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'Want to Buy' Topics

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Detective Comics #54 August 1941 CGC 1.5 Price $950 includes ship to US CWill2021 7 1 monthTaniaYundt (1): Lucky buyer.
Personal "Want to Buy" Thread Jr1776 23 1 monthStudley_Dudley (49427): Haven't searched homeboy's posts on cgc in a while but he wasn't even attempting to put his want lists in the WTB section over there so moderation was deleting them also. Same attitude the whole time as well. Could be the language barrier but I stopped after a few threads devolved.
Does anybody have plenty of Batman 300-400 range, and are interested sell? Jr1776 8 1 monthJr1776 (122): Sorry what are you asking me exactly? I do not understand
WTB/Still need Twisted Tales #5/#10, 1982...9.0 or higher!! Galen130 2 1 monthHulkSmash (9912): Good luck! Most of those covers are fantastic!
Just speculating, but…. Scifinator 4 2 monthsJoosh (4172): I’ve got a handful in the auction; curious to see how it goes
Want to buy some Justice league of america ( between #2 thru #100) Jr1776 25 2 monthsOptic_Blast (333): I think you dodged a bullet with this one. He seems to post a lot of false claims about sellers over at the CGC forum.
Want to Buy: Detective Comics #90 August 1944 CWill2021 1 3 monthsCWill2021 (942): Want to Buy: Detective Comics #90 August 1944
Nobody who have short or long box full of DC? (Anterior to 2011 only) Jr1776 6 4 monthsPolarisNuclearSS2020 (1124): You're being unreasonable,@siggy ..... I think it's very fair to ask a seller to list hundreds or thousands of books from particular runs, to than be hand picked and collated into one short box at going bulk prices for "cheap short or long boxes"....which would be around $20 per full short box of DC comics. :(|)
WTB: Seven to Eternity 1A, 1st, 9.8, w/ Sigs Rick Remender, Jerome Opena Kortoga 2 5 monthsTheShocker (328): Such a good run. Good hunting
WTB: Secrets of Haunted House #31 DWeeB1967 1 5 monthsDWeeB1967 (11392): Looking for a high-grade copy of "Secrets of Haunted House" #31. Slabbed or raw. Please let me know if you have one available. Thanks.
WANT TO BUY - Chadwick Boseman signed books twoseezy 2 6 monthsOGJackster (49509): The only ones I have seen are on eBay for $25-$50,000.
WTB: Twisted Tales #5 and #10 (1982) Galen130 24 6 monthsGalen130 (5868): @SteveRicketts Are any of those extra #5 issues in high-grade condition? :)
For Sale: Whiz Comics #5 CGC 5.0 $1,395 plus cost to ship to US or Canada CWill2021 4 6 monthsmakahuka (3133): Rad book.
A Blast From The Past, With A Side Of Confusion (Sonic #25) 00slim 4 6 monthsmakahuka (3133): Very cool.
WTB: Incredible Hulk #359 Newsstand HIGH GRADE RAW $50+ NewsstandSpecific 4 7 monthsJoosh (4172): Im pretty sure I don’t have it, but I’ll check my spreadsheet tonight.
WTB: Incredible Hulk #340 9.6 Newsstand NewsstandSpecific 6 7 monthsNewsstandSpecific (438): I appreciate the responses but I’ve changed my mind on it. I sold all of my books a few years ago and I’m slowly getting back into it. One of those being a 9.8 #340 Mark Jewelers SS Mcfarlane. I’m being very picky this time around and just going after my personal favorite covers. Can’t read the books in the slabs anyway. I just picked up Captain America Annual #8 and Wolverine #27. The cover to #340 is without a doubt iconic but at the...
WTB: Mego Spider-Man 00slim 1 7 months00slim (17699): I’m in the market for a complete Mego Spider-Man in excellent condition. Loose is fine. With a box is a definite bonus, but it doesn’t need to be sealed. Not interested in a reproduction. If anyone can help me out, I’d appreciate it.
WTB: ASM #3 (Doc Ock) 4.0 Range 00slim 7 7 monthsGAC (70754): @00slim great copy!! Congratulations!!
FOR SALE: Action Comics #37 June 1941 Golden Age Superman $360 inclds ship CWill2021 2 7 monthsCWill2021 (942): Sold
For sale: Whiz Comics #17, February 1940. WW2 cover. $760 includes shipping CWill2021 2 9 monthsmakahuka (3133): Great book.
Want to buy: Detective Comics #92 CWill2021 5 10 monthsCWill2021 (942): -
Want To Buy: Whiz Comics #5 CWill2021 8 10 monthsPolarisNuclearSS2020 (1124): On second look, I should have extended that circle ⭕️ I made to go all the way up the spine. A spine should not look that perfectly straight.
Want To Buy: Whiz Comics #17 CWill2021 2 11 monthsdrmccoy74 (12753): There is a 2.5 on mcs
Looking for Edge of Spider-Verse 2# Greg land signed Stan lee Gul10 8 11 monthsDrogio (7803): It is for a modern!
WTB/WTT: Star-Spangled War Stories #90 DWeeB1967 1 1 yearDWeeB1967 (11392): Hi everyone. I'm looking for a copy of Star-Spangled War Stories #90 in the 7.0 range. If you have one for sale/trade (or know of one), please let me know. There is a CGC 6.5 on eBay right now but the seller and I could not come to an agreement on a price that worked for both of us. So I'm still on the hunt. Thanks for looking!
WTB: Secrets of Haunted House #31 DWeeB1967 3 1 yearDWeeB1967 (11392): Thanks, @cyrano0521.
Want to Buy: Whiz Comics #10 - November 1940 CWill2021 1 1 yearCWill2021 (942):
Want to Buy: Detective Comics #54 - 1941 CWill2021 1 1 yearCWill2021 (942): I'm looking for a graded copy of Detective Comics #54 - 1941 Let me know if you want to sell or trade
WTB/WTTF HOM #174, HOS #81 and DC Special #4 DWeeB1967 5 1 yearDWeeB1967 (11392): Me neither. I've been looking for years. Thanks for looking, @cyrano0521.
ISO/WTB Star Trek: Lower Decks #1 ratwoodster 1 1 yearratwoodster (35): I don't have a lot of slabbed books, but the ones I do have I like to display. I absolutely LOVE ST:LD and want to hang a copy up on my wall. Specifically, issue #1 the retailer incentive cover. I am looking for one in a CBCS 9.8. There are currently none graded at all of the book by CBCS though. I have a couple of raw copies, but they have some minor spine ticks and other issues so it's unlikely they'd pass muster. I dunno if this...
WTB kitty pryde and wolverine 1 9.8 jfry20002000 1 1 yearjfry20002000 (100): Looking to purchase a graded kitty pryde and wolverine 1 in a 9.8. I’m looking to pick one up for around $60 shipped. If that is in the neighborhood that you’d be willing to sell one please let me know and perhaps we can make a deal!
WTB Sandman #4 signed copy James42 7 1 yearJames42 (3989): Heh. Not in my case.
WTB Ruins stanley_1883 9 1 yearSpiderTim (3300): It's written by Warren Ellis so how can it not be good? this book lately has risen in price and rightfully so.
Wanted: a copy of Spider Punk 1 1:50 Okazaki Variant Vboi 2 1 yearTravis (510): eBay might have them I don’t know
WTB: Golden Age Pre-code Horror and Crime L.B Cole and others JMR 5 1 yearthe420bandito (11295): Very true. You can have my SA and BA books all day long. GA and PCH will be the last to go.
