anyone else feel free to post stuff here for sale. Taking my stuff off. Will post again next month. :beer:
Friday says "Happy Friday" JLS_Comics 16 3 yearsthpike (364): @kaptainmyke nice! I don't have an Xbox anymore. I might get a retropie at some point though! I just watch the videos after someone has beaten it lol
Whoops JLS_Comics 2 3 yearsInstant_Subtitles (688): I came here for the tacos, but only arrive in time to see your corrected mistake. Cheers to editing. :beer:
1st Submission to CBCS Negrito68 21 3 yearsCopperAgeKids (3712): Check the graders' notes, if you didn't have your check marked red label ASM 300 pressed before grading. Still a VERY nice trio of books, in any event.😍😍😍
CBCS Verified Signature Program questions ONLINE_209 16 3 yearscomic_book_man (1976): @dielinfinite thank you!
WASP JLS_Comics 12 3 yearsX51 (14702): It's just something to think about since you can't see her face.
Preparing for our flash sale 00slim Jump to first page34Jump to last page 3 years00slim (8101): About 27 minutes and counting. . .
Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special 00slim 21 3 yearsNuffsaid111 (4635): I just can't bring myself to support anyone... anyone who creates one image on Illustrator/Photoshop, then alters the basic image twice. .. and sells the trio for close to $100. Lazy lazy lazy and many of us fall for this scheme.
Ethan Van Sciver cancelled for Baltimore drchaos 15 3 yearsLonestar (2376): To be fair, their web site lists 13 cancellations. But still lists over 160 other guest (artists/writers) who will be attending. So it's not like the con is falling apart or anything. It just sucks when someone you were excited to see is one of those who cancels.
Interesting Article on Marvel neyko 27 3 yearsOrbitCityComics (1483): The article is pretty much right on the money. Some of the best runs in comics were long term runs. Ultimate Spider-Man, Gaiman's run on Sandman, Lee and Loeb on Batman... Etc.
Garth Ennis' The Boys coming to Amazon dielinfinite 5 3 yearsdrchaos (16507): Any impact on recent sales? I got a bunch of these tucked away somewhere.
Comics Heating Up neyko 27 3 yearsTedsaid (5220): I'm not sure I believe that.
Auction wins - Post em if you got em drchaos Jump to first page60Jump to last page 3 yearsdrchaos (16507): Last book for this auction.
ebay buyer accuses me of switching labels! kaptainmyke Jump to first page382Jump to last page 3 yearsRexMuff (1730): Completely agree
Hellboy! JLS_Comics 23 3 yearsinfinityG (1108): @Thanatos nice! i don't have that issue sadly. @NilesPaine you're welcome, enjoy man! :cool::beer:
Disney To Stop Marvel Comics? Someday? neyko Jump to first page50Jump to last page 3 yearsdet_tobor (814): X51, I've seen comics go from being at 10 cents for a long time to 12 cents, then 15 cents then to a roller coaster of prices over the years..even get cheaper on very rare occasions. Comics have been losing audience to growth & evolution of video games more than anything else OTHER than real life situations. But a different problem is that a lot of the audience doesn't believe in heroes any more thanks to real life. .....Now, it seems...
Metallic Mayhem-SPOILERS NilesPaine 5 3 yearsjrs (1864): I might actually check that out.
----MR. OZ---- Zombiebigfoot 4 3 yearsThemaxx35 (2333): Yeah I'm going to see how this plays out before I pass judgment. I can just see it being its dad but not really dad kind of a thing. A bit overplayed. I would have preferred that it just be Ozmandayus. It would have been obvious but it would have added to the watchmen mystery. Now it feels like a tangent. But like I said. Let's see where this goes.
Modern Age Keys Symbiote Jump to first page58Jump to last page 3 yearsTotalComicMayhem (100): LOL, I'm just rattling off some Modern Age keys...whether it's helping is a different story... Incredible Hercules #133 - begins origin of Amadeus Cho Fury of Firestorm #19 New 52 - 1st Caitlyn Snow Killer Frost Justice League #31 New 52 - 1st full Jessica Cruz as Power Ring Wolverine Origins #10 - 1st Daken X-23 #1-5 2005 Limited Series (Innocence Lost) - begins X-23 origin. What If? #105 volume 2 - 1st Spider-Girl May...
First submission back! helsabot 11 3 yearshelsabot (271): Yeah the check I am ok with, it because of a very lite indent at the top that is almost invisable, otherwise it's a beauty.
Spawn Vault Edition (post your results here) Darkga Jump to first page75Jump to last page 3 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): That does suck.
Metal #1 - Signed by Capullo and Snyder Grayspeedster 6 3 yearsGrayspeedster (406): Cool story bro. Lol I drive a Fiat so it's not gas guzzling.
Dark Nights: Metal #1 - Terrificon Variant Grayspeedster 11 3 yearsGrayspeedster (406): @neyko Don't say that! I need this to pay for my unconceived childs college lol! If your interested anyone
Worth sending in? kash 12 3 yearsCopperAgeKids (3712): PM sent. I would be interested in trading for the entire run, minus the #19 that you are having graded. After the 19 is slabbed, I'd be down for a second trade, as well.
GRAIL CALL! Veng of Vampirella #1 Royal Blue Darkga 19 3 yearsSteveRicketts (9468): I don't know. Call the office and ask how they want you to do it. The Vampi book is definitely labeled with the incorrect variant and needs to be fixed. You'll have to ask about the other books.
NCW-Grab um and Slab um NilesPaine Jump to first page55Jump to last page 3 yearsDarthKribs (490): I was checking Ebay and most of the pink sigs are 50 bucks plus with 3 plus days left on the auction
Metal Aspen Variants? Zarbongo 15 3 yearsDarthLego (20516): Those covers are almost too pretty to be scribbled all over. :(|)
Error books Jackal42 7 3 yearsDarthLego (20516): @Tedsaid There are so many different variables it's hard to say without actually sending it in and seeing what grade they give it.
Netflix Millar neyko 6 3 yearsNilesPaine (1147): Chrononauts for the win. Buddy time jumping comedy/action?? Easy sell and there's so many time periods to choose from the seasons could go forrrreeevvveerrrrr.
Finally Saving For That ToS 52 00slim 15 3 yearsHOGLEG (320): I have a Brave and the Bold #54 for sale on Comic Connect, CBCS grade 8.5, if anyone is interested.
Marvel Value Stamp Sticker JLS_Comics 11 3 yearsArchie10cent (16): I'll pass on the Marvel stickers. I am done with all the variant craze at this point. That is for younger generations. I had did my time back when MVS stickers were inside BA comics.
Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-man #1 seanw 6 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): There's a Stan signed graded one (9.8) at $100 right now on eBay... You can get raw ones, as mentioned, for $40-ish... I'd certainly go that route before buying from a local shop. I picked one up the week it was released that way, because my local shop was doing a raffle for their copy. Luckily, the copy I picked up from eBay was stellar. Haven't sent it in yet, but will with my next batch... Keep hoping Deodato will make his way to the West...
Deadpool First Appearance in Black? seanw 4 3 yearsVictorCreed (517): 🍻 😃
---THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS--- Zombiebigfoot 12 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): Yes, Metal 2 and Teen Titans 12, since it will be the debut of the psycho Robins...
The Joker Origin Movie DarthLego Jump to first page31Jump to last page 3 yearsZosoRocks (1845): That is actually pretty good Towmater. *smiles* Did you think of that, all by yourself? :o) LOL
FS: Witnessed Cigs & More dielinfinite 4 3 yearsdielinfinite (14585): Book has been sold!
The Spoiler Zone - Rick and Morty DarthLego Jump to first page87Jump to last page 3 yearsDarthLego (20516): Open thread to view post.
This Stan Sig does not seem legit . . . 00slim 10 3 yearsOdvar (241): Do the world a favor and get it verified.
Indie Demonic/Satan themed comics Jesse_O 14 3 yearsX51 (14702): Remnants was sold through Diamond, but the print runs may be very low. Mile High lists the first issue. The art isn't that great, but something about the series always made me laugh. The publisher is listed as "Pine Cone Comics" for the 1st issue and "Dead Tree Products" for issues #3 & #4. Not sure about #2. Evidently only 500...
Modern Speculation - Minimum Grade? tonnage71 13 3 yearsdrchaos (16507):
After two-years it's mine! dielinfinite 21 3 yearsAtakmunky7 (1156): I always expect a SJW attack after I post anything, anywhere. Sadly, it's the world we live in now. Somebody's gotta get butthurt about something all the time.
WTS 2 New CBCS Slabs! Beautiful Heat Seals! Thanatos 21 3 yearsThanatos (3201): Rick and Morty #1 sold! /thread
Comic book speculation Krazywan Jump to first page93Jump to last page 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): Very true! I get press releases on some things, which helps, but I also watch comic news sites, read Previews, and pay attention... What's interesting this week? Weapon X #7 is going to sell out and is already selling out. Generations: Mighty Thor "should", but may not. While the story will be great based on the creative team alone, there's a nod to 1M BC in there that is being talked about in regards to Odin and...
Happy I found this Legacy. neyko 9 3 yearsPre_Coder (10459): About 1 1/2 years ago I sold 39 short boxes of MA/BA (probably 99% was MA) but I think I may have kept the Legacys. I thought it was a pretty good story to begin with but I fizzled out at issue 3. I also think I may have either a variant or second print of issue 1. BTW... wasn't JL originally going to be titled Jupiter's Children?
The Zero Key Got Stuck: Volume Two DarthLego 1 3 yearsDarthLego (20516): Ok, because of the stupid two month auto archive we have to start this thread up again. clickable text
Metal neyko Jump to first page32Jump to last page 3 yearsneyko (538): Wow, every cover Aspen puts out is from the Turner Collection. Won't be getting those signed.
OK WHO'S FAULT IS IT ONLINE_209 16 3 yearsconditionfreak (11273): The machines have already taken over. Try to find someone that doesn't jump up when their phone calls to them. Try to find someone who can write a paragraph correctly without spell check or auto correct. Try your hardest to drive somewhere you have never been before, without using GPS. See how often you change the TV channels without a remote control. Go shopping in town, using a horse and buggy. You get the idea. Thank God for the...
I Found Zack! DarthLego 3 3 yearsSavage_Spawn (1904): About time!!!
29 Superheroes Who Have Killed People ZosoRocks Jump to first page32Jump to last page 3 yearsDarthLego (20516):
EXCELLENT!! Zombiebigfoot 10 3 yearsharmonicaman (264): I love the Superman story in Action #249. The resolution of Superman's predicament is so ridiculous, that it stretches even the wackiness of the DC world at the time. Of course it involves Jimmy Olsen's help.
Avengers 4 - The 4 Fingered Tease JLS_Comics 13 3 yearsIronMan (3950): Why would Kang be Fox property? Kang first appears in the Avengers.
