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'Grading Help Needed' Topics

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CBCS Message Board - Terms of Use SteveRicketts 1 8 yearsSteveRicketts (18538): Open thread to view post.
Grading Opinion Neded (X-Men #137) PORECHKA 11 16 daysPORECHKA (3): I really appreciate your opinion guys - that's helping me to improve as my own kind of grader and form my opinions! I'm seeing now a lot of potential stuff that I could've been missed myself. Unfortunately - book is yet have to arrive to me and I'm living far away from USA, so I'll get back to you with more detailed pictures and close-ups of the book itself, so we can keep that discussion open after that. Thank you! :)
Order stuck in billing; can CBCS staff help? Ryanklubeck 1 22 daysRyanklubeck (1): Hi everyone. I’m not sure if staff check this forum, but anyone’s help would be appreciated. I submitted a reholder order and had to cancel my credit card before the order was received and billed. I forgot this happened and logged into CBCS a week later and noticed the status read “Billing.” I had never seen this as an order status before but I instantly knew why. I added my new card and paid my balance immediately, but it’s been...
Questions on Crossing CGC Qualified to CBCS ATinyTurtle 16 1 monthSigur_Ros (4179): If they're witnessed, they don't need to be verified. 👍
Game Informer ONLINE_209 2 1 monthSGT_Comics (250): I think the only limitation is the size. If your Game Informer will fit within the below referenced dimensions, it's probably fine.
UXM 129 Detached Centerfold Grade? drchaos 8 2 monthscesidio (2168): Honesty 2.0 to 2.5 seems about right. Not sure I would have spent the money for the signature. Wouldn't try an amatuer restoration. If you're looking for preservation that's one thing. If you're looking to flip probably not worth touching. Just my opinion
CGC horror story from mega con watch Zombie_Head 22 3 monthssoutherncross (30240): Yeah I saw that video but not knowing the graders notes I presume the book has defects that keep it as a 3.5 No matter taking out the spine roll and pressing and starching a book that has defects that can't be pressed away and keeps it a 3.5 is ever going to change. Though he did say he had a conversation with Matt we were not there to hear. It was possible that Matt said the book could increase in grade and it's possible he said it may...
CBCS boss please look at this. Zombie_Head Jump to first page36Jump to last page 3 monthsNuffsaid111 (19092): Thank you. These are the words that give me agita (Italian for heartburn) I have a subjective grade that will now be under further subjectivity with a subjective policy. :(|) And I wonder why I need Advil with the re-holder topic
Uncanny X-Men 211 and 212 Would Cleaning and Pressing these be worth it? Dealiod 11 3 monthsDealiod (39): @GanaSoth Thanks. I tend to find most posts on this forum help. It's a good community. Thank you for your reply.
Do they grade down on distributor ink on cover desslocktx 13 4 monthssborock_ComicLink (3658): 🤣🤣🤣
Some Advice Needed X0MEN King Size Special #1 dfoster43 7 5 monthsmakahuka (3133): Cool book.
Spare a Grade for Spider-Man VS Wolverine Dealiod 16 5 monthsDealiod (39): @Davethebrave you got that right.
Secret Warriors vol. 1 no. 1 Unknown Variant The_IronJedi 11 6 monthsBuzbe (158): Naw this usually means they are cooking the numbers to justify their sells resulting in a better check for someone
Turn around times for the other guys drchaos 4 6 monthsmakahuka (3133): CGC tats, interesting.
Shipping with USPS n01sycricket 9 6 monthsmakahuka (3133): Nice info.
CBCS sticker? GothamBridge 11 7 monthschester15 (1922): I didn't look for the listing, but the price, if low enough, could be a determining factor, risk/reward thing. If legit, good price, no headache. If it seems sketchy, send it back, mild headache.
Qualify for pressing Gr8gramBeemo 18 7 monthsComicNinja0215 (4514): @Gr8gramBeemo Yeah man!
Gaming the system Oldfuzznts 30 8 monthsNeutrons (262): nuff said. @Nuffsaid111
Rare variant of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #29 issue Roxainer 10 8 monthsRoxainer (19): @Sigur_Ros @docsantos51 @Nuffsaid111 @makahuka Thank you all for the very kind and detailed answers, you are helping me a lot!
How do I perform a split transaction on an invoice? Can I call CBCS? Wond3rWom4n 7 9 monthsIronMan (6210): CBCS does not list a customer service phone number. However, the email response time is quick. My last email got an answer just a few hours later. Usually it's just one or two days. As other's have mentioned, calling the bank first is probably the fast and simple solution.
Star Splangled Comics 75 (1947) MATEUSMENOR442 6 9 monthsandy49 (3341): VG- 3.5
Help possible water damage???:( TheShocker 21 9 monthsmakahuka (3133): Dang, what a bummer, and welcome to the forum.
What am I not understanding with CBCS pricing? MisterMR Jump to first page42Jump to last page 9 monthsOldfuzznts (399): Who you with?
Look wut I found! chuchie 10 10 monthschuchie (125): thanks for all your thoughts, advice, and comments. much appreciated!
Grade for cut out Bofiana 9 10 monthsBofiana (2): Thank you for all the replies. Trying to decide if I should have it graded but after the feedbacks, I would probably leave it as is rather than having it graded and would just get a 1.0
Archie #1 - CGC graded it 1.0, thoughts? writerwill Jump to first page70Jump to last page 11 monthsDrWatson (50977): Leftover wet cat food works good as well.
So you want to be a Grader… stanley_1883 Jump to first page38Jump to last page 1 yearDavethebrave (16275): So, what do I win?
Grade Opinions: ASM 129 dielinfinite 8 1 yearjaysonslade (198): I’d just pay the $100 more and go with the 3.0. Too many variables on a 1.8 that actually presents very closely to what a 1.5 would. But… that being said, I’m not much of a fan of signed comics, verified or not.
Invalid Comic/Magazine Message when checking number DerekPutnam 5 1 yearDerekPutnam (2): Oh well, along the lines of what I though most likely. Thanks everyone.
Sending CGC to CBCS SpiderStrange99 19 1 yearInstant_Subtitles (1323): @SpiderStrange99 Two questions, both answered. - Is it for your long-term/permanent collection? If yes, then do it if you like how CBCS slabs their comics. There are risks, and there are no guarantees that you will see a grade bump. But in the end, it is more about your collection than how others collect. If no, see my response below. - Is this for a profit flip or a trade? If yes, then I say the risk outweighs the reward. You are better...
Does damage from the printer cause the grade to go down? Dealiod 11 1 yearcesidio (2168): Depending on The problem worst case scenario green lable . case in point
New Mutants 98 Newsstand Pen marks on the back cover CraigAnEm 27 1 yearHulkSmash (9956): Although a 9.6 is possible based on the criteria @GAC pointed out; I would not hold my breath on a modern. That would be nice if it got a 9.4/9.6 assuming lack of other defects. Being a modern I wouldn’t expect it. Was it still common practice to have date “stamps” in the 90s? The signature has the most benefit unless you have Liefeld sign it too. Don’t get me wrong; it’s super cool and (more) valuable with the sig regardless of the...
What do you want in your wallet...errr Collection? CBCS vs CGC Scifinator 30 1 yearSiggy (25525): Another comparison with back cover images.
Misclassification Ronin 12 1 yearRonin (23): $63 for a last ronin lost years retail incentive cover which is regular comic size. The $96 is for the last ronin issue #1 which are a little bigger
Spare a grade old Warren Magazine? sigep815 11 1 yeardoog (8378): Closest! I’ll drink to that!
Shipping label TheFlash07 5 1 yeardielinfinite (26607): @TheFlash07 You are not billed until the books are received so there is nothing to refund.
Help with Grade: FF48 Eclipse9665 14 1 yearPolarisNuclearSS2020 (1124): The book looks trimmed and there is a lot of edge oxidation, I’d pass.
Need some guidance here. MikeyLee26 22 1 yeargrapeape (491): When will we find out what you got for each book? The Tales of Suspense is killing me. 😂
Superman vs The Amazing Spider-man Geekme 13 1 yeardpiercy (4787): I did a video when I picked up my Superman/Ali book a few months ago. Really great book.
How does CBCS treat subscription creases? Kranzor 8 1 yearZombie_Head (3493): It will get hit for that.
Grading Opinion? DWeeB1967 18 1 yearDWeeB1967 (11424): For now, I've kind of done nothing with this one. I'm still interested in the book at the right price but I have not yet made what I consider to be a fair offer. I may reach out to the dealer in the next few days and see what they say.
Thanks Cynthia Zombie_Head 14 1 yearfigment (18736): On my previous visit to CBCS/Beckett I asked about the GIANT empty room behind reception and was told it's reserved for Customer Service. Now they just need to get people in there! And yes, Cynthia is the best!
Can you mail in submissions? Prealpha2 4 1 yearPrealpha2 (8): Thanks.
Grade Help Please Abcjniq 15 1 yearlawguy1977 (6008): @esaravo I agree as well. As for the actual book you want to submit, I agree with the others, it's likely going to get knocked down from a 9.8. Welcome to the forum!
Help spare a grade? nicholas 11 2 yearsGalen130 (5956): A professional cleaning will help the eye appeal for sure. No higher than 5.0/5.5 afterwards…in my opinion. 🙂👍
Grade help please Zombie_Head 6 2 yearsZombie_Head (3493): Thanks everyone. Appreciate the answers.
Werewolf By night #1 Grade? Flip1987 9 2 yearsPolarisNuclearSS2020 (1124): @Flip1987 I pulled all the pics up on my desktop and magnified them, but you really need to post better pics. a single FC and a single BC pic and interior pic of the FC and BC are needed. Hard to say without seeing the interior of the front and rear cover, as the top FC has some chips out, but it looks like it may just be creased back overhang (still intact, not missing chips). Top BC does have what looks like a small chip out of the top...
Tmnt #51 grade? Flip1987 6 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): I agree that without that corner bend, it could potentially be a 9.6 candidate. Any success in pressing at all would bring up the grade, and the book presents so nicely because the bend only affects the back cover. If it were mine, I'd seriously consider getting it pressed. There will always be buyers for good-looking TMNT books.
Is it late or am I impatient? trooperTK602 9 2 yearspower_struggle55 (6642): knew what I was getting into when I submitted. hope for a good grade. from six years ago. want mostly for display purproses. so not completely picky on grade
Is it still worth it stanley_1883 18 2 yearsJoosh (4172): “Is it worth it?” Is a question only you can answer. For me, the higher grading costs and softening market means fewer books are worth it. That said, the lacking customer service and long turnaround times are my biggest hurdle nowadays.
First time submitting, and there are errors… lukkychukky 26 2 yearsScifinator (15658): @lukkychukky - I have had occasions to send back items to CBCS (old style clip cracks and swapped labels). At first I waited for CS response, but realized that I could just send in with explanation and contact info like @Sigur_Ros mentioned, along with a request for credit to reimburse for the shipping coat back to them. Make sure to be point out what you want insured at for the shipping back, in case a Samsonite gorilla gets hold of your...
Help with TMNT 1986 Cdantiks 10 2 yearsCdantiks (67): Thanks to all for the great responce.
ASM 300 HELP GRADING OrionPax 13 2 yearscesidio (2168): 8.0 if you're lucky camp
Finding out what grade your books got... lukkychukky 15 2 yearslukkychukky (48): Well, I accidentally saw the grade, but that’s okay. They authenticated the signatures and that’s all that matters!
Could I get some insight on why my book got the grade it did? SoulReaverDan 27 2 yearsJoosh (4172): The question has been answered thoroughly so all I want to say is this forum is the best. A valid question was asked. Valid answers were given; not a keyboard warrior in site. 😎
Is it safe yet? Therealrudolfo 9 2 yearsdrmccoy74 (12812): Send your high end stuff. If you pay the premium and don't want pressing your turn around time is like a week! I Love it. Its expensive but worth it. To me at least
Grade estimate for ASM 74? IowaDad81 20 2 yearsPolarisNuclearSS2020 (1124): Open thread to view post.
So what's the word on Magazine grading? BPaxson002 Jump to first page94Jump to last page 2 yearsKatKomics (29085): 100% - will likely be same process - just gets verified by Beckett... look at you though....assuming magazine grading will be a thing!!!
Comicless for almost 300 days Juicecomics 14 2 yearsJuicecomics (12): I have an update! Literally the day after posting the original post I got an email saying my books are graded and on their way!!!!! I think they heard me bitching and gave it to me faster lol, but I appreciate everyone’s input so thank you!
Missing mvs stamp Jgwalters100 21 2 yearscesidio (2168): According to Overstreet grading guide lines the most an incomplete book can get is a 1.5. That's why I always ask to see the book if it's older and a key issue.
Ultimate Fallout 4 - spare a grade James42 11 2 yearsHulkSmash (9956): It’s worth pressing and grading. From what I can see a 9.4 after a press is realistic.
ASM 300-Spare a grade Jermfoley 12 2 yearsmulti007 (4032): my best guess would be 9.2 to 9.4 - doesnt look like pressing will help it. its already flat and tight.
Newton Ring Help Sundog 23 2 yearsKatKomics (29085): they tried a while ago but then created the creep engine problem! basically the front and back of the case would flex in and out and cause the book inside to slowly ripple like an accordion!!!! but few CBCS slabs pull them apart - measure everything and duplicate!!
Info Collecting khodd 12 2 yearsRbolton (6027): I’ll give ya the 66 bucks for it 😜, like everyone has pointed out, it’s definitely worth the press and grade.
Batman Adventures 12 Staple Question mini_tb Jump to first page31Jump to last page 2 yearsticktocktyler (1381): Funny thing, that. The additional value seems to be the cost of grading that keeps getting passed from seller to buyer ad infinitum. But that's just polemics, I suppose. I am in the unfortunate position of admiring the book(s) itself and firstly. So, that's where I come from when I see this sort of thing. Just adding what EYE would do since the owner asked what HE should do. It's hard for me to treat a hobby I love as the NY Stock Exchange.
Facilitator Question Drogio Jump to first page170Jump to last page 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): I'll take a discount code...
Need help and advice Cdantiks 27 2 yearsdrmccoy74 (12812): Agree. If you tape the cover back to the book maybe a 2.0 at best. I while back I sent and Avengers 4 in with the cover attached and only got a 2.5. Piece out on bottom corner killed it.No way that book gets a 3.0 no matter what TLC you give it.
How will these defects effect the grade? Skcatch 12 2 yearsetapi65 (4060): This could be an example of color lift instead of color rub...but still doesn't quite look right. It's just as likely some sort of chemical splattered on the cover and the ink came off.
Vintage Plus changed to Premium after submission and payment leelewis17 27 2 years50AE_DE (6464): Sounds like BS. I'd try to argue the charge.
Comics sent back ungraded but charged Grayson2020 Jump to first page106Jump to last page 2 yearsSigur_Ros (4179): Yea, while he'll probably get nowhere with them, I do find it incredibly ridiculous to charge for grading then just wedge the raw books between some slabs for shipping, then regrade them based on their new CBCS-created condition.
TMNT #7 - potential grade? IowaDad81 12 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): @ComicHoarder As an 'error collector' myself, I love some of that stuff. :heart: 'Conjoined' pages (LOL!) are not my thing, but I look for double covers and colour errors the like. I agree that the book deserves to get verified & slabbed if that's what @IowaDad81 wants. It won't be a 9.8 but if that's not the goal, then go for it! :D
Is VSP Grading worth it? X-Men #1 1991 IowaDad81 21 2 yearsxkonk (17719): I happened to be looking at Jim Lee X-Men #1s the other day. In 9.8 they look to be going for $175-200 on eBay. Like someone else said though, I don't think yours is a 9.8. If you want it verified and graded for your personal state of mind then I would go ahead. I don't think I would pay express, myself, but I also tend to send things for pressing and that gets pricey. If you're looking to sell it then I would probably leave it as-is.
Distributor ink overspray confusion leelewis17 19 2 yearsEbayMafia (37157): Having been caught in the same situation, I was very understanding and supportive initially. But in my company we quickly adjusted our communication to customers. And we didn't allow a perpetual flow of new higher priced work to take precedent over the early jobs that had been given wrong TAT's. We did everything in our power to come as close as possible to the estimates we had given customers.
Raw Grades stanley_1883 12 2 yearsEbayMafia (37157): In that case, just get them slabbed. The money you save in using it as a prescreen couldn't possibly make up for the money and time you would spend on the service.
when will the QR codes show me the notes? Tattedcoyboy 3 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): @Tattedcoyboy I've been pretty lucky, but one time I had a submission that didn't update on my dashboard, and that meant I couldn't access the grader's notes. I sent an email to CS and they got on it right away. My dashboard was updated less than 24 hours after I sent the email. Now if I could just get them to reply when I have a return...
Grade dropped-What to do? Supertom 22 2 yearsNuffsaid111 (19092): Yep! I will always be appreciative that grading companies can verify restoration. That is very important. But somewhere along the way the hobby was stolen from the hobbyists and we all allowed it to happen due to the big money being tossed around when the comic is placed in plastic and a dopey number assigned. That number is only accurate on that day by that "professional"(s). In the end, I don't care. I just sell the stuff...
CBCS submit order is down? Zombie_Head Jump to first page32Jump to last page 2 yearsconsumetheliving (885): CBCS sub in the mail. Tomorrow I will drop off the CGC sub, took advantage of the upgrade special. Pretty sure CGC is going to win this one.
SCORE >!!! Tyler 12 2 yearsTyler (577): The "Tec" sold for $300...the Avengers got $115 ...i still have the Magic comics. :)
Raw Grading Turnaround Time BillB Jump to first page31Jump to last page 2 yearsEbayMafia (37157): I mean that you can't consign CBCS Raw Grade books the way you can consign slabs. They will crack them open and regrade them to MCS standards.
Help with Cgc grader notes restoration. Zombie_Head 11 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): It could just as easily be a bit of dirt that can't be cleaned out because it's in the colour break(s). If it were a restoration - even amateur hour - surely whoever did it would at least try to match colour. This isn't even close.