June 1942 - Green Lantern Allen Scott! $320 includes shipping. CWill2021 3 1 yearBatman66 (22367): Nice book, I sent this listing to a guy I know who's a big AA collector. Will let you know
Super Hang Ups jaysonslade 12 1 yearjaysonslade (198): @HulkSmash thank you.
Batman 423 Buzbe 5 1 yearMurm (2619): Ok thanks was asking as I think I have those books but can’t ship right now if you were close to Maryland was going to suggest meeting up. Hopefully someone else on the boards will be able to help you.
WTB Double Cover Silver Age X-Men AcuMan 1 1 yearAcuMan (122): After achieving my childhood dream of building X-Men 1-200, I am looking for the next challenge. Interested in raw/graded silver age X-men (including reprint 67-93) in double cover (or multiple cover). Also interested in first appearance double cover issues such as X-Men 129, 256 etc thank you for reading. I have Kirby signed X-Men books available for trade or sale.
WTB Action Comics #1 Davethebrave 8 1 yearEbayMafia (37151): @Davethebrave you should try the CGC forum for this. I hear they're pretty much giving away AC1's over there.
WTB Mark Brooks stanley_1883 5 1 yearxkonk (17713): I have a copy if that does anything for you.
ISO: Lower Grade X-Men 129? 00slim 14 1 yearReelgee (980): @Batman66 Lol holy extra batman!!! are u selling
For Sale: Superman #15, March 1942, CCG 3.0 Golden Age DC CWill2021 2 1 yeargrapeape (491): That's FMV for a terrific book. It presents nicely for a 3.0. Somebody's going to be very happy with this one.
Trade my Action Comics #33 CBCS 5.0 and Superman #15 CGC 3.0 CWill2021 8 1 yearCWill2021 (942): Hi Yes possible trade(s) for early Superman or Action Comics (1939-1940) graded books
Looking for THIS X-Men 94 - Reward for hooking me up! DrBalls 8 1 yearBatman79 (1227): Good luck DrBalls
WTB Wonder Woman 177 stanley_1883 2 2 yearsstanley_1883 (1998): Bump
WWCFMD Scifinator 21 2 yearsScifinator (15645): @Joosh - Hey, new profile pic👍 The cover wrap alignment is definitely part of why I opted for the EW.
WTB: Hawkeye, Lucky the Pizza Dog stanley_1883 19 2 yearssteveinthecity (624): There are copies of the 1st print currently on MCS unless this isn’t the same book?
WTB: Squirrel Girl #1 Graded 00slim 10 2 years00slim (17699): Acquired. Thank you all for your assistance.
WTB Marvel Hip Hip Variants stanley_1883 2 2 yearsHulkSmash (9912): I may have 1 or 2. I’ll be going through reorganizing and clearing out from my over buying. I’ll let you if I still those.
WTB: Fantastic Four: Full Circle Slipcased Edition 00slim 1 2 years00slim (17699): If anyone has a lead on one near cover price, let me know. It’s for my library, not resale (if that makes a difference).
Looking for ASM300 Newsstand CBCS 9.4-9.6 Joosh 5 2 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11512): That indeed is the reason for the 9.4
Looking for Punisher Movie Special 1990 Briten 2 2 years00slim (17699): The seller of this one from Canada claims it to be a 9.6 raw. For about $20 shipped, it doesn’t seem bad. e-bay
Buying Cover for Hulk 2, Human Torch 30, Detective Comics 96 JMSComics 1 2 yearsJMSComics (109): Hello 👋 In the off chance that any of you have an original cover for Hulk #2 (1962), Human Torch #30 (1948), or Detective Comics #96 (1945), I am looking to buy it for my coverless copy! Thank you
I want to BUY or Trade for thread Scifinator Jump to first page66Jump to last page 2 yearsstarlord (5430): I don't get paid till Friday next week, but I thought I would throw my line to see if there are any Bites. I'm looking for an Silver age Incredible Hulk number 3,4,5,and 6 at 1.8-4.0 grade.
Looking for Planet Comics JMSComics 6 2 yearsCatCovers (10895): Heh. Briefly thought you'd gone insane. :)
WTB Black Lightning #1 (1977) CBCS or GCG White Pages and others themelodyman 2 2 yearsTop_City_Comics (38): I have a high grade Black Lightning #1, I'll have to check the PQ
Looking for ASM 21 ANNUAL Kasperb991 4 2 yearsDWeeB1967 (11392): @Kasperb991 I'm sorry I could have sworn that I replied but apparently I didn't. Unfortunately, I don't have the Spidey face issue (only the Peter Parker issue) but I came across this today. Hope it helps.
BUYING Fantastic Four 5 in (3.0-4.5) jaysonslade 12 2 yearsJustThatGuy (5004): @BPaxson002 eh heh.
ISO ASM #2 and #3 For Sale, Trade or Both. Graded or Raw Gibby357 1 2 yearsGibby357 (114): Need to complete my run of 1-20. Let's see what ya got!?!
Who is Ezekiel on MCS? Scifinator 1 2 yearsScifinator (15645): Hi. Wondering if anyone on this forum is MCS moniker Ezekiel or if you may now who it is as I am looking to possibly buy quite a few items. Thnx mch
The best Venom comic book covers of all time? TheNerdHoard 8 2 yearsHexView (521): Any cover not by Humberto Ramos 👍
The best comics to invest in TheNerdHoard 11 2 yearsCatCovers (10895): Lots of good choices. A lot I'd add as solid potential, but I'll point out one that's more of an "entry-level" investment: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3, #4 (first appearance of Silk).
This world we live in…. Haljordanfan Jump to first page45Jump to last page 2 yearsDavethebrave (16164): @ComicHoarder twitter still has a character limit?
For sale: Hero For Hire #1 CGC 8.5 1st Luke Cage Appearance! CWill2021 4 2 yearsCWill2021 (942):
Hero For Hire #1 CGC 8.5 1st Luke Cage Appearance & Origin CWill2021 5 2 yearsCWill2021 (942): Thanks BigRedOne1944 most appreciated!
WTB Lady Mechanika Sketch Covers LazyCat 8 2 yearsLazyCat (10): Thanks buddy. In any case, I'm looking for someone who could help me with the ability to get remarks from various artists and send them for evaluation. I live in Europe and I do not have the opportunity to attend various events that take place in the USA. I've found a couple of comic book store websites that can provide this kind of help. But the more options the better. Plus this is the best choice for the cost of this service for me.
Looking to buy Batman 423 allizdogslc61 1 2 yearsallizdogslc61 (11): Looking for a copy of Batman 423 any print,5.0 to 6.0, at a reasonable price. Anybody?
Drawing Pad Recommendations for a novice artist pikaqiu 23 2 yearsjake (2473): You beat me to it! I still have the boxes of Softimage, 3DSMax and Maya sitting in storage. Yes, B5 was done in LW. I have a buddy who was a big advocate for it. For a short time, I worked at company that wanted to branch off into gaming, so I got to kick the tires of Unreal Engine, Gamebryo, Unity 3D and a couple of game engines, but alas, the money dried up and so did the work.
WTB: The Batman movie Promo dielinfinite Jump to first page32Jump to last page 2 yearswhowill (431): Far as I being told there virgin covers. Germany one to.