I refuse to apologize for laughing at these drchaos Jump to first page31Jump to last page 3 yearsneyko (538):
Cameo or Full as 1st appearance ZosoRocks Jump to first page63Jump to last page 3 yearsDarthLego (20516): I count Superman/Batman #8 as the first new Supergirl, I don't care what CBCS thinks about that.
Netflix has purchased MillarWorld JLS_Comics Jump to first page32Jump to last page 3 yearsDarthLego (20516): CBS tried to run around Netflix with the new Star Trek series coming out. They finally realized no one is leaving Netflix to watch their Johnny Come Lately service and gave into putting it on Netflix.
War Comics unclejb 2 3 yearsJWKyle (3300): Yeah those can be tough to come by. I won a copy some time again and the seller sent me a pristine signed Chris Pedrin copy that was the auction. And also sent me a "reading copy" that was at least a VF copy. I was floored 2 for 1 :cool:. If Steve's around or if anyone else know does CBCS grade these? Oh and for the price on the one above usually when I see these they want 100 or so for them so not too bad of a price on that.
Mr Miracle 1 of 12 (I don't think these are neyko 4 3 yearsDocBrown (16885): The 80's/90's series was also pretty fun. A tongue-in-cheek portrayal of the character. Of course, the Despero arc in Justice League (1987) #37-40 is also a stunner, and not to be missed.
The Last Jedi Thread (May Contain Spoilers) JLS_Comics Jump to first page55Jump to last page 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5461):
That Dang ol' Show might get renewed.... JLS_Comics 12 3 yearsX51 (14702): I felt the characters were getting stale. I'd rather see Beavis & Butthead.
Garth Ennis Private Signing Available MGA 1 3 yearsMGA (124): Hi guys we are happy to let everyone know we have secured a private signing on August 19th. All books must be in by the 17th don't hesitate. Rate is 25.00 per book. 55.00 For grading fast track. Email us at or Thanks Mike
Amazing Spider-man Newsstands for sale! kaptainmyke Jump to first page56Jump to last page 3 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): Welcome.
Mail Call: Just Two Modern Pancakes 00slim 6 3 yearsKingNampa (6742): Congrats you got the "rare" checkmark. :beer:
Todd McFarlane: Blueprint Interview DarthLego 7 3 yearsKrazywan (469): This was a good watch. Love him or hate him, the dude made it work. I have always loved his art.
Brent Peeples ONLINE_209 15 3 yearsThemaxx35 (2333): So, nothing significant. They had a $1 and half off sale going on. So picked up a lot of Terry Dodson Catwoman covers for $1 each. Nothing valuable but Catwoman is kind of a niche I collect and I just found out about Dodson's run in the New 52 so I was happy about that. And I found a nice NM copy of Batman 410. Again not valuable but it completed my high grade run of post-crisis Jason Todd intro books. As for the wall books, it was...
1st Haul in 2-3 years... comic_book_man 3 3 yearsAtakmunky7 (1156): Nice. I found an infinity #5 & 6 while I was going thru my books. It's tough when you have do many books you forget what all you got.
Domino looks good! JLS_Comics Jump to first page113Jump to last page 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408): they are going for $30 raw
I know it's rare but... infinityG 29 3 yearsKingNampa (6742): I would buy it for $600 max
Comic Handling - Protection comic_book_man Jump to first page35Jump to last page 3 yearsVillageIdiot (1333): Edgar Church!
Grade or not? VictorCreed 18 3 yearsKingNampa (6742): @Atakmunky7 lol, yes you bring up a good point. I'm worried about my CBCS slabs getting scratched over time. Can someone create a slab to protect my CBCS' slab? Also can someone also grade that slab around my CBCS slab for its eye appeal and add a sticker to it?
Press, or grade screen? 00slim 20 3 yearsshrewbeer (13200): Not sure if you are serious or not... But CFP is known to a lot of people as the best in the business lol :(|)
Mail day Ny85 11 3 yearsNy85 (263): i don't think what if's count because there where 2 what if hulk killed wolverine and what if wolverine killed hulk both obviously where alive until death of wolverine
What is the Hulk 181 of this generation? 00slim Jump to first page121Jump to last page 3 yearsFoghorn_Sam (3732): I appreciate the fact that the collecting community polices itself to some degree. On both this forum and CGC's, some members are really good at weeding out and exposing shillers, scammers, swindlers or anything else that may compromise the integrity of the hobby.
Mace Windu AF variant b00ch 12 3 yearsrtdcomics (755): any signed @vacaboca ?
Wonder woman rebirth nycc gold foil Swifty 24 3 yearsdpiercy (3939): 16.40
Pickers pocket guide to Comics kaptainmyke 20 3 yearsDarthLego (20516):
The Walking Dead Here's Negan HC $13.99 DarthLego 1 3 yearsDarthLego (20516): The Walking Dead Here's Negan HC Was: $19.99 Your Price: $13.99 You save 30% By: Robert Kirkman, Cliff Rathburn, Dave Stewart, Charlie Adlard Type: Graphic Novels Genres: Horror Publisher: Image Comics Pub. Date: October 04, 2017 Availability: Pre-Order UPC: 978153430327051999 For ages: 16+ Who is Negan? Since his debut in THE...
My CBCS Order of 5 Rick and Morty #1s kaptainmyke Jump to first page34Jump to last page 3 yearsDarthLego (20516): And will my Saturday overtime cover a 9.6? Inquiring minds want to know.
Batman #28 Neal Adams Variant DarthLego Jump to first page48Jump to last page 3 yearsBrianGreensnips (7963): @Drogio That was my earliest price guide and a hard cover. It has a really good article from E.Gerber about the preservation of comic books.
Batman White Knight #1 (of 7) DarthLego 4 3 yearsDrogio (6523): I know how it ends already. Joker returns to being insane, batman is a respected and feared hero again. The universe always balances back to normal given time. Regardless, I'll likely read a few issues to see where it goes. I like the different son on reality. Thanks for the heads up.
DC #1 sale at - 80% off ZosoRocks 7 3 yearsZosoRocks (1845): I didn't mention the "digital" adpect, because I thought everyone knew that they are. My apologies for not. Yeah...I don't order from these guys either, just because it is digital and I don't have time to read them on a tablet. If I wanted digital, I would go to DC or Marvel directly....well...probably not.....hehehe
STAN LEE BOX 4 ONLINE_209 8 3 years00slim (8101): It's $49.99 + shipping for a box every other month. They promise $100 worth of merch in each box. I don't know if I see $100 box here, but $50 for sure. Too many little trinket items for me, but that pillow cracked me up.
Error book? what kind of grade / non-grade ? ComxDlr 22 3 yearsDarthLego (20516): There's a lack of consistency with the policy, as numerous examples have demonstrated. It would be nice if answers started sounding like CBCS answers instead of CGC answers.
HOW TO SPOT SHILL BIDDERS ? ? ? ONLINE_209 26 3 yearsONLINE_209 (1864): to me it is a double-edged sword on one hand they can click on your name and see your 30-Day Bid History which could help them to determine if you would be willing to try and outbid a shiller on the other hand it also helps you to spot a potential shiller
Official Spawn Movie Casting Thread DarthLego Jump to first page54Jump to last page 3 yearsDarthLego (20516): @therealtimmyp
GREEN LANTERN AND COLONEL SANDERS ONLINE_209 11 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): These are fun books, I remember reading one on the DC app a while back where an evil Colonel Sanders came through time and basically had an evil Captain Cold working at his evil KFC (edit: I looked it up, its the "Colonel of 2 worlds" book posted above)
Happy National Hot Dog Day 2017! JLS_Comics 8 3 yearsDarthLego (20516): I was referring to the typo in the OP, which has since been fixed. ;)
War For the Planet of the Apes ZosoRocks 5 3 yearsZosoRocks (1845): Did you guys get the one sheet?
Blue Beetle #11 Kirkham DarthLego 7 3 yearsvacaboca (862): @DarthLego yeah, I'm thinking about it... but I've hit my storage limit, and really need to cut my intake (and $$ outflow for that matter). I'm probably going to start selling off my B cover runs of everything but Batman and Detective, I need to focus the collection more and regain storage space :( My pull is physically unsustainable :(
Batman 24 DarthLego Jump to first page219Jump to last page 3 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): I'm a bit bored at the moment so I started a "Do Batman and Catwoman get married" poll thread
Please Grade my RICK & MORTY #1 ROILAND 1:50 kaptainmyke Jump to first page47Jump to last page 3 yearsDarthLego (20516): I personally don't think they over print RIs by that much, they get the orders in from the stores prior to printing. My theory is they probably print to the nearest 100 to cover to orders. Of course there isn't any way to prove either way unless the publishers come out with the data.
George A. Romero has died JLS_Comics 11 3 yearsSavage_Spawn (1904): Not much of a zombie/horror fan but anytime a top notch artist passes it's a sad day. Rip...
Stan Lee Monthly ONLINE_209 12 3 yearsKiloGraham (1337): Ya, since Stalco does fulfillment for a lot of companies I figured they were handling Canadian distribution for who ever compiles these boxes for POW. The boxes could even be pre packed in Cali and bulk shipped here then broken down. My box only had a Canada post label on it, and it wasn't placed over another shipping labels meaning it came from here with return address in Toronto. And for $15 I should have had it two day guaranteed shipped...
Ultra-PRO® Magnetic One-Touch® Comic Holder DarthLego 13 3 yearsMightyMutt (103): The pressure on the book is actually not bad and the magnets hold fine. My issue was that the mylite was loose in the slab that if it got moved or handled the bag would slide around. The mylite does "fit" but is not a perfect fit.
Disturbances in the Force DarthLego Jump to first page39Jump to last page 3 yearsDarthLego (20516):
Pay What You Want: Kirby/Eisner ebook bundle dielinfinite 5 3 yearsdielinfinite (14585): I wonder if that's really Tom DeFalco who contributed $50
Let Go: About to meet about Hawkeye HCs 00slim 10 3 yearsDarthLego (20516):
BabyTeeth #1 Skin Variant SDCC MGA 7 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408): i will not give into the hype of baby teeth. it's gotten out of hand. i would say JESUS! but he's currently mowing my lawn. no literally that wasn't racist.
Cover Contest Week 45 - Gunslingers! DarthLego Jump to first page111Jump to last page 3 yearsesaravo (38783): @JLS_Comics - Thanks!
The origin of the Baba Yaga! DarthLego 28 3 yearsStu (717): Not an easy task to master - click, click...
The Avengers vs. Infinity 1A ONLINE_209 6 3 yearsconditionfreak (11273): Can someone explain to me what "digital edition" means? I thought it meant a comic you could read on a computer screen versus a paper product. Man, I am sooo out of touch with all of these newfangled gadgets. Does that notice on the cover mean there is a free floppy disc inside the book? :)
Your biggest Comic Score/Bargain? 00slim Jump to first page61Jump to last page 3 yearsPacoma7623 (208): Biggest score for amount paid was while "buck box" diving at local shop.for $1 each pulled a tick #1,evil ernie #1 and malibu sun #13
The rarest and most valuable comic book... Despain 22 3 yearsMef (1898): Caveat Emptor. An educated buyer would get it, but someone not necessarily as informed could be fooled..