How do I disperse my Packing Slips? JMSComics 23 2 yearsflanders (25613): Why don't you create a submission for the same books with CBCS and see what the price difference is?
Check this video out do you agree with grade? Zombie_Head 24 2 yearsZombie_Head (3493): @Nuffsaid111 happy birthday buddy
Featured Comics?? Josh7945 11 2 yearsHAmistoso (24989): clickable text
CGC sub, harsh or on point? consumetheliving Jump to first page44Jump to last page 2 years50AE_DE (6464): @consumetheliving I think it's already been mentioned, but just an FYI. Discussing Alteration Techniques: Users may not share or otherwise discuss techniques for altering comics; including, but not limited to, restoration, pressing, cleaning, taping, or any other techniques that could result in temporary or permanent damage to a comic book. CBCS is in no way liable for any damage resulting from a user performing any technique they read or saw...
CBCS Pressing and Grading Disaster ShoddyShortBox 22 2 yearsShoddyShortBox (53): I apologize for the poor writing. I was trying to mix genuine quality concerns into some kind of satire of what I recall seeing on the board lately regarding conspiracy. Actually, it may have just been one person whose posts I see often, I honestly don't recall. Regardless, the attempt didn't work, so, sorry about that. I agree that it would be weird to be upset with a 9.8; I'm not and I'm definitely not looking to have it addressed with...
Symbiote Spider-Man #1 hogan36 9 2 yearshogan36 (198): @HulkSmash The 9.0 grader notes: light bend right bottom of front cover moderate bend left bottom of back cover The 9.4 grader notes: light bend left bottom of back cover I inspected my books before and took a video of me holding my comics before/during the signing and submitting. There was no bends in them.
Question about grading missing value stamp Tattedcoyboy 19 2 yearscesidio (2168): Years ago I bought a hulk 181 missing stamp. Gorgeous book otherwise. At the time there was no cgc or cbcs. Learned my lesson. According to Overstreet was basically a 1.5. Why I don't buy manipulated or restoration book
Darkhawk 1.What grade? Imad 17 2 yearsImad (60): Open thread to view post.
How do I Group Ship? Aasha881 4 2 yearsAasha881 (5): Thanks for all the info! If we can organize them as several separate orders, just shipped together, sounds like that's the key. Much appreciated!
HELP: Order stuck under "billing" for a month Jacobin64 13 2 yearsNoblebeast315 (2194): That would be ridiculous considering I am sure they are well aware how frustrated their customers are and it ain’t going to stop us from voicing our frustrations. If there was a means for us, their customers to get our questions answered then we wouldn’t be here in the forum consoling all the new customers for finding out how bad the customer service has been recently. Sorry for being so blunt. I’m just frustrated 🤣🤣🤣
Confused dsilberman 11 2 yearsetapi65 (4060): Sounds like CBCS could have made a really weird mistake. If it's possible for you to show the book and the invoice you submitted (with contact and credit information redacted); people might be able to provide advice/feedback instead of questions
How can you tell if a slab is a fake/scam or not? JMSComics 5 2 yearsJoosh (4172): For someone who hasn’t had the experience of holding various versions of CGC and CBCS slabs it can be difficult to know what’s normal and what’s a red flag. Generally it’s best to look for signs of tampering, both of the hard case and especially cut lines in the inner well.
Grading Question -FF 67 drchaos 20 2 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11512): I think you made the right call by not taping
Jim Steranko Books - Grading Opinions drchaos Jump to first page44Jump to last page 2 yearsdrchaos (27855): I had a chance to go through all of the books carefully and will be getting these signed today: 1. Nick Fury Agent of Shield (1968) # 1 - this book does have water damage. 3. Nick Fury Agent of Shield (1968) # 1 Copy B 5. Strange Tales (1951) # 157 7. Strange Tales (1951) # 163 The other three books just don't seem to be worth the cost. I also have a Shanna the She Devil book that is an easy yes. Today I get five books signed by Jim Steranko.
Spare a Grade for ASM 194 Cnight Jump to first page31Jump to last page 2 yearsCnight (157): @ComicHoarder what’s the best way to reach Joey? I sent him an email, but I know he is crazy busy. Am I better off PMing him through his CBCS or CGC forum profiles?
Is Express Plus the same 2-Day? caleb1138 2 2 yearsdielinfinite (26607): The status of outstanding 2-Day modern coupons and prior memberships in general is currently unknown See here for more information
Should I get this coverless Hulk 2 graded or sell raw? JMSComics 16 2 yearsGAC (71118): @JMSComics For re-sale purposes, keep raw. For the PC...consider a reproduction cover as @ComicHoarder stated. For bigger type books, in my opinion, reproduction covers can be acceptable.
Guideline for tears ? AldoG 7 2 yearsDavethebrave (16275): Dry the small tear up with a paper towel and try to not get so emotional next time.
Spare a Grade? Batman #63 Eclipse9665 10 2 yearsPolarisNuclearSS2020 (1124): Dunno, I think 1.0 or 1.5 is reasonable for that FF. But it does pose the question of whether books like it should be taped (neatly along the length of the interior FC and BC along spine)....maybe it would've hit 2.0 with "tape on interior" on the universal label? For this Batman, I'd have to think that given the chance of getting slammed with a .5 vs the likely odds of getting a 1.8-2.0 if the BC was raped along the length of...
Teen Titans 17.What grade? Imad 16 2 yearsBrianGreensnips (14783): I recommend not getting it graded. I agree with Flanders.
Slab Crack Open, Press, and Regrade Questions naftixe 3 2 yearsnaftixe (190): @dielinfinite Thanks for the info!
Insurance Question Hawley 16 2 yearsKatKomics (29085): @Hawley $73 bucks isn't too bad for the return shipping judging from the 1st few books we can see it seems like you have a really nice submission going in!!!
Tyler Kirkham & Rafael Grassetti hogan36 3 2 yearshogan36 (198): @Cowabunga_Kyle Thank you!
Tynion Signing Dayzzgoby24 19 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): Yes, it will. Still waiting on my books in pressing, but I know it'll work out once I get them back.
Metal Covers hogan36 2 2 yearssleeperbat (186): I like that red whit and blue one
SAMURAI OF OZ #1 LEIRIX KILL OZ hogan36 1 2 yearshogan36 (198): Here's another cover that I love by the artist Leirix. Limited to 15.
Grade guidance needed Scifinator 10 2 yearsflanders (25613): 7.0-8.0
Press or no press? Pizzaroll 14 2 yearspower_struggle55 (6642): there are imperfections that a press wont fix. the bent corner, the stain, etc a 6.0 has sold for $110. So could be worth it, but not as much. might be better to find a better copy to grade
i would LOVE this to be a 9.6>? Tyler 20 2 years50AE_DE (6464): Unfortunately it's not anywhere near a 9.0. As mentioned, the staining on the back cover and smudge on the cover will hammer the grade pretty hard.
MVS taped Vikk 8 2 yearssborock (48457): @EbayMafia No green label from CBCS :cool:
help with grades on 1950's comics Tyler 6 2 yearsTyler (577): $2k cash and trade
PGM: Fantastic Four 52 dielinfinite 6 2 yearsPre_Coder (19138): 2.0/2.5 as well
Double-cover Submariner #45 - worth grading? MrNotSoNice 8 2 yearsEbayMafia (37157): The only problem with slabbing a double cover is that the true FMV still remains somewhat unclear. Unlike single cover books which have a well-established market value once they receive a grade.
Grading advise on a Bronze Age Grail Schumy2 10 2 yearsbeastboy1980 (1125): i would say a 6.5
To Grade or Not to Grade - Wolverine 8 Jprez111 28 2 yearsJprez111 (78): Thanks all. Right now, I think I’ll keep it raw for the time being. Although this is for the personal collection, I do agree with cost-value analysis some of you mentioned. But that could change in the future. It’s always nice to have a comic slabbed, but not a necessity. Good luck to the others!
Will CBCS Verify My Kids' Signatures? geistca 8 2 yearsgeistca (1): Awesome, this is great. Thanks all for the help!
regrade question schmoff 21 2 yearsComicNinja0215 (4514): The wrap on my daredevil 181 "9.8" looks pretty crappy.
FF KS #1 Tyler 19 2 yearsTyler (577): I have turned down offers MORE than that you have suggested. I think you are a little low ...BUT>>> I understand how grading and pricing is SUBJECTIVE :)
Which Hero for Hire 1 to buy? DocCop 15 2 yearscrystalphoto (1602): I say buy them both...
Unfamiliar Grader's Notes Offpanel 6 2 yearsDrWatson (50977): You'll probably get more suggestions once people show up at work to goof off on the computer.
Rough grade???? NortherInkComics Jump to first page39Jump to last page 2 yearsEbayMafia (37157): A word of warning about the "gorgeous" Karen Page on the Daredevil cover. 235 issues later she's a strung out porn actress who gives up Daredevil's secret identity. Hope I didn't spoil it for anyone.
Ice Cream Man #25 hogan36 5 3 yearsdpiercy (4787): Love this series.
Test Your Online Grading Skills - Hulk 1 Newsstand Red Hulk - Sent to CBCS Eclipse9665 22 3 yearsPre_Coder (19138): I'm also in the 9.0-9.2 club.
Spare a grade? ASM 50 Sebastsk8 27 3 yearsPolarisNuclearSS2020 (1124): ASM 50 , if wear on BC and interior is consistent w/wear on FC, looks Did you do this trade? I see 1 spine tick which barely breaks color on your MK 1 (between the cover artists' signature and MW's cape). Possibly a non color breaking fold top right corner of FC but that may be shade/lighting in the shot. Very light edge frayoing/wear at right side of the bottom FC. No loss to cover inks. Basically, your MK 1 looks ike it could hit a 9.8...
Help grading this ASM 301 OrionPax 13 3 yearsOrionPax (15): @HulkSmash thanks man! I know it is not the rarest book, but I like it a lot and it's very pleasing to hear that.
How long does it currently take for an order to be marked as "Received"? PhantomStranger271 14 3 yearsgotham44 (246): I submitted reholders in the beginning of August. Still doesn't show as received, only submitted. Is this normal? its been around 6 months now
Can you spare a grade? ASM 129 EliW0894 12 3 years00slim (17787): 3.0-3.5. That top staple keeps it from VG, to me.
Red label to Yellow label change in Grading Notes comixoasis Jump to first page49Jump to last page 3 yearsScifinator (15658): @dielinfinite - I agree, no designated place, not SOP and nor do they request it.
Moon Knight #2,3 (2021) - Help with grading, please. PORECHKA 5 3 yearsPORECHKA (3): @xkonk Ty for an answer! I kinda analysed the book myself and desided to give it a conservative 9.6 @Sigur_Ros Ty for an answer, but it is hard for me since I'm living in other country (Belarus) and it's already a big headache to get books there.
Max grade for books with loose pages? Schumy2 8 3 yearsSchumy2 (9): Thank you all for the valued feedback. I’m definitely going to have the book pressed before sending it into CBCS for grading/slabbing. I look forward to sharing the results when I get the book back.
Comparative grade Davethebrave 26 3 yearsDarkseid_of_town (14297): Hard to seriously collect silver or golden age books without eventually having some date stamps. ...dont mind them myself as long as they are small and non intrusive
CBCS grading damaged books Randomdoge 7 3 yearsHulkSmash (9956): Without damage to the package They have no way of knowing if damages are done enroute to them or were pre existing. People submit books in varying conditions including impact damages. these posts make it seem like CBCS is at fault when all they did was provide the service that was paid for when proper insurance should’ve been purchased by the sender to hold the carrier accountable for damages. If you have $500 worth of comics you should...
Need a value RonMob 7 3 yearsRonMob (122): Absolutely, I press everything before sending for grading. Always improves its chances! If anyone needs anything pressed fast and inexpensively, please reach out! I have references.
Help--Grade reduction due to damage tonyz58 Jump to first page42Jump to last page 3 yearsSigur_Ros (4179): Yes, I do.... but Dave already said it best. Your opinion is that someone took 3 pricey books in better condition and downgraded them to look like OP's books, just so they could swap them. No offense, but if I stated that opinion, I'd expect to get called out on it too.
TMNT Advs. #1 9.8 CPV FMV? MurrayC 5 3 yearsHcanes (5224): A newsstand 9.6 sold for $1250. The bump up to 9.8 is typically ridiculous, why most of us are happy with a 9.6. You'd have to find a CPV collector and I wouldn't be surprised you could get a minimum 2.5k
Absolute Carnage #1 Skan Srisuwan hogan36 5 3 yearsJesse_O (39302): @hogan36 the only thing I can think of is that TCM DID have a Skan signing event at the 2019 NYCC where he signed these. Perhaps the signed ones were from that event. That's the only thing that would make sense to me. TCM told people that got one with their orders that Skan would be signing them there.
CBCS screwed up my slabbing and won’t respond Patrickjones2549 Jump to first page61Jump to last page 3 yearsEbayMafia (37157): Nah, we would get bored here. It would be like taking the spice out of a curry.
TMNT #98 Mike Vasquez Jennika Action Figure Variant Limited to 800 hogan36 6 3 yearsHeinzDad (31943): Oh no, I totally hear you. Ive been there before and learned. Not at the cost you’re in though I’m sure.
How long to press and cleaned and grsde Joey 9 3 yearsScifinator (15658): @comicsforme - The additional time is due to a massive influx of higher (quicker) tiers coming in like 1 day, 2 day Modern, rapid and quickstream plus fast passes for use with the lower tiers like modern, expanded, and consumer.
Trading Card Question jgzachary13 4 3 yearsRyan4421 (353): You are correct that is an industry standard on card grading. Once it is encapsulated it presses the card flat and the bow is no longer visible and as long as there is no creasing or color break it has no impact on grade. As mentioned it is produced but humidity in the air and nobody keeps their cards in a vacuum so it is viewed as a commonality and accepted.
Spare a grade? Sebastsk8 6 3 yearsSkcatch (533): Cool, I'm kinda in the same boat. I have a copy of NYX#3 that's not in the best shape(maybe a 7.0/7.5). I'll post it later and see what everyone thinks(getting it slabbed regardless). Good luck finding a better copy, if not, as look as you're happy with the copy you have that's all that matters.
ASM121 tonyz58 11 3 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): Nice copy! I never get tired of admiring such a classic Romita cover. The yellow just pops!
Grade / press decisions Davethebrave 27 3 yearsDavethebrave (16275): Haha, yes, I can definitely take it. There is no cost-savings goal here btw. Purely looking for what is best for the book. I am not one to spare expenses on matters like these. It will be submitted for fastest grading (either CBCS or CGC and mostly TAT based). If I get it pressed it will definitely be with a reputable pro. Period. I will post the result of a press/roll correction job on my Superman 30. I paid more $$ but had the whole...
Grading - Opinion or Bet? BPaxson002 14 3 yearsNuffsaid111 (19092): I send my books in simply to sell them. Once I have decided to grade them, I no longer want them. The market seems to love graded books; particularly Moderns. I don't get it. I really don't get Moderns. I've never gotten it. And I Don't care anymore because they're sold for ridiculous amounts of $$$ and in someone else's hands while I have the ridiculous amount of green. I'm now waiting for graded bridges to become a thing :D
Spare a grade? Supermole 10 3 yearslawguy1977 (6008): I agree as well on the 6.5.
Grading, Spine Ticks, Color Break Jprez111 9 3 yearsHulkSmash (9956): they’ve been in conflict for a while now. Lots of collateral damages left in the wake.
Spare a grade? (Uncanny 266) Sebastsk8 12 3 yearsGanaSoth (9407): I'm gonna go with 9.4 - 9.6 with a clean and press (pressable back cover bend). It has a few very tiny small color breaking spine ticks. I really couldn't see any damage to the corners or any thumb/flip damage, or oils from hands/foods. It's a really nice comic! ...
Spare a grade on this uncanny 266? Sebastsk8 6 3 yearsGalen130 (5956): Based on the pictures…9.4 after a press. The biggest issues I CAN see are a few noticeable spine creases that will press out. Can’t tell if they break color on the spine though. 🖖
Star Wars: THE HIGH REPUBLIC #7 hogan36 18 3 yearshogan36 (198): @Belarak Thank you to you all as well!
What does it take to get a 9.8? MrNotSoNice Jump to first page36Jump to last page 3 yearssoutherncross (30240): Bottle of scotch, the more years on the bottle the better the grade Just joking 🤣
Population Report? PopCultureGuy 9 3 yearsjesseaweiss (110): Gotcha. Thanks again.
Raw Grade Grayed Out No Matter What Options Are Selected tipper 3 3 yearstipper (4): thank you I phoned them but I did not get any help.I sent some comics for slabbing in early July their site did mention 8 weeks but now its sounding more like Xmas.
New into grading need help please manouro 6 3 yearsmanouro (5): Perfect thank you 👍
Please grade a couple of my (almost) Golden Age books Carpendaddy 13 3 yearsDavethebrave (16275): Yes, I agree too which is why if I am surprised I expect to be surprised on the high side of my 6-7.5 range…
A Penny for Your Grade? Iron Man 128 Chanfriendly 14 3 yearsradd76 (552): @IronMan I’ve never had a problem if I have window bags- the comic is not handled directly. I use rigid mylar bags (best practice) for the bags and I double backer board it - it’s stiff as stiff gets- if they bend it no press in the world is gonna save it “after”… Yeah with Mail-in all you can do is write instructions for letting paint marker dry- and if a special color you want you have to send in with the books and hope they...
Doctor Aphra 001 R0gu31 8 3 yearsZombiebigfoot (4175): @R0gu31 I also have a copy of that issue (Cover 1A), but chose this variant to have graded instead (Cover 1H, the Retailer Exclusive Variant). I’m sure with a cleaning & press it would’ve come back with a 9.6 or 9.8, so I’ll definitely do that when I send issue 1A in (just in case of any imperfections). It’s like...
