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'Comics Restoration and Conservation' Topics

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CBCS Message Board - Terms of Use SteveRicketts 1 8 yearsSteveRicketts (18169): Open thread to view post.
Whats this?? (Batman #404) TheShocker 12 10 daysTheShocker (238): Thank you, I recently moved out of state but could not take my whole collection. The unit is suppose to be temp controlled but when I was there it was hotter than normal. I will do my best to.move everything over and swap bag n boards asap. Thanks to everyone for their input on this.
93 SDCC exclusive signed and slabbed trooperTK602 6 25 daysNuffsaid111 (18673): Legends among legends. Great autographs
CGC horror story from mega con watch Zombie_Head 22 1 monthsoutherncross (28668): Yeah I saw that video but not knowing the graders notes I presume the book has defects that keep it as a 3.5 No matter taking out the spine roll and pressing and starching a book that has defects that can't be pressed away and keeps it a 3.5 is ever going to change. Though he did say he had a conversation with Matt we were not there to hear. It was possible that Matt said the book could increase in grade and it's possible he said it may...
CBCS boss please look at this. Zombie_Head Jump to first page36Jump to last page 1 monthNuffsaid111 (18673): Thank you. These are the words that give me agita (Italian for heartburn) I have a subjective grade that will now be under further subjectivity with a subjective policy. :(|) And I wonder why I need Advil with the re-holder topic
Help what is this?.(foxing mold or something else?) TheShocker 18 1 monthHulkSmash (9664):
Any Personal Experience with Hero Restoration? Part II GTS_Comics 18 2 monthsroadhawk84 (1): For those affected or simply curious... 👀
ASM #20 to remove staples or not? Joachim 14 3 monthsGAC (68633): From a purely presentation standpoint, having the spine roll removed is the priority. If there are original staples still in place then definitely remove the extra ones. It's an important book that would benefit from professional TLC. Great book!
TONIGHT! 8:30 I will be answering questions live on YouTube! sborock_ComicLink 14 3 monthssborock_ComicLink (2589): @MrNotSoNice There is no peace, love and understanding....😞
Archie #1 - CGC graded it 1.0, thoughts? writerwill Jump to first page70Jump to last page 9 monthsDrWatson (49538): Leftover wet cat food works good as well.
New Mutants 98 Newsstand Pen marks on the back cover CraigAnEm 27 11 monthsHulkSmash (9664): Although a 9.6 is possible based on the criteria @GAC pointed out; I would not hold my breath on a modern. That would be nice if it got a 9.4/9.6 assuming lack of other defects. Being a modern I wouldn’t expect it. Was it still common practice to have date “stamps” in the 90s? The signature has the most benefit unless you have Liefeld sign it too. Don’t get me wrong; it’s super cool and (more) valuable with the sig regardless of the...
Missing pages notation chester15 8 1 yearDrWatson (49538): I agree. I dislike the, "Oh, page X or XX is missing. .5 incomplete."
Cover replacement>> Is it considered restoration>? Tyler 10 1 yearByrdibyrd (24736): I suspect there are some that slip through the cracks, too.
Need Opinion - Should I get Restoration Removal? HabsFan64 22 1 yearKatKomics (28663): Send it to PGX....get a 7.0 with no restoration noted!!
Werewolf By night #1 Grade? Flip1987 9 1 yearPolarisNuclearSS2020 (1103): @Flip1987 I pulled all the pics up on my desktop and magnified them, but you really need to post better pics. a single FC and a single BC pic and interior pic of the FC and BC are needed. Hard to say without seeing the interior of the front and rear cover, as the top FC has some chips out, but it looks like it may just be creased back overhang (still intact, not missing chips). Top BC does have what looks like a small chip out of the top...
Has anyone got a timeline... James42 9 1 yearRafel (3728): I stand corrected. Thank you. :)
Info Collecting khodd 12 2 yearsRbolton (5468): I’ll give ya the 66 bucks for it 😜, like everyone has pointed out, it’s definitely worth the press and grade.
Trimmed or manufacturing defect? nicholas 12 2 yearsNearmint67 (10240): @nicholas That is normal and definitely not trimmed. When trimming is present, the cut is smooth as @DrWatson mentioned.
Roughly 1000 golden age books, most of them coverless, for sale or trade. agamoto 18 2 yearssilveragecomicsuk (33): I’ve sent you a message. Let’s go from there. Don’t want to waste your time.
