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CBCS 101: A Newbie's Guide. dielinfinite Jump to first page168Jump to last page 2 daysZtlamhcs (1): Awesome! Appreciate the help. Not sure why it's disabled. I don't see any news or anything to indicate why.
Board Rules about Political Posts: Please Read SteveRicketts Jump to first page108Jump to last page 1 monthOGJackster (27036):
CBCS Message Board - Terms of Use SteveRicketts 1 5 yearsSteveRicketts (11030): CBCS Message Board Terms of Use Created: December 15, 2015 Last update: March 30, 2018 The CBCS discussion forum and message board [the “Forum” or “CBCS Message Board”] accessible through the Web site [the “Site”] [collectively the “Forum Services”] is brought to you by Comic Book Certification Service, LLC [“CBCS,” “we,” “our,” or “Company”]. In addition to any other Terms of Use and/or...
Anyone Out There Collect Baseball/Sports Cards? tonnage71 15 1 hourBigRedOne1944 (8249): Not all hobbies have to be expensive. While it’s true that higher grade cards can be expensive. The hobby can be enjoyed at a much lower cost in lower grades
What if it's blue and not green? jaysonslade 11 10 hoursHulkSmash (3323):
Turnaround times ; I’m in Canada Cmoores Jump to first page52Jump to last page 14 hoursKatKomics (14389): Great news!!! I went with CanPar (cheaper for me) - hopefully something will be on my doorstep next week??
AC 1000 Massafera Reholder jgzachary13 2 1 daydielinfinite (18168): There were minimal changes to the label design with the new labels and as a rule the new label on a reholder maintains all the information from the original. I don’t see any reason why that would change for this book
Newbie question: PGX to CBCS Bigw00ddaddy 9 3 daysBigw00ddaddy (3): Thanks everyone! I appreciate the input :)
Using Membership coupons… how do I? dmoloth 3 5 daysdmoloth (24): Thanks! I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to enter a code or whatever.
Comic shops in Seattle/Tacoma area jaysonslade 4 5 daysjaysonslade (56): Thanks! Great info! That's exactly the things I need to know. Awesome!
Help with new eBay payments received mattness 14 8 dayschester15 (1005): To my knowledge, yes. Maybe someone else has more information on that. The bright thing for them to do is to let you use the funds in your MP account to buy things on eBay. But they are too dumb to see it. As it is now, if someone purchases something on eBay using any of the accepted payment methods, eBay will get charged a fee by those companies. EBay then passes that cost on to the seller in their FVF as part of the processing fee. ...
Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters Alpha error? Belarak 1 8 daysBelarak (42): Has anyone heard of this comic cover being an error. The website I bought it from claimed it was a "Missing Trade Misprint" and to buy it before Marvel recalled it. Does anyone know if this is true? The claim was there is no Trade but it still has the Marvel logo so its the first Marvel minimal cover. Thanks
Artist pseudonyms and variant names on CBCS labels nightsnotover 4 10 daysdielinfinite (18168): @nightsnotover I definitely recommend checking out the Newbie’s Guide since it explains a lot about submitting to CBCS and the services they offer
Tax efficient profits? jaysonslade Jump to first page36Jump to last page 12 daysEbayMafia (14015): Hopefully everyone understands this clearly. There is no change in the tax obligations, what's changing is the reporting requirements. Previously you could sell up to $20,000 in a year on platforms such as Ebay and it was up to you to report that information to the IRS. Now Ebay and other platforms are required to provide the IRS with information on anyone who sold over $600 on their platform in a year. So it's not like money will be...
Memorial Day Promo Qustion Puckster 6 14 daysPuckster (1411): @Scifinator That makes sense. Looking at the promo a little better I can see that.
first time ever submissions >> Tyler 15 15 daysTyler (217): I wonder if there is a mech in place to track them once they get to Toronto, and throughout their journey south? If not>>>> I know it is a bit more work BUT..if Canadian submissions are given a "Canadian Submitting number" and they put THAT on the bottom (side) of the package. When the person picking up the packages get there...they can take a pic the "number" on the box and mark it as in system or forward the...
CBCS Customer Service Status WalkinWillie 17 16 daysMmanick (55): So true. When I called to get information they couldn't give me any. Didnt even know the difference between silver age and golden age.
Comic ID not being Found arktech 6 16 daysStudley_Dudley (26249): @arktech I ran into this issue recently with a reholder. When I emailed customer service about it, the instructions were to basically put it in as a new grading submission but note on the invoice that it is for a reholder. I would write in nice big, Sharpie with highlighter. The invoice should be adjusted when CBCS receives it. If not, then just email customer service about it and it will be adjusted. That's what I did. Just to show that...
Suncoast Comic-Con jgzachary13 1 16 daysjgzachary13 (161): Anyone planning on attending this con? I presume the bigger grading companies won’t be there (CBCS, CGC, etc.) even though this is in CGC’s backyard.
Experience with Investment Grade Key Comics? DWeeB1967 1 17 daysDWeeB1967 (4363): Has anyone had experience purchasing from Investment Grade Key Comics? I'm considering buying a book from them and would appreciate any feedback about good experiences, bad experiences, etc. Thanks!
Travelers Scifinator 9 19 daysScifinator (4780): @Joosh - How the spread was enabled through primarily three people in different settings and Designed to have a 10 day incubation (too similar)and cull about 30% of the population. It was an oh wow moment for me. I had no idea that this was part of the story line and for it to have aired before our pandemic
How to see eBay Best Offer Accepted? jaysonslade 11 20 dayschester15 (1005): I just re-checked, still not working on several attempts. I figured it might be just slow to find newly ended listings, so I tried a week-old listing. Still no luck. Just an animation of a guy with an overcoat draped on his arm, looking around like he is lost. Maybe it's hit and miss.
Got any Modok covers? to share. robo 6 21 daysrobo (193): I’m thinking Modok is Kirby’s avatar. Facially - they’re a match and both are attached to a chair from which they are trapped yet have their power. Like Mordor, Jack is basically just a diabolical head with arms with legs cause they were easier to keep than explain what happened to them. I can’t not see him as Kirby now but like it.
Signature & Grading Questions hogan36 3 24 dayshogan36 (67): @dielinfinite Thank you!
Immortal hulk Reelgee 2 25 daysHeinzDad (7062): This isn’t factual, more like an opinion, not likely. The run is over period at 50 from what I heard and I’m butt hurt by that.
Potential grade... Iron Man Security Measures? BuffJake09 6 25 daysBuffJake09 (178): I went ahead and purchased the book, it will be a birthday present for my brother who is a huge Agents of Shield and Phil Coulson fan... my next step will be sending it off to be graded once it arrives. I'd like to know if anyone can share what the rough estimates that I should expect as far as a timeframe currently? Thanks in advance!
Star Wars VLIX Oncard and BOBA FETT Prototype are coming! Scifinator 3 26 daysScifinator (4780): @Briten - There are 15 "L" slots and 4 "J" slots that have been graded by AFA.
Label Corrections Bobsaget 6 27 daysBobsaget (2): @dielinfinite thanks I may do that but I'm not worried about this book I have multiple to eventually send I just wanted to make sure next time that it was on it correctly
Wisdom on Selling Most of My Collection jgzachary13 20 29 daysjgzachary13 (161): @xkonk Thank you. I believe I will work with the CGCs on EBay first and then break up raws into lots and follow the steps you mention. I’ll determine MCS v. EBay then and hopefully have more time. Thank you (and everyone) again.
Ebay New Listing Format Help & Questions Thread drchaos 12 29 daysEbayMafia (14015): lol, I wonder if he was short-selling their stock at the time. Sorry, this is how it read in summary view.
Sales slowdown or anomoly? Scifinator Jump to first page56Jump to last page 1 monthTowmater (8226): Seeing how long TAT's have become in the industry, if I ran a large convention I would offer free space to a grading company if they came and graded at my show. I think it would entice people to the show in big numbers and get people through the doors that might be hesitant to venture out. On a side note, I think that the grading companies might want to freeze new submissions until TAT's get beck to a more reasonable amount of time. Maybe...
who got information on this book? Reelgee 9 1 monthReelgee (246):
Ebay - WTF is Gallery Plus Fee drchaos 11 1 monthScifinator (4780): @drchaos - Maybe you were hacked by @ebaymafia
Question about Grading comics that were never opened. Nemlack 26 1 monthCatCovers (6122): ASM 300 wasn't polybagged.
A couple of turnaround questions dmoloth 3 1 monthdmoloth (24): Thanks. I was expecting that but I wanted to confirm it due to some funny verbiage in the submission process.
She hulk collection >> to be graded or not >? Tyler 18 1 monthHulkSmash (3323): @Tyler so it’s for sale now 😉
Superman Keys Checklist? 00slim 12 1 monthsoutherncross (11014): @DWeeB1967 exactly, a lot of information and data has been collected over the decades of their publishing.
Which would you choose?? jaysonslade 18 1 monthandy49 (1385): I'm ok with offwhite or higher, so the higher graded book wins provided that it looks like the grade given
tax consequences 2022 tonyz58 Jump to first page44Jump to last page 1 monthScifinator (4780): @Puckster - If your parents are still alive, disregard the following. If your parents are deceased, not to worry...At least NOT YET. There is what's known as date of death step up in basis. Essentially, the collectibles get a bump up in basis (cost wise for taxes) to ones date of death. As such if I bought my Alpha Flight #1 in 1983 for 0.75 and I die in 2033 the year after that Alpha Flight starred in their own title Movie which wins...
Semi Rigid Bags for Raw Books Ryan4421 3 1 monthDonnied (1261): I've been using the 4 mil mylar bags for almost 40 years. They are the preferred method for protecting unslabbed comics. Combined with a good quality acid-free backing board, and a stable storage environment, your comics will be good to go.
Help with first submission please Pjl 9 1 monthComicninja0215 (2168): @Pjl You have made a wise and informed decision
Press and grade question Sebastsk8 6 1 monthComicninja0215 (2168): @GAC :D:beer:
Shipping on the submission form >>> Tyler 6 2 monthsdielinfinite (18168): Yes, the pricing is in CAD. I’m not sure if it is still the case but the price on the dashboard might change to the equivalent in USD
First submission questions jef 5 2 monthsdielinfinite (18168): @jef It sounds like you selected a Grade Screen option. Grade screening is when you provide a minimum grade you want the book to achieve before committing to full grading. When Grade screening is selected the book shows a cost of $0 because it is unknown whether you will be paying for grading, a rejection fee, or have the rejection fee waived. Once the books are screened, books that meet the minimum threshold you set move on to full grading...
Will GoCollect blog move the needle on this comic? Scifinator 12 2 monthsJesse_O (23573): CBSI (Comic Book Speculation and Investing) has mentioned Exile comics frequently the last 2 years or so.
How to become an Authorized Witness Belarak 10 2 monthsEbayMafia (14015): I think you just go down to the Kingdom Hall, learn about Jehovah, get the pamphlets and start ringing doorbells. Maybe there's a baptism involved...I'm not really sure.
Sent in the wrong book for grading Jprince256 4 2 monthscomixcited (1322): normally the big title fixes come when the comix hit grading. they will catch it.
Ebay Payment Dispute drchaos Jump to first page93Jump to last page 2 monthspoka (19417): Under paypal you would be protected if you meet the requirement for seller's protection. Paypal would absorb. Under ebay managed payment I have seen both sides. In reality, whether ebay or paypal they charge a fee to the seller. Part of that fee should go to cover situations like this
Submitting new comic returnofmo 2 2 monthsScifinator (4780): Welcome aboard. You can type in as a Spawn 230, but then bring up the Variant drop down. If you don’t see your exact match, you can type in the variant for each item.
Books delivery how long to show received? ukdavid68 22 2 monthsukdavid68 (9): My books have been received in today and are now processing. That's a little relief now that I know it has officially been received. I understand now the real waiting starts.
Fraudulent CBCS Case?? buildingsbreeding 21 2 monthsbuildingsbreeding (7): awesome, that is exactly what is happening with this book. Thanks everyone. I can now feel good about my purchase.
Stain on the cover. Flip1987 12 2 monthsHulkSmash (3323):
Question about raw grading/screening xvipah 7 2 monthsxvipah (680): @SidTheSquid Ah, there it is, thanks for that.
First Pressing Submission. Help Please RareComics 8 2 monthsSteveRicketts (11030): Send it go CBCS in Dallas. We're all under the same roof now. There shouldn't be any mention of the old Florida address remaining anywhere. If you see it, let me know and I'll have it removed.
Ladies roll call! we locked it! no women found :( robo Jump to first page31Jump to last page 2 monthsEbayMafia (14015): @robo quite often I have to stare at your writing for several minutes and add my own syntax and punctuation before I can fully understand what you are trying to convey. But once I put in the work, it's usually worth it. Ciao Ladies...IBTL!
Revisiting RAW Grading ReCollecting 21 2 monthsReCollecting (41): One of the best advantages of RAW grading is that it provides a third option. The biggest question when purchasing a comic virtually is grading. You won't know the condition of the issue until it's in your hands whether RAW or slabbed. Yes, slabbed offers a higher level of physical protection, but not grading. And I've seen my fair share of damaged comic books inside slabs. In addition, there is a group of collectors who also include the...
Jenny Zero #1 tonnage71 10 2 monthsOGJackster (27036): I broke down and got one for $20 on ebay.
WTB: Venom: Lethal Protector TPB 00slim 4 2 monthsdielinfinite (18168): Congrats! I actually have a lot of overlapping trades in Venom’s pre-solo appearances but aside from a couple of trades I mostly just have the mini-series in the Venom Omnibus
Insurance Herkzy 11 2 monthscyrano0521 (847): Jerry Siegel signature only adds about 100-150 to book value for most collectors; Dan Jerguns can actually detract from the value, to some people. I would leave them in the $200 tier. If you want faster turnaround, use fast pass/fast press which cuts wait time in half.
Help with Grade and price please Oteemorse Jump to first page32Jump to last page 2 monthsOteemorse (107): Yup you’ve got GOLD in dem dar Hills !!
Hybrid Grading - HGA Supertom Jump to first page43Jump to last page 2 monthsGAC (28322): My point with this is AI is going to takeover the world and I for one welcome our robot overlords. lol!
How to value 0.3 and 0.1? dielinfinite 16 2 monthsdielinfinite (18168): ahh, the mistake I made was misreading your original comment and thinking you were referring to GoCollect
What happened to Goldballs? Wasn't he suddenly important? Joosh 3 2 monthsxkonk (11707): I personally liked that series but I don't think I'm in the majority (not that people disliked it, it's just kind of there). And while Goldballs (now Egg) is the key to reviving mutants, it isn't like he pops up a whole lot or is any more popular than he was before. He isn't the focus of any storylines or going on cool adventures. He hangs out on Krakoa and brings people back to life, which means he's with Hope, Proteus, Tempus (also...
Guess the comic Scifinator 13 2 monthsNoblebeast315 (1538): Going out on a limb here. Is it Deathmate Orange?
Venom 26 Variant Covers jgzachary13 14 2 monthsSebastsk8 (137): This was the first book I did some actual speculative purchases on and bought 10 copies of the trade dress kirkham A covers, they have since dropped in price but I made a few hundred off of them from that gamble. Since then I havent done that really, just bought covers that I liked or were harder to find. The peach venom 30 sketch cover is one of my more favorite recent covers though, the knull/venom cover is a nice one.
all the sudden trouble signing in to home page timberghost 13 2 monthstimberghost (89): me too now
Update on Johns, Fabok, Finch, etc. Private Signing Event FearTheManThing 3 2 monthsFearTheManThing (4): Great, thanks for the update!
Magazine sized submissions danmalek466 9 3 monthskaptainmyke (26586): it was #soon 3 years ago lol
Previous Owners Signature on Cover zombiederek 7 3 monthsMurrayC (429): You can turn that "Dale Hopkins" into "To Dale Hopkins, from your pal, Stan Lee! Excelsior!" kidding.... KIDDING.... I'm kidding...
Packing How-To's for USPS Priority/Insurance (~4.5k book). robo 11 3 monthsCatCovers (6122): Double-boxing is important. Here's a package I got last week. It was NOT double-boxed.
Press screen charge if pressed? RonMob 15 3 monthsBronte (14713): I've submitted press screen and been rejected on a few books. If it was a money grab they would have pressed in my opinion.
Comic subscriptions timberghost 9 3 monthsJesse_O (23573): This is my shipment from MCS that I got today. I didn't think to take pictures before I opened it. It held 9 books. ...
Can You Tear A Slabbed Comic? ReCollecting 17 3 monthsReCollecting (41): The item arrived in a USPS Priority box with lots of rolled-up newspapers. By the way, the local dealer estimated the worth at far, far below the original price. No surprise there.
Giuseppe Camuncoli Signature Event lalste 4 3 monthsNuffsaid111 (7662): I've learned with these signing events to modify my mindset that once they're sent in, it could be upwards of double digit months. I send in and don't even think about them anymore otherwise I'll go bananas if I do think
Please help.. KyleeRenew6209 12 3 monthsHulkSmash (3323): 2nd.. Looks like a Bagley sig
X-men ashcan inquiry Scifinator 4 3 monthsHulkSmash (3323): I Would have assumed the no price variant would be least common since it required effort on your part to fill out a survey, mail it, and actually receive the book in a condition worth keeping.
General Time Frame Question laanxx99 10 3 monthsxkonk (11707): Speaking of the trade-off, you can increase speed by increasing price - pay for fast press/fast pass (or a higher tier of grading).
Photo Quality - Or lack thereof Scifinator 17 3 monthsScifinator (4780): LOL somehow I knew some were gonna have fun with the 9.9 /9.8. Honestly, I wanted to illustrate how different lighting affects The photo. With the same camera. Home is LED whhile office is fluorescent. And no, nothing stays displayed at the office. Those are to be sold and boxed up, so no chance of damage from the fluorescent lighting. Home is obviously for my permanent (force ghost) collection. If you haven’t done so before, if you...
ok need help as to submitting timberghost 22 3 monthsComicninja0215 (2168): @timberghost bother us all you want! this is a great group and like Brian said, lots of folks here are willing to help.
Help with figuring insure value for submit timberghost 11 3 monthsGAC (28322): Your return shipping cost is based partially on your chosen insurance limit. So, if you insure a $10 book at the highest dollar limit of the tier, your return shipping costs more than if you just insured the book for $10.
The perfect 10? Herkzy 25 3 monthsSiggy (15954): I'll always wonder, "What kept this from 10.0?" Bad cup of morning coffee? Dust mite droppings? Of course that's not nearly as frustrating of a question as, "Why did this get a 9.8 after a CPR??" Don't forget to add that possible plot-twist to the tale.
Buy the Numbers - which would you purchase? sportshort 21 3 monthsDarkseid_of_town (9716): Either book is a decent purchase...For myself I say go with the key that is likely to rise....given that Darkseid has a role in the upcoming Synder cut that isnt going to hurt the value of FP 1 for sure....and one has to think that sooner or later Darkseid will get his due in a series or Theater movie. Conversely Swamp thing just had a series that was done well, and should have been continued but wasnt for whatever dismal reason. I dont see...
Action Comics #9 rgreenson 3 3 monthsflanders (7480): Maybe that's the combo.
Best Place to Sell Slabs? MurrayC Jump to first page32Jump to last page 3 monthsSpiderTim (2405): so if I sell over $600 on ebay and get paid through Paypal which one would send me the 1099 form? I have a US account bbut receive my funds in another countries Paypal account which is were I actual do live.
If you could go back in time... Jabberwookie Jump to first page46Jump to last page 3 monthsScifinator (4780): I would tell myself to put off buying those SA that called to me, Silver Surfer #1, Captain Marvel #1, Captain America #100, and Sub-Mariner #1. Instead, embrace the X-Men and instead of buying a case of Alpha Flight #1, buy a case of Hulk 181. Non-comic advice - While I was correct in not investing clients in dot com this and dot com that in the late 90's, and thus avoiding the dot com crash of 2000-2003 and actually making clients money in...
Keep ‘My Comics’ on CBCS dashboard? MrNotSoNice 2 3 monthsdielinfinite (18168): There is currently no option to remove books from the My Comics list
Valuing ungraded comics RonMob 11 3 monthsBrianGreensnips (9652): @RonMob Welcome aboard. There is a lot of solid advice given here so far. Educate yourself as much as you can before jumping in too quickly. I spec on books a little bit but for the most part, I buy what I like and I sell what I won't miss.
If you send in a Red Label to be pressed, do you pay again for Sig Verify? Comix_Toronto 4 3 monthsGAC (28322): @Scifinator @lawguy1977 are correct...send the books back still encapsulated. You'll pay for pressing and grading only. There are no longer Red labels, you will receive a Yellow label. TATs are long...pressing I believe is around 10 weeks and grading is 6-8 weeks.
Grading thoughts jfry20002000 9 3 monthsJoosh (2665): 8.5 as is 9.4 after press Nice copy regardless.
1st Invincible Preview?? jaysonslade 7 3 monthsjake (256): Be careful. The cover should look like this. Should say Museum Edition / Special Preview on front cover and hologram of Skeletor on the back cover. Good luck with the search!
Anyone Use the Canadian Distribution Centre? MurrayC 26 3 monthsMurrayC (429): Just got notified that my books have arrived at CBCS. Literally a month has passed since dropping the books off at Canada Post (Feb 4th) to when they got into CBCS's hands for processing (Mar 4th)
Death of Superman & Reign of the Supermen Questions RonMob 9 3 monthsKatKomics (14389): it really depends...if it's just for your personal collection you get one answer, if it's with the intent to sell then you have to do the math. Grading is $18, press is $ potentially $30 per book..then shipping to and from CBCS then what do you think it will sell for...that Superman 75 in 9.8 is $120 but! ebay fees, paypal fees you're now closer to $100..and you will have say $40 in for grading and profit of $60?? Then have...
Newbie would like an opinion on grades and pressing RonMob 15 3 monthsHaljordanfan (1277): 6.5 on the GL 8 on the DD
Is Printing Identified on Slabs? (Viz & TokyoPop) Nuffsaid111 13 3 monthsbennyb86 (400): I should clarify I haven’t had it for first prints as I think it’s generally assumed that a copy is a first print unless otherwise specified but I have two instances where I have a second print and 5th printing notation.
Monthly (Comic) Book Club - February - Watchmen dielinfinite Jump to first page111Jump to last page 3 monthsxkonk (11707): I didn't think about the time aspect of it until you mentioned it in your last recap, but I did think of it spatially. Why did they teleport to that particular place in New York, as opposed to Dan's apartment or something? But missing maybe two days of time on top of it, that's a heck of a mix-up.
Press Grade Time & Web Specials bluemeenie 10 4 monthsxkonk (11707): @bluemeenie you will sometimes see status changes along the way, especially if you're looking at the invoice. It just isn't consistent.
Let's talk music thread... Jabberwookie Jump to first page91Jump to last page 4 monthsCatmanAmerica (23688): Joe, Kenny Kramme and Eric Czar. Back when Joe Bonamassa was getting a lot of attention on the club circuit my late wife and I followed his tours and tried to catch him whenever they performed within a radius of a couple of hundred miles. We must've seen JB's power trio live 20 or 30 times over a seven year period. Joe knew us quite well at that time. My wife would give them copies of her latest novels to read on the road whenever we ran...
Good comic shops in Ok and Kansas Jabberwookie 15 4 monthsHcanes (3135): I vouch for Praire Dog comics. I have family in Wichita and I have visited their store on the West side. Great people
Do these count as vintage? (Feb Promo) Darthmauler 9 4 monthsCaptainCanuck (4435): . It do.
Competion slabs Comicninja0215 3 4 monthsComicninja0215 (2168): @RexMuff thanks for your response!! I appreciate it a lot and tjats what I thought. I unfortunately have a brain tumor so sometimes typing is rough lol I get a kick out of some tje words it makes for me though hahahaha
Crack and press? Jabberwookie 22 4 monthsJabberwookie (5246): @OGJackster Whoa! I hope you’ll share when/ if you get it done. Great books!
re: CBCS February Special (15% off Vintage Grading) MurrayC 6 4 monthsrgreenson (251): Yeah sorry my mistake. 1974 and earlier
Hardcovers / Thick Trades / Any Books Nuffsaid111 27 4 monthsDarkseid_of_town (9716): Sure thing and good luck with your chase, I have over a million signatures on everything from T shirts to trading cards, centerfolds to books, and it is never easy deciding what to frame, what to authenticate, and what to file in a sliding drawer cabinet. As time passes some signatures that were rather "middle of the road" gain importance with someones passing or another event...and that then alters all your previous priorities as...
What is going on with this? peterc777 30 4 monthsJabberwookie (5246): Agree completely. And to your point, GameStop happened in a regulated industry. Imagine what happens when it’s not. That’s what concerns me, but you’re right. If you’re going to swim in the ocean, you’d better be aware of sharks.
Question: AF 15 00slim Jump to first page91Jump to last page 4 months00slim (11795): Given how sparingly the tape was used on the spine, my instinct is that they’re very small pieces to cover tears. And since the two pieces are noted as being on “interior cover”, I don’t think they’re on the staples. But it is a bit unnerving. I’m considering waiting for a crossover grading promotion at CBCS & have them look at the tape & see if it’s safe to remove it. Plus a Press screening.
Prioritizing: Input Appreciated 00slim 28 4 monthstheCapraAegagrus (1142): HOS 92
PayPal question Rinova 17 4 monthsRedmisty4me (773): ^Important info.^
Silver Age Replica Comics JustACollector 15 4 monthsFuneralBill5150 (16): Haha, CBCS and CGC is probably the people making these, that way every book has to be graded, lol
Your Undervalued Comic Jeremysitb Jump to first page73Jump to last page 4 monthsMatterEaterLad (1999): I've always loved the Legion. Some great stories, but forever under the radar. If someone can create a film based on groups that are basically unknown to most moviegoers, like the Eternals or the New Gods, why not the Legion?
Just Curious What Everyone Thinks DWeeB1967 30 5 monthsEbayMafia (14015): In general I’m opposed to taking to social media to gain leverage in a dispute or customer service issue. It should be the last choice and the accuser should have a very strong case. As we’ve seen, those who are too casual about it often end up hanging from their own rope.
Grade Screen/Raw Grade ggovel 2 5 monthsdielinfinite (18168): Just the raw grade fee
Basementcomics on eBay?? DWeeB1967 5 5 monthsRedmisty4me (773): Seconded.
Why no new newsstands? comixcited 6 5 monthsxkonk (11707): My memory is that @Joosh has looked into it. I don't know, personally.
Need Information from early-1990s Overstreet Guide DWeeB1967 12 5 monthsKCBatmanFan (1824): Yeah, wow. There were probably very few NMs off the newsstand with that back cover.
Suggestions on framing original comic page with published pages mattness 16 5 monthsTowmater (8226): +1 You can use Hobby Lobby too. Like Michaels they run specials all the time. Hobby Lobby has done some wonderful work for me. Our local store has cut some of the characters names at the bottom of the mats for me they have done. Also, they have cut out the artist name too.
mystery art! is this by Mike Wieringo? comixcited 2 5 monthsjake (256): Tough one. Peter Parker does not seem right to be Ringo's. A big guess is that it would be more of a collaboration with Scott Hanna...
Online Auction websites that pay the highest prices to seller Defunct 14 5 monthsNelsconey (211): Slowly phasing people over. I assumed if one was just starting to sell. They will be enrolled. I cannot stand this new system.
Ebay question - military and diplomatic mail drchaos 15 5 monthschester15 (1005): Thanks for your help![/quote] You're welcome. If you don't mind me asking, how much is the shipment for, roughly? Is it a lot at risk?
Submission Payment question... Trespa68 5 6 monthsGAC (28322): @Trespa68 my pleasure!! and welcome!!!
Are these promotional prints? ajdmagick 9 6 monthsajdmagick (4): Thank you all for the replies.
Pressing Question mscheel15 9 6 monthskaptainmyke (26586): The newspaper type of paper used is very pliable and malleable. You have to watch for fingerprints and scratches on issue #1 with that black cover. Issue #3 can be a little tougher to get dents and creases out. Issues 2 and 4 are the easiest to deal with, in my experience.
Ultimate Spiderman #1 Signed by STAN LEE? WHAT?? REALLY? Gabriel85301 12 6 monthsflanders (7480): Im assuming no sig since you have not uploaded a video. That's too bad.
Newbie! WebofCW 23 6 monthsGAC (28322): @WebofCW Happy Holidays and welcome to the forum!!!! I hope you hang around here and post comments, questions and some pictures.
E Gerber for Black Label jaysonslade 1 6 monthsjaysonslade (56): I'm a big fan of EGerber products. I mainly use (700FB) Full Backs with (725M2) Mylites2 for most everything. I prefer the edge protection these give over the "current size" ones. But without a costly and timely bunch of trial and error, I'm hoping some of you could point me in the right direction for which Mylites2 and Full Backs actually fit the DC Black Label books? I don't want the loose, slippery, sliding that comes with just...
Newb question badgrandpa 7 6 monthsHulkSmash (3323): @dielinfinite you are correct. I made the assumption grading was being done regardless.
The Walking Dead Deluxe WheatThiNZ 23 6 monthsWheatThiNZ (37): Yeah it just spiders out from there man. I bought 8 used comics today and they have a couple boxes of them and next time I get paid I'm just thinking of grabbing them all up to 100 of them and just see what's good. I'm like an addict in real life so anything I get into and like my dopamine releases to much of itself and I just want more COMICS!
Error book???? Zombie_Head 7 6 monthsHulkSmash (3323): Slight bits of red on front and can see the fade to back cover. My landfill copy. Rinova 5 6 monthsRinova (105): I just tried it now and had no problems. Thank you for the info about the slow speeds at certain times of the day, I never had a problem until now.
Return Shipping Question... Trespa68 9 6 monthsKatKomics (14389): @Trespa68 yep! any way you can get the books to them they will accept...well...maybe not pony express or carrier pigeon!! I've sent from FedEx (Canada), USPS (when the boarder was open) and CANPAR with no issues!
Signed Comics with Pressing Success? Erudito 5 7 monthskaptainmyke (26586): The only comics that cannot be pressed would be textured comic covers, jeweled or bedazzled comics, and paint markers, like the ones Mike Mayhew and others use.
Opinion: Additional Cost for Kirby Signature? DWeeB1967 17 7 monthsDWeeB1967 (4363): Thanks for the thoughtful comments and the birthday wishes, @Darkseid_of_town. Your comments are in line with those of the other folks who commented: no one thinks that the $800 bump in price is justified for a verified Kirby sig on this particular book (it happens to be a copy of Weird Mystery Tales #1, btw). I didn't either and still don't so I'll pass.
Spectacular Spider-Man 64 mark jewler variant Wontizzl 7 7 monthsHulkSmash (3323): I look for them; just different. I’m always impressed to see a high grade MJ. They were typically sold near military bases and at a PX. My spidey 141 is a MJ. One of these days I will compile a list of MJ issues. It is unknown which issues of any particular series included MJ inserts.
Who is the artist animator for Batman Ninja and Sound & Fury? robo 10 7 monthsrobo (193): Duh... sorry but really I'm good. Art director makes sure there is continuity - lol. Really goes without saying... But appreciate the film and his worklist. But let's stop this back and forth. Cheers
Blue label? Green label? Or a .5 label? jaysonslade 10 7 monthssoutherncross (11014): I don't mind minor keys with major flaws as the price is cheap and in my wheel house. Why I dropped off my flash 105 to cbcs. New the flaws when I bought and prefer the label color to match my other books and the flaws are clearly printed on the label. As it should be. Looks great. I'd hate to send it somewhere else for...
Missing package shipped via USPS to CBCS RareComics 9 7 monthsRareComics (418): Thanks to everyone who replied, I really appreciate it.
membership tonyz58 8 7 monthsDWeeB1967 (4363): Welcome to the forums, @tonyz58. Hopefully, we have you the info you were looking for.
noob question I couldn't find the answer to about VSP Rezolution 4 7 monthsEbayMafia (14015): I know the feeling, I spent about 5 weeks hoping that "in grading" meant the signature had passed verification. It turned out in that case it did, and I think it probably does in general. Wait until you get the grade before you throw up though.
Trouble Finding Toploaders? 00slim 14 7 months00slim (11795): Mylite 2s scare me. For low grade keys I don’t think are worth slabbing, I like to bag and board them in their proper size, then put it in the next size up Mylite 4.
Inker/Colorist Commission Recommendations? dielinfinite 8 7 monthsdielinfinite (18168): Oh! her coloring looks pretty awesome and Some of her original ink illustrations might be the perfect fir for another commission I was looking to have done!
What Qualifies as a "News Stand" Variant? mscheel15 10 7 monthsJoosh (2665): After around 1995 or so, both djrect editions and newsstand editions had barcodes, actually 2 barcodes next to each other. They are identifiable by looking at the barcode area itself. The easiest identifier that works 99% of the time is the smaller barcode for newsstand editions is 2 digits; direct editions are more. Sometimes “DIRECT EDITION” is printed by the barcode, but not always. Marvel newsstand editions from about 2011 thru 2013...
CRYSTALCLEAR Promo jgoldenthal 5 7 months50AE_DE (3986): Wow, I'm actually considering getting some books regraded just to take advantage of this promotion. Why is it that they can't get the checkout portion on their website working? It's a poor reflection on the company if they're going to run the promotion, but not let you use the promo code on their own site.
I did another podcast- Comics with Bueller sborock 10 7 monthsJoosh (2665): It helps, thanks! I’d like to clarify that there is an obvious difference between a redeemed digital code and a book that didn’t have one in error. Below is an example of a redeemed digital code with sticker removed. It retains a base sicker with printed code that does not come off. Below is an example of an error, the...
New To CBCS And I Have Questions brand_em 22 7 monthsbrand_em (2): fedex is brutal... i purchased art at $75 USD from the US... seller charged me $35 usd for shipping and then fedex will charge me $25 CAD for shipping too.
Instagram Newbie - Help Doc_Cop 10 7 monthsDoc_Cop (2695): Thanks Masochism! Great advice!
Magazine Size Slab Update Noblebeast315 7 7 monthskaptainmyke (26586): #SOON lmaooooooooooooooooo
Collecting software for non-sports trading cards? dielinfinite 3 7 monthsdielinfinite (18168): Currently going to take a look at Zistle and Kronocard
CBCS - magazine sized slabs??? Patrickjones2549 16 8 monthsScifinator (4780): @SteveRicketts & @SBorock - when you guys are ready, I have close to a hundred mags for you to practice your crafts on.
Grading Question hogan36 10 8 monthshogan36 (67): @Tedsaid I really don't know if that is the case with just mine or other people's as well. I'll just have to wait to see. I'm watching out for another one to see if it will have the same issue as mine. Thanks!
New Carnage Movie hogan36 12 8 monthsdielinfinite (18168): Yes
Original Owners Name on Cover Nuffsaid111 14 8 monthssborock (19829): @Nuffsaid111 The TTA is a pedigree, so the name does not count much against the grade.
Charges for verifying signature (Reject / Grade Screening / Other)? waynemel 9 8 monthsEbayMafia (14015): @waynemel Maybe you are talking about two different books, but I can't imagine using Grade Screen in combination with Signature Verification. If the signature verifies, get it slabbed. If it does not verify, don't get it slabbed. I can't think of any other choice that would make sense.
Help!! zdoes10 12 8 monthszdoes10 (4077): @HulkSmash the page looks like all the other pages and to me they are not that glossy. @dielinfinite I did not count the two outside pages (that I took for the front and back) so there is 30 pages. If the front cover was a fold out page, then that is the other 6 pages that I don't have. Thanks again for all of the help.
VSP success for Action Comics #1 (reprint) signed Jerry Siegel? Darkga 7 8 monthsDarkga (4722): @dielinfinite Thanks for your help. Yep, mine is from the run of 2000 (it's not the exact one pictured though). I'll give it a try. :D
one MAJOR flaw comixcited 20 8 monthssayntin (3): Some kid thought, The Red Guardian? Nope, not red enough.
Cover Reinforced bottom staple? mgm05e 9 8 monthsSidTheSquid (396): CBCS denotes Glue as Conservation, rather than restoration.
ebay seller just checking Rinova 6 8 monthsRinova (105): Good to know who I'm dealing with. With all the sellers on eBay never thought I would pick someone from CBCS Forum. Small World.
I will be on Comic Art Fans Youtube live tonight 9pmEST sborock 6 8 monthsSpiderTim (2405): @sborock I'll be listening then!
Why I became slab obsessed... Scifinator 13 8 monthsScifinator (4780): Which is one of the additional reasons I chose to use CBCS for the certification of all of my comics. Sure, I could have had some false higher grades for the portion of my collection that I was selling off, but I did not want to reward and perpetuate degradation and mediocrity. And, in the meantime, I am very confident in the grades of my permanent collection.
Signature book grading-smudged signature Enelson 8 8 monthsEnelson (5441): @Nuffsaid111 yes this was a midtown book
Interior Tears mgm05e 4 8 monthscyrano0521 (847): 3 inch TEAR is a major deduction; 1 inch tear maxes grade at 9.0 if otherwise perfect, so appears to be 1 point per inch. If otherwise 9.2, then should make it 6.0 with a checkmark for appearing better than grade.
