As a courtesy to its members, CBCS allows the selling and trading of books and comic related art on its forum. ANY SALE OR TRADE IS DONE AT THE BUYER'S OWN RISK. Neither CBCS, Administration, nor Moderation will act as arbitrators in the case of a dispute. Disputes need to worked out between the buyer and seller.

The selling guidelines are as follows:

● Only CBCS, CGC, raw books, comic related art, or other comic related items are allowed to be sold or traded on the forum.

Edit Dec. 6th, 2019. In regards to advertising a sale on another site by posting a link, only links to CGC and CBCS slabs are allowed. In other words, no linking to any sales of PGX slabs. You can also provide links to other comic book related items such as raw comics, art, statues, figurines, etc.

● Images must be posted for all books or art offered for sale or trade. If a group of books is offered for sale or trade (Avengers 168-175, for example), then a group shot of the lot is acceptable.

● Grades must accompany any books for sale or trade. An estimated grade range ("This book is a FN/FN+" ) is acceptable as long as it isn't excessive ("This book is between GD and NM" ). A grade range for comic book lots is acceptable ("These books are in the VF range" or "These books average between FN and VF" ).

● Prices must be listed on all books or art for sale, either individually or as a group.

● Shipping costs must be stated.

● A return policy must be stated and include a specific time frame. Saying "Returns accepted within 7 days of receipt" is acceptable. Stating "No returns allowed" is also acceptable.

● Acceptable forms of payment must be stated (PayPal, MO, check, for example). Requesting payment via PayPal Personal/Friends & Family IS PROHIBITED. PayPal Personal was not intended to be used for business transactions.

● Limit the number of sales threads to as few as possible. Don't list five different books in five separate sales threads. Place them all in a single thread.

● A sales thread cannot be edited if there is a pending or uncompleted sale.

● Raffles, Mystery Boxes, Digital Code sales, and Pre-sales are prohibited.

Any violation of these guidelines will result in the post being locked or deleted, and the seller notified that their post didn't meet the selling guidelines. Should the seller re-post the thread without addressing the guideline violation(s), then the offender may be suspended. Furthermore, all books being put up for sale for the first time AFTER the implementation of the forum selling guidelines, including books being sold for the first time in pre-existing sales threads, must adhere to the selling guidelines. No exceptions