Center Page Not Connected to Staples. Suggestions? BigJimSlade 13 2 yearsIronMan (6162): PM sent
Help with Cgc grader notes restoration. Zombie_Head 11 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): It could just as easily be a bit of dirt that can't be cleaned out because it's in the colour break(s). If it were a restoration - even amateur hour - surely whoever did it would at least try to match colour. This isn't even close.
Amateur conservation Cosmic_Surfer 26 2 yearsCosmic_Surfer (13): Thank you guys for your help Fr you guys made my decision a lot easier 🙏🙏
Anyone have experience with restoration spotting? bj6524 3 2 yearsandy49 (2849): that paper loss in the upper left corner, is that bug chew? I'm thinking vg- 3.5, what are those going for?
MVS taped Vikk 8 2 yearssborock (48454): @EbayMafia No green label from CBCS :cool:
Reproduction Covers & Signature Verifications OldBob 2 2 yearssborock (48454): Yes, but it will only grade a 0.3 at best with the notation of the fake cover. BTW...welcome to the forum!
What are CBCS's restoration grading criteria? cbrescue1 11 2 yearsHexView (521): I'm looking for a link like these to CBCS'resto info: tttps://
Ink on my comic boards FrankE224 18 2 yearsHuntergreene2 (1163): Wasn't "Ink On My Comic Boards" a song by fictional rap group CB4?
Red label to Yellow label change in Grading Notes comixoasis Jump to first page49Jump to last page 2 yearsScifinator (15107): @dielinfinite - I agree, no designated place, not SOP and nor do they request it.
CBCS grading damaged books Randomdoge 7 2 yearsHulkSmash (9664): Without damage to the package They have no way of knowing if damages are done enroute to them or were pre existing. People submit books in varying conditions including impact damages. these posts make it seem like CBCS is at fault when all they did was provide the service that was paid for when proper insurance should’ve been purchased by the sender to hold the carrier accountable for damages. If you have $500 worth of comics you should...
Blacklight comic covers Mikeykon 8 2 yearsRafel (3728): Hahahahahaha!!!
Pressing and cleaning before grading? does it effect? should i do it? asapa8 8 3 yearsteacha777 (1180): If it’s a key the the price difference of a 9.8 and 9.6 will almost always justify the 12$ pressing cost
New Golden Age Replica Website CLLXCNNX 20 3 yearsCLLXCNNX (117): Yes! Lots o pre-code horror replicas. Much more to come. ~Sebastian Collection Connection Facebook - Instagram - Twitter -
How much do you think the restoration will drop this grade? BPaxson002 12 3 yearsDrWatson (49538): No tengo "sideburns."
Pressing Question (no pun intended) dfoster43 17 3 yearsdfoster43 (1627): Hey I sincerely enjoy your posts and appreciate the input and the last thing I would want to do is rub anyone's fur the wrong way on the forum but man LOL thanks for Mansplaining. So I'm sorry I prompted your eye-roll and triggered a sigh and the need to create a teaching metaphor using outrageously sarcastic examples but seriously? You felt I needed it broken down like "... My neighbor said his cousin's brother's next door neighbor's...
Tape cause ‘Restored’ Grade? MrNotSoNice 3 3 yearsHulkSmash (9664): Some form of “tape added” notation would be put on the label.
CBCS Grading policy for "Blue with notes" books Schumy2 9 3 yearsHulkSmash (9664): you could always use the verification screen to see if the sig may or may not pass. in my opinion; the book itself with or without the Stan Lee sig outweighs a bit of glue regardless of conserved, restored, or any other Designation. I have no issues with Conservation on pre bronze books. They are old. They have been deteriorating for decades and at some point someone wanted to keep it together after they read crap out of it.
Help me help you! sborock Jump to first page237Jump to last page 3 yearssborock (48454): Thanks for the kind words and input!
Semi Rigid Bags for Raw Books Ryan4421 3 3 yearsDonnied (1504): I've been using the 4 mil mylar bags for almost 40 years. They are the preferred method for protecting unslabbed comics. Combined with a good quality acid-free backing board, and a stable storage environment, your comics will be good to go.
Doing another podcast Monday 4/26 6pm CST sborock 29 3 yearsEbayMafia (36746): OK, @flanders, now I'm starting to think that maybe you are my wife. I've noticed that she's never in the same room with me when you post.
Captain America Comics #20 most likely a 0.5... a few questions... BuffJake09 16 3 yearsCatCovers (10692): Yep. Golden Age books don’t drop in price.
Smaller Comic Boxes PovRow 18 3 yearsmartymann (47337): First re-boxing...FAWCETT PUBLICATIONS...ANIMAL FAIR #1 to WOW COMICS #40.