Does Anyone Collect Coins / Bullion? mattness 2 8 monthsmattness (1467): Set has been claimed. Thank you!
Doing Instagram live today 10/2 5pm EST sborock 2 8 monthssborock (19829): BUMP
Pricing for Raw Issues? DWeeB1967 20 9 monthsEbayMafia (14015): Since we're on the subject, here's a couple of cool uses I've found for GoCollect: GoCollect allow you to create multiple "lists" and will give a value report if you assign a CGC Universal grade (grade can be real or estimated): 1) A separate List for all slabbed books that I own (input as CGC, even if they are CBCS). 2) A separate List for all books that I currently have at MCS for sale. (requires weekly updating). 3) A...
X-Men X of Swords Creation #1 Comic hogan36 6 9 monthsxkonk (11707): I don't have personal experience with it, but my understanding is that if pretty much every copy has that damage it will be considered a manufacturing defect and won't hurt the grade that much. A lot of the recent larger Marvel books have those corner issues.
Politically who ya like? robo Jump to first page178Jump to last page 9 monthsrobo (193): Seattle?! lost the reins on this question. Gonna change my vote to 'early income for a teacher in Seatle' from Captain America. Final answer. Haha. just reminded gotta send book in...
Thoughts on Submisson - Pressing mscheel15 6 9 months00slim (11795): Here’s my two cents: Personally, I look at the cost of Pressing as just part of the expense. If I value a book enough to slab it, be it sentimentally, or monetarily, I want the best possible grade/results. Especially with moderns, since they don’t cost nearly as much to Press or Grade as Vintage books. If I’m on the fence about Pressing a book, it’s because it seems too fragile. In that case, I’ll typically add a Grade...
getting if off my chest chefcomics 10 9 monthschefcomics (90): I see what you are saying. I am happy with the standard grading service. (Few hundred books in). This signing experience waste of my time and final concern. Will this effect the quality of the books moving all around the country? Just getting it off my chest. 👌 over it
tiny collection finally posted for review, please. rick13336 16 9 monthsdoog (4528): Maybe worth $50? Don’t do moderns so hard to tell. You mentioned some months ago you split up your collection, and your son got a number of books. Were they similar, moderns? Hopefully he got the best of the pile.
Local DFW guy wanting to get comics graded DANtheSoonerfan1 9 9 monthsDANtheSoonerfan1 (1): Thanks guys, have an awesome weekend!
to press OR not to press.... Comicninja0215 Jump to first page41Jump to last page 9 monthsCFP_Comics (3608): You picked that out of the under $100 box from Metropolis Comics, at a New York or Chicago show.
What is this and will dry clean portion of Press help? Scifinator 14 9 monthsCFP_Comics (3608): CGC
Cover Weirdness - Thoughts? DWeeB1967 8 9 monthsDWeeB1967 (4363): @GAC Thanks, GAC. Kirby absolutely had his "A" game going for his FF stuff.
Customer Service Turnaround WalkinWillie 4 9 monthsdielinfinite (18168): @flanders Yeah they are not consistent. I’ve had times where I’ve sent them an email and got a response the same day but that is unfortunately the exception and not the rule
Crazy fluctuations Jabberwookie Jump to first page34Jump to last page 9 monthsJabberwookie (5246): @Tedsaid Ah, I didn’t make the connection. I need to check out blackkklansman. I heard good things.
How can I find out the restorer Rafel 17 9 monthsMatterEaterLad (1999): Ah, that makes sense. The books I'd sent to CCS with Matt have had far better results and attention than post Matt. Hence, I don't send to CCS anymore. I do think it's a conflict of interest for CGC to have CCS under the same management. It definitely puts CGC in a position to determine what is or isn't good restoration, with their company, CCS, as the standard-bearer.
Reholder for Verified Signature BeardedOne 5 9 monthsBeardedOne (10): Thanks for all the help. Really appreciate it
turn around times TheSickness 4 9 monthsdielinfinite (18168): ”Processing” is the order status the entire time a book is at CBCS. Check the Newbie’s Guide for more information on tracking your order
Need help deciding Cwiper 21 9 monthsNuffsaid111 (7662): I'm a bit jaded in that I only send in books for grading that intend to sell. (I don't keep graded books for my personal collection - don't really like them). So if it were for me - I'd be grading the duplicates with the intention of always having 1 key
When slabbing doesn't add MrNotSoNice 18 9 monthsjaysonslade (56): @Bronte I’m actually the opposite. I don’t mind the lowball offers because I see an awful lot of sellers trying to highball buyers by putting outrageous prices on their books with Buy It Now or Best Offer. These sellers are the ones conditioning the buyers into using a legit bid and it coming across as a lowball. Unfortunately there’s no way to expect that the buyers are gonna research the sellers independently of the books before they...
Most likely a dumb question... Tahpsfan 11 9 monthsBronte (14713): Although a registry would be awesome, To be honest there are other things I'm hoping they address before a registry.
Shipping to CBCS from the UK BeardedOne 7 9 monthsIronwill75 (272): No worries glad to help. Cheers
Spine roll dwilton27 12 9 monthsHulkSmash (3323): since stacking curl is not clearly defined; when I see it I tell myself spine roll. Both are fixed with a press and I can give myself a grade estimate without guessing on the curl.
CovrPrice vs. GoCollect vs. ComicsPriceGuide MrNotSoNice 17 9 monthslawguy1977 (1162): I've been using CLZ and GoCollect. I've tried CovrPrice and Nostomania. In my opinion, both CovrPrice and Nostomania are extremely slow when trying to upload a new collection. I prefer the app through CLZ, and I like GoCollect's monitoring of slabbed sales. I think CovrPrice is reasonably accurate with raw prices, and I like how it tracks raw and slabbed data. Nostomania, in the little bit that I've used it, is way off in value, at least when...
Beckett Grading Services...for comics? Supertom Jump to first page69Jump to last page 9 monthsGAC (28322): And you came to the forum?! I hope you're wearing a mask atleast?! All kidding aside...I sincerely hope you get better soon.
Fantastic Four #5, to slab or not... MrNotSoNice 29 10 monthsMrNotSoNice (893): Thank you gentlemen, book is on its way to CBCS with pressing requested (worth it to me if they just cleaned it a bit.) Will post the 'after' when I get it back. For those interested, I would consider a trade. Cheers.
Vintage2020 promo not working MrNotSoNice 2 10 monthsKatKomics (14389): Yeahhhhh.....about that....the promo codes never work on the site - in this the first time it is available to enter it on the order?? When you print a copy to send in with your books just write in VINTAGE2020 a couple of times - eventually your invoice will be adjusted!
Quarentine read Stopher999 3 10 monthsFirehawk2069 (644): I read The Walking Dead Omnibus #7 and the original Kree/Skrull war.
Another mint GSX1 wrecked!!! agamoto Jump to first page57Jump to last page 10 monthsagamoto (269): Bottom line is, if the design of the case cannot reliably accomodate these squarebounds, then they either need to not encapsulate them at all and raw grade them, or they need to put them inside the larger cases they use for magazines. They are wrecking these books and they KNOW it. How they haven't had a class action laid against them already is puzzling to me. Not enough lawyer collectors out there with damaged GSX1's I guess!
Grading Staples issues on Something Is Killing The Children absavior 6 10 monthsabsavior (5): I suppose it's worth sending then. But since I have multiple copies will probably send the copies that do not have this issue first.
Differences between variants absavior 7 10 monthssteveinthecity (393): I can’t imagine any ads are specific to a variant, but rather consistent with other books printed at the same time(as the variant). To me any differences in ads of the same basic comic(exclusive of cover) would equate to a later printing.
What is this? And can I remove it? Cheese 17 10 monthsjaysonslade (56): For clarity... I never said I agree with keeping a comic covered up in tissue paper and not enjoying it. I also never said to not display and enjoy your sketch covers. I did say that I thought it had a logo printed on it, but I see now that was clearly the logo on the cover showing through the tissue paper. I'm totally into collector doing whatever they want... because I do whatever I want. And I would never ever ever ever under any circumstance...
Fantastic Four 222 error print Beeda 3 10 monthsBeeda (44): Thanks
GRADE THE BLADE comixcited 14 10 monthsBrianGreensnips (9652): 5.5 to 6.0 here too.
My first time... robo 26 10 monthsTedsaid (7335): Yes, it's very good! "Keys" is just a term of art for "key books" ... new character first appearances or significant events. These are all great keys: the first Deathstroke, the first Iron Fist, the first Sabretooth, the all-new X-Men team (I think Giant Size X-Men #1 is generally considered to come before this one, but this is still highly desired), and the first Phoenix. Just a quick glance, I'd say they are all...
Can’t decide on which 2 more Suicide Squad members to put on my sketch cov Cheese 9 10 monthsCardzguy (32): Oh I didn't take it as an insult. Honestly, I'm a Marvel guy. I went to Wikipedia and looked at all the members in history and picked 2 i thought would be cool headshots
Wavy new comics Firehawk2069 5 10 monthsHulkSmash (3323): I believe 90% of Marvel comics I’ve picked up in the last year or 2 are wavy.
Simple Question for Cost of Multiple VSP's enaz13 6 10 monthsenaz13 (659): Thank you guys!
reholder Comicninja0215 5 10 monthsComicninja0215 (2168): @Bronte that was my plan lol sorry I'm still new to all of this but everyone here has been beyond helpful
Would ya recommend another series like "SCALPED"? robo 9 10 monthssborock (19829): @dpiercy Yep, can't go wrong there! Great stuff!
Lee Excelsior hologram sticker - Graded? Patrickjones2549 9 10 monthsPatrickjones2549 (10): @theCapraAegagrus Hahaha!!! Damn, you’re so hilarious! Has anyone ever told you that? You should have your own show. Haha! So damn funny!
When are grades shown? JosephSMASH 8 10 monthsPuckster (1411): I want the whole "unboxing" experience.
Sent stuff on in February. Still no update. Andr00 6 10 monthsKatKomics (14389): Once graded your books will be direct shipped back to you rather than to the Canadian office (can't remember what thread that was reported on) as there are no staff at that office (staff is from US and border is closed). Status changes are not really updated in a timely manner on your dash. Also, have you clicked to download the invoice - sometimes updates are on the invoice before they show on the dash. Also,also...sometimes since updates are...
Wants to trade for slabbed comics jaysonslade 1 10 monthsjaysonslade (56): Hello all! I realize this is not a typical post, but it seems like a logical place to start looking. I'm hoping to find someone interested in trading a few high end silver age comic books for an incredibly nice collection of Alcoholics Anonymous books. Most of my books show only normal wear as to be expected. 99% have no defects or writing. And all are tight clean copies. I've got a very large collection of AA Big Books. Near complete first...
Question about mylite Alvingo 10 10 monthsAlvingo (5): Yes I was looking for a binder with mylar but couldn't find them in 11 x 14.
1993 Superman 75 signed by Siegel and Jurgens Herkzy 2 10 monthsdielinfinite (18168): The books can certainly be verified. I think they are likely to pass but there is always the slim chance that they won’t. Whether it is worth slabbing might depend on how much you paid for it but a Siegel autograph on a Superman book (on a modern key, overprinted it may be) is certainly not undesirable. Be sure to check out the Newbie’s Guide to get an idea of the various options available. If you’re getting the book graded,...
CBCS Canada Update? nancyraygun Jump to first page61Jump to last page 10 monthsKatKomics (14389): yeah....was reading an article and they said it could be at least that long...possibly mid to late 2021!! I live and work close to the border, used to go over at lunch or after work sometimes to get groceries and of course comics at my mail service. Now however, friends/family and co workers are more than happy to leave the border closed - everyone sees the covid numbers and are just need open anything up!!
strange variant.... comixcited 11 10 monthscomixcited (1322): ok, good lead. anyone have any OTHER comix from around this time (April 1984) with the blank box on the cover?
Grade-Screening at CBCS Sat 6/27 sborock 19 10 monthssborock (19829): @drbreaux Yeah, not sure when the next one will be held. Bummer!
Fear of sending my books to CBCS Qillabee 29 11 monthsGAC (28322): @dielinfinite Great book!! Fantastic sketch! Love the Harley character..she's a modern classic...very versatile and I bet artists like drawing her because of it. That's a very impressive 1st sketch for a collection.
Absolute Carnage #1 Set hogan36 8 11 monthshogan36 (67): @HulkSmash Thank you!
How and or can you change the title under your profile picture? Cheese 21 11 monthstheCapraAegagrus (1142):
Absolute Carnage #1 Maximum Carnage Bundle Set hogan36 1 11 monthshogan36 (67):
Comic Wall Mounts/Frame hogan36 7 11 monthsHulkSmash (3323): @lawguy1977 there are different depths as well. this one has a 1.5” ledge. clickable text
What if I’m the sketch artist? Cheese 10 11 monthsCheese (61): @RexMuff Sure! and Thanks! I like to draw goofy and silly things though sometimes I like to draw serious things as well. I also sometimes make webcomics. I’m not done with my first sketch cover yet so I’ll post some of my digital art if that’s ok.
Pressing Signed Comics Balidoosti 12 11 monthsPuckster (1411): I has this exact same question. Thanks for asking and thanks for all the responses.
Metal COA hogan36 7 11 monthshogan36 (67): Thank you all!
Promotion Codes zdoes10 3 11 monthszdoes10 (4077): @zdoes10 Thanks, I'll check them out.
Grading hogan36 18 11 monthshogan36 (67): Thanks, that sounds good . Least I know if the signatures can be verified and won't count against me.
Absolute Carnage #1 Stanley Artgerm hogan36 16 11 monthshogan36 (67): @crystalphoto Thank you!
What do you all recommend from your pull lists CarsonG 19 11 monthsmonjoody (970): I never read the DH run. I'll look into that, thanks!
Punchline vs Batman Who Laughs vs Designer vs Joker Huntet groovy31 3 11 monthsNoblebeast315 (1538): I agree. People already love the Batman that laughs because of his dark nature and that he is a combination of both Batman and the Joker. Punchline is going to stick around for a long time because she is an attractive female with deadly skill and lots of character to rival many of the other popular female characters ( Harley, Catwoman, etc)
Comic Submission Issue/Inusred Value & Grade Screening? IllogicalSpore 23 11 monthsdielinfinite (18168): Okay, so the official word from CBCS is that grade screen is not available with their signature services. The more I think about it the more it makes sense that it would not be compatible with Signature Verification because if the book passes screening but fails verification then the signature would count against the grade, bringing it below the grade it was screened for. Do it the other way and they would have to charge for and complete...
Advice needed Firehawk2069 Jump to first page34Jump to last page 11 monthsBronte (14713): @BrianGreensnips Education I dont think is the issue. When folks are cheaping out with free USPS packing tools and using media mail they want to maximize profit. My question is how do they ship their own comics to grading companies? Same half ass way or other? Personally I ship my raw books to CBCS in those Gemini cardboard mailers, then put in a secondary box. I want my stuff to make it unscathed even if it drops from 2nd story building.
Value of first cover apperance groovy31 Jump to first page33Jump to last page 11 monthsPuckster (1411): Exactly. Don't forget the Superman vs. Lobo Do-It-Yourself with Colorforms cover.
finally getting my cgc book donho 3 11 monthsdonho (382): some credit for future use so i got mollified
Mail Call! One of my grails Doc_Cop 21 11 monthsComicbookzach (462): The colors on that are amazing!
Should I be concerned? r_kruss 11 11 monthsDWeeB1967 (4363): Welcome to the forum, @r_kruss. That cover is one of my favorites of all time. I have a couple of copies myself. 🙂
Opinions please. Scifinator 27 11 monthscyrano0521 (847): Definitely Red label for the SS 1
Earth 616 Collectibles hogan36 3 11 monthshogan36 (67): @crystalphoto Okay. Thanks so much!
Should I Purchase Hobby Insurance? Rinova 5 11 monthsStudley_Dudley (26249): I talked to some friends who work in the insurance industry and they tell me the to just find an insurance agent who specializes in it. They (friends in insurance) said they would need pictures/scans, details of condition to go along with pictures, serial numbers, appraisals from established dealers, etc to be able to craft an appropriate coverage plan.
Slab problem Randomdoge 10 11 monthsInstant_Subtitles (688): @Randomdoge My experience with CBCS slabs, with me cracking one open because of reasons, is that you (and others) have nothing to worry about. The inner well they use is pretty tough to the point that dropping it did not put the comic at risk. As for having it re-cased (or "re-slabbed") you will find said option here. Their "CBCS Re-folder" option is $10 and is 2-3 weeks. (Godspeed if you also need to have any comics...
Signature Verification Este_Stark 4 11 monthsZombie_Head (1703): Good luck getting stans verified even if you got it in person. Lol
Puddling PSA Jesse_O Jump to first page31Jump to last page 11 monthsZombie_Head (1703): I don’t think anyone said it was a new issue Jesse was just bringing it up to inform people here. I already knew about it because I have one and my buddy had one. CGC sucks all the way around.
Newbie Question on Grade Evil Ernie Eternity 1 hotrod1376 10 11 monthsflanders (7480): It's a great one! Too bad I'm an idiot and sold a 9.4 copy about a year ago.
Did I do ok today at my LCS??? Zombie_Head 17 11 monthsJesse_O (23573): Aftershock also has a benefit book out. It is 48 pages long. It seems to be selling for about $10 online.
Where can I get the plastic sleeves CBCS uses? Rafel 13 1 yearbrysb (6306): I just ordered the Bags from the BCW site, my first time order for CGC/CBCS related bags (total with shipping $23.24). I watched this video first and it convinced me theses would be fine for my needs...
Label variations jedijohnson 7 1 yearjedijohnson (36): Another interesting find while looking up both CBCS and CGC labels on eBay. All have Ahsoka misspelled. Ashoka vice Ahsoka. hahaha
Is this common? Rinova 6 1 yearRinova (105): Hi everyone, UPDATE: So appears that @willieCPA4646 and @Oxbladder are correct, delayed release. Thanks everyone!
Help with grade: Iron Man and Sub-Mariner 1 sportshort 9 1 yearsportshort (5306): Thank you sir
In search the perfect Silver/Gold Long Box...? PaulyC 12 1 yearBrianGreensnips (9652): I have been using graded boxes for my Silver/Gold size Mylites. Works pretty good.
Could Be A Temporary Glitch, But . . 00slim 11 1 yearGAC (28322): It's back now.
Marvel Unlimited Recommendations? tonnage71 4 1 yeardielinfinite (18168): If you don’t mind more mature content, I highly recommend any of Garth Ennis’ MAX titles, particularly Fury: My War Gone By and Punisher: Born, though all of Ennis’ Punisher MAX run was great. Ennis did have a Punisher run on Marvel’s Marvel Knights line which was really good, starting with the Wlcome Back, Frank storyline, but that one is a bit more fun, almost a black comedy. ...
Batman 89 is my curse. Need input. HulkSmash 22 1 yearTedsaid (7335): What the hell is that? Looks like it came out in Feb, but I've never seen it before. "MSRP" sounds like marketing bullshit ... the "manufacturer" is DC, and they don't care what the hell you sell it for. I'd give it a miss.
ebay's partner network drchaos 6 1 yearchester15 (1005): I clicked on it, checked it out briefly. Yeah, looks like the affiliate program type thing. Saw that if I got someone to come to eBay through my efforts (links in blogs, emails, website, etc.), my Final Value Fee would be offset by my "earnings". If I directed them to eBay and they bought another seller's goods, I got a few %. I don't have the "goods" to try it - blog, website, etc., so I bailed before even applying. I...
Doing a podcast tonight 6/15 9pm EST sborock 15 1 yearKatKomics (14389): Thanks!! I joined late :(
ASM #361 Tampered with? Chris977s 11 1 yearChris977s (18): @dielinfinite Hahah, That's an awesome book!
Where is your email. I owe you guys money organic 19 1 yearDarkseid_of_town (9716): My money hasn't arrived yet....should I be concerned?
5 Random Questions...... Noblebeast315 Jump to first page51Jump to last page 1 yearJustThatGuy (3059): 1 Saw this at 10 in a different country and I can't say I didn't have to change my undies. 2 1st comic I ever bought at a gas station after coming back on a fishing trip in Minnesota 3 'Nuff said 4 Definitely not...
How are the slabs made?? TheJokersWild87 20 1 yearSiggy (15954): Birds & the Bees; Insertion, hot goo shot into cavity, wait (relative), and you have a baby slab ready to be stuffed and sold.
Has this been tampered with? And does it look like a 9.6? 1975 14 1 yearpoka (19417): Old slab before heat seals were done for all slabs
Cost benefit of slabing mid & low grade books Schumy2 7 1 yeardoog (4528): $100 sale. Meets my criteria. Sometimes I will chase trying to get a 9.8 Common Comic for fun, dangerous game As if I get a 9.6, the value is not worth doing. It’s an eye test. Having an excellent grading eye is key to the decision.
Preserving Treasury Editions Noblebeast315 30 1 yearNoblebeast315 (1538): @sborock that’s an incredibly valid point to make. I don’t see myself having a collection of Treasury Editions, but honestly I don’t know a whole lot about them to begin with. I see Steve’s stake in this as checking the pulse of this kind of demand, before taking a trip down that road. I can say this though, I am still interested in having my Treasury edition book graded raw. Probably will not make it to your grading desk post though!
Protocol for promotions Addict13 3 1 yeardielinfinite (18168): Right. The postmark on an order alone doesn’t qualify an order for an active promotion. You have to write the promo code on the invoice you include with your submission. As for the emails, yeah you basically have to just wait. Typically about a week or so. You can also try using the Customer Service portal to see if you get a response quicker through there
PLEASE HELP: WTB ASM ANNUAL 21 9.8 00slim 8 1 yearStudley_Dudley (26249): MCS is usually pretty quick with the processing and shipping, but shipping times are in the toilet right now. At least for me, I sent two priority packages to MCS on 5/30 and they are still working their way there. Receiving is no big deal, but I will have first class and priority packages sit in Dayton for two days before sitting in Cincinnati for two more days before going out.
Submussion return shipping cost groovy31 18 1 yearMountie73 (1884): Insured value is a big part. So mine are all st 1 dollar value. When the total value goes over 500 is when the insurance cost begins to rise.(If I am remembering right) Also, 30 is the max in a box. I alway send in multiples of 30 so I get a fu)l box worth. By sending 30 my shipping averages to 2 dollars or less per book to North Carolina. I am fine with that. Hope this helps someone.
Grading Thoughts- ASM 300 (Venom Italian Version) Thaiboxer 3 1 yearIronwill75 (272): 7.0 it’ll be harshly graded and all that black is a killer 🤦‍♂️
Help id Todd's signature Madman 10 1 yearkaptainmyke (26586): After seeing examples from @eee91, I would consider the original poster's signatures to be early 1990s rushed signatures possibly. But, it is strange one says "Todd" and the other 2 are "T. McFarlane".
Numbers on the back of my slabs?? TheJokersWild87 10 1 yearScifinator (4780): “WELL”,that explains it! I had been wondering the same thing, but never thought to ask.
Questions about submissions from a 3rd party bige31 3 1 yearbige31 (1710): @dielinfinite yeah that’s what I was afraid of. I submitted it for the mignola signing at SDCC last year and they still haven’t gotten it back. I asked the 3rd party about it on April 21st and they still haven’t heard anything from CBCS.
Distribution Mark? Nuffsaid111 12 1 yearDoc_Cop (2695): Touche Gaard on that first Romita Spider-man issue. And OGJackster thanks for sharing the knowledge! This community rocks! Nuff said, I say go for it...
ASM 300 ink running? Madman 27 1 yearchester15 (1005): Come to think of it, wouldn't you EXPECT to see black blotches? Venom is all OVER that book!
Opinions on grading modern books JosephSMASH 18 1 yearJabberwookie (5246): I’m way more of a casual collector than many on these boards. There’s some amazing collections on here and mine barely registers on the radar. With that said, I slab keys and books that have value to me. I do research to see if I end up on the plus side or even with the cost of slabbing. The books are still an investment and I prefer to have a certain amount of liquidity when it comes to selling in a pinch. So, basically, slab what you...
What to do with slabs? HulkSmash 17 1 yearcyrano0521 (847): I crack slabs if low grade and i paid overstreet or lower AND there are no reprints.
Canadian Shipping Location. Huntergreene 4 1 yearGAC (28322): First or second week of June is possible opening timeframe.
grade difference by .2 Madman 15 1 year00slim (11795): The real contrast is 9.6 VS 9.8. Typically a 50% difference. One extreme example I’ve seen recently: Marvel Spotlight 32 (1st Spider-Woman). 9.6s sell at $400 all day long. 9.8s are demanding $1400-$1500. Of course, scarcity in grade is the factor. Still, that’s drastic. If I was in the market for an ASM 300, I’d definitely go for the 9.6 if it were a $200 difference.
First appearance opinions JosephSMASH 10 1 yearEbayMafia (14015): If you think about actually reading vs just owning comic books, the market from that perspective seems more rational and consistent. The book with the higher value is typically the one that more people feel compelled to read because of that new character. The one that is likely to get reprinted over and over again because of demand to read it, that's the one that has higher value. While Wolverine appears in the final page of Hulk 180, it's...
Regarding Grading price increases JosephSMASH 5 1 yearJosephSMASH (35): Thanks everyone! I’ve been posting on the forum a lot today. All of you—especially if we talked on my previous posts today—have been a great help! I look forward to making more posts and conversing with you all in the future!!!👍
Deadpool #5 misprint JosephSMASH 8 1 yearSiggy (15954): Agree. I like error books IF I discover them in the wild myself, but I'd at least want the story there, upside down, backwards, or mixed. And Copper Age or earlier. No interest in 'new' but that's me.
Job link Batman121762 1 1 yearBatman121762 (5): Checking to see if there is a link to submit a resume? I, like many others, have recently been laid off. I live about a mile from the Dallas location.
double covers willlewis78 3 1 yearSiggy (15954): Several others, but not that issue. I wouldn't mind finding one, though. I always liked that story, even when it came in the form of a Star Trek: TNG episode (The Child).
ASM 300 SHATTERED VARIANT? Madman 8 1 yearDrogio (6652): I bought 2 when they first came out....sold one for double what I paid....basically paid for my second copy. I like free comics. I have a few ASM 300s, this one was my favorite. Didn’t care for the Ross cover, surprisingly, because I love his other covers in that run.
What is the 15% discount code for May's submissions Rafel 4 1 yearRafel (1735): Thank you Zombie_Head and dielinfinite.
Hey, can we do the ebay seller name thing again? Enelson 19 1 yearGotlift (2557):
Another podcast I did is now live sborock 5 1 yearsborock (19829): @Ambush_Bug Glad you are happy and I think you will like the many changes and programs to come!
Discoloration or Foxing? Supertom 8 1 yearSpiderTim (2405): According to the Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide it is defined as a sun shadow. The exact definition is: "Darker, usually linear area at the edge of some comics stored in stacks. Some portion of the corner was not covered by the comic immediately above it, and it suffered prolonged exposure to light." Also known as dust shadow or oxidation shadow. I believe this damage could happen in more ways than described in the guide.
Invoices JosephSMASH 4 1 yearmaynard23692 (19): good question and great answers
Help confirm Todd McFarlane signature + Price? jotaro238 12 1 yearGAC (28322): Yes, I would not be requesting any sort of refund.
Barnes and Noble Newsstand Variants New_Format 11 1 yearHcanes (3135): @Joosh I got an extensive list as well I can send your way if it helps.
Absolute Carnage #1 Murder O's hogan36 6 1 yearhogan36 (67): Thank you all for your responses. I just ordered 4 copies the other day. The post office just delivered them today. All 4 of them have the same exact damage to them. I just didn't want to spend money to have them graded to receive a low grade. I'm shooting for a 9.6 or 9.8 on them.
Over 6 months turn around & still waiting. Morewhit 17 1 yearMorewhit (1): @dielinfinite I was told they had left Florida Pressing in March and am under the impression that my issues are sitting in Texas. IDK Thanks for the reply!
90s animation Jabberwookie Jump to first page33Jump to last page 1 yearJabberwookie (5246): Yes! I’d forgotten all about that. It was pretty out there from what I recall. My girlfriend at the time had kids so it was lucky I dug cartoons and watched with them.
Signature identification Magellan 5 1 yearMagellan (308): Been trying, man, but yeah it’s tough. Image was blowing up back then, so all the coverage seems to be about their guys. Hard to find artist rosters for anyone else.
Free comic book day comics rick13336 3 1 yearxkonk (11707): I would echo what @esaravo said. If you aren't used to searching mycomicshop, be sure to try some different combos like 'FCBD', 'free', etc. They aren't consistent in how they name some different issues.
Decisions, Decision: Input Requested 00slim 23 1 yearxkonk (11707): If you're going to get them all and the only question is timing, I would think about movie/shows and avoiding those potential bumps. Punisher is evergreen but doesn't have a show or movie to hype around right now. Harley was in a movie that already came out, but I'm sure they'll be talking about her being in something for DC again soon. Hawkeye is supposed to be on a Disney+ show with Kate Bishop, but I think the timing there is all thrown...
Silver Age Top Loaders hogan36 3 1 yearhogan36 (67): Thank you so much
Top Loaders From Amazon hogan36 6 1 yearhogan36 (67): Thank you for all of your responses everyone! I'm unable to file a complaint with Amazon via phone or chat because no one is there to take calls due to the Coronavirus/COVID 19. I was reading his feedback and 3 people as of today's date put that they are having the same exact issue as me.
1,000th vote Scifinator 11 1 yearcomic_book_man (1976): .
New Customer Service Portal? dielinfinite 11 1 yeardielinfinite (18168): @Jesse_O Thanks for the heads up! I’ll try it next time I have to contact customer service! I don’t think you need to do that. I’d first try going to the sign in page and click the “Forgot Your Password” and on the following page enter the email address on your CBCS account, which is presumably the same email address you typically use to contact customer service
Mutant Beaver Comics hogan36 3 1 yearhogan36 (67): @Studley_Dudley Thanks!!
Anyone want to give me some suggestions? Gabriel85301 10 1 yearGabriel85301 (1748): Thank you everyone! I had ordered an 8x JL #12 lot on ebay, the guy claimed average grade was NM.. far from it..In the back of all the comics had huge creases, lots of bents, no bags and boards when shipped (but that one is on me because he never mentioned that in his description) His shipping was pathetic. Oh well, you lose some you gain some. At least I got the items. I'll have to check out GAC's...
High grade key, or multiple lower grade keys? xjagnew Jump to first page33Jump to last page 1 yearDWeeB1967 (4363): I can't argue with that.
First appearance question Jabberwookie 16 1 yearJabberwookie (5246): I guess characters changing isn’t as rare as I thought. Seems like the X-Men are responsible for a few of them, too! I might need to get X-men 160 and 161 now.
Part 2: something really cool for charity (Hero Initiative) sborock 3 1 yearsborock (19829): Charity BUMP!
Opinion: Iron Fist 14 blemish Despain 11 1 yearHulkSmash (3323): Damnit “Comic Book Guy”! Ya sweaty paws at work Ooohhh... like that CGC video with the Superman...
Is this worth getting graded , even with the defect ? Eikkichi 12 1 yearHulkSmash (3323): Just curious. That would be interesting if the whole book was misprinted. I like some errors. I like the color code on the top and the more I look at it; the more I’m like; damn! How’d that get missed? Or was it caught and corrected immediately? Is it the only one? Why did it print with the color code? (I have no idea what goes on in printing) I’ve seen A lot of mis cut/printed Covers, but never to this extreme.
Black and white adds in comics error or not Zombie_Head 6 1 yearStudley_Dudley (26249): The Dazzler #1 has color ads on those pages but from what I've seen, the issues with the color ads are harder to come by. I have two copies and both are black and white.
Heads Up - Two new DC Villains GanaSoth Jump to first page166Jump to last page 1 yearcyrano0521 (847): No way to determine what is hot or not except golden age and hard to find silver age, right now. Must wait for society to open back up and decide. Hopefully movie hype is a thing of the past.
Legends Yoosh5492 21 1 yeardrchaos (19803): Going by the amounts they charge (and their availability) I would say Todd McFalane, Frank Miller, and John Romita. Of course, their fees pale in comparison to the celebrities that play their creations on the silver screen.
Error: Iron Fist 14 ! Thaiboxer 16 1 yearxkonk (11707): I would say that it potentially increases the value while shrinking the market. Most people wouldn't care to buy an error book, but those that would might be willing to pay more than the non-error equivalent.
How long to wait for Graders Notes? Deadman 6 1 yearDeadman (10): @Darryl_H I sent you the invoice. It was 11 books, submitted at the Irving show and picked up in person.
Something really cool for charity (HERO INITIATIVE)......... sborock 4 1 yearsborock (19829): BUMP! Because it's for charity
Credentialed book reviewer wanted Khovard 6 1 yearTimBildhauser (2237): Ditto
First time submission question bladefox 5 1 yearsportshort (5306): Also and this is an important "also", you need to write the promo code on the order form after you print it or it will not be applied. the last time i submitted I wrote the code in a couple of places, in notes and below the last entry in the order form, so that it would not be missed (it happens).
Novice question about possible tampered slab TexasNoob 20 1 yearSiggy (15954): I admit I do NOT like the fact that this can be done to their slab. Way too easy for someone to damage an edge, making it a 9.4 and then trying to sell it as a 9.8
Bernie Wrightson last signing event? xjagnew 8 1 yearxjagnew (1768): Thank you etapi65!
Burned Covers Legalburning Jump to first page32Jump to last page 1 yearLegalburning (63): Thank you. I'll be submitting my first piece to you guys shortly. Appreciate it.
Question for Community Nuffsaid111 Jump to first page37Jump to last page 1 yearNuffsaid111 (7662): Maybe next time I'll ask if anyone would purchase a Luke Cage #2. Maybe I'll get a response about about a different comic. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
Should I press/slab? DD #7 1st red costume KMiracleman 11 1 year00slim (11795): I doubt it’ll get a 4.0 with those spine issues. I’d say 3.0 range. Personally, I wouldn’t slab it.
Do we have any comic shop owners on the board? Jabberwookie 11 1 yearJabberwookie (5246): @doog The dream isn’t dead, yet. I’ve got a larger plan of getting debt free. I work for a good company, make good money and get some really nice perks. The nice thing is that it’s not too challenging and lets me pursue some other more pressing dreams. But, once the kids are out and the house is paid off, that might be my next leap. Thanks for the encouragement, though. Always good to hear success stories!
Grade ASM 361 Flip1987 8 1 yearHulkSmash (3323): LMK if/when you want to sell
Trolling comic Tom and cgc Zombie_Head 10 1 yearZombie_Head (1703): Lol
Question on 4 "Batman: Death in the Family" comics JerrySS 15 1 yearJerrySS (79): Nice find, MM!!
question on pressing timberghost 13 1 yearDarkseid_of_town (9716): I remember when the company split between Dallas and Florida and the move was touted as likely to decrease pressing times and increase efficiency. I at the time questioned that concept, in that just moving the books back and forth from the one state to another seems to add more steps and time.. If the original assessment was correct that would suggest the business flow has either increased so radically that pressing is stil going to follow...
Comic Book Market CaptainCanuck Jump to first page33Jump to last page 1 yearTommyJasmin (441): Noticed the same @EbaySeller - steady flow, down a bit overall. Most likely a bit of both your thoughts. I also note the average grade of recent sales for a given item - VF 8.0 right now for Incredible Hulk 181.
By the hoary hosts of Hoggoth! Jabberwookie Jump to first page39Jump to last page 1 yearJabberwookie (5246): Give me sight beyond sight! I was just wondering where you'd run off to! All is well, I hope?
Strange Academy Jabberwookie 18 1 yearwillieCPA4646 (341): I ordered from Westfield Comics and I'm waiting for my copy to arrive (probably with the March 2020 shipment.)
Cbcs question Zombie_Head 7 1 yearHeinzDad (7062): My last batch (3) of books took 3 weeks from drop off to at my door. With that being said it still took a week and a half of that to show on my account.
Absolute Carnage Lethal Protectors Guaranteed 9.8 & Signed by Ryan Brown hogan36 9 1 yearkaptainmyke (26586): That's how he signs his name. :)
Value stanley_1883 26 1 yeardoog (4528): On (fortunately) rare occasions I might sell a book for less than I paid for it. It used to bug me, but my brother taught me; “Consider mentally everything book you own as if it was free, the money you spent is flushed, just like a burger you ate, so it is all gravy when you sell.” I find it interesting different peoples collecting philosophies. I started collecting 12 years ago and my philosophy to start was to only buy lower grade keys...
Which Artists do you prefer to collect? Jabberwookie Jump to first page32Jump to last page 1 yearCatmanAmerica (23688): George Rozen... Jack Cole... Jack Kirby... Several more righteous...
Doing a live interview tonight 3/5 sborock 11 1 yearsborock (19829): Thanks to everyone who tuned in! Hope ya enjoyed it!
What's up with all the #1's? sportshort 18 1 yearDarkseid_of_town (9716): I agree that the 1 thing is vastly overdone …..I think you have to vote with your not buy what is a reach for you or appears to be a cash grab and stick to the things you truly want and need. They wouldnt publish so many number 1's if there were not people grubbing those up in particular often as spec......
CGC Charges for everything dang. Zombie_Head 16 1 yearEbayMafia (14015): I heard they instituted a Soul-Screen as part of the hiring process. There's probably a YouTube video about it.