S.O.A FOR A FRIENDS BDAY ONLINE_209 9 3 yearsONLINE_209 (1864): just to clarify my friend is female she loves Sons Of Anarchy and Ryan Hurst is coming to Stocktoncon so i was going to try and get it autographed for her
Mail Call! My biggest ever! dielinfinite 28 3 yearsvabchgent (487): @dielinfinite Definitely some nice books there, congrats
Super Sons #1 Frank Quitely CBCS Graded MGA 4 3 yearsMGA (124): Absolutely correct...........
COMICS THROUGH GROUPON ONLINE_209 19 3 yearsThanatos (3201): I like that they sell it by the pound, that's so great hahaha. I would be much more comfortable buying a value pack that I get to choose the character or brand, thanks for sharing @Jesse_O
Lola #1 Variant by Elias Chatzoudis Coupon MGA 1 3 yearsMGA (124): Hi guys another awesome variant up on our site Use coupon code CBCS and get a $5.00 discount. Regular price of 14.99 thanks Mike
WTS Some old comics lying around KingNampa 20 3 yearsKingNampa (6742): People were inquiring for my asking price. Wasn't sure so I based this on average sales on ebay in last month. Price is firm on these. $1832+ Free Shipping via Paypal. Or if you pay by check (6% Discount) $1722 + Free Shipping. Shipping is USPS Priority Mail with Signature Required. Free Shipping within USA Only. Break down of price (sorry won't sell separately) IH #180-8.5= $460 IH #181 5.5= $1,199 IH #182 8.5= $173
UnHoly Grail #1 New CBCS Variant Merlin Set MGA 7 3 yearsMGA (124): Thank you. I hand pick everyone. I appreciate the business
NSFW - Will CBCS Grade Adult Related Content JayLefler Jump to first page60Jump to last page 3 yearsSteveRicketts (9468): I've not seen the uncensored version of the Savage Dragon, but unless there are happy faces under the circles, I'm guessing it may not make the cut. The GWAR book will not be certified by CBCS.
Armorines #0 Gold - worth pressing? ZosoRocks 6 3 yearsCopperAgeKids (3712): This is the sort of book I would rebag into a Mylite2 abd a Full Back, and file into my $10 convention stock boxes. Or I'd put it up on eBay at $14.99 + $5 shipping. Easier to just make it into a $10 book, and people like pulling out signed gold variants out of my boxes at shows. I'n guessing you paid just under $20, shipped. Not a bad deal but pressing, grading and signature verification fees would make reselling the book a wash out, at...
Marvel Inhumans - ABC TV trailer ZosoRocks Jump to first page49Jump to last page 3 yearsdpiercy (3939): 😂
Ryan Brown Art kaptainmyke 12 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408): Final photo of sketch. A lot of people were upset this morning when he posted this to facebook:
Destiny City Comic Store Haul Tacoma WA kaptainmyke 3 3 yearsZosoRocks (1845): How many of the rebirth books were 1st printings? Nice lot....I've been looking for the Batmans.
The Rick and Morty Thread Peace Among Worlds kaptainmyke Jump to first page999Jump to last page 3 yearsDarthLego (20516):
Batman and Dell'Otto fans alert! DarthLego 17 3 yearsconditionfreak (11273): Bought a raw virgin. Wish they would have had a 9.8 for sale without SS. Oh well. Hope I get a good one.
Trolled Kevin Eastman's wife w/ RAM meme! kaptainmyke 17 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408):
Cover Contest Week 43 - COLD AS ICE! DarthLego Jump to first page57Jump to last page 3 yearsDarthLego (20516): @OrbitCityComics you post the winning cover after the contest is over? Lol
Baby Teeth #2 SDCC Pre-sale Geoff Shaw cover MGA 3 3 yearsMGA (124): A little of their print runs are affordable and not as risky. Donny Cates the writer is a up coming super star. overall new line of books from After Shock is pretty good. Pestilence, Unholy Grail, & Baby teeth are recommended. Check them out
Cable. kaptainmyke 28 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408): f/s i/d/o mirror image from the dlr camera lens in preprod imo
Marvel Legacy Issue Number Guide JLS_Comics 14 3 yearsDarthLego (20516):
Skin & Earth by Lights DarthLego 2 3 yearsDarthLego (20516):
MGC/MGA EBay Auctions Key Books & Variant MGA 6 3 yearsMGA (124): If it continues feel free to call me
Ebay Dreaming keefriffhards Jump to first page64Jump to last page 3 yearsmartymann (30408): Thank you for your kind remarks...maybe a display at a Comic Convention? mm
Astonishing X-Men #1 JLS_Comics Jump to first page33Jump to last page 3 yearsZosoRocks (1845): There is....those who are just beginning to get into collecting. They see this and they get hooked..... like "Pokemon".....gotta catch 'em all! :o)
Ash vs The Army of Darkness #1 Tyler Kirkham DarthLego 9 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408): I was considering getting that as a tattoo on my arm
Getting excited for SDCC 2017? ZosoRocks 24 3 yearsZosoRocks (1845): Here is a 1st edition Neil Gaiman short story I picked up in 1995, as you can tell. It is signed by the sculptor and by Gaiman, and then it finally was reprinted in the "Smoke and Mirrors" short story collection published I think in 1996/7. Would this be considered a first printing/edition? I've always wondered. Maybe there is a book collector that can give me some insight. Zoom in on the is a good read. Thanks in...
ON EBAY...BATMAN ADVS #1-36 & DETECTIVE #880 gman 2 3 yearsgman (673): The BA 12 set has sold but the Tec 880 set is still available. Thanks!
Heavy Metal - July 2017 - IRON MAIDEN ZosoRocks 5 3 yearsZosoRocks (1845): This takes me back to the 1980s "Rock and Roll Comics" which I think I have a couple....Van Halen and Led Zeppelin.
Wolverine #80 X-23 Debunked? JLS_Comics Jump to first page62Jump to last page 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408):
Harley Quinn #23 Cho variant DarthLego 2 3 yearsdpiercy (3939): Cho is killing it w/his covers for this series. His sense of whimsy is PERFECT for Harley. This has been my fav:
Spider-Man needs coffee too JLS_Comics 8 3 yearsRafel (1281): Now that's cool!!!
Just got a pic of a finished commission dielinfinite 11 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408): I wasn't sure - I was confused who inked it and then colored it, etc.
Baby Teeth #1 Black preorder 5/28 MGA 19 3 yearsMGA (124): Hi Shrew, not to worry. It would be easier off the site. I can get it out tomorrow morning. The Hall is one of our partners, but wasn't involved on this one. Let me know if that works.
Venom #1 Anyone? kaptainmyke 15 3 yearsX51 (14702): I had a friend that bought books in quantities like that. I tried looking him up a few months ago and I think he passed away. I expect someone to be capitalizing on all the stuff he had some day. He picked up a black venom the same weekend it became news.
For Sale: Harley Quinn 1, DC Presents & Thor 00slim 2 3 yearsONLINE_209 (1864): Open thread to view post.
To reslab or not to reslab ONLINE_209 Jump to first page48Jump to last page 3 yearsAndyRexia (5090): I thought they had the lowest prices around? Did they increase? I don't use them, and probably never will, so I'm only asking out of curiosity.
Did you buy an eBay Exclusive Peter Parker.. Towmater Jump to first page113Jump to last page 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408):
Variants - a lesson Towmater Jump to first page71Jump to last page 3 yearsOxbladder (1005): People still believe that "gimmicks" and "over-printing" cause the 90's crash?
New Jedi - Darth Vader 2 Towmater 4 3 yearsDarthLego (20516): I need to hurry up and read my hardcovers of volume one and catch up.
Stan The Man Lee ONLINE_209 7 3 yearsONLINE_209 (1864): watch some videos on youtube and you can see some of the cool stuff that was signed
Breaking: Carnage will be in the Venom Movie JLS_Comics Jump to first page63Jump to last page 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408): only Mrs KaptainMyke is the master of my Sith.
Mother Panic yamada69 3 3 yearstonnage71 (453): Don't bother. Started off good and became unreadable by issue #5.
BREAKING: Ron Howard set to direct Han Solo kaptainmyke 14 3 yearsDrWatson (15155): I prefer magic nose goblins.
What is a crease worth? imagejock 11 3 yearsBrianGreensnips (7963): @imagejock Yeah in the 9.0+ range. Definetely better than a 7.5.
Magik Appreciation (And A quest) JLS_Comics 17 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): I just got this one in the mail
Does this look like shill bidding on ebay? kaptainmyke Jump to first page133Jump to last page 3 yearsThanatos (3201): @vabchgent Oh I know, I'm pretty sure my mom had them on Japanese VHS and I never understood any of it but I still loved watching it and playing with the toys. I recently bought the whole series on DVD for like $5 and plan to watch it when I get back. I used to pretend I had a beta capsule and would transform and fight monsters in my room, would usually defeat them right before my color timer would expire, ahhhh good times.
Impulse Buys! thpike Jump to first page43Jump to last page 3 yearsDarkga (4413): eBay had 10% eBay bucks so I couldn't resist at $99. Macross #1 (1984)
J. Scott Campbell Signed Books. Open or not? imagejock 22 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408): Called it!
Signed poly bag with sealed comic JLA555 6 3 yearsDarthLego (20516): Just get a Comic Skin slab!
I went to half priced books today kaptainmyke Jump to first page68Jump to last page 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408): It's a 9.6 newsstand edition copy of Amazing Spider-man #400. It has the die cut embossed cover, and it features the death of Aunt May, somewhat a minor key issue. Even mint they go for just $20 so one dollar sounds like a deal to me
When CGC sellers start saying "not CBCS" ... DarthLego 10 3 yearsDarthLego (20516):
FOR SALE: "Preacher" #1 CBCS 7.5 cjbehr948 6 3 yearscjbehr948 (170): Been burned one too many times by non-paying bidders. If they've got a USA mailing address, that's fine. I know some folks in Canada have USA addresses.
COVER CONTEST WEEK 41: BAD WEATHER JLS_Comics Jump to first page87Jump to last page 3 yearsDarthLego (20516): That is a really tough question. Each movie has its own unique greatness. I think probably though just going with which movie I had the absolute most fun watching would be Rogue One, it just had me on the edge of my seat for the whole movie, and then Darth Vader stealing the show was just icing on top.
modern comic mattbanks 11 3 yearsmattbanks (10): yes, resale
submitting mini series mattbanks 5 3 yearsmattbanks (10): ty my friends
Adam West died JLS_Comics Jump to first page60Jump to last page 3 yearsJesse_O (18801):
Should these go back for label fixes? dielinfinite 26 3 yearsmattness (1330): @dielinfinite Were you able to call CBCS and talk to someone about your variants?