Previous Owners Signature on Cover zombiederek 7 3 yearsMurrayC (2674): You can turn that "Dale Hopkins" into "To Dale Hopkins, from your pal, Stan Lee! Excelsior!" kidding.... KIDDING.... I'm kidding...
I am on a podcast tonight 10pm EST sborock 5 3 yearsSpiderTim (3266): I'll have to watch it later as I missed it!
Dry cleaning my comics MrNotSoNice 17 3 yearsSiggy (25445): That's subjective grading for you. Was it really a 4.0 the first time, is it not really a 4.0 this time, or is it simply a 4.0 whether it's flat/clean or not [rhetorical]?
Hypothetical Glossing Question MatterEaterLad 10 3 yearssborock (48454): @PovRow As always, giving out great info!:beer:
How I Spent My Fantasy Football Winnings... tonnage71 12 3 yearsHulkSmash (9664): @tonnage71 I want one now.
AF15 9.8 MatterEaterLad Jump to first page41Jump to last page 3 yearsPre_Coder (18962): It wasn't me. I only outbid you by 1.50
Pieces of History. Literally. MatterEaterLad Jump to first page38Jump to last page 3 yearsMatterEaterLad (2462): If I won those bits I'd roll them and smoke them to see if I gain superpowers.
Just readied 10 comics for CBCS TheLJ 3 3 yearsDarthmauler (364): Good luck on your submission! Hope they come back what you want. I have 10 there grading now and i have another 2 stacks of 10 rrady to go out soon. Once you gwt your 1st book graded and encapsulated back you want more. It is a good addiction to ha e just when picking out books you have either already read them or have multiple copies so you can still read it if you want to lol 😆 thats what i do but everyone is different 😊
Cover Reinforced bottom staple? mgm05e 9 4 yearsSidTheSquid (1422): CBCS denotes Glue as Conservation, rather than restoration.
Why I became slab obsessed... Scifinator 13 4 yearsScifinator (15107): Which is one of the additional reasons I chose to use CBCS for the certification of all of my comics. Sure, I could have had some false higher grades for the portion of my collection that I was selling off, but I did not want to reward and perpetuate degradation and mediocrity. And, in the meantime, I am very confident in the grades of my permanent collection.
What is this and will dry clean portion of Press help? Scifinator 14 4 yearsCFP_Comics (3850): CGC
Pressing Signed Comics Balidoosti 12 4 yearsPuckster (2985): I has this exact same question. Thanks for asking and thanks for all the responses.
CBCS launches Census/Graded Population Report spaulus Jump to first page127Jump to last page 4 yearsStudley_Dudley (48344): @Scifinator we can make that happen if you happen to have a Transformers #1 Canadian price variant or a complete TF #1 from Marvel UK.
Doing a podcast tonight 6/15 9pm EST sborock 15 4 yearsKatKomics (28663): Thanks!! I joined late :(
How are the slabs made?? TheJokersWild87 20 4 yearsSiggy (25445): Birds & the Bees; Insertion, hot goo shot into cavity, wait (relative), and you have a baby slab ready to be stuffed and sold.
Preserving Treasury Editions Noblebeast315 30 4 yearsNoblebeast315 (2194): @sborock that’s an incredibly valid point to make. I don’t see myself having a collection of Treasury Editions, but honestly I don’t know a whole lot about them to begin with. I see Steve’s stake in this as checking the pulse of this kind of demand, before taking a trip down that road. I can say this though, I am still interested in having my Treasury edition book graded raw. Probably will not make it to your grading desk post though!
Books with reproduction covers Schumy2 6 4 yearsSchumy2 (9): Thank you all for the feedback. I've decided to send the book in and hope for the best. I plan on keeping it so I don't really care what numerical grade it ultimately receives. I really just want to make sure its slabbed and protected.
Numbers on the back of my slabs?? TheJokersWild87 10 4 yearsScifinator (15107): “WELL”,that explains it! I had been wondering the same thing, but never thought to ask.
ASM 300 ink running? Madman 27 4 yearschester15 (1872): Come to think of it, wouldn't you EXPECT to see black blotches? Venom is all OVER that book!
Buyer beware Scifinator 30 4 yearsBronte (37045): That invoice hurt my wallet. But seriously, yeah, it is very convoluted. You should see the other emails they send. The emails and attachments are just as cryptic.
Grade ASM 361 Flip1987 8 4 yearsHulkSmash (9664): LMK if/when you want to sell
Doing a live interview tonight 3/5 sborock 11 4 yearssborock (48454): Thanks to everyone who tuned in! Hope ya enjoyed it!