First appearances discussion: Character on the cover VS not on the cover 00slim Jump to first page95Jump to last page 1 yearWraith (1868): Going to be even more confusing in the future with all these commissioned variants that sometimes have first appearances on covers before the character has a cameo or appearance in the book.
Conventional wisdom on convention travel CatmanAmerica Jump to first page36Jump to last page 1 yearNuffsaid111 (7662): I find this whole thing to be excessive in comparison to other stuff. But that's just my opinion. What I am however very worried about is cancellation of major cons this year. If this pandemic (I call it panic) increases - it may well happen. That would really stink. Just boot this headline around "San Diego cancels SDCC due to fears of Coronavirus". It's not impossible when panic ensues
Pressing signed comic books? Madman 13 1 yearGanaSoth (6480): Yep.
Cleaning and grading Silver Surfer #4 daywalker 15 1 yearSiggy (15954): #1 Besides, "6" & "9" are usually very happy numbers, especially together.
Star Wars Celebration 2020 Scifinator 1 1 yearScifinator (4780): So, just wondering, since Star Wars Celebration is in my neck of the woods this August, any other CBCS Forum members gonna be there?
Signature Identications AzureZenorag13 2 1 yearEikkichi (153): Looks like early Mark & Eric Silvestri sigs
do some people prefer low-grade GA books because they have a vintage look? Beney117 18 1 yearMutantMania (2288): I guess I am just an old school comic collector. I started collecting when I was a kid waaaay before grading was even a thing. So I am not grade obsessed and am happy to just have a comic in my collection. I have quite a few that are not in great condition but I still have them and that is cool for me. If I get a chance to pick up a better condition book that is awesome as well but if not no big deal.
EBay vacay ONLINE_209 11 1 yeardrchaos (19803):
Married and detached cover + tape. How bad is it? Beney117 9 1 yearTowmater (8226): I'd buy it if I had a gap to fill in a run. I have 0.5 graded copies of books that used to be blanks in runs. I'd buy them to fill the blanks when I didn't want to spend huge dollars on those keys.
CBCS Hiring Chino24 2 1 yearsborock (19829): @Chino24 Please PM me.........
One of the worse covers. GanaSoth Jump to first page55Jump to last page 1 yeardrchaos (19803): Did one of the artists let their pre-schooler take a stab at the cover art?
WTB Claw the Unconquered #1 GanaSoth 1 1 yearGanaSoth (6480): Guys. I'm looking to buy "Claw the Unconquered" #1 - DC Comics 1975. I'm wanting to buy a 9.8 candidate. PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks.
Given Grade Question Nuffsaid111 Jump to first page62Jump to last page 1 year00slim (11795): The flaw could be on the exterior, but hard to see. So, it doesn’t qualify for a higher grade, it simply looks better than you’d expect for the grade.
How powerful is Doctor Doom? GanaSoth 16 1 yearEbayMafia (14015): Speaking of absurd powers, didn't Sue Richards start out just turning invisible? Over time she morphed into Green Lantern without the green.
Cracking "The Case"... danmalek466 26 1 yeardielinfinite (18168): I think generally people have more confidence in a witnessed signature over one that has been verified to a degree of certainty. We have heard many people come to these boards to complain that a signature that they saw happen themselves not get verified and we have to assume that at least some less than authentic signatures may have slipped past (not to say that the witnessing system is infallible, of course). I think that’s the main...
How Star Wars should have ended. GanaSoth 8 1 yearchester15 (1005): 20 Years Later, George Lucas Still Names Jar Jar Binks His Favorite ‘Star Wars’ Character[/quote] I hadn't noticed before, but I am beginning to see the resemblance....
This looks fun! GanaSoth 6 1 yearkaptainmyke (26586): I'd rather drop and turbocharge a go-kart like back in the day
Anyone here going Saturday to.... sborock Jump to first page39Jump to last page 1 yearKinsella5 (386): Yes they are, and yes this year marks my 16th year I believe as an exhibitor so if you find yourself walking around the show floor, my booth is pretty close to where Steve and Stacey have their booth. Just look for my booth as it has the wall of movie posters next to the tower of shirts. :-)
Best Price Guide Suggestions mscheel15 14 1 yearmscheel15 (10): Thanks to all for the input. Dreckcheck and are new to me but I will check them out. I am familiar with Gocollect and Mycomicshop. I'll start digging deeper. Looking forward to posting some books on the "grading help" forums here. I've been "lurking" CBCS for awhile & find their members quite engaged and informed. Have also been stalking the other sites (CGC etc) but have always liked this one best.
Sticker on Cover Help wareure 17 1 yearHero_Restoration_ (3): Shoot, that's too bad. I was hoping to share tape removal videos. Hehe
00slim Forum Feedback Request: Please Reply If We’ve Done Business Together 00slim 9 1 yearWatcher (4143): Sold Ryan some silver age raw ASm' was flawless and communication was exceptional. Zero worries when dealing with him...great to work with!
Grading/Pressing Question - Color-breaking Spine Ticks Darkga 12 1 yearkaptainmyke (26586): A crease is a color break most of the time. Just another form of grader notes shorthand. Not only that, but often times not all defects are listed on a graded book. If there are many other defects, they typically highlight the most obvious defects to save time and space on notes.
Help me make a choice! FF-67, FP-1, JO-134 sportshort 21 1 yearsportshort (5306): @sborock, you don't have on opinion as to which is the best book for the money? I understand if you don't answer my questions because if you do it is possible you will be badgered for advice form every forum member (including me, lol) or maybe you can't answer because you probably don't delve into such low cost, low grade comics. whatever the reason I understand, but still hold out hope for your sage advice.
Let's talk grades Jabberwookie Jump to first page79Jump to last page 1 yearDrWatson (21046):
Anyone here play EOS GanaSoth 6 1 yearArak (1000): I use to play it quite a bit . own some of the top properties and we had our regular friday night trial runs with Arak. In fact I taught quiet a bit. But when I broke up with my girl I stayed away for a while.. I wanted to give her time to get her stuff out of my places ;) Ironically I just reloaded the NON steam version ( I have both) 5 days ago
The Rise of Skywalker - Leak ? GanaSoth Jump to first page46Jump to last page 1 yearxkonk (11707): We could tell any time there was a cameo even if we didn't recognize the person because the camera very obviously hung out an extra beat. Using the credits we figured out Wedge was there, and the bartender in one scene was John Williams.
CBCS Grading Expo, Donny Cates signing Birdman22770 4 1 yearDarryl_H (1589): did you make it to the signing?
Hulk 181 Thearrow Jump to first page37Jump to last page 1 year00slim (11795): Nevermind, the 3rd pic you originally posted doesn’t look like there’s bleed through.
Help confirm Todd McFarlane signature sportshort 22 1 yearBrashSmurf (917): No congrats on the back. Glad to hear it looks legit
Miss cut error Zombie_Head 2 1 yearkaptainmyke (26586): definitely an error copy. Leave it
Too Much Pressure.. A Top Loader Question mattness Jump to first page37Jump to last page 1 year50AE_DE (3986): I completely agree. Like you mentioned, 1 mil or 2 mil mylar inside a 4 mil mylar is the way to do it, not poly bag in mylar.
Consolidation Of Several Keys For One Mega Key. Thoughts? 00slim 15 1 yearDarkseid_of_town (9716): well you are in luck...he chose differently and now the comics are offered for you can go buy them all
Grade help please Zombie_Head 1 1 yearZombie_Head (1703): How much Of a grade hit would this cause on a 9.4 grade book? Thx in advanced.
Opinions On How To Sell This Daredevil Lot MutantMania 15 1 yearMutantMania (2288): @KYDU sorry u.s. shipping only. @Stantheman thanks for the post. I have gotten my fair share of good deals over the years so I don't mind giving a few deals to others if I can 😁 They are still up for grabs 😀
Next $ 0.01 starting bid auction Vote. Scifinator 1 1 yearScifinator (4780): Tomorrow I will be listing another 1 cent start auction. I thought why not have some fun with it and let the CBCS forum decide which one I put up from the list of CBCS Certified & Encapsulated comics below: 9.6 - Guardians of the Galaxy #25 (has not been pressed) 9.6 - Justice League Europe #34 (has not been pressed) 9.0 - L.E.G.I.O.N. 92 #38 (has not been pressed) 9.6 - Marvels #4 (has not been pressed) 9.6 - Secret Weapons #2 (has...
Error book anyone seen this before? Zombie_Head 19 1 yearobiwan1971 (188): I had a new book printed the same way without pages attached, the book which was nearly perfect got at 6.5 and note on label saying “wraps 8,9,10 not attached”
WW II Pocket Comic? Enelson 3 1 yearEnelson (5441): Awesome...thanks for the info...I never even heard of these...thanks!
hey can someone explain whatever this like sunbleached effect happening is? Shanthark 14 1 yearsborock (19829): @Shanthark Does not affect the grade in 9.8, but it will not get a 9.9 or 10
Need Help Please Tom74152 8 1 yearrobertofredrico (533):
Comic Shop Recommendations Near Kent, Washington? 00slim 4 1 yearkaptainmyke (26586):
Spot the Difference ONLINE_209 19 1 year00slim (11795): I was under the impression that the Spidey 1 Gold newsstand edition was a Wal-Mart Exclusive. I’d heard that somewhere, anyway.
Is ASM 239 A Swipe/Homage To A Classic Green Goblin Cover? 00slim 11 1 yearDuece411 (562):
AMAZING MARY JANE 1 ARTGERM 1:500 VIRGIN Rinova 17 1 yearRinova (105): Thanks everyone. I’m going to wait it out and see if I can get it at FMV. I don’t want to have that buyer remorse feeling after purchasing it. The eBay seller is willing to sell it for $158 includes shipping but if I can buy it around $76 I need to wait. I’m going to ask my local shop next. Thanks again you guys are great.
Trimmed book Thearrow 4 1 yearTimBildhauser (2237): That's a good place to start but not always true, especially if someone has only trimmed the edge of the cover partially or the whole edge.
What grade would you give to this Hulk 180 ZZXMAN 7 1 yearZZXMAN (12): I think 4.0 - 4.5.
CBCS slabs side scratches WalkinWillie 26 1 yearBigRedOne1944 (8249): at least the cgc mold marks are smooth and fairly uniform
Should I get it graded Topsykrets 6 1 yearDrWatson (21046): No.
US government lists fictional nation Wakanda as trade partner... GanaSoth 5 1 yearJabberwookie (5246): He was quoted as saying, "Richards!!!"
What is QES? SpiderTim 10 1 yearDrWatson (21046): QES is the same service as CVA. They are both money grabs. The only difference is that QES is Metropolis/Comic Connect and CVA is more of a Comic Link thing.
Planet Comics #51 tonnage71 6 2 yearstonnage71 (645): Thanks for the feedback so far. I thought it might be a fading issue. Probably not all that uncommon for a 70+ year old comic. Does this have a drastic impact on grading? If it had brighter colors could it have been a 9.0, for instance?
RIP Marie Fredriksson GanaSoth 4 2 yearsDrWatson (21046): Too bad.
Doctor Doom #3 - is about to get interesting GanaSoth 1 2 yearsGanaSoth (6480): Doom is about to be Super Doom. This could be a "sleeper" series much how Immortal Hulk was. Click or Touch here for the story.
Credit Card Payment - When Charged? Nuffsaid111 5 2 yearsDarryl_H (1589): What show? PM me your info and I will check!
Printing error & help on autograph Zombie_Head 5 2 yearsZombie_Head (1703): Thanks guys.
EBay Auction Funny Business esaravo Jump to first page37Jump to last page 2 yearsHomer (1010): It gets better, the house only has to pay the consignor which can be as low as just 70% of the final hammer price. That could potentially knock off another $1,000.00 on that particular book. There is no indication of who the actual winner was, but the potential is there.
Complete runs of a series Jabberwookie 19 2 yearsseanw (1124): For me...I always seem to subconsciously gravitate towards X-Men titles since I was young and have complete runs of some titles. Its just the story that draws me in and I keep sticking to that title till they stop it. I did not start buying them with the thought of having a complete run but just ended up that way. However I look out to upgrade keys in the runs just to give it some oomph. I think that a complete run of story arc crossovers...
How to identify a real signature (Bernie Wrightson) Beney117 24 2 yearsesaravo (53400): @Gregojira - Here’s the only one I can contribute, and since my name is not Hannah, I didn’t witness the signature.
The Comic Mint - Customer Service = EXCEPTIONAL GanaSoth 19 2 yearsArak (1000): That , Is some above and beyond the call of duty customer service, Perhaps now with the backlash to outsourcing and dropped profits due to extremely bad customer service...we will see more businesses return to GOOD.... these guys are great letting you keep the other book - GREAT
What to slab? TommyJasmin 1 2 yearsTommyJasmin (441): Hi all - Just wanted to mention a new service we provide at Nostomania, which flags any books in your collection we think would benefit from sending to CBCS, if you decide to sell. Nostomania is uniquely qualified to provide this service, since we are the only online pricing provider who computes uncertified pricing as well as separate pricing for each...
Are any CBCS facilitators attending California Comic Con in Orange Ca? sportshort 12 2 yearssportshort (5306): How much would you charge in handling? since you're going to a NY con you must be back east, so I would need to send them to you there, correct?
CBCS Re-holder Process/Potential Grade Change flanders 15 2 yearsDrWatson (21046): I would reholder before I did it again. It wasn't a permanent solution.
Need opinions on which comic to have signed Jabberwookie 8 2 yearsJabberwookie (5246): Well, I'm hoping that people can discern from my question that I didn't ask IF I should get them signed. Ha! And, believe it or not, I actually do understand their point, but, I kind of like having a few signed books.
Sears Marvel Collectors Kit 1990 beauschoen 11 2 yearsZombie_Head (1703): Yes that’s the kit I got one year for Christmas and it had a x-men 266 in it. Wonder if this one does too?
eBay is weird Drogio 22 2 yearsTowmater (8226): I got a 10% in eBay Bucks on every qualifying item of $50 or more today.
Terminator: Dark Fate Flops GanaSoth 23 2 yearsTowmater (8226): Doctor Sleep didn't open very well either. Looks like you are spot-on.
Idea for CBCS Jabberwookie Jump to first page50Jump to last page 2 yearsJabberwookie (5246): Thanks! You're a good guy, and I was being a jerk. Anyway, I may have to get with Mountie on that set up. That might accomplish what I'm looking for. I swear display of your favorite books seems to be the million dollar question sometimes.
Tips for selling off a 100 slab collection? Darkga 15 2 yearsDarkga (4722): Thanks for all the input! I'm leaning more on the "sell the bigger books at retail" and then that would allow me to be more flexible on the rest. Also the MCS idea sounds good too. However the right offer on the entire lot would be easiest to ship them all to the same place and be done. Here is the list of 85 books I could let go. I started at 100, but then nostalgia got the best of me on 15 of them,...
Signature question Jabberwookie Jump to first page35Jump to last page 2 yearsSiggy (15954): That's what I think makes my Royer collection special- That each one I obtained personally, signed in his Studio. If we fall on hard times, I'll sell my Amazing Fantasy #15-ASM #375 and Avengers #1-#300 runs first. But I do have several I haven't obtained personally. It's becoming increasingly unlikely that I'll meet George Perez, so I'm very happy to have several of his- One was a surprise found in a $3 book. Another $3 surprise sig AND...
Todd McFarlane Zombie_Head Jump to first page190Jump to last page 2 yearsSiggy (15954): Every grading company that wants to improve and be taken seriously should have learned from the mistake made when that/those comics with simulated cover wear was dinged for actual cover wear. That should have been the reddest flag imaginable. and a warning for future mistakes IF MEASURES AREN'T TAKEN. Obviously measures weren't taken to prevent the grader from being oblivious of the gimmick. If a decision was made that such a thing couldn't...
Jim Carrey does The Shining ! GanaSoth 12 2 yearsDarkseid_of_town (9716): Didn't he go through some kind of divorce or breakup where the girl got a ton of his money ? Seems to me I remember reading that at some point.
Help on my order status and a balance Randomdoge 13 2 yearsRandomdoge (21): alright so I saw the option to email them a confirmation of adding a payment method , I think , hopefully it goes a smooth from now
Masters of the Universe Name Generator GanaSoth 25 2 yearsDrogio (6652): My wife’s name is “TRI-Man”....and that’s all I got to say about that...
CBCS Events? drchaos 19 2 yearsdrchaos (19803): Thanks for the quick response.
Danger Will Robinson! or why I wont buy from Comic link again Arak Jump to first page32Jump to last page 2 yearsWatcher (4143): Agree with BigRed..hate the stickers...why should everyone know where I bought it which gives insight as to when and for how much....and then I have to worry about getting it off without scratching the slab unless I want to patiently keep reapplying an oil to soften it up. Why? I own the book not the auction house..they get their PR with the auction itself. put a flyer in the box and call it a day.
Rob Liefeld to Sue Marvel? GanaSoth Jump to first page107Jump to last page 2 yearsHcanes (3135): @Towmater Agreed!
To Have Graded with VSP OR Just Frame? hitmantyler 23 2 yearshitmantyler (90): They are inside a Mylar Sleeve and the behind 98% UV Blocking Rated Museum Glass. It was a extra charge for that type of glass but always pay for it as feel it makes the books always look shine more than regular.
On Site Grading and VSP Later hitmantyler 5 2 yearshitmantyler (90): Well thats sad, but will still bring books for send in grading. Thanks for responding.
White Pages on a slabbed book Enelson Jump to first page41Jump to last page 2 yearsDrWatson (21046): What I associated with the new designation:
Venom 2 movie adds new Villain! GanaSoth Jump to first page31Jump to last page 2 yearsdielinfinite (18168): On reprints the credits are included on the back of the label
Captain Britain comics jmckenna43082 5 2 yearsRRO (1380): I am sure that CBCS and "others" would not grade ones that have premiums taped to the cover.
Star Wars ONLINE_209 3 2 yearsBronte (14713): I envy you folks that can have patience to deal with cell phones. Texting, and talking. I have given up going to theaters unless I'm accompanied by a lady.they are like an emotional support pet, they help keep me sane....
Help, I have con questions and I can't get up sportshort Jump to first page47Jump to last page 2 yearsTurbo (10): It's quite possible that some do - but there are a lot of different kinds of paint markers (oil vs. acrylic, etc.)... Did they provide any other specifics? I've been using them for a few years now with no ill effects, but some of these things like deterioration take more time so I'm curious.
Deadpool vs X-Men and The Avengers - Movie GanaSoth 9 2 yearsBigRedOne1944 (8249): Ryan Reynolds is the whole reason the Deadpool movies are so entertaining in the first place. He really nails the Deadpool role for me.
How do you keep track of your comics? Jabberwookie Jump to first page51Jump to last page 2 yearsBronte (14713): If the drive still spins, there is a relatively low cost software made by runtime. I have salvaged stuff off of horrible sounding drives with bad sectors etc.... best investment EVER for computer support.
eBay - options for unpaid item xkonk 11 2 yearsBuckets (90): Ebay will usually open unpaid item case in 3-4 days without you having to do anything. After that is takes a few days for either the customer to pay or the case is closed by Ebay. The customer receives a strike on their account for non-pay. You will not be held responsible for anything and can then relist the item. I have found when Ebay gets involved the parties tend to wait until the very last minute to pay but 90% of the time do...
Doctor Doom comes out tomorrow! GanaSoth 3 2 yearsDrWatson (21046): Simone Bianchi :eek:
Mylites 2 Comicninja0215 Jump to first page45Jump to last page 2 yearssoutherncross (11014): I was in pest control for over 20 years back in Australia. Rodents front teeth continue to grow so they have to grind them down. That's why they can and will chew thru concrete, plastic and other hard surfaces. Baits are very effective but you have to watch where they drop as they will stink up the place. I've had to put a hammer thru the ceiling of a built in cupboard to remove a body. The rat was the size of a full grown domesticated cat....
Hilarious Comic Book Character Names GanaSoth 3 2 yearsKatKomics (14389): Did the Funky Flashman invent the comadena??
Marvel Comics - The End GanaSoth 22 2 yearsDarkseid_of_town (9716): Sure Gana, I am done with it..... Once I was "mocked into the essence of my soul " for holding a contradicting opinion I felt the need to respond but you are right...bad use of precious time, and valuable resources.
Another messed up leg.... Comic... GanaSoth 19 2 yearsDarkseid_of_town (9716): I generaly glance at a comic if I am considering only for the art...if it pulls me in, it goes in the sack. if it puts me off somehow, I leave it sitting, rather than expend valuable time of my own pondering what and why... I keep seeing some of the older JOJO comics with good girl art on the cover, with a girl on a horse or whatever and each time its nice book, wait why are her legs and hips drawn like that..oops...well next item...
If you were introducing comics to someone for the first time... Jabberwookie 15 2 yearsdoog (4528): I have only ever done it one way, a long or short box of coverless comics, generally Golden to Bronze, given as a gift. Don’t know if it ever got anybody hooked though
ComicXposure Closure part #2... kinda GanaSoth 6 2 yearsGAC (28322): @GanaSoth I love it!!!! Good for you!!
Slow shipping from Comic Mint? xkonk 18 2 yearssportshort (5306): still longer than I would've expected. You're right thought, as long as you know what to expect.
Kingdom come Zombie_Head 5 2 yearsWyldchyld (259): Have the books but didn't get the boxes set. It is a great story and we'll worth reading. The art is great as well.
Pawn shop pick ups for $2 a pop Zombie_Head 5 2 yearsSquack (611): Love those Castlevania comics. Been looking for a set at a good price for a while.
Heads up. New arrivals at Walmart GanaSoth 13 2 yearsGanaSoth (6480): Mike. I just dropped it off at the post office.
What comics from the last 4-5 years is going to be a major collector's item Jabberwookie Jump to first page81Jump to last page 2 yearsBrashSmurf (917): It's cool I just posted this because of multiple sales of over $50 for a reprint
What was the first store variant comic cover? Jesse_O 18 2 yearsJesse_O (23573): Ok. Here's where I am at. Before Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters #1 (dated March, 2011) there were store variants and exclusives. However, they weren't in the same vein as the ones we see today. I'm 99% positive that the stores had no say in who the artist was or the content of the cover. They may have had suggestions, but they weren't working with the publishers to create a cover like stores are doing now. I also have a feeling that they were...
Incredible Con Trilogycomics 2 2 yearssportshort (5306): are you mad? i am in Southern California, I don't even go to the central or northern California cons. Kidding, I do live in Ca but I hope you have a great time as I usually do at any Con. Enjoy!
Your Favorite Mini Series? 00slim 29 2 yearsbrysb (6306): Same here. I was the winner of the "name the letters page" name is immortalized in issue #3 (I think it was that issue?):) I received a call from Todd M. & he mailed me an original art page. I stupidly traded the original art off early on!:( I named the letters page "Crawl Space"...actually it was a tie between me and another person and names were selected from a hat. :)
Complaints about specific books submitted, graded and returned. agamoto Jump to first page48Jump to last page 2 yearsflanders (7480): No idea if they'd purchase from you. It was just a suggestion.
What was the first comic you bought? Jabberwookie Jump to first page55Jump to last page 2 yearssportshort (5306): cool, thanks.
Disney demands cancellation of Star Wars panel GanaSoth 14 2 yearstheCapraAegagrus (1142): A good one that I hadn't considered.
Comic collector questions Comicninja0215 28 2 yearsComicninja0215 (2168): So I have been told lol I just was worried about melting them. At least it isnt a hundred degrees 👍
Sony: Spider-man to join Venom Universe GanaSoth 19 2 yearsTowmater (8226): I think both Disney and Sony will do just fine. I don't see either side rushing to the other for assistance.
tales of suspense 46, need help with a decision sportshort 6 2 yearssportshort (5306): Thanks @Batman66
CBCS SLABS Comicnewbie 4 2 yearssportshort (5306): ha ha.. he said "gas exchange"!
Anyone going or went to Long Beach comic con Batman66 15 2 yearsBatman66 (11125): i don’t have confidence in their consistency of grading, I wanted a #1 anyway, it’s a nice copy and for what I got it for plus with having Matt sign it, I’m happy. I bought a couple of books from Ed Robertson, super nice guy and fair pricing and a couple from harly lee, had to really haggle with him but happy with the deal
Sports signature on comic? Manonfire 6 2 yearsManonfire (63): Thank you all for the great advice
Is this Stan Lee signature genuine? please help. sportshort Jump to first page32Jump to last page 2 yearssportshort (5306): Do you have a pic? how old is the sig (assuming you have that info)? thanks.
Creepshow - New TV Series on Shutter GanaSoth 4 2 yearsGanaSoth (6480): Just got my comic book!
Noob - submitting tiers - value NONO 12 2 yearsBrianGreensnips (9652): @NONO These are beautiful and very desirable. They are all above a 4.0 and maybe up to a 5.5. 28 and 29 are in the $400-$500 eaxh and #25 maybe xlose to $700-800 Range. I would recommend having them pressed. These 3 Batman books would sell very quick. Knowing that it might make sense to look at one of the other books like Whiz Comics that might be in even a higher grade than those and this way you do not sell the 3 most desirable books first...
Weekly Cover Contest #154 - Sea Creatures VS Man GanaSoth Jump to first page52Jump to last page 2 yearsLenovations (677): Finally I was able to grab one of these! Consider it taken. I've had a while to think of my topic so I hope everyone enjoys #155
Speculating on this week's new releases drchaos Jump to first page40Jump to last page 2 yearsxkonk (11707): Echo @the420bandito, their website has had a message about slow shipping for a while. The last order I got from them, which was my last regular pull list with them, took about a week instead of the usual 2-3 days.
Musky Smelling Comics Noblebeast315 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 2 yearsNoblebeast315 (1538): @GanaSoth there is a limit to the smell brother man, and I have met it hahaha.
WTB Mint/NM or 9.8 Superman Red Son #1 GanaSoth 1 2 yearsGanaSoth (6480): PM me if ya have one for sale. Thanks.
eBay Adding OBO w/o Seller Consent Drogio 11 2 yearscomic_book_man (1976): @Drogio Why not just make the Best Offer minimum the price you actually want? Then set the base price 10-30% higher? I'm not going to lie, I often offer 50-90% on key books just to see what happens - even if its overpriced compared to market. Maybe you can beat eBay that way? I dont know - worth a try! :)
Off-Topic: Site for Action Figure Sales/Trades? DWeeB1967 11 2 yearsDarkseid_of_town (9716): Really just the creature for's a hybrid man that is prehistoric. Feeds right into my dinosaur thing I have going on. Always liked Godzilla and Rodan but those aren't so much universal
Amazing Spider-Man 360 Double Cover CamoFisherman 18 2 yearsSiggy (15954): Whether you press and grade, or don't, I think you should hold onto it. If #361 actually increases to nosebleed levels like Hulk #181, people may re-evaluate their opinions on the significance of 1st Appearance Cameos, and start throwing money there, like Hulk #180.
Submitting books for pressing after signature, also submitting for grading Randomdoge 2 2 yearsdielinfinite (18168): CBCS normally lists the shows they will be attending here As for pressing affecting the signatures, the vast majority of the time they will not be affected. Certain inks are affected differently and on different paper stocks. Sharpies are fine most of the time but some pens, like paint pens, which some artists like to use, may not dry properly for a long time which could be affected in pressing.
Golden Age Comic Buying Advice tonnage71 15 2 yearstonnage71 (645): @the420bandito...gorgeous book and very cool story!
Just Placed Midtown Order for This Week drchaos 13 2 yearsdrchaos (19803): Hit two stores so far. First store had one copy (probably not 9.8 but I took it anyway). Second store did not have any.
Beware of Seller lifeiswhatyoumakeit2012 GanaSoth Jump to first page42Jump to last page 2 yearsCaptainCanuck (4435): . This seller does have some negative/neutral feedback accusing him of sending a different and/or lower grade book than what was listed. In your case, @GanaSoth it seems like the book you received was different than the one pictured in the listing.
Fan Expo Boston/Comic Con TheSpawn826 1 2 yearsTheSpawn826 (1): Will CBCS be taking books for submission at the Fan Expo Boston / Comic Con on August 16 to 19? Thanks
Membership coupon. PlayTimeComics 9 2 yearsesaravo (53400): @HammitChris - I split them up so they all essentially act as fast passes, and submit 5 books each time, paying only for the extra books not covered by the coupons (and the shipping of course). I am sure I will use them that way again this year.
Rejected too tall/wide?? merlinflex 16 2 yearsdielinfinite (18168): Press screen it?
Soooo, has fedex ever "lost" your cbcs order? Enelson 27 2 yearsPaulbg2000 (4091): I had a Fedex delivered at work last week it was signed "front desk"
Dark Red #3 Misprint hogan36 4 2 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): This might help. Some current asking prices: ...
CBCS Customer Service Complaint Noblebeast315 Jump to first page40Jump to last page 2 yearsNoblebeast315 (1538): Hello All, wanted to give an update and hope to end this thread on a high note. First off I want to thank all those who offered support and suggestions. It was much appreciated. I also wanted to say to those who also expressed there frustrations that this thread was valuable because I hope we can learn some things together, and hopefully have better avenues for solving our serious issues with CBCS. Secondly I would like to thank Jake...
Ebay Fun drchaos Jump to first page92Jump to last page 2 yearspoka (19417): Only if you aim to sell way below market
Interesting read from 5 years ago. GanaSoth 3 2 yearsGanaSoth (6480): Sleepwalker too.
Any idea on who signed this? OoklaTheMok 12 2 yearsTerry88 (1095): /sorryforthehijacking=)
God Emperor Doom's First Appearance? GanaSoth 4 2 yearsGanaSoth (6480): @Paulbg2000 thanks!
Captain Marvel #8 Subliminal Message? GanaSoth 12 2 yearskaptainmyke (26586): KaptainMyke approved imo
Farmhand # 1 drchaos 13 2 yearsEnelson (5441): I sold a 1-5 lot for $25 bucks and thought sweet, that's $25...then I saw amc news and thought "aahhh, fiddlesticks" Oh well I let my KCC thing run out...but it was getting exhausting...there 934 "hot" books with new characters I dont care about every week
True first appearance of Deacon Frost sonny4eyez 9 2 yearsKatKomics (14389): I thought #12 was the origin?? Maube just 2nd appearance??
CBCS or AWs at upcoming cons xkonk 10 2 yearsdrchaos (19803): I went to Keystone last year but won't be back this year as Toronto is the same weekend. Now that they added Todd McFarlane and Steve McNiven l, Toronto has a great guest list.
Marvel Comics October Releases GanaSoth 2 2 yearsBatman79 (843): Better return dr doom to his bad ass former self!
Question about major defect/crease Beney117 22 2 yearsTedsaid (7335): I think that comic is a 6.5, possibly a 7.0. The two examples do, indeed, look better. Especially Batman66's, which seems to have sharp color and gloss. That's what worries me the most about this example: the loss of cover gloss (which may just be the light). But the two graded examples both have quite a lot of staining on the back, which REALLY hurts a grade. Of course we can't see the second one, but I looked up the notes and they say:...
How can this be with only thing on grader notes? Zombie_Head 19 2 yearsX51 (14702): That reminds me that when I finish eating, I need to bag some comics.
ComicXposure issues? GanaSoth Jump to first page35Jump to last page 2 yearsOGJackster (27036): That's why this forum should be promoted. It's one of the most useful sites for comic book collectors on the internet. Lots of insightful people with decades of experience. IMHO :)
Marvel / DC @ San Diego Comic Con 2019 JLS_Comics 4 2 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): lol It is my right leg in fact but I've been able to drive! I have one car that is manual so with clutch, heel, shifting I have to leave her parked. The other car luckily has paddle shifters that help
Chinese counterfeit? Beney117 25 2 yearsJustThatGuy (3059): I mean when the guy listed “Coast to Coast Comics” in his descriptions and he’s from China,(new member 2019 and zero feedback) it’s a pretty good indication that this is a scam.
By how much a movie influence the value of a comic book? Beney117 Jump to first page33Jump to last page 2 yearsX51 (14702): It is done with Delaunay tetrahedralization. Augmented reality with some Modality Specificity in the Somatosensory System (or diminished reality) would make it more interesting. That's my opinion. "Running to the drink machine" is Ludicrous and definitely more than 50 cent.
Codebreaking Hickmans' Image JLS_Comics 20 2 yearsPaulbg2000 (4091): Dawn of X... None of those titles really excite me. I'm still a tad annoyed that they launched and cancelled a bunch of runs again that I was pulling... X-Force, Uncanny X-Men, Deadpool...
WTB The Flash #141 - Mint to NM condition GanaSoth 1 2 yearsGanaSoth (6480): Guys. Im looking to buy a mint to nm+ condition "The Flash #141." Send me a PM or respond here please. Thanks in advance.
Joker Movie Spoliers - Batman's History Forever Changed? GanaSoth 9 2 yearsPre_Coder (13516): @xkonk Thanks! You posted while I was doing the search. "Sins Past" - ASM 509-514
Spider-Man (1990) #1 Silver Cover - Blue Lizard Variant BigRonnie Jump to first page48Jump to last page 2 yearsBigRonnie (121): @XxSpideyxX ASM#50 was certainly homaged often, but it's not in the league of ASM#129, SM#1 or ASM#300, dozens vs. hundreds.
1st Graded Foreign - Spider-Man (1990) #1 (UK) PC/Amiga Video Game BigRonnie 18 2 yearsBigRonnie (121): @kaptainmyke Anything of interest there?
TerrifiCon Signings Bmoney83 4 2 yearsBmoney83 (8): Thanks for the reply, I will message you for more details 👍
Going to Quebec City - Suggestions Anyone? esaravo Jump to first page31Jump to last page 2 yearsX51 (14702): I do not speak Canadian. I do not understand the language in this thread. Cool comics. Foreign comics are cool.
Major-X #1 First Print For Sale GanaSoth 15 2 yearsBigRedOne1944 (8249): I have to admit that Cover #2 is really bad. I think the guy must have gotten lazy with an ego after his early success because Ive always loved a lot of his work.
question about grading from a newbie UrnoJedi 16 2 yearsDarkseid_of_town (9716): Uncanny how closely that resembles the Kirby signature I have...definitely his signature...congrats on an amazing find
VSP question OoklaTheMok 6 2 yearsGAC (28322): you should submit that for sure!
I have a question about grading Robg 17 2 yearsGanaSoth (6480): @Robg nice
Does all golden/silver age comic books gain value over time? Beney117 17 2 yearskaptainmyke (26586): Inflation and cost of living adjustments... probably not caught up.
How much value is lost in that white spot? Beney117 13 2 yearsdoog (4528): I remove scotch tape from bags like a fanatic, and use post it tabs. Before I ever take any book out that I have bought
Why the first apparition of Zsasz is worth 2$? Beney117 4 2 yearsBeney117 (24):
The Joker Movie JLS_Comics 6 2 yearsdaywalker (3593): I agree “It’s a very "un-comic book" movie and I think because of that might be rather divisive. It seems more Scorsese that Russo.” Much like “Logan” was in my eyes. It looks really good!
Signature Verification using AAA COA NaughtaPoet 8 2 yearsesaravo (53400): Yes.
Question about value/keys in final uncanny xmen vol 1 issues Enelson 25 2 yearsesaravo (53400): @Enelson - I figured I would stop my X-Men run at #300, but It actually goes to #320. I have at times wondered if that’s too many issues.
Silver Age Comic Questions? mattness 12 2 yearsMR_SigS (11121):
Does a Raw Grade have grader notes? rgreenson 4 2 yearsVirgincollector (494): Raw graded don’t provide graders notes but they can for an extra charge of course 😉
First submissions but... PlayTimeComics 12 2 yearsesaravo (53400): @PlayTimeComics - Like @xkonk said, don’t bother sending in the COA with the comic. With or without it, the book would only qualify for a Red Label (VSP), not a Yellow Label. If CBCS/Beckett is able to verify the signature and you get the book back with a Red Label, just slide the COA in between the bag and the back side of the slab for future reference.
Help? Captain America #34 2008 infinityG 14 2 yearsJoosh (2665): From what I've gathered, Marvel didn't really kill the newsstand distribution so much as they let it die slowly. That makes sense in explaining why as you get into 2000 and newer, these newsstand books become harder and harder to find in any condition. In 2011 or thereabouts, I read that newsstand distribution was strictly limited to Barnes & Noble and Books A Million. The last Marvel newsstand books had publish dates of 12/2013. These...
Error? Want to buy, but question first... Paint_Monk 16 2 yearsX51 (14702): I'm only a few issues away from having a complete collection of Continuity. #9 had a similar cover.
Amazing Spider-man #24 - Spoilers GanaSoth 5 2 yearsGanaSoth (6480): I figured out who he is: Read this first.... Kindred is amicable but ruthless, torturing Quentin Beck into near-insanity and brutally killing him after giving him permission to say his true name, though he lamented having to do so in order to keep his identity secret. Kindred is fixated on obtaining revenge on Peter Parker for an unspecified thing he'd done, though he is also strangely affectionate towards him -- referring to him as...
CBCS I love you/ I hate you/ I love to hate you or "The Perils of Penelope" sportshort 6 2 yearsTimBildhauser (2237): @sportshort I do what I can. ;)
Help! Is this worth grading? kevinlmillard 5 2 yearsGAC (28322): it depends on why you want it slabbed. is it for resale for profit? if so, probably leave it as is. if it's for your PC and preservation? then maybe you want to.