Metal Covers hogan36 2 2 yearssleeperbat (186): I like that red whit and blue one
Marvel Spotlight #2 CGC 8.0 1st Appearance Werewolf By Night, 1972 CWill2021 3 2 yearsCWill2021 (942): **SOLD**
RAW Graphix Magazine/Comic Want To Buy NowGrade 1 2 yearsNowGrade (12): I'm looking for issues #1, 2, 3, and 4 of RAW Graphix Magazine/Comic. Art Spiegelman and Francoise Mouly, circa 1980-1982. Grade Range, preferably 8.0 or higher. Price range $100-$300 based on condition. I am interested in both graded and raw issues.
SAMURAI OF OZ #1 LEIRIX KILL OZ hogan36 1 2 yearshogan36 (198): Here's another cover that I love by the artist Leirix. Limited to 15.
ISO/Want to buy Fantastic Four 5 Rjman48 2 2 yearsRjman48 (300): Closed
ISO Pedigree Daredevil comics daredevilart 16 2 yearsTellEmSteveDave (3936): If my tax return isn’t already spoken for I’ll definitely hit you up. Thanks!
Looking for Venom v4(cates run) 9.8 slabs Sebastsk8 8 2 yearsdrchaos (27793): I have two more that are being scanned in now that just came back from CBCS Venom (2018 Marvel) 11C CBCS 9.8 SS Cates/Stegman Witnessed Signatures: Donny Cates & Ryan Stegman on 3/1/2020. Skrulls Variant Venom (2018 Marvel) 14B CBCS 9.9 SS Cullen Bunn Witnessed Signature: Cullen Bunn on 3/1/2020. Battle Lines Variant
Which Hero for Hire 1 to buy? DocCop 15 2 yearscrystalphoto (1602): I say buy them both...
Digital Code Sticker hogan36 3 2 yearshogan36 (198): Good morning Thanks
WTB Avengers stanley_1883 6 2 yearsGAC (70754): I've got an 83 I might consider selling.....or trading for. There are lots on eBay though.
Forgive me Father #2 - Dekal Variant: Any leads Irodnyc 15 2 yearsIrodnyc (2): Thank you so much for the tip! Wish me luck!
Rough grade???? NortherInkComics Jump to first page39Jump to last page 2 yearsEbayMafia (37151): A word of warning about the "gorgeous" Karen Page on the Daredevil cover. 235 issues later she's a strung out porn actress who gives up Daredevil's secret identity. Hope I didn't spoil it for anyone.
WTB: Within Temptation: The Unforgiving #1-4 dielinfinite 1 2 yearsdielinfinite (26592): Hi, I’m looking to buy issues 1-4 of The Unforgiving raw. I am more interested in issues 2-4 in any condition, the nicer the better, of course. I’m less interested in issue since I already have a copy but would be interested in upgrading to a copy in VF or better. Even if you don’t have one to sell, If you know where they can be found or where a good place to look (maybe you know a good online comic shop based in Europe), please pass...
Ice Cream Man #25 hogan36 5 2 yearsdpiercy (4787): Love this series.
WTB Ghost Rider #3 (1951) Magazine Enterprises Lower Grade flanders 4 3 yearsflanders (25442): bump
BATMAN #118 1:250 VIKTOR BOGDANOVIC hogan36 11 3 yearsteacha777 (1180): classic Todd Mcfarlane cover homage. Get it signed by Todd then the book suddenly becomes sought after.
San Diego, local comic shop recommendations. sportshort 13 3 yearsEbayMafia (37151): Agreed, but the sketchy looking places that have been around for a long time are where I've had the best luck finding value.
SUPERMAN: SON OF KAL-EL #5 hogan36 5 3 yearsOxbladder (1287): I don't think they always announce a sellout. Most of the ones I hear about are usually ones that happen before or on release day. Since this issue is part of the whole bisexual reveal they have likely seen something in the numbers or market that provoked the second printing.
WTB RAWs Hellblazer 1-12 dfoster43 10 3 yearsdfoster43 (1635): @HeinzDad Yeah I see what you mean! OK so don't tell the wife ... I may have to break out the Amex and plan for a month in the comfy chair! I had no idea there were so many Constantine books. Where'd they all come from ? LOL! Now I have to figure out where to start. The article I read made is sound like he was brought back from nowhere for those 12 issues. I thought he'd just been gone those last 20-odd years. Time to make a spreadsheet I...
TMNT #98 Mike Vasquez Jennika Action Figure Variant Limited to 800 hogan36 6 3 yearsHeinzDad (31694): Oh no, I totally hear you. Ive been there before and learned. Not at the cost you’re in though I’m sure.
WTB: Prometheus Fire & Stone Omega Emerald City Exclusive dielinfinite 1 3 yearsdielinfinite (26592): Hi, I am on the hunt for a copy of Prometheus: Fire & Stone Omega Emerald City Comic Con Exclusive. Raw in preferably NM but I’m open to lower grades if the price is right If you happen to have one you are willing to sell or know of one available for purchase please reach out. Thank you! ...
seeking Avengers KS #10 and Legion of MOnsters ( marvel spotlight #28) Tyler 5 3 yearsMmanick (288): I think the book your looking for is marvel premiere 28.
Want to buy or trade for: Scifinator 19 3 yearsHcanes (5218): I think I can find a CGC 9.6 A&A Gold 0
WTB DC keys Davethebrave 24 3 yearsDavethebrave (16164): Now a bump to reiterate looking for more Hot Wheels books in high grades. Always looking to add more. Also tec225
What's going on my Playa Haters! Gabriel85301 7 3 yearsEbayMafia (37151): Tu cabeza esta nadando.
WTB Usagi Yojimbo 1 Davethebrave 9 3 yearsdaywalker (3708):
WTB: Anyone have cheap Spider-Man lots? dielinfinite 18 3 yearsHulkSmash (9912): this is sadly true. I’ve passed on some “$1” books to grab them in a lot later. Now Anything is like sticking gold when I find it locally. There is a legitimate shortage of decent books at the local places. IDK if collectors are buying more or selling less or sellers are moving the majority online. My Half Price Books used to be a place to find good books (not necessarily keys) and now I’m lucky if I find something that is legit dreck....
Digital downloads (stupid questions) Herkzy 6 3 yearsGanaSoth (9401): You can donate to the above site, but not required.
WTB Kirby Signed X-Men #6, Raw or Graded, Any condition AcuMan 4 3 yearsBatman66 (22367): @AcuMan I thought you found a copy already, did that deal fall through?
Tranzor Z Comics hogan36 20 3 yearsBuzbe (158): Just for taking them to school where they where band.
WTB - The Devils Rejects #1 & or Rob Zombie's Spook Show International #1 GanaSoth 1 3 yearsGanaSoth (9401): Looking to buy: The Devils Rejects #1 and or Rob Zombie's Spook Show International #1 Looking for those comics to be SIGNED by SID HAIG. Sid Haig was one of my favorite horror actors. Sadly he passed away back in 2019. PM me. If you know anyone that has them, please redirect them to this thread if they want to sell. Thank you. ...
WTB: Fantastic Four 46 cgc 6.5-8 Rjman48 5 3 yearsRjman48 (300): Found.
Absolute Carnage #1 1:500 Virgin General Question hogan36 Jump to first page36Jump to last page 3 yearsSebastsk8 (2354): @HulkSmash I grabbed a couple of those already 😂
WTB Aliens dark horse 1 9.8 please contact Wintered 3 3 yearsKatKomics (29034): 9.8 is hard...that black cover sucks!! mine was only 9.6 (and stays with me!) Good luck on your search!!