Pressing signed comic books? Madman 13 4 yearsGanaSoth (9373): Yep.
Married and detached cover + tape. How bad is it? Beney117 9 4 yearsTowmater (10537): I'd buy it if I had a gap to fill in a run. I have 0.5 graded copies of books that used to be blanks in runs. I'd buy them to fill the blanks when I didn't want to spend huge dollars on those keys.
Sticker on Cover Help wareure 17 4 yearsHero_Restoration_ (3): Shoot, that's too bad. I was hoping to share tape removal videos. Hehe
Fantastic Four #1 Glue Detected: Qualified Green, Blue or Unqualified? RLR 20 4 yearsBatman66 (22106): @Jesse_O well I guess if I want a higher grade then I should have just sent it to pgx,lol
Hybrid copy doog 11 4 yearsDarkseid_of_town (14297): Yes that makes sense most...however and rather interesting, Heritage, Overstreet and MCS all have terms sections for words used in the hobby and none of them mention hybrid, nor for that matter the term married oddly enough. I had never seen hybrid used, seen MCS offer a lot of books with repro covers, where the description stated...Coverless, married to or reproduction cover provided. Oh well, live and learn. makes sense though
Any basic tips on spotting Restoration? EbayMafia 3 4 yearsmanfred_spain (233): Some of the best money you can spend is on a small black light to help identify restoration. I imagine you could get something fairly affordable on Amazon.
Wil pressing help? Doc_Cop 9 5 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): Thank you to all! I'm expecting this book tomorrow so until then have a great one and make mine Marvel!. Nuff said...
Amateur Conservation? TommyJasmin 10 5 yearsBronte (37045): @KatKomics Tummy tuck is taking away. I think restoration is more akin to taking a razor blade and freeing the fat like a pillsbury premade biscuits when you remove the outer label and it "pops" However, I could be wrong....
Suggestion: Submission form. Gabriel85301 1 5 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): I wish you could download a Submission form (to print for a friend) online. CANADA CBCS has it. Just a suggestion. :)
Got Restos? EbayMafia Jump to first page52Jump to last page 5 yearsGaard (3040): Normally, I don't have a problem with restoration. A little CT? Who cares? But there is a...
Share your Pressing Before and Afters dielinfinite Jump to first page35Jump to last page 5 yearsCFP_Comics (3850): Is it already slabbed?
How much value is lost in that white spot? Beney117 13 5 yearsdoog (8293): I remove scotch tape from bags like a fanatic, and use post it tabs. Before I ever take any book out that I have bought
Gerber Full-Back / Mylites2 Question tonnage71 25 5 yearsDrogio (7706): BTW, I’ve noticed recently when I store books in regular bags with regular boards (acid free non mylites) color rubs from the comic t9mthe board frequently. To combat this i have started bagging the comic in a regular size bag without a board, then placing that inside of a silver age back with a silver age board. Basically double bagging with a board separated from the comic by a bag. Not sure this will prevent this in the future, but...
To restore, or not restore, that's the question roasty 20 5 yearsroasty (23): Lots of interesting comments. The plan is likely to sell most (got bills to pay).
Kirby Zombie_Head 20 5 yearsBrianGreensnips (14617): The Tom Reilly pedigree has an interesting story behind it. I recommend everyone here to check these stories out.
Auction - Hulk #1 9.8 CBCS Restored GanaSoth 3 5 yearsCaptainCanuck (6120): It’s an “apparent” 9.8.
Marvel Value Stamp cut out, but still have the stamp. NightRelic Jump to first page56Jump to last page 5 yearsGAC (68633): @esaravo Very cool! Thanks! The cut out is about 1/9 of a page and obviously effects art. I wasnt sure how large a section of a page needs to be missing before the .5/incomplete designation is applied.
Cleaning and Pressing cosanostra937 6 5 yearsmoodswing (3040): Didn't know pressing and cleaning was that much. So to get an older X-Men comic graded/pressed by itself you are looking at $80ish. That seems like a lot.
Stamps on comics and their affect on the grade Randomdoge 13 5 yearsCatmanAmerica (30149): It doesn't affect the grade, but the CCA stamp usually limits my interest! :beer:;) .
Pressing/Cleaning/Grading Question CatCovers 3 6 yearsGAC (68633): as is, 2.5 - 3.0 range I'd say.