Submissions Walker1 3 2 yearsVirgincollector (494): Yeah I notice most complaints on the forum are from new members who are not familiar with the grading process or are new collectors that have no patience LOL 🤣🤣🤷‍♂️! I’m glad to here your process went smoothly 👍! @GAC is right it’s nice to hear the positive
Pricing guide Torr102 20 2 yearsJesse_O (23573): I've been fiddling around with Dreck Check since it was announced a few weeks ago. If you are looking for prices for a certain comic in a certain grade, I highly recommend it!!! You can set a grade range, choose which grading company and even how far back to look. It also includes Heritage and eBay sales. The original art lookup is a bit more difficult to wade through. But if you want to invest the time to research and look through the results,...
Is it worth it for me? William 23 2 yearsDrogio (6652): This is true but with an asterisk. I recently retuned two slabbed books, both graded by cgc, that I felt they overgraded. My goal was to replace a few direct editions (cgc 9.6) with newsstand editions (cgc 9.6) but when I got them I compared the books side by side and my direct editions looked like they could be pressed to 9.8s, while the newsstands were littered with spine ticks and AT BEST 9.4s in my opinion. The newsstands were graded...
selling question donho 11 2 yearsdonho (382): Which is why I ask you folks for advice, you know where the bodies are buried and how to unearth them
will cbcs grade Faithless erotic covers? OrangeNemesis Jump to first page44Jump to last page 2 yearsGAC (28322):
Heroes Con Wyldchyld Jump to first page53Jump to last page 2 yearsTedsaid (7335): Was that Robbi Rodriguez? I got his signature on a Edge of Spider-verse #2. Which I was perfectly happy to own, but it sure was a downer seeing 5-6 people in line at the grading company booth, and 3-4 of them ALSO had Edge of Spider-verse #2. (And at least two of those had the limited edition variant!) Anyway, Robbi was a really nice guy. So I can see him being willing to go above and beyond on the really nice "button" sketch you...
The Maxx 1/2 error on foil cover Airmomo 10 2 yearsAirmomo (24): They also put it in its own category in the cgc census labeling it as wizard presents the Maxx. I thought they would have put it with the other variants of this cover. Any idea if that will effect the value good or bad?
Walking dead pick ups Zombie_Head 9 2 yearsvacaboca (1007): Beautiful! I remember the day I got my 1 and 2, as part of a raw run 1-6 I bought blind on eBay... both graded 9.8, and my year (and run!) were made. Congrats!
WTB - Mint Condition "Creepshow" Book GanaSoth 3 2 yearsGanaSoth (6480): @X51 I don't have a Facebook account or I would ask. I appreciate you letting me know about the group though.
What's your eBay site? Mountie73 24 2 yearsX51 (14702): I never have animosity towards anyone for over-pricing a comic. I'm not going to buy it, but your taste is just as valid as some person wandering past it on eBay. If it's worth that to you, so be it. If you really want to sell something, you have to settle for what the next guy is willing to pay.
mid-90s comic card error question etapi65 4 2 yearsDarkseid_of_town (9716): Misaligned card backs and fronts are fairly common and do happen as well.....I have shoebox sized bunch somewhere. I even have cards they forgot to gloss, etc.
Grading Question kevinlmillard 12 2 yearskaptainmyke (26586): 2.0-3.0 for all of them: Incomplete. :(
Short box bought today here are the keys Zombie_Head 11 2 yearsDoc_Cop (2695): Floating in the same boat as you Darkseid! Nuff said...
Help with grading X-Men 101 & Marvel Super~Heroes 13 sportshort 14 2 yearssportshort (5306): Will check it out
Real or just to thinking Buzbe Jump to first page426Jump to last page 2 yearsJesse_O (23573): Yeah, this thread has outlived its' usefulness.
MASSIVE Baseball Card Collection Incoming. What Do I Look For? 00slim Jump to first page70Jump to last page 2 years00slim (11795): I can . . . If necessary. 😁
Digital copy stickers televiper75 15 2 yearskaptainmyke (26586): The adhesive comes off and is no longer sticky once removed. But good guess/answer.
Cracking Yellow Label Slab to Press and Resubmit ninjarobert 10 2 yearsninjarobert (104): Thanks for sharing!
In Extended Clip, Captain Marvel Is Revealed To Be A Villain GanaSoth Jump to first page62Jump to last page 2 yearsMR_SigS (11121): Now I want apples and oranges lol "What about when Peter Quill murdered a bunch of dudes mid-mission, just to get his Walkman back? Oh, right, I forgot that Walkmans are imbued with the power of nostalgia and thus far more valuable than the life or safety of a woman." Ummm… Were the death certificates in the dvd Extra Features? Besides, the Walkman was given to him by the most important woman in his life. And did I miss...
Marv Wolfman Zombie_Head 6 2 yearsZombie_Head (1703): He’s going to be in metropolis Il. In two weekends. Taking books for him to sign. Thx everyone.
G.I. Joe #1 bagged from Target daywalker 5 2 yearsdaywalker (3593): The bag is just a clear bag, front and back with the hanger hole at the top. No, I didn’t get it for $1.34...I wish! I had an almost complete run, but sold it a few years of those wish I hadn’t moments! So I’m trying to pick a few keys back up!
Shipping Question chirock 5 2 yearspoka (19417): @chirock refer to this thread
Akira live action has a release date! JLS_Comics 1 2 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): Finally, after a decade long gestation period, the WB life action adaptation of Akira has a release date. Directed by Taika Waititi and will be out in 2021 clickable text
Great Deal on Mylites2 and Fullbacks GanaSoth Jump to first page48Jump to last page 2 yearskaptainmyke (26586): Short boxes will do your back a huge favor @Kinsella5
Mailed or not ONLINE_209 29 2 yearsDrogio (6652): So apparently my shipment from midtown is taking a nice ride around the country, first class. Dropped off at a USPS facility on 5/13 (keep in mind Manhattan is about a 2hr drive from my house). Showed up in San Francisco on 5/20. Decided to hang around for a few days before heading back east. In Springfield MA now....and with the holiday likely won’t be delivered until Tuesday. I expect to see a lot of traveling suitcase stickers on the...
WTB Star Wars Tales #23 - Mint Condition GanaSoth 1 2 yearsGanaSoth (6480): Hello guys. I'm looking to buy a mint copy of "Star Wars Tales #23" (Dark Horse Comics, 1999). Either cover or both. If you have a copy you wouldn't mind selling then PM me.
Bronze membership Bluetapecomics 6 2 yearsDrogio (6652): I like your a avatar and thread name. More people should use blue tape when packaging up comics....
Shipping question sportshort 14 2 yearssportshort (5306): i supose you're right.1 dollar is better than none.
Stan Lee: Ex-manager of comic book legend charged with elder abuse GanaSoth 12 2 yearsgmellos (243): Same here. I overpaid for a Stan signed CGC book but the cool thing is that Walt Simonson is going to be a Comic Con so I can have him sign the book too?
Deathstroke gets Terminated GanaSoth 3 2 yearsDrWatson (21046): He'll be back.
Marvel Spotlight/Hero for Hire benparker 8 2 yearsMR_SigS (11121): Many reasons why; Content, Creative Team, Issue # (1, 50, 100, so on), Scarcity, and even Internet rumors (speculation).
Recreated Star Wars Ben vs Darth Scene GanaSoth 22 2 yearsB3Chandler (126): Now this is the Star Wars that I grew up with and loved! It's amazing how the fans are putting out better content than Disney Lucasfilms, shame on you Disney!
A Thunderbolts MCU film? JLS_Comics 8 2 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): lol what about Thunderbunny?
What grade would you give this? Peanutt 15 2 yearsMR_SigS (11121): Absolutely. Look for some grading guides online or in book form (Overstreet) and make a serious effort to study it. Buy a few inexpensive slabs in varying grades for some visual examples, but keep in mind you could have two 6.0s that look completely different. Mid grade comics can be a pain to grade. If you're more collector than seller/"investor", you can save a lot in grading fees. IMHO
Fishy buyer Yoosh5492 10 2 yearsGabriel85301 (1748): I got a message the other day about buying certain items I had outside of eBay. I told them no because I did it once and got hit with a sold item fee. Two days later I came back and that user was no longer in existence. I'm sure I was someone from eBay testing me.
You guys remember Deaths Head II (Minion) GanaSoth 10 2 yearsGanaSoth (6480): For people that are new to Deaths Head: A little history on the characters multiverse bouncing.
What’s your opinion on this WWBN 32 bige31 22 2 yearsGanaSoth (6480): You think that one above was bad, look at this one... with that price... Click or Touch here.
Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man Topsykrets 3 2 yearsStantheman (588): one off
Tmnt volume Nelsond0312 3 2 yearsNelsond0312 (4): Thanks, appreciate it
CBCS @Comicpalooza? DWeeB1967 3 2 yearsDWeeB1967 (4363): Bummer! I was hoping to submit some books. Thanks, @Darryl_H.
Immortal Hulk Buy or Sell(Spec/sale question) Enelson Jump to first page124Jump to last page 2 yearsdrchaos (19803): Al Ewing will be signing at Midtown this month. Limit is three items. For me: Immortal Hulk # 1 1:50 RI Immortal Hulk # 1 Regular Cover Immortal Hulk # 2 Regular Cover
Blackcat #1 Mike Mayhew Cover GanaSoth 10 2 years00slim (11795): I was excited to meet Adrienne Barbeau at a small local Con a couple years ago. It was $20 or $25. She signed my Swamp Thing POP & took a pic with me & my wife. She was super sweet. If it were $50+, I wouldn’t have done it. I’d have wanted to, but ultimately wouldn’t. Now, if it were like Joss Whedon? “Take my money”!
Have any of you ever did business with seller "cyberspacecomics" ? GanaSoth Jump to first page40Jump to last page 2 yearspoka (19417): What is o/s?
New Mutants movie moved again! JLS_Comics 7 2 yearsPaulbg2000 (4091): I would completely agree....This to me appears as. Fox - "We can't release this potential piece of crap during the Disney Sale!!! We'll push it until after the sale closes!!!!" Disney - "What did we buy?!...Let's dump it back until we figure this thing out!" I think they'll promote the hell out of it in the new year for Disney+ as an exclusive after the launch. Kinda the same way that Netflix dropped Cloverfield...
Ms. Marvel Yoosh5492 Jump to first page36Jump to last page 2 yearsxkonk (11707): Who wants to set the over/under? The lowest-grossing recent Disney Marvel movie was Ant-Man 2, which cleared about $622.5 million. I would take the over for Captain Marvel 2.
CBCS Turnaround 2.0 TimBildhauser Jump to first page999Jump to last page 2 yearsRaven7of9 (61): My order of 12 books received March 15 shipped yesterday! Great Job CBCS!
Marvel Comics Announces The Death Of Rocket Raccoon GanaSoth 23 2 yearsKrazywan (469): Rockette Raccoune
New to grading Torr102 11 2 yearsRRO (1380): @Torr102 ~ Take the above advise, it comes from experienced members. I would strongly suggest that you look at why you want to slab, what are your alternatives, the (often surprisingly high)cost(s)in doing so and also rushing into a system that may noe work for you. Good luck with whatever you decide.
Muppet Babies Question GanaSoth 12 2 yearsStudley_Dudley (26249): Well, I think I know how it got it's name when you flip him upside down.
CBCS at comic cons CLT 9 2 yearsCLT (49): Thanks for all the info. I'll contact support and either drop it off this weekend or the next comic con.
Too big for their their cases Insomic 10 2 yearsInsomic (1): Thanks for the feedback guys I'll probably get it raw graded and send it into cgc to get actually s ales since it's already worth 300 ps the batawang jokes are killing me
Japanese? Info requested doog 7 2 yearsdoog (4528): Thanks a lot Jesse, love me some mysteries, and some history, and you threw me some meat! Not at all sure it is a print, I know a little about paper, it is the highest quality, but I know little about original art. I’ll be looking at some 90’s comics set in the Genghis era for fun, someday, maybe, there will be that page! As it happens, like a lot of us I bet, I have boxes full of random 90’s comics from independents to start with
Gerber Full-Back / Mylites2 Question tonnage71 25 2 yearsDrogio (6652): BTW, I’ve noticed recently when I store books in regular bags with regular boards (acid free non mylites) color rubs from the comic t9mthe board frequently. To combat this i have started bagging the comic in a regular size bag without a board, then placing that inside of a silver age back with a silver age board. Basically double bagging with a board separated from the comic by a bag. Not sure this will prevent this in the future, but...
Displays for connecting covers Darth_Scooby 5 2 yearsetapi65 (1670): Probably $150ish. The wood displays are cheaper, but the acrylic are pretty sick looking.
Ebay selling nightmare (or par for the course). akiva Jump to first page54Jump to last page 2 yearsStudley_Dudley (26249): @akiva has there been any update on your particular situation?
Help grade these Carnage mind bomb/wonderful life Enelson 7 2 yearsJoosh (2665): The voice in my head was saying same as @kaptainmyke By the way, these are good reads.
I.D. issue Wonderworld comic Roarshack 7 2 yearsRoarshack (78): Here’s some more pictures.
Stan Lee signatures SlabGod69 Jump to first page42Jump to last page 2 yearsWraith (1868): that is cool and what signatures are all about to me :)
Question to those that get sigs inside books Shanthark 21 2 yearsBronte (14713): @Wraith "you don't flick through pages before sending to grading ?" As with all books and "magazines" I ignore the words. All I'm interested in are the pretty "pictures" J/K =)
Major X's first/cameo appearance?? kevinlmillard Jump to first page68Jump to last page 2 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): Thanks! I tried to be as fair as balanced as the situation calls for. Ha! Probably :D
Joker JLS_Comics 21 2 yearsmartymann (36638): OO mm
Pressing Help Question mattness 20 2 yearsmattness (1467): @kaptainmyke Thanks Myke. There isn't much color break on the front, the crease goes through the entire book and there is color break on the back of the book. I took about 17 pictures to try and show the book and crease/indent. It was surprisingly extremely difficult. Below is the best picture I captured. The book is a Punisher War Zone #1 Reprint that came with the Marvels Punisher action figure in a blister pack. The grade is a 9.4 I have...
Ebay combined shipping question...Am I wrong? Buyer/seller question Enelson Jump to first page43Jump to last page 2 yearsEnelson (5441): I feel much better about my decision to abort this transaction(s) continued to go to crazy town into the night And I'm glad to hear someone else do a Gemini mailer in a priority envelope, I've used that myself...and I could see that being 7.95...and a few months ago I put the entire green lantern rebirth run in a priority mail box for 15.95. So I still dont get...
What are your thoughts on this GSX #1 Sale? KCBatmanFan 12 2 yearsKCBatmanFan (1824): Makes sense with the MCU inclusion I guess. Hadn't really been watching the prices so I was just surprised to see such a rough raw copy going so high. Don't feel too bad about my purchase now :)
CBCS Imaging Option Question mattness 8 2 yearsmattness (1467): @esaravo I forgot about the $300 option. I wonder if you get individual scans with that and I just confused them. @MR_SigS This is a good point. Ironically, the high res scans don’t show the curly white hairs that keep showing up in my recent slabs. @dielinfinite This is a great idea, I’ll check it out. Thanks everyone. 🍻
AOC YAY OR NAY ONLINE_209 Jump to first page109Jump to last page 2 yearsxkonk (11707): Small states Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Vermont (and maybe more depending on what you consider small, and non-state DC) apparently aren't concerned.
Help grade my asm 316 (newsstand) Enelson 22 2 yearsteacha777 (798): Always press IMO, coming back with a 9.6. That would of been a 9.8 with a press is frustrating to say the least
Silver Age Circulation Info? tonnage71 4 2 yearstonnage71 (645): Interesting. Thanks for providing this info @KCBatmanFan!
Wrong Zip Code ScarletCaptain 4 2 yearsScarletCaptain (1): message sent
Who is the first comic book character with the power of teleportation? major99 7 2 yearsesaravo (53400): How about Doctor Fate?
Any News on the Larger Cases? mightyestmatt 3 2 yearsdonho (382): that is what I was told when I asked this with customer service. Friday. was in development but when beckett bought cbcs they scrapped the project and started over again.
Question about Gene Colan art major99 4 2 yearsxkonk (11707): He did at least 200 books for DC. Hard to say how many of them might have had a Superman appearance.
The Disney / Fox Merger is now a "Done Deal" !! JLS_Comics 13 2 yearsrobertofredrico (533): That's how it was 5 years ago. Now, in 2019 it looks like this:
Would a Clean and Press help the Phantom? crystalphoto 12 2 yearsshrewbeer (13216): Would it help you make money or get a better grade? Probs not. Would it help the book look better? You bet.
Bad EBay Vendor / Bad Restoration Noblebeast315 24 2 yearsJustThatGuy (3059): eBay will only refund the amount you paid. They are not responsible for anything after that. Shitty sellers are scums. Here’s a good good seller. He has a wearhouse out here in Dallas. And he was the one that got the little key book called “Action Comics #1” CGC 9.0. The first one that was sold to Nicholas.
Storage and display etapi65 13 2 yearsetapi65 (1670): Yep, I like the comic cubes, but after you pay for the custom job and the shipping...I could have an X-Men giant sized #1. Edit: Hence, me turning to the experts.
help identifying who signed this print donho 9 2 yearsPaulbg2000 (4091): It's Rodenberry... Prints were apparently given to TV Stations that aired the show...
Newbie Questions Kidvic69 5 2 yearsStantheman (588): I am not an expert by any means but I agree with the other posters I only think the Thor 165 would benefit from a pressing
2 Day Modern with Verified Sigs Verde 2 2 yearspoka (19417): no - TAT is probably around 3 weeks - maybe 1 week more
Blind unpacking mrelowe Jump to first page56Jump to last page 2 yearsmrelowe (522): Estimated 2.0 Estimated 4.5 Estimated 6.5 (missed that one badly) Estimated 3.5 Estimated 3.5 ...
When does cbcs take the money for grading? Shanthark 10 2 yearsGabriel85301 (1748): I call them. I took my card off back in December because I was a victim of card theft so I had to closely guard my situation for a bit and was taking my card off anything everywhere. I'm sure the site is encrypted, but I did use my computer to enter so you never know.
Comic Book Industry Troubles ? GanaSoth Jump to first page62Jump to last page 2 yearschirock (49): The biggies might fail, but make mine Alterna comics. Inexpensive cover price because newsprint, no variants, and customers aren't taken for granted [or called nazis]. All ages covered, from the Chair to Cyko KO.
Double Bill - What do I do? Sekeeth 10 2 yearsGAC (28322): Awesome!!!! happy it all worked out for you.
change credit card info Shanthark 3 2 yearsGabriel85301 (1748): right now I am having trouble with it.
Store Stamps on Comics Chino24 8 2 yearsChino24 (110): @TellEmSteveDave That's awesome. That's the one thing I like about the stamps - they kind of help tell you the history behind that specific book you have. Who would have thought it would begin in Rochester, New York and wind up in Oklahoma after all of these years? I think that's cool.
Thoughts on Teen Titans 2? Themaxx35 15 2 yearsesaravo (53400): @Themaxx35 - Good luck and hope it all works out for you.
Signing advice for Captain Kirk (Shatner) donho Jump to first page35Jump to last page 2 yearsJustABitEvil (1567): I had him sign the one with the most Shatners on it I could find.
Rob Liefeld at ECCC OoklaTheMok 13 2 yearsKatKomics (14389): Pretty sure that's just how they draw it up in anatomy class....
anyone have a copy to sell me? donho 14 2 yearsesaravo (53400): @Frontier2Xterra - Thanks, Jon.
To restore, or not restore, that's the question roasty 20 2 yearsroasty (23): Lots of interesting comments. The plan is likely to sell most (got bills to pay).
Add authenticate signature of already verified signature CBCS graded book smeninc 6 2 yearsManonfire (63): It cost me $46 to get a graded comic opened, signed, authenticated, and re-graded that is including shipping.
Suggestions for Austin Comic Shop? DWeeB1967 1 2 yearsDWeeB1967 (4363): Any suggestions for a good LCS in the Austin, Texas, area? I'm mainly looking for one that has a good selection of silver and bronze. Thanks!
recommendations in Pittsburgh? xkonk 4 2 yearsFrontier2Xterra (8630): @xkonk phantom of the attic comics
Shwarzenegger signed certified Conan comic.. Ambush_Bug 16 2 yearsDJC_II (1829): I nominate you for best comment of the week award
DC gets revenge on Wendys GanaSoth 1 2 yearsGanaSoth (6480): Click/Touch here for funny details. Also added bonus, a guy talks trash to Wendy's & Wendy's response is hilarious (to me). *Located towards the bottom of the page.
Reused cover art? dielinfinite 11 2 yearsdoog (4528): Finally looked, not a single story duplicated. I just assumed the same stories, now I have some more fine reading, many thanks
Please Help: Scam? 00slim Jump to first page35Jump to last page 2 yearsshrewbeer (13216): My brother did this to someone. Picked a bar in providence and when the guy got there he texted back “I’m not coming but you can sit there with a drink imagining how awesome it would have been if you got to [know me carnally.]”
MCU Wolverine Actor JLS_Comics 12 2 yearsthe420bandito (7200): It's a shame they wasted Huge in so many of those mediocre X-Men movies. He is and always will be Wolverine (even with all the singing and dancing on Broadway).
What did I come across? dartelum 16 2 yearsdartelum (52): I've never come across this before what do you think a fair price for this comic would be?
Will CBCS grade individual panels? Magellan 3 2 yearsMagellan (308): I guess I’m mainly wondering how they would even be able to confirm its authenticity from a single panel.
The Question #17 (1988) Chino24 4 2 yearsChino24 (110): Thanks, everyone!
Restoration Check mrelowe 11 2 yearscomic_book_man (1976): @IronMan Great link!
Address Nelsond0312 5 2 yearsxkonk (11707): Unless you're getting them pressed. That's a different address.
Traveling to Israel GanaSoth 11 2 yearsGanaSoth (6480): @BrianGreensnips Thank ya. I'm gonna try. :)
Kirby Zombie_Head 20 2 yearsBrianGreensnips (9652): The Tom Reilly pedigree has an interesting story behind it. I recommend everyone here to check these stories out.
G.I. Joe #2 & #3 - No Staples GanaSoth 9 2 yearsesaravo (53400): I believe staple mishaps have occurred for years. I have a copy of X-Men #29 that looks normal. But don’t judge this book by its cover. Look inside and you see it was stapled twice. Once without the cover and then again with the cover. ...
Man-Thing in Armor? GanaSoth 8 2 yearsHcanes (3135): The tiny man-thing seems to be a prisoner if you notice the little chain around his wrist. I wonder if the character wielding him is the "Shadow Colonel" who looks like the bad guys from the video game Killzone and various anime/manga villains.
The last Comic Book Stan Lee wrote? Joosh 13 2 yearsdielinfinite (18168): Here’s the credits page for the story. Looks like Stan did provide the updated script
A good source Yoosh5492 12 2 yearsDalkiel (1044): clickable text M&M Comics is great. I've been buying from them for over 10 years.
Superman & other DC comic books abroad Khovard 2 2 yearsBrianGreensnips (9652): @Khovard I would recommend expanding your post title to your more specific needs about Carroll Rhinestrom. I unfortunately know nothing about this person. Just trying to help.
Spider-Man 2099 is hot...why? Joosh Jump to first page33Jump to last page 2 yearsJoosh (2665): I've found this to be true. #46 (Last issue of Spider-Man 2099) is much less available than #1. Relatively hard to find the later Newsstands in NM, but not expensive, which is just my kind of collecting. I like the search. Odd finding is issue 2-10ish have plenty of newsstand books out there. Even MileHigh has them listed for same price as Direct.
Signature Identification help? *SOLVED* UrsusRexCooper 12 2 yearsOGJackster (27036): Looks like Rob Liefeld did those feet LOL!
Paying balance? Dblues 7 2 yearsDblues (7): I assume I got bumped a tier on something, although I've been bumped up once or twice before without having extra charges. I'm not really too concerned about that. It's just that I couldn't seem to find any way at all to pay the extra charges on the website and the email they sent didn't give any info on it. But I dielinfinite's advice and emailed them back last night asking them to charge my card. Here's hoping it works! Still haven't seen...
Amazing Spider-Man #252 Before and After Being Shipped to CBCS. flanders Jump to first page66Jump to last page 2 yearsGanaSoth (6480): @Wraith I agree with ya Wraith. It's a different cut.
Golden age advice Roarshack 27 2 yearsCatmanAmerica (23688): That's a tough call grading wise, but if I were providing a ballpark guess based on appearance it would be around 50% of the value of the same book with similar wear and a fully attached cover. :beer::)
To reslab or not Batman66 27 2 yearsBatman66 (11125): 9.8
ECCC 2019 OoklaTheMok 2 2 yearsOoklaTheMok (43): FYI We will be at Theodore Hotel, 1531 7th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101 for ECCC. So you can drop you books off there with us! Thank you, The CBCS Team
What is your eBay name? Gabriel85301 Jump to first page37Jump to last page 2 yearstjr909 (54): Hey everyone, I just updated my eBay name to match my IG and youtube name: gorilla.todd.comicbooks.4life clickable text
Help with pricing Hulk 180 - Married Murmonster 11 2 yearsMurmonster (1670): Thanks everyone for the replies I think $225 is a fair asking price will post for sale shortly.
Manufacturing error... quick question? OoklaTheMok 3 2 yearsOoklaTheMok (43): Thanks! I was more concerned with the validity/rarity of these types of errors (i.e. 1:1M as opposed to 67:1M), similarly to how Canadian price variants are now recognized as a smaller set of the bigger production run, you know what I mean? Do you or anyone know if these errors increase the value, like Venom Lethal Protector - black cover? It's strange a printing error is recognized but isn't that still a 'manufacturing error'? Still, if/when...
Using a legal sz filing cabinet to store books, ran into an issue, help? Joosh 6 2 yearsJoosh (2665): Good call. I did check that; they are...were all the same height. I left the top drawer alone as I will keep slabs in there in the file folders. I think the slabbed books should be fine on their side as long as they are in the slabs securely.
Sense of loss Stu Jump to first page46Jump to last page 2 yearsX51 (14702): You'll have to choose one or the other. You can't afford both.
Cleaning and Pressing cosanostra937 6 2 yearsmoodswing (2696): Didn't know pressing and cleaning was that much. So to get an older X-Men comic graded/pressed by itself you are looking at $80ish. That seems like a lot.
Anyone have Sleepwalker #1 for sale? GanaSoth 1 2 yearsGanaSoth (6480): Hey guys. I'm looking for a graded copy of Sleepwalker #1 or a raw copy that is in 9.8 condition. PM me or reply here. Thanks.
CBCS RAW GRADE/ GRADE SCREENING Mray23 3 2 yearsMray23 (1): Thanks hopefully They make the grade and I don’t get any raw grades. New to comics and grading. Tried to learn as much as I could from looking at EBay listings then searching for the grader notes on CBCS.
What do you guys think of this? (Re: CGC Crossover) RyanHicks Jump to first page39Jump to last page 2 yearsTedsaid (7335): The problem isn't that it is unethical in and of itself ... the problem is the appearance and possibility of unethical behavior. I think CGC has proven that they can be unethical on the margins. And I definitely believe they don't have any controls to watch for unconscious bias. They make lots of money through unconscious bias. For example, I've noticed a small but distinct difference between grades that were pressed by CCS and not pressed...
Anyone know what these are? dartelum 19 3 yearsdartelum (52): Thanks Scorpion but I was referring to the little heads where the CCA usually is.
Best Boxes for Silver/Gold Mylites? Drogio 9 3 yearsX51 (14702): You can go with acid-free boxes, but I wouldn't sweat over the decision. The Mylar bag prevents the book from making contact with the box. Some comics are printed with acidic inks and they are self-destructing regardless off what bag and box you put them in.
Who's signature is this? Enelson 4 3 yearsesaravo (53400): Here’s my Claremont scribble for reference:
Best online comic subscription services? kaptainmyke 20 3 years1243782365 (503): I've never ordered from DCBS. If I have, I can't remember but this week I have heard MULTIPLE stories of a mistake they made with the J. Scott Campbell Daredevil variant. This variant was supposed to be a 1:100 variant but DCBS presold them as a regular variant at cover price when they were doing there preorder sales two months ago. And guess what? They fulfilled EVERY order. That is why I am looking into moving my online subscription to DCBS.
Where is CBCS??? myxzeus70 7 3 yearsDarryl_H (1589): emails unsent? what email address are you using?
Current status of Submissions mrelowe 16 3 yearsDarryl_H (1589): after labels is QC, then they will ship.
Stamps on comics and their affect on the grade Randomdoge 13 3 yearsCatmanAmerica (23688): It doesn't affect the grade, but the CCA stamp usually limits my interest! :beer:;) .
TAT for Heroes Con dropoff's Wyldchyld 6 3 yearsWyldchyld (259): My books are now listed as shipping. Just got email from cbcs that I will be getting tracking number soon. I can't wait. Looks like Christmas is coming early.
Paper Quality VS Grade 00slim 22 3 yearsGAC (28322): upgrading is always an.option as well.
GoCollect - Worth it? ThorneArt 11 3 yearsCitikill (10): @Zarbongo thanks got all mine on there now!!
Image Dead Rabbit Canceled- anyone know why? Enelson 18 3 yearsX51 (14702): It shows up on eBay periodically. Here's one.
Phoenix comicon 2018 May 24-27 Guy 30 3 yearsPoseidon5421 (21): Received my 17 books today. 25 weeks...good grief.
Best and fastest way to get books to CBCS Batman66 15 3 yearsdrchaos (19803): True but think of it this way: If the book gets damaged on the way to CBCS the loss is all yours to keep and enjoy. If you drop the book off at a con and it gets damaged on the way to CBCS HQ, CBCS is responsible for the loss.
Over-billed...AGAIN! Odins_Raven 12 3 yearsDrogio (6652): Who cracked it? You or the witness? Makes a difference.
ASM 49 grading help KaseyArt 7 3 yearsGAC (28322): 6.5
Insurance Black_Katze 9 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): yes a regular policy is around $500/yr a dealer policy is around $1400/yr you must do the dealer policy if you buy and sell on ebay or a website or they will not pay out on claims and you must have photographs of everything
San Diego Comic con lottery.. danzies 7 3 yearsdanzies (578): luck this year. Maybe next year..:/
Sig Verification help Citikill 12 3 yearsCitikill (10): @KingNampa I have the entire Dark nights metal run graded, figured I would go ahead and do these too, especially if I can get them verified. That way I can have an entire graded set.
Pressing/Cleaning/Grading Question CatCovers 3 3 yearsGAC (28322): as is, 2.5 - 3.0 range I'd say.
Pre Sreening cosanostra937 4 3 yearsCatmanAmerica (23688): Pre-screening is definitely a service available at CBCS, but I don't think restoration removal is currently one of the services offered. I'm making that assumption based on the books sent with Steve Borock for grading and pre-screening at last month's OAFcon, two came back with discovered restoration, having been graded previously by CGC as a universal grade! If CBCS offered this service for suitable candidates, I'd certainly consider...
Non-witnessed original art Zini 3 3 yearsZini (17): @dielinfinite Wow amazing response. This answers everything I needed. Thanks so much!
inventory marks on 60s books donho 4 3 yearsdonho (382): these are writing with pen and pencil. with date received and percent of order that they received of the books I think. like march 18 1962 and 87 % but none cover artwork on cover and is always in a blank spot of the cover like yellow sand and the sky
Art slab turnaround? Tr3ntOw3ns 4 3 yearsteacha777 (798): I submitted with no fast past in 8/15 it was received. Still waiting. So yeah fast pass if you can
Storage Question silverage1375 21 3 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): I was an insurance investigator before I went to Law School so here is my suggestion: If you get collectibles insurance, make sure that you know what kind of coverage you have and what documentation you will need to file a claim. The easiest coverage is usually a stated value policy but there are other policies you can get. You might be surprised at the number of people that don't understand what their policy covers and what proof and /or...
Ebay Pet Peeve drchaos 17 3 yearsdrchaos (19803): I have not had that happen to me yet but that would piss me off. After experimenting with best offer early on I decided I want no part of it.
Detached Cover = What Highest Potential Grade? 00slim 5 3 yearsBatman66 (11125): I've seen higher grades that got a green label, qualified
Low Grade Love mrelowe Jump to first page47Jump to last page 3 yearsMR_SigS (11121): @GAC It's an eBay purchase, 2nd attempt. The first had a photocopy shadow on the interior that made it look homemade. This one from another seller looks VERY nice. If there were an easy way to get this to someone who knows what they're doing, I'd consider marrying the two together, and by "easy" I mean handing it to them and waiting LOL So that's out.
Signature Rates sbarb18 25 3 yearsGAC (28322): very true about not assuming his rate for apologies for that...I wasnt aware of his heart attack...hopefully it was a speedy recovery.
Are CBCS numbers down? Randomdoge 15 3 yearsJustThatGuy (3059): sell em on ebay for grader error variant.
CGC will now allow CBCS slabs to be regraded/retagged with CGC labeling.... ZosoRocks Jump to first page36Jump to last page 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586):
Has this comic, colour touch? ZZXMAN 14 3 yearsZZXMAN (12): Ok, I will buy a UV flashlight. I think it's worth to have one, to detect color touch and more things that can't be seen easily.
ASM 47 grading help KaseyArt 8 3 yearsBigRedOne1944 (8249): Rusted Staples don't effect the grade? NOT
CGC Crossover Service (no delete) RyanHicks Jump to first page64Jump to last page 3 yearsBigRedOne1944 (8249): The talk of CBCS "Catching up on their back orders" has been going on for years now and it's hard to believe that will change any time soon. Quality control seems to also be lacking as I see more and more label mistakes etc... customer service is also virtually non-existent. From a company stand point at this time, CBCS is not even in the same league as CGC. Maybe and hopefully that will change. If your going to defeat the champ you...
ASM 111 grading help KaseyArt 3 3 yearsandy49 (1385): 4.5
Storing Comics oginecka 16 3 yearsIronMan (4307): The inner holder is not made of Mylar. Both CBCS and CGC use PETG. Until just a few years ago CGC used Barex. Barex is no longer manufactured. Mylar blocks most UV light below but not all. This according to DuPont, which makes Mylar. For maximum safety and longevity of paper collectibles, limit exposure to light, control temperature and humidity to comfortable levels. If you really feel you want to display your comic books, then manage...
Question about Shown balance Biorobot 6 3 yearsBiorobot (25): @dielinfinite was able to get me some information and I got in contact with a CSR. It seems that the shown balance will not get updated until my comics make it to bar coding. They were also able to tell me that they do see that I do not have a balance. I have been collecting comics since the 70s, but this is my first time getting anything graded, so its an all new process for me. Thanks for all of the suggestions.
OT: File/Camera/Image app??? Savage_Spawn 13 3 yearsSavage_Spawn (1904): My PC is a pile of plastic junk!! It doesn't seem to recognize my phone. Earlier PCs did. I think I could probably add some sort of software to accomplish the task, but not worth my time since I can't stand my PC. Need to upgrade in a bad way. Thanks for the tip anyways. I'll check Dropbox out as it appears the Storage folder is not going to be the answer. Looks like an outside app will be the direction I will have to go.
Borock on Youtube tonight Jesse_O Jump to first page56Jump to last page 3 yearsteacha777 (798): Hopefully the newer cases are easier to manufacture?
Advice on selling variants KYoung_1974 10 3 yearsKYoung_1974 (732): @Treweldy I expect them in by the end of the week. One of the lots was all Dawn comics, Dawn 1 - 6 with the 3 variant #1's, Crypt of Dawn, and Tears of Dawn. I will post them when I get them in.
Payment? Tr3ntOw3ns 4 3 yearsDarryl_H (1589): You can email CBCS customer service at: You can also Call customer service during business hours, and use option #2 to let them know they can charge the card on file. The number is: 844.870.2227 and use Option #2
Is this comic trimmed? ZZXMAN 10 3 yearsZZXMAN (12): ok thanks for your answer and now I have understood that it is not trimmed.
Shipping WTF? drchaos 20 3 yearsdrchaos (19803): The $285 I got back was the amount Fedex charged to insure each of three boxes for up to $9,500 per box. In the past I was not charged for this. Since I have third party insurance I have asked CBCS not to declare any value so I can avoid this charge in the future/ This amount is above and beyond the other shipping charges from Fedex.
LA Comic Con witness? Bankj318 2 3 yearsTimBildhauser (2237): CBCS will be at this show. Just stop by the booth and we'll get you set up.
Help(autographs legit?) Topsykrets 21 3 yearsBronte (14713): I sent them an email to ask various questions such as cost and encapsulation. Below is their response. We do offer a similar oversized holder that can encapsulate most standard sized magazines and then we have a much thinner holder that fits photographs up to the size of 8 x 10. Here’s the size holders we currently offer for autograph encapsulation. · Standard Holder - 2.6" x 3.75" · Tall Boy Holder -...
Batman cover "problem": common or uncommon? sl4wt3r 11 3 yearsTedsaid (7335): No, they are all like this. It's just how this issue / format is printed.