Reholder restored comic different company Bige 6 3 yearsDrWatson (50977): What does that mean? Color touch or does your comic have knobs? Color touch has to be scraped off or cut out if it has bled through the paper. This is where you decide if you want a nice looking book in a restored label or a book with a piece missing in a universal label.
Question: Stray Dogs #1 tonnage71 7 3 yearsDrogio (7809): I was thinking expect 9.4. None of my cover As have that.
Pressing question about Megacon Belarak 4 3 yearsBelarak (1078): Thanks I kinda felt the same way but I had some other books I was going to get signed that have the card stock covers and they don't need pressing. I guess I'll send in two different orders.
Grading/Pressing Question JonnyQ 9 3 yearsradd76 (552): @lawguy1977 right for sure!!
Newbie here, advice on my only comic ralpheal1 16 3 yearsJustThatGuy (5004): Welcome to the hobby.
Grading 101: Help me Learn (Tomb of Dracula 16) bennyb86 6 3 yearsBrianGreensnips (14783): I think a 6.0 sounds possible.
Spare a grade? T.O.D. 10 TexasNoob 8 3 yearsTexasNoob (113): Y'all are awesome, thanks everyone for the feedback!
PRESS SCREENING. FASTtrackOJ 3 3 yearsxkonk (17719): It's become a long thread but lots of good info here: For press screen, you pay the $5 or whatever up front and then your books sit through the pressing TAT. When they get in front of the presser, they decide if a press would improve the grade or not. If not, you aren't charged anything else for pressing and it goes to grading. If yes, they get pressed and then go on...
My shopping cart submissions were deleted..again PopCultureGuy 10 3 yearsPopCultureGuy (10): Shipping if i remember lol
Tape cause ‘Restored’ Grade? MrNotSoNice 3 3 yearsHulkSmash (9956): Some form of “tape added” notation would be put on the label.
Turnaround times ; I’m in Canada Cmoores Jump to first page57Jump to last page 3 yearsCmoores (5): UPDATE****. My comics arrived today. I’m happy. Upset it took 8 months but I’ve learned from this experience. Thanks everyone!
Grading impact TheEbner 9 3 yearsEbayMafia (37157): I was shocked also. But I think the most likely answer is that it was some kind of giveaway or donation book from the store. Since it had no further value to the store they probably stamped it with address and phone number.
grading willlewis78 11 3 yearsComicNinja0215 (4514): @ugot2c this might be the only way and I mean ONLY way I submit to cgc again. Haha welcome aboard!
New Mutants 98 Ramage23 4 3 yearsKatKomics (29085): @Ramage23 try this site it is a fairly decent tool with most defects having a picture example to compare against.
grading willlewis78 1 3 yearswilllewis78 (30): Has anyone ever used Shazam Comics in Maryland for sending in issues to be graded
Spiderman Unlimited #1 Tyler 7 3 yearsStudley_Dudley (49613): Only one print, and what an underwhelming storyline that turned out to be. The video game, on the other hand, was a riot on the SNES!
grade question willlewis78 5 3 yearswilllewis78 (30): Thank you
Spare A Grade? ASM 300 Puckster 5 3 yearsGAC (71118): @Puckster Yes, I think so, I would press the book though.
Signature & Grading Questions hogan36 3 3 yearshogan36 (198): @dielinfinite Thank you!
Potential grade... Iron Man Security Measures? BuffJake09 6 3 yearsBuffJake09 (420): I went ahead and purchased the book, it will be a birthday present for my brother who is a huge Agents of Shield and Phil Coulson fan... my next step will be sending it off to be graded once it arrives. I'd like to know if anyone can share what the rough estimates that I should expect as far as a timeframe currently? Thanks in advance!
Label Corrections Bobsaget 6 3 yearsBobsaget (14): @dielinfinite thanks I may do that but I'm not worried about this book I have multiple to eventually send I just wanted to make sure next time that it was on it correctly
Grade Opinion/WTB - Sandman 8 dielinfinite 5 3 yearsdielinfinite (26607): Well, a new set of tires (and new shocks next paycheck) kinda made the decision for me to way -_-
Help me estimate a grade on 2 books please Sysm 10 3 yearsCatCovers (10895): That tear on Gwen is a heartbreaker. :( But definitely still worth getting slabbed if you're going to sell.
Can you spare a grade? MatterEaterLad 20 3 yearsHaljordanfan (2320): Beautiful book either way. Solid 7.0 to me. What color pages?
Press and grade question Sebastsk8 6 3 yearsComicNinja0215 (4514): @GAC :D:beer:
Doing another podcast Monday 4/26 6pm CST sborock 29 3 yearsEbayMafia (37157): OK, @flanders, now I'm starting to think that maybe you are my wife. I've noticed that she's never in the same room with me when you post.
Captain America Comics #20 most likely a 0.5... a few questions... BuffJake09 16 3 yearsCatCovers (10895): Yep. Golden Age books don’t drop in price.
Stain on the cover. Flip1987 12 3 yearsHulkSmash (9956):
Grading Question Amazing Spider-Man # 17 drchaos 7 3 yearsdrchaos (27855): It might be the least of my problems but I was so distracted by the other issues that I missed it. Thanks for all of the feedback everyone.
NEW Overstreet guide to grading(Variant history by McClure inside)! sly 4 3 yearsPre_Coder (19138): They could have at least displayed a tec-27 in the CBCS slab to offset/give balance to the AC1 in the CGC slab,... as opposed to an SW1. How insulting.. lol :D
Revisiting RAW Grading ReCollecting 21 3 yearsReCollecting (41): One of the best advantages of RAW grading is that it provides a third option. The biggest question when purchasing a comic virtually is grading. You won't know the condition of the issue until it's in your hands whether RAW or slabbed. Yes, slabbed offers a higher level of physical protection, but not grading. And I've seen my fair share of damaged comic books inside slabs. In addition, there is a group of collectors who also include the...
Can you spare a grade Mmanick Jump to first page37Jump to last page 3 yearsMmanick (288): thanks, I hope it does as well. From what I understand turnaround times are a bit crazy so ill probably g wait a bit. Until some normalcy returns.
Looking for help to identify signature Jezzter 4 3 yearsHcanes (5224): @Jezzter nice find, a Byrne and Austin combo.
Help with Grade and price please Oteemorse Jump to first page32Jump to last page 3 yearsOteemorse (322): Yup you’ve got GOLD in dem dar Hills !!
how's my Grading on this Tyler 23 3 yearsTedsaid (7340): Yeah, you are looking at the press at CGC or CBCS. If you go with an independent presser, they don't charge scaled to the value. At least, not to the same extreme as the grading company's in-house pressing units. Gary is: $13 per comic, 1975 and above. $20 per comic, up to 1974. John is: $12 per comic, 1975 and above. $14 per comic, up to 1974 & $1000; $25 between $1000-$3000; 2% above $3000 FMV Joey at CFP is: well, I just had a...
10.0>?? Spidey at his best Tyler 9 3 yearsWatcher (4166): Great book! Good luck with it's grade and happy Easter!
Color Rubs - Grading Question Nuffsaid111 11 3 yearsNuffsaid111 (19092): Yea... we've all gotten books Im' sure that we don't agree with, but ultimately we accept (in either direction). When and if we choose to sell it, we sell it as graded with no caveats (I am assuming). This particular issue will be the 1st time I have to put a caveat in the description. I simply cannot let this go for sale without identifying the crap I've shown above. It hurts my head .... lol. I have continued using both companies, but...
Previous Owners Signature on Cover zombiederek 7 3 yearsMurrayC (2745): You can turn that "Dale Hopkins" into "To Dale Hopkins, from your pal, Stan Lee! Excelsior!" kidding.... KIDDING.... I'm kidding...
General Time Frame Question laanxx99 10 3 yearsxkonk (17719): Speaking of the trade-off, you can increase speed by increasing price - pay for fast press/fast pass (or a higher tier of grading).
Grading Help Needed - High Grade Early Brave and the Bolds jokioo 5 3 yearsEbayMafia (37157): Yes, just do it. No need to keep analyzing. You should have them Press-screened, but I bet they all pass. Just make sure you check the interiors and count the pages.
Does this need to be pressed? Yoosh5492 9 3 yearsYoosh5492 (763): Thank you everybody for the feedback. I'll get it pressed and share the results. Cheers!!
Green Lantern vol.2 #59... is it a 3.0? va1ez 12 3 yearsOGJackster (49592): Me too. @va1ez Rusty staples... the gift that keeps on giving. Get what you can for it and invest up.
Floyd concert program candidate for RAW Grade? Dalkiel 11 3 yearsDalkiel (2047): @esaravo Thanks for the great idea, I think I have some of the bags that the slabs come in lying around. I'll tape together some full backs to fill out the bag. That should keep it safe till the Magazine slabs get going. Thank you Sir.
Small tear question Shadygradyd 8 3 yearsShadygradyd (1): Is is a Non Deluxe Variant Wolverine 88. I may just sell it raw. Doesn’t make sense to add the extra cost of slabbing. The bundling defect makes sense. They’re going as high as 600+ for a 9.8 and they’re still pretty easy to find in Wolverine lots.
Avengers #4...grade or not? MrNotSoNice Jump to first page122Jump to last page 3 yearsRedmisty4me (773): I think you are confused, including about being confused, but that's okay - it happens. :D Wha'? (Makes no sense, and is simply further product of your confusion.) Bottom line is that the OP is IMHO making a mistake based on the state of the ACTUAL book, and that's fine - it's his book. :) But do let me know what sort of friendly agreement we're going to make on whether I'm right about the green labels - you've ensured that it's gone on record...
Grading thoughts jfry20002000 9 3 yearsJoosh (4172): 8.5 as is 9.4 after press Nice copy regardless.
Newbie would like an opinion on grades and pressing RonMob 15 3 yearsHaljordanfan (2320): 6.5 on the GL 8 on the DD
I am on a podcast tonight 10pm EST sborock 5 3 yearsSpiderTim (3302): I'll have to watch it later as I missed it!
MSH Secret Wars #7 printer error? surfstation 11 3 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11512): Lets call it what it really is...... A mis-cut cover. I know of nobody that actively seeks out mis-wrapped or mis cut covers. They have literally no eye appeal to me and I would not even seek one out even at a discount price as opposed to finding one with a nicely centered cover.
Wondering what your opinion is on this ebay listing CarsonG 4 3 yearsGaard (3161): Cost for this book: comic itself, grading fees, shipping to and back from grading company. Cost for a 9.8: ~$99 I know which way I'd go.
Will the real 6.0 please stand up. CBCS vs cgc Scifinator Jump to first page59Jump to last page 3 yearsScifinator (15658): For the most part, I buy the CBCS label as I feel more confident that the grade is accurate. I only buy cgc if it is way underpriced or I just can't get it in CBCS. And even then, I am more apt to buy raw, read, enjoy (assuming I am not upgrading a previously read and slabbed comic), and submit to CBCS.
Grade help - WWBN Yoosh5492 8 3 yearsYoosh5492 (763): Thanks everyone.
For sale ASM 62 Cgroc09 13 3 yearsCgroc09 (244): ASM # 62 SOLD Thanks, Paul
Help grading Batman Long Halloween 1 Gridwalker 4 3 yearsGridwalker (346): I will definitely check the grading tool link. so... if this is a 8.5, I might have to reconsider sending it for slabbing. Still, trying to sort out which books to send for my first submission. I might post a few more grading help posts! Thanks for the reply guys.
Misaligned cover printing Trespa68 4 4 yearsHulkSmash (9956): Only eye appeal is affected, but I’ve seen worse.
The Walking Dead Deluxe WheatThiNZ 23 4 yearsWheatThiNZ (37): Yeah it just spiders out from there man. I bought 8 used comics today and they have a couple boxes of them and next time I get paid I'm just thinking of grabbing them all up to 100 of them and just see what's good. I'm like an addict in real life so anything I get into and like my dopamine releases to much of itself and I just want more COMICS!
Wolverine #1 Grading Help 1771x 18 4 yearssborock (48457): @CaptainCanuck That is the only thing I can guess at.
Batman Dark Knight Book Two 1771x 7 4 yearsSiggy (25525): Yes, it's a Batman Dark Knight book two.
Darth Vader #3 Grading Help 1771x 3 4 yearsNuffsaid111 (19092): CBCS: 8.5 - 9.2 CGC: 5.0 - 9.8 :D
GI Joe #1 Grading Help 1771x 3 4 yearsPre_Coder (19138): Press and clean = 7.5 / 8.0
Watchmen #1 1771x 2 4 yearscomixcited (1337): 9.0+ with a cleaning
New To CBCS And I Have Questions brand_em 22 4 yearsbrand_em (2): fedex is brutal... i purchased art at $75 USD from the US... seller charged me $35 usd for shipping and then fedex will charge me $25 CAD for shipping too.
Magazine Size Slab Update Noblebeast315 7 4 yearskaptainmyke (27079): #SOON lmaooooooooooooooooo
Grading Question hogan36 10 4 yearshogan36 (198): @Tedsaid I really don't know if that is the case with just mine or other people's as well. I'll just have to wait to see. I'm watching out for another one to see if it will have the same issue as mine. Thanks!
one MAJOR flaw comixcited 20 4 yearssayntin (3): Some kid thought, The Red Guardian? Nope, not red enough.
Grade help - ASM 300 Yoosh5492 11 4 yearsBatworldfan (42): It's a close call but I'm thinking after press, 9.2 from CGC is more likely, based on what we can see. Dark color covers see also ASM #361, do tend be harder to get the highest grades.
Local DFW guy wanting to get comics graded DANtheSoonerfan1 9 4 yearsDANtheSoonerfan1 (1): Thanks guys, have an awesome weekend!
Most likely a dumb question... Tahpsfan 11 4 yearsBronte (37724): Although a registry would be awesome, To be honest there are other things I'm hoping they address before a registry.
submission#2 ComicNinja0215 20 4 yearsSiggy (25525): Are the people who verify (BAS) in the same building as the CBCS graders? Certainly for some.
Spine roll dwilton27 12 4 yearsHulkSmash (9956): since stacking curl is not clearly defined; when I see it I tell myself spine roll. Both are fixed with a press and I can give myself a grade estimate without guessing on the curl.
Giant-Size X-Men #1, to slab or not... MrNotSoNice 15 4 yearssoutherncross (30240): @MrNotSoNice get it graded. I myself have gotten books around the $200 mark and up graded myself for my personal collection with the intention you have in mind. Anything happens to me my wife can ship my books to a auction house to sell. And it's much easier to sell a book that's been third party graded.
Grading Thoughts on Spider-Man 361 mscheel15 5 4 yearsmscheel15 (10): Appreciate the feedback. Thanks
Fantastic Four #5, to slab or not... MrNotSoNice 29 4 yearsMrNotSoNice (3433): Thank you gentlemen, book is on its way to CBCS with pressing requested (worth it to me if they just cleaned it a bit.) Will post the 'after' when I get it back. For those interested, I would consider a trade. Cheers.
Grading Staples issues on Something Is Killing The Children absavior 6 4 yearsabsavior (5): I suppose it's worth sending then. But since I have multiple copies will probably send the copies that do not have this issue first.
Differences between variants absavior 7 4 yearssteveinthecity (624): I can’t imagine any ads are specific to a variant, but rather consistent with other books printed at the same time(as the variant). To me any differences in ads of the same basic comic(exclusive of cover) would equate to a later printing.
GRADE THE BLADE comixcited 14 4 yearsBrianGreensnips (14783): 5.5 to 6.0 here too.
Grading help Yoosh5492 6 4 yearsYoosh5492 (763): Thanks!!
My first time... robo 26 4 yearsTedsaid (7340): Yes, it's very good! "Keys" is just a term of art for "key books" ... new character first appearances or significant events. These are all great keys: the first Deathstroke, the first Iron Fist, the first Sabretooth, the all-new X-Men team (I think Giant Size X-Men #1 is generally considered to come before this one, but this is still highly desired), and the first Phoenix. Just a quick glance, I'd say they are all...
Lee Excelsior hologram sticker - Graded? Patrickjones2549 9 4 yearsPatrickjones2549 (25): @theCapraAegagrus Hahaha!!! Damn, you’re so hilarious! Has anyone ever told you that? You should have your own show. Haha! So damn funny!
Sent stuff on in February. Still no update. Andr00 6 4 yearsKatKomics (29085): Once graded your books will be direct shipped back to you rather than to the Canadian office (can't remember what thread that was reported on) as there are no staff at that office (staff is from US and border is closed). Status changes are not really updated in a timely manner on your dash. Also, have you clicked to download the invoice - sometimes updates are on the invoice before they show on the dash. Also,also...sometimes since updates are...
1993 Superman 75 signed by Siegel and Jurgens Herkzy 2 4 yearsdielinfinite (26607): The books can certainly be verified. I think they are likely to pass but there is always the slim chance that they won’t. Whether it is worth slabbing might depend on how much you paid for it but a Siegel autograph on a Superman book (on a modern key, overprinted it may be) is certainly not undesirable. Be sure to check out the Newbie’s Guide to get an idea of the various options available. If you’re getting the book graded,...
Grade-Screening at CBCS Sat 6/27 sborock 19 4 yearssborock (48457): @drbreaux Yeah, not sure when the next one will be held. Bummer!
What’s your preference? jaysonslade 6 4 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11512): Mis-Wraps SUCK.
Metal COA hogan36 7 4 yearshogan36 (198): Thank you all!
Can This Defect be "Insignificant Enough" for a 9.6 Grade? Nuffsaid111 5 4 yearsDrWatson (50977): Bindery chip.
Grading hogan36 18 4 yearshogan36 (198): Thanks, that sounds good . Least I know if the signatures can be verified and won't count against me.
Shpping method ComicNinja0215 12 4 yearsComicNinja0215 (4514): And they are gone!!! Fingers crossed for a safe arrival in texas!!🤞🤞🤞
Guess the Grade - Incredible Hulk #340 lawguy1977 12 4 yearsLonestar (4809): My opinion as well.