WTB Hellcats #121 MrNotSoNice 1 3 yearsMrNotSoNice (3433): I'd like to buy a nice copy of Our Fighting Forces Hellcats #121. Prefer VF or better. Would like to pay $20 shipped if raw, $50 shipped if slabbed (though may not be any slabbed because it has such low value). Hoping a member has one to spare. Could also make a trade that would be worth you while from my collection of 900 SA comics. Thanks! ...
WTB: 9.9 and 10.0 Superman Unchained jgzachary13 3 3 yearsjgzachary13 (187): @dielinfinite Yeah. I figured it’s worth a shot though.
WTB Spider-Woman #50 newsstand, 1st series Galen130 14 3 yearsGalen130 (5868): Updating want list to Spider-Woman #48 & #49, newsstand editions. No slabs please. 🙂
Looking to buy ASM #14 Murm 2 3 yearsMurm (2619): Just to be clear in case there is another 14 I’m unaware of I’m looking for ASM #14 first appearance of Willem Dafoe…sorry meant Green Goblin.
Doctor Aphra 001 R0gu31 8 3 yearsZombiebigfoot (4167): @R0gu31 I also have a copy of that issue (Cover 1A), but chose this variant to have graded instead (Cover 1H, the Retailer Exclusive Variant). I’m sure with a cleaning & press it would’ve come back with a 9.6 or 9.8, so I’ll definitely do that when I send issue 1A in (just in case of any imperfections). It’s like...
WTB or trade for some nice EC's MrNotSoNice 9 3 yearsMrNotSoNice (3433): Thanks! I'll check it out.
CGC 2.5 TTA 44 SS Stan Lee (Just Need Your Two Cents) 00slim 5 3 years00slim (17699): This has bitten me more than once. The, “well, I already have one . . .” mentality.
Thor 4 2nd print signed by Cates radd76 1 3 yearsradd76 (552): Anyone have a CBCS YELLOW LABEL they will sell or trade of this book? 9.6 or 9.8 preferred but will consider other grades.
WTB Strange Tales #169, 170, 173 and anything with Brother Voodoo flanders 14 3 yearsdfoster43 (1635): Wow that 169 just sold for crazy dosh for a nice copy, like 27K$ ! LOL yikes!
Found!!! Neil Gaiman & Charles Vess’ Stardust #4 Galen130 17 3 yearsGalen130 (5868): Thanks again!! :cool:
WTB Black Widow Premiere Exclusives 00slim 3 3 yearsdielinfinite (26592): Hmmm, I might be interested in a copy of the comic as well
WTB Detective Comics #359 or GA Captain America starlord 2 3 yearsMmanick (288): Good luck with the hunt. I love GA Caps myself
WTB Amazing Fantasy 15 jaysonslade 5 3 yearsjaysonslade (198): I got my AF15. I appreciate all the help from this and other sites. This community is a great one!
Trying to find this book Zero1373 4 3 yearsKatKomics (29034): @Zero1373 Scud was great!!! alas I only have the fireman press run - and the hardcover collection!! might have to give it a read again!!
WTB: Complete set of Amalgam, DC vs Marvel, All Access, Unlimited Access dielinfinite Jump to first page38Jump to last page 3 yearsdielinfinite (26592): @Joosh Thanks! With any luck the first volume should be on the way to the bindery by the end of the month. I’ll be buying the last issue of Previews this weekend (for real this time) but it is shipping from the UK so I probably won’t get it for a while
Amazing Fantasy 15 FOR SALE??? jaysonslade 9 3 yearsjaysonslade (198): @Haljordanfan I’d consider raw… Send what you’ve got. Thanks!
WTB:Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again 1 KRS Comics Exclusive Variant Ramage23 1 3 yearsRamage23 (254): Looking to buy Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again #1 KRS Comics Exclusive Variant CBCS 9.8 Would prefer a non signed copy and hoping to find a copy in Canada. Cheers
Suncoast Comic-Con jgzachary13 1 3 yearsjgzachary13 (187): Anyone planning on attending this con? I presume the bigger grading companies won’t be there (CBCS, CGC, etc.) even though this is in CGC’s backyard.
Want to Buy: Batman Issues 6-15 and Early Detectives in Low Grade jokioo 8 3 yearsMurrayC (2745): ...
Seeking to Buy: Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1, Grade 8.0 - 8.5 CWill2021 3 3 yearsCWill2021 (942): Yes, Luke is a good superhero with lots of potential in the MCU
Wisdom on Selling Most of My Collection jgzachary13 20 3 yearsjgzachary13 (187): @xkonk Thank you. I believe I will work with the CGCs on EBay first and then break up raws into lots and follow the steps you mention. I’ll determine MCS v. EBay then and hopefully have more time. Thank you (and everyone) again.
WTB / ISO Alpha Flight #11 and #19 Coldbobt 10 3 yearsColdbobt (72): That's very kind of you, although I am trying to find a high grade one (it's my new obsession!)
WTB Wartime Captain America, here's a detailed post of what I'm looking for BuffJake09 9 3 yearsBuffJake09 (420): Thanks for the bump!
ISO Superboy (Vol 3) 0 and 9 jfry20002000 4 3 yearsMrbryceman (306): I have 2 short boxes full of Superman/Superboy related comic books. But in total I probably have 36 short boxes all together not counting any of the slabs I have. I'm actually going to look at a collection in the morning which is why I'm out of town so I'm pretty excited. I'll check to see if I can possibly find those 2 books while I'm out in about.
WTB Young Avengers 1 9.8 CBCS... or CGC I guess Joosh 4 3 yearsobrie2tm (6443): I've got the Wizard World Variant at CBCS now (should return as a 9.8) that I intended to sell once returned. If you're interested I can let you know when I get it back.
WTB TTA Pedigrees southerncross 1 3 yearssoutherncross (30131): Due to the fact I'm willing to pay over fair market value the highest grade I'm comfortable with is a 9.4 For references I've bought off Esaravo Doc_Cop 00slim Batman66 If you have any books a easy transaction insures. Thanks for reading.
WTB: Superboy 68 in Low to Mid-Grade jokioo 3 3 yearsMatterEaterLad (2462): A friend of mine has a 68 that presents really well but about half of the spine is split. Otherwise looks like a 4.0. Too low grade?
WTB: Issues of Marvel Vision, Overstreet Fan, Wizard, and Previews dielinfinite 9 3 yearsdielinfinite (26592): Okay, so the last two issues I need are the last two issues of Previews that have decided to get scarce. The Barb Wire one I can HOPEFULLY negotiate down to like $20 but the other issue I have only found a single copy for sale but it’s bundled with another issue AND it’s overseas so it’d end up costing like $40 -_- If anyone has one of these or knows where to find one at a reasonable price, please let me know Thank you! ...
WTB or Trade for... Scifinator 3 3 yearsScifinator (15645): Updated Want list: Archer & Armstrong Vol 1 - 0 Gold Armorines Vol 1 - 0 Gold Bloodshot Vol 1 - 0 Gold Chaos Effect Alpha Red Cry for Dawn - # 1, 3, 4, 6 & 8 Crypt of Dawn - # 5 & 6 Dark Horse Presents #'s 54 & 55 Dawn Vol 1 - # 0.5 & 3 Dawn: Return of the Goddess - # 3, 4 Eternal Warrior Vol 1 - #1 Gold Embossed Eternal Warrior Vol 1 - #1 Gold Flat Fantastic Four # 48 & 49, 55, 57, 58, 60, 61, 72, 74, 75 Fantasy...