TAT Calculator Question robo_beardo 5 3 yearsrobo_beardo (37): Woof! No. No pressing... Thanks for the info!
She Hulk Numbers Don't Jive ONLINE_209 8 3 yearsONLINE_209 (1867): @Jesse_O She Hulk has always been one of my top favorite characters of all time and thanks for sharing the pictures
New York Comic Con TKD_Tarantino 14 3 yearsUnknown (64): Ugh. The one time I assume something at NYCC. Brought books to submit.
auto-reply customer service Guy 16 3 yearsBabaLament (2951): @Guy I don’t know if this helps, but Walgreens has entered into a partnership with FedEx; so you can arrange to have your books delivered to a convenient Walgreens location & they will hold it until you are able to pick it up. Or arrange to have it held at the nearest available FedEx service location. Hope it helps!
Grade this ASM #299 ZZXMAN 18 3 yearsZZXMAN (12): Yes, but I explained to the seller that I had not noticed that the pages were cream on the bottom and that the cover was slightly discolored on the right side. He understood it and told me that there wasn't any problem to cancel my purchase, so he canceled it.
Batman Damned Topsykrets Jump to first page68Jump to last page 3 yearsGAC (28322): Agree 100%! Raw = $5 but Batman Damned raw is a 1000% mark up and CGC is $10 but Batman Damned CGC is a 500% mark up....yup! seems fair.
X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX - 1st Trailer Reactions JLS_Comics 18 3 yearsxkonk (11707): Bizarre. And not an especially great sign that X-Men got pushed back. Maybe they're hoping Avengers 4 will have died down by then instead of only having a couple weeks before Captain Marvel?
Please Answer Phone Keeneland 20 3 yearsDrogio (6652): They’ll probably be like “why are these people getting so high strung about silly comic books?”
Authentication Error Dever924 5 3 yearsDever924 (1): @SteveRicketts Somehow I'm automatically logged in under forums and it is the same account. But still have issues logging into the main page for status updates etc. It's odd. @X51 I'm going to try your suggestion now. Fingers crossed.
[PSA] Publishers: Variant Fatigue Syndrome kaptainmyke Jump to first page419Jump to last page 3 yearsDrogio (6652): That's his shop variants count as first appearances?
Which membership to choose? Kalistyles 2 3 yearsxkonk (11707): The discount is the same unless you're thinking of getting the dealer membership, so it's a question of what coupons you would use. I decided by looking at what books I planned on sending in next and seeing what coupons I would definitely use.
Birds of Prey Movie set for 2/7/2020 JLS_Comics 4 3 yearsStudley_Dudley (26249): I'm curious as to the ceiling of my Suicide Squad 23.
does a mailing label on the book truly lower the grade that much? donho 9 3 yearsdrchaos (19803): Ugh! That is just obnoxious.
Amazing Spiderman organic 5 3 yearsjohnctan (85): Are you selling?
Finding a facilitator/authorized witness KYoung_1974 4 3 yearsKYoung_1974 (732): Thanks for the info guys
How do you grade this? Flip1987 8 3 yearsFlip1987 (43): Mine its Just in The cover... What a disappointment
Book Credits TML_Comics 5 3 yearssteveinthecity (393): As an example. The Grand Comics Database/ info is pretty much lifted verbatim to many other sites. They're always looking for help populating or correcting info.
Authorized dealers OoklaTheMok 8 3 yearsIronMan (4307): CBCS may not see a "locate a dealer" link and database on the website as much of a priority because unlike CGC you do not need to purchase a membership or find a dealer to submit books. One can submit books directly to CBCS without being a member or locating a dealer. All said though, having such a link is probably a good idea. Local Comic Shops are still businesses. They have to make $$ to stay in business. Many, maybe most LCS...
Neal Adams Signature shimabuku 26 3 yearsNuffsaid111 (7662): Neal Adams is a bright, top tier capitalist and artists rights supporter from long ago. He's going to charge maximum what he believes his autograph and sketches is worth. Absolutely nothing wrong with it but let's call it what it is. Charging for photographs and to talk with him will be next. And I'm ok with that too... but he's a capitalist to the max. He's the Gene Simmons of the comic world
Shipping to Canada DadBodRyan 11 3 years1243782365 (503): Set up a US post office box. I use crossborderpickups in Mississauaga - I have my packages sent to there warehouse in Niagara Falls and they drive them across the boarder. Cheaper and faster shipping. They charge you a fee for doing this but its worth it.
Membership Darthwheels 4 3 yearsdielinfinite (18168): You are not charged when you check out on the website. You will be charged once the books are received an in-processed. Unfortunately, as @KYoung_1974 pointed out, the CBCS site isn’t as full-featured as it could/should be so membership coupons aren’t tracked or applied in a convenient way. Your best bet would be to send an email to customer service (, including your name, the invoice number and telling them...
What grade would you give this ASM 15 KaseyArt 11 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): CBCS: 1.5 CGC: 2.0 PGX: 2.5
COMICONversation Hit 100 Episodes JLS_Comics 3 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): Thanks @Tdog13! It's always a work in progress but I hope you enjoy the content
Will CBCS grade this mega rare Wu-Tang book? kaptainmyke 11 3 years00slim (11795): What a cool book. 1 of 50? Very cool. Looking at it, I could see the ornate cut of the outer edges to the cardstock being damaged pretty easily.
Ripped comic cover Laserboy27 6 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): Anything can happen to a book, at any time. They are frail and fragile like my heart. Could have been shipping method, shipping transport, box could have been dropped at the distribution center. I'm pretty sure nothing happened to the book during grading though. Anything is possible.
What's the best suggestion for keeping 9.8 after a remark Lundon44 19 3 yearsLundon44 (34): So after almost 10 days, multiple emails and probably 20+ calls trying to get someone on the phone I finally received an email response today. Because the ASM #800 was submitted on the 2-Day tier with a 2-Day turnaround time I've been advised it was already graded and ready to ship. I asked if they could confirm the grade. They said it got 9.8 so the pressing would be a waste. I guess I got lucky from the sounds of it!
The Predator JLS_Comics 19 3 yearsMr_adam_R (512): monster squad! I haven't thought about that movie in years! what a classic. now I know my next movie purchase. thank you!
I’m celebrating 5 months today! Madbeez 17 3 yearsBabaLament (2951): @silverage1375 I started selling comics about a year ago, I'm the definition of "small, local guy;" but I was up in the city last week for NCBD, and retailers small & large are refusing to submit books to CBCS until TAT's get under control. The big dog in my area had started crossing over, and was doing a 50/50 split between CGC & CBCS. Talked to her last week, and the management was *not* happy. They submitted a bunch of...
Facilitator Transport TML_Comics 3 3 yearsJesse_O (23573): Here are the actual guidelines for a facilitator taken from a post by Mark Roman and shared on a "stickied" thread here on the forum. I would advise talking to the facilitator ASAP.
How to reach customer service? Lundon44 6 3 yearsBabaLament (2951): I called every hour on the hour during business hours for two days straight. I also employed...unconventional get customer service's attention. In the end, I finally got Jake Fleming (CBCS Customer Support Guru) on the phone. He was, as always, extremely polite & was able to resolve the couple of issues I had. As of my conversation w/ him, he is/was the *ONLY* guy handling CBCS customer support (phone) right now. According...
Question -- How are comics shipped back CLT 4 3 yearsBabaLament (2951): My last couple orders have been large (for me), 80-100 books. They come stacked in 20's, with a foam sheet between each slab, wrapped in a giant protective ball of bubble wrap, which comes in a box surrounded by packing peanuts. Its impressive. I do miss the old way, where five or six slabs (depending on thickness) would have a foam divider between each of them, and come in a CBCS-branded box. Usually wrapped in a single layer of bubble wrap...
Capital city comicon next saturday Pacoma7623 14 3 yearsBrianGreensnips (9652): Looks like I am going tomorrow. I am going to load up some Ryan Stegman books to get signed. Who else is attending? I will pay Puhcky comics a visit too.
Should I slab these books? Italcia 11 3 yearsKingNampa (6756): Yes
Re-holder Tirtawm 3 3 yearsTirtawm (5): Noted. Thank you!
Help looking for trustworthy site of original/signed art enaz13 13 3 yearsIronMan (4307): Comicartfans is not really a place to buy art. The vast majority of art there isn't listed for sale. It's collectors showing their stuff off. Perhaps best for comicartfans is their sales links. Search an artist or character and you can look at listings of art for sale. Most of the listings will be by dealers and they are just links to their sites. Several dealers don't list prices and you have to call. Perhaps what is most annoying...
Customer Sevice ? Payment Method Changed? ComicFan 14 3 yearsComicFan (19): Thanks @Catalyst_Comics I figured as much but was hoping to avoid any possible delay in between the billing & shipping phase. Enjoy the holiday everyone. Peace
replacing bags and boards stanley_1883 15 3 yearsBrianGreensnips (9652): You could do Amazon or EBay and not have to buy the minimum of $100 worth, but you will pay a considerable anount more.
Customer Service Issue - Submitted books not in my account SHUHitman 3 3 yearsSHUHitman (10): I appreciate the feedback. Considering the last time I submitted comics books to CBCS was 2014, I don't really have much idea as to what has been going on outside of some of the posts I've been trying to read. Definitely will take up your suggestion of submitting online and just dropping off in person. I'll just accept that things are probably in order for the time being. They definitely need to work on their customer service response times -...
Darth Who? Matt Smith Cast for Star Wars IX JLS_Comics 10 3 yearsBatman79 (843): Oh...he may have a line then.
Can anyone tell me what this is? Broker1 14 3 yearsBroker1 (333): Shrewbeer, thanks for the tip, I was scared to death as it's a 9.8 bronze age Nova #1. Your tip worked about 90%, but the ones on the bottom still come back. Any other ideas?
Web Of Spider-Man #32 tonnage71 8 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): Very cool.
Artists that you are surprised they aren't published? RyanHicks 15 3 yearsX51 (14702): It's private for now until she decides what angle to pursue. She's reestablishing herself in a new locale. She's trying different styles and themes and wants to settle into the right options for her before promoting her work. She's thinking about being a tattoo artist.
New CGC vs CBCS Comparison on Youtube - What are CGC turnaround times? TheComicDoJo 28 3 yearsCaptainCanuck (4435): @TheComicDoJo Watched the video with headphones in and realized that the audio was left speaker only. Maybe something to address in future videos. Cheers.
Cover Sketch shimabuku 5 3 yearsOdins_Raven (2389): Looks like he is taking "Remark Commissions taken each day at the Con's." And "All Commissions in my possession are on HOLD as I finish SPIDERGEDDON #0. I'll start back up with full focus August 30."
Tex Avery Character: Droppy Dog. 1st Comic Appearance? 00slim 4 3 yearsOGJackster (27036): I think @Jesse_O called it... this is from Wikipedia... The character first appeared, nameless, in Avery's 1943 cartoon Dumb-Hounded. Though he would not be called "Droopy" onscreen until his fifth cartoon, Señor Droopy (1949), the character was officially first labeled Happy Hound, a name used in the character's appearances in Our Gang Comics (the character was already christened the name "Droopy" in model sheets for his...
Spine Roll shimabuku Jump to first page44Jump to last page 3 yearsSteveRicketts (11030): It was just an issue with Marvel at that time. There may be a few instances of DCs with them, but 99.9% of them are on Marvel comics.
Catalog Collection stanley_1883 9 3 yearsKatKomics (14389): Gonna sound horrible but I'm on excel :( Not sure if there is some way to easily drop my info into another program so I just keep updating the file with the odd backup stored as an attachment in e-mail....
an idiot question, apologizes in advance timberghost 7 3 yearsGAC (28322): Prepare to be Newton Ringed!!
Fox/Disney merger in retrospect stanley_1883 6 3 yearsGAC (28322): Marvel is pretty much hitting it out of the park with every release. Mostly due to the fact that the exec's at the helm are all comic book fans first and foremost. These people know these characters inside and out and better than most fans. When the merger is complete, those characters will join the Marvel stable helmed by the same exec's. In my opinion, as a fan of comic book movies, Disney/Marvel will continue with the high quality releases...
Please grade my Hulk 181 Good Sirs pt 2 kaptainmyke 11 3 yearsstanley_1883 (108): This makes me so curious regarding the one I have. The spine and edges are a lot cleaner but I have a crease that may or may not press out on the cover, and another defect the size of half a fingernail that won’t.
Change in billing practice? fivestar 19 3 yearsComic_Playhouse (52): I have always paid up front and leave a card on file for extra charges. I submitted books at Heroes Con on June 19 and paid only to receive a bill on August 8th. Anyone ever get billed when they paid at a Convention? I felt something was different when I didn't see the computers.
New comics timberghost 8 3 yearsdpiercy (4122): I was just at the LCS and the guy working was like, “...the damaged books from Diamond weren’t too bad this week.” 😂
Stocktoncon 2018 ONLINE_209 3 3 yearsONLINE_209 (1867): @Themaxx35 in my opinion yes
Should i press and slab? Its a foil cover Jonnyredwood 3 3 yearsJonnyredwood (16): Yeah, I might have to take the hit. That little ding at the bottom is the only thing I can find wrong...bummer
About to send my first submission!!! Jason_hendon 23 3 yearsRedshade (1112): Hi. I have submitted several lots to CBCS ln the last two years without any problems. The usual turn around time was quoted as about 16 weeks and to be fair took about 18/20 weeks with which I have no problem with. One just has to be patient. It is what it is and one just has to chill and be aware that your submissions are going to be returned in about 6 months or more Apparently, they were uprooted by a hurricane from Florida to Texas and...
Art Submission question BrashSmurf 5 3 yearsGAC (28322): heres one for example:
Looking for Stan lee signed book Flip1987 5 3 yearsDrogio (6652): I have an amazing fantasy 15 reprint signed by Stan, cbcs yellow label. It's the 2004 reprint that was inserted into American newspapers weekly up to about issue 13. Pm me if interested. I have a second one I'm waiting for to arrive from cbcs as well...was signed back in April, and sent in fast pass...but I had it pressed so you know...4 month TAT added on...
Looking to buy Amazing Fantasy #15 .5 or 1.0 artymarine123 18 3 yearsSteverogers11 (3121): Traded it
A question on this beauty atrembley 4 3 yearsdielinfinite (18168): @atrembley You can submit it for a red label with a grade. You do not have to submit it for an ART label. The text on the label would read something like “Signed by Jae Lee. Sketch on cover.” Note that they are two different statements. As @SpiderTim said, they will verify the signature but they won’t say that the sketch was done by that person. Something like this book ...
Have a subscription at your LCS? Why? stanley_1883 26 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): All you gotta do is ask and Rich will make it happen brah
Vin Diesel starts Day 1 of Bloodshot Production kaptainmyke 6 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586):
Question about grading. AzarathComics 2 3 yearsSteverogers11 (3121): Don't think it affects it. Could be wrong 🤷‍♂️
Hulk 181 Grading Help Please stanley1883 12 3 yearsMR_SigS (11121): The spine on my 7.0 doesn't look as nice as yours, so I'd say 7.5
EBAY DISMAY ONLINE_209 10 3 years00slim (11795): Absolutely call e-bay. They should have records of everything. I purchased a statue that was delivered to a some other address in another state. The seller’s account was promptly deleted. E-bay refunded me within an hour.
some dude who bought from me has buyers remorse? PayPal. Gabriel85301 9 3 yearsGabriel85301 (1748): Yeah I am taking it back. It had a small bend that didn't break color. I'll take it back, and get it pressed.
Collecting vs Speculation? Zarbongo Jump to first page47Jump to last page 3 yearsDarkseid_of_town (9716): More than helpful and thanks for the thorough answer !
Any Illustrators, Pencillers and Colorists here? stanley1883 7 3 yearsstanley1883 (46): Thanks all, right now we're looking to hire a colorist specifically, and are looking for someone who is familiar with Chiaroscuro. We have a 1 comic that is all but done, just needs coloring, and a second that is being written currently, and are looking for the artist for that.
Current Pull List stanley1883 21 3 yearsstanley1883 (46): Ok so heres my take so far. Mera: Queen of Atlantis is great, seriously awesome. Well done DC Die! Die! Die!- I'm underwhelmed by the first issue, Kirkman's never let me down before so i may give issue 2 a chance, but issue 1 was meh, felt like the same old thing. New Lieutenants of Metal- super fun and campy book, has a great playlist with it, just a fun comic for those that also like hard rock, as Boy Band Nation are the...
Problems with billing!! Rafel 14 3 yearsteacha777 (798): Try the email addy
weird myibidder message xkonk 3 3 yearsxkonk (11707): I thought that was a possibility, but I don't know what I would have done to get banned. I pay promptly, leave feedback, don't have any negative feedback myself. Maybe he's unhappy with a deal I got?
Expanded and Modern Shipping? Themaxx35 5 3 yearsnikki666666 (1463): @Themaxx35 when you go to checkout, you can choose from there. either the standard option at the top will be for the whole lot or under each section as an indiviual price.
Condition vc Encapsulation stanley1883 9 3 yearsBroker1 (333): Well said!
Best Frames for Slabbed Books? UV Protection Wanted. 00slim 12 3 yearsHelric1 (3270): I haven't looked at their website for a while but they used to say that they could make pretty much anything you wanted. If you want a double contact them and see if you can get it.
Venom #4 (2018) kaptainmyke 11 3 yearsDrogio (6652): Lots of damaged copies. I did find a couple 9.8 candidates. Thor GOT #6 has taken off. Can't find any in local shops.
Larger cases mightyestmatt 4 3 yearsshrewbeer (13216): New slab Magazine slab Census Registry From what we’ve heard in the past few years from employees, I would say its safe to assume they will come to fruition in the next decade. That’s about as close as I’m willing to assume on that 🤷🏼‍♂️
Gold Label Haunt #1G and Image United #1M signed question(s) ReaderMJ 5 3 yearsReaderMJ (1): Thanks for the input, I appreciate it. I am curious whether the 32/100 affects the book.
Venom Lethal Protector grading? Flip1987 24 3 yearsFlip1987 (43): Dont worry!! Í will not!! Í got a 2 copy from The seller, he will send me one for free since he told me that this one was inmaculate. Second question, do infinity gauntlet be graded if it is 9.0 or above? Note The books that í grade are all for me, since in europe people dont care about comic least not as EUA. And people do not care about
Help Me Decide 00slim 19 3 yearsconditionfreak (11282): There ya go! Great decision.
1st Appearance of RIOT? Venom: LP #4 or #5? kaptainmyke 15 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): why doesn't venom meet spider-man? why doesn't venom have the spider on his chest because of it? so lame.
Rob Liefeld signature from 1991 smeninc 10 3 yearsX51 (14702): I'm thinking that the one character on the cover is in shock that the cover is drawn so poorly. What is this topic about? Don't bother telling me. It has to do with Liefeld and I'm not interested.
She-Ra first comic appearance ONLINE_209 24 3 yearsGAC (28322): She-ra the character was introduced sometime in the mid 80s. I can't imagine this 2014 book is her 1st appearance. That's almost 30 years to make it to comic book form. Seems strange.
Best Vendors to Visit at SDCC? 00slim 24 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): @CatmanAmerica yes and yes, ha ha... In the however many years I've gone (14? I don't know), I've only stayed in a hotel once, even when I ran a booth. I did live closer until a couple of years ago, though.
I was about to list this Todd signed Spawn 1 Newsie Raw, but . . . 00slim 9 3 yearschameleoncolors (491): I would do it. And the McFarland sig looks legit. Go for it, also love this book!
How much of an impact will pressing have on my comic? mattmurdock 15 3 yearsCaptainCanuck (4435): @Drogio Word is that only 1% of Image Comics distribution in this era were newsstand edition.
How much will this affect the grade? mattmurdock 5 3 yearsmattmurdock (1): That's good to know, I thought it would be more serious given it's a modern book.
Hulk 340 Wiacek Signature? TranthamJ 15 3 yearsKingNampa (6756): @TranthamJ here is the data to prove the point. 1st screen shot shows 9.8 unsigned VS. 9.8 wiacek signed. They sell for the same price on average! 2nd screen shot shows a Todd signature sells for about $200 more than unsigned :beer: Unless you are a huge Wiacek fan, you are wasting your time.
Diamond damages... An ongoing epidemic! JLS_Comics 12 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): In the video in the OP, he talks about a possible solution. Instead of 2 medium boxes crammed in to a large diamond box at 50-60 lbs (enough that the USPS person doesn't want to carry it) do just one with padding between the medium and large. Shipping costs will go up a little, but the other costs will go down and so will the frequency damages (which means lost sales, storage costs, etc). Most damages on the books come at the corners where...
Ant-man and the Wasp JLS_Comics Jump to first page32Jump to last page 3 yearsxkonk (11707): I liked it. They kept the good tone from the first one.
Complete white cover over Batman 50 VictorCreed 8 3 yearsrobertofredrico (533): Someone asked CGC on Facebook about this "extra paper" thing and this is what they replied: Blank sketch covers and books with foil/acetate covers are usually shipped with an individual piece of wrapping paper attached to the staples for each book to prevent scratches and scuffing. Despite being initially attached to the book, it is not considered an actual “part” of the book, and would be better described as packing material....
Another Comic Bubble Thread JLS_Comics 18 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): @BLBComics Here is the direct market video I was talking about. The next one is about corner and UPC code boxes
Update payment NickNack 2 3 yearsDarkga (4722): Contact customer service: Phone: 727.803.6822 Toll Free: 844.870.2227 Email:
Bulk Shipping Help stanley1883 7 3 yearsstanley1883 (46): Thats my current mindset, unless i find a preferable alternative, hence my post.
Grading Notes cawummel 5 3 yearsIronMan (4307): What Homer said. Until books are marked as shipped grader's notes don't show up. Stuff around the time of the move is...inconsistent. I too have some books that have been in hand for a couple of weeks but still show as in shipping - not shipped. So no notes. It's not hugely important to me. Certainly something I can wait on several more weeks while CBCS deals with more important issues. A month from now I might call if still not moved to ship.
Problem to get grading notes ZZXMAN 4 3 yearsDrogio (6652): Anyone have a cgc account that gets free/unlimited grading notes? I have a comic that I had them grade, but didn't realize I didn't have rights to my own grading notes after my paid membership run out (BS if you ask me...I paid for it at the time). PM me if you're willing to help me out. No need to disclose your Superpowers publicly here!
Issue with slab that came back, who do I contact? Nick2181 16 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): Also, for the hairs or plastic fibers... try opening the side of the slab with your thumb and index finger and blow a can of compressed air inside of it. It will shake the loose material out of the case. I've done this twice successfully now.
How bad did i hurt this key FF 48 BeRealBro 23 3 yearsbrysb (6306): Yeah, I NEVER use resealable bags and I NEVER open a taped up bag without ALWAYS removing the tape first. I learned that lesson years ago when I ruined an old early 60's copy of Batman when the tape stuck to and ripped off part of the front cover!! HORRIFIC at the time! :(
LCS Recommendations: New Orleans and Mobile DWeeB1967 1 3 yearsDWeeB1967 (4363): I'll be spending a few days in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Mobile, Alabama soon. Can anyone recommend any excellent comic shops in either of those two cities (or nearby)? I collect Silver Age and Bronze Age, primarily, so stores with a large back issue selection from those eras - graded or otherwise - would be most appreciated. Thanks!
Stan Lee's "Fat Diamond" Bulletin? JLS_Comics 3 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): Yes! That's it - It's been quite a while since I read it; I erroneously recalled it mentioned Whitman. Thanks for posting it, I've been looking for it for a couple days!
Conventions for April-May-June Gabriel85301 Jump to first page47Jump to last page 3 yearsdrchaos (19803): That may be why I do not use GoCollect.
Looking for, Seeking out, Searching, :) Gabriel85301 1 3 yearsGabriel85301 (1748): I jumped up on those True Believers a little too late, I have been buying in lots of 3 or 4 per title. If anyone of you out there got a bargain on any of issues, or can point me to the right direction, let me know. I'm pretty much gonna pick off MidTown at the end of this week (like I did with Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel TB issues), but I still have a list of about 90 more titles too go.
Grading Opinion XMen 94 Please stanley1883 3 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): 4.5
CBSC Booth at Events shimabuku 8 3 yearsshimabuku (49): Thanks for the info guys! Appreciate it.
Shipping/Mailing Slabs from US of A to Canada? Gabriel85301 10 3 yearsCopperAgeKids (3715): I'd rather pay 10% and sell a book for generally more on eBay, than sell for less on Facebook. I buy from Facebook groups/auctions, I can't see how selling on Facebook groups pays. I do know a couple of dealers who sell cheesy copper/modern hot books on Facebook, for more than the book sells for on eBay. They don't run auctions, they just have dedicated followers who overpay, not knowing any better. I could sell like that, but it'd...
No Luck Selling Comics Looking For Feedback. Wizardrex 23 3 yearsWizardrex (7): Thank You! This is the kind of response I was looking for.
Hulk 181: Why The Sudden Inflation? 00slim 16 3 yearsrobo_beardo (37): But, are you interested in selling one? Haha
Signature Grading Prices CaptainCanuck 7 3 yearsCaptainCanuck (4435): Ya, it was private witness. I think I got gouged because he was my only option.
Westworld tv show (Spoiler-Free!) kaptainmyke 26 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): The Ghost Nation episode was better than the Shogun World episode. I am loving the show and I hope the finale does not disappoint.
Professor Marston and the Wonder Women stanley1883 6 3 yearsstanley1883 (46): I liked it. I'm not gonna spoil it for those that have plans to watch it, but I though it was certainly interesting. Definitely worth knowing about at the very least, especially for hardcore Wonder Woman fans.
Trading meet-ups in Dallas, TX kash 8 3 yearskash (217): That's the fun with having the trading meet-ups. You don't really know what you want until you see what other people brought. Then you surprise yourself with what you will trade for that book you didn't even know you wanted until you saw it.
Comicpalooza drop off, no notification yet lucaslytle 4 3 yearsBabaLament (2951): I submitted two books under two day w/ pressing. They’ve already come back to me. I also submitted a bunch under modern & I haven’t even gotten a received notice yet. Hoping I can get through to Customer Service at some point in the near future.
Status Updates? robo_beardo 11 3 yearsrobo_beardo (37): How long were you waiting? (And what type of submission was it?)
What grade would you give the GA Batman? kash 7 3 yearsobiwan1971 (188): According to CBCS website highest grade for detached cover is 3.5. I have a Batman 13 with a detached cover a bit worse than yours and mine was graded 2.0. Yours should be 2.5-3.0
ASM 800 Hughes Variant bsh 17 3 yearsLoiselle313 (103): Same thing happened with ASM 700 as well as ASM 1 (vol. 3). I had several copies graded 9.8, be it standard copies or retailer exclusives. They all had binding issues at the corners. It is a manufacturing defect and just a result of Marvel not using a thicker/heavier card stock for the cover. IMO, because it was a $10 book, and should have had a thicker cover. DC is know ln for putting thicker/heavier card stock on their covers of books...
Autograph verification Kalistyles 19 3 yearsKalistyles (22): Thanks for the help and responses everyone.
Keya Morgan Arrested (finally) JLS_Comics 17 3 yearsDrogio (6652): This is crazier than condition freak's story! Poor Stan. Based on the reports it sounds like he's struggling with memory loss amongst other old age issues (sight/hearing). I know it's his life and he should ride it out the way he wants to, but whomever takes care of him from here on out should be encouraging him to consider no more signings and reconnect with those who really care about him. I know Trinity had a personal signing in early...
CBCS Census and/or Registry Update? Round 3 RyanHicks 20 3 yearsRyanHicks (1974): as CGC registry deadline is coming to a close this week, it has reminded me to check in and see how things are going with CBCS Registry? I know the move is finishing up this week so hopefully we will have some news soon (as in actual soon not #soon)
Editing/Canceling an Order robo_beardo 4 3 yearsdielinfinite (18168): Yeah, unfortunately I’ve heard the same thing from others. it might be due to the current move from Florida to Texas. Fortunately, there isn’t much of a rush for you to mail in your books after you’ve submitted an order online.
Valiant/ Bloodshot question Enelson 15 3 yearsX51 (14702): Can't answer. I would guess 25%, but that's just a random guess.
Bulk Purchase stanley1883 19 3 yearsCopperAgeKids (3715): In this scenario, you can usually cherry pick.
Just got Amazing Spider-Man 800 Shattered Variant... Squack 21 3 yearsWraith (1868): now looks like sold out/ or almost sold out- just a few copies left - in all the secondary outlets i found it in . this is a book to have if can get hands on it i think.
Need help with Bloodstrike #2 daywalker 6 3 yearsdaywalker (3593): Cool!
Gamestop to sell comics stanley1883 17 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): LOL that sounds about right
Encapsulating Orientation option/suggestion fivestar 13 3 yearsBabaLament (2951): @X51 Under normal circumstances, I agree. However, with flip books & wrap-around covers, I think having the option to request which side face the front of the slab would be useful. Granted, on a wrap-around, I’d have to submit two copies of the same book & have them both slabbed in order to display the entire piece of cover art with them side-by-side, but some people would do it. I love comic art, I’ve used it to decorate my home....
Recent Comic Book Pickups: Showcase Them In A Haul! JLS_Comics 9 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): Thanks @BrianGreensnips, much appreciated!
WTB: Looking for TMNT Archie comics 60-70 kaptainmyke 3 3 yearsCopperAgeKids (3715): I also (had) a full run in NM; sold it about 10 years ago on eBay. I got around a $100 for it, give or take $20.
Best option for Grading?? fivestar 10 3 yearsfivestar (62): Well, sounds like the consensus is not to bother with grading. I'll just find another book for Stan to sign and either sell this one or keep it around to admire (the rest of the cover really is in great shape otherwise) Thanks for all the feedback!
Is This The End For The Walking Dead? JLS_Comics 19 3 yearsX51 (14702): I do too. It'll never die. It's like a zombie or something.
Online comic shop to CBCS? Savage_Spawn 12 3 yearsSavage_Spawn (1904): You guys are good!!! It is Graphic Fantasy #1. Tracking shows it should be here by the weekend. I'll post some pics.
Margie Comics ISO AtlasLad67 3 3 yearsAtlasLad67 (52): Now I found it and it's a beauty.
Explainlikeimfive: Stan Lee sig. values Enelson Jump to first page32Jump to last page 3 years3JJr (205): Thanks for that, McCoy!
1st comic appearance of Jango Fett? jedijohnson 5 3 yearsDocBrown (16886): I thought there was a Quentin Tarantino film about a Jango something.... Unlocked? Unharnessed? Unshackled? Something like that...........
Slabbing Low Grade Keys 00slim 22 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): haha a sliver of a grade mostly
Question for those who sell on ComicLink... Darkga 14 3 yearsHomer (1010): 4-5 years ago I consigned some books to comic connect to be auctioned, they had trouble collecting from the winner. So they diverted the problem to me and I did not get paid, took until September to get a final payment from there March auction. Never again.
Protecting Jeweled Comics fivestar 10 3 yearsfivestar (62): Looks like 25 swarovski crystals
Color Touch Removal anyone? KingNampa 25 3 years3JJr (205): Unfortunately, removal is highly technical, unless you want to throw good money after bad and have a resto-removed book return to PaPa in a purple label anyway. What the amateur who applied the color touch on the DD 1 didn't take into consideration is the feathering in fibrous areas. The ink soaked outward, beyond the perimeter of the fissure the color touch should have been contained within, which resulted in the otherwise well-matched...
On Site Grading questions weavedawg74 7 3 yearsweavedawg74 (1): Thanks for all the replies. Kinda bummed that they won't be doing it this weekend as I have several books I want slabbed, but waiting 3 months to get them back sucks a lot. And I can't really justify dropping 40 a book to get it back within a week. Oh well, I'll have to suck it up at some point i suppose
Do Archie Comics have 3 staples? Effects Gr? kaptainmyke 5 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): I sent you an invoice for my A-Tax but you never paid me.
grading questions drchaos 13 3 yearsdrchaos (19803): The first book is a comic from the late 60s or early 70s. The second book is a magazine from the 1960s.
Best "keys" to get for under $400 Enelson Jump to first page44Jump to last page 3 yearsCopperAgeKids (3715): That listing is flat out ridiculous. Besides the fact that the seller wants $200 for a raw copy of a BS self appointed "pedigree collection", I really....nah, that's pretty much it. Really just surprised to see a seller in Florida hawking a "pedigree collection" drivel...that "originated" in a town about 4 miles from my home, in Cherry Hill NJ. If anything remotely resembling a pedigree collection magically...
Key Issues CaptainCanuck 8 3 years00slim (11795): I sell a couple things a week & rarely get them. Wish I got more, that’s for sure.
What grade would this go to? Randomdoge 3 3 yearsRandomdoge (21): Yea i was gonna submit it and add a pressing to help it out some more. The small cut its very small the first pic i zoomed in quite a bit the only ways to see it is if you're looking really close into it or touch it a bit and by touch i mean you'll feel a small bump
Anyone hear about this or can verify? RyanHicks Jump to first page69Jump to last page 3 yearsDrogio (6652): I considered them given their prices and turn around when I was first researching where to submit comics for grading. because I'm proficient with eBay, I did some research and noticed their slabs did not fetch the return on investment the others did...also, I believe this forum helped confirm some other issues with their practices, mostly inconsistency in grades. PGX also offered signature verification which cgc didn't. So if I didn't...
Which comics to submit Randomdoge 25 3 yearsRandomdoge (21): @doog yea i really dog skottie youngs art i also have the one shot of her well two of em i was thinking on that one being graded but i feel theres no Point for that one
What'd I miss? Enelson 2 3 years00slim (11795): Odd, I don’t see any movie hype or anything either.
Best Gloves For Handling Vintage Books? 00slim 17 3 yearsdpiercy (4122):
Submitting multiple comics in person Randomdoge 16 3 years00slim (11795): They should definitely be able to take ATM/Credit.
Unknown Comic Books - ASM #800 Exclusive GanaSoth 28 3 yearsDrogio (6652): "And here's the kicker...we'll call it a 'fan appreciation variant' so they think we're doing something for them, even though we are charging them $20 for basically the same comic they just purchased!! It's brilliant, I tell ya!"
Simple misprint or Variant? fivestar 9 3 yearsCopperAgeKids (3715): It is fairly common. I found out about this book a year or so back, have seen quite a few white stripe DD 1's pop up since than.
eBay may start taxing all transactions KingNampa Jump to first page44Jump to last page 3 yearsVCBE (97): It's over 200 "AND" over $20,000 then a tax comes in or else it's considered a Yard Sale. Also, you can see 2 times a year at flea markets with no sellers permit...
Miracleman #1 1:200 Variant GanaSoth 24 3 yearsGanaSoth (6480): @conditionfreak You got a good argument focal piece there. Both came out in 1954...
The Punisher = War Machine GanaSoth 27 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): clickable text
Anyone have a Locking Mailbox? GanaSoth Jump to first page31Jump to last page 3 yearsIronMan (4307): Steve beat me to it. For most people it's the best choice. If you work the same hours the post office is open that can be a problem, but otherwise a PO Box really is best. If you are concerned about theft, a PO Box greatly reduces the number of potential suspects. As for hating your post office - I can't say what yours is like. But I go out of my way to be charming and nice. Learn their names, find something nice to say. These people are...
Avengers 4 Will Be called? (poss. spoilers) JLS_Comics 28 3 yearsKatKomics (14389): West Coast Avengers....Great Lakes Avengers??
What’s with the lawsuit against CBCS? bige31 17 3 yearsTimBildhauser (2237): This thread is officially locked. I don't think anything posted was in any way meant to be malicious but there were some things implied in posts that have now been removed. I'm highly recommending that no new threads on this topic appear.
Inscriptions and VSP czarnickolas 5 3 yearsczarnickolas (28): @CopperAgeKids You've always got the best advice. The simple market analysis here is enough to keep the book as is and redirect my grading moneys elsewhere.
Infinity War Discussion !!!!SPOILERS!!! stanley1883 Jump to first page162Jump to last page 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): Awesome they confirmed the soul stone theory and the orange planet sky
The Batman Who Laughs #1 First Print - eBay GanaSoth 5 3 yearsconditionfreak (11282): Naw. I am only attempting to collect 9.8's of this issue. But I admit, the price is right on this one. For now.
Witching Hour - Complete Set - on eBay GanaSoth Jump to first page31Jump to last page 3 yearsDocBrown (16886): Your listing did fine. Your goal was to sell them. Don't think you got less than you might have by CAK mentioning "full OPG." There's a word for those who price everything at full OPG: curators. Curators work at museums. And do not discount the value of not having to spend the time piecing them out to "maximize your potential." The vast, vast majority of the books...#20-85...even in high grade...are $1-$3 books, at best....
Spider-Man 800 - Another Black Costume Cover GanaSoth 9 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): I paid about $100 for mine too
New Characters & your feelings towards them? GanaSoth Jump to first page40Jump to last page 3 yearsDocBrown (16886): DC did it 60+ years ago...just another in the long line of DC ripoffs by Marvel...
Cobra Kai! The YouTube Red series is up JLS_Comics 3 3 yearsOGJackster (27036): Sounds good. Thanx
Proof We live in Parallel Universe ?!? GanaSoth 1 3 yearsGanaSoth (6480): Stan Lee died in 1980 ! Of course its APRIL FOOLS on the cover ! I never seen this comic before.