Comic Submission Issue/Inusred Value & Grade Screening? IllogicalSpore 23 4 yearsdielinfinite (26607): Okay, so the official word from CBCS is that grade screen is not available with their signature services. The more I think about it the more it makes sense that it would not be compatible with Signature Verification because if the book passes screening but fails verification then the signature would count against the grade, bringing it below the grade it was screened for. Do it the other way and they would have to charge for and complete...
Mail Call! One of my grails Doc_Cop 21 4 yearsComicbookzach (1020): The colors on that are amazing!
Question about grading on two titles. CsMisi 10 4 yearsCsMisi (1): Thank you for your opinions. I will not slab the two books, you are all right. I will go with the original list I have planned, those I will do for the sentimental value (Stan Lee signature on a 50 year old Stan Lee book, Ian Churchill signature on my favorite Supergirl book, Peter Milligan signed Red Lanterns, my favorite McFarlane cover and the first Hope Summers) that I own those and that's it. In the future when I will get some more...
New Slabs, New Submission. What do you think the grade will be? oakcitycomics 26 4 yearsoakcitycomics (628): @SpiderTim Cleaned yes but not pressed due to the square bound. Didn't want to risk spine crushing as it was already squished some. But book was mostly dinged for the foxing.
Slab problem Randomdoge 10 4 yearsInstant_Subtitles (1323): @Randomdoge My experience with CBCS slabs, with me cracking one open because of reasons, is that you (and others) have nothing to worry about. The inner well they use is pretty tough to the point that dropping it did not put the comic at risk. As for having it re-cased (or "re-slabbed") you will find said option here. Their "CBCS Re-folder" option is $10 and is 2-3 weeks. (Godspeed if you also need to have any comics...
Puddling PSA Jesse_O Jump to first page31Jump to last page 4 yearsZombie_Head (3493): I don’t think anyone said it was a new issue Jesse was just bringing it up to inform people here. I already knew about it because I have one and my buddy had one. CGC sucks all the way around.
Newbie Question on Grade Evil Ernie Eternity 1 hotrod1376 10 4 yearsflanders (25613): It's a great one! Too bad I'm an idiot and sold a 9.4 copy about a year ago.
Printing Error? Puckster 14 4 yearsPuckster (3001): The one hole is all the way through. What was pointed out as being a possible second hole is only at the centerfold. Yeah, I was just wondering if something I know is bad is even worse. If that makes any sense.
How are the slabs made?? TheJokersWild87 20 4 yearsSiggy (25525): Birds & the Bees; Insertion, hot goo shot into cavity, wait (relative), and you have a baby slab ready to be stuffed and sold.
Grading Thoughts- ASM 300 (Venom Italian Version) Thaiboxer 3 4 yearsIronwill75 (427): 7.0 it’ll be harshly graded and all that black is a killer 🤦‍♂️
Numbers on the back of my slabs?? TheJokersWild87 10 4 yearsScifinator (15658): “WELL”,that explains it! I had been wondering the same thing, but never thought to ask.
ASM 300 ink running? Madman 27 4 yearschester15 (1922): Come to think of it, wouldn't you EXPECT to see black blotches? Venom is all OVER that book!
grade difference by .2 Madman 15 4 years00slim (17787): The real contrast is 9.6 VS 9.8. Typically a 50% difference. One extreme example I’ve seen recently: Marvel Spotlight 32 (1st Spider-Woman). 9.6s sell at $400 all day long. 9.8s are demanding $1400-$1500. Of course, scarcity in grade is the factor. Still, that’s drastic. If I was in the market for an ASM 300, I’d definitely go for the 9.6 if it were a $200 difference.
ghost rider 15 (new to grading comics) CarsonG 13 4 yearsKatKomics (29085): Grading tool tells me my Jimmy Olsen 134 is a 4.0...I would have said 3 to 4 so I say a good tool!!! Not bad since I don't think I paid more than $5 or $10 fur this in the early 90's
Giant Size Power Man! Geohans 2 4 yearsteacha777 (1180): That’s what she said..... 5.0 *shrug
New Teen Titans #1 Geohans 21 4 yearssborock (48457): So do I! I also remember being blown away by DC Comics presents (1st appearance) and this comic. Such an innovative comic at the time as most people could not care about the Teen Titans for so many years until this reincarnation.
New Mutants #1 Geohans 13 4 years50AE_DE (6464): There is some rippling in the bottom back corner. Is there water damage?
Discoloration or Foxing? Supertom 8 4 yearsSpiderTim (3302): According to the Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide it is defined as a sun shadow. The exact definition is: "Darker, usually linear area at the edge of some comics stored in stacks. Some portion of the corner was not covered by the comic immediately above it, and it suffered prolonged exposure to light." Also known as dust shadow or oxidation shadow. I believe this damage could happen in more ways than described in the guide.
Grade my Hulk Annual 4 Geohans 13 4 yearsBrianGreensnips (14783): 4.0 range.
Rate my T of S 2 please Geohans 15 4 yearsPaint_Monk (1843): Oh good. There are some other "old" folks here too like me :) I thought I was the only one.
Barnes and Noble Newsstand Variants New_Format 11 4 yearsHcanes (5224): @Joosh I got an extensive list as well I can send your way if it helps.
Help with grading this Secret Wars #8 Kenjisan1967 8 4 yearsGanaSoth (9407): @Kenjisan1967 got it. Thanks for clarifying. From the front cover pics, looks like a 9.2 IMO. Nice looking book.
Absolute Carnage #1 Murder O's hogan36 6 4 yearshogan36 (198): Thank you all for your responses. I just ordered 4 copies the other day. The post office just delivered them today. All 4 of them have the same exact damage to them. I just didn't want to spend money to have them graded to receive a low grade. I'm shooting for a 9.6 or 9.8 on them.
I am doing a podcast tonight at 8pm CST sborock Jump to first page34Jump to last page 4 yearsJesse_O (39302): I am going to be posting any current offers in the "New to the forum..." pinned and locked thread.
Any gokdensilver age Archie comics experts here? agamoto 7 4 yearsagamoto (292): You know what? I think the goat is the big tip off. There were a couple of artists @ Archie Pub who did realistic animal sketching, dropping them into the cartoonish Archie Universe. Bob Bolling, Ken Hultgren, Dexter Taylor. Problem is, those dudes were never associated with anything other than the little nature notebook interstitial pages in the grown up archie books at the time. Bolling had just put out the Little Archie in Animal Land...
Comic Grading hogan36 9 4 yearshogan36 (198): Thank you!
Black and white adds in comics error or not Zombie_Head 6 4 yearsStudley_Dudley (49613): The Dazzler #1 has color ads on those pages but from what I've seen, the issues with the color ads are harder to come by. I have two copies and both are black and white.
Spare a Grade: Master Of Kung Fu Thaiboxer 13 4 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): By the Overstreet grading guide, a 5.0 VG/FN has a suggested 13 allowable defect as the max. I counted 13 plus just on the back cover. I would say 4.0 - 4.5 best. Either case a great book to own. Congrats!
Opinions on Gaiman Signature dielinfinite 13 4 yearsMagellan (332): Your first post was correct. A remark can be verbal or written. A remarque is something much more specific that applies to printing/engraving.
Grade this Cap xkonk 5 4 yearsGAC (71118): This picture seems to be most telling of rusty staples.... I don't know the grade penalty one gets for rusty staples but if we exclude that part for now, this book looks like a 4.5 maaaaybe a 5.0. The biggest detractors are the staples and writing. It's a nice looking book!!
Grade ASM 361 Flip1987 8 4 yearsHulkSmash (9956): LMK if/when you want to sell
Trolling comic Tom and cgc Zombie_Head 10 4 yearsZombie_Head (3493): Lol
Cbcs question Zombie_Head 7 4 yearsHeinzDad (31943): My last batch (3) of books took 3 weeks from drop off to at my door. With that being said it still took a week and a half of that to show on my account.
Verified & Witnessed Sig on same label? Cool_Fool 12 4 yearsWatcher (4166): hahaha...'nuff said....
Before submitting, please check interior! sborock Jump to first page32Jump to last page 4 yearspoka (24431): missed 1 page in this comic. i counted the story pages instead of the comic pages
CGC Charges for everything dang. Zombie_Head 16 4 yearsEbayMafia (37157): I heard they instituted a Soul-Screen as part of the hiring process. There's probably a YouTube video about it.
Grading help bige31 3 4 yearsbige31 (2452): @HulkSmash what causes something like that?
Grading Help TTA 27 Enelson Jump to first page38Jump to last page 4 yearsEbayMafia (37157): @Enelson Very happy for you. That's a great outcome, thanks for updating us. A bump from 2.0 to 4.0 sure has an impact on that box of comics you were gifted!
How did this get a 9.6? gotham44 Jump to first page56Jump to last page 4 yearsGanaSoth (9407): What probably happened is, the comic got graded, was an actual 9.6 from the start but when it came time for the slab, they mishandle the comic, dropped it, whatever. That's why CGC has so many high grades (9.8s with color breaking spine bends, etc). Example: I once bought a Magnus Robot Fighter #0 (Valiant Comics) CGC 9.8 off a seller on FeeBay. Once I had it in hand, it should have been a 9.2 at best. I returned the comic.
Grading question bige31 7 4 yearsOGJackster (49592): I have the same question about this... would this ding an otherwise really nice condition book?
Sticker on Cover Help wareure 17 4 yearsHero_Restoration_ (3): Shoot, that's too bad. I was hoping to share tape removal videos. Hehe
Grading/Pressing Question - Color-breaking Spine Ticks Darkga 12 4 yearskaptainmyke (27079): A crease is a color break most of the time. Just another form of grader notes shorthand. Not only that, but often times not all defects are listed on a graded book. If there are many other defects, they typically highlight the most obvious defects to save time and space on notes.
Grading Help? Star Wars #1 TranthamJ 9 4 yearsTranthamJ (122): Returning it isn’t an option. I’ve had it for over a year. I paid $50 for it, so it’s not a huge deal. I’m selling a few comics right now, all of them aside from this one are graded. I just didn’t want to burn someone by listing it as VF, like the guy who sold it to me.
Mighty Marvel Superheroes Cookbook --- and other non-comic grading ComicJay 2 4 yearsthe420bandito (11308): I've seen trade paperbacks slabbed for whatever reason so I can't see this being out of the question. I would email customer service before shipping anything off though.
Miss cut error Zombie_Head 2 5 yearskaptainmyke (27079): definitely an error copy. Leave it
Help with grade and value please. Zombie_Head 11 5 yearsNightRelic (211): Very reasonable prices for a store. They match up with eBay pretty well. Not sure I agree 27 is best as far as condition. I'd want a good look at that color break on the right. 22 seems the best one to me. I would go for a bundle deal too.
Fantastic Four #1 Glue Detected: Qualified Green, Blue or Unqualified? RLR 20 5 yearsBatman66 (22386): @Jesse_O well I guess if I want a higher grade then I should have just sent it to pgx,lol
Fantastic Four #3 How do Rust Staples Impact Grade & Value? RLR 9 5 yearsDarkseid_of_town (14297): can get a 10.0 as well, but good luck finding a book that clean...they also do 9.9 as well Make note of the chart I posted above, it does allow for 9.9 and 10.0
What grade would you give to this Hulk 180 BatCatMan 7 5 yearsBatCatMan (12): I think 4.0 - 4.5.
Incomplete, FINE Fantastic Four #49: Qualified Green, Blue Label? RLR 10 5 yearsRLR (7): @Jesse_O I got the Anne Rice @ San Diego ComiCon. I also got to meet Ray Bradbury on that trip. It was a blast! I don’t collect comics for myself, but I am a (bad) artist and loved hanging out with those guys. I love comic art and have the first comics with cover art by Jake Murray, the grandson of one of my father’s HS classmates. If you don’t know his work, I recommend you check him out. Incredible, realist oils. He is also a really nice...
Fantastic Four #10 with Strange Cut RLR 12 5 yearsBatman66 (22386): @RLR wow, so sorry to hear that. Kinda puts a zinger in your Christmas. Well at least you'll have some great books to make it a merry Christmas
She's Josie #1 - Thoughts on Grade? Drahcir 11 5 yearsDrahcir (420): @Buzbe nope page quality is actually really nice.
CBCS Re-holder Process/Potential Grade Change flanders 15 5 yearsDrWatson (50977): I would reholder before I did it again. It wasn't a permanent solution.
Wil pressing help? Doc_Cop 9 5 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): Thank you to all! I'm expecting this book tomorrow so until then have a great one and make mine Marvel!. Nuff said...
Dog-Ear Comic with 9.8 Rating ReCollecting 15 5 yearsWraith (2115): I just understand it as a simple business decision Grading companies dropping grade for a consistent defect on a specific issue = less of that issue being submitted for grading and less $ value for said grading .. Ignoring the defect let's paying speculators send in their not so mint books with a chance of still getting a 9.8 intact .
Amazing Spider-Man #361 what grade would you give it? daywalker 29 5 yearsdaywalker (3708): Yes! He accepted my offer of $200 which includes shipping!
Graded 8* tonyv 16 5 yearsX51 (14744): The actual grade was probably 8.443621 and there wasn't enough room to put the actual grade.
tales of suspense 46, need help with a decision sportshort 6 5 yearssportshort (16074): Thanks @Batman66
Corner Chips Nuffsaid111 8 5 yearssborock (48457): I'm out of here! LOL!
Submissions - Need Help theo58 6 5 yearsKatKomics (29085): to save on shipping with pressing and non pressing books you could do a press screen. I think it takes about 4 books to reach the same as shipping for a separate 5 books in press screen would be cheaper to just have the new order. Worst case scenario with a press screen is that they determine that the book(s) could use a press and your get the extra charge and in the end a higher grade! :)
Will CBCS grade this? Jlh9776 5 5 yearsesaravo (94248): @Jlh9776 - According to CBCS: "CBCS grades mainstream comic books that will fit into our holder. The maximum size is 7.625" x 10.5" and .24" thick. There may be exceptions for comics that are unusually heavy, even though they may fit into the size parameters. These are determined on a case-by-case basis."
Submitting books for pressing after signature, also submitting for grading Randomdoge 2 5 yearsdielinfinite (26607): CBCS normally lists the shows they will be attending here As for pressing affecting the signatures, the vast majority of the time they will not be affected. Certain inks are affected differently and on different paper stocks. Sharpies are fine most of the time but some pens, like paint pens, which some artists like to use, may not dry properly for a long time which could be affected in pressing.
Sending for pressing as well as grading Infinity 5 5 yearsno1lufcfan (3058): Very clever 👍
Rejected too tall/wide?? merlinflex 16 5 yearsdielinfinite (26607): Press screen it?
Dark Red #3 Misprint hogan36 4 5 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): This might help. Some current asking prices: ...
Please grade my ASM 46 Doran 9 5 yearsMarvelousComics (2067): Well, on this one I am riding with GanaSoth. 5.0 - 5.5 after cleaning and pressing.
Please grade my Batman 155 Doran 9 5 yearsDoran (12): Will do!
Question about major defect/crease Beney117 22 5 yearsTedsaid (7340): I think that comic is a 6.5, possibly a 7.0. The two examples do, indeed, look better. Especially Batman66's, which seems to have sharp color and gloss. That's what worries me the most about this example: the loss of cover gloss (which may just be the light). But the two graded examples both have quite a lot of staining on the back, which REALLY hurts a grade. Of course we can't see the second one, but I looked up the notes and they say:...
1st Graded Foreign - Spider-Man (1990) #1 (UK) PC/Amiga Video Game BigRonnie 18 5 yearsBigRonnie (124): @kaptainmyke Anything of interest there?
How much value is lost in that white spot? Beney117 13 5 yearsdoog (8378): I remove scotch tape from bags like a fanatic, and use post it tabs. Before I ever take any book out that I have bought
Help grade ASM 300 Spider-man sportshort Jump to first page34Jump to last page 5 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11512): There is a HUGE!!! difference between a low grade Silver Age book like ASM #50, and a low grade modern book like ASM #300. For $250 I have to believe there are just simply too many much nicer books out there that could be had for that price, than that beat to death copy. After seeing those close up pics Im not sure the book is even worthy of a 2.0. I guess it can't hurt to do some fishing for a sucker, as there is one born every minute. ...
Help! Is this worth grading? kevinlmillard 5 5 yearsGAC (71118): it depends on why you want it slabbed. is it for resale for profit? if so, probably leave it as is. if it's for your PC and preservation? then maybe you want to.
Thor #165 grade with bottom corner piece missing? Patrickjones2549 4 5 yearsJoosh (4172): Current state, 5.0. With a clean and press I’m thinking 5.5. The rest of the book, especially the front cover, looks like 7.5 territory, should help with salability even at a mid grade slab.
Is it worth it for me? William 23 5 yearsDrogio (7809): This is true but with an asterisk. I recently retuned two slabbed books, both graded by cgc, that I felt they overgraded. My goal was to replace a few direct editions (cgc 9.6) with newsstand editions (cgc 9.6) but when I got them I compared the books side by side and my direct editions looked like they could be pressed to 9.8s, while the newsstands were littered with spine ticks and AT BEST 9.4s in my opinion. The newsstands were graded...
Grading question bige31 20 5 yearsbige31 (2452): @Drogio that’s was actually my thought
Grading Question kevinlmillard 12 5 yearskaptainmyke (27079): 2.0-3.0 for all of them: Incomplete. :(
Help with grading X-Men 101 & Marvel Super~Heroes 13 sportshort 14 5 yearssportshort (16074): Will check it out
I get by with a little GRADING HELP from my friends. HULK 271 Enelson 6 5 yearspoka (24431): @Enelson should get it press to get rid of those spine folds (guess it has been read :) ) and a few other issues. 8.5-9.2 after press
Grading help bige31 17 5 yearsDrogio (7809): @bige31 for $350 you can get the same comic in a cgc/cbcs slab. If you want to hold it, then crack the slab open.