Pre Sreening cosanostra937 4 6 yearsCatmanAmerica (30149): Pre-screening is definitely a service available at CBCS, but I don't think restoration removal is currently one of the services offered. I'm making that assumption based on the books sent with Steve Borock for grading and pre-screening at last month's OAFcon, two came back with discovered restoration, having been graded previously by CGC as a universal grade! If CBCS offered this service for suitable candidates, I'd certainly consider...
CGC will now allow CBCS slabs to be regraded/retagged with CGC labeling.... ZosoRocks Jump to first page36Jump to last page 6 yearskaptainmyke (27076):
Has this comic, colour touch? BatCatMan 14 6 yearsBatCatMan (12): Ok, I will buy a UV flashlight. I think it's worth to have one, to detect color touch and more things that can't be seen easily.
Is this comic trimmed? BatCatMan 10 6 yearsBatCatMan (12): ok thanks for your answer and now I have understood that it is not trimmed.
How do you grade this? Flip1987 8 6 yearsFlip1987 (52): Mine its Just in The cover... What a disappointment
replacing bags and boards stanley_1883 15 6 yearsBrianGreensnips (14617): You could do Amazon or EBay and not have to buy the minimum of $100 worth, but you will pay a considerable anount more.
Catalog Collection stanley_1883 9 6 yearsKatKomics (28663): Gonna sound horrible but I'm on excel :( Not sure if there is some way to easily drop my info into another program so I just keep updating the file with the odd backup stored as an attachment in e-mail....
Hero Restoration Results - Thoughts? iggykoopa30 18 6 yearsOdins_Raven (2389): Mike at HeroResto pressed my AF 15 and HoS 92 and did a fantastic job. Highly recommend.
Color Touch Removal anyone? KingNampa 25 6 years3JJr (205): Unfortunately, removal is highly technical, unless you want to throw good money after bad and have a resto-removed book return to PaPa in a purple label anyway. What the amateur who applied the color touch on the DD 1 didn't take into consideration is the feathering in fibrous areas. The ink soaked outward, beyond the perimeter of the fissure the color touch should have been contained within, which resulted in the otherwise well-matched...
Golden Age Comic Spine Roll Question HammitChris Jump to first page34Jump to last page 6 yearsQuaBrot (2018): @CFP_Comics Joe, show off!
CGC unrestored to CBCS restored! JAMESC Jump to first page71Jump to last page 6 yearsTedsaid (7340): Wait, where was this? A different thread maybe?
1971 DC Comics HOUSE OF SECRETS 92 kaptainmyke Jump to first page95Jump to last page 6 yearsDavid_Kent (908): How do you feel about Jodie Whitaker Dr Watson!
What is/not should be considered Restoration VCBE Jump to first page42Jump to last page 6 yearsRedshade (1113): I remember seeing ads by restoration companies in the 80s in Comic Buyers Guide and Overstreet which showed before and after pictures of restored comics where the original books had massive pieces out of the spines and covers. The after pictures showed "perfect" comics. When a comic is missing an inch of its spine and half of its back cover what is it that is actually used to replace the missing pieces? Photocopies? Forged art? Even...
CGC Green Label to CBCS Blue Label c2t2merch Jump to first page43Jump to last page 6 yearsDrogio (7706): Don't you just want to crack that open so you can hold it in your hands (very gently)? If you're selling it, sure...slab'll get the most out of it. But this book should be held and admired page by page. How many people on this earth get to hold that issue?
Restored Books jrs Jump to first page56Jump to last page 6 yearsWatcher (4166): @conditionfreak....not a cent. But if it stays an 8 or the other flaws are bends and a press keeps it an 8, then a couple hundred bucks to remove color touch, press and re-grade/ship may be worth it. IF it can all be done for a couple hundred..and done right .
Detecting Resto - UVA vs. Black Light Drogio 9 6 yearsDrogio (7706): I'm thinking of this light. clickable text
Hand washing QuaBrot 29 6 yearsOdins_Raven (2389): Purell those puppies!
Restoration/Conservation Question Etkt 15 6 yearsHomer (1010): Cbcs does not have a purple restored label or green qualified label. They stick with blue labels and indicate restoration and flaws in text on the label. Which can be a problem on eBay if the seller does not have super clear images of the label.
Rusty staple (And migration) affect on grade QuaBrot 8 6 yearsdoog (8293): 8.5 is probably the best you can hope for, but, roll them bones if you can! Then let us know. Had a 9.4 but I sold it, I personally like the 199 cover better for my wall.