Any Ebay codes Thearrow 10 3 yearsJustThatGuy (3059): didnt work on anything but a bunch of junks. no comics to say the least
Return shipping for overseas people Newbie 11 3 yearsCopperAgeKids (3715): There is no reason go use any companies other than CBCS and CGC; all the others are not reputable. As far as subbing books to CBCS, or CGC, for that matter, the most cost effective way to do so is to sub the books through an Australian CBCS Dealer. Shipping is cheaper, and you get their dealer discount.
New Ant-Man And The Wasp Trailer JLS_Comics Jump to first page31Jump to last page 3 yearsCopperAgeKids (3715): Yeah, I may have missed that rumor but I was sure it was only a matter of time in til Black Goliath was introduced into the film or Netflix MCU. I snagged my copy out of a long box sidewalk sale for $2, about 3 years ago. All the boxes were totally raw, not bagged/boarded. Got a few other goodies out of those $2 boxes; including an Action 521 (1st Vixen) that I gave a spit shine and press a 9.6 from CGC. I spent a good hour...
Third Printing Virgin Variant Limited Print kaptainmyke 7 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586):
Ebay Sniping Tools drchaos Jump to first page173Jump to last page 3 yearspoka (19417): Sorry - missed a “if”. Comment edited
You guys remember Old Hulk TV Show? GanaSoth 17 3 yearsgman (673): dual purpose! :-*
Grading and signature verification help Newbie 3 3 yearsBronte (14713): Not sure if this is an option for you, but if the book is for personal collection and you dont get a satisfactory answer to whether they have the signature on file, why not wait a few months and check back? The book will survive a few months in a typical comic bag.....
Retroactive on-site signature verification? czarnickolas 9 3 years1243782365 (503): Interesting
Spider-Man Merging with Venom again ??? GanaSoth 26 3 yearsDJC_II (1829): @thelastbard lol you have a saying for this? that's pretty amazing please explain
Help me Identify a Specific Hulk Comic GanaSoth 10 3 yearsGanaSoth (6480): Yeah I remember it was a strange portal world leading to other adventures/worlds. It was endless possibilities.
Grading help/should I press Enelson Jump to first page43Jump to last page 3 yearsEnelson (5441): @CopperAgeKids called it. Shipped today, I fast passed, because I'm impatient. Got a grade bump from 9.0-9.4. My first pressing experience has been worth it!
Superpowers Question Part II RyanHicks 6 3 yearsconditionfreak (11282): Depends on my age at the time. Today, 50-50. Ten years from now. I go for the glory, 100%. Fifty years ago, 2% chance for random superpower. ANY superpower is a hit on TV and stage.
Let's Talk About Stan Lee JLS_Comics Jump to first page57Jump to last page 3 yearsX51 (14702): At the 6:57 timestamp, Jim Shooter talks about Stan Lee. There's a gap where he talks about Valiant (you can skip ahead), then he talks about Stan some more at the 11:00 timestamp.
Liefeld pop-up witnesses? Zarbongo 14 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): @drchaos Congratulations on the facilitator status! I'm still relatively new to the AW side of things (almost a year now), so I have a road to travel before I'll hit that side of things. No rush! I'm also not getting a HUGE amount done.
Proper Comic Classification Help! Sornom 11 3 yearsGanaSoth (6480): @kaptainmyke Why the ? I was showing him the differences in the two comics and the one he has is limited to 3000 copies.
The Power of Free Shipping? 00slim Jump to first page47Jump to last page 3 yearsCopperAgeKids (3715): Mike is right, screw free shipping. The problem with free shipping is that it is not free. Not free for the seller means the buck will be passed on to the buyer, in turn the BIN price of all of a seller's books is raised by $5 to $15, depending on weight and value. Hell, even on cheap books, free shipping makes no sense. If I sell a raw worth $20, I can't eat $5 to ship the book...even buying bulk cardboard mailers at .50 cents each,...
Ninjak vs The Valiant Universe Series JLS_Comics 10 3 yearsLogan510 (2415): If they ever get made. I got rid of all my Valiant books when the first wave of nuttiness hit.
Birds of Prey movie Enelson 10 3 yearspoka (19417): That book is on my list- just not never bought it
Who is the sketch donho 16 3 yearsdonho (382): given to me as a gift. and I liked it
New with CBCS - Issues with CGC GanaSoth Jump to first page52Jump to last page 3 yearsGanaSoth (6480): @dpiercy The picture you circled here shows the inner well with the tray that holds the comic in place. This what all the CGC books should have inside the slabs but don't. In the pictures I provided for example; just shows poor execution on CGCs slabbing methods...[/quote] This is my CGC comic with no inner well tray... You can call it an inner well, but to me its...
Recommended Inkers and Colorists? dielinfinite Jump to first page31Jump to last page 3 yearsX51 (14702): This...
Steve Borock interview - move to Dallas Jesse_O Jump to first page141Jump to last page 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): @ComicHaulics Drop a comment when you check it out, let us know you stopped by
Tips to keep your Comic safe during signings GanaSoth 13 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): nice. take that google seo!
Stan Lee Signing book mess up MrBamBam2u 21 3 yearsBabaLament (2951): @Hanginglimbs Yep. Left side, middle of the book; "Authentic Stan Lee's Collectibles, a serial number, and "Excelsior Approved." Any of his pre-signed stuff on the table, or direct orders from Stan Lee's Collectibles, is gonna have the sticker; at which point CBCS takes it to the woodshed when grading.
Let’s see those free Promotional comics! kaptainmyke Jump to first page241Jump to last page 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): awesome
Submitting to CBCS at Conventions czarnickolas 19 3 yearsCopperAgeKids (3715): Well, can't be SURE of anything. But WRT the bit about them being too tight, you're dead right about that. I use "recycled" mylite2's on all of my submissions and "recycled" full backs. Brand new M2's and full simply cannot fit 3 full backs and a regular (cheapo as in noy not acid free BCW silver age Size board as a space buffer, with the concave side reversed) ....into a standard can...
Reholder into an "Art" Slab Drahcir 5 3 yearsTimBildhauser (2237): IIRC to do it would essentially be considered a re-submission not just a re-holder so it would run $18. Like Jesse said though, double check that with Customer Service.
Y: The Last Man JLS_Comics 10 3 yearsdpiercy (4122): I read it; good series.
East Coast Comic Con Gabriel85301 3 3 yearsGabriel85301 (1748): Sending PM! :)
Fingerprints Enelson 25 3 yearsshrewbeer (13216): @DocBrown has the right idea. Here is the one I use frequently. $18 on amazon prime, and it has both LED and UV light switches on it
Lexington comic Con -- order status question CLT 11 3 yearsCLT (49): I said I would update so ... I had two orders that I dropped off at Lexington, KY comic con 3/10. One order was marked "Received" on Monday 4/2 and the second order was "Received" the next day.
#0neperfectcomic Enelson 20 3 yearsX51 (14702): If the thread were about Jim Shooter being hired to create comics I'd have more to say on the subject. Jim's biggest talent was orchestrating a universe of interconnecting titles AND the creators employed to do the work. Some companies have hired him as a writer, but I'd like to see him in charge again. I'd like to see him build a long lasting universe and manage the properties, not act as a fill-in writer to lure older readers for a story arc...
Which book would you have Stan sign? czarnickolas 19 3 yearsMarcJ (342): I personally would have something signed that he wrote or where he appears on the cover. For the "collector" in me, I'd also have a copy of the same book without the signature, but again, that's just me. If you want something much more "unique", look at the stuff Stan wrote that isn't "hero" related. You'll be very surprised I would suspect once you find out all the stuff he's done. For example, did you know he...
Ebay Bucks! kaptainmyke 16 3 yearsCopperAgeKids (3715): Actually, your offer of $400 was not even close to "lowball". The seller was asking the moon for the book at $1000. I was curious so I looked it up in GPA.... Last CGC SS Steranko 9.0 in GPA is from 2015, at $ 310. CGC universal 9.0 day GPA is $ 330, last cgc universal 9.0 sale was at $360. That paid what I would consider to be slightly below FMV or FMV. IMO, it is a solid $425 slab. The seller...
... About that Comic Book Bubble... JLS_Comics Jump to first page51Jump to last page 3 yearsSteverogers11 (3121): just got one
CBCS's new VSP process? Same sig list or? Darkga 6 3 yearsSpiderTim (2405): I didn't now all that info from CSA! This is a great post!
Who Is The Red Goblin? Drogio Jump to first page45Jump to last page 3 yearsWraith (1868): ah. I Had no idea
Psycho Killers Tdog13 6 3 yearsTdog13 (692): Thanks for the responses everyone! I will check out your recommendations.
To Press? 00slim 10 3 yearsX51 (14702): I wouldn't even consider it with that much of a miscut. I avoid books like that in general. Fear #19 would be an issue that I passed on buying for 20 cents. I can't see myself spending anything on it now.
Best price/place to buy mylars/full backs Thearrow 10 3 yearsDrogio (6652): I wait until theirs an eBay coupon 15-20% off... then order EGerber through eBay. But Amazon offers about the same price within a few $$
What kind of hit on grade would this be QuaBrot 6 3 yearsdoog (4528): Might seem unfair, but my experience with both companies is that golden age books take less of a hit on this than silver and newer. Less of a hit on pretty much everything, so maybe 1 grade.
Stan Lee signature princing help sl4wt3r 27 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): The ones that made sense to have Stan and Joan were Peter and MJ images... Seemed more common when they showed up on the Stan Lee Stuff site ( Aside from that, I don't get the point. $600? Noooooo.... Even at a 9.8. Half that? Maybe. It would depend on the book itself aside from that.
Nick Spencer / Ryan Ottley taking over ASM JLS_Comics 27 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): @bodmer71 I get a kick out of those when he posts them on IG. :)
Interview: Alterna Comics' Peter Simeti JLS_Comics 1 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): Yesterday I had the opportunity to chat with Peter Simeti, the founder and publisher (and really everything lol) for Alterna Comics. He gave some really great insight in to the life of an independent publisher, getting books in to store via diamond and via their own recently launched direct ordering system. Alterna are also championing newsprint paper, $1.50 pricing, and keeping the newsstand market alive. We also talked about the movie...
WONDERCON 2018 dsalangsang 15 3 yearsThorneArt (1216): I will be there in Artist Alley (C-14) and will had Sketch Covers available to be submitted for grading or Art label.
(PGM) 1969 DC WONDER WOMAN #180 Triple Cover kaptainmyke 12 3 yearsCLT (49): @OGJackster Thanks...My sis got me that Jedi Bumble years ago for his hand and he plays the Star Wars theme.
Marvel Spotlight 8 Grade Me Please anthonybischoff 1 3 yearsanthonybischoff (118): Hello Guys Please grade my Marvel Spotlight 8s and let me know if they would benefit from a clean and press. 1. 2. 3. ...
Claremont Sig Suggestions? 00slim 10 3 years00slim (11795): I'm gonna go ahead and send a few bucks along & have all three signed. If he decides to waive the fees, cool. If not, an extra $10 is worth it.
Spectacular Spiderman with 2 comics inside ! Tony 24 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): Cool thanks brah
Opinion Topsykrets 4 3 yearsLewdog (28): Will Darkseid be in the New Gods movie? Wouldn't that kind of mess up the next Justice League movie if they make one? I mean after the JL beat Steppenwolf you would think Darkseid would come to avenge him right?
DC Saved Marvel in The Silver Age JLS_Comics 7 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): Thank you! I’m glad you found it interesting Honestly I wasn’t sure people would be as interested in this side of the hobby as me but I’m happy that people are
Misprinted Comic BeauMershon Jump to first page34Jump to last page 3 yearsScorpion (840): hard to find are the ones with a Quintuple Covers on them, and yes there are very rare. i would one day like to own a key issue with more than 3 covers. not mine also there have been comics with 5 covers.
CBCS Census and/or Registry Update? Round 2 RyanHicks Jump to first page40Jump to last page 3 yearsCopperAgeKids (3715): [b] I could not agree with this more. Same as above. Never mind the fact that I am unable to do something as simple as quoting 2 posts without a syntax error.😩 To avoid further butchered misquotes on my part, I will just add an emphatic "Amen, Brother!", in response to MarcJ's post (post #17) in this thread.
Jim Lee & J. Scott Campbell SS? KingNampa 2 3 yearsTimBildhauser (2237): They're both scheduled to be at Megacon May 24th-27th.
Please mark comics as shipped for notes kaptainmyke 8 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): Yaas.
Received cracked slab Ynkyboy 4 3 yearsdielinfinite (18168): @DavidM lol, my mistake. Updated
CRACK IN A SLAB ONLINE_209 7 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586):
Comic Book Recommendations kbutcher 13 3 yearsX51 (14702): Yes. She's been practicing in different styles and mediums. I'm trying to coax her into publishing an art book. I don't want to fill up the messageboard. I can't get her to draw a comic for me.
Best way to ship to CBCS? Thearrow 6 3 yearsdrchaos (19803): Hand it in at the con for the win.
Liefeld Takes Extreme Universe To Netflix JLS_Comics 24 3 yearsX51 (14702): I think he did a bad swipe of this cover.
Same Book, 3 Different Labels dielinfinite 12 3 yearsdielinfinite (18168): It looks like CBCS has quietly changed their mind and updated the title to “Wizard Ace Edition: Amazing Spider-Man #129 #nn” which males a lot more sense than their previous decision
CBCS Membership Points esaravo 6 3 yearsxkonk (11707): That's my understanding as well. Your membership is for a year, the coupons are for a year. As for points, I noticed that mine dropped at some point too. I didn't have many, but now I have fewer. I didn't use them, so I don't know where they went.
When should i contact customer service donho 15 3 yearspoka (19417): @SteveRicketts :D
Any Luck Selling Expensive Comics in Forum?? DWeeB1967 Jump to first page89Jump to last page 3 yearsVCBE (97): Still have the book? Books? Let's Deal...
Should I open my ASM 700 for signatures? ronvaughan 12 3 yearsshrewbeer (13216): This really is not a hard book to get. Cracking this one for the cigs you want is probably your best chance at 9.8, and you can always get another one if it downgrades. Unless its a newsstand. Then its certainly not pocket change, and at 9.8 you’d be crazy to chance the downgrade.
My Order Is Going to the Wrong Address jaked6698 Jump to first page90Jump to last page 3 yearsdet_tobor (814): Hey, look to see if it earned enough frequent travel miles for a trip of your choice. "On the road again......"
Comic Con Revolution 2018 - West Palm Beach JLS_Comics 12 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): I sort of feel like they committed after reading about Chris Claremont's presence. Surely they'd get some submissions and a crowd draw from that one guest
Art slab for a reproduction? 00slim 4 3 years00slim (11795): Appreciate the info. Bummer it won't fit in a slab, though.
Artgerm on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever! JLS_Comics 22 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): There is indeed a new number one on the way. This new volume will take place in the Galactic Empire of Wakanda and pick up on the seeds that were dropped in the Marvel Legacy one-shot
Orange Teen Titans 12 second printing? kaptainmyke 9 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): I think it looks pretty cool. My initial thought was my NM87 being red instead of orange. Thanks guys!
Comicxposure Topsykrets 8 3 yearscomicsforme (2356): I had the same problem with The Comic Mint one time but they fixed the problem.They delivered all new set and didn't ask for the damaged set.3 b&w covers.Take a look.They all came back 9.8s
Give Me A Grade X-Men 101 Khumbu 12 3 yearsCopperAgeKids (3715): Nah, that is a production crease on the BC. It'll have a negligible impact on the grade, if any at all. There is also a smaller production crease on the FC, right under Cyclop's eye.But that also won't effect the grade.
Grading Question QuaBrot 20 3 yearsQuaBrot (1510): @CopperAgeKids wow - great memory! Yes, that was me. I haven't sent anything in for grading (or pressing) since then - I keep buying and don't have the money to press/grade. Built up a nice pile of books for Joe and the 3rd party graders!
Please grade my Hulk 181 good sirs kaptainmyke Jump to first page68Jump to last page 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): Very tiny tear. Yep.
Question about Grading Drahcir 5 3 yearsIronMan (4307): My guesstimate to the OP's question would be 2.0-3.0
Help Grading my Iron Fist #14 Drahcir 12 3 yearsSavage_Spawn (1904): 7
How Would CBCS Handle A PGX Sig Book? 00slim 8 3 years00slim (11795): Thanks, @SteveRicketts. 👍🏼
Best investment Comicnewbie Jump to first page212Jump to last page 3 yearsEngineJoe (178): Hey bud, you looking for a raw black error cover venom lethal protector? I’ll part with mine for the right price lol! Pm me if interested.
Is EBAY gone crazy Buzbe 17 3 yearsLunarshade (190): Cryptocurrencies will reduce Paypal fees and be the clear choice to use as a payment system.
Submitting Original Art 3319 2 3 yearsdielinfinite (18168): Yeah you need to use the same comic book form. For Series you’d put something like “Artwork on Paper,” Issue Number and Publisher can be “N/A,” and you need to add a year. Make sure you have the “Original Art” box checked. Just remember, unless you’re a CBCS Authorized Witness or went through the procedure for the artist to submit the book directly to CBCS on your behalf, your book won’t qualify to have the artist’s name...
Can any body help me id this? donho 22 3 yearsTimBildhauser (2237): I'll be working at the CBCS booth at Plant Comicon, stop by and say "hello" if you have time. ;)
Action comics 1000 Comicnewbie 5 3 yearsDrogio (6652): Here come the store variant exclusives! Bulletproof the first to announce with a Dell otto cover. No pic yet (below is the metal #6 cover) but I'm sure there will be virgins and convention exclusives. Metal #6 by Gabriele Dell'Otto will begin pre-sale on ​Feb.15th @ Noon Eastern standard time! ​We will also reveal the Action #1000 cover by Dell'Otto on this date! It's one of his best! ...
Shipping to UK DarthMoore 29 3 yearsRedshade (1112): @SteveRicketts Thanks for the reassurance Steve.
X Men Comicnewbie 7 3 yearspoka (19417): Unless you are go8ng for the ridicules priced 1:1000 Variant the Campbell variants are the ones you wish to get
Detached Centerfold hockeymonkey605 6 3 yearsSteveRicketts (11030): Woah. The first thing I thought of when I read the topic was some playmate who was questioning her life choices.
CGC Green Label to CBCS Blue Label c2t2merch Jump to first page43Jump to last page 3 yearsDrogio (6652): Don't you just want to crack that open so you can hold it in your hands (very gently)? If you're selling it, sure...slab'll get the most out of it. But this book should be held and admired page by page. How many people on this earth get to hold that issue?
Old vs New. Comicnewbie 11 3 yearsKingNampa (6756): In my experience older CGC cases allowed for more movement of the books within. if they moved around too much it could have damaged the book within the case. For example I had a ASM 300 9.4 from 2001, CGC case. I was going to crack and press it but I noticed the corners were dinged pretty bad from years of moving around in the case. So did a reholder instead. I think a lot of reholders are done for that reason. Cgc cases today pancake your...
If CBCS Presses & Re-Grades a Red Label? 00slim 17 3 years00slim (11795): Personally, I'd fast track both Grading & Pressing either way.
Best Toploaders for 11 x 17 Original Art jrs 8 3 yearsX51 (14702): I like the "inert" nature of Mylar. :)
Marvel Spotlight 11 should I press & clean anthonybischoff 12 3 yearsFoghorn_Sam (3732): Yep, those stains will not come out with a cleaning and regardless of how nice the rest of the book is, with those stains, it's probably topped out at 8.5.
More desirable Comicnewbie 18 3 years00slim (11795): It's harder to find Spidey 129 in high grade. I'd definitely pick up a nicer one than my 4.5 if I could, but that TOS 52 upgrade I did recently drained my comic book fund for now. That is, until SDCC in July.
Detecting Resto - UVA vs. Black Light Drogio 9 3 yearsDrogio (6652): I'm thinking of this light. clickable text
Good price? Comicnewbie 20 3 yearsdoog (4528): That is true, only rarely is a slabbed book cheaper than a raw, if your eye is good. I got my she hulk for 100 raw, got the 9.8. That was another $25 or so, now I hold for more years. Still, have not doubled my investment immediately, based on eBay sales prices so did not meet my goal.
It's official. Dan Slott is leaving ASM JLS_Comics 12 3 yearsdpiercy (4122): I loved the Hammerhead vs Doc Ock storylines: 113-115 & 157-159. Particularly enjoyed the ghost of Hammerhead arc as a youngster.
Grade my x men 19 please anthonybischoff 12 3 yearsZosoRocks (1847): If you really like to be critical, add in corners, defects, and really just about anything. Then divide total by # of categories. You'll get a ballpark. Because when you do send one in for grading, they will be doing the same critical look. It's all subjective. :O)
Shipping to Italy! FrankItaly92 6 3 yearsFrankItaly92 (4): thanks for the help guys! Tomorrow I'll call a post office and I'll try to solve the problem. I keep you updated
Grade me please x men 11 anthonybischoff 8 3 yearsRedshade (1112): Worth grading? No. Worth collecting/reading/saving? Yes.
WTB GIANT SIZE XMEN HIGH GRADE KingNampa Jump to first page66Jump to last page 3 yearsesaravo (53400): @KingNampa - There is a gorgeous CBCS 9.4 on for $2,150.
CBCS Points Gabriel85301 16 3 yearsGAC (28322): .
ETA on Magazine-Size Encapsulation c2t2merch 23 3 yearsScorpion (840): just messing with you steve, i do hope it all works out and that we can start the Encapsulation of Magazine-Size books. ill keep my fingers crossed.
Venom Lethal Protector #1 Comicnewbie 10 3 yearsDrogio (6652):
Bottleneck Stu Jump to first page52Jump to last page 3 yearsThorneArt (1216): Oh Man, I a LOVING those UK editions! Thanks for sharing
Hand washing QuaBrot 29 3 yearsOdins_Raven (2389): Purell those puppies!
Why I left CGC !!! Tony Jump to first page89Jump to last page 3 yearsPixx_L (13): Safe space? Like avoiding challenging yourself with the work of actually knowing what you think you disagree with? I'll leave that need to those on the right. And that's really the point here. I see it over and over again. Posturing, ignorant right wing man-children that parrot the nonsense of whatever their preferred charlatans told them. Maybe go back to spamming your pics of prized comics to irrelevant threads, you're certainly not going to...
Good Places to Promote Your Ebay Items? Pixx_L 4 3 yearsSpiderTim (2405): Its a facebook group called "Ebay people taking over Facebook COMICS" so just type that and you should find it.
Chandler Riggs Sig ONLINE_209 12 3 yearsspfd18 (49): Ultimately it comes down to your personal preference. However if it were me, I wouldn't have him sign a WD #2. If anything, I would only have Kirkman and Moore sign the book. That way you only have the two creators on the book, and make a profit off the book if you want to flip it. (Yes I know there are those purists out there that believe if a book is signed "it's ruined forever!" 😂. And that debate will rage on till the end of...
Ebay question - possible scam? drchaos 13 3 yearsCopperAgeKids (3715): Tell him you want to talk on the phone, if he is serious, he'll send his n FWIW, I highly doubt eBay would do anything at all, besides emailing you with a warning. Kicking sellers off is something eBay only does if buyers complain about fraud etc. They make steady coin off sellers like you, it is antithetical to eBay's way of things to suspend sellers who cough over hundreds of dollars a month in fees. If you are still not sure, call eBay...
Received a book ungraded 76muss 10 3 yearsdielinfinite (18168): @76muss A notification, not necessarily. If the order was input to not encapsulate if verification fails then they’d just be following the instructions on the order so it may not trigger a need to contact the customer. As for a refund, they might not refund the verification fees seeing as the verification work was done. I do believe the grading fees should’ve been refunded. That does require the order going back to the billing...
When Will We See The New Mutants Trailer? JLS_Comics Jump to first page36Jump to last page 3 yearsneyko (538): And hopefully original. That trailer is bland as can be. Is the story that unique or that bland?
The reason I left CGC !!!!! Tony 9 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): It happens, brah.
The Gambit Movie Just Lost Its 3rd Director JLS_Comics 8 3 yearsGAC (28322): hopefully fox never makes this film before Marvel takes over.
Trying my hand at grading - how'd I do? powerfist23 9 3 yearsconditionfreak (11282): Yea, like I said. Plus or minus. "ish". 7.0/8.0 All the same. Ballpark. All just a best guess situation. Given the grading history of the OP. As a buyer. Pictures are what counts when dealing with someone who does not have a history of grading prowess. I do appreciate a sellers best guess, but I would expect that to be just ballpark at best. The problem is: fear of leaving something on the table. I get that. I just...
TOS 52, Help with GPA? 00slim Jump to first page34Jump to last page 3 yearsFoghorn_Sam (3732): Sweet looking book; super color and eye appeal. I'm jealous! Nice table too. Thx for posting pics. :beer:
Opinions/Suggestions? Broker1 8 3 yearsBroker1 (333): Thanks for the input. I had about 20 of these books and half had the staining. Ugh!
CBCS employee question adamcare 6 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): lol I think we'd all like to know be funny if it was just a reallllly good legit photobomb either way
Brian M. Bendis' First DC Project Is... JLS_Comics 4 3 yearsshrewbeer (13216): I am going to go broke when action 1000 hits the shelves, and none of them that I buy will be worth a damn thing 20 years from now 🤣
1st Appearance of Mortal Kombat in comics? ComicHaulics 12 3 yearswhowill (319): Still looking for the hologram one.
Pricing original art jrs 18 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): I think it matters more when mass producing a print or book of a copyrighted character, instead of just one panel or sketch.
Marry Detective 38 with cover? tbone911t 10 3 yearsCaptainCanuck (4435): @esaravo I think in this case “Def” was used as an abbreviation of “Definitely”, not “Define”. Useful “info” nonetheless 😉
Adam Hughes Cover Alert! JLS_Comics 3 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): I love it. no wait ... ILISM!!
Your 2018 “Want List” JLS_Comics Jump to first page78Jump to last page 3 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): I'm in save mode for my Hulk 181, just doing market research right now. I'm probably going to shoot for a lower mid-grade copy. I feel like that fits within my budget the best. It's got to have the stamp and present well.
Identify Mystery Paul Gulacy Original Art? kaptainmyke 16 3 yearskaptainmyke (26586): I'm totally open to selling it for sure
Long Beach Comic Expo Bujinwraith 9 3 yearsthelastbard (1282): As long as you're not Con-intolerant... That's harder than gluten intolerant.
How to send private message to user ? jimjackjett 9 3 yearsdet_tobor (814): NORM! Everyone knows the name. 😇
Walking Dead #2 ONLINE_209 8 3 yearsBigRig (2004): Slab to preserve that's about it
Grade Question powerfist23 21 3 yearsSquack (611): If the tatooz are removed from the ASM 238, which is probably why the extra staple was added, then the book might be considered incomplete (not necessarily the graders, but by the collectors). If tatooz were added to the book, then it is already restored (much like marrying a cover to another copy). The damage is done, and removing the staple will not help.
Question Topsykrets 6 3 yearsTopsykrets (250): Thank you everyone for the help I will take everything into consideration as I fix my blunder lol happy holidays
Comic markets; The best times to sell? Odins_Raven 12 3 yearsDrogio (6652): +1. I'm feeling a little guilty this holiday season...I think I've spent more on my own comics than on my wife. But I can't turn away the deals I'm seeing this month!
Rusty staple (And migration) affect on grade QuaBrot 8 3 yearsdoog (4528): 8.5 is probably the best you can hope for, but, roll them bones if you can! Then let us know. Had a 9.4 but I sold it, I personally like the 199 cover better for my wall.
Happy Holidays to my CBCS Fam! JLS_Comics 11 3 yearsKaleljll (406): Happy holidays everyone!
ECCC Khumbu 5 3 yearsJohnjakewish (81): ECCC isn't listed in the "news and events" section for march and CBCS is at a different con on march 4th :-(
Ebay Question drchaos 5 3 yearsJustABitEvil (1567): I feel my "Don't buy comics on eBay" policy validated almost every time I read a thread on this forum...
I'm sure it's a temporary but, thoughts? 00slim Jump to first page147Jump to last page 3 yearsTedsaid (7335): You mean like when you said I had low morals? Or held me responsible for civilization going into the crapper? Or when you said I had "an uncanny ability to put [you] to sleep?" Things like that? Or maybe when you said I was intellectually dishonest? Or "very condescending?" Or claimed I was ... what was it now? "Intent on obsessing" about you? Or when you said X51's "true colors are showing?" Or...
Question: Jungle Action 10 Negrito68 10 4 yearsNegrito68 (82): I agree as there is nothing special about the book & was just made aware of the Marvel Value Stamp, as I see no reason for its exaggerated value. Thanks for all the responses
Order Tracking info Tommy49 3 4 yearsTommy49 (19): Wouldn't be that difficult if they are scanning a barcode at each step in the process. They could also track individual employees performance and productivity.
Best Place to buy Polyethylene and Mylites ronvaughan 21 4 yearsBrianGreensnips (9652): You can get 200 Mylite 2 #775 size and 200 full backs that fit that size for $73 before shipping from E Gerber. I like that they are shipped in 50 count packages so that they are sealed up until I get to the next 50.
Date Stamps Gabriel85301 Jump to first page32Jump to last page 4 yearsBigRedOne1944 (8249): Im absolutely OCD about condition, and probably to a fault.
Alterna Comics Graphic Novel "Metaphase" JLS_Comics 1 4 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): Tonight on my podcast we will be talking with comic book writer Chip Reece about his graphic novel Metaphase as well as Alterna Comics, his "home" publisher ... the same folks who brought back the newsprint paper! We will be live on YouTube starting at 8:30PM EST(ish) but it will be available to stream via iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher, etc., beginning tomorrow. Please let me know if you have any questions for Mr. Reece or - if...
Avengers: Infinity War!! JLS_Comics Jump to first page61Jump to last page 4 yearsDrogio (6652): Jealous.
My Turn to Ask for a Grade Opinion Drogio 11 4 yearsKhumbu (196): It's funny, from what I can tell it is a book I would normally grade about 5.0 - 5.5 or so in my store. I just don't like those large color breaking creases. It also depends if the "punch thru hole" goes into the pages. Although I would be very careful to mention that flaw, it may be considered "pieces missing" by the grading guide. :(
Replaced Staples on a Comic Drahcir 2 4 yearspoka (19417): removing staples would be noted with normal blue label with a note conserved or staples replaced
Comic Connect users come on in. shiftins6 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 4 yearsesaravo (53400): I would be happy to give you my PayPal address to take care of that for you!
Computer power question? Savage_Spawn Jump to first page40Jump to last page 4 yearsSavage_Spawn (1904): @IronMan Thanks Iron, I had looked at different Acer tablets/laptops using various reviews but had missed that particular model. That would cover a lot of ground freeing up cash for various other upgrades. At first I was leaning towards a 2 in 1 but the price, reviews, and 15" screen makes your choice the leading contender!!!😎👍🍺
Justice League Movie QuaBrot 12 4 yearsScorpion (840): i think ill will pass on this, I didn't see but all my peps say, dont wast your money on it. so with that said i will pass,
what color is this shoe? kaptainmyke 11 4 yearsDrogio (6652): This thread reminded me if this TNG episode.
Amazing Spider-Man Newsstand Collectors!!! canadianspiderman 8 4 yearscanadianspiderman (25): @kaptainmyke is the man
The official StocktonCon program ONLINE_209 6 4 yearsONLINE_209 (1867): I appreciate you taking time to look and see if you had any
$5000 To Spend On Comics..? tonnage71 Jump to first page91Jump to last page 4 yearsDocBrown (16886): Open thread to view post.
Double book (not double cover but full book) ComxDlr 6 4 yearsHomer (1010): If a comic is produced with two covers and one of the covers is missing, its incomplete as it could of been gently torn out and discarded. You do not have to bend the staples to remove an inner cover. If a standard comic book with a single cover, ends up with multiple covers its considered a double cover. They do check to see that the multiple cover is original to the comic with staple placement and staple conditions.
Walking dead Batman- autograph identificatio Darkdams 8 4 yearskaptainmyke (26586): that was humor btw
Gal Gadot Salary KingNampa Jump to first page35Jump to last page 4 yearsteacha777 (798): doh!..I was leaning more towards Superman anyway since I have a better book and Dan Jurgens will be there....but a hug from Gal would be :heart:
Help showing 50+ "My Comics" listings vacomicon 2 4 yearsdielinfinite (18168): It’s a long-standing bug in the website that it will only show your first 50 comics on the My Comics page.
Worth it? National Diamond,Mark Jewelers ed. Odins_Raven 7 4 yearsX51 (14702): It's the same comic, but you get more for the money. I think they're neat. I wouldn't go out of my way to find one.
Anyone Else do Original Art Sketchbooks? Khumbu 16 4 yearsJohnnylray (2656): I have a few Sketchbooks I bring to the cons..and even go crazy and MAIL away to the is one of my faves...the Later Trimpe...
TO BE GRADED ONLINE_209 10 4 yearscomic_book_man (1976): @BigRedOne1944 That is correct, 2x the price but 1/30th the turn-time (2 business days vs 60 business days) :beer::cool:
Re-Opening my store? Khumbu 4 4 yearsKhumbu (196): I am doing better now. I can at least pick up my long box to go through it. Comic Book Collections I recently put up a Incredible Hulk 181 Weird War Tales 1 (Northland Copy) a couple of Alias #1's, one signed by Bendis and Mack both ungraded unfortunately. Still listing as fast as I can. I know I have a bunch of Vampirella's in storage and some mid - upper grade Avengers which I hope to have up soon!
Would I be making a mistake? harmonicaman 10 4 yearsKingNampa (6756): @harmonicaman Could you post some pictures up here?
Netflix's First Comic Book JLS_Comics 11 4 years00slim (11795): I'll say this, I'd read a "Stranger Things" comic book.
Newsstand or Direct Editions? CEPubDude Jump to first page41Jump to last page 4 yearsshrewbeer (13216): Some do. Like this one. I cant find an online pic of the back, and am not gonna get up to pull one at 130am, but the barcode is top left on back
IMO Probably the worst investment KingNampa Jump to first page59Jump to last page 4 yearsOxbladder (1006): Yep. That's what it comes down to. While I have never paid anywhere near that much I have, according to realized prices, "overpaid" for some books. I'm sure lots of people have so it is all relative and desperation can wildly influence some people's choices.
Need Assist in Verifying Signature Negrito68 3 4 yearsVictorCreed (517): Might help to see the sketch as well.
Rise and fall of comic prices bige31 30 4 yearsCopperAgeKids (3715): This right here actually proves my point, and the rest of this posters idea, that the 9.4 he bought for $50, should somehow be worth around $200. He paid virtually the same price that a Top Rated eBay seller would get for a raw 9.4 copy. Even a eBay seller like myself, who has all of 269 positive feedbacks, with no negatives or neutrals, could get $50 for a raw 9.4 KJ 1st print.
Cover Contest Week60:Demons, Witches, Ghosts JLS_Comics Jump to first page32Jump to last page 4 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): Will have new theme posted shortly
Can I submit items to Beckett now? Tommy49 12 4 yearsrobertofredrico (533): Q: Is it necessary to get my CGC book reholdered every 10 (or 7, or 12, etc.) years? A: No. The CGC holder is designed for long-term preservation and provides superior protection for your books. A properly handled and stored CGC-certified book can last for generations. The CGC holder is made from high-quality materials and is entirely archival-safe. The inner well that holds books, for example, is comprised of PETG, a plastic that is well...
The Gifted JLS_Comics Jump to first page35Jump to last page 4 yearsshrewbeer (13216): It IS bad. I bought the entire season on Amazon to stream. Watched 3 episodes and I'm sick of it. Wont watch any more. Been watching Dark Matter instead, and that's not a very high budget show..
Reholder Question KingNampa 10 4 yearsSquack (611): The status of "Grading" includes printing the label, heat seal and encapsulation, which are all apart of the reholder process. Showing grading simply means they are in one of those parts of the process, but the detail is not know to the dashboard.
TWD IS FINALLY BACK!!! Zombiebigfoot Jump to first page34Jump to last page 4 yearskaptainmyke (26586): maggie cut her hair again
Solo: A Star Wars Story JLS_Comics Jump to first page33Jump to last page 4 yearsTowmater (8226): @Logan510 That's kind of vague. Might even be very questionable. Kind of cryptic when you don't know the whole story. Least that what I read somewhere. :beer:
CGC says "GOOD MORTY" is 1st appearance now. kaptainmyke Jump to first page498Jump to last page 4 yearsshrewbeer (13216): Sorry I dont see the aggressive language, you may be taking things a bit too personal. I just dont see the point of the same "they are all likely real" argument over and over again. Nobody has shown any pixelation or printing quality difference between the two slipcases, nor the cover insert yet; only that certain pieces are either there or not (feet, UV text). My point is, the argument that they are real based on printing quality...
Turn Around Times? chadpdodge Jump to first page117Jump to last page 4 yearsLogan510 (2415): Think of it this way, it could be a lot worse, you could be a factory worker in North Korea.
How Would This Affect Grade - Bindery Tear peterscomics 5 4 yearsDocBrown (16886): Assuming the book is a 9.8 otherwise, as you say, that's a 9.6 type flaw. 9.4 or lower is much too harsh for that.