CGC to CBCS, grading, and pressing question DarthHam 24 5 yearsmarvelfreak1313 (1): AWESOME, Thanks for the help everyone. I'm not worried about them regrading, a couple of them I want pressed anyway, for hopes of a better grade.
help with grade sportshort 18 5 yearssportshort (16074): I noticed the major items, like the tape and the back cover stains but did not notice the minor items until they were pointed out, so i'm impressed with what others have pointed out.
How would these Sigs be labeled? Mountain_11B 12 5 yearsdielinfinite (26607): The downside is that signature authentication isn’t cheap. You’re looking at $25 for the first sig and $15 for each additional sig and that’s on top of regular grading and shipping fees so you’re looking at nearly $100 per book to get all the signatures authenticated. Otherwise, Comic Skins are a good alternative. They also sell clear backing boards that you can use with a mylar sleeve
What grade would you give this? Peanutt 15 5 yearsMR_SigS (11124): Absolutely. Look for some grading guides online or in book form (Overstreet) and make a serious effort to study it. Buy a few inexpensive slabs in varying grades for some visual examples, but keep in mind you could have two 6.0s that look completely different. Mid grade comics can be a pain to grade. If you're more collector than seller/"investor", you can save a lot in grading fees. IMHO
Have any of you ever did business with seller "cyberspacecomics" ? GanaSoth Jump to first page40Jump to last page 5 yearspoka (24431): What is o/s?
Which comics to grade? savanna 8 5 yearsGAC (71118): CBCS label slab. totally worth it.
question about CBSC pricing benparker 2 5 yearsKYoung_1974 (741): You send it in with the grade/tier you think it is and if it ends up higher, they increase the price.
Grade opinions benparker 9 5 yearsetapi65 (4060): Looks pretty good to me. 7.5? I'd say pressing would help. The press comes with a clean and this thing will look spectacular (eye appeal) afterwards. Pressing will add considerable time to getting the comic back, but if you're in no hurry, do it. edit: Based on ebay right now (which probably shouldn't be the bench mark but is the fastest to look-up), if it's a 7.0 or 7.5 and presses to an 8.0 it adds over $100 in value. If it's a 7.0 and...
New to grading Torr102 11 5 yearsRRO (1713): @Torr102 ~ Take the above advise, it comes from experienced members. I would strongly suggest that you look at why you want to slab, what are your alternatives, the (often surprisingly high)cost(s)in doing so and also rushing into a system that may noe work for you. Good luck with whatever you decide.
Chipping on a comic Bderrenger 3 5 yearsBderrenger (4):
Grading help please Batman adventure 12 Enelson 19 5 yearsEnelson (6289):
FCBD LCS Sticker jpoffenberger103 15 5 yearsetapi65 (4060): Instead of stickers, I see stamps being used by most of the LCS. I grab the comics as a secondary concern as at least one of the shops (and usually several) invite creators and do signing as part of FCBD. That's what I go for.
Grade these comics BatCatMan Jump to first page47Jump to last page 5 years50AE_DE (6464): I think you got a great price on the FF annual. The others are fair prices.
Help grade these Carnage mind bomb/wonderful life Enelson 7 5 yearsJoosh (4172): The voice in my head was saying same as @kaptainmyke By the way, these are good reads.
Comics went from billing to processing to shipping? Shanthark 20 5 yearscomic_book_man (1978): Mine went from one order to two orders to disappeared to reappeared to missing services to overcharged to shipped...just waiting to find out when they will be returning from space, shouldn't be much longer. I can see them with my binoculars, or maybe that's a bird. I don't know anymore. :beer::(|)
Grade Needed Death of Captain Marvel GN Darth_Poster 1 5 yearsDarth_Poster (43): there's a thin horizontal line running through 'Captain' and carries to back cover. As far as I can tell it was some type of printing defect. thanks
Help grade my asm 316 (newsstand) Enelson 22 5 yearsteacha777 (1180): Always press IMO, coming back with a 9.6. That would of been a 9.8 with a press is frustrating to say the least
Any News on the Larger Cases? mightyestmatt 3 5 yearsdonho (665): that is what I was told when I asked this with customer service. Friday. was in development but when beckett bought cbcs they scrapped the project and started over again.
Opinion On Grade of Book Noblebeast315 9 5 yearsGhostridercomics76 (34): Yes i would get it signed
Would a Clean and Press help the Phantom? crystalphoto 12 5 yearsshrewbeer (13263): Would it help you make money or get a better grade? Probs not. Would it help the book look better? You bet.
Grade this ASM #299 BatCatMan 25 5 yearsBatCatMan (12): I didn't buy it for invest, so I will keep this copy for my personal collection because it looks really well in the front cover. I am happy with it. :)
Store Stamps on Comics Chino24 8 5 yearsChino24 (110): @TellEmSteveDave That's awesome. That's the one thing I like about the stamps - they kind of help tell you the history behind that specific book you have. Who would have thought it would begin in Rochester, New York and wind up in Oklahoma after all of these years? I think that's cool.
Grade this ASM #300 BatCatMan 23 5 yearsDrogio (7809): Finger prints, no touch. But the prints probably keep it less than 8.0...maybe cleaning would help, but prints are usually there to stay.
Will CBCS grade individual panels? Magellan 3 5 yearsMagellan (332): I guess I’m mainly wondering how they would even be able to confirm its authenticity from a single panel.
Grading help Daddygetalong 4 5 yearsDaddygetalong (16): There is a break where the staples are and the light is coming through on the second picture.
Kirby Zombie_Head 20 5 yearsBrianGreensnips (14783): The Tom Reilly pedigree has an interesting story behind it. I recommend everyone here to check these stories out.
Removing Restoration CatCovers 5 5 yearskaptainmyke (27079): I am having cgc remove color touch on a Hulk 181 right now as I type this. I too, think there is a good chance CCS could remove the restoration since it is slight and professional in nature. I just started the process with my Hulk 181 as well, it is $15 for screening, $85 for restoration removal, then $85 for pressing. My book was a 7.0 Slight B-1 along the spine, and they approved the removal too. I would have done it myself but I had...
Amazing Spider-Man #252 Before and After Being Shipped to CBCS. flanders Jump to first page66Jump to last page 6 yearsGanaSoth (9407): @Wraith I agree with ya Wraith. It's a different cut.
Manufacturing error... quick question? OoklaTheMok 3 6 yearsOoklaTheMok (43): Thanks! I was more concerned with the validity/rarity of these types of errors (i.e. 1:1M as opposed to 67:1M), similarly to how Canadian price variants are now recognized as a smaller set of the bigger production run, you know what I mean? Do you or anyone know if these errors increase the value, like Venom Lethal Protector - black cover? It's strange a printing error is recognized but isn't that still a 'manufacturing error'? Still, if/when...
Marvel Value Stamp cut out, but still have the stamp. NightRelic Jump to first page56Jump to last page 6 yearsGAC (71118): @esaravo Very cool! Thanks! The cut out is about 1/9 of a page and obviously effects art. I wasnt sure how large a section of a page needs to be missing before the .5/incomplete designation is applied.
Cleaning and Pressing cosanostra937 6 6 yearsmoodswing (3040): Didn't know pressing and cleaning was that much. So to get an older X-Men comic graded/pressed by itself you are looking at $80ish. That seems like a lot.
Help with grade Hawkman #4 daywalker 15 6 yearsGAC (71118): definitely! and congrats on the purchase!
Stamps on comics and their affect on the grade Randomdoge 13 6 yearsCatmanAmerica (30452): It doesn't affect the grade, but the CCA stamp usually limits my interest! :beer:;) .
ASM 49 grading help KaseyArt 7 6 yearsGAC (71118): 6.5
Free XMEN 101 Crunkpostit 16 6 yearsshrewbeer (13263): No higher than 1.8 but you are looking at 1.0-1.5 with that large coupon missing.
Signature Verification Question - Other Writing on Cover CatCovers 6 6 yearsBronte (37724): For what it's worth, CBCS even noted the number in the notes, so I dont think it will harm your grade
Help grading spider 238 Topsykrets 12 6 yearsBriten (1775): I have a general rule that I don't purchase books from sellers with only one photo. There could be water damage or other significant issues that you can't see on the back. I made that mistake with a Marvel Team Up number 1 20 years ago... Never again.
Pressing/Cleaning/Grading Question CatCovers 3 6 yearsGAC (71118): as is, 2.5 - 3.0 range I'd say.
What would you grade this as? richgarc 13 6 yearswilllewis78 (30): question for all-what is the grade of a comic book with no cover???apparently i have a few from the 60s and 70s???
inventory marks on 60s books donho 4 6 yearsdonho (665): these are writing with pen and pencil. with date received and percent of order that they received of the books I think. like march 18 1962 and 87 % but none cover artwork on cover and is always in a blank spot of the cover like yellow sand and the sky
Detached Cover = What Highest Potential Grade? 00slim 5 6 yearsBatman66 (22386): I've seen higher grades that got a green label, qualified
Are CBCS numbers down? Randomdoge 15 6 yearsJustThatGuy (5004): sell em on ebay for grader error variant.
CGC will now allow CBCS slabs to be regraded/retagged with CGC labeling.... ZosoRocks Jump to first page36Jump to last page 6 yearskaptainmyke (27079):
Has this comic, colour touch? BatCatMan 14 6 yearsBatCatMan (12): Ok, I will buy a UV flashlight. I think it's worth to have one, to detect color touch and more things that can't be seen easily.
ASM 47 grading help KaseyArt 8 6 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11512): Rusted Staples don't effect the grade? NOT
ASM 111 grading help KaseyArt 3 6 yearsandy49 (3341): 4.5
Grade this ASM #299 BatCatMan 18 6 yearsBatCatMan (12): Yes, but I explained to the seller that I had not noticed that the pages were cream on the bottom and that the cover was slightly discolored on the right side. He understood it and told me that there wasn't any problem to cancel my purchase, so he canceled it.
Please Answer Phone Keeneland 20 6 yearsDrogio (7809): They’ll probably be like “why are these people getting so high strung about silly comic books?”
Date written on cover grade penalty? Zarbongo 10 6 yearsesaravo (94248): @Zarbongo - I just purchased a copy of X-Men #9 with four numbers in grease pencil on the cover (in the "X" of the logo) and plan on submitting it to CBCS for grading at a convention in November. It will be interesting to see how the writing will affect the grade.
Is this a 9.8? Flip1987 13 6 yearsNuffsaid111 (19092): 11.3 - there's a "light bend" ;)
does a mailing label on the book truly lower the grade that much? donho 9 6 yearsdrchaos (27855): Ugh! That is just obnoxious.
Membership Darthwheels 4 6 yearsdielinfinite (26607): You are not charged when you check out on the website. You will be charged once the books are received an in-processed. Unfortunately, as @KYoung_1974 pointed out, the CBCS site isn’t as full-featured as it could/should be so membership coupons aren’t tracked or applied in a convenient way. Your best bet would be to send an email to customer service (, including your name, the invoice number and telling them...
What grade would you give this ASM 15 KaseyArt 11 6 yearskaptainmyke (27079): CBCS: 1.5 CGC: 2.0 PGX: 2.5
Will CBCS grade this mega rare Wu-Tang book? kaptainmyke 11 6 years00slim (17787): What a cool book. 1 of 50? Very cool. Looking at it, I could see the ornate cut of the outer edges to the cardstock being damaged pretty easily.
What's the best suggestion for keeping 9.8 after a remark Lundon44 19 6 yearsLundon44 (34): So after almost 10 days, multiple emails and probably 20+ calls trying to get someone on the phone I finally received an email response today. Because the ASM #800 was submitted on the 2-Day tier with a 2-Day turnaround time I've been advised it was already graded and ready to ship. I asked if they could confirm the grade. They said it got 9.8 so the pressing would be a waste. I guess I got lucky from the sounds of it!
Please grade and advise on my Iron Man 1 Joosh Jump to first page75Jump to last page 6 yearsCrunkpostit (157): It may not get a 3. But who knows. I have a 1st app of phoenix that is in horrible shape. It is what it is but not everyone has it. Of course I wish it was in mint shape, but its not, I'm just happy to have a copy. A good cleaning and pressing will do it wonders!
Should I slab these books? Italcia 11 6 yearsKingNampa (6756): Yes
Amazing spiderman 361 grade please Flip1987 4 6 yearsKalistyles (22): Yeah. Definitely tough to tell by the photo.
Please grade my Hulk 181 Good Sirs pt 2 kaptainmyke 11 6 yearsstanley_1883 (1998): This makes me so curious regarding the one I have. The spine and edges are a lot cleaner but I have a crease that may or may not press out on the cover, and another defect the size of half a fingernail that won’t.
The 2-day connundrum atrembley 10 6 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11512): Mostly for what others have already said. My personal view, and I know many will disagree.... 1- Im NEVER in a hurry, enough to pay the ridiculous premiums for ANY of the so called "Expedient" services, (Fast pass, 2-Day, quickstream etc), all are nothing more than marketing ploys designed to extract more money from the customer, and more often than not those fees are more than the book itself is worth. 2- I don't believe the book...
Should i press and slab? Its a foil cover Jonnyredwood 3 6 yearsJonnyredwood (16): Yeah, I might have to take the hit. That little ding at the bottom is the only thing I can find wrong...bummer
Need Some Help: Selling a Huge Collection Norbi 19 6 yearsNorbi (19): Some other books from the collection, hope you like them ...
Question about grading. AzarathComics 2 6 yearsSteverogers11 (3605): Don't think it affects it. Could be wrong 🤷‍♂️
Hulk 181 Grading Help Please stanley1883 12 6 yearsMR_SigS (11124): The spine on my 7.0 doesn't look as nice as yours, so I'd say 7.5
ASM# 299 Grade BatCatMan 7 6 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): 7.5 or 8.0 with a press. there plenty of these out there in better shape you could land at reasonable price. Books a good investment, just not this book. nuff said
Rusty Staples & Migration = Grade? 00slim 12 6 years00slim (17787): @Redshade Will do. 👍🏼
Condition vc Encapsulation stanley1883 9 6 yearsBroker1 (763): Well said!
Batman 136 grading help please Joosh 26 6 yearsJoosh (4172): It’s still in the bag! Ha, you thought you got me. 😉
Gold Label Haunt #1G and Image United #1M signed question(s) ReaderMJ 5 6 yearsReaderMJ (1): Thanks for the input, I appreciate it. I am curious whether the 32/100 affects the book.
1st Appearance of RIOT? Venom: LP #4 or #5? kaptainmyke 15 6 yearskaptainmyke (27079): why doesn't venom meet spider-man? why doesn't venom have the spider on his chest because of it? so lame.
How much of an impact will pressing have on my comic? mattmurdock 15 6 yearsCaptainCanuck (6120): @Drogio Word is that only 1% of Image Comics distribution in this era were newsstand edition.
Just picked up ASM 252, grading help please Joosh 19 6 yearsDrogio (7809): That's fine, but the blue dot is irrelevant.
How much will this affect the grade? mattmurdock 5 6 yearsmattmurdock (1): That's good to know, I thought it would be more serious given it's a modern book.
Help Grading This TOS 64 00slim 4 6 years00slim (17787): I figured 8.0 was safe. If I get anything above 8.0, I’ll be real happy. I sold a CGC 8.5 a few years ago & decided to replace it.
How bad did i hurt this key FF 48 BeRealBro 23 6 yearsbrysb (12491): Yeah, I NEVER use resealable bags and I NEVER open a taped up bag without ALWAYS removing the tape first. I learned that lesson years ago when I ruined an old early 60's copy of Batman when the tape stuck to and ripped off part of the front cover!! HORRIFIC at the time! :(
Hulk 181 - Advice Needed cjbehr948 11 6 yearscjbehr948 (170): Thanks for the feedback, everyone!
Grading Opinion XMen 94 Please stanley1883 3 6 yearskaptainmyke (27079): 4.5
Editing/Canceling an Order robo_beardo 4 6 yearsdielinfinite (26607): Yeah, unfortunately I’ve heard the same thing from others. it might be due to the current move from Florida to Texas. Fortunately, there isn’t much of a rush for you to mail in your books after you’ve submitted an order online.
Should I grade no Tattooz ASM 238? xkonk 11 6 yearsDrogio (7809): I e heard of people doing this...and that's why when I bought mine I bought it already graded by cbcs. Not taking a chance on it coming back "tampered. But I have a 5.0/6.0 raw copy without the tattoos and have considered buying a FF 252 just to have a set to go with it.
Hulk #1 Cut Coupon. What Grade? serling1978 Jump to first page38Jump to last page 6 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): You can request, when subbing a book like this, that it be given a Universal grade or a Qualified grade. Either way, the label will note that a coupon from a non story page has been cut out.
Best option for Grading?? fivestar 10 6 yearsfivestar (62): Well, sounds like the consensus is not to bother with grading. I'll just find another book for Stan to sign and either sell this one or keep it around to admire (the rest of the cover really is in great shape otherwise) Thanks for all the feedback!
Please Grade Me - Superman #76 Darkga 23 6 yearsDocBrown (16887): There you go. Nailed it.
Do Archie Comics have 3 staples? Effects Gr? kaptainmyke 5 6 yearskaptainmyke (27079): I sent you an invoice for my A-Tax but you never paid me.
grading questions drchaos 13 6 yearsdrchaos (27855): The first book is a comic from the late 60s or early 70s. The second book is a magazine from the 1960s.
What grade would this go to? Randomdoge 3 6 yearsRandomdoge (21): Yea i was gonna submit it and add a pressing to help it out some more. The small cut its very small the first pic i zoomed in quite a bit the only ways to see it is if you're looking really close into it or touch it a bit and by touch i mean you'll feel a small bump
What grade? daywalker 10 6 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): Agreed on those grades, based from what I can see. The 50 is a $100-$150 book in that grade. Around $200 or so in a 4.0 slab, IIRC. The other 2 books are worth about $60-$75, between the two of them. Offer the seller $175 for all 3 books. At $500 stickered on the 50, he is out of his head or is just looking for a sucker.