Pressing comics yourself Batman66 9 6 yearsVillageIdiot (1336): 🤔😒🙄
Date Stamps Gabriel85301 Jump to first page32Jump to last page 6 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11492): Im absolutely OCD about condition, and probably to a fault.
STEVE BOROCK TO PRE-GRADE SCREEN DURING NYC spaulus 2 7 yearsshrewbeer (13240): Coupled with the other *low-key-high-profile* announcement, theres no good reason not to stop by to see CBCS next weekend. This is great news. I'll make the 3hr drive, assuming the better half allows it! 🍺 *its a good choice of location as well, looks like plenty of parking available on the same block
Average grade of title-less comics! bige31 9 7 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): I kinda/highly doubt it would be an "INCOMPLETE" designation, on the label. The book, aassuming the back cover is as sharp as the rest of the front cover, looks to be in the Fine range. My guess is it would fetch a 1.0. Boy Commandos is a notoriously poor/slow seller, the grading fee would be a deal breaker. However, lower grade GA books by S & K , do sell around Overstreet in raw GD 2.0 and under. It is at least a $30 book...
Glue? RRO 4 7 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): If staples have been cleaned or replaced, that will land you a Restored grade. Same with adding glue to a books' spine, or anywhere else. Best case scenario is you get a "Conserved" notation on a blue label.
Rat Chew keefriffhards 19 7 yearsX51 (14744): Hulk is my favorite character, so I'm pleased to own any copy. I tell people it's the best low grade copy that money could buy. :)
Get your popcorn ready... infinityG Jump to first page42Jump to last page 7 yearsTowmater (10537): @JWKyle @poka Oh, didn't know. Thanks for the info.
Marvel Legacy Issue Number Guide JLS_Comics 14 7 yearsDarthLego (20518):
Chris Claremont Zombie_Head 13 7 yearsJustThatGuy (5004): no. he just talks a lot. just be careful of some of the things you say though, he'll go off. he caught himself from getting angry because i brought up something that people were doing( killing his legacy) to his creations.
Welcome to the CBCS Forum! SteveRicketts Jump to first page530Jump to last page 7 yearsrec1978 (64): Hello All, I am new to the CBCS boards, but I have been around the block a little while (EBay for 16 years and CGC Chat Boards (same user id) for 4 years). If you see anything in my EBay store that you like, please feel free to shoot me a PM! Cheers, Ron As a side note: I am sending my first book, for CBCS Submission, today! ...
Restored 6.0 or Unrestored 3.0? Thanatos Jump to first page47Jump to last page 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): I was unaware that @SteveRicketts does resto removal. Is this fact or fiction?
Question on cleaning and comic restoration bige31 5 7 yearsbige31 (2452): So is that something that is easy for someone to do and is it relatively inexpensive?
What does CBCS "Conserved" Label mean? kaptainmyke 7 7 yearsdielinfinite (26423): So this is from CGC but I'd imagine it would more or less apply to CBCS as well: The Quality/Quantity metrics they reference are as follows:
grading question burntboy 16 7 yearsDarthLego (20518): Oh, so the book is already restored? In that case it would grade out as a restored copy and the grade as to the actual appearance and not be called an incomplete book.
Recommendation needed for restoration Pete 9 7 yearsDLAComics (40): was thinking the same thing myself. too easy of a fix.
Batman Adventures #12 Newstand Edition kaptainmyke Jump to first page42Jump to last page 7 yearsDocBrown (16887): Whoever gives in first and offers it will get that increased business.
Got a Comic Back Tonite X-Men #58 ThorneArt 6 7 yearsNuffsaid111 (18673): Oh that's very unfortunate. I was on another thread where someone indirectly was stating missing pages should get qualified and graded as if the missing page was not a defect to be counted in the grade number. I disagreed. 5.0 with those signatures is excellent.
Elseworlds 80 page - Issue with Ripples?? nikki666666 13 7 yearsCFP_Comics (3850): This can be eliminated or greatly reduced. I have worked on 4-5 copies of this book in the past and had excellent results.
Grading Videos KingNampa 9 7 yearsSpiderTim (3266): Wouldn't we all? lol. That will surely NEVER happen! lol
Will pressing improve this grade? KingNampa 6 7 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): The feathering on the spine is production related, in this book it looks particularly pronounced so the book gets downgraded.....probably not by as much as you may think, though. I have yet to see a single copy of Preacher 1, Sandman 1 and Infinity Gauntlet 1 in CBCS 9.8 or CGC 9.8, that did NOT have some degree of feathering. Hard to say without a FC and BC scan but based on only the notes provided and the (not very illuminating) pic, a CPR...