ISO Amazing Spider-man #14 VarelasComicAsylum 3 3 yearsVarelasComicAsylum (4): Sorry, Dallas-Fort Worth in Texas
WTB: Venom: Lethal Protector TPB 00slim 4 3 yearsdielinfinite (26592): Congrats! I actually have a lot of overlapping trades in Venom’s pre-solo appearances but aside from a couple of trades I mostly just have the mini-series in the Venom Omnibus
Looking to Upgrade Batman 181, Flash 139 00slim 4 3 years00slim (17699): Bump?
WTB ASM 800 1:200 Dell'otto cover 9.8 Ice9 1 3 yearsIce9 (1): If you have one for sale please pm me with pictures. Thank you.
Looking to Buy Jackson_p2 5 3 yearsJackson_p2 (1): @KatKomics She played Lorna Dane in “The Gifted”
WTB Spawn newsstand editions - paying well! Lobstrosity 3 3 yearskaptainmyke (27079): Spawn comics are expensive to complete a run. I'm having trouble with the mid 200s because they are such a low print run for that time period.
Venom 26 Variant Covers jgzachary13 14 3 yearsSebastsk8 (2354): This was the first book I did some actual speculative purchases on and bought 10 copies of the trade dress kirkham A covers, they have since dropped in price but I made a few hundred off of them from that gamble. Since then I havent done that really, just bought covers that I liked or were harder to find. The peach venom 30 sketch cover is one of my more favorite recent covers though, the knull/venom cover is a nice one.
ISO Captain Atom (Charlton) #83? 00slim 12 3 years00slim (17699): @Batman66 I figured it was only a matter of time, but I hadn’t heard anything official. But I grabbed it cuz like you, I do figure it’s a sleeper. Next up is Blue Beetle #1. That one is way overdue. “The Question” would make for a cool chacon for a movie or show. The deal almost fell through when I asked if he’d do an even $400. He got defensive when I pointed out the miswrap. But I wasn’t going to walk away over $20.
WTB: 1980s Swamp Thing DWeeB1967 1 3 yearsDWeeB1967 (11392): Looking to buy issues 20-50 (NOT #37, thank goodness) of the Swamp Thing series from the 1980s. These are some of the issues written by Alan Moore. I'm looking for very high grade. - either grade 9.8s or very high grade raw issues. If you have any, PM me and let me know your asking price. I'm also open to trades so feel free to let me know what you might be looking for. Thanks!
Buy the Numbers - which would you purchase? sportshort 21 3 yearsDarkseid_of_town (14297): Either book is a decent purchase...For myself I say go with the key that is likely to rise....given that Darkseid has a role in the upcoming Synder cut that isnt going to hurt the value of FP 1 for sure....and one has to think that sooner or later Darkseid will get his due in a series or Theater movie. Conversely Swamp thing just had a series that was done well, and should have been continued but wasnt for whatever dismal reason. I dont see...
WTB Ultimate Fallout 4 Djurdjevic Variant Raw and Low Grades chicifer 10 3 yearschicifer (2): Thank you for replying, I appreciate that! The hunt continues! Posting that you want to buy a certain book sometimes has crazy results. It seems like some people will keep their book because someone else is interested in it no matter what the grade.
BA 12 @ least a 9.6 grade jfry20002000 1 3 yearsjfry20002000 (100): Looking to pick up a BA 12 if you have one that you will sell in a 9.6 or if price is right 9.8. Appreciate it! Thank you, Jeremy
ISO Batman Vol 1 jfry20002000 2 3 yearsJabberwookie (5694): Any luck? And giving you a bump : )
WTB (or trade) for Spider-Man Maximum Clonage Alpha Scifinator 4 3 yearsFuneralBill5150 (87): I figured that would be the case but since that book is tough to find in 9.8 I figured it was worth a view. Good luck with the hunt!
ISO Batman 357 high grade jfry20002000 2 3 yearsesaravo (94055): Sending you a PM.
Want to Buy: Ms. Marvel #1 (Carol Danvers) Blair1999 12 3 yearsTedsaid (7340): LOL
Off Topic: WTB Marx Creature from the Black Lagoon” 00slim 13 3 yearsDarkseid_of_town (14297): oh my no, they are like an action figure more or less, at about six inches I guess. Good sized figures...the disney figures they did are pretty classic too and will someday make great collectors items.
WTB: Detective Comics 583 9.6-9.8 00slim 12 3 years00slim (17699): @Studley_Dudley Ok. I appreciate the follow-up.
ISO/WTB Iron Fist 14 Cardiac 3 3 yearsCardiac (2): Sorry for not clarifying that, yes 1977 first sabretooth.
ISO jfry20002000 2 3 yearsMatterEaterLad (2462): I have a 180 9.8 and also a 7.0 Frank Miller File Copy if that's of interest.
WTB High Grade Silver Age Green Lantern keys NoFunComics 8 3 yearsGAC (70754): @NoFunComics Prelim photos on the way. If any books spark interest and you want more photos of the book just let me know. If you want to pass on all of them, that no problem too. Thanks for looking. Theres 18 photos coming via PM.
WTB ASM 129 ddshess09 7 3 yearsFrontier2Xterra (12374): I'd add a wtb to the title. There are now 2 ASM 129 threads for different reasons.
WTB/ISO Captain America Annual 8 cgc 9.8 newsstand Rjman48 2 4 yearsStudley_Dudley (49427): Good luck. I have a 9.6 for you if you can't find a 9.8
ISO: X-Men 266 CGC 9.8 NEWSSTAND. Want to buy Rjman48 3 4 yearsRjman48 (300): Found 1. Thanks
Wtb the maxx 1/2 test prints and ashcans Airmomo 1 4 yearsAirmomo (24): Looking for the maxx 1/2 test prints and the maxx ashcans yellow and black.
X-men 94 jfry20002000 2 4 yearsMatterEaterLad (2462): Dang. Just sold my 8.5 last week. Good luck with your search!
WTB SILVER SURFER Graded 9.6 #10 WP / 11 graded #11 9.4 WP comicgrinder 7 4 yearscomicgrinder (1): Found the #11 just need the number 10:cool:
WTB X-Men #4 Slabbed low to mid-grade flanders 1 4 yearsflanders (25442): Thanks for looking, please pm me if you have a one and the price you're interested in selling for.
WTB X-23 1 9.8 Dell'otto Cover Ice9 6 4 yearsIce9 (1): Bump, still looking for this. Thanks.
Wtb marvel team up 141 Stan Lee sig 9.8 Nystalgik 6 4 yearsNystalgik (21): Thanks guys. I have Stan Lee signed 252, 300, SW #8, first app carnage and Spiderman #1 all 9.8's. don't care if it's cgc, pgx or cbcs. My 300 as Stan Lee 9.8 is actually cbcs and it's a beauty. Love cbcs slabs because I know their grading is impeccable and market hasn't caught up to their quality yet so if I can get them for less it's a higher ROI in the future when market catches up.
WTB: Golden Age Horror & Crime L.B. Cole / The Perfect Crime series JMR 1 4 yearsJMR (133): I am seeking high grade L.B. Cole horror and crime. I am mostly looking in the 8.0 to 9.0 range, but will consider lower depending on the issue. Here are some of the issues I seek: Blue Bolt 114, Blue Bolt 117 Startling Terror Tales 5 Terrors of the Jungle 18 Terrifying Tales 13 ****I also seek various issues of The Perfect Crime series by Cross Publications, specifically issues 23 and 26. I will pay in the $1,000 - $2,000...
Trouble Finding Toploaders? 00slim 14 4 years00slim (17699): Mylite 2s scare me. For low grade keys I don’t think are worth slabbing, I like to bag and board them in their proper size, then put it in the next size up Mylite 4.