Which comics to submit Randomdoge 25 6 yearsRandomdoge (21): @doog yea i really dog skottie youngs art i also have the one shot of her well two of em i was thinking on that one being graded but i feel theres no Point for that one
Grading help please stanley1883 4 6 yearsdoog (8378): That’s a grail. Worth improving as much as you can
Grading help for ASM 129 peterscomics 16 6 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): 6.0/6.5. That would be from either CBCS or CGC.
Grading help needed xmg88x 10 6 yearsxmg88x (4): Hmm in my opinion 7.5 is too low?
Grade me please QuaBrot 9 6 yearskaptainmyke (27079): 7.0
My comic seems overgraded slabberbag 27 6 yearsTedsaid (7340): Yeah, that's what happened to my copy of ASM 121 ... it had a production tear in the back pretty much exactly like the OP. (But not the two in the front.) I thought it would be a 9.4, since it was a printer pull and in the back, but it came back 9.2. Very bummed (since the difference is, what, $500-$600?) Otherwise, it's a beauty of a book.
AF 15 Opinion Please ozonetv Jump to first page52Jump to last page 6 yearsX51 (14744): I get periodic requests from people wanting to buy mine, but it's not for sale.
Grading and signature verification help Newbie 3 6 yearsBronte (37724): Not sure if this is an option for you, but if the book is for personal collection and you dont get a satisfactory answer to whether they have the signature on file, why not wait a few months and check back? The book will survive a few months in a typical comic bag.....
Grading help/should I press Enelson Jump to first page43Jump to last page 6 yearsEnelson (6289): @CopperAgeKids called it. Shipped today, I fast passed, because I'm impatient. Got a grade bump from 9.0-9.4. My first pressing experience has been worth it!
Proper Comic Classification Help! Sornom 11 6 yearsGanaSoth (9407): @kaptainmyke Why the ? I was showing him the differences in the two comics and the one he has is limited to 3000 copies.
Spine tear/bindery tear/spine wear hockeymonkey605 7 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Corner wear....automatic drop in grade to 9.0 or less.
New with CBCS - Issues with CGC GanaSoth Jump to first page52Jump to last page 6 yearsGanaSoth (9407): @dpiercy The picture you circled here shows the inner well with the tray that holds the comic in place. This what all the CGC books should have inside the slabs but don't. In the pictures I provided for example; just shows poor execution on CGCs slabbing methods...[/quote] This is my CGC comic with no inner well tray......
Color Breaking Lines MarcJ 28 6 yearsRedshade (1113): Ok MarcJ let's assume that the rest of the comic is 9.6. My (highly subjective) thoughts on the matter are that I would grade it as a 6.0. That long colour breaking crease adds up to a lot of smaller creases and/or spine ticks that would preclude a comic from being graded any higher.
Grading Help Green Lantern Enelson 6 6 yearsesaravo (94248): @Enelson - Always look at this for reference:
What kind of hit on grade would this be QuaBrot 6 6 yearsdoog (8378): Might seem unfair, but my experience with both companies is that golden age books take less of a hit on this than silver and newer. Less of a hit on pretty much everything, so maybe 1 grade.
(PGM) 1969 DC WONDER WOMAN #180 Triple Cover kaptainmyke 12 6 yearsCLT (59): @OGJackster Thanks...My sis got me that Jedi Bumble years ago for his hand and he plays the Star Wars theme.
Marvel Spotlight 8 Grade Me Please anthonybischoff 1 6 yearsanthonybischoff (118): Hello Guys Please grade my Marvel Spotlight 8s and let me know if they would benefit from a clean and press. 1. 2. ...
Marvel Spotlight 6 Grade Me Please anthonybischoff 13 6 yearsanthonybischoff (118): Any of these qualify for a clean and press to improve the grade.
Misprinted Comic BeauMershon Jump to first page34Jump to last page 6 yearsScorpion (1013): hard to find are the ones with a Quintuple Covers on them, and yes there are very rare. i would one day like to own a key issue with more than 3 covers. not mine also there have been comics with 5 covers.
Grade my Nick Fury #6x2- one to be signed? KatKomics 13 6 yearsKatKomics (29085): I think I'm tapped for Steranko books to get signed - going to cost a small fortune that weekend. Fury 6 and 7 (maybe 2 of each) Captain America 111, Blade Runner, possibly Green Hornet #1(Now comics 1980/90's) and one print from the 1973 ACBA portfolio Those and 2 or 3 Neal Adams books and possibly an original piece of art from Steranko are pretty much going to do my budget for the year
Worth getting signature verified/graded? Popeye 25 6 yearskaptainmyke (27079): shut up! i didn't know i took the poster out as a kid
Please mark comics as shipped for notes kaptainmyke 8 6 yearskaptainmyke (27079): Yaas.
Lessons Learned Mail Call xkonk 29 6 yearsBrianGreensnips (14783): @xkonk Thanks for sharing your experience. Nice books.
1971 DC Comics HOUSE OF SECRETS 92 kaptainmyke Jump to first page95Jump to last page 6 yearsDavid_Kent (908): How do you feel about Jodie Whitaker Dr Watson!
Grading Help Needed - Amazing Spiderman 122 WCollecbales 16 6 yearsCFP_Comics (3850): What does the inside of the back cover look like? Hopefully most of the staining is just on the surface of the outside part of the cover. IMO this book has not been pressed based on the many pressable defects still present.
Help me with my next CBCS order esaravo Jump to first page46Jump to last page 6 yearsWatcher (4166): :) Deal! I saw the home page appointment section, but nothing set up that far out so I need to wait. Do you know if they do tours or am i just passing off my books?
Give Me A Grade X-Men 101 Khumbu 12 6 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): Nah, that is a production crease on the BC. It'll have a negligible impact on the grade, if any at all. There is also a smaller production crease on the FC, right under Cyclop's eye.But that also won't effect the grade.
Grading Question QuaBrot 20 6 yearsQuaBrot (2018): @CopperAgeKids wow - great memory! Yes, that was me. I haven't sent anything in for grading (or pressing) since then - I keep buying and don't have the money to press/grade. Built up a nice pile of books for Joe and the 3rd party graders!
Label Critique ozonetv Jump to first page37Jump to last page 6 yearsDJC_II (1829): I hope they fired the designer who came up with that, and their boss that approved it
Help with Grade - Giant Size Defenders hockeymonkey605 11 6 yearsjrs (1864): You could get a better copy for a lower price than pressing and grading would cost.
Question about Grading Drahcir 5 6 yearsIronMan (6210): My guesstimate to the OP's question would be 2.0-3.0
Help Grading my Iron Fist #14 Drahcir 12 6 yearsSavage_Spawn (1906): 7
Raw Black venom lethal protector EngineJoe 22 6 yearskaptainmyke (27079): Wait for the movie
Detached Centerfold hockeymonkey605 6 6 yearsSteveRicketts (18538): Woah. The first thing I thought of when I read the topic was some playmate who was questioning her life choices.
CGC Green Label to CBCS Blue Label c2t2merch Jump to first page43Jump to last page 6 yearsDrogio (7809): Don't you just want to crack that open so you can hold it in your hands (very gently)? If you're selling it, sure...slab'll get the most out of it. But this book should be held and admired page by page. How many people on this earth get to hold that issue?
Yvonne Craig Signed Comic Detached Cover HammitChris 8 6 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): Highest grade would be a 4.0. It would probably grade out around a 3.0.
Marvel Spotlight 11 should I press & clean anthonybischoff 12 6 yearsFoghorn_Sam (3769): Yep, those stains will not come out with a cleaning and regardless of how nice the rest of the book is, with those stains, it's probably topped out at 8.5.
eBay sellers you LIKE xkonk 9 6 yearsKingNampa (6756): Have not had any issues with deals on these forums, classy people, everyone one of you. :beer: -OoSlim -ConditionFreak -Poka -KaptainMyke -DarthLego -TDog13 -eee91 -Jeremy_K -CFP_Comics -RRO -DrWatson
Detecting Resto - UVA vs. Black Light Drogio 9 6 yearsDrogio (7809): I'm thinking of this light. clickable text
Selling Comics on eBay: Grading GAC 10 6 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): Nah, don't under grade. That's leaving money on the table. Just grade correctly, you look better if you simply grade accurately. Beyond that, supply front and back cover scans and offer free returns. I have yet to have a buyer ask me for a return, with this approach, nor have I received any neutral or negative feedback.
Grade my x men 19 please anthonybischoff 12 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): If you really like to be critical, add in corners, defects, and really just about anything. Then divide total by # of categories. You'll get a ballpark. Because when you do send one in for grading, they will be doing the same critical look. It's all subjective. :O)
Grade my fantastic four 45 please anthonybischoff 6 6 yearskaptainmyke (27079): 4.5
Grade me please x men 11 anthonybischoff 8 6 yearsRedshade (1113): Worth grading? No. Worth collecting/reading/saving? Yes.
Grade on fantastic four 20 anthonybischoff 4 6 yearsPre_Coder (19138): Mylites2/Fullback is your best option.
Fantastic four 46 grade me please anthonybischoff 4 6 yearsRedshade (1113): I don't agree with this comment at all. Fill as many pages as you want. Show as many comics you want. We are always interested in seeing a fellow collector's comics. Don't listen to some of the "hard guy" posers here, we are mostly friendly blokes. This comic, I personally wouldn't think that pressing would enhance the appearance. It's a mid grade comic but is a minor key. Personally if it were my comic it would just about go into my...
Help With Grading Batman 227 Drogio 14 7 yearsDrogio (7809): Apparently someone wanted this bad. $267....I can get a yellow label signed by mr. Adams (4.0) for $200... Pass. Thanks for everyone's input.
Trying my hand at grading - how'd I do? powerfist23 9 7 yearsconditionfreak (11292): Yea, like I said. Plus or minus. "ish". 7.0/8.0 All the same. Ballpark. All just a best guess situation. Given the grading history of the OP. As a buyer. Pictures are what counts when dealing with someone who does not have a history of grading prowess. I do appreciate a sellers best guess, but I would expect that to be just ballpark at best. The problem is: fear of leaving something on the table. I get that. I just...
Grade help please! 00slim 25 7 years00slim (17787): You certainly did, @earthshaker01. You're the man.
Grade Question powerfist23 21 7 yearsSquack (673): If the tatooz are removed from the ASM 238, which is probably why the extra staple was added, then the book might be considered incomplete (not necessarily the graders, but by the collectors). If tatooz were added to the book, then it is already restored (much like marrying a cover to another copy). The damage is done, and removing the staple will not help.
Need Help: Sketch Cover Grading Question HammitChris 12 7 yearsHammitChris (283): There is no bleed thru on the spine or cover.
Rusty staple (And migration) affect on grade QuaBrot 8 7 yearsdoog (8378): 8.5 is probably the best you can hope for, but, roll them bones if you can! Then let us know. Had a 9.4 but I sold it, I personally like the 199 cover better for my wall.
Replaced Staples on a Comic Drahcir 2 7 yearspoka (24431): removing staples would be noted with normal blue label with a note conserved or staples replaced
To Slab or not to Slab? Hmmm... CEPubDude 13 7 yearsDrogio (7809): If you know their authentic and are just keeping them for display, they have options that will not only be less, but you can customize your label and reopen them whenever you want.
What grade do you guys estimate? 1nOnly 12 7 yearsDeadpoolica (859): 8.5/9.0
what color is this shoe? kaptainmyke 11 7 yearsDrogio (7809): This thread reminded me if this TNG episode.
Ace Comic Con (Glendale Arizona) Gabriel85301 11 7 yearscomic_book_man (1978): @Gabriel85301 I was going to go with my brother in law, but the signature prices are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to high. :oops:
Double book (not double cover but full book) ComxDlr 6 7 yearsHomer (1010): If a comic is produced with two covers and one of the covers is missing, its incomplete as it could of been gently torn out and discarded. You do not have to bend the staples to remove an inner cover. If a standard comic book with a single cover, ends up with multiple covers its considered a double cover. They do check to see that the multiple cover is original to the comic with staple placement and staple conditions.
Grading Help on an ASM 61 Drahcir 12 7 yearsdoog (8378): The fun of sending books in is seeing how close your guess is. 7.0
Preacher:personalized signature Daddygetalong 11 7 yearsDaddygetalong (16): I picked mine up at a flea market below cover price and already signed. Not sure what the value may be. I would like to sell it. I may turn it in to be graded and have the signature verified. You all have been very inciteful. Thank you very much for all the information.
Grade estimate? Underdog #1 on e-bay 00slim Jump to first page46Jump to last page 7 years00slim (17787): Totally agree & I'll definitely pay it forward. $1100 for a 9.6? Yikes!
Would I be making a mistake? harmonicaman 10 7 yearsKingNampa (6756): @harmonicaman Could you post some pictures up here?
WD 100 Red Foil on Comic Book Men - Question cjbehr948 10 7 years1243782365 (503): It was CGC 9.8 double signed.
CGC says "GOOD MORTY" is 1st appearance now. kaptainmyke Jump to first page498Jump to last page 7 yearsshrewbeer (13263): Sorry I dont see the aggressive language, you may be taking things a bit too personal. I just dont see the point of the same "they are all likely real" argument over and over again. Nobody has shown any pixelation or printing quality difference between the two slipcases, nor the cover insert yet; only that certain pieces are either there or not (feet, UV text). My point is, the argument that they are real based on printing quality...
How Would This Affect Grade - Bindery Tear peterscomics 5 7 yearsDocBrown (16887): Assuming the book is a 9.8 otherwise, as you say, that's a 9.6 type flaw. 9.4 or lower is much too harsh for that.
How Would This Affect Grade MarcJ 12 7 yearsSquack (673): It also depends on how far those color breaks go on the back cover. It would be hard to assign a grade without seeing the adjacent back cover.
House of Secrets 92 - printing defect? jeranimal 9 7 yearskaptainmyke (27079): to me it looks like the book took some moisture at some point and those could be the "lifting" of ink spots being stuck to another comic. I see gloss loss in this most recent zoom, too?
CBCS Test SuperSaiyanBlue Jump to first page43Jump to last page 7 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): Thanks, but you may be giving me a bit too much credit. Either way, there are only so many tools that can used, to accurately grade a book. CBCS and CGC have flatbed black light scanners, for instance. That, and a high end loupe, is all that can be used to grade a book. In conjunction with a second grader,who grades the book indepentently, neither of the two graders knows how the other grader called the book. So you have 2 well...
The Future of Comic Grading CaptainCanuck Jump to first page33Jump to last page 7 yearsdet_tobor (814): You might be able to get your wish very easily...years ago some people started the process of selling full runs of some titles on DVD. That might happen with downloads even faster.
Waited 17 Wks for 14 Books, Sides Not Sealed brigand80 30 7 yearsshrewbeer (13263): Just want to add that PETG and PET are completely different chemical compounds, not even close to one another. The inner well, PETG, can breathe. Not enough for you to notice if you tried breathing through it, but enough that the chemical off-gassing doesnt build up inside the well. Good point. If only. It's not restoration, its conservation. People should be far more accepting of the latter, rather it should be celebrated on GA...
Corner damage hockeymonkey605 6 7 yearsadampasz (36): If the rest of the book is flawless, maybe an 8.5.
House of Secrets 92 Cover Only Magellan Jump to first page55Jump to last page 7 yearsMagellan (332): @shrewbeer Very true!
Help with grading.... cbj102 8 7 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): Cool books.
Average grade of title-less comics! bige31 9 7 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): I kinda/highly doubt it would be an "INCOMPLETE" designation, on the label. The book, aassuming the back cover is as sharp as the rest of the front cover, looks to be in the Fine range. My guess is it would fetch a 1.0. Boy Commandos is a notoriously poor/slow seller, the grading fee would be a deal breaker. However, lower grade GA books by S & K , do sell around Overstreet in raw GD 2.0 and under. It is at least a $30 book...
ebay buyer accuses me of switching labels! kaptainmyke Jump to first page382Jump to last page 7 yearsRexMuff (4390): Completely agree
Modern Speculation - Minimum Grade? tonnage71 13 7 yearsdrchaos (27855):
BATMAN: Dark Nights Metal #1 printing defects myxzeus70 10 7 yearsZosoRocks (2131): RIGHT ON! Thanks DL!
Witness needed for Edmonton and Saskatoon Millvilleresident 3 7 yearsMillvilleresident (208): Still nobody? Sad face for me.
Some help grading Mickee92 Jump to first page37Jump to last page 7 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11512): Its a learning experience Mickee, and you have already taken the first step in the right direction. Keep up the good work! John
Grader Notes Question ?? mattness 8 7 yearsHomer (1010): The inner well was scratched before the book was holdered. It's just a piece of raw material.
Can pressing save this key? cbj102 17 7 yearsDrogio (7809): I've been trying to squire a "reading" copy of this book off ebay for nearly a year. Even the worst condition books go over $20. But you can get a slabbed 9.6 for $100 if you hit it right. Weird one, this issue is. I recommend getting what you can on eBay and pick up a 9.2 to 9.4 slab or a nice raw copy for less than $50 but you may have to be patient for the right opportunity.
Is this worth pressing/grading? cbj102 13 7 yearsSavage_Spawn (1906): 100% agree. I sent in 11 comics to CBCS for slabbin. 7 for value reasons. 4 will be worthless value wise, but priceless personal wize.....
What issue is this? harmonicaman 20 7 yearsFoghorn_Sam (3769): Of course that one of the issues the GDB provides no detailed information.
Question for first time submitting Dylan455 10 7 yearsgibbey (1): Okay, thank you. Like I said, I'm guessing this is just part of the process, but it just worries me that there's no update at all. I hope I didn't screw it all up. haha
Toronto Fan Expo Grading Process johnctan 17 7 yearsDarkga (4787): Authorized Witness to the signature of a comic.