Centerfold Reinforced jrs 9 7 yearsjrs (1864): @IronMan, thanks much for the insight. My curiosity arose because of those label notations.
Restored books grading grid. OGJackster 8 7 yearsshrewbeer (13240): No ideas are bad ideas, especially when it creates good constructive dialogue! I know the CBCS crew watch our conversations (hi guys 👋🏻) and the more we talk the more they know what we (the consumers) are looking for. Unfortunately you're right, sometimes the dialogue is not constructive (but its wayy better here than the other side of the street) ...
Informative Site jrs 30 7 yearsStudley_Dudley (48344): I have a friend with a nice griddle, but I'll be damned if he's going to press my expensive pancakes no matter how good he thinks he is. He can knock out moderns pretty easily, but he hasn't had enough practice on SA, GA books to be my "go-to guy".
Examples of "Dry Cleaning" Drogio 16 7 yearsDarthLego (20518):
Pressing Candidate? opinions please ThorneArt 9 7 yearsThorneArt (1916): Thanks, I really appreciate the opinions folks. Exactly the kind of info I was looking for. :)
Restoration Checking Tools--Black Light? Despain 29 7 yearsJWKyle (3300): If I suspect a book colored touched. I usually go in this order Bleed through , Light the area up good and check at different angles, Black UV Flashlight and last I inspect the book with my loupe. One thing I recommend if you never seen color touch is take a garbage book with a black cover and color touch it yourself with a black marker and maybe with acrylic paint if you have some laying around. Look at what the color touch looks like and...
How to Value Restored Comics??? QuaBrot 11 7 yearsjrs (1864): I think it's generally wise to defer to the market price, however you would like to determine that. Although ebay prices often seem to reflect market euphoria when a movie hits or some other development occurs involving a particular character, at the very least it reflects the price someone is willing to pay for a given book. For restored books, I have sometimes seen very little difference in purchase price as compared to Overstreet pricing. ...
1973 Ghost Rider 1 - coverless ZosoRocks 3 7 yearsshrewbeer (13240): Not really a high enough value book to have slabbed or be worth much. Great reader copy for a set though! If you got it in a goodwill bin, I'm sure its worth more than you paid; nice find 👌🏻
Removing rust stains on paper? shrewbeer 29 7 yearsAndyRexia (6306): Ok thank you
How much would a press really help? bythegram 8 7 yearswillieCPA4646 (587): From the people I know who have had lots more books graded that I have, the consensus seems to be that pressing may move the grade up somewhat. The three books I did submit to CBCS I did not get pressed. One books was signed and that comic was a special case. The other two books were graded NM to NM+ by the dealers I purchased them from (both reputable dealers, and before CGC and CBCS grading). One comic was from the Winnipeg Collection, one...
Join a Web Call Dec 8 w/ E. Gerber President keysnruns 8 7 yearsjrs (1864): Thanks.
Coverless comics Odins_Raven Jump to first page31Jump to last page 7 yearsshrewbeer (13240): That book brings back bad memories. Had my kids with me at the CS and so of course im distracted; I saw a good looking copy for $40. Happily paid for it and a few small toys for the little ones, got home and noticed the "marvel spotlight" at the top. REPRINT 😡🔫.
Where to get size guide (check trimming)? QuaBrot 4 8 yearsPovRow (568): Basically the centerfold should stick out a little more and, as you approach the first/last page (this is when the book is folded normally) gradually stick out less. It forms a > shape when looked at edgewise from the top or bottom. Just get a newspaper and you will see it easily. Some books have the illusion of being trimmed because more art is cut off on the right edge or the top or bottom. This can be caused by mis-wrapping where the...
Newsstand marks on older books jmh722 11 8 yearsesaravo (92602): If you look at the CBCS grading guidelines, a comic in Fine/Very Fine condition can have one fairly obvious defect if the rest of the book is okay. So it's entirely possible that the books could at least grade at 7.0. If you can obtain them at the cost of a lower grade than that, like a 5.0 or 6.0, it should be worth it.
I finally got burnt - ASM #17 trim/restore Darkga 26 8 yearsDarthLego (20518): I would leave it slabbed to lessen the chances of the next buyer getting burned. If the seller cracks it, that's on them.
Grafting/replacement of MVS jmh722 6 8 yearsjmh722 (19): @Maverick: Can't post pics since it's at the buyer's house. The other page is definitely the same color though. Staples look fine though. That's what's so confounding. @Darkga: Thanks for the offer, but I'm looking for a high-grade raw That being said, if anybody needs to relieve theirself of a high-grade IH 181 raw, let's discuss. Thanks guys.