WTB - X-Men 1 CournalCrunch 17 4 yearsKYDU (890): That’s a great deal! Really good.
WTB Something is Killing the Children #1 flanders 4 4 yearsflanders (25442): @Tedsaid a graded 9.8 frison variant and possibly two copies of the regular cover raw, but I'll have to see if the online shop I got them from actually ships and hopefully they arrive in high grade.
WTB or Trade for X-Men #266 9.4-9.8 flanders 4 4 yearsHarrisonMade (167): I do have a raw newsstand copy available.
Awesome Featured Comic (VSP Han Solo Variant) Scifinator 3 4 yearsScifinator (15645): Ouch, that is a bunch of Bantha Fodder. I know that he is otherwise a fairly private person, and 4 fig signatures would seem to make sense with such.
WTB!! Good copy of HULK 181 and/or Giant size XMen. This is for my husband marthaelliott 21 4 yearsxkonk (17713): If you're on someone's feedback page there should be a few tabs right above the list of specific comments that someone has received. It defaults to 'All received Feedback' and below that will have the overall number. Mine says 470 feedback received (viewing 1-25), for example. But there's another tab that says 'Received as a seller' and if you click on that it will tell you their number specifically for selling. Mine updates to 76. I think...
Want to Buy marthaelliott 3 4 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): you're an amazing wife! Can't say mine would do the same. Good luck on your hunt
Anyone have a saga 3 in a 9.8 CarsonG 1 4 yearsCarsonG (467): I cant find this book for sale on any of the sites I use in this condition. I would also buy a floppy that was def in mint condition. I just cant find it anywhere and its driving me nuts.
WTB: House of Secrets #92 DWeeB1967 1 4 yearsDWeeB1967 (11392): Hi, everyone. Looking to buy HOS #92 in 7.0 or better. Please let me know if you have one available and the price. I really, REALLY want to join that HOS #92 / Swamp Thing #1 club. 😄 Thanks for looking.
WTB or Trade for - Scifinator 3 4 yearsadgbiking (161): Pm'd
X-Men X of Swords Creation #1 Comic hogan36 6 4 yearsxkonk (17713): I don't have personal experience with it, but my understanding is that if pretty much every copy has that damage it will be considered a manufacturing defect and won't hurt the grade that much. A lot of the recent larger Marvel books have those corner issues.
what is GOING ON MY NINJAS?!?!? Gabriel85301 9 4 yearsStantheman (1141): @GAC I am more of a Ronin myself....
Sync with others to buy comics? Comicscollection 5 4 yearsdielinfinite (26592): If you use CLZ or it’s desktop app you can sync to the cloud to allow others to see your collection, wishlist, and For Sale books, like so
Looking to buy Stu 1 4 yearsStu (825): Looking to buy a low grade raw ASM #6 - hit me back if you have one. Thx!
When slabbing doesn't add MrNotSoNice 18 4 yearsjaysonslade (198): @Bronte I’m actually the opposite. I don’t mind the lowball offers because I see an awful lot of sellers trying to highball buyers by putting outrageous prices on their books with Buy It Now or Best Offer. These sellers are the ones conditioning the buyers into using a legit bid and it coming across as a lowball. Unfortunately there’s no way to expect that the buyers are gonna research the sellers independently of the books before they...
WTB Cry for Dawn Limited Editions RedGiant 6 4 yearsRedGiant (22): Bump
WTB/TRADE FOR: Fantastic Four 1-5 & X-Men 1 - Tons of keys to barter with!! Top_City_Comics 8 4 yearsTop_City_Comics (38): I have a ton of silver/bronze keys, a run of early FF raws, a ton of Golden age (Superhero & PCH), and even some copper/modern keys....the list is thousands of books deep, so I'd come up with specific lists for each person's wants probably :)
WTB - Marvel Family 1 low grade, complete Dfanderson 2 4 yearsBatman66 (22367): Great book. Had one, sorry I got rid of it😢. Good luck
Wants to trade for slabbed comics jaysonslade 1 4 yearsjaysonslade (198): Hello all! I realize this is not a typical post, but it seems like a logical place to start looking. I'm hoping to find someone interested in trading a few high end silver age comic books for an incredibly nice collection of Alcoholics Anonymous books. Most of my books show only normal wear as to be expected. 99% have no defects or writing. And all are tight clean copies. I've got a very large collection of AA Big Books. Near complete first...
WTB Spawn 1 CBCS 9.8 newsstand edition, CGC Ok too, maybe, I guess Joosh 6 4 yearsJoosh (4172): My brother did, seller’s have minimum consideration so his offers were immediately declined. He’s not in a hurry, so it’s all good. I’ve got most of my favorites through a combination of patience, persistence, and dumb luck. For my PC I’m thinking about getting a Spawn 1 Black and White reprint, probably a 9.6 for that one.$$$$$ EDIT: Book has been procured! Thanks @Devo3000x for finding the deal.
Absolute Carnage #1 Set hogan36 8 4 yearshogan36 (198): @HulkSmash Thank you!
Comic Wall Mounts/Frame hogan36 7 4 yearsHulkSmash (9912): @lawguy1977 there are different depths as well. this one has a 1.5” ledge. clickable text
Absolute Carnage #1 Stanley Artgerm hogan36 16 4 yearshogan36 (198): @crystalphoto Thank you!
WTB Winter Soldier 1 and Siege 2 and 3 9.8 Dell'Otto Covers Ice9 1 4 yearsIce9 (1): Hello, Please message me if you have one available and the price. Thank you.
WTB: Green Lantern #87 9.4 or 9.6 DWeeB1967 1 4 yearsDWeeB1967 (11392): Hi, everyone. I'm looking for a copy of Green Lantern #87 (from the 1970s) in 9.4 or 9.6 or a high-grade raw. Please let me know if you have one available and the price. Thanks!
Earth 616 Collectibles hogan36 3 4 yearshogan36 (198): @crystalphoto Okay. Thanks so much!
Mike's list of WTB dreck Studley_Dudley 12 4 yearsStudley_Dudley (49427): Updated 7/6. Some other titles added. Incredible Hulk (Marvel 1968-2011) #149, 155, 168, 169 Iron Man (Marvel 1968-1996) #152 Captain America vol 5 (Marvel 2005-2009) #2, 3, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13 Captain America: Man out of Time (Marvel 2010-2011) #1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Captain Marvel (Marvel 1968-1979) #46 Watchmen (DC 1986-1987) #1, 10 V for Vendetta (DC 1988-1989) #2, 4, 7, 8, 9 The ‘Nam (Marvel 1986-1993) #3, 8, 11, 13, 18, 19, 27, 28, 29,...
Class act ALERT! Scifinator 26 4 yearsScifinator (15645): Wait, is Ed Canadian also? Sorry, Weird Al reference there.
WTB Low Grade Fantastic Four #1 (1961) Looking for THE ONE Joosh 2 4 yearsHulkSmash (9912): Good luck with your search 👍🏻
Help in Obtaining Wonder Woman DC Archive Vol. 5 rick13336 7 4 yearsrick13336 (109): not really I just indicated that I deemed media mail to slow and I was willing to pay for priority mail instead of media. Unless, dheader received an email from the.pannapictagraphist- who had the book for more, I made offer and indicated same priority shipping, panna just ran the sale up and never emailed me that my offer was good, except for the tax. I don't care about tax I just want it in three days, I told him it would have been nice to get...