Grade or not? VictorCreed 18 7 yearsKingNampa (6756): @Atakmunky7 lol, yes you bring up a good point. I'm worried about my CBCS slabs getting scratched over time. Can someone create a slab to protect my CBCS' slab? Also can someone also grade that slab around my CBCS slab for its eye appeal and add a sticker to it?
TOD #13 1st Blade is there hope for this book Johnnyonthespot 21 7 yearsJohnnyonthespot (328): Yeah
Tales From The Crypt 33 Grading Question vabchgent 14 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): Well that seals it, sounds like it was a printing error crease.
PSA: Invalid CBCS ID Numbers DarthLego 7 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): I found two in my stash of eBay buys, Jake got them both fixed. Who are these people getting books graded and not checking their dashboard notes to even notice their invoices not getting closed? Us "normal" people are hitting F5 until the grades pop up after shipping.
Help With My TMNT #1 (3rd Print) 00slim 23 7 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): It's pretty much a $30 book, in that grade. I'd say scan the FC and BC in, , disclose the defect (3rd print partially erased) put a BIN of $30 + $10 Priority Shipping and it'll sell.
That hurt. =( KingNampa Jump to first page58Jump to last page 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): Instead we just discuss actual pancakes.
Lets see if I burst i to flames.... Mickee92 26 7 yearsPre_Coder (19138): We'll soon see what Marvel has in store.
Please Grade my RICK & MORTY #1 ROILAND 1:50 kaptainmyke Jump to first page47Jump to last page 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): I personally don't think they over print RIs by that much, they get the orders in from the stores prior to printing. My theory is they probably print to the nearest 100 to cover to orders. Of course there isn't any way to prove either way unless the publishers come out with the data.
Grading Self Published Comic Books kaptainmyke 1 7 yearskaptainmyke (27079): Will CBCS still grade self published fan comics or are they required to have the ART label? Bee Jay Hawn and I co-submitted this commission peice I had her do on a blank sketch variant to her self published TMNT fan comic. I'd prefer a grading instead of a ART label. Thank you ...
Charging Hanknova22 3 7 yearsMef (1898): I will say that it took billing a couple of extra days do get mine through. BUT Mine was a con submission and I wanted orders combined, so if yours was a con sub too this could be the issue. If you sub at a con, they are automatically marked as 'received' but they don't charge you til they get them shipped back to the office as far as my experience has been.
Seller claims VF+ 00slim Jump to first page44Jump to last page 7 years00slim (17787): Not looking good. The guy anticipates up to an $800 price for it. Despite the fact a 9.4 sold on 12/18/16 for $501.
Sticky stuff ;) Mickee92 16 7 yearskaptainmyke (27079):
What are these worth? Mickee92 10 7 yearskaptainmyke (27079): Steppenwolf? Never heard of her.
Grade opinion J_Walker Jump to first page32Jump to last page 7 years00slim (17787): Go ahead & close it. If he backs out, you have his e-mail negotiating a partial refund. E-bay can see that e-mail & will side with you if he backs out. Granted all messages are through e-bay. For future reference, only escalate a case within e-bay's system if the seller refuses to work it out (return, partial refund, etc).
Grade Opinion Wanted - Fantastic Four #52 Darkga 28 7 yearskeefriffhards (419): If this was a Comic Grading pool I would say 5.0 to 6.0... probably not make me popular and I still am learning so all I have is a gut feeling...
What grade would you give ASM 30? QuaBrot 20 7 yearsthecollector1 (4): The real question you have to ask is are you slabbing for future sale or just to confirm the grade. If so, i would have one of top dealers in your area grade it out. if its not a 9.2 or better there's no value in slabbing to confirm it.
Whats the steps... Mickee92 6 7 yearspoka (24431): @Mickee92 - I have sent you a pm.
Foxing vs. Staining - what do you think? Tedsaid 19 7 yearsKingNampa (6756): Don't you wish you had the Eye of Agamotto? Buy a really crappy single page from an Action Comics #1 or a Graded .5 Amazing Fantasy #15 and then use the EYE to bring it back to 9.8. Muhahaha...
Armorines #0 Gold - worth pressing? ZosoRocks 6 7 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): This is the sort of book I would rebag into a Mylite2 abd a Full Back, and file into my $10 convention stock boxes. Or I'd put it up on eBay at $14.99 + $5 shipping. Easier to just make it into a $10 book, and people like pulling out signed gold variants out of my boxes at shows. I'n guessing you paid just under $20, shipped. Not a bad deal but pressing, grading and signature verification fees would make reselling the book a wash out, at...
Weird Colors with black light AMS 301 vabchgent 1 7 yearsvabchgent (490): What do we think the grade would be on a ASM 301. With lack of better words and under black light. Some light green shows up on the cover. Don't think its restoration and can only be seen under black light. Does not penetrate cover, Shows on cover but not on inside cover. No smell so not bleach-peroxide-lighter fluid or urine. Keep in mind the cover is totally white,could it just be reflection of the white cover-more glossy in some areas and not...
eBay Grab Bag Experiences? KingNampa 11 7 yearskaptainmyke (27079): Reminds me of the "SUPER 8" lots from Dynamic Forces. Bunch of $5 comics and a $30 graded cgc 9.8 of a comic no one cares about. Waste of time/money/space/energy.
So annoyed with myself! Mickee92 21 7 yearsFoghorn_Sam (3769): Yes, I have damaged a few books with this stiff mylar with a flap. I quit using it and cut it open it to make it easier to remove a book if I receive it that way.
Overstreet Guide Arrived keefriffhards 7 7 yearsDrWatson (50977): PGX doesn't make mistakes. They defraud.
printer defect ams #361 Zieggy1975 5 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): clickable text
Marvel Legacy Issue Number Guide JLS_Comics 14 7 yearsDarthLego (20518):
Grading Help - to sign or not to sign Themaxx35 14 7 yearsThemaxx35 (2510): Me at the moment:
CBCS Forum Grading Guess Scores shrewbeer 22 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): Only counts when the book is already slabbed right?
AW's going to Boston Con? Gabriel85301 1 7 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): Let me know what AWs out there are headed to Boston Con! I got a couple sigs I'd love to get on my books and sent in for grading. Thank you.
BREAKING: Ron Howard set to direct Han Solo kaptainmyke 14 7 yearsDrWatson (50977): I prefer magic nose goblins.
What is a crease worth? imagejock 11 7 yearsBrianGreensnips (14783): @imagejock Yeah in the 9.0+ range. Definetely better than a 7.5.
J. Scott Campbell Signed Books. Open or not? imagejock 22 7 yearskaptainmyke (27079): Called it!
I went to half priced books today kaptainmyke Jump to first page68Jump to last page 7 yearskaptainmyke (27079): It's a 9.6 newsstand edition copy of Amazing Spider-man #400. It has the die cut embossed cover, and it features the death of Aunt May, somewhat a minor key issue. Even mint they go for just $20 so one dollar sounds like a deal to me
star wars vol 2 7a 7th printing mattbanks Jump to first page38Jump to last page 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): Ben Affleck is perfect for Bruce Wayne. He has all the right character traits.
Another Rick and Morty #1 Spine Wear Edition Thanatos Jump to first page57Jump to last page 7 yearsTowmater (10537): I used to say that about Walking Dead #1.
Welcome to the CBCS Forum! SteveRicketts Jump to first page530Jump to last page 7 yearsrec1978 (69): Hello All, I am new to the CBCS boards, but I have been around the block a little while (EBay for 16 years and CGC Chat Boards (same user id) for 4 years). If you see anything in my EBay store that you like, please feel free to shoot me a PM! Cheers, Ron As a side note: I am sending my first book, for CBCS Submission, today! ...
Dentedteeth #1. Savage_Spawn 6 7 yearsSavage_Spawn (1906): I'll be in a very nice motel, but they don't have valet parking... not that im a valet perking type personality anyvaays...
Help with grade 3.0, 4.0, better? 00slim 26 7 years00slim (17787): @BrianGreensnips I purchased it in person & didnt really notice the darker spot. It shows a little more now, in the slab.
SOLVED: opened SS#4 not missing page 31 kaptainmyke 24 7 yearsIsz_A (19): Did you just lose the yellow label too? oops say it was verified sig.....label looked yellow.
Adding a missing page kaptainmyke 21 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): @SteveRicketts Facts: Steve could press that guy a six pack.
What does this mean? ComicE2 24 7 yearsdielinfinite (26607): I kinda do this with duplicate books and 9.8s already. If I submit two copies of a book and one comes back a 9.8 and one a 9.6 or 9.4, I'm pretty okay with selling the 9.8 and keeping the slightly lower grade for myself
Encapsulate If Fail - CBCS Signature VSP flikhype 12 7 yearsflikhype (7): Thanks Steve.
Humberto Ramos flikhype 7 7 yearsSirtoddington (1012): the date you have to put in would be the date the signer had done the signature. I usually send mine to Trinity & get the date from them on their signing & put that in the signing date then print that form off & ship it with my books.
Where to Submit for Worldwide Collectors flikhype 7 7 yearsflikhype (7): Thank you all for the friendly advices. Really appreciate it. thank you again.
POLL: 1948 BLUE BEETLE 54, CGC 3.0 kaptainmyke Jump to first page36Jump to last page 7 yearskaptainmyke (27079):
What does CBCS "Conserved" Label mean? kaptainmyke 7 7 yearsdielinfinite (26607): So this is from CGC but I'd imagine it would more or less apply to CBCS as well: The Quality/Quantity metrics they reference are as follows:
How Do You Identify a 9.8? Drogio Jump to first page44Jump to last page 7 yearsbennyb86 (796): IMHO its kinda of a game of roulette between the 9.6 and 9.8. One big thing to look for is ANY spine or staple defects and also look to see all the corners are sharp and square and have no "grab" or "bump" marks
grading question burntboy 16 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): Oh, so the book is already restored? In that case it would grade out as a restored copy and the grade as to the actual appearance and not be called an incomplete book.
Please grade Peter Laird's file copy TMNT #1 kaptainmyke 26 7 yearskaptainmyke (27079): Looks like Jim Lawson and Michael Dooney. Nice. Love Lawson's loose style and the contrasting Dooney's tight style.
What Grade Would You Assign? Drogio 7 7 yearsCrunkpostit (157): Yeah, kinda hard to tell without it in front of me. I even have a loop. Anyhoo, if it doesnt break color, it should press and all the little elves will do a happy dance.
Please grade this Batman Adventures 12 kaptainmyke Jump to first page90Jump to last page 7 yearskaptainmyke (27079): I love this new label btw. Don't ever change, brah. (DECB)
Rick and Morty #1 - Grade Advice Thanatos 8 7 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): Glad to help. I would certainly have the book pressed, before it is slabbed. If you decide to sell it, which I'd certainly suggest doing, as hot books like this book....pretty much invariably (and steeply) drop in value. The price point between a 9.4/9.6 and a 9.0/9.2 is very signifigant. Stay safe over there, brother.
How would this Spidey grade out? Savage_Spawn 9 7 yearsHomer (1010): Around a VF, book is way to common and inexpensive to get pressed. Move on to finding a copy that is not damaged if you want to get it certified.
Amazing Spider-man #194 newsie mark jeweler kaptainmyke 5 7 yearskaptainmyke (27079): I can get it pressed after I get it signed with a yellow label, too!
How do you look up invoice numbers from 3rd? kaptainmyke 6 7 yearskaptainmyke (27079): Ok I got them in received status imo
CBCS Staff Immortal? KingNampa 3 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): Although considering the power of the two Steve' never know.
Autograph with COA Jklugh 5 7 yearsJklugh (52): Thank you for the help guys. Much appreciated
Batman Adventures #12 Newstand Edition kaptainmyke Jump to first page42Jump to last page 7 yearsDocBrown (16887): Whoever gives in first and offers it will get that increased business.
Weird printing error? MichelleErika 4 7 yearsMichelleErika (1): Thank you!
Please grade my TALES FROM THE CRYPT #24 martymann 26 7 yearsmartymann (47973): Any better? Marty Mann
Will CBCS grade X-O Manowar 1:500 metalcover JLS_Comics 12 7 yearsBigRig (2006): So on site grading only? Im only joking..
"Sun" Shadows on Comics QuaBrot 6 7 yearsCFP_Comics (3850): They can be caused by dust or oxidation from the sun. In some instances, the sun can cause the edges to become brittle which would greatly impact the grade. In most cases they are done on a sliding scale, the greater the shadow and brittleness, the greater the impact on the overall grade. There is no way to say it is half a grade hit or one full grade, etc.
Overhang?? Do Not Encapsulate? KingNampa 29 7 yearsFoghorn_Sam (3769): There we go, the raw grade service has found its niche market.
How badly will binder holes effect the grade HarRes Jump to first page67Jump to last page 7 yearszosocane (645): Agree with CAK. And the date stamp/ink stamp doesn't affect the grade in that condition.
Grading Videos KingNampa 9 7 yearsSpiderTim (3302): Wouldn't we all? lol. That will surely NEVER happen! lol
Finding a comics worth, to slab or not. FootNote 12 7 yearsBrianGreensnips (14783): @FootNote One more important thing. It is ALL about condition. Unless it is a real Key then the condition may not be as critical especially looking for books in the wild.
Help grading this plz (and to slab or not?) shrewbeer 13 7 yearsesaravo (94248): @shrewbeer - there's a 5.5 graded copy of this in this weekends Heritage Auctions. You might want to look at the scans of that copy and see what the winning bid goes for.
What should I get graded? daywalker 19 7 yearsdrchaos (27855): Thanks, Except for the Aquaman and the X-Men 46 they were all books that I bought between 1984 and 1994.
Verified Signature jibaro 5 7 yearsSpiderTim (3302): You get charged per book and per signature my friend.
Can't find variant edition Jellybeanbaked420 3 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): It will only suggest to pre-fill books which other people have already submitted. If what you want doesn't pop up just write it in like Darkga said.
New to grading and i could use some help Brucewayne0483 13 7 yearsBrianGreensnips (14783): Welcome aboard. If you have the extra funds, I like what @JWKyle says about giving it a try. Do not be disappointed though if the grades come back lower than you were hoping. My first batch that I sent out to CBCS was pretty cool to get back and they look awesome. I sent books that I thought were really clean books and I was supprised not to see one of them come back at 9.8 So it has been an intersting education here on the forum about...
Restored books grading grid. OGJackster 8 7 yearsshrewbeer (13263): No ideas are bad ideas, especially when it creates good constructive dialogue! I know the CBCS crew watch our conversations (hi guys 👋🏻) and the more we talk the more they know what we (the consumers) are looking for. Unfortunately you're right, sometimes the dialogue is not constructive (but its wayy better here than the other side of the street) ...
Advice on Tape KingNampa 12 7 yearsKingNampa (6756): Hi. Ya true their website lists 8 months for minor restoration work must have a long waitlist. But in my case the tape was minor and I'm a regular customer so he gave me a fast pass. LOL. If this is your first time sending something to Hero Restoration I wouldn't expect to get the anything faster than the 8 months listed on his website. But I highly recommend Hero Restoration they do great work.
Rusty Staples. BrandonR 11 7 yearsBLBcomics (1147): The rust is eating the comic book paper. It is that simple. Rusty staples are simply reader copies with almost zero investment potential as the rust molds continue their mission.
Archer & Armstrong #0 Grade It. 1forchrist 4 7 yearsdrchaos (27855): My guess would be between a 9.2 and a 9.6 depending on what side of the bed the grader wakes up on. Between a 9.2, 9.4, and a 9.6 I think a 9.6 would be possible but the least likley.
Batman 181 BrandonR 10 7 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): I think you could press that up to a 5.5/6
Grading question huskershawn69 19 7 yearsdrchaos (27855): I think these are the keys to buying raw books on ebay: 1. Ignore the pictures / description 2. Always buy from someone who says either "I am not a professional grader" or "CGC it!" 3. Never worry about negative feedback, everyone deserves a chance for a fresh start 4. Always pay by check or money order instead of using Paypal
Iron Man #1 Question. BrandonR 10 7 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Here is the CGC take on it, began in 2013. I'm sure CBCS has a similar stance. Currently, CGC’s stance on tape allows for its presence to fix a detached cover, a tear or to re-attach a piece of the comic. This would still allow the book to receive a Universal Label and even a possible grade increase from what the book...
Will CBCS do on-site grading at Phoenix Con? Kaleljll 9 7 yearsKaleljll (406): Cool, thanks for the info everyone. See you there!!
Changing ART labels to Graded? DarthLego 18 7 yearsRyanHicks (1974): As long as you ship it in uncracked with the original yellow ART label and submit it as a normal graded book (not a reholder), then CBCS will grade the book and retain the yellow label. The book can still be cracked by a CBCS AW and resubmitted for grade and it will retain the yellow label as long as the AW does everything correctly.
How Much Does This Defect Reduces Grade? Drogio 5 7 yearsDrogio (7809): Seeing as how I had the same comic (different copy) come back as a 9.0 for a defect I had to hold up to the light at a 90 degree angle (and then keep pitching and rolling it around at slight angles until I spotted the ever-so-slight impression in the cover) I'm sure a reputable grader will notice this one...What I'm hearing is 9.4 at best for this one...which means most likely a 9.2 if they find ANYTHING else...
Pressing Candidate? opinions please ThorneArt 9 8 yearsThorneArt (1916): Thanks, I really appreciate the opinions folks. Exactly the kind of info I was looking for. :)
Usually high grade on a rack purchased comic kaptainmyke 8 8 yearsshrewbeer (13263): Seems to me 9.6 is the "new" NM. But then again I could have had it wrong all these years in the first place...
2017 Albuquerque Comic Con - Jan 13-15th ZosoRocks 4 8 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Thanks coat! I can be so blind sometimes. :O)
Grading opinion - bindery tears? Themaxx35 1 8 yearsThemaxx35 (2510): Are these considered bindery tears? This book is otherwise beautiful, but these small tears are kinda consistent on the top corner. If they are bindery tears how much would they normally affect grade? Thanks!
