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WTB 1976 Godzilla vs. Megalon newsprint promo comic 00slim 12 21 hours00slim (6219): Nice graded copies have sold for less than you might imagine. They typically sell, raw, in the $50-$100 range. Some decent scans of the mag are provided at the bottom of this article: clickable text
WTT For A TMNT #10 9.8 (1st Series) flanders 1 17 daysflanders (638): I've been looking for a Ninja Turtles #10 9.8 for awhile now. I'm low on funds since I've been buying too many comics but I'm interested in trading for something slabbed I have that's worth between $130-150. Thanks.
WTT for Tomb Of Dracula 10 in 5.0 and up Enelson 6 30 dayscomic_book_man (1586): @Enelson hehe ;) I'll keep a look out for you still. Bump!
WTB Mint/NM or 9.8 Superman Red Son #1 GanaSoth 1 1 monthGanaSoth (2737): PM me if ya have one for sale. Thanks.
Golden Age Comic Buying Advice tonnage71 15 1 monthtonnage71 (327): @the420bandito...gorgeous book and very cool story!
WTB Doom 2099 #1 in Mint Condition GanaSoth 13 2 monthsDrogio (5425): @bama1955 spine ticks probably put his in the NM- range.
God Emperor Doom's First Appearance? GanaSoth 4 2 monthsGanaSoth (2737): @Paulbg2000 thanks!
ISO Silver Age Xmen and TEC 1000 Artgerm Retro Bmoney83 8 2 monthsBmoney83 (8): Found a nice Copy of TEC 1000 Artgerm, thanks everybody
WTB WTT Wendy Pini art or sketch DanM 2 2 monthsBigRedOne1944 (3921): I love Her work as well
Looking to buy Amazing Spider-Man 39 XxSpideyxX 1 3 monthsXxSpideyxX (62): Looking for at least an 8.0. Please DM me if you have one for sale :) Thank you, Ian
The Maxx 1/2 red and blue covers Airmomo 1 3 monthsAirmomo (3): Looking to try and complete my collection. Hoping someone has one or both of these Maxx 1/2 covers they're willing to sell. Looking for Graded or raw copys
What's your eBay site? Mountie73 24 3 monthsX51 (14333): I never have animosity towards anyone for over-pricing a comic. I'm not going to buy it, but your taste is just as valid as some person wandering past it on eBay. If it's worth that to you, so be it. If you really want to sell something, you have to settle for what the next guy is willing to pay.
Justin Ponsor Passed away JLS_Comics 8 4 monthsetapi65 (958): Man, I thought he was recovering. RIP
BCW discount codes Thearrow 2 4 monthsdaywalker (690): EMAIL1 will give you 5% off. Not much, but something is better than nothing!😁
For Sale: Silver Surfer #1 CBCS 6.5 (1968) KingNampa 13 5 monthsagrkdj (16): Following
Looking for Marvelman #25 GanaSoth 3 5 monthsGanaSoth (2737): @KCBatmanFan thanks for the info. Yeah, it's a very hard issue to find... Do you have a link to that Reddit by chance? Maybe the guy might sale it?
WTB X-MEN 94 sportshort 2 6 monthssportshort (790): just an FYI, i am not asking for a 4.5 for under 200 dollars (I wish), i am asking for a 3.0 - 4.0 for under 200 dollars. i't is looking like no such thing exists but i'm trying to keep hope alive. thanks for taking the time.
Buying Miracleman 15 CBCS or CGC 9.8 GanaSoth 1 6 monthsGanaSoth (2737): Hello guys. I'm wanting to purchase a 9.8 graded Miracleman #15 CBCS or CGC, doesn't matter to me. PM me if interested in selling. Thx
Looking for Shi The Way of the Warrior 1 Antiquities Edition ACECORP 3 6 monthsACECORP (3): Thanks. I saw that one. No leads currently. Hence the reason for my new post. :)
ISO - UXM #95 mid grade slabbed ThorneArt 4 7 monthsDavidM (922): There’s one on eBay that isn’t graded but it’s starting at $13. May be your best bet.
ISO a few personal grails... JustABitEvil 20 7 monthsxkonk (2167): Here's the 36 I messaged about. The spine wear/creases are the main issue; the color looks pretty nice. This is the odd one where MCS has a lower price than gocollect; you can buy a FN- on MCS for $36 but gocollect has the 5.5 at $60. I think this is closer to a 5, so added with the other three and including shipping I would put the total at $210. ...
WANTED: Amazing Ghost Stories 14, Perfect Crime 23, LB Cole comics etc JMR 1 7 monthsJMR (104): Looking for the comics in the title, plus Ghost Comics #1 in 8.0 or better, as well as various other Perfect Crime and LB Cole horror, crime, and romance comics in Fine or better, graded or raw, no resto.
Ultimatum 1: Silvestri Variant mediaslave 9 7 monthsmediaslave (400): Oooh that is nice too. Never saw taht one. Dammit.