PLEASE HELP: WTB ASM ANNUAL 21 9.8 00slim 8 4 yearsStudley_Dudley (49427): MCS is usually pretty quick with the processing and shipping, but shipping times are in the toilet right now. At least for me, I sent two priority packages to MCS on 5/30 and they are still working their way there. Receiving is no big deal, but I will have first class and priority packages sit in Dayton for two days before sitting in Cincinnati for two more days before going out.
WTB Green Lantern #6 DWeeB1967 1 4 yearsDWeeB1967 (11392): I'm looking for a copy of Green Lantern #6 (Silver Age) in VF or better. Raw or slabbed. Please let me know of you have one available. Thanks.
WTB Marvel Spotlight 32 9.6 WP 00slim 6 4 years00slim (17699): Trade + cash in progress. Thank you to everyone who reached out.
CHEAP CBCS SLABS WANTED TheJokersWild87 7 4 yearschefcomics (163): how many you looking for?
Decisions, Decision: Input Requested 00slim 23 4 yearsxkonk (17713): If you're going to get them all and the only question is timing, I would think about movie/shows and avoiding those potential bumps. Punisher is evergreen but doesn't have a show or movie to hype around right now. Harley was in a movie that already came out, but I'm sure they'll be talking about her being in something for DC again soon. Hawkeye is supposed to be on a Disney+ show with Kate Bishop, but I think the timing there is all thrown...
Silver Age Top Loaders hogan36 3 4 yearshogan36 (198): Thank you so much
Top Loaders From Amazon hogan36 6 4 yearshogan36 (198): Thank you for all of your responses everyone! I'm unable to file a complaint with Amazon via phone or chat because no one is there to take calls due to the Coronavirus/COVID 19. I was reading his feedback and 3 people as of today's date put that they are having the same exact issue as me.
WTB: Babylon 5 The Lost Tales mini-comic (2007) Qalyar 1 4 yearsQalyar (11): I am looking for one or more copies of the 6-page mini-comic released in 2007 as a pack-in with some Best Buy editions of the Babylon 5: The Lost Tales DVD. Copies were also handed out at SDCC, about half of which ended up signed by JMS (for clarity, I do not want a signed copy). There were quite a few of these...
Mutant Beaver Comics hogan36 3 4 yearshogan36 (198): @Studley_Dudley Thanks!!
Anyone want to give me some suggestions? Gabriel85301 10 4 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): Thank you everyone! I had ordered an 8x JL #12 lot on ebay, the guy claimed average grade was NM.. far from it..In the back of all the comics had huge creases, lots of bents, no bags and boards when shipped (but that one is on me because he never mentioned that in his description) His shipping was pathetic. Oh well, you lose some you gain some. At least I got the items. I'll have to check out GAC's...
Looking for sub $1k USA Comics (Timely) and All-Select (Timely) merlinflex 4 4 yearsthe420bandito (11295): did a brief check of prices on GPA. You are going to be at 0.5-2.0 for most USA Comics books except some of the less desirable issues. All Select isn't looking much different.
Comic Grading hogan36 9 4 yearshogan36 (198): Thank you!
Absolute Carnage #1 hogan36 6 4 yearsRinova (262): I have a copy of that comic @hogan36. Not sure if you are still interested?
Lone Wolf and Cub # 1 Thaiboxer 7 4 yearsCatCovers (10895): I had the whole run once upon a time. I think I sold it about 10 years ago.
WTB list of books Nelsconey 1 4 yearsNelsconey (211): Batman 234 Batman 251 Twilight Zone 84 Swamp Thing 37 (More into affordable copies for these books) Batman 417 Tec 858 Hughes Tec 583 Carnage USA #1 DAREDEVIL END OF DAYS 3 Variant Mack Elektra Snake Eyes Storm Shadow #19 Purple Rain BLOODSHOT (2012) #2 VF/NM DAVID AJA 1:20 variant
Hey Guys, Wanna Trade? 00slim 30 4 yearsNelsconey (211): Is this still avail? Price?
Twilight Zone Gold Key? SupaCor 8 4 yearsSupaCor (307): oh wow, thanks guys! as for 84 and 85... frank miller :( i have two copies of #1, 2, 7, and 9. id like to find 7$-15$ reader copies that are complete and are not falling apart. the star trek run took about 3 years to finish, id like to do this one in less haha. heck maybe i should hit 84 and 85 first. thanks guy! i appreciate it!
Off Topic: Anniversary Gift Ideas Welcome (“Friends” sitcom related) 00slim 8 4 years00slim (17699): Scored one with a JSA sticker. And while not foolproof, the serial # checks out.
WTB: Blade (2006) Complete Series tonnage71 1 4 yearstonnage71 (730): Looking for the complete 12 issue run of Blade from 2006 (Volume 3) as a gift for my wife in NM or better condition. Only one set that I can see on eBay and the issues are in poorer condition than we’d like. PM me if you have a set for sale and are willing to part for it at a reasonable price. Thanks!
Comic Books, The Current state of affairs, you know.. Gabriel85301 1 4 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): My best friend James Lugo and several other people have told me to continue quick videos that I have been posting ona regular basis on Facebook, but for this one, I did it on YouTube so I could post on the forums I regularly visit, so here you go all. The 1st half is for my comic book peeps, 2nd half is an important msg to everyone out there for you. #StayHealthy
WTB John Byrne's NEXT MEN Scifinator 4 4 yearsxkonk (17713): MCS has #23 in NM
WTB Cry for Dawn Limited Editions RedGiant 3 4 yearsRedGiant (22): @Scifinator Is that the deluxe letterbox (limited edition) or regular cover? Pm sent.
wtb avengers 57 donho 4 4 yearsMurm (2619): Graders Notes: Avengers #57 Marvel10 1968 Variant: Pedigree: 4.0 Certified Off-White/White Signees: Notes: spine, surface, edge & corner wear & creasing some breaks color staining, soiling & substance smears to cover few small spots of surface, paper loss middle right back cover small tear at bottom staple & couple of tiny tears left edge back cover
needed donho 2 4 years00slim (17699): I’d suggest putting “WTB Avengers 57” in the title. It would be more likely to catch the eye of someone who’s looking to sell. Just a thought. Hope you find your original, though. That’s always frustrating.
Comic Website Inquiry hogan36 11 4 yearshogan36 (198): @GanaSoth Thanks!Good Detective work. That's what I figured.
ISO “Witching Hour” Reader Copies? 00slim 14 4 yearsGanaSoth (9401): Alright Ryan. I got it ready for shipping for tomorrow. I'll PM ya there tracking once I get it.
Overstock Stu 1 4 yearsStu (825): I’m looking for some overstock of 1970s to 1990s Batman - not looking for keys - just overstock and such. Working on an art project.
WTB TOS 39 3.0-4.0 00slim Jump to first page115Jump to last page 4 yearsPre_Coder (19122): @Slim I'm happy you finally got your book. Looks great! Congrats to you :beer: :cool:
Looking to buy Camera comics #6 BLHK133 2 4 yearsBLHK133 (5): bump
Help me make a choice! FF-67, FP-1, JO-134 sportshort 21 4 yearssportshort (15837): @sborock, you don't have on opinion as to which is the best book for the money? I understand if you don't answer my questions because if you do it is possible you will be badgered for advice form every forum member (including me, lol) or maybe you can't answer because you probably don't delve into such low cost, low grade comics. whatever the reason I understand, but still hold out hope for your sage advice.