McFarlane, Spawn book, notary seal, auto, & Towmater Jump to first page57Jump to last page 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408):
North TX Comic Book Show MostlyMarvel240 1 3 yearsMostlyMarvel240 (10): Ixll be attending the North Texas Comic Book Show July 15 and 16. Guests include Mark Bagley, Rob Guillory, Geof Isherwood, Jay Leisten and others. Books are due by July 10th. Link to complete guest list below.
2 missing star wars issues mattbanks 14 3 yearsmattbanks (10): had them mislabeled. that's why i didn't find them. they've corrected it.
What kind of jack wagon... DarthLego 14 3 yearsDarthLego (20516): *
SPAWN THX Foil for Rick & Morty #1 1st print kaptainmyke 23 3 yearsGrayspeedster (406): It looks like it just got scrunched a little and a expert presser would be able to sharpen up that edge! That's my guess, I have no idea. Side note, I just paid $100 for 9.6-9.8 at my LCS and I can't wait to list it on eBay!
My eBay auctions - ct98 ThorneArt 3 3 yearsThorneArt (1165): Lets try this again. Thanks for the notice. username ct98
Remove polybag, or no? 00slim 6 3 yearsSavage_Spawn (1904): I have one of the Spiderman #1 Canadian version I submitted that was still in the polybag. Of course it's tougher to see but the comic looked NM+. I didn't want to risk dinging it up and will let them handle it. Curious how or if they annotate that action but either way will be fine.
J.Scott Campbell Signing!! MostlyMarvel240 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408): A hard 8.
Where you can post ridiculous/funny scenes dielinfinite Jump to first page75Jump to last page 3 yearsDarthLego (20516):
Mail Call! Gabriel85301 1 3 yearsGabriel85301 (1565): If anyone wants to see me bragging just a little bit.. I do these cheap crappy videos with my phone, add some music or graphs and then I upload them and I ask, "What's In The Box" ? I just uploaded Episode 3.
T-Rex invasion? DarthLego 14 3 yearsDarthLego (20516):
ASM 365/Spidey 2099 00slim 17 3 years00slim (8101): So, for the Toybiz variant of Spidey 2099 #1, I've found the best strategy is to buy the figure MIB. The comic alone costs as much if not more than the Legends figure it came with, new & sealed. I figure it's also my best bet for getting a copy in decent shape. I've made offers on just about every one for sale on e-bay at the moment & scored three at a decent price. This has been a fun little hunt. Hopefully it pays off.
Did you get your free Wonder Woman comics? kaptainmyke 18 3 yearsDarthLego (20516): 9.2 is still a NM-
Submission Diary from South East Asia flikhype 11 3 yearsflikhype (7): probably. thanks for the suggestion. :) Iron Man 251,Herb Trimpe VSP - I didn't see much defects. But there were some light creases on the spine. It's assumable grade should be an 8.0 I suppose. Conservatively. New Avengers FDNY - It looks pristine. I really couldn't see any defects with my naked eyes. I'd expect probably a 9.8 Hope that helps. :)
Another Rick and Morty #1 Spine Wear Edition Thanatos Jump to first page57Jump to last page 3 yearsTowmater (5835): I used to say that about Walking Dead #1.
JSC Avengers #8 DarthLego 19 3 yearsThorneArt (1165): I picked up my first JSC set of variants, I am a huge fan of Jean Grey and Phoenix, I had to have them. :) He almost got me on the X-men covers, but I didn't pull the trigger. I get the updates, but usually pass, I will be passing on the MJ covers too.
ebay auction - 24hrs left Jays 1 3 yearsJays (1): I have the Hulk #1 Popcorn and B&W Variant CBCS signed books on ebay - less than 24 hrs left.
Cover Contest Week 39 - SHARK WEEK!!! DarthLego Jump to first page83Jump to last page 3 yearsCatmanAmerica (20001): Never go full monkey, DL. ;)
American Entertainment Exclusives JLS_Comics 26 3 yearsX51 (14702):
WTB East of West #1 Forbidden Planet variant Thanatos 12 3 yearsbige31 (1559): According to their website they do it link here
The Zero Key Got Stuck DarthLego Jump to first page127Jump to last page 3 yearsLonestar (2376): +1 Agree completely.
Ashcan/mini comics 00slim 12 3 yearscomicsforme (2008): $40 for ashcans $5 for signed plus $25 for shipping and canot get screening if signed. Thats what i was told.
Welcome to the CBCS Forum! SteveRicketts Jump to first page530Jump to last page 3 yearsrec1978 (64): Hello All, I am new to the CBCS boards, but I have been around the block a little while (EBay for 16 years and CGC Chat Boards (same user id) for 4 years). If you see anything in my EBay store that you like, please feel free to shoot me a PM! Cheers, Ron As a side note: I am sending my first book, for CBCS Submission, today! ...
Cited: 15 times Image Ripped off Marvel(CBR) kaptainmyke 14 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408):
Met the guys at the Phoenix Comicon! Kaleljll 8 3 yearsKaleljll (406): Yeah I think that was his sales pitch to try and sway me to become a CGC customer. It only solidified my loyalty to CBCS.
First shot at a few slabs. 00slim 2 3 years00slim (8101): Here are the links if anyone is interested. I decided to list the Harley books together, but I'll definitely honor the prices I mentioned here for you guys. And the Thor issue:
Crypticon KC need an AW! Sirtoddington 1 3 yearsSirtoddington (1012): Are there any AW's in the Kansas/ Missouri area that will happen to be at Crypticon KC in St. Joseph, MO in July?? I have couple books I would LOVE to get signed & have sub'd for yellow label, but could use an AW to help me out.
Stunned @ the conclusion of "The Button" arc Zombiebigfoot 21 3 yearsverbogyrater (220): Did you buy it slabbed or raw?
GraySpeedsters For Sale Thread Grayspeedster 11 3 yearsGrayspeedster (406): My apologies to anyone who may have been interested in New Teen Titans #44. Due to several listing errors caused by the eBay app it was ended and relisted twice. It has been listed for its final time with 100% correct listing information! I have extended the auction to begin Tonight at 8pm and end next Saturday at 8pm. Thank you for you time and good luck bidders!
Cited: Marvel Likely Cancelling 30 titles kaptainmyke Jump to first page78Jump to last page 3 yearsGrayspeedster (406): This is how I do 90% of my current book buying. High print runs equal nearly no potential for increase in value and extremely high potential to depreciate. I buy books I love 1st, but those tend to be G,S,B age! Most of what I want from the modern/current age is indie, obscure, low print run, Mature only. I support some titles from the big 2 but I find myself buying more of their #1s and only a few titles do I actually buy to read. Even then,...
FS: Chew #1 First Print CBCS 9.8 ThorneArt 1 3 yearsThorneArt (1165): Well, the buyer has flaked. The book is up for sale for the price they were gonna pay. $365 ship incl in the USA
Female cheracters that deserve more love? 00slim Jump to first page34Jump to last page 3 yearsThanatos (3201): Would love more Zatanna in the DC Universe.
Star Wars' Doctor Aphra Wins! JLS_Comics 14 3 yearsBrianGreensnips (7963): I have to check it out. Thanks guys
ROM: Space Knight tied to Transformers Movie kaptainmyke 20 3 yearsWolverine (1938): I read a rumour that either ROM or Roadblock are supposed to show up and the end of the new Transformers movie
GAME: Count to 10! dielinfinite Jump to first page220Jump to last page 3 yearsdielinfinite (14585):
AMERICAN GODS kaptainmyke 11 3 yearsDalkiel (676): I don't have cable or any pay TV but I saw it anyway. Usenet is your friend.
George Perez hospitalized JLS_Comics 15 3 yearsconditionfreak (11273): On average?
For sale Thor 150, Daredevil 153, TOD 34 kaptainmyke 13 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408):
John Cassaday private signing at Alamo City MostlyMarvel240 2 3 yearsLeeK (190): Hey - I attempted to join your group so I could chat on FB about this signing opportunity, but I seem to be in limbo on that... Lee
Batman new 52 set, Flash #197 set, orig art! gman 2 3 yearsgman (673): just added Detective new 52 run (starting at $1)
Artist First Work-Dan Jurgens? Themaxx35 2 3 yearsOxbladder (1005): Dan's first pencilling job was Warlord. Why others claim otherwise I would chalk up to lack of research or they don't count non-superhero work as work. Batman 359 came months later.
Comicbookgirl19 on the Marvel Sales Slump DarthLego Jump to first page40Jump to last page 3 yearsOxbladder (1005): I flip back and forth. For more than half my collecting career I was a DC guy and when it comes to older books (30's to 70's) I am far more DC focused. However, DC started to tank for me when Didio, then Harras took over. Now they pretty much seem driven to trying to capture the past than move forward. As much as they take flac for it I actually like that Marvel is trying to move on to a new era and try and create the belief that a hero is a...
Comixology - 60% off TMNT expires 4/30 ZosoRocks 2 3 yearspoka (16849): Think all too regular titles for him. He is probably planning commissioning his own TMNT story 😎
The "White Whale" Thread kaptainmyke Jump to first page73Jump to last page 3 yearsDarthLego (20516): A pod of white whales for everyone!
Please grade this Batman Adventures 12 kaptainmyke Jump to first page90Jump to last page 3 yearskaptainmyke (24408): I love this new label btw. Don't ever change, brah. (DECB)
9-book Batman Master Race CGC graded 9.8 set ZosoRocks 4 3 yearsZosoRocks (1845): *snickers*
Redneck NeganKilledMe 7 3 yearsZombiebigfoot (1752): I've got the ashcan, appreciation cover & reg. cover. Just picked up the appreciation copy today for cover price! Cool story.
Rick and Morty #1 - Grade Advice Thanatos 8 3 yearsCopperAgeKids (3712): Glad to help. I would certainly have the book pressed, before it is slabbed. If you decide to sell it, which I'd certainly suggest doing, as hot books like this book....pretty much invariably (and steeply) drop in value. The price point between a 9.4/9.6 and a 9.0/9.2 is very signifigant. Stay safe over there, brother.
Any Superman Unchained variants collectors? Beamer 12 3 yearsOdins_Raven (2389): My one and only SU variant.
Venom #6 Legacy Variant HOT HOT HOT jayslo 28 3 yearsGabriel85301 (1565): I thought it was Legacy Comics variant, I click.. It's a Legends.. I'll pass.. I got suckered in to clicking though.
WTS Some CBCS Graded Comics KingNampa 7 3 yearsKingNampa (6742): Both Iron Man's and both Wolverines sold. Thank you. I'll post the rest on ebay.
Flash #197, Goth Advs, Batman Beyond on ebay gman 2 3 yearsgman (673): just added a dark victory set #0-13!
Slabs for Sale - Golden to Modern Age Darkga 13 3 yearsDarkga (4413): Thanks, I'll ship it out to you today. It's a beautiful cover!