Signing advice for Captain Kirk (Shatner) donho Jump to first page35Jump to last page 7 monthsJustABitEvil (1418): I had him sign the one with the most Shatners on it I could find.
anyone have a copy to sell me? donho 14 7 monthsesaravo (21925): @Frontier2Xterra - Thanks, Jon.
WTB/WTTF 1988 Rust #12 (High Grade Only) DWeeB1967 1 7 monthsDWeeB1967 (1343): I'm looking for Rust #12, published by Now Comics in 1988. Slabbed or raw, but very high grade only, please. Thanks for looking.
ISO: Uncanny X-men #100 grade 7 or lower ThorneArt 6 8 monthsThorneArt (1146): I appreciate the responses! I picked one up! I love it.
What is your eBay name? Gabriel85301 Jump to first page37Jump to last page 9 monthstjr909 (54): Hey everyone, I just updated my eBay name to match my IG and youtube name: gorilla.todd.comicbooks.4life clickable text
Best online comic subscription services? kaptainmyke 20 10 months1243782365 (492): I've never ordered from DCBS. If I have, I can't remember but this week I have heard MULTIPLE stories of a mistake they made with the J. Scott Campbell Daredevil variant. This variant was supposed to be a 1:100 variant but DCBS presold them as a regular variant at cover price when they were doing there preorder sales two months ago. And guess what? They fulfilled EVERY order. That is why I am looking into moving my online subscription to DCBS.
The “Well, Now I Want One” Thread 00slim 24 11 monthsBabaLament (2950): @00slim Back is clean. The gnarly bag was setting off my OCD, so I re-bagged it. Looks much better.
Looking for Marvel True Believer Comics Gabriel85301 7 11 monthsGaryhaylock (16): Hi, i have 2 cgc 9.8 true beleivers if your interested. Deadpool 1 (first apperance) Hulk 1 (planet hulk)
LA Comic Art Show This Weekend--Sunday November 4th! HippyComix 1 11 monthsHippyComix (43): LA Comic Art Show is the first West Coast convention dedicated exclusively to Original Comic Book Art. You'll find no comic books or collectibles, but an incredible array of thousands of pages, covers, paintings, and pin-ups: Original Comic Book, Comic Strip and Illustration Art from the 1940s to the present! Some of the Nation's top Art Dealers and Exhibitors who will be set up in the spacious Breakwater Room: Cool Lines Art (Rich...
WTB Wow Comics #38 - Fawcett 1945 Helric1 1 11 monthsHelric1 (2025): I'm looking for a copy of Wow Comics #38 - Fawcett 1945. I would consider any grade raw or slabbed. PM me if you have one. Thanks! :beer::(|)
Wanted to Buy - Perfect Crime #23 and various L.B. Cole comics JMR 1 1 yearJMR (104): Hello. I am looking to buy a copy of Perfect Crime 23 in Fine or better, as well as various issues of Blue Bolt Weird, Spook, Startling Terror, Ghostly Weird, All-Famous Police, etc. Please contact me if you have any of these for sale!
She Hulk Numbers Don't Jive ONLINE_209 8 1 yearONLINE_209 (1738): @Jesse_O She Hulk has always been one of my top favorite characters of all time and thanks for sharing the pictures
Batman Damned Topsykrets Jump to first page68Jump to last page 1 yearGAC (6394): Agree 100%! Raw = $5 but Batman Damned raw is a 1000% mark up and CGC is $10 but Batman Damned CGC is a 500% mark up....yup! seems fair.
The Rocketeer JLS_Comics 17 1 yearkaptainmyke (22377): and yet that Sequel never happened... Hollywood bureaucrats shelving film projects...
Captain Marvel JLS_Comics 24 1 yearkaptainmyke (22377): Do not sell yet. This movie is going to take off to crazy levels. Wait until after week 2 of the movie.
Superior Spider-man JLS_Comics 2 1 yearstanley_1883 (104): i completely agree. the series was awesome, i loved it.
Looking to buy GSX1 robo_beardo 4 1 yearGAC (6394):
Ebay Coupon: 15% off $25+ 8/28 8am PT until 10pm PT dielinfinite 17 1 yearxkonk (2167): For people that missed out, I got an email to activate an eBay bucks bonus today/tomorrow.
Adi Granov Elektra Variant stanley_1883 1 1 yearstanley_1883 (104): I was wondering if anyone has an Adi Granov Elektra variant? He was selling them at SDCC. I missed out as I got some Billy Tucci prints instead. Specifically I'm looking for the black suit. Please let me know if you have one you're willing to part with. Raw preferably. Thank you kindly.
Found this awesome sites for silver age! Phahn20 3 1 year50AE_DE (796): The site had been around for quite some time. As mentioned above, the site had been cherry picked and most keys are now gone. I'm a member of their prime shipping and I still shop there whenever there is a sale. They grade using their own grading system that may not be consistent with Overstreet.