[Q]First Appearance Info on a Label Drahcir 8 4 yearsDrahcir (412): Thanks Steve
Latest Stan Lee Comic Box tonnage71 1 4 yearstonnage71 (645): Looks like the comics are shipping soon, but does anyone know which four titles are included in this latest batch? Thanks in advance!
Signature Question TheDarkKnight 7 4 yearsonlyhulk23 (193): oh yes red label for vsp my bad
Billing question staind743 2 4 yearsspaulus (486): I'll have someone call you. Thanks
Mylar bags TheDarkKnight 4 4 yearscseale0223 (767): I use mylite 2 standard size. Works great with Moderns.
New Comics for Wed Oct 11-Legacy, Oz, & More thelastbard 21 4 yearsthelastbard (1282): Darn, and I was thinking about buying a regular cover, too... Maybe I still should. Again, not like I'm going to take the stamp out, but if collectors are going to stamp hunt, that could help the value. I mean, uh, not like we buy comics for their later value, right? Cough cough...
Free Digital Comics and a dumb question... CEPubDude 13 4 yearsspaulus (486): At the request of CEPubDude I modified the title of this thread to "Free Digital Comics and a dumb question" Carry on!
CBCS Test SuperSaiyanBlue Jump to first page43Jump to last page 4 yearsCopperAgeKids (3715): Thanks, but you may be giving me a bit too much credit. Either way, there are only so many tools that can used, to accurately grade a book. CBCS and CGC have flatbed black light scanners, for instance. That, and a high end loupe, is all that can be used to grade a book. In conjunction with a second grader,who grades the book indepentently, neither of the two graders knows how the other grader called the book. So you have 2 well...
Anyone use the latest Ebay App? Helric1 9 4 yearsHelric1 (3270): Thanks! I'm interested in selling features too, so good to know
Just Finished DK III: The Master Race 00slim 14 4 yearsOrbitCityComics (1483): Read the first half and gave up on it. The pacing seemed a bit off. Miller's best days are behind him. This will not go down as a Miller masterpiece.
Waited 17 Wks for 14 Books, Sides Not Sealed brigand80 30 4 yearsshrewbeer (13216): Just want to add that PETG and PET are completely different chemical compounds, not even close to one another. The inner well, PETG, can breathe. Not enough for you to notice if you tried breathing through it, but enough that the chemical off-gassing doesnt build up inside the well. Good point. If only. It's not restoration, its conservation. People should be far more accepting of the latter, rather it should be celebrated on GA...
One-Shot Battle: Marvel Legacy vs DC Rebirth JLS_Comics 16 4 yearsdet_tobor (814): I'll take a cherry uncola, thank you.
[ - THE FRIDAY NIGHT THREAD - ] kaptainmyke Jump to first page65Jump to last page 4 yearskaptainmyke (26586):
Customer Service/Receiving Following IRMA spaulus 1 4 yearsspaulus (486): In response to some feedback we have received regarding our response time in Customer Service and submission entry rate in Receiving I feel it is necessary to post the following statement: Due to Hurricane Irma, we are experiencing high call volumes and you may experience longer than normal wait times for Customer Service. Right now our current email and call volumes have nearly tripled our normal amount. We sincerely appreciate your...
Newsstand Variant canadianspiderman 26 4 yearsNilesPaine (1147): Comics are like Pokemon, ya gotta catch em all.
Reward / membership structure? ComxDlr 4 4 yearsComxDlr (34): Just checking if anyone knows if this was ever updated? I dont see any changes to the Membership tab.. it says the reward program is coming in 2016, but its about to turn 2018 (just in case someone needs to know :) ) I am still deciding whether i want to start up here, and i'd like to do some VS books.. but not sure what to think of the membership/lack of membership/reward program.. etc.. Seems like things go slow in this industry.. not...
Help me with a grade TomD 22 4 yearsPre_Coder (13516): Agree! I think a good press would snag at least a solid 2.0
Batman Day 2017 Zombiebigfoot 20 4 yearsDocBrown (16886): Those are all cool. Hope they end up existing. Harley's the greatest Bat creation of the last 50 years. Yeah, I know what I'm saying. ;) I just wish they'd keep her as a blonde. I don't like the red/black combo.
Friday says "Happy Friday" JLS_Comics 16 4 yearsthpike (364): @kaptainmyke nice! I don't have an Xbox anymore. I might get a retropie at some point though! I just watch the videos after someone has beaten it lol
CBCS Verified Signature Program questions ONLINE_209 16 4 yearscomic_book_man (1976): @dielinfinite thank you!
House of Secrets 92 Cover Only Magellan Jump to first page55Jump to last page 4 yearsMagellan (308): @shrewbeer Very true!
Tape Repair Never? shanbo5150 6 4 yearsDocBrown (16886): That's got to be it. Brilliant deduction! :D That's what I'm saying! ;)
Average grade of title-less comics! bige31 9 4 yearsCopperAgeKids (3715): I kinda/highly doubt it would be an "INCOMPLETE" designation, on the label. The book, aassuming the back cover is as sharp as the rest of the front cover, looks to be in the Fine range. My guess is it would fetch a 1.0. Boy Commandos is a notoriously poor/slow seller, the grading fee would be a deal breaker. However, lower grade GA books by S & K , do sell around Overstreet in raw GD 2.0 and under. It is at least a $30 book...
If I did a sale like Conditionfreak . . .? 00slim Jump to first page105Jump to last page 4 yearsThemaxx35 (2462): I think it is a good idea. I just wish it could be pinned so it doesn't keep getting buried. I would check that thread routinely throughout the day.
WHO KNEW IT ? ONLINE_209 10 4 yearsTowmater (8226): I heard that CBCS knew it.
ebay buyer accuses me of switching labels! kaptainmyke Jump to first page382Jump to last page 4 yearsRexMuff (2196): Completely agree
Hellboy! JLS_Comics 23 4 yearsinfinityG (1193): @Thanatos nice! i don't have that issue sadly. @NilesPaine you're welcome, enjoy man! :cool::beer:
Kamala Khan Gabriel85301 9 4 yearsdrchaos (19803): I bought this at auction earlier in the week. The label says first appearance:
Processing Time? XxSpideyxX 13 4 yearsdielinfinite (18168): Normally, once an order has entered grading, it only takes a few days, depending on the number of books in the order. I usually expect a week or two from getting the grading notification until the books have shipped and the grades are available online.
CBCS OA / VSP submitter's reference ZosoRocks 17 4 yearsOGJackster (27036): Not slabbed yet but here is the COA. SCOTT SNYDER
Secure Storage Options Question tonnage71 15 4 yearsBollldog (4): I did work with an appraiser to verify the grading of each comic and have pictures of each book. That was back in 2012. Since the collection value changes from year to year I let Nostomania provide the estimated value for insurance purposes. I have an endorsement for comic book collectibles that was added to my homeowners policy.
Metal Aspen Variants? Zarbongo 15 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): Those covers are almost too pretty to be scribbled all over. :(|)
Netflix Millar neyko 6 4 yearsNilesPaine (1147): Chrononauts for the win. Buddy time jumping comedy/action?? Easy sell and there's so many time periods to choose from the seasons could go forrrreeevvveerrrrr.
Marvel Value Stamp Sticker JLS_Comics 11 4 yearsArchie10cent (16): I'll pass on the Marvel stickers. I am done with all the variant craze at this point. That is for younger generations. I had did my time back when MVS stickers were inside BA comics.
Best dark comics? Hanginglimbs 28 4 yearsBrianGreensnips (9652): I like Outcast by Image.
Is this legal? Savage_Spawn 14 4 yearsIronMan (4307): I do. I used to sell then on eBay. But a local comic store run by a friend lets me sell them there now. Much more practical. They are kinda bulky and you have to pack them like a slab (so lots of cushioning material) to avoid breaks and cracks. They sell easily though. Collectors use them for displaying comics. I've even seen people make up their own labels. "Terry's awesome ASM 50!"
Not sure what happened here Stu 15 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): @Stu and you didn't have a grade screen set?
Deadpool First Appearance in Black? seanw 4 4 yearsVictorCreed (517): 🍻 😃
Perception of CBCS Graded Comics.. KingNampa Jump to first page63Jump to last page 4 yearskaptainmyke (26586):
Modern Speculation - Minimum Grade? tonnage71 13 4 yearsdrchaos (19803):
FRONT & BACK ? ONLINE_209 4 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): If Jake or Steve is watching, I still would like to have the photo option added to the shopping cart for reholders. Thank You.
WILL IT FIT FOR ME TO SUBMIT ONLINE_209 4 4 yearsdet_tobor (814): Could you contact customer service to make sure of no other surprises?
BATMAN: Dark Nights Metal #1 printing defects myxzeus70 10 4 yearsZosoRocks (1847): RIGHT ON! Thanks DL!
Comic book speculation Krazywan Jump to first page93Jump to last page 4 yearsthelastbard (1282): Very true! I get press releases on some things, which helps, but I also watch comic news sites, read Previews, and pay attention... What's interesting this week? Weapon X #7 is going to sell out and is already selling out. Generations: Mighty Thor "should", but may not. While the story will be great based on the creative team alone, there's a nod to 1M BC in there that is being talked about in regards to Odin and...
Blank CBCS label ?? mattness 30 4 yearsDrWatson (21046): It sounds like he farted on it to me.
i am asking for a friend literally ONLINE_209 7 4 yearsVictorCreed (517): Same here. I have no graded books.. yet.
Letting go.... neyko 9 4 yearsWatcher (4143): lol...feel you on the black cat meant nothing to me so when a guy came by about a year and half ago to look over my books (because no one ever had at that point) I offered him 2 books for his time from my "no value" box of higher grade miscellaneous (8.0 - 9.2). he picked the black cat and the rocket raccoon ...I was like "phew"...take em...I hate those books. Now I'm like.."that slick bastahd" own...
QUESTION ABOUT STOCKTONCONS 2017 PROGRAM ONLINE_209 4 4 yearsGabriel85301 (1748): My bad it is there, Thanks Jesse!
Some help grading Mickee92 Jump to first page37Jump to last page 4 yearsBigRedOne1944 (8249): Its a learning experience Mickee, and you have already taken the first step in the right direction. Keep up the good work! John
COMIC SPINNER RACK FROM 1954 RareComics 3 4 yearsRareComics (418): Thanks for the input! The Turtles is a 3rd edition, with three signatures and two Turtle head drawings IFC.
Who Else Went ONLINE_209 8 4 years00slim (11795): Today's pick-ups: Tales of Suspense #57, solid 4.0, maybe 4.5. My only bigger purchase. Swamp Thing #8, VF-. Saga of the Swamp Thing #20 (signed by Wein & Tom Yates) VF. Chew #1 (4th print 😄, signed by Layman) NM-/NM. Kitty Pryde & Lockheed NYCC Exclusive POP! figure. I don't really collect these anymore, I just dig this one. Oh, & after the Con yesterday, we stopped in at GameStop. They had a Marvel Gallery Dark Phoenix...
OK WHO'S FAULT IS IT ONLINE_209 16 4 yearsconditionfreak (11282): The machines have already taken over. Try to find someone that doesn't jump up when their phone calls to them. Try to find someone who can write a paragraph correctly without spell check or auto correct. Try your hardest to drive somewhere you have never been before, without using GPS. See how often you change the TV channels without a remote control. Go shopping in town, using a horse and buggy. You get the idea. Thank God for the...
CBCS Case Swap video Real? RyanHicks Jump to first page606Jump to last page 4 yearsTowmater (8226): Fingers crossed that the thread gets locked
Grader Notes Question ?? mattness 8 4 yearsHomer (1010): The inner well was scratched before the book was holdered. It's just a piece of raw material.
Avengers 4 - The 4 Fingered Tease JLS_Comics 13 4 yearsIronMan (4307): Why would Kang be Fox property? Kang first appears in the Avengers.
ADVICE: Comic Priest to Marry Hulk 181 Pages Darkga 19 4 yearsDrogio (6652): I prefer "Wolvenstein"
Question: Asterisk Negrito68 10 4 yearsdielinfinite (18168): Open thread to view post.
Netflix has purchased MillarWorld JLS_Comics Jump to first page32Jump to last page 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): CBS tried to run around Netflix with the new Star Trek series coming out. They finally realized no one is leaving Netflix to watch their Johnny Come Lately service and gave into putting it on Netflix.
Value Restored vs Original for a Major Key? Darkga Jump to first page52Jump to last page 4 yearsRexMuff (2196): @burntboy , ouch dog
Spider-Man #1 Blue Lizard misprint cbj102 27 4 yearsdrchaos (19803): When I saw the title of the thread this is the first thing that came to mind:
What issue is this? harmonicaman 20 4 yearsFoghorn_Sam (3732): Of course that one of the issues the GDB provides no detailed information.
I can't upload pics ONLINE_209 Jump to first page101Jump to last page 4 yearsrckstr1253 (1227): I cant upload pics now even with resizing. What is going on with the site?
Does Jim Lee still do con sketches? Darkga 26 4 yearskaptainmyke (26586):
Question for first time submitting Dylan455 10 4 yearsgibbey (1): Okay, thank you. Like I said, I'm guessing this is just part of the process, but it just worries me that there's no update at all. I hope I didn't screw it all up. haha
Amazing Spider-man Newsstands for sale! kaptainmyke Jump to first page56Jump to last page 4 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): Welcome.
I can't upload pics ***PART 2*** ONLINE_209 15 4 yearsX51 (14702): I am on a PC, so I use Irfanview to resize images and keep my scans to certain specs. The only images I have a problem uploading are very large images. I usually have smaller resized images that upload fine. I've got a new site I've started uploading to and sometimes I post images to tumblr and then right click and copy image path to repost the images elsewhere. I have a dumb phone. I have no interest in walking around staring at my phone all...
I know it's rare but... infinityG 29 4 yearsKingNampa (6756): I would buy it for $600 max
Diamond Select-Death of Eddie Brock Numbered vabchgent 4 4 yearsvabchgent (487): @Trilogycomics they started at 250.00 . the last 2 sales on ebay are 300.00 2010 and 400.00 2015 . So the 50.00 to 100.00 sounds a little low. I agree the movie sucked, no doubt on that one. The history of when they were sold helps (I believe 2007). I personally like it myself as well. Thanks
Comic Handling - Protection comic_book_man Jump to first page35Jump to last page 4 yearsVillageIdiot (1333): Edgar Church!
Red vs Blue label: exclusively signed comics Darkga 11 4 yearsDarkga (4722): Red label it is then... I'll put it deep in the to-be-slabbed box though. Thanks!
Mini Photo Studios - Comic Photography comic_book_man 6 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): There are US sellers on eBay with these.
Press, or grade screen? 00slim 20 4 yearsshrewbeer (13216): Not sure if you are serious or not... But CFP is known to a lot of people as the best in the business lol :(|)
Points, Retroactive Points & Double Points RyanHicks 7 4 yearsStudley_Dudley (26249): $5,129 since last March or May. Do I win prizes? #soon or #notsoon. I'm hoping that when I get back from deployment, I can put these points to use.
GoCollect question DarthLego 7 4 yearsThanatos (3201): Were the listings that got missed titled weird? Perhaps the program that pulls the data didn't pick up the right keywords necessary to add the sale to their database
Choices... Zombiebigfoot Jump to first page39Jump to last page 4 yearscomic_book_man (1976): Grats, happy bday sir!
ASM #300 Venom VS X-men 101 1st Phoenix Johnnyonthespot Jump to first page31Jump to last page 4 yearsDrWatson (21046): You can also go here to have something pressed:
Framed Art VictorCreed 4 4 yearsDarthLego (20517):
Cannot Seem To Cut A Deal On Squirrel Girl 00slim Jump to first page35Jump to last page 4 yearsCFP_Comics (3608): I see 4-5 color breaks along the spine and a soft corner. While 9.4 might not be out of the question if the rest of the book is perfect, if it has any other issues that should keep it in the 9.2 range.
Does anyone else read Pestilence??? Zombie_Head 8 4 yearstonnage71 (645): I have enjoyed the first couple issues. Willing to give it a few more to see how the story plays out. I bought first issue of Unholy Grail and wasn't overly impressed. Might give that one a pass going forward.
DOES THIS REALLY EXIST ? ONLINE_209 11 4 yearsONLINE_209 (1867):
PSA: Invalid CBCS ID Numbers DarthLego 7 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): I found two in my stash of eBay buys, Jake got them both fixed. Who are these people getting books graded and not checking their dashboard notes to even notice their invoices not getting closed? Us "normal" people are hitting F5 until the grades pop up after shipping.
Jake "The Snake" Fleming: AMA Thread DarthLego Jump to first page44Jump to last page 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): Jake, any chance we can get the $5 photo option added to Reholders in the shopping cart?
GOOD IDEA OR BAD IDEA ONLINE_209 8 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): Not everything has to be done with a motive of value increase.
Mt Rainier Collection keefriffhards 9 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): @JWKyle I don't think we need to worry about that, CGC wouldn't be caught dead cooperating with their sworn enemy. ;)
Daredevil # 1 Authentix sketch cover Gaz973 12 4 yearsdielinfinite (18168): @shrewbeer lol no, I think that was a piece CBCS used when they announced the ART labels
Grade My Comic keefriffhards 10 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): I hate to say this, but your best bet (if your intention is selling it) is CGC Qualified Grade with the green label, with Qualified service they will grade the actual condition without automatically calling it an incomplete 0.5, that sounds like what you want from what you said. I would also recommend getting it pressed unless the pages are brittle.
Official Spawn Movie Casting Thread DarthLego Jump to first page54Jump to last page 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): @therealtimmyp
Selling Digital Codes? Themaxx35 7 4 yearsThemaxx35 (2462): I think some sellers have run into problems because they don't list them in the right category, which apparently pisses eBay off, or buyers lie and claim the code didn't work. I followed up on the issue after my first post. It looks like its not forbidden, but a lot of people have had selling privileges revoked for these two issues.
What is the best online price guide. vabchgent 11 4 yearsvabchgent (487): Thank you all for your input, so many places to check figured at least one of them would be concise and not make me think a price for a certain book is wacked out or come in to low.
How much have I over/under paid? Mickee92 17 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): I would recommend slabbing any book you intend to sell, unless the value is to low to be profitable.
Nightwing vs Deathstroke Negrito68 5 4 yearsStu (753): Never go wrong with picking both up to add to your collection🤑
Opinion: 1973 Shazam Comic Negrito68 7 4 years50AE_DE (3986): I agree. This book and #25 are books that will probably be valued higher than #1. Another book that may be a good book to get in the series is #27. I believe this is the first Bronze appearance of Kid Eternity.
Lets see if I burst i to flames.... Mickee92 26 4 yearsPre_Coder (13516): We'll soon see what Marvel has in store.
Please Grade my RICK & MORTY #1 ROILAND 1:50 kaptainmyke Jump to first page47Jump to last page 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): I personally don't think they over print RIs by that much, they get the orders in from the stores prior to printing. My theory is they probably print to the nearest 100 to cover to orders. Of course there isn't any way to prove either way unless the publishers come out with the data.
Will CBCS honor these for Yellow Art slab? DarthLego 2 4 yearsobiwan1971 (188): They should. I had my herb tripe sketch the same eat and just changed it over
#100moviestoseebeforeyoudie by @kaptainmyke! kaptainmyke Jump to first page203Jump to last page 4 yearsconditionfreak (11282): You reminded me of "Shutter Island". A very good movie.
Western Penn Pedigree, who knows the history? Krazywan 5 4 yearsJWKyle (3300): As far as I know or remember I don't recall a back story I do remember when Heritage started selling the books. It was announced in the scoop news letter around 2010 Western Penn's I remember picking up a few bronze age lots when they where in the Sunday auctions. They brought decent money and reminded me kind of Mass copies. And yes the Western Penn pedigree is not the Pennsylvanis's. Click the links for the backstories.
Ultra-PRO® Magnetic One-Touch® Comic Holder DarthLego 13 4 yearsMightyMutt (103): The pressure on the book is actually not bad and the magnets hold fine. My issue was that the mylite was loose in the slab that if it got moved or handled the bag would slide around. The mylite does "fit" but is not a perfect fit.
Melissa Benoist - cover suggestions DarthLego Jump to first page76Jump to last page 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): On the plus side, Matt is going to submit my Jeph Loeb signed Batman 608 I had signed by Jim in for verification for me. So I'll have one of those red labels that's half witnessed, half verified.
How do I renew/upgrade my CBCS Membership? Darkga 25 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): @KingNampa it's just like a digital coupon only without the actual digital part. :(|)
Best place to purchase supplies? jrs 12 4 yearsantoniofett (1923): I unusually go to my LCS by check out this site. They have lots of other stuff too
WTB: Amazing Spiderman #121 High Grade Pls! KingNampa 23 4 yearsKingNampa (6756): Bought multiple copies, so have some extras. If anyone is interested? Paypal $750 free priority mail shipping in USA. $725 if you pay by check. What I'm asking is my actual cost to buy, just looking to break even. Let me know, Thanks! :beer: Both included: -Amazing Spider-Man 121 CGC 8.5 white pages -Amazing Spider-Man 122 CGC 8.5 ow/w pages ...
Desert Wind Comics ... JLS_Comics 23 4 yearsSirtoddington (1012): They have them on their Facebook page
Charging Hanknova22 3 4 yearsMef (1898): I will say that it took billing a couple of extra days do get mine through. BUT Mine was a con submission and I wanted orders combined, so if yours was a con sub too this could be the issue. If you sub at a con, they are automatically marked as 'received' but they don't charge you til they get them shipped back to the office as far as my experience has been.
Grading thoughts -HOS 92 vabchgent 28 4 yearsFUEGOMUSIC (397): This book has more tanning than the other one. However there córner creases are less. But it does have that stain. Might be a wash. However, make extremely sure that there is no color touch. Hope you have a UV light or check back cover to see if you see any bleed thru of color. Show a close up of the whole spine.
Nerdy Question for CBCS Bluespeyer 6 4 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): Hmmm yeah it should be "Sub-Mariner Comics" Perhaps the confusion is in that 3 stories in the issue are entitled "Sub-Mariner"
CBCS Census and/or Registry Update? RyanHicks Jump to first page79Jump to last page 4 yearsthpike (364): Our reply this week
Price increase? Mickee92 7 4 yearsMickee92 (97): Really? You can pick one up for like £25?
Questions About Authorized Witnesses ONLINE_209 17 4 yearsJesse_O (23573):
The Avengers vs. Infinity 1A ONLINE_209 6 4 yearsconditionfreak (11282): Can someone explain to me what "digital edition" means? I thought it meant a comic you could read on a computer screen versus a paper product. Man, I am sooo out of touch with all of these newfangled gadgets. Does that notice on the cover mean there is a free floppy disc inside the book? :)
Sticky stuff ;) Mickee92 16 4 yearskaptainmyke (26586):
How rude. Mickee92 28 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): Be sure you take your pink tailed raccoons with you too.
Where Is Green Lantern? keefriffhards 12 4 yearskeefriffhards (416): There is another auction coming up online I think it is Comic Connect.. at least it might tell me where prices on the books I want are headed...
What are these worth? Mickee92 10 4 yearskaptainmyke (26586): Steppenwolf? Never heard of her.
Payment Method Question LastExile 10 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): We started a Jake thread.
I'M MR MEESEEKS LOOK AT ME kaptainmyke Jump to first page175Jump to last page 4 yearsKingNampa (6756): Oh ok, we don't talk about it. Got it. ;)
Needful Things. kaptainmyke Jump to first page143Jump to last page 4 yearskaptainmyke (26586): You asked for it, Jerry!
Darth's Most Wanted: Bounty Notice DarthLego Jump to first page32Jump to last page 4 yearskaptainmyke (26586): So beautiful 😍
Question about the Crypt keefriffhards 24 4 yearsbennyb86 (400): Yikes. I was going to say, except for the reprints the EC Horror titles are not cheap to collect. I finally shelled out a pretty penny to just get an original Tales from the Crypt (probably about 4.0) intact to just say I had one.
S.O.A FOR A FRIENDS BDAY ONLINE_209 9 4 yearsONLINE_209 (1867): just to clarify my friend is female she loves Sons Of Anarchy and Ryan Hurst is coming to Stocktoncon so i was going to try and get it autographed for her
Market for Printer Plates? KingNampa 22 4 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): I have the printing plates that Newsday used the day Cal Ripken broke the record. I have no idea what its worth but I turned down $3500. I know there were only 3 made for the newspaper. I have no idea how many are made for a comic. - It's cool but not for 100K.
COMICS THROUGH GROUPON ONLINE_209 19 4 yearsThanatos (3201): I like that they sell it by the pound, that's so great hahaha. I would be much more comfortable buying a value pack that I get to choose the character or brand, thanks for sharing @Jesse_O
Grade Opinion Wanted - Fantastic Four #52 Darkga 28 4 yearskeefriffhards (416): If this was a Comic Grading pool I would say 5.0 to 6.0... probably not make me popular and I still am learning so all I have is a gut feeling...
Canvas Prints from China eBay ? DarthLego 14 4 yearsX51 (14702): My girlfriend was selling paintings online. She said that china sellers were copying her work and selling them cheaper. She'd ship flat so as to not damage the painting. She said the China sellers would roll theirs up and people were receiving them damaged. I have no first hand knowledge. I'm just relaying what she said to me as a rant.
My credit card randomly charged by CBCS?! KingNampa 21 4 yearsIronMan (4307): Yes, this is actually a good idea. I may do so.
Top loader Closure Clips mattness 9 4 yearscseale0223 (767): @mattness nope didn't see it. I only seal my top loaders when I'm sending books to CBCS. So they aren't sealed to long.
Worthy dealer?? Mickee92 2 4 yearsdrchaos (19803): I heard that in the UK, a dealer is only worthy if presented with a sword by the lady of the lake.
Foxing vs. Staining - what do you think? Tedsaid 19 4 yearsKingNampa (6756): Don't you wish you had the Eye of Agamotto? Buy a really crappy single page from an Action Comics #1 or a Graded .5 Amazing Fantasy #15 and then use the EYE to bring it back to 9.8. Muhahaha... Comic Collector ONLINE_209 12 4 yearsONLINE_209 (1867): in Napoleon Dynamites voice "sweet" lol
Store rack ideas. Savage_Spawn 24 4 yearsONLINE_209 (1867): thanks for the reply i am seriously thinking about using it
Worth much? Mickee92 8 4 yearsCopperAgeKids (3715): You did well, actually. Spidey 1 platinum has been trending upwards lately, with the Venom movie jacking up Spidey McFarlane books across the board....even regular Spidey 1's in 9.8 are selling close to $100 in auctions. Sub the Spidey, have it pressed. Check GPA and GoCollect for realized prices on Joker's. If any of them , especially the books with hotter covers, could be 9.6 or higher after pressing...have em pressed and slabbed. If not,...
Are CBCS cases generally loose on the sides? BrandonTheYG 20 4 yearsIronMan (4307): Generation 1 CGC cases (used the first 16 years CGC was in business), CBCS cases and if anyone cares PGX cases all flex open slightly along the sides. CGC Gen 1 and PGX cases are ony attached at the corners via posts. CBCS uses clips near the corners. The result is the same. The sides can slight flex open. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. More in a minute on that. CGC's new Generation 2 case is sealed shut all along the edges. It feels...
2 Day Tier Question mattness 18 4 yearsCopperAgeKids (3715): I have yet to sub any books to CBCS , and not get them back within the time specified. Last sub was a few months back, a single book , which was marked at 14 day service. I got the book back about a week AHEAD of schedule.😍😍😍
NSFW - Will CBCS Grade Adult Related Content JayLefler Jump to first page60Jump to last page 4 yearsSteveRicketts (11030): I've not seen the uncensored version of the Savage Dragon, but unless there are happy faces under the circles, I'm guessing it may not make the cut. The GWAR book will not be certified by CBCS.
Weird Colors with black light AMS 301 vabchgent 1 4 yearsvabchgent (487): What do we think the grade would be on a ASM 301. With lack of better words and under black light. Some light green shows up on the cover. Don't think its restoration and can only be seen under black light. Does not penetrate cover, Shows on cover but not on inside cover. No smell so not bleach-peroxide-lighter fluid or urine. Keep in mind the cover is totally white,could it just be reflection of the white cover-more glossy in some areas and not...
eBay Grab Bag Experiences? KingNampa 11 4 yearskaptainmyke (26586): Reminds me of the "SUPER 8" lots from Dynamic Forces. Bunch of $5 comics and a $30 graded cgc 9.8 of a comic no one cares about. Waste of time/money/space/energy.
So annoyed with myself! Mickee92 21 4 yearsFoghorn_Sam (3732): Yes, I have damaged a few books with this stiff mylar with a flap. I quit using it and cut it open it to make it easier to remove a book if I receive it that way.
Gotham City Sirens - Casting thread DarthLego Jump to first page62Jump to last page 4 yearsAbsolute_Zero (1077): Ok guys sorry I did put my pick for Posion Ivy. Was at Denver Comic Con and just got back home about 2 hours ago. But i believe Adrianne Lee Palicki would be the perfect Posion Ivy. I will let the picture explain it plus she can act.
Joss Whedon's Batgirl casting thread DarthLego Jump to first page33Jump to last page 4 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): Good choice!
Trolled Kevin Eastman's wife w/ RAM meme! kaptainmyke 17 4 yearskaptainmyke (26586):
Humidity Help! TheImmortalGI 12 4 yearsBrianGreensnips (9652): Very true. Lots of fun stuff here.
Cable. kaptainmyke 28 4 yearskaptainmyke (26586): f/s i/d/o mirror image from the dlr camera lens in preprod imo
Marvel Legacy Issue Number Guide JLS_Comics 14 4 yearsDarthLego (20517):
Ebay Dreaming keefriffhards Jump to first page64Jump to last page 4 yearsmartymann (36638): Thank you for your kind remarks...maybe a display at a Comic Convention? mm
Trinity Comics Submission Question Themaxx35 7 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): The grading price is $56 first book, $36 each additional book, and Matt said that was including fast past. I believe it was in the Jock signing op thread.
Valiant Fans Edition Solar 10 Despain 6 4 yearsX51 (14702): I seriously doubt they made any attempt to get copyright approval.
Astonishing X-Men #1 JLS_Comics Jump to first page33Jump to last page 4 yearsZosoRocks (1847): There is....those who are just beginning to get into collecting. They see this and they get hooked..... like "Pokemon".....gotta catch 'em all! :o)
What Do You Use To Seal Your Mylar? mattness Jump to first page39Jump to last page 4 yearsBrianGreensnips (9652): I like that sound but I cannot stand the sound of styrofoam rubbing against things. It gives me the chills. It amazes me how much more affordable E Gerber Myler is compared to BCW.
Wolverine #80 X-23 Debunked? JLS_Comics Jump to first page62Jump to last page 4 yearskaptainmyke (26586):
Grading Help - to sign or not to sign Themaxx35 14 4 yearsThemaxx35 (2462): Me at the moment:
Any CBCS Authorized Witnesses In Cali ONLINE_209 13 4 yearsONLINE_209 (1867): that is true the books are for my personal collection until eventually i give them to my great nephew when he is old enough to appreciate them
Missing Back Covers vs Complete keefriffhards 16 4 yearskeefriffhards (416): Open thread to view post.
LCS help RRO 6 4 yearsWaddly (127): I agree about Eugene area LCS's. Twenty years ago that area was pretty good, but not anymore. Matt's Cavalcade in Corvallis is still pretty good for back issues going back 20+ years, but for personality and knowledge, Tony in Keizer is my goto store. Nicest guy you'll ever meet.
Ready for Jeepers Creepers 3? DarthLego 14 4 yearscjbehr948 (170): Nope. I refuse to support anything involving Victor Salva.
Signature identify KingNampa 10 4 yearsX51 (14702): I'm not disputing that. I'm just letting people know that it's obviously changed over the years. Jim Shooter seems to be spelling out his name more fully now. It might be because I started a running joke that I didn't know who "Shoop" was. Others picked up on it and I saw my joke comment posted elsewhere.
Stan The Man Lee ONLINE_209 7 4 yearsONLINE_209 (1867): watch some videos on youtube and you can see some of the cool stuff that was signed
grading a book with both kinds of sigs Comicbookzach 8 4 yearsJeremy_K (841): The date on the label lets people know that was witnessed (plus it's cheaper to slab)
Police chatter so other threads aren't.... Towmater Jump to first page46Jump to last page 4 yearsHOGLEG (326): Great movie
tts barely breaks color DarthLego 22 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): @DrWatson what's your malfunction man?
Mother Panic yamada69 3 4 yearstonnage71 (645): Don't bother. Started off good and became unreadable by issue #5.
Family Feud: Gilligan's Island Vs. Batman DarthLego 17 4 yearsFoghorn_Sam (3732): Looking back at these old 60's shows, they were as corny as (insert explicative), yet these shows and their actors/actresses hold a certain fondness and respect from the fans that has held up over the years. I think the term used to describe these shows was/is "camp" or "campy". They were almost like cartoons done with live action. They were so ridiculous they were fun. Even some shows that started out with more serious tones...
What is a crease worth? imagejock 11 4 yearsBrianGreensnips (9652): @imagejock Yeah in the 9.0+ range. Definetely better than a 7.5.
Magik Appreciation (And A quest) JLS_Comics 17 4 yearsJLS_Comics (5463): I just got this one in the mail
Does this look like shill bidding on ebay? kaptainmyke Jump to first page133Jump to last page 4 yearsThanatos (3201): @vabchgent Oh I know, I'm pretty sure my mom had them on Japanese VHS and I never understood any of it but I still loved watching it and playing with the toys. I recently bought the whole series on DVD for like $5 and plan to watch it when I get back. I used to pretend I had a beta capsule and would transform and fight monsters in my room, would usually defeat them right before my color timer would expire, ahhhh good times.
I went to half priced books today kaptainmyke Jump to first page68Jump to last page 4 yearskaptainmyke (26586): It's a 9.6 newsstand edition copy of Amazing Spider-man #400. It has the die cut embossed cover, and it features the death of Aunt May, somewhat a minor key issue. Even mint they go for just $20 so one dollar sounds like a deal to me
One more Friday Thread... Zombiebigfoot 25 4 yearsRedshade (1112): As I am retired, living week to week on my pension, I cannot really afford to keep this book, therefore I am open to offers should anyone be interested. Payment via Paypal to cover both seller and buyer.
When a LCS asks 2x Market Value . . .? 00slim 26 4 yearsKiloGraham (1337): Brick and mortar stores don't need to exist nowadays. If a shop owner tried to tell me they charge more for their merchandise because they have rent and overhead I'd tell them that it's their choice to operate a store instead of an online business. Just like its the customers choice to buy or not to buy.
star wars vol 2 7a 7th printing mattbanks Jump to first page38Jump to last page 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): Ben Affleck is perfect for Bruce Wayne. He has all the right character traits.
So this just happened... DarthLego 12 4 yearskaptainmyke (26586): Sometimes I wish I could autoreply life imo
Tips on choosing candidates for Pressing? 00slim 29 4 yearsDrogio (6652): Honestly, I as thinking the same thing...I know pressers that charge extra...I didn't think flippers comment was You guys are both being snarky now. Get out of the sandbox, both of you! Now! Sorry...been yelling at both my kids most of the day. 😜
Re-Grade Question Ratamacue 6 4 yearsRatamacue (1): THANK YOU everyone for your valuable input. Means a lot!!!
modern comic mattbanks 11 4 yearsmattbanks (10): yes, resale
submitting mini series mattbanks 5 4 yearsmattbanks (10): ty my friends
How soon is #soon? (Magazines!) 00slim 15 4 yearsDarthLego (20517):
Bell Gardens CA 90201 P.O. mattness 30 4 yearsSavage_Spawn (1904): One of my income sources is poker tournaments. I've played the past two years in their WSOP series at the Bicycle Casino over several days. You are not that far off, Darth. It feels like you are in a foreign country if you walk around that area.
2 missing star wars issues mattbanks 14 4 yearsmattbanks (10): had them mislabeled. that's why i didn't find them. they've corrected it.
What kind of jack wagon... DarthLego 14 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): *
how do i tell pedigree of my books? mattbanks 10 4 yearsmattbanks (10): okay ty
doctor solar issue 5 mattbanks 16 4 yearsmattbanks (10): yes it is he told me a 6.5 raw grade in that area sent me a pic of better grade issue and sent me 0.5-1.5 grade raw. that's why ex-friend sold to me $12.00
Growing trend of window bag signing comics kaptainmyke Jump to first page100Jump to last page 4 yearsverbogyrater (220): Yes, I did.
Remove polybag, or no? 00slim 6 4 yearsSavage_Spawn (1904): I have one of the Spiderman #1 Canadian version I submitted that was still in the polybag. Of course it's tougher to see but the comic looked NM+. I didn't want to risk dinging it up and will let them handle it. Curious how or if they annotate that action but either way will be fine.
First Appearance of Him (Adam Warlock) CaptainCanuck 9 4 yearsFoghorn_Sam (3732): For all the big build up in FF 66-67, we barely get to see "Him" at the end. It's like the ending was crammed into the last few really small panels. His debut out the cocoon should have been one of those full page panels, now that would have been impressive.