Help finding a book dielinfinite 5 3 yearsdielinfinite (14585): @DarthLego I would but I'm far more likely to get a dvd with the standard cover, or one with no comic at all.
Tales of the Teen Titans 44 bennyb86 5 3 yearsTowmater (5835): Nice book and a great story. That brought maturity to the Titans. Really a ground breaking arc. I remember reading it and thinking "WTF, over".
A CBCS Variant Cover? SteveRicketts Jump to first page65Jump to last page 3 yearsMGA (124): Hi guys I'll be set up at Reggie's this weekend with all our variants. For those not attending I plan on having 3x & 4x signed Iron Fist Variants Available will be Ryan Stegman Mike Perkins Roy Thomas and Possibly Rob Liefield for our B&C Covers. Everyone else who purchased a graded copy can upgrade their signatures to include the for mentioned artists. Hit me up for details at or thanks...
Mail call - raw comics bought ZosoRocks 1 3 yearsZosoRocks (1845): If there is already a thread out there, I couldn't find it and apologize for starting another. Just sharing some recent books purchased all for under $30.00 EW4 9.4+ before press....nice spine! AF51 - 8.5+ XO1 1:20 variant - 9.2+ Spawn 2/3 - 9.0
Y The Last Man #1-35 on ebay...$1 no reserve gman 3 3 yearsgman (673): Just added Superman Adventures #1-60 (includes 5,21)
FS: CBCS Chew #1 9.8 ThorneArt 1 3 yearsThorneArt (1165): Hello Folks, I am selling my CBCS 9.8 first print of Chew #1 $400 Shipping is included in the USA Thanks
Josh Brolin is Cable JLS_Comics Jump to first page31Jump to last page 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): you're right, I dont know why i typed that about MCD. Fixed.
Test your Marvel Super Hero knowledge ZosoRocks 12 3 yearsno1lufcfan (1469): Wow some of these are much harder......and NO I'm not posting my scores:D
Has anyone shipped using a FedEx account? Kaleljll 16 3 yearsKaleljll (406): Yeah I wouldn't even need close to that. I'm getting ready to send 20 books into CBCS for grading but I don't sell anything or ship anything other than that.
Skybound Megabox NeganKilledMe 9 3 yearscomicsheatingup (55): @negankilledme that is always the case with the way everything goes.
Autograph with COA Jklugh 5 3 yearsJklugh (52): Thank you for the help guys. Much appreciated
WWE Then Now Forever DarthLego Jump to first page40Jump to last page 3 yearsdpiercy (3939): Women's Smackdown match from Wrestlemania was pretty good. I really like Bayley and Sasha. Not a big fan of Charlotte, but, dang, her moveset is impressive.
Redneck NeganKilledMe 8 3 yearsBronzeAgeBaby (211): Coates is on it .. I've added it to the pull list and will give it 5 issues to see.
Archie comic lot - eBay - ungraded ZosoRocks 1 3 yearsZosoRocks (1845): eBay Check it out...,readers plus others. 2.0 x 6.0 Archie Comics.
Mail Call! dielinfinite 15 3 yearsdielinfinite (14585): @JWKyle Yeah some are a little shifted. Happens sometimes during shipping. I'll tap them back into place eventually
Dan Panosian - interview on Sideshow Live ZosoRocks 1 3 yearsZosoRocks (1845): Personally, I'm not a FB participant, but thought I would share. Cheers!
Batman Adventures #12 Newstand Edition kaptainmyke Jump to first page42Jump to last page 3 yearsDocBrown (16885): Whoever gives in first and offers it will get that increased business.
Weird printing error? MichelleErika 4 3 yearsMichelleErika (1): Thank you!
Dear Marvel I_AM_IRON_MAN 23 3 yearsMichelleErika (1): They keep relying on their top 20 too much. How many Cyclops or Jean Grey stories can they recycle? They need to go deep into the deck and pull out mutants like Pixie, Northstar and Havok.
Frank Miller signature worth it? Themaxx35 Jump to first page39Jump to last page 3 yearsSirtoddington (1012): @Towmater SHUSH! Stan IS immortale & will NEVER EVER die! lol.
CBCS Slabs for Sale ThorneArt 5 3 yearsThorneArt (1165): Update... Chew #1 (1st print) 9.8 $400 Uncanny X-Men #510 (JSC Color) 9.8 SOLD X-Men #205 (Variant: JSC Retailer Incentive) 9.6 $100 Wolverine #66 (Variant: Trimpe DF Exclusive) 9.6 SOLD Wolverine #66 (Variant: 3rd Printing Sketch) 9.4 $50
FS - X-Men #510 JSC Variant 9.8 ThorneArt 7 3 yearsThorneArt (1165): SOLD pending payment, thanks to the buyer
New Mutants98 CBCS 9.8 Mark Jewelers Variant Carmbad 10 4 yearsHomer (1010): GPa does not identify if it's a mark jewelers edition. However if you check the Cgc bar code you will get the notation if it is the MJ. By looking at GPa a New Mutants 98 9.8 sold earlier in March for 1025.00 and it is a Cgc 9.8 Mark Jewelers variant. Likely the reason for the highest recorded sale for 2017. GPA does not track CBCS sales.
Will CBCS grade X-O Manowar 1:500 metalcover JLS_Comics 12 4 yearsBigRig (1997): So on site grading only? Im only joking..
JSC X-Men Gold #1, opinions? DarthLego Jump to first page128Jump to last page 4 yearsTowmater (5835): The post that provided the glimpse behind the curtain was that a creator took the time to describe his view on the situation and he was ignored because the feelings of "the fan" should, well, mean more.:eek: This is very similar to the ad nauseam discussions in the OA world about Greg Capullo pricing his works where he wants to...
Iron Man #282 1forchrist 5 4 yearsZosoRocks (1845): Yep...I do...9.4-9.6....pressed would bring it up to 9.8.
IDW DISNEY VARIANTS slq955 7 4 yearsslq955 (31): It really has been, I have all of the other variants but this one. They've stopped doing the 1:25 and switched to being a 1:10 going into 2016.
Darth's Most Wanted - Bounty Notice DarthLego Jump to first page53Jump to last page 4 yearsDarthLego (20516): I know you will, but I can't afford your copy, what with it being signed by the whole cast of Enchanted Dancing With the Stars Under the Sea.
Amazing Spider-man Vol 4 #25 Romita Variant kaptainmyke 9 4 yearsBrianGreensnips (7963): @Drogio I know, that is just crazy.
Rai #0 - glossy or matte? ZosoRocks 21 4 yearsKanaloa (180): Correct, but you said Bloodshot 0 which is why I corrected it to RAI 0 and Eternal Warrior 4. Eternal Warrior 4 is considered the first appearance of Bloodshot by most and is the one to get out of the two but RAI 0 is still good to have.
New Books For This Week? JLS_Comics 15 4 yearsdpiercy (3939): I can't get a light week it seems.
Favorite Titles From Defunct Publishers? JLS_Comics Jump to first page51Jump to last page 4 yearsKav (1794):
1st Cameo vs 1st Full Apperance KingNampa Jump to first page54Jump to last page 4 yearsTowmater (5835): They can be had for next to nothing compared to Hulk #180's. For me, Taskmaster has one of the more interesting power sets in the Marvel Universe. I wish that more people enjoyed the character. If they used him in the a Deadpool movie as the villain, and wrote his interaction like Joe Kelly did in the comics the character would become a major force. The banter between him and Deadpool in the Joe Kelly written comics is perfect.
Elseworlds 80 page - Issue with Ripples?? nikki666666 13 4 yearsCFP_Comics (3462): This can be eliminated or greatly reduced. I have worked on 4-5 copies of this book in the past and had excellent results.
Venom #6 by Tyler Kirkham DarthLego 10 4 yearsDarthLego (20516): Oh Jesus
Comic Cards KingNampa 15 4 yearsThe_Curmudgeon (1357): That's dumb. Elitist idiocy.
For sale: Sheriff of Babylon CBCS 9.8 Johnjakewish 1 4 yearsJohnjakewish (81): I have a couple of 9.8 and 9.6 copies I'm selling on eBay. If you're interested you can shoot me message and we can work out a fair price.
Batman's Grandpa? JLS_Comics 25 4 yearsDarthLego (20516): NASA is just a front for Wayne Enterprises. :beer:
Casey Jones steals the Batmobile kaptainmyke 15 4 yearsDarthLego (20516): Mark Hamill's Joker from the Arkham video games is hands down the best Joker.
Total Comic Mayhem Despain 20 4 yearsadampasz (36): Vic, your blog is great! Thanks for putting so much research into those articles.
Elephantmen (2006) #1A CGC 9.8 FootNote 18 4 yearsDocBrown (16885): That's how the market's worked for 50 years. ;) Thank God for lemmings.
Batman #1 WB VIP Studio Tour - Questions DarthLego 12 4 yearsDarthLego (20516): I do understant that CGC and CBCS are "properly" labeling it according to the Indicia that DC put on it. And under 99.99% of circumstances that would make perfect sense and wouldn't cause any issues or concern. BUT My argument is: Someone at DC is a bonehead! And the comic collecting community shouldn't get stuck with an erroneous looking label just because someone at DC is a bonehead! :(|) The book absolutely is a...
How Do I Break It To Her Lightly? JLS_Comics 18 4 yearsBrianGreensnips (7963): @JLS_Comics Your welcome.
Marvel Graphic Novel #4 6th Printing Ver.2 JLS_Comics 13 4 yearsLogan510 (2414): Just out of curiosity, would you accuse them of stealing from eBay if they sell a book from their site that is also listed on eBay? Wouldn't they be using ebay to advertise their books for free?
Steve Ricketts Facts DarthLego Jump to first page101Jump to last page 4 yearsZosoRocks (1845): Uh-huh....just as a envisioned. ...and to think you aren't sharing?! ;o)
Holiday Promo Mail Call! dielinfinite 6 4 yearsfelixrunners (62): I'm going to pick mine up tomorrow from CBCS....I can hardly wait to check them out. Mine were received 12/30 if I remember correctly, and they were done last week.
DKIII Master Race #7 1:500 Jim Lee Variant DarthLego Jump to first page112Jump to last page 4 yearsTowmater (5835): RMA, everything posted on the forum isn't in reference to you. I did not quote your post to make mine a response to it. My view was and is a general message about walls of text. Glad I could clear that up for you.
If You Are Listening Steve Borock -- JayLefler 16 4 yearsFootNote (46): Thats Tampa right? I think I should be there next year, Looking forward to it!
CBCS 4 Sale: CELEBRITY SS/ EWAN MCGREGOR+ 1243782365 21 4 years1243782365 (503): The thread is now closed and I am moving the books to ebay. In two months I should have some more celebrity CBCS SS. Ryan Gosling signed Drive #1s Labrythn #1 signed by Jennifer Connoley and probably a bunch more I can't think of right now.