Is this Comic Restored? poka 29 8 yearspoka (23775): No noticeable difference
Added staples? adgbiking Jump to first page39Jump to last page 8 yearsIronMan (6162): It is confusing. Trying to clarify, what CGC is saying is that new staple holes were created by an amateur reinserting new staples and making additional holes in the process. Which is fairly easy to do if you haven't given any thought to how to keep all the interior wraps lined up. The staple being reinserted will tilt, slide and move about, creating new staple holes in the interior wraps. OR using non comic book staples as replacements for the...
Can pressing be used on metallic covers? SilverAgeFan 8 8 yearsSilverAgeFan (391): @D84, Thanks a bunch! I'll zip an email off to Mike and see what he says. I honestly could find no other defects. Nothing on the spine, all four corners are cut and crisp, the opening side pages are all even in straight. Nothing on the inside or the back cover either. I believe that if the wrinkle in the corner can be pressed out it has a strong possibility of a 9.9 grade! Thanks everyone! If I have it pressed and then graded I'll update on...
blunted gloss question jmh722 Jump to first page32Jump to last page 8 yearsCCD (73): @jmh722
Went to LCS, saw a brand new CGC case, OIL! kaptainmyke 9 8 yearsVillageIdiot (1336): No, they have not. Want to see a plethora of mine without such?
Restoration Question, Married back cover comicsmv 5 8 yearsBrianGreensnips (14617): Yeah, I can't get enough of it. Lol.
Rose City Comic Con! Gabriel85301 2 8 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): Gabriel, Sent you a PM
Comic Books with detached covers? kaptainmyke 15 8 yearskaptainmyke (27076): my goal is to get all red labels on everything I've had signed by him. I am getting all my Conway signed Spider-mans signed by Stan. However I need to pay for some of this stuff so I am getting some key books signed to sell since I have no desire to keep them. New Mutants #98 signed by Liefeld and now Stan Lee, old Journey Into Mystery comics signed by Stan Lee such as first Magneto and vs Hulk, etc...A solid 8.5 JIM 83 GRR signed by...
Being taught to grade comics. jwalker0094 17 8 yearsResurrection (661): There are two types of people who grade comics. Those who can, and those who can't. The ones who can wanted to learn and spent time learning. My best suggestion is attend conventions, talk to reputable dealers, and of course send books to be graded. Write down your estimated grade, and defects you spot to determine your grade and compare to what grade you get and graders notes. CGC and CBCS grading is the industry standard now, so I suggest...
So sorry! SteveBorock Jump to first page49Jump to last page 8 yearsbird (4): Glad to hear that you are feeling better Steve! Take care and be well! - Sean W
Dry-cleaning and pressing infinityG Jump to first page51Jump to last page 8 yearsSqeggs (218): Given that people seem to have been buying up apparently undergraded old label books for a long while now, I actually have the opposite reaction when I see a higher-dollar old label book up for auction: What's wrong with it? :)
Micro chamber paper Quicksilver 14 8 yearsNico (23): Ask Pete from heroes haven, he has cracked a ton of slabs, from All companies.
Can books ripple with age? jmh722 9 8 yearsCFP_Comics (3850): Depends on the level of humidity. Could be slight ripples along the top and bottom edges, all the way to a wavy distorted book. Having worked on many copies NYX #3 it is one of those books that had issues right off the press.
CBCS process JeyNyce 12 8 yearsJazzyJeffie (418): Oh, let me check my CBCS Slabs. Thanks for sharing the observation.
Urgent: PGM Giant Size X-Men 1, restoration? WCollecbales 14 8 yearsOldbsturgeon (142): when you get it back, update the thread for sure!
CBCS Grading of Restored Comics jedijohnson 19 8 yearsKenWorthing (457): I'm soooo looking forward to sending in this one. Lovingly coloured in by some kid in Indonesia, God knows how long ago! :D I've only ever seen a pic of another one .. no colouring, but .. chewed by rodents, methinks. This is mine .. I've thought (briefly) about getting the colour removed, but I'm more concerned with having the book documented now.
How To Detect Restoration PovRow 17 8 yearsPovRow (568): I am using "Restoration" here in a broad sense: i.e. a process or technique designed to return the book closer to, or mke it appear closer to, its original condition. I hope that is apparent. There has yet to be an industry-wide standard as to what exactly comprises restoration. CBCS and CGC have their definitions. But those are just that: their definitions. To say something is or is not restoration is an on-going issue. Back in...