DC Super Pack ... break open or not? Tedsaid 28 4 yearsBigRedOne1944 (8249): I agree, open them. If your planning on Subbing them for grading you need to be able to access the book's condition and that can only be achieved by opening them.
T-Rex invasion? DarthLego 14 4 yearsDarthLego (20517):
Silver / Golden Age Bags too wide for Box? J_Walker 12 4 yearsQuaBrot (1510): @Savage_Spawn I use 2 liter soda boxes I get from the supermarket - fits slabs perfectly and built to hold a lot of weight. Only downside is they don't have a top. But you can't beat the price!
ASM 365/Spidey 2099 00slim 17 4 years00slim (11795): So, for the Toybiz variant of Spidey 2099 #1, I've found the best strategy is to buy the figure MIB. The comic alone costs as much if not more than the Legends figure it came with, new & sealed. I figure it's also my best bet for getting a copy in decent shape. I've made offers on just about every one for sale on e-bay at the moment & scored three at a decent price. This has been a fun little hunt. Hopefully it pays off.
Another Rick and Morty #1 Spine Wear Edition Thanatos Jump to first page57Jump to last page 4 yearsTowmater (8226): I used to say that about Walking Dead #1.
Which book can you simply not pass up on? jrs Jump to first page39Jump to last page 4 yearsspideyfan68 (55): Great Choice!! One of my favorite Romita Covers:heart:
JSC Avengers #8 DarthLego 19 4 yearsThorneArt (1216): I picked up my first JSC set of variants, I am a huge fan of Jean Grey and Phoenix, I had to have them. :) He almost got me on the X-men covers, but I didn't pull the trigger. I get the updates, but usually pass, I will be passing on the MJ covers too.
American Entertainment Exclusives JLS_Comics 26 4 yearsX51 (14702):
Now this CGC case is questionable... jrs Jump to first page39Jump to last page 4 yearsDarthLego (20517):
Question About 4 Mil Mylar mattness Jump to first page50Jump to last page 4 yearsCopperAgeKids (3715): Yeah, that's no fun. I usually just cut the tape, whenever I buy raws off ebay...99% of dealers/sellers on ebay don't know how to package books. Btw, you're safer off taking a shary box cutter blade, along the top of the polybag, while the book lies on a flat surface.That's what I do, personally.
manufacturing error? Comic_guys 2 4 yearsBrianGreensnips (9652): Don't forget to upload the photo or scan.
CBCS: Will you slab comic-sized magazines? Darkga 5 4 yearsDarkga (4722): I'll measure it when I get home, but I'm pretty sure it will be within the measurements. That first picture is of it in a Silver Age bag with board. Thanks!
A very Sticky situation! Savage_Spawn 6 4 yearsSavage_Spawn (1904): Crazy, I know. It's a local CD music store. They have thousands of used and new CDs with some vinyl racks. All kinds of music related products. They also have in one corner 4 to 5 long boxes of used comic books. The vast majority of their labels are on the outside of the bag but you do get the occasional direct to comic sticker as well. I've pointed it out to them and it's much more rare now. You still get a stray once in awhile. You can see...
Your average wait time without Fast Pass? 00slim 7 4 years00slim (11795): Understandable. I appreciate the info. I'm considering investing in more books to flip. As such, wait time is time the books aren't on the market. I'm sort of torn. I collect Silver Age books & I love hunting for the right book at the right price. I love collecting for that matter. When I find a nice key book at a steal it's exciting. But dipping my toe into the retail side of things, where I have money tied into books for the sake of...
Dc universe rebirth? Savage_Spawn 22 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): Finally a reason for me to buy Superman, I hope they keep Fabok on the button covers.
Ashcan/mini comics 00slim 12 4 yearscomicsforme (2356): $40 for ashcans $5 for signed plus $25 for shipping and canot get screening if signed. Thats what i was told.
Welcome to the CBCS Forum! SteveRicketts Jump to first page530Jump to last page 4 yearsrec1978 (64): Hello All, I am new to the CBCS boards, but I have been around the block a little while (EBay for 16 years and CGC Chat Boards (same user id) for 4 years). If you see anything in my EBay store that you like, please feel free to shoot me a PM! Cheers, Ron As a side note: I am sending my first book, for CBCS Submission, today! ...
Cited: 15 times Image Ripped off Marvel(CBR) kaptainmyke 14 4 yearskaptainmyke (26586):
Happy Memorial Day All and Remember .... JLS_Comics 14 4 yearsBigRedOne1944 (8249): In addition to Cards and Comic Books I am also involved in the 1/6 Scale(GI Joe)hobby. Most of my custom made figures and Dioramas are made to pay homage to all the Brave Men and Women who made the sacrifice to preserve the Freedoms we have in this country, that most take for granted. FREEDOM is NOT Free ...
Cover Damage J_Walker 20 4 yearsshrewbeer (13216): And that's why the choice is clear 😎🍺
Question on cleaning and comic restoration bige31 5 4 yearsbige31 (1710): So is that something that is easy for someone to do and is it relatively inexpensive?
Dentedteeth #1. Savage_Spawn 6 4 yearsSavage_Spawn (1904): I'll be in a very nice motel, but they don't have valet parking... not that im a valet perking type personality anyvaays...
What do you do for a living? Jonny004 Jump to first page99Jump to last page 4 yearsCopperAgeKids (3715): Owner/operator of a small landscape construction company. I buy/sell comics on the side.
Help with grade 3.0, 4.0, better? 00slim 26 4 years00slim (11795): @BrianGreensnips I purchased it in person & didnt really notice the darker spot. It shows a little more now, in the slab.
Comic-Con submissions question. Savage_Spawn 13 4 yearsSavage_Spawn (1904): Hmm, forgot about the raw grade option. Maybe take in a couple extra if the comic warrants it. Thanks for the tips.
Processing Order - Incorrect listings redi311 5 4 yearsredi311 (1): Thanks for the info Steve. I was just wanting to make sure I could save some QC time or whoever's time would be spent fixing it since I can clearly see what is wrong before it even got to them. I'll sit tight and let them do their job, I just wanted to ensure I had done anything i could to save someone from one of those "that isn't what i see here" moments.
In theory. Options? What would you do? Savage_Spawn 18 4 yearsX51 (14702): I've bought may comics over the years and thought "this would be a good restoration project" I've also learned about myself that I'm not going to do it. Now I just stick to buying comics that I accept as they are.
Where do people come up with these prices ? vabchgent 21 4 yearsDrogio (6652): Why get upset about what others are asking/pricing their books at. there's plenty of auctions of raw books whose prices start well above the actual sales of the same book in the same condition...some sellers just don't do their research...typically they are the ones that post one picture too...a low resolution pic of the front. If anything, that hurts raw book sales more than anything...laziness and dishonesty...with a slabbed book you know...
Pence Comics ThorneArt 24 4 yearsThanatos (3201): How does CBCS grade a comic with these types of pence stamps? I found a silver age grail of mine on ebay for a great price in FN condition but it has a "10p" stamp near the title. Would they deduct points for it?
SOLVED: opened SS#4 not missing page 31 kaptainmyke 24 4 yearsIsz_A (19): Did you just lose the yellow label too? oops say it was verified sig.....label looked yellow.
Adding a missing page kaptainmyke 21 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): @SteveRicketts Facts: Steve could press that guy a six pack.
Storing Comics in General Themaxx35 8 4 yearsBrianGreensnips (9652): @shrewbeer Yep. Edgar's books where in the basement and in a basement closet. I keep mine in the basement away from the wall. They start about 3 feet off the floor on custom wooden shelves in a room. Then I run a dehumidifier in the room year round except in the winter when it is already drier. It also helps that all my books over about $20 in value are in Myler bags with half back boards. I feel very comfortable with this set up.
Florida? KingNampa 24 4 yearsjrs (1864): Do the founders/executives live there?
What does this mean? ComicE2 24 4 yearsdielinfinite (18168): I kinda do this with duplicate books and 9.8s already. If I submit two copies of a book and one comes back a 9.8 and one a 9.6 or 9.4, I'm pretty okay with selling the 9.8 and keeping the slightly lower grade for myself
Comic con question. Savage_Spawn 14 4 yearsSavage_Spawn (1904): I have the "nerd" aspect of this well covered, so it is not an issue!! Some great suggestions guys. I still have more than a week to plot my plan of attack, but you all have provided some great options, thanks a lot!!!
Cited: Marvel Likely Cancelling 30 titles kaptainmyke Jump to first page78Jump to last page 4 yearsGrayspeedster (406): This is how I do 90% of my current book buying. High print runs equal nearly no potential for increase in value and extremely high potential to depreciate. I buy books I love 1st, but those tend to be G,S,B age! Most of what I want from the modern/current age is indie, obscure, low print run, Mature only. I support some titles from the big 2 but I find myself buying more of their #1s and only a few titles do I actually buy to read. Even then,...
Encapsulate If Fail - CBCS Signature VSP flikhype 12 4 yearsflikhype (7): Thanks Steve.
ASM #300 Style Cover Collection. BabaLament 2 4 yearsdielinfinite (18168): While I can't guarantee that it's comprehensive (though the site is generally very well organized), here's a list of ASM 300 homages
Where to Submit for Worldwide Collectors flikhype 7 4 yearsflikhype (7): Thank you all for the friendly advices. Really appreciate it. thank you again.
Help & Advice - George Perez OpiePride 13 4 yearsKingNampa (6756): @OrbitCityComics
POLL: 1948 BLUE BEETLE 54, CGC 3.0 kaptainmyke Jump to first page36Jump to last page 4 yearskaptainmyke (26586):
How Do You Identify a 9.8? Drogio Jump to first page44Jump to last page 4 yearsbennyb86 (400): IMHO its kinda of a game of roulette between the 9.6 and 9.8. One big thing to look for is ANY spine or staple defects and also look to see all the corners are sharp and square and have no "grab" or "bump" marks
Star Wars #68 Question for CBCS DarthLego 29 4 yearsZosoRocks (1847): I wonder what Marvel considers this issue to be?
CBCS New Comic Slab mattness 6 4 yearsDarthLego (20517):
Female cheracters that deserve more love? 00slim Jump to first page34Jump to last page 4 yearsThanatos (3201): Would love more Zatanna in the DC Universe.
CBCS Onsite Raw Grading Grayspeedster 8 4 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): DARTH LEGO's mobile command grading vehicle.
Your personal Holy Grail? 00slim Jump to first page53Jump to last page 4 yearsmartymann (36638): I know it's a remainder copy but this DETECTIVE #165 from November 1950 contains the story "The Strange Costumes of Batman" which displays a whole array of BATMAN costumes. mm
Star Wars' Doctor Aphra Wins! JLS_Comics 14 4 yearsBrianGreensnips (9652): I have to check it out. Thanks guys
Shipping costs how much verbogyrater 9 4 years00slim (11795): 5 books cost me $30 last month, not bad at all. If your order consists of several tiers, you save a lot on shipping waiting for your order to ship together.
CBCS ASP Fee Question Grayspeedster 12 4 yearsbennyb86 (400): Perfect, thank you! That was the way it was explained to me by customer service as well but got a bit confused for a second.
Qualified Maths DarthLego 3 4 yearsshrewbeer (13216): What he said 👆🏻 I had a 1946 MM#1 that looked NM+, only defects were bottom staple detached and slight sun shadow. Came back a flat 7.0
Sending in my first book tips imagejock 6 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): I think there's already two or three threads that have covered how to package comics for shipping.
CGC to CBCS yellow label regrade question DarthLego 5 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): Would be nice if CBCS gave us a field to type in notes like "sketch by Joe Blow on back cover."
Please grade Peter Laird's file copy TMNT #1 kaptainmyke 26 4 yearskaptainmyke (26586): Looks like Jim Lawson and Michael Dooney. Nice. Love Lawson's loose style and the contrasting Dooney's tight style.
Artist First Work-Dan Jurgens? Themaxx35 2 4 yearsOxbladder (1006): Dan's first pencilling job was Warlord. Why others claim otherwise I would chalk up to lack of research or they don't count non-superhero work as work. Batman 359 came months later.
New Mutants #48 Newsstand Jeweler Variant 00slim 17 4 years00slim (11795): I'd figure 9.2 is realistic. You're right, it probably isn't worth it.
The "White Whale" Thread kaptainmyke Jump to first page73Jump to last page 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): A pod of white whales for everyone!
Re-holder, or re-slab? 00slim Jump to first page34Jump to last page 4 yearsZombie_Head (1703): Despain I believed you I was just letting everyone know Erin is wrong because I opened one of the new cases and no micro chamber paper. It was just FYI.... unless it has Changed since that book was slabbed in a new case by cgc.
Please grade this Batman Adventures 12 kaptainmyke Jump to first page90Jump to last page 4 yearskaptainmyke (26586): I love this new label btw. Don't ever change, brah. (DECB)
Would you pay $1 for a NM/M comic book? Savage_Spawn 6 4 yearsBrianGreensnips (9652): Yeah. Definitiely buy what you like and you will not be dissapointed. I normally don't buy too many dollar books. Unless it was worth a lot more and they did not know what they had. I would rather selectively by the books that I really want. This way I don't have a ton of dollar books that I need to move around. I just got rid of 3cshort boxes of bronze age books. They were mostly vg to very fine. I have been purging the lower grade stuff to...
Using Bronze Membership Perks? redi311 4 4 yearsredi311 (1): Thanks that helps!
magazine size comics CBCS slabs??? 1952MB Jump to first page53Jump to last page 4 years1952MB (25): CBCS we need Comic Magazine slabs, please make it happen this year.
Factory defect off set staple b00ch 8 4 yearsjrs (1864): So as for the Ms. Marvel, I'd be curious to know whether there'd be an impact at all given that it's evidently a production defect.
Question About Statues jrs 8 4 yearsZosoRocks (1847): Boxes usually increase value 25-50%.
FYI: Prepping books for signatures. Gabriel85301 1 4 yearsGabriel85301 (1748): In the last several days so many people have been asking on different web sites and social media how to properly prep books for signatures and since we are now in to CON Season, I'd thought I would share my own method. I seen a lot of people prep comics for signatures different ways. I am sure you can all find video or page on how to properly prep a book for signatures, I just try and take it a step further so there isn't a big gaping hole...
Amazing Spider-man #194 newsie mark jeweler kaptainmyke 5 4 yearskaptainmyke (26586): I can get it pressed after I get it signed with a yellow label, too!
Filling out the form online for drop off? 00slim 3 4 yearsSirtoddington (1012): sometimes i use cash but last year I had a TON of crap to get graded so i used my CC then. it's not "cash only" at cons. That's why there's the CC area o the form. As long as they have the form that you filled out online all filled out correctly there should be no issues whatsoever with any payment options. Your card info will be attatched to that invoice #. I actually fill my forms out online, print them & send them with my books...
Help finding a book dielinfinite 5 4 yearsdielinfinite (18168): @DarthLego I would but I'm far more likely to get a dvd with the standard cover, or one with no comic at all.
Jim Lee Spider-Man? bythegram 5 4 yearsbythegram (421): Thanks all! I knew I could count on this forum.
How do you look up invoice numbers from 3rd? kaptainmyke 6 4 yearskaptainmyke (26586): Ok I got them in received status imo
SW Celebration Live - Link ZosoRocks 14 4 yearsZosoRocks (1847): It was good today.....interesting to say the least. I watched the trailer...twice with the crowd!! Did you notice the "watching now" count in YouTube? Over 100K people.....NICE! And that was just youtube. Can you imagine the other streaming sites and those counts. Lots and lots of people like this franchise...and many like me.....have since 1977. ;o)
CBCS Staff Immortal? KingNampa 3 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): Although considering the power of the two Steve' never know.
Has anyone shipped using a FedEx account? Kaleljll 16 4 yearsKaleljll (406): Yeah I wouldn't even need close to that. I'm getting ready to send 20 books into CBCS for grading but I don't sell anything or ship anything other than that.
Free services W/Bronze membership question Kaleljll 5 4 yearsKaleljll (406): Great tip, my cart has 20 books in it at the moment. I was thinking the same thing. Thanks again brotha
Deleting Invoices ComicE2 3 4 yearsComicE2 (25): Wow, ok well they will go by the bar code anyway. That should be a option. Thank you for the help.
Who's on PSN? kaptainmyke 25 4 yearsJustThatGuy (3059): Steam FTW
When is the next comic era and who decides? Themaxx35 Jump to first page100Jump to last page 4 yearsDarthLego (20517):
Dan Panosian - interview on Sideshow Live ZosoRocks 1 4 yearsZosoRocks (1847): Personally, I'm not a FB participant, but thought I would share. Cheers!
Reviews of IRON FIST coming in, not good... kaptainmyke Jump to first page87Jump to last page 4 yearsno1lufcfan (2236): I’m probably one of the few that like ALL the Marvel Netflix shows. I don’t take them that seriously for acting/direction/etc etc I just enjoy them. Just bizzed through Iron Fist Luke Cage and JJ in the last few weeks and both me and “er in doors” liked them. Love DD btw :D
Is This The Worst 2.0 Ever? jrs Jump to first page37Jump to last page 4 yearsjrs (1864): This seems to capture the condition best; and the quote would fit nicely in the out-of-context quote thread, also!
Comic link frustration - please help Drogio 6 4 yearsDrogio (6652): I will contact them tomorrow... But before I bid on anything else.
Weird printing error? MichelleErika 4 4 yearsMichelleErika (1): Thank you!
Authorized witness Rogue1369 6 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): As far as I know Steve Paulus is still a CBCS employee, I never heard otherwise.
Signature Verification Question jrs 3 4 yearsjrs (1864): Thanks @SteveRicketts. Much appreciated.
Need advice from experienced CON People KingNampa 12 4 yearsKingNampa (6756): Thanks for the advice all. I bought the package. I hate waiting in long lines. 😁
Should I get my comic(s) graded. KaseyArt 23 4 yearsThemaxx35 (2462): Fat bottomed girls you make the rocking world go 'round!
STOLEN BOOK - Action Comics #44 - CBCS 6.5 WalkinWillie 3 4 yearsQuaBrot (1510): Report to CGC as well in case the their tries to "launder" the book by getting it regraded (don't know if they have a way to do that?)
WonderCon CBCS Meetup! dielinfinite 17 4 yearsearthshaker01 (15289): @ThorneArt I don't really know you, but maybe you have seen some of my comics posts. I'll be there I'll swing by
New Mutants98 CBCS 9.8 Mark Jewelers Variant Carmbad 10 4 yearsHomer (1010): GPa does not identify if it's a mark jewelers edition. However if you check the Cgc bar code you will get the notation if it is the MJ. By looking at GPa a New Mutants 98 9.8 sold earlier in March for 1025.00 and it is a Cgc 9.8 Mark Jewelers variant. Likely the reason for the highest recorded sale for 2017. GPA does not track CBCS sales.
Will CBCS grade X-O Manowar 1:500 metalcover JLS_Comics 12 4 yearsBigRig (2004): So on site grading only? Im only joking..
Question for CBCS on ZOO FUNNIES #101 (#1) martymann 6 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): Well it says right on the wiki that Children Comics Publishing is/was a division of Charlton. CGC are turds.
Membership Questions mattness Jump to first page41Jump to last page 4 yearsMathyus_42 (317): Not sure who to thank, but my membership date has been fixed. :D:beer::(|)
"Sun" Shadows on Comics QuaBrot 6 4 yearsCFP_Comics (3608): They can be caused by dust or oxidation from the sun. In some instances, the sun can cause the edges to become brittle which would greatly impact the grade. In most cases they are done on a sliding scale, the greater the shadow and brittleness, the greater the impact on the overall grade. There is no way to say it is half a grade hit or one full grade, etc.
Correcting CGC Label Mistakes DarthLego 2 4 yearsSpiderTim (2405): I'm pretty sure they don't take names from a CGC label so you should be okay if they have the correct info in their database.
IDW DISNEY VARIANTS slq955 7 4 yearsslq955 (31): It really has been, I have all of the other variants but this one. They've stopped doing the 1:25 and switched to being a 1:10 going into 2016.
Overhang?? Do Not Encapsulate? KingNampa 29 4 yearsFoghorn_Sam (3732): There we go, the raw grade service has found its niche market.
Rai #0 - glossy or matte? ZosoRocks 21 4 yearsKanaloa (180): Correct, but you said Bloodshot 0 which is why I corrected it to RAI 0 and Eternal Warrior 4. Eternal Warrior 4 is considered the first appearance of Bloodshot by most and is the one to get out of the two but RAI 0 is still good to have.
New Books For This Week? JLS_Comics 15 4 yearsdpiercy (4122): I can't get a light week it seems.
Favorite Titles From Defunct Publishers? JLS_Comics Jump to first page51Jump to last page 4 yearsKav (1821):
TRADING OFFERS - TMNT First Printing #1 kaptainmyke Jump to first page39Jump to last page 4 yearskaptainmyke (26586):
Should I?? Sirtoddington 21 4 yearscseale0223 (767): I say go for it. As a fan you would be disappointed if you didnt do it and look back on this chance. And yes I would do one of the miniseries that it follows probably the one with the cover that is your favorite.
1st Cameo vs 1st Full Apperance KingNampa Jump to first page54Jump to last page 4 yearsTowmater (8226): They can be had for next to nothing compared to Hulk #180's. For me, Taskmaster has one of the more interesting power sets in the Marvel Universe. I wish that more people enjoyed the character. If they used him in the a Deadpool movie as the villain, and wrote his interaction like Joe Kelly did in the comics the character would become a major force. The banter between him and Deadpool in the Joe Kelly written comics is perfect.
Elseworlds 80 page - Issue with Ripples?? nikki666666 13 4 yearsCFP_Comics (3608): This can be eliminated or greatly reduced. I have worked on 4-5 copies of this book in the past and had excellent results.
Stan Lee "Bubble"? KingNampa Jump to first page189Jump to last page 4 yearsKingNampa (6756): Ok. Fun officially killed in this thread. I'm out. Thanks again @DocBrown for enlightening us/we/I...
Signature on interior page (best method) bythegram 14 4 yearsBrianGreensnips (9652): This frame was onlt about $12. at IKEA.
Submission Address Dshel61 4 4 yearsDertyComix (799): @Dshel61 any time, now may the luck of the drunk Irish be with you.
How badly will binder holes effect the grade HarRes Jump to first page67Jump to last page 4 yearszosocane (640): Agree with CAK. And the date stamp/ink stamp doesn't affect the grade in that condition.
Is anyone going to La Mole Con 3/17--3/19? kaptainmyke 8 4 yearskaptainmyke (26586): sweet haven't I bought from you before? let me know please and thank you
Batman's Grandpa? JLS_Comics 25 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): NASA is just a front for Wayne Enterprises. :beer:
Price check please? FootNote 3 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): Police Comics #69: 4.0 (VG) $48 Planet Comics #38: 3.0 (G/VG) $192 John Carter of Mars (Four Color) #375: 2.0 (GD) $32
How do you add pictures to submissions? ZosoRocks 3 4 yearsZosoRocks (1847): Thanks!
System Data Migration Process banthahunter 4 4 yearsDeadpoolica (852): 😂😂😂😂 lmao that sums it up perfectly 🍻
Batman #1 WB VIP Studio Tour - Questions DarthLego 12 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): I do understant that CGC and CBCS are "properly" labeling it according to the Indicia that DC put on it. And under 99.99% of circumstances that would make perfect sense and wouldn't cause any issues or concern. BUT My argument is: Someone at DC is a bonehead! And the comic collecting community shouldn't get stuck with an erroneous looking label just because someone at DC is a bonehead! :(|) The book absolutely is a...
Submit Comics - Dashboard - Feature Request DarthLego 4 4 yearsjrs (1864): Great idea.
Low #1 CBCS 9.9 Ratamacue 1 4 yearsRatamacue (1): I've seen 2 Low #1 Newbury CBCS 9.9's. Looking to buy. Much appreciated:)
How Do I Break It To Her Lightly? JLS_Comics 18 4 yearsBrianGreensnips (9652): @JLS_Comics Your welcome.
Marvel Graphic Novel #4 6th Printing Ver.2 JLS_Comics 13 4 yearsLogan510 (2415): Just out of curiosity, would you accuse them of stealing from eBay if they sell a book from their site that is also listed on eBay? Wouldn't they be using ebay to advertise their books for free?
The Wawa Collection FootNote 17 4 yearsmattness (1467): Each time I read Wawa it reminds me of Charlie Brown..wah wah wah :D
Sell Comics, Start a Business? four_loko_dude Jump to first page39Jump to last page 4 yearspoka (19417): Do the 8/10% cover all fees (e.g. Ebay and shipping) as they sell a lot of their items on eBay or only applicable to their auctions?
Sold comics you wished you hadn't! daywalker 28 4 yearsD84 (1539): This one, but I just closed a deal for a replacement copy.
DKIII Master Race #7 1:500 Jim Lee Variant DarthLego Jump to first page112Jump to last page 4 yearsTowmater (8226): RMA, everything posted on the forum isn't in reference to you. I did not quote your post to make mine a response to it. My view was and is a general message about walls of text. Glad I could clear that up for you.
Scan Question BradT 5 4 yearsdrchaos (19803): Found it: clickable text
Finding a comics worth, to slab or not. FootNote 12 4 yearsBrianGreensnips (9652): @FootNote One more important thing. It is ALL about condition. Unless it is a real Key then the condition may not be as critical especially looking for books in the wild.
Raw Grade Stickers? Zarbongo 8 4 yearsZosoRocks (1847): Nice....this may pan out better than I thought. Thanks DL!
Fed Ex Ground S*cks Donkey B*lls mattness 25 4 yearsDarthLego (20517):
Black Science Ratamacue 1 4 yearsRatamacue (1): Does anyone have or know if a Black Science #1 CBCS 9.9 exists & if so would you be willing to sell it?
Do Reholders have the photo option? DarthLego 2 4 yearsKinzebac (826): I sent in a book for reholdering and was not given this option when I made the order online. Maybe I just missed it. I really wish I could have done this.
Good Mylar for the new cbcs and cgc slabs JCage 29 4 yearsdpiercy (4122): 😂 @BigRig
Will pressing improve this grade? KingNampa 6 4 yearsCopperAgeKids (3715): The feathering on the spine is production related, in this book it looks particularly pronounced so the book gets downgraded.....probably not by as much as you may think, though. I have yet to see a single copy of Preacher 1, Sandman 1 and Infinity Gauntlet 1 in CBCS 9.8 or CGC 9.8, that did NOT have some degree of feathering. Hard to say without a FC and BC scan but based on only the notes provided and the (not very illuminating) pic, a CPR...
Centerfold Reinforced jrs 9 4 yearsjrs (1864): @IronMan, thanks much for the insight. My curiosity arose because of those label notations.
Question about comics from different Era's enaz13 20 4 yearsenaz13 (659): I'll check that out, thanks!
The Most Affordable Pedigrees? DarthLego 15 4 yearssuckerv (88): Did they really? I have a Penn. Dutch Ms. Marvel. How would they go about verifying its authenticity? Mine came with a little notation on the invoice. I ask because the only option in the pull down menu when submitting a book is the "Pennsylvania Copy," which I assume is the actual Steve Geppi Pennsylvania Pedigree. Would I just put in under the variant?
Should I risk a press or just reholder it? Darkga 16 4 yearsearthshaker01 (15289): Never had a problem with square bound. I have done tons of Dell giants and other square bounds. I tell ya based on the minor flaws @Stronguy pointed out, plus any other things that could happen once removed I would stick with the 9.6 as is, buy a 9.8 , then sell the 9.6 to recoup some of the 9.8 cost and be done with it. I mean you have to pay a presser, pay for regrading, and run the risk of something happening to the book once it's out and...
Dreaded Marvel Chipping QuaBrot 16 4 yearsQuaBrot (1510): Ah, OK, yes that is clear now. Wasn't thinking along those lines. Book nor its image were neither trimmed nor cropped nor altered in any way shape nor form.
Star Wars Vol. 1 #42 question Bay3Bob 13 4 yearsJeremy_K (841): anyone have a nm raw for sale?
Any updates with C2E2? XIrishX 9 4 yearsHelric1 (3270): Here's this in case it wasn't noticed
Subscription tiers Sin 3 4 yearsSin (79): @JWKyle no I didn't. Thank you. Looking through a phone sucks compared to a desktop.
Question on Dashboard huskershawn69 3 4 yearshuskershawn69 (61): Thanks, will do in a few. Not an emergency situation. Enjoy your evening.
Should Lyria break out CBCS graded comics? whetteon 8 4 yearsconditionfreak (11282): I think it is fine just the way it is. The more info, the better informed I can be. I can ascertain the difference between CGC and CBCS on each and every book listing/info. That is all I need. I don't like CGC, but it doesn't burn my eyes when I read the letters "C G C". Not even a little.
Submitting books (packaging) Jellybeanbaked420 9 4 yearsDertyComix (799): Oh I know. I would be like a fat kid in a twinkie factory, All the money youbwould save on bags and boards of that quality. Hell if they need a part time janitor i would do it if they paied me in mylar bags and boards.
Steve McNiven Original Art djinn155 3 4 yearsSpiderTim (2405): His art representative is Spencer Beck and here is a link to what is available for sale. I don't see any OA from Monsters Unleashed but you can contact him and ask him if he will or if there is any still available. Before buying from another collector I first go back to basics and see if the art representative, artist or inker has the art available if non do then I seek other options such as CAF,...
Pre-ordering 9.8 books (new releases) Drogio 26 4 yearsJesse_O (23573): Regarding the Dell'otto Iron Fist #1 - this is a variant from The Comic Mint. It is not listed for sale yet. It's my understanding that it will go up for sale on Sunday the 19th.
Emerald City Comic Con CBCS Witnessed Sig?? KingNampa 8 4 yearsZosoRocks (1847): It is starting to appear this way. Auctions jrs 9 4 yearsComicdey (307): Some deals to be had on raw copies
Looking for the owner of this Supergirl art DarthLego 14 4 yearsThe_Curmudgeon (1357): Sewer run-off.
Help Identifying a Marat Mychaels page Towmater 8 4 years1243782365 (503): When you google Marat Mychaels why does Rob Liefelds wikipedia page show up? Is that just me?
Fees..just saying.... Johnnylray 26 4 yearsno1lufcfan (2236): Thanks for the info and update I’ll get around to submitting some books some time. Just wish I had done it a few years ago before I sold a lot of my keys inc X-Men 94 and GS 1/ASM 300 x 3 and Iron Man 1 x 2…. still needs must at the time :oops:
Convention season Master-List? Odins_Raven 3 4 yearsOdins_Raven (2389): Thank you!
Advice on Tape KingNampa 12 4 yearsKingNampa (6756): Hi. Ya true their website lists 8 months for minor restoration work must have a long waitlist. But in my case the tape was minor and I'm a regular customer so he gave me a fast pass. LOL. If this is your first time sending something to Hero Restoration I wouldn't expect to get the anything faster than the 8 months listed on his website. But I highly recommend Hero Restoration they do great work.
CGC at 20 business day Modern turn time? Kaleljll Jump to first page55Jump to last page 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): @IronMan Thanks for all that information. :beer:
Signed Jack Kirby comic found! CBCS Worthy? Johnnylray 30 4 yearsJohnnylray (2656): I'm on the fence with all this DF concerns..I may just keep the book , not slabbed, and pass it down to my kids.let them worry about real vs fake. and save myself $47 plus bucks. kind of bums me out that even though it was a limited, it could be fake. and I have a stack of DF books from 91-94 that Have COAs'. Ray/RI
CBCS Forum Buy/Sell/Trade Feedback Thread Darkga 19 4 yearsDertyComix (799): Seller:@AndyRexia Feedback: Positive Comments: Great Seller, quick shipping, Thanks for the help. Seller: @kaptainmyke Feedback: Positive Comments Great seller, quick shipping, good communication.
Interview with John Tyler Christopher JLS_Comics 9 4 yearsvacaboca (1007): Better late than never... here's a picture of the book. It was just a quick sketch, but may be the only Jar Jar cover JTC does :)
Dashboard picutres Themaxx35 9 4 yearsdielinfinite (18168): Thanks! It's definitely one of my favorites
Archer & Armstrong #0 Grade It. 1forchrist 4 4 yearsdrchaos (19803): My guess would be between a 9.2 and a 9.6 depending on what side of the bed the grader wakes up on. Between a 9.2, 9.4, and a 9.6 I think a 9.6 would be possible but the least likley.
Walking dead 27 printing error value?? kandrcomics 5 4 yearsZosoRocks (1847): This is a good topic that should have its own thread.... What printing / manufacturing error books do you own? I'm gonna start one up.
Does CBCS tell you when comics are received? Kaleljll 6 4 yearsKaleljll (406): Yeah they updated me right away. I really like that they do that. Feels like they are on top of it.
To "Asterisk" or not to "Asterisk" ZosoRocks 18 4 yearsdielinfinite (18168): @Rafel I suppose they are relatively rare but there isn't really a ton of demand for them, similar to how CGC's other specialty labels don't command a significant premium over the standard label for the same book, grade, and signature. Wizard First 9.5s have recently sold for anywhere between $15 and $70 but rarely for any significant amount more, and often a bit less than the same book in a Universal 9.4 or 9.6 grade
What kind of label will this get? DarthLego 5 4 yearsdielinfinite (18168): You will get a red label that says something like: "Witnessed Sig: Your Name Verified Sig: Creator's Name"
ComicLink wait list Helric1 2 4 yearsDarkga (4722): I have tried it, but never got contacted back. Why does it take them so long to complete the transaction? Either that or remove the book so I don't have to be reminded of what I missed. :(
Scanning questions drchaos Jump to first page49Jump to last page 4 yearsdrchaos (19803): The scanner is so fast. It is so much easier putting up ebay listings now. I am a happy customer.
Doctor Strange question catrick339 11 4 yearsshrewbeer (13216): My wife absolutely loved the movie, but I missed it so have to wait for DVD. She's not one to like shitty comic movies either (ex SS sucked). .02
Signatures on books - detract or entice? ZosoRocks Jump to first page33Jump to last page 4 yearsRyanHicks (1974): These are thinner acid free permanent markers and this is the best thin-point gold marker you can get for signings (it is absolutely beautiful) but it is also one you need to give a few seconds to dry
ASM 300 Reprint Djnaz 11 4 yearsDjnaz (4): Thanks for the information guys. It's highly appreciated. I'm leaning towards getting it graded just deciding between cgc or cbcs and if I want mr Lee and Mr McFarlane signatures. Kinda nervous I spent a decent amount on it. Quite less than eBay. To me it looks flawless scared it won't come back 9.8 or higher.
Unknown Dell Otto Variant by Panini Comics sonny4eyez 18 4 yearssonny4eyez (52): This works perfectly! I have a small and modest foreign comic collection, those 2 pages will be a great help to me. Truly appreciate it all @jesse_o
Is this a pressable defect? jrs Jump to first page38Jump to last page 4 yearsKaleljll (406): That is absolutely amazing you were able to save that book!! Very impressed.
Changing ART labels to Graded? DarthLego 18 4 yearsRyanHicks (1974): As long as you ship it in uncracked with the original yellow ART label and submit it as a normal graded book (not a reholder), then CBCS will grade the book and retain the yellow label. The book can still be cracked by a CBCS AW and resubmitted for grade and it will retain the yellow label as long as the AW does everything correctly.
Dark knight returns indication. bige31 5 4 yearsbige31 (1710): Thanks for the input guys. I bout it off eBay for 5 dollars thinking it was second edition cuz I never thought I'd afford a good conidtion first print. And I went to show my brother and that's when I realized mine didn't say second print. I then preceded to get really bad shake hand haha.
storage namvet 4 4 yearsnamvet (7): thanks i do have a dehumidifier running 24 7 but wasn't sure if the plastic would be ok in the cold
Questions on Jim Starlin Signature enaz13 5 4 yearsenaz13 (659): Thanks for the help, I feel a bit better about sending it in to get verified now.
Anyone else send in an order for 20% off? Towmater Jump to first page64Jump to last page 4 yearsDrogio (6652): I called this morning and apparently when you request pressing it is going to be two separate invoices...and therefore you will be charged return shipping for each invoice. The customer service person (Zach) explained this was consistent with how they were doing things before with their contracted presser. This being my first submission did not realize this. Regardless...they said they understood my confusion and this will be clearer when its...
VSP include comics sealed in org bag? ZosoRocks 16 4 yearsZosoRocks (1847): Interesting...Steve, thanks again for clarifying this other service.
Pressing Candidate? opinions please ThorneArt 9 4 yearsThorneArt (1216): Thanks, I really appreciate the opinions folks. Exactly the kind of info I was looking for. :)
Books almost to being verified, BUT.... Johnny_B 17 4 yearssteveo76 (94): I've owned a couple dozen copies of Killing Joke over the years and I can't say I've ever seen a defect that pressing was going to remove. That glossy cardstock is not forgiving. As others have said, with the other books you list it's really a matter of whether the defects break color and if you'd get 9.6 or 9.8 should the defects come out. Otherwise it's just money wasted.
Slabbed pages? jrs 17 4 yearsDarthLego (20517): Depending on the page, it could be more valuable than many complete books. AF15, Tec27, Action1, are good examples. Someone owning one of these books missing a page would be willing to pay thousands for the page they are missing.
Why is 7 to Eternity so hot? Zarbongo 10