First Slabbed Comic FootNote 1 4 yearsFootNote (46): Just got back from ECCC and had a blast. I dropped off 5 comics for the normal process but I wanted one that I could take home with me. So I present, my very first slabbed comic, Ms. Marvel #4 Michael Cho cover, signed and witnessed. I was a bit disappointed with the 9.6 until I re-examened the book and saw the bottom of the spine showed wear. Notes say "spine stress does not break color, wear bottom spine breaks color". ...
Aspen Michael Turner Weapon X #1 DarthLego 29 4 yearsOrbitCityComics (1483): Considering that Darth Maul is still available, I'm not really surprised.
eBay auction - Infinity Gauntlet #1 ZosoRocks 2 4 yearsZosoRocks (1845): I've lowered the price to $180.00 if anyone is still interested. Thanks for viewing.
Iron Fist (Netflix) Cast & Jay Anacleto SS! ARDavid 4 4 yearsDarthLego (20516): Rumor has it that in JWKyle's Longbox there's a portal to Earth-27, where Brandon Lee is alive and Iron Fist is being played by Bruce Lee's grandson.
Venom Key Issue Lot for Sale DrunkWooky 1 4 yearsDrunkWooky (49): Take a look at the imgur gallery: or the ebay listing: 34 issues total. Issues range from very fine to near mint. Please see pictures and inspect close ups of key issues closely. Condition will be as pictured. Lot contains: Secret Wars...
ct98 Auctions - eBay ThorneArt 5 4 yearsOrbitCityComics (1483): I bidded on the wasp variant. If I win, I'm hoping that corner crease can be pressed out.
Raw signatures MR_SigS Jump to first page81Jump to last page 4 yearsdielinfinite (14585): Dave Prowse, Ray Park, Ron Marz, and Jon Foster
Cover Contest Week 24 - Master of Evil DarthLego Jump to first page63Jump to last page 4 yearsJesse_O (18801): Thanks everyone!! New contest will be announced in a couple hours or sooner.
eBAY sales - Silver and Bronze Age non-grade ZosoRocks 2 4 yearsZosoRocks (1845): I added another SILVER AGE 2-lot of anyone is interested. Thanks for taking your time to view.
Check out this X-23 Clip JLS_Comics 12 4 yearsdielinfinite (14585): Looks like it's meant to be archival-type footage, hence the lower quality and sterile angles, and certainly not meant to be a trailer by any stretch. I'm curious to see how this is used in the film but it conveys the tone very well. I'm very excited for this movie and the actual trailers look fantastic!
Steve McNiven Original Art djinn155 3 4 yearsSpiderTim (2204): His art representative is Spencer Beck and here is a link to what is available for sale. I don't see any OA from Monsters Unleashed but you can contact him and ask him if he will or if there is any still available. Before buying from another collector I first go back to basics and see if the art representative, artist or inker has the art available if non do then I seek other options such as CAF,...
Pre-ordering 9.8 books (new releases) Drogio 26 4 yearsJesse_O (18801): Regarding the Dell'otto Iron Fist #1 - this is a variant from The Comic Mint. It is not listed for sale yet. It's my understanding that it will go up for sale on Sunday the 19th.
eBay sales - non-graded auctions ZosoRocks 5 4 yearsZosoRocks (1845): Here is a 4-lot of SILVER & BRONZE age comics....low grade /2.0+....Dennis the Menace. Thanks for viewing.
Grade Impact therealtimmyp 14 4 yearsDarthLego (20516): Bag it and tag it!
Mail Call Friday Edition drchaos 9 4 yearsdrchaos (16507): I am glad you like them. The person taking the money and books for Liefeld to sign had me nervous with the way he handled the books. I am glad he didn't damage them. There are three more copies (2s and 11s, not sure which) that I had pressed because of him.
What I found @ $0.75 each ZosoRocks 7 4 yearsZosoRocks (1845): IMO...the best of the bunch.
Jesse_O moderator poka 13 4 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): lol take that as you will
WTB: Avengers Annual 10 Legends reprint dielinfinite 1 4 yearsdielinfinite (14585): Hi guys! I'm in need of a copy of the 2005, Marvel Legends reprint of Avengers Annual 10 in NM within the next two weeks. I'm not a huge stickler for geade but it should be free of excessive color breaking spine tocks and major flaws like color-breaking creases, tears, and stains. I'm looking to spend about $20 or less. Swnd me a PM if you can help out. ...
WTB several BA/CA/MA mini-series shrewbeer 4 4 yearsDertyComix (799): Lol....
CGC at 20 business day Modern turn time? Kaleljll Jump to first page55Jump to last page 4 yearsDarthLego (20516): @IronMan Thanks for all that information. :beer:
What the heck is Aspen up to now? DarthLego Jump to first page36Jump to last page 4 yearsJaydknight (308): @DarthLego Mine should be here Monday. Really hoping they release some more of these Star Wars Sketches Michael Turner did.
Interview with John Tyler Christopher JLS_Comics 9 4 yearsvacaboca (862): Better late than never... here's a picture of the book. It was just a quick sketch, but may be the only Jar Jar cover JTC does :)
Printing/manufacturing error books... ZosoRocks 20 4 yearskandrcomics (13): I have one of the very rare Walking dead issue 17 errors with the first for wraps put in twice and the center four missing alltogether waiting for it to come back from cbcs and i'll post a pic
Walking dead 27 printing error value?? kandrcomics 5 4 yearsZosoRocks (1845): This is a good topic that should have its own thread.... What printing / manufacturing error books do you own? I'm gonna start one up.
Too Much! It's too much! DarthLego Jump to first page36Jump to last page 4 yearsZosoRocks (1845): I corrected myself.....four or more was the original question... And I used that number (not random), because I wanted to see what other people could come up with. IMO - B:LotDK #1 seems to be the first.....and the X-Men #1 seems to be the second....and then it just jumps from there.....gimmick covers in the 90s to the many ratio comics in the 2000. :o)
Mail Call - NYCC Signature Series drchaos 18 4 yearsdrchaos (16507): Cool! He signed this book for me:
Why is the OWL card still outdated? DarthLego 5 4 yearsBrianGreensnips (7963): @shrewbeer That makes sense. I have never scene where it says to not consider using the OWL card and this years Overstreet is the only one that I missed in awhile. I have a couple OWL cards and besides newer stock materials being used I still think it would be useful. I will have to look closer at last years Overstreet. Thanks for the info.
Let's see some signed "Joker" covers!! ZosoRocks 7 4 yearsdrchaos (16507): Two Joker covers signed by Gotham's Ben Gordan, Ben McKenzie
Private signing with Scott Snyder at ECCC Beamer 4 4 yearstherealtimmyp (202): Awesome! How much would it cost?
Unknown Dell Otto Variant by Panini Comics sonny4eyez 18 4 yearssonny4eyez (52): This works perfectly! I have a small and modest foreign comic collection, those 2 pages will be a great help to me. Truly appreciate it all @jesse_o
Dark knight returns indication. bige31 5 4 yearsbige31 (1559): Thanks for the input guys. I bout it off eBay for 5 dollars thinking it was second edition cuz I never thought I'd afford a good conidtion first print. And I went to show my brother and that's when I realized mine didn't say second print. I then preceded to get really bad shake hand haha.
'Witchblade' TV reboot coming from NBC FireEmblem77 3 4 yearsOrbitCityComics (1483): Thus far the best version of Witchblade I have seen for the small screen in an anime version. Every once in a while I pull it out and watch it.
VSP include comics sealed in org bag? ZosoRocks 16 4 yearsZosoRocks (1845): Interesting...Steve, thanks again for clarifying this other service.
Justice League VS Suicide Squad #1 Variants Millvilleresident 7 4 yearsluckroy (61): DCBS has a store variant done by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. DCBS Product Page
FS - Chew #1 (first printing) 9.8 ThorneArt 4 4 yearsThorneArt (1165): Lowering the price, $450 will get it. that includes shipping in USA
Mail Call! dielinfinite 11 4 yearsdielinfinite (14585): @Jaydknight I don't have a lot of experience with them myself since the CGC community isn't exactly what I'd call welcoming but. asically there are several established categories in which people can register their books for points and people compete for the best set in each category. Here's the info page @ CGC The registry and competitive sets are a couple of the many "coming soon" features of the CBCS site
Mail Call for 1-14-2017 Gabriel85301 1 4 yearsGabriel85301 (1565): The label says that Mike Deodato did the cover but it was clearly John Tyler Christopher. I was also hoping they would have put 50th anniversary variant, 1:50 on the description. Not happy but the description but sometimes that's the way the ball bounces. I would like that Cover Art description fixed. Carol Danvers is my favorite and John Tyler Christopher one of my fave...
Why is 7 to Eternity so hot? Zarbongo 10 4 yearsWolverine (1938): I have the first 4 issues. Debating on whether to get rid of them or ride it out and see what happens with the series
Verified Comic with Sketch uhussein92 4 4 yearskaptainmyke (24408): They will verify the signatures but the red label will say "Sketch on cover" or "Sketch on back cover". If witnessed, it would be a Yellow label with "Signed on mm/dd/yy by ..." and then "Sketch by .... on mm/dd/yy" etc
How will you go broke in 2017? DarthLego Jump to first page35Jump to last page 4 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): I don't have to think about how I am going to go broke. I have a wife and 2 kids that will take care of that for me.
New Overstreet Grading Guide dielinfinite 19 4 yearsDarthLego (20516): The advertising is one year newer. :(|)
Liam's RAW Foreign Comics Blowout! TheLiamSturgess 13 4 yearsTheLiamSturgess (289): Wolverine #1 Spanish Edition VG - $30
Eternal Warrior #4 CBCS 9.8 1forchrist 8 4 yearsZosoRocks (1845): I guess that is the closest I can come to with actually finding a long lost treasure. :o)
FS Walking Dead 1 CBCS 9.8 price reduced Trilogycomics 2 4 yearsTrilogycomics (92): sold..thanks for the inquiries
Does CBCS grade these variants? LemonMonster 4 4 yearsZosoRocks (1845): Is it in the cards that policy could change when magazine size is added to the slab process? Thanks for the clarity?
New comics on newsprint for under $2 Jesse_O 9 4 yearsCopperAgeKids (3712): If this somehow pushes Marvel, DC,Dark Horse and Image into printing a newsprint $1.99 version of thier standard priced 3.99 comics, this would be immensely beneficial for the new comic market (and secondary, as well). Long term, it would boost sakes of weekly comics, I'm sure of that. I know that Marvel is trailing behind DC in terms of weekly new comics sales, with any luck, Marvel would be the first of the big 4 companies, to follow...
Jessica Cruz (Green Lantern) Appearance jbarnes020889 Jump to first page62Jump to last page 4 yearsZuul (7): Unless I'm mistaken, there is precedence set for fists being considered a cameo. Both Venom and Doomsday had "cameo" appearances as a fist.