Jessica Cruz (Green Lantern) Appearance jbarnes020889 Jump to first page62Jump to last page 8 yearsZuul (7): Unless I'm mistaken, there is precedence set for fists being considered a cameo. Both Venom and Doomsday had "cameo" appearances as a fist.
Raw vs. Graded therealtimmyp 7 8 yearsesaravo (94248): Don't forget that the slab certifies not only the book's condition as in its grade, but also if the book has been conserved or restored, and if a signature (or several) are legit. Once you purchase it, you can remove it from the slab if you want, or leave it be. But you will have the piece of mind knowing that the book hasn't been restored and/or that the signature(s) is/are real.
Help: Need Notes for Graphic Fantasy #1 Despain 22 8 yearsDespain (1618): @SteveRicketts Thanks, Steve! Very helpful information. And Merry Christmas to you. I appreciate it.
Grading Training; Color breaks Themaxx35 14 8 yearsThe_Curmudgeon (1360): That actually is a proper grade for that book. The nature of the foil just tends to highlight the flaws. Those same defects on say Uncanny X-Men 281 would barely be noticed unless you had the book in your hands. P.S. That second one is making me turgid.
Coverless comics Odins_Raven Jump to first page31Jump to last page 8 yearsshrewbeer (13263): That book brings back bad memories. Had my kids with me at the CS and so of course im distracted; I saw a good looking copy for $40. Happily paid for it and a few small toys for the little ones, got home and noticed the "marvel spotlight" at the top. REPRINT 😡🔫.
Worth Submitting? Fantastic Four #25 tonnage71 7 8 yearsDeadpoolica (859): 5.5/6.0
Grading Help Needed: Fantastic Four #20 & 23 tonnage71 10 8 yearsDeadpoolica (859): I'd say around 5.0 on both
Reholder CGC Books lobovike 7 8 yearsDrWatson (50977): The cgc will charge you a reholder fee. If you send it to CBCS, they will charge you a grading fee. They can't reholder something that wasn't graded by them in the first place.
PUH-leeeeease grade my FF 48 - pretty please ivegotneatstuff 10 8 yearsFoghorn_Sam (3769): 7.0-7.5
New help grading this New Mutants 98 BigRig Jump to first page32Jump to last page 8 yearsTowmater (10537): :beer:
STEVE DITKO Happy 89th Birth Day !! BLBcomics 1 8 yearsBLBcomics (1147): Happy Birth Day #89 to Steve Ditko born Nov 3 1927 in Johnstown PA. Congrats on one more trip around the sun, sir! You have lived your life as you see one should. Maybe one day I will also get back to Library of Congress to take in the original art to your first Spider-Man story from Amazing Fantasy #15 like my friend Steve Geppi got to do today. You made some most amazing comics in the history of out medium. Here is one of my absolute...
Graded Twilight Zone #84 - Priced Fairly? tonnage71 10 8 yearsBLBcomics (1147): And just for the public record it was my then right hand man employee Mark Stichman who figured out which issue of Twilight Zone has the "first" Frank Miller professional comic book work. Frank told us Twilight Zone but was so embarrassed by it he would not tell us which issue number. We had made up a free 4 page brochure for all who came thru that week end which also contained a very complete check list of ALL Frank Miller comics work...
How do you grade comics with loose pieces? kaptainmyke 20 8 yearskaptainmyke (27079): What's interesting to me is the prices of ASM jacked up tremendously from last years guides to this year. So, that 1.5 grade last year was worth around $1500 but this year shot up to $3500. This book will continue to go up in value so the 1.5 grade doesn't bother me much. Intrinsically being unrestored and complete is evident. When I bought the book, it was alleged as a 2.5 but when it changed hands the book literally was so fragile it...
I vote to abolish grades 9.2, 9.4, 9.6, 9.8 Darkga Jump to first page38Jump to last page 8 yearsJWKyle (3300): It could have worked out a little different :D
Please grade my: Marvel Premiere 15 WCollecbales 8 8 yearsBrianGreensnips (14783): I agree with @poka. The photo quality is just not there to properly grade it. I would also want to see the interior page quality.
Will CBCS grade these mini comics for me? kaptainmyke 14 8 yearsSirtoddington (1012): I posted a photo of an ashcan they graded for me in KC above. That should have answered the question on if they could or not. ;)
Newsstand marks on older books jmh722 11 8 yearsesaravo (94248): If you look at the CBCS grading guidelines, a comic in Fine/Very Fine condition can have one fairly obvious defect if the rest of the book is okay. So it's entirely possible that the books could at least grade at 7.0. If you can obtain them at the cost of a lower grade than that, like a 5.0 or 6.0, it should be worth it.
Getting hardcovers graded reggieb 12 8 yearsOxbladder (1287): Well, I think CPG does about as well as they can with prices. It is impossible to stay on top of hundreds and thousands of prices when you simply cannot track every sale out there. I just don't think you will find any guide as completely accurate. CPG is about the only one I know that offers both of what you want. I don't think it work very well (or at all) with mobile devices. So I have heard. Doesn't ComicBase or whatever it is called how do...
Would love grading opinion on this X-Men #1 ivegotneatstuff 18 8 yearsDeadpoolica (859): you're right
Stan Lee. Rose City Comicon. Photos are UP kaptainmyke Jump to first page40Jump to last page 8 yearskaptainmyke (27079): what about the left and right brah
Walking dead #1 Cynthiana ky variant BigRig Jump to first page33Jump to last page 8 yearsBigRig (2006): Submitted these books today so we will see what they grade when I get them back. Both asp tony Moore and vsp Robert Kirkman. Will come back as a red label. 12 weeks in counting.
Please help me grade a Giant-Size X-Men #1 Darkga 13 8 yearstherandyrobbins (43): You can get a 9.2 max at CGC with a 1/4 tear. That one would most likely get an 8.0/8.5.
Please help me grade this Hulk 181 ivegotneatstuff Jump to first page41Jump to last page 8 yearsivegotneatstuff (34): Hmm I have yet to see one of those "certifications" .. Maybe you should apply for a job at CBCS :)
Please Grade My: Silver Surfer #4 WCollecbales 14 8 yearsOdins_Raven (2389): I venture to guess anywhere from a 5.0-6.5
Boston Comic Con Misterj1o 4 8 yearsThemaxx35 (2510): Mine popped up at the end of the last week.
Bent Staples, Thick Books, and Grades AznBane 8 8 yearsAznBane (70): @Studley_Dudley That's really helpful and makes me more comfortable buying the book. Thank!
Please Grade My: Marvel Premier 15 WCollecbales 11 8 yearssvgcomics181 (160): this is what a 8.0 looks like with Mark Jeweler intact
Spine color breaks and 9.8's jmh722 23 8 yearsRam_Jam (34): The Overstreet Grading Guide postulates that a 9.8 has the minimum of one small problem and a maximum of two small problems (page 127 of the second edition)
PAGE TEARS/CUTS Revan_Q 11 8 yearsDarthLego (20518): I think if the book grades at 7.5 or higher, that's a fair price. If it's less than a 7.5 I think it's overpriced. Without pictures it's hard to say, we don't know what the rest of the book's condition is besides the triangle cut.
blunted gloss question jmh722 Jump to first page32Jump to last page 8 yearsCCD (73): @jmh722
How long do orders stay in your cart? kaptainmyke 1 8 yearskaptainmyke (27079): I'd like at least 30 days imo
Dynamic Forces Signed Books Red or Yellow? kaptainmyke 4 8 yearskaptainmyke (27079): Thanks. Just needed verification.
1 comic, 2 individuals, different convention Gabriel85301 5 8 yearsDarthLego (20518): There's also the 2-day turnaround option, you could do for the first sig, but that would be pricey.
Gold Key File Copies & Slabbing Thoughts tonnage71 10 8 yearsCCD (73): File copies aren't pedigrees.
Another Pressing Question dburghard 23 8 yearsCFP_Comics (3850): And I can review the ones he does not want pressed. Just in case.
Went to LCS, saw a brand new CGC case, OIL! kaptainmyke 9 8 yearsVillageIdiot (1336): No, they have not. Want to see a plethora of mine without such?
I acquired a 9.8 CGC book...with wrong label kaptainmyke 25 8 yearsDarthLego (20518): @kaptainmyke yep, you submit it just the same as if it was a raw book. P.S. Let me know when that thing comes back to you. (Unless it comes back with rivets, lol)
Restoration Question, Married back cover comicsmv 5 8 yearsBrianGreensnips (14783): Yeah, I can't get enough of it. Lol.
How much will this reduce book grade? ibrcn 12 8 yearsibrcn (1): Thanks for the insight. All things being equal if this is the only thing wrong with this book and all else is perfect, what grade will it get? I understand that other flaws on other books will decide the outcome of the grade. I will make that determination according to each book. I'm just not how much these flaws effect grade especially the fold crease since it's basically production error. Cheers.
Just found these. What info can you tell me? kaptainmyke 5 8 yearsJeremy_K (841): pm me if your selling the Spiderman comic don't know what its worth but i like it.
Can a Printer Crease be on a Near Mint book? TruckJohnson Jump to first page40Jump to last page 8 yearsDocBrown (16887): If printer's creases can't be on NM books, there isn't a NM copy of Cap #241, Direct market version, that exists. The entire print run of the Direct version has printer's creases, to varying degrees, in the bottom left quadrant of the front cover. If you find a Direct copy without one, you have found a very, very rare beast. And it's not the only book with this problem. I don't have any problem with printer's creases, because I know what...
Reholder Question DarthLego 8 8 yearsMR_SigS (11124): I think in a simple reholder without damage situation, they won't reinspect unless you pay them for the service. If they were to see damage that may affect the existing grade, I'd guess they'd contact you with options.
Can someone identify this original page? kaptainmyke Jump to first page42Jump to last page 8 yearskaptainmyke (27079): @DarthLego He won't budge at $1500 for a Albedo #2 first printing 9.4 graded. I told him I have $1000 calling his name should he change his mind before 9/1. Oh well. I refuse to pay more for convenience and rarity. I have mint carded original Usagi TMNT toys and his original work on TMNT in #47, Donatello Pinup, and Turtle Soup.
Shopping Cart broken, cannot order! HELP kaptainmyke 26 8 yearsStelbert_Stylton (1090): This is a modern-centric viewpoint too. If you use Rapid you make up the difference with 11 books, with Quickstream you break even with 16 books, etc.
CBCS Label errors (PLS consider correcting) JazzyJeffie Jump to first page32Jump to last page 8 yearsMR_SigS (11124): lol Yeah, I didn't see the issue numbers. I thought you were asking for the label to say, "1st Appearance of The All New Iron-Man".:oops:
Help identify and value pre-war train comics kaptainmyke 11 8 yearsDarthLego (20518): Both of those railroads are listed on
Can I submit my TMNT 1984 comics to CBCS? kaptainmyke 5 8 yearsDarthLego (20518): The max size is 7 & 5/8ths x 10 & 1/2 inches. (7.625 x 10.5) and 0.24 is max thickness.
Comic Books with detached covers? kaptainmyke 15 8 yearskaptainmyke (27079): my goal is to get all red labels on everything I've had signed by him. I am getting all my Conway signed Spider-mans signed by Stan. However I need to pay for some of this stuff so I am getting some key books signed to sell since I have no desire to keep them. New Mutants #98 signed by Liefeld and now Stan Lee, old Journey Into Mystery comics signed by Stan Lee such as first Magneto and vs Hulk, etc...A solid 8.5 JIM 83 GRR signed by...
Help choosing between two books dielinfinite 27 8 yearssamediarchon (94): This looks like a nice copy. Good choice!
CBCS Paperwork Gabriel85301 4 8 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): The awesome thing about submitting books at a Con and them doing this, is you can have $ to spend at the con..
Submission of comics scbeachbum 7 8 yearsscbeachbum (4): Nope. Not me. Must be somebody else. I'm not on that forum.
CBCS 9.8 Graded Subscription Service jerry3204 21 8 yearsMuaythaiguy (97): I just wanted to know if you recieve my order and if there are some updates
Neal Adams Signature Sticker? thebeardedbat 23 8 yearsspaulus (486): Batman2001 comments will be addressed. Any AW who does not identify themselves as a witness is not acting as a witness. Each and every signature that is being witnessed, the witness has to identify themselves as a CBCS witness. If an AW does not identify themselves, their status as an AW will be revoked, and all of their books in the grading pipeline will not be eligible for a yellow label.
VSP Question thebeardedbat 5 8 yearsthebeardedbat (1): Thanks for the help!
Being taught to grade comics. jwalker0094 17 8 yearsResurrection (661): There are two types of people who grade comics. Those who can, and those who can't. The ones who can wanted to learn and spent time learning. My best suggestion is attend conventions, talk to reputable dealers, and of course send books to be graded. Write down your estimated grade, and defects you spot to determine your grade and compare to what grade you get and graders notes. CGC and CBCS grading is the industry standard now, so I suggest...
San Francisco comic con Comic_guys 5 8 yearsPovRow (568): Sometimes the absence of a listing doesn't mean it won't happen. So I thought it would be good to get a CBCS confirmation. If they have truly decided to not go I think it is a shame, since it is the first major con in San Francisco since Wondercon moved away. I'm starting to get abandonment issues.
Certified Yellowmask 1 8 yearsYellowmask (5): Growing up in the 60's, I'm a big silver age fan. Is their any groups that discuss the comics, movies and tv of that time. I've also been curious on how you learn to certifie comics. In coin collecting their are classes you can take in order to certifie coins but I never heard of this in the comic industry. Over the years I've been close or right on the money when having my books certified but I would love to know more. Some people try to sell...
GPA for CBCS? jmh722 Jump to first page32Jump to last page 8 yearsStelbert_Stylton (1090): ValiantMan's site :thumbsup:
Need some advice on these signature books VaComicsGuy 7 8 yearsSpiderTim (3302): I would VSP the Stan Lee signatures and any major creator. I personally will VSP a Detective Comics Laughing Fish that came signed by Marshall Rogers, hope it is his true signature.
So sorry! SteveBorock Jump to first page49Jump to last page 8 yearsbird (4): Glad to hear that you are feeling better Steve! Take care and be well! - Sean W
Grade Screening jbarnes020889 5 8 yearsdielinfinite (26607): From the wording it seems you'd need 70% of the books that were screened to pass, not 70% of your order, so the latter of your two situations
Comics released in a bag Jayzer 2 8 yearsEmporiu_Purgatorio (10): They are removed, my friend. They will also degrade the book over time. But they need to be able to look through entire book to grade it. :-) I've seen those who keep them bagged, those who don't, those who buy one of each, and myself, I keep the bag, but place it behind the backing board. Entire original package together, comic out for inspection/reading/grading.
Can somebody help me please? Wolverine 10 8 yearsWolverine (1960): Thanks Curmudgeon, great info. Just wish our dollar was doing better.
Some Grading Help on my JLA #1! James 5 8 yearsJames (82): Thanks - I was thinking a 2.5 to 3 on a good day.
Spare a grade and an expert eye Jonathan84 7 8 yearsJonathan84 (4):
What grade? Mad 3 1953 First Printing Marc_1 10 8 yearsCFP_Comics (3850): 5.5 looks about right.
Canadian experiences and information please TheChizzle 8 8 yearsTheChizzle (4): Great responses, thanks you fellow collectors! Much appreciated.
CBCS Memberships Mathyus_42 12 8 yearsMathyus_42 (317): When you pack your books for shipping make sure to include a note with them saying what coupons you want to use and on what book. You would do the the same with the fast pass as well.
CBCS grading & restoration panels at Cons... SteveBorock Jump to first page35Jump to last page 8 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): Agreed on what Dick said here.I have a lot of respect for CBCS and I think these forum issues will be sorted out, in due time.I understand a smooth running forum has a couple snags, in the beginning. I think vross promiting a thread like this over on Facebook would help get this in motion, if that has not already been done.The downside to that would be ...well, dealing with Facebook posters.hah. I would definitely go in for this, at pretty...
Can you spare a grade? jayslo 12 8 yearsTombofdracula50 (76): 5.0-5.5
PGM Amazing Spider-Man #121 Treco 9 8 yearsPre_Coder (19138): From what I can tell in the pics, looks like a solid 8.5 to me as well.
PGM Captain Marvel #50 (1945) WCollecbales 5 8 yearsWCollecbales (154): Thanks for your help! :)
PGM Amazing Spider-man 25 WCollecbales 7 8 yearsPre_Coder (19138): Good decision! Price on the book + pressing + slabbing + shipping/insurance both ways (especially where you're located),... I don't think this particular copy is worth it. I suggest holding out for a nicer copy already slabbed.
PGM GIANT SIZE X-MEN 1 WCollecbales Jump to first page43Jump to last page 8 yearsDrWatson (50977): To borrow a modified line from Ricky Gervais, "It's not as rubbish as it used to be."
Urgent: PGM Giant Size X-Men 1, restoration? WCollecbales 14 8 yearsOldbsturgeon (142): when you get it back, update the thread for sure!
Grading Help needed Jonathan84 13 8 yearsesaravo (94248): I have an ASM #21 in really nice shape that I am debating on sending in for grading. I think it would grade out at around a 9.2 (or even higher?), but it has a 1/2" tear in the cover at the bottom left corner that arches up to the purple box in the area between the "Who" and "Marvel" (it stops just before the color change). How much would that defect knock this book down in grade? ...
Professional Restoration Evangelon 1 8 yearsEvangelon (187): Does CBCS have a partnership with anyone who specializes in Restoration Similar to CGC/CCS?
PGM Hawkman #1 JohnnyStorm 9 8 yearsJohnnyStorm (1): Thanks!
Question about non color touch color on a bo Oldbsturgeon 4 8 yearsPovRow (568): Yes, for something like this where it is random paint splatter, I imagine CBCS would appropriately downgrade but not put it under the Restored umbrella.