Looking for Stan lee signed book Flip1987 5 1 yearDrogio (5425): I have an amazing fantasy 15 reprint signed by Stan, cbcs yellow label. It's the 2004 reprint that was inserted into American newspapers weekly up to about issue 13. Pm me if interested. I have a second one I'm waiting for to arrive from cbcs as well...was signed back in April, and sent in fast pass...but I had it pressed so you know...4 month TAT added on...
Looking to buy Amazing Fantasy #15 .5 or 1.0 artymarine123 18 1 yearSteverogers11 (1647): Traded it
WTB : Some modern books! xpsp3windows 9 1 yearxpsp3windows (73): Same here. There are a couple of listings at the moment on ebay but nothing to my liking.
ASM# 299 Grade ZZXMAN 7 1 yearDoc_Cop (744): 7.5 or 8.0 with a press. there plenty of these out there in better shape you could land at reasonable price. Books a good investment, just not this book. nuff said
WTB Gotham City Sirens 1 Catwoman Variant stanley1883 1 1 yearstanley1883 (46): Anyone have an issue of Gotham City Sirens #1 Catwoman variant for sale. let me know please. Raw or slabbed, high grade/nm-ish condition please .
Atlas Teen Titles Wanted AtlasLad67 8 1 yearpoka (12222): Have a number of Atlas comics but no Teens
The "WANT TO BUY" Thread! (WTB) JLS_Comics Jump to first page196Jump to last page 1 yearAnkurJ (112): Coverless/incomplete Detective 33 Low grade/restored More Fun 52
Stolen books need help obiwan1971 22 1 yearobiwan1971 (171): Thank you all for helping
Comic book long boxes Thearrow 6 1 yearManonfire (60): Here is one that is 13 x 9 x 11-9/16" (HxWxD)
CBCS is Moving to Dallas... SteveRicketts Jump to first page128Jump to last page 1 yearpoka (12222): Refer to this thread
Looking for, Seeking out, Searching, :) Gabriel85301 1 1 yearGabriel85301 (1401): I jumped up on those True Believers a little too late, I have been buying in lots of 3 or 4 per title. If anyone of you out there got a bargain on any of issues, or can point me to the right direction, let me know. I'm pretty much gonna pick off MidTown at the end of this week (like I did with Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel TB issues), but I still have a list of about 90 more titles too go.
Hulk 181, Giant Size 1. Looking to buy. robo_beardo 2 1 yearDarkga (4257): I may have a 4.0 to 5.0 GSX 1 that I'm willing to sell. It arrived at CBCS Friday 6/22 submitted under 2 day Modern tier, but it's with another book on the 1 week Rapid tier. I'm not sure how bad the backlog is at CBCS post move, but it should hopefully be back #soon. I'll keep you posted.
[Hoax] First Screenshot of CARNAGE kaptainmyke 17 1 yearBabaLament (2950): @kaptainmyke Very happy to hear this is a fake trailer.
Prioritizing 00slim 12 1 yearMR_SigS (11090): Exactly. I purchased my .5 copy 6 years ago for $2425 (cover split & detached, but present with no tape, stains, or anything missing). Two of the last three recorded (GoCollect) sales- $7000 and $8000, have missing wraps. The third has a detached cover with a wide spine length strip of tape. Best. Decision. Ever. But I wouldn't at all be shocked if it drops.
Sky Between Branches Tdog13 2 1 yearTdog13 (579):
Looking for Maxx ashcans, and darker image ashcan kutworksinc 6 1 yearScorpion (749): let just say it sold for over a little over $150.00 and was still in the original holder bag and board that it came in. i'll have to find and old ebay pic when it was up. also it was in 9.6 or 9.8 conduction RAW. and as the one with the seal are harder to find and can not be graded as CBCS will not break the seal, this is one reason i sold it.
For Sale/Trade: Superman #76 for your GSX #1 Darkga Jump to first page133Jump to last page 1 yearDarkga (4257): We'll continue this in another thread, however the for sale portion of this thread is officially closed. :(|)
Looking for ASM 361, possible trade Relaxin89 14 1 year00slim (6219): Cool! Their Museum Edition frames have UV protection!
International Comics? AtlasLad67 Jump to first page36Jump to last page 1 yearTimBildhauser (1916): Yep, I do pretty much all of the labels on the foreign books submitted to CBCS. Some of the more modern stuff is handled by Jim Noble because we notate on the back of the label if the cover that's used doesn't match the interior content and he's far more familiar with modern variants. For the record, the Martin Luther King book is a Spanish language edition but it's not from Mexico or Spain. And... I see all this talk about foreign books...
Action comics #12-looking for BWayne18 2 1 yearGanaSoth (2737): Can't find a copy on any comic book auction sites. But I found a pic.
WTB He-Man... OGJackster 26 1 yearGanaSoth (2737): @kaptainmyke Thats awesome too!
Looking for Pricing DR STRANGE #169 7.5 -8 BigRedOne1944 4 1 yearpoka (12222): @BigRedOne1944 CGC stats 7.5 8.0 8.5 9.0 ST 150: 50, 94, 77, 110 ST 151: 44, 60, 100, 132 DS 169: 200, 275, 300, 425-490