1st Miss Martian Teen Titans 39 or 37 trockblay 5 4 yearstrockblay (4): These CGC dudes didnt even add 1st bluebird for 2011 batman 28 and CBCS already are noting it...all hail CBCS
Mail call Millvilleresident 7 4 yearsMillvilleresident (208): Supergirl by Ebas Arkham Revenge Harley Quinn by Dawn Mcteigue
Grading Strictness Sliding Scale GAC 16 4 yearsJWKyle (3300): @Jesse_O Great answers Jesse. If I remember correctly I've listened to interviews with Steve Borock where he basically stated the same thing. There is no Golden age "curve" but all books were not created equally and that is taken into consideration when grading. I do understand the argument though if I take a 9.6 modern and a 9.6 silver age book the modern will exhibit better eye appeal and seem to have almost no noticeable flaws.
Well it was bound to happen to me eventually dielinfinite 17 4 yearsZosoRocks (1845): I agree. You treat a customer good...statistics show that they will return. $.99 auctions, huh? *smiles*
Selling Amazing Spiderman 688 Campbell 9.6 Trilogycomics 2 4 yearsDertyComix (799): PM sent
Got my fist submission grades back... BigRig 24 4 yearsBigRig (1997): Yeah I have a new mutants 98 & a walking dead 19 needing pressed and graded waiting until I have some more to save on shipping
WTB: Vengeance of Vampirella #1 Royal Blue Darkga 5 4 yearsJesse_O (18801): Here's the notes from Comic Book Realm. "Royal Blue Comic Cavalcade Edition (Only 100 Made)"
Do You Pooh? Any of the variants worth it? Towmater 11 4 yearscomicsforme (2008): Standard run around 25 and Chromium run 10
Price Drops dielinfinite 8 4 yearsdielinfinite (14585): Oh man, negatives are the worst. They look like they're made by some teenager that just discovered photoshop
Batman Adventures 12 9.6 jmh722 2 4 yearsSteverogers11 (2992): Price?
What are you currently hunting for? dielinfinite Jump to first page228Jump to last page 4 yearsAndyRexia (5090): Daredevil #111 high grade
For those who need late presents come on in? Lunarshade 1 4 yearsLunarshade (190): Chrissy and I have listed several graded books and will list another batch later in the week. So if you have been procrastinating or just want a gift for yourself like I do go on my store and check it out!
WTB Adventures of Superman #498 CBCS 9.8 deathNreign 2 4 yearsgusgoose (1): maybe one in Memphis 24$
Walking Dead #1 CBCS 9.9 tjr909 2 4 yearscjbehr948 (170): It's a beaut, Clark!
SPAWN #1 Black Ink Error NormdaMarine Jump to first page70Jump to last page 4 yearsTyrantK (136): So, you accuse someone of cheating based on the opinion's of others? No facts, no proof.... "Oh, I heard it somewhere." Thanks for addressing my questions/points. A true indicator of you actually wanting to have logical discourse. Troll on.
FS Walking Dead 1 CBCS 9.8 Trilogycomics 3 4 yearsvacaboca (862): Nice book - if I didn't already have one, I'd be drooling :) Good luck!
My crazy 99 cent auctions for 12/24 kaptainmyke 2 4 yearskaptainmyke (24408): The 9.9 ends tomorrow night. Aspen is selling "con stock" 9.8 graded sketch covers for $199 so I am curious what this gem will sell for.
My Yearly Purge DrunkWooky 10 4 yearsDrunkWooky (49): The NM 87 pictured is the gold second print variant. There is no first print included or pictured in that listing. I wish I had two first prints, then I would keep one and the other would be in that listing.
Lot of 58 Comics Pricing Question LanaiHaole 11 4 yearsLanaiHaole (10): Thanks Ray!! I agree with that as I decided it would be too time consuming and expensive to do it that way so I'm in the process of listing them on eBay. I have a few Signature Series that I already listed. Thanks again Ray! Hope you have a great christmas Nathan
Selling my Batman Adventures 12 CBCS 9.8 jmh722 1 4 yearsjmh722 (19): Hi folks. I've got a Batman Adventures 12 9.8, which if you've been living under a bridge is the first app of Harley Quinn. We've had some immediate financial issues spring up so I am selling it. Asking $1800 and shipping is on me via USPS Priority Mail. Please message me directly, as I don't get forum update messages to my email. Here's a pic:
Ebay Black Friday Sale Sanemoreorless 1 4 yearsSanemoreorless (7): I am currently offering a %15 discount on all items, for boards members only. Mention this post via a direct message and I will invoice you with the discount. This sale will be active through Sunday Night 8PM pacific time. Thank you for looking and Happy Holidays!
Show off your Michael Turner dielinfinite Jump to first page119Jump to last page 4 yearsconditionfreak (11273):
Warren Ellis Q&A dielinfinite 2 4 yearsOrbitCityComics (1483): I use to love Warren Ellis, but then he started believing his own press. Transmet is still ome of my favorite comics, but since then he has done little that truly interests me. Although I do give him credit for FreakAngels.
For Sale- NYX #4 9.4 Sirtoddington 7 4 yearsSirtoddington (1012): lol.
To Grade or not to Grade Jesselnc 6 4 yearsZarbongo (110): If you aren't going to re-read them and want to insure they maintain their grade then get 'em slabbed. If you're gonna do it anyway and they're collectible enough to grade why not if you've got the budget for it.
Dynamic Forces: A Review kaptainmyke 9 4 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): I was about to place an order to try them out. Think I'll wait.
Ramos and Perez no longer in Trump states? JLS_Comics Jump to first page60Jump to last page 4 yearsThe_Watcher (3915): And we're done
COMIC ARTISTS/WRITERS THAT ARE ANTI-SLABBING slq955 Jump to first page34Jump to last page 4 yearsOrbitCityComics (1483): I have a book signed by him. I got it signed many moons ago when he was in Chicago for a store appearance. Good to know that it's rare.
Heroes Haven is apparently CBCS exclusive JLS_Comics 7 4 yearsKenWorthing (457): From what I understand of it having talked to both Pete and Sara, is that Pete was going to handle subs for CBCS and Sara was going to handle subs for CGC. All now past tense for future subs to CGC.
For Sale: 2 hard to find slabs!!! Gunnz 7 4 yearsGunnz (10): Closing this down!
Q: What does CBCS consider the first OrbitCityComics 7 4 yearsDertyComix (799): I love this cover. I got mine graded and it came back with a sweet grade of 9.8.
US Presidents On Comic Book Covers JLS_Comics 10 4 yearsMetalPSI (4486): Ah yes, missed it :) Just love that Muhammad Ali vs Superman.
"Bring Out 'Yer Dead" Collection NorthernCollector 4 4 yearskaptainmyke (24408):
1st CBCS submission mail call Deadpoolica 3 4 yearsDeadpoolica (852): Thanks man
Komic Kevin's Sales thread Kevin4444 5 4 yearsKevin4444 (19): Agrkdj, it's all yours!
FOR SALE! Comics, Movies, & Collectibles! cjbehr948 5 4 yearsdielinfinite (14585): @cjbehr948 Sure, just give me a few weeks to steady my finances
COMIC INFO slq955 5 4 yearscomicsforme (2008): Artist Chris Foreman Facebook from Houston. Good art,great price.
Chelsea Cain Issues Statement onTwitter Exit JLS_Comics 15 4 yearsDrWatson (15155):
Venom Variants AznBane 20 4 yearsJaydknight (308): @AznBane I'm in the same boat. I try to grab any comic he does a cover for. Some of his stuff is just sky rocket expensive though.
Frankie's Comics + Info on Virgin Variants Darkga 8 4 yearsAznBane (70): @OrbitCityComics most places let you cancel orders just so you know. A fair amount of people canceled their Venom Greg Horn variant orders when the cover came out. I also know that Frankie's comics will gladly cancel an order for a product you're not happy with.
Witness Needed - Alamo City LanaiHaole 3 4 yearsLanaiHaole (10): My cell is 816-835-7942 Nathan Young
Marvel Monsters JLS_Comics 8 4 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): Thanks for the responses everyone! Honestly I probably could have gone to 75 but wanted to keep it at 50
What did you find in the dollar bins today? ZosoRocks 10 4 yearsrckstr1253 (1203): It's a turner cover
For Sale: Batman New 52 and Avengers slabs WCollecbales 7 4 yearsZosoRocks (1845):
My First Submissions... tonnage71 3 4 yearsDarkga (4413): Welcome to the club! I submitted my first books 3 months ago, and I have learned more about comic grading in these months than I ever had known from my previous years of collecting.
Sale Psylocke #1's 1st and 2nd Print's 9.8 MWR 10 4 yearsMWR (31): bump
Dynamic force Comics/Dan Slott signing neku528 9 4 yearspoka (16849): Thanks. No not worried about fakes but I would not buy a DF signature serie comic as long as it doesn't qualify for cgc/cbcs signature grading. Just personal pref.
JOCK Private Signing @ Mondocon Austin 10-22 MostlyMarvel240 2 4 yearsWolverine (1938): Just curious. How much are the books?
Sale: Slabs and Japanese Spider-Gwen content Darkga 11 4 yearsDarkga (4413): I'm glad it made it there safely. Enjoy and thanks again!
Slain 6 year old having Superhero Funeral JLS_Comics 2 4 yearsRevelations (523): Thanks for sharing. RIP young hero.
Let's Talk Luke Cage (Potential Spoilers) JLS_Comics 18 4 yearsWolverine (1938): I finished it yesterday. Overall I liked it. Lots of character building writing and I like how Mike Colter seemed to grew into the character more and more. However I really felt like the main villain was really weak as a character and immpretty sure that fight scene in the last episode was ripped straight from Rocky 5
Will CBCS grade these mini comics for me? kaptainmyke 14 4 yearsSirtoddington (1012): I posted a photo of an ashcan they graded for me in KC above. That should have answered the question on if they could or not. ;)
Greg Capullo Private Signing! MostlyMarvel240 4 4 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): Very nice!
CITED: Reborn Wonder Woman is gay. kaptainmyke Jump to first page52Jump to last page 4 yearsTruckJohnson (721): @JLA: I don't need to know someone to know their words are filled with hate. So yes, run from an uncomfortable conversation. Attempt to discredit me, and belittle me as a common troll. Try to flip the script on me for calling out YOUR racism and bigotry. Run to the "authorities" and ask them to shut down free speech because you don't like and can't handle an opposing opinion. LMAO! The truth is, your actions and reactions are the...
More Custom Bound Books dielinfinite 4 4 yearsMR_SigS (11120): Those are wonderful!
Taking orders: Cincy Comic Expo Exclusives DarthLego Jump to first page34Jump to last page 4 yearsRevelations (523): I got my books today as well. Thanks!
Con Stars take home "Garbage Bags Full of $" JLS_Comics 7 4 yearshuskershawn69 (61): You just have to get lucky with one tv series and you can rake it in. The hard part is getting lucky with that one show. Cool read...thanks for sharing.
Nothing but...deaths dielinfinite Jump to first page44Jump to last page 4 yearsAndyRexia (5090): "Death" of Stick.
Nothing but 1st Appearances MR_SigS Jump to first page228Jump to last page 4 yearskaptainmyke (24408): Turtle History here for those who don't know: 1988 Archie Comics Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures Vol. 1 Issue #1 1st appearance of General Krang (Tetsu-Oni) 1st appearance of Bebop (Anton Zeck) 1st appearance of Rocksteady (Ivan Steranko) 1st appearance of Foot Soldiers (Group) Before anybody disputes this, Volume 1 by Mirage Studios in...
Astonishing X-Men #1 (3rd Series (2004)) dburghard 5 4 yearsZosoRocks (1845): According to this website....ACE is defunct..... Not much after that..... Looks like this link shows the company to have only one employee ......Bob?.....*smiles*
Comic Cartel flash sale dielinfinite 18 4 yearsdielinfinite (14585): @huskershawn69 I'm glad you found some stuff to your liking! I haven't really looked through it yet since the sorting features aren't there and sidting through 160 pages of randomly sorted books is something of a drag. They said they should have the sorting features back up sometime tonight. I might have to pass, at least for now, since I'm sending a bunch of books to get signed at NYCC
Suggestions for Selling Collection rdburghard Jump to first page42Jump to last page 4 yearsdburghard (7): I thought I'd update this old post and say that I got my first batch of comics back from grading! Just going through normally without any added cost for faster service, it took from June 30th, when they received them to Sept. 21st, when they got back to me. I still have seven more out, but they have to get through CFP first for pressing before going on to CBCS, and they are now processing a month behind mine so it will be a while. I didn't...
Harley Quinn #1 variants? Revelations Jump to first page793Jump to last page 4 yearsResurrection (661): @dpiercy Thanks! I am bummed I have to wait for Del'otto to come around to get my others signed
John Tyler Christopher Signing NYCC MGA 1 4 yearsMGA (124): Hi guys here's your chance to get all your new action figures signed by JTC. Email with any questions. All books must be in by 10/4. Signature fee is $10 a book. Signature series witnessing and encapsulation. Dealers welcome. thanks Mike
For Sale: Amazing Spiderman 648 Campbell Var WCollecbales 13 4 yearsWCollecbales (154): $650 raw on eBay, another raw copy sold $600 via auction a few weeks back. It's a pretty rare cover, rarer than the black and white version of the cover.
Who drew this original art? WCollecbales 15 4 yearsJLA555 (389): ?
La Mole Comic Con JLS_Comics 11 4 yearskaptainmyke (24408): just bought one thanks
CBCS First Sarah Giardina sketch ops !!!! whowill 5 4 yearswhowill (298): 5 spots taken !!
Cover Contest Round 3: "The Horror" Maverick Jump to first page37Jump to last page 4 yearsMaverick (1023): The 3 books are up for grabs if you submitted this week, Helric1 passed on them. Witching hour and HoM are about vg/f Ghosts 1 is fr/gd ish. Large tear on back, some rust migration on the staples. First come first serve.
Interview w/ Peter Ricq of 'Once Our Land' JLS_Comics 1 4 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): Hey Guys! Happy NCBD lol Last night was the season finale of my YouTube show. Peter Ricq stopped by as our special guest, he is the creator of Once Our Land, published through Scout Comics, and is a book that sold out everywhere. it was the "hot book" on a number of spec sites due to the content and the super low print run. Anyway, it was awesome to be able to talk with him and listen to him tell his story. I hope you're able to...
Check out this SWEET Rocksteady sketch kaptainmyke 8 4 yearsUF2 (37): I will have him double check it. You can also DM him. His email was incorrect in the post. You can hit him up here.
Fake Harley Quinn #1 variant Jesse_O 23 4 yearsThe_Watcher (3915): He asked to have it deleted
Amazing Spider-man issues #601 and #606. neku528 18 4 yearsDarthLego (20516): Wait, you mean there's actual pages between the covers? :Mind Blown: :D
First submission back witcherwitcher 9 4 yearsGabriel85301 (1565): I am looking for those 1st two :)
Signature Series - Miller, Kubert, Janson, Towmater 5 4 yearsTowmater (5835): I thought it was weird too. If Miller gets $150.00 and it cost around $50.00 to have a comic slabbed and shipped that guy ended up getting jacked-up on some of those listings. Makes me wary of jumping feet first into a buying frenzy. I did buy on of the books last night. Liked the cover, the signatures, and that it came out of Miller's private collection (whatever that means?).
Stan Lee. Rose City Comicon. Photos are UP kaptainmyke Jump to first page40Jump to last page 4 yearskaptainmyke (24408): what about the left and right brah
Grading "personally" valueable books bennyb86 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 4 yearsJoshua373 (100): My first comic wasn't something cool like Spider-man or the X-men. The first book I ever picked off the shelf was Power Pack # 8. I was 9 and the cover caught my eye because of the Kid super heroes, Cloak and Dagger, and several monsters. I have a copy of it graded 9.8. I also submitted a Power-Pack #1 I got signed by the co-creator at Heroes con. CBCS should be shipping it soon. Not valuable but priceless to me.
Going back to trades, so cashing out Oldbsturgeon 18 4 yearsOldbsturgeon (142): It is a Friday thread so there is that, but no
What book did you tape? Huffmaster 21 4 yearsThemaxx35 (2333): It wasn't tape, but I recently dropped an otherwise pristine copy of my favorite Adam Hughes variant. The glossy cover just slipped through my fingers as I removed it from the bag. Resulted in spine stress on the back cover. The irony was I was prepping the book to be signed and sent in for grading. Plans changed pretty quick. I am hoping the damage will press out, but still seething over that one.
First submission back. therandyrobbins 5 4 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): nice book.
Who is on YouTube here? JLS_Comics 3 4 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): That sounds very interesting! I never had a Commodore, the family computer at the time was a macintosh. It's cool that there are comic themed games for it, I will have to look for an emulator
Has Disney doomed Marvel? MISFIT42 11 4 yearsOxbladder (1005): I don't have an issue with Marvel. Mantle changes are fine. DC lost me starting five years ago and just keep on pushing me away. I'm not surprised since they have EICs that drove Marvel into the ground in the 90's. IMHO DC keeps trying to do the past while Marvel keeps on moving forward trying to attract new readers.
Joe Manganiello is officially Deathstroke JLS_Comics 4 4 yearsDarthLego (20516):
Funny & Out of Context Comic Quotes Zombiebigfoot Jump to first page52Jump to last page 4 yearsZombiebigfoot (1752):
Completed Email. therandyrobbins 22 4 yearsearthshaker01 (13115): Got my email as well. Here is one of the 30 Goldkey #1's I'll be getting back soon.
Trying to make new order, no shipping opt kaptainmyke 4 4 yearsDarthLego (20516):
For Sale: 1990s Batman Comics + KnightFall kaptainmyke 11 4 yearsDarthLego (20516): I would love to buy the lot, but my wallet has officially gone on strike and has threatened to leave me for good. :(|)
Romantic interest Schoultzdan Jump to first page100Jump to last page 4 yearsDick_Pontoon (2373):
Favorite Comic Story/Arc? Alexsolo 19 4 yearsDespain (1613): I've been reading comics since 1986. I'm a huge Wolverine fan. I know that Old Man Logan is heavily inspired by The Dark Knight Returns and maybe Clint Eastwood's "Unforgiven," but I really enjoy the 2009 Old Man Logan story. Of course, I'm also a huge fan of the 1982 Wolverine limited series. The Proteus storyline from X-Men is also a gem.
PRINTING ERRORS slq955 Jump to first page43Jump to last page 4 yearsslq955 (31): For everything I collect my goal is to have it for 30 to 40 years, then sell it off. Let it appreciate in value and cash in for retirement.
Cover Contest Round 1: Genesis JLS_Comics Jump to first page34Jump to last page 4 yearsJLS_Comics (5461): haha yep you won, congrats!! You even get a "No Prize" lol
WTB...TWD#6 BigRig 3 4 yearsBigRig (1997): Raw is fine message me whit what you want for it thanks!
CBCS Graded Comics For Sale SilverAgeFan 7 4 yearsSteverogers11 (2992): 👍
"The Strain" CBCS Verified Books for Sale! cjbehr948 2 4 yearscjbehr948 (170): These are all ending tonight. Just bumping it up for those who haven't seen it.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe DarthLego 22 4 yearsluckroy (61): That's awesome
Marvel NOW Jesselnc 10 4 yearsDeadpoolica (852): Previews World check out their site
Dynamic Forces Deal of the Day (Daily) kaptainmyke Jump to first page45Jump to last page 4 yearsRevelations (523): They don't charge until they ship, so at least that's not an issue.
ComicSkin Product Review (YouTube Video) DarthLego Jump to first page79Jump to last page 4 yearsD84 (1537): Cool. I'll order that and let everyone know.
Looking...twd BigRig 7 4 yearsSilverAgeFan (391): @DarthLego , you and me both Darth!
New Collection Theme: Reflection Covers DarthLego Jump to first page40Jump to last page 4 yearsDarthLego (20516): Nice, this one will crossover with my werewolf collection. :D
Black Eyed Kids by AfterShock Comics JLS_Comics 20 4 yearsGabriel85301 (1565): The so called expert compiler in Black Eyed Kid accounts is David Weatherly, he runs this blog. What's funny is last year he talked about CreepyPasta's "SLENDERMAN" and it's similarities to "Mister Bloom" from Batman New 52
Boston Comic Con Misterj1o 4 4 yearsThemaxx35 (2333): Mine popped up at the end of the last week.
Do You Want To Play A Game? JLS_Comics 15 4 yearsRafel (1281): I'm in. It sounds like fun.
All Star Batman #1 DarthLego Jump to first page110Jump to last page 4 yearskaptainmyke (24408):
Opus and Bill the Cat are coming back!!! Jesse_O 14 4 yearsJesse_O (18801): That looks great!!! I had to go back and check my order. It says that it will come with a graphite sketch of Opus plus signature. Somehow, all I remember reading is that it will be signed. Now, I'm more anxious to get it!! Only have about a month left to get it!! LOL
Batman Adventures #12 Fan Expo Exclusive Beamer 14 4 yearsDarthLego (20516): The foil has gone out of stock and come back into stock a few times, so I'd keep checking back if I wanted to grab a copy on the cheap.
Kav is Awesome #CreepEngine DarthLego 3 4 yearsconditionfreak (11273): Kav was one of the few that was nice to me across the street, after my banning. He was not the only one. But one of a very few. I appreciate that fact. When the going gets tough, you find out who your friends really are. We ain't close friends, but internet friends. I don't want to put anyone else down. But Kav seems to be about as fair and balanced as anyone I have met on the internet. There are a few more for sure, but very few.
The TMNT 2016 SDCC Mega Bloks Time Capsule kaptainmyke 11 4 yearskaptainmyke (24408): Fiona his office manager ema