WTB Cry for Dawn (1989) RedGiant 21 4 yearsRedGiant (22): Got my trade book today from @HeinzDad - looked awesome. Always looking for more. Anyone have any listed books for sale or trade?
Safes for comic Thearrow 15 5 yearsCatmanAmerica (30409): Steve, I’ve seen the research and agree 100% that if thinking along those lines, one should be mindful of this. If selecting a fireproof safe for protecting comics do lots of research, choose wisely and don’t do it on the cheap. As you know, I’ve favored a Phoenix UL approved data grade safe for many years with no ill effects to staples. This isn’t a plug for a specific brand, but rather a reference point. This is the...
WTB: Brave and the Bold #34 (8.0-ish) DWeeB1967 1 5 yearsDWeeB1967 (11392): Please let me know if you have one available. Thanks.
WTB/ISO Hard to find Adam Hughes covers Tdog13 8 5 yearsTdog13 (692): Fingers crossed!
WTB/WTT for Venus #17,18 mstrangeII 2 5 yearsmstrangeII (4):
Suggestions for Comic Database & Tracking Software Cool_Fool 5 5 yearscyrano0521 (1303): Clz phone app is my go to for basic inventory; still keeping Access for detailed inventory
AMAZING MARY JANE 1 ARTGERM 1:500 VIRGIN Rinova 17 5 yearsRinova (262): Thanks everyone. I’m going to wait it out and see if I can get it at FMV. I don’t want to have that buyer remorse feeling after purchasing it. The eBay seller is willing to sell it for $158 includes shipping but if I can buy it around $76 I need to wait. I’m going to ask my local shop next. Thanks again you guys are great.
WTB Sinister Tales #23 Alan Class UK Comic 00slim 3 5 years00slim (17699): Cool. Appreciate the clarification, fixed the title and description.
Doctor Doom #2 - Death of Doom GanaSoth 8 5 yearsDrogio (7803): Technically there were a few other doctor doom focused titles. Masters of Evil (1-4) and Books of Doom (1-6). Like Venom I’d think those would count towards legacy numbering. Any other Doom titles?
1st Graded Foreign - Spider-Man (1990) #1 (UK) PC/Amiga Video Game BigRonnie 5 5 yearsX51 (14744): That's foreign to me. I live in Georgia.
WTB 1976 Godzilla vs. Megalon newsprint promo comic 00slim 12 5 years00slim (17699): Nice graded copies have sold for less than you might imagine. They typically sell, raw, in the $50-$100 range. Some decent scans of the mag are provided at the bottom of this article: clickable text
WTT For A TMNT #10 9.8 (1st Series) flanders 1 5 yearsflanders (25442): I've been looking for a Ninja Turtles #10 9.8 for awhile now. I'm low on funds since I've been buying too many comics but I'm interested in trading for something slabbed I have that's worth between $130-150. Thanks.
WTT for Tomb Of Dracula 10 in 5.0 and up Enelson 6 5 yearscomic_book_man (1978): @Enelson hehe ;) I'll keep a look out for you still. Bump!
WTB Mint/NM or 9.8 Superman Red Son #1 GanaSoth 1 5 yearsGanaSoth (9401): PM me if ya have one for sale. Thanks.
Golden Age Comic Buying Advice tonnage71 15 5 yearstonnage71 (730): @the420bandito...gorgeous book and very cool story!
WTB Doom 2099 #1 in Mint Condition GanaSoth 13 5 yearsDrogio (7803): @bama1955 spine ticks probably put his in the NM- range.
God Emperor Doom's First Appearance? GanaSoth 4 5 yearsGanaSoth (9401): @Paulbg2000 thanks!
ISO Silver Age Xmen and TEC 1000 Artgerm Retro Bmoney83 8 5 yearsBmoney83 (8): Found a nice Copy of TEC 1000 Artgerm, thanks everybody
WTB WTT Wendy Pini art or sketch DanM 2 5 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11512): I love Her work as well
Looking to buy Amazing Spider-Man 39 XxSpideyxX 1 5 yearsXxSpideyxX (62): Looking for at least an 8.0. Please DM me if you have one for sale :) Thank you, Ian
The Maxx 1/2 red and blue covers Airmomo 1 5 yearsAirmomo (24): Looking to try and complete my collection. Hoping someone has one or both of these Maxx 1/2 covers they're willing to sell. Looking for Graded or raw copys
What's your eBay site? MarvelousComics 24 5 yearsX51 (14744): I never have animosity towards anyone for over-pricing a comic. I'm not going to buy it, but your taste is just as valid as some person wandering past it on eBay. If it's worth that to you, so be it. If you really want to sell something, you have to settle for what the next guy is willing to pay.
Justin Ponsor Passed away JLS_Comics 8 5 yearsetapi65 (4060): Man, I thought he was recovering. RIP
BCW discount codes Thearrow 2 5 yearsdaywalker (3708): EMAIL1 will give you 5% off. Not much, but something is better than nothing!😁
For Sale: Silver Surfer #1 CBCS 6.5 (1968) KingNampa 13 5 yearsagrkdj (16): Following
Looking for Marvelman #25 GanaSoth 3 5 yearsGanaSoth (9401): @KCBatmanFan thanks for the info. Yeah, it's a very hard issue to find... Do you have a link to that Reddit by chance? Maybe the guy might sale it?
WTB X-MEN 94 sportshort 2 5 yearssportshort (15837): just an FYI, i am not asking for a 4.5 for under 200 dollars (I wish), i am asking for a 3.0 - 4.0 for under 200 dollars. i't is looking like no such thing exists but i'm trying to keep hope alive. thanks for taking the time.
Buying Miracleman 15 CBCS or CGC 9.8 GanaSoth 1 5 yearsGanaSoth (9401): Hello guys. I'm wanting to purchase a 9.8 graded Miracleman #15 CBCS or CGC, doesn't matter to me. PM me if interested in selling. Thx
Looking for Shi The Way of the Warrior 1 Antiquities Edition ACECORP 3 5 yearsACECORP (3): Thanks. I saw that one. No leads currently. Hence the reason for my new post. :)
ISO - UXM #95 mid grade slabbed ThorneArt 4 5 yearsDavidM (1582): There’s one on eBay that isn’t graded but it’s starting at $13. May be your best bet.
ISO a few personal grails... JustABitEvil 20 5 yearsxkonk (17713): Here's the 36 I messaged about. The spine wear/creases are the main issue; the color looks pretty nice. This is the odd one where MCS has a lower price than gocollect; you can buy a FN- on MCS for $36 but gocollect has the 5.5 at $60. I think this is closer to a 5, so added with the other three and including shipping I would put the total at $210. ...
WANTED: Amazing Ghost Stories 14, Perfect Crime 23, LB Cole comics etc JMR 1 5 yearsJMR (133): Looking for the comics in the title, plus Ghost Comics #1 in 8.0 or better, as well as various other Perfect Crime and LB Cole horror, crime, and romance comics in Fine or better, graded or raw, no resto.
Ultimatum 1: Silvestri Variant mediaslave 9 5 yearsmediaslave (1273): Oooh that is nice too. Never saw taht one. Dammit.
Signing advice for Captain Kirk (Shatner) donho Jump to first page35Jump to last page 5 yearsJustABitEvil (2304): I had him sign the one with the most Shatners on it I could find.
anyone have a copy to sell me? donho 14 5 yearsesaravo (94055): @Frontier2Xterra - Thanks, Jon.
WTB/WTTF 1988 Rust #12 (High Grade Only) DWeeB1967 1 5 yearsDWeeB1967 (11392): I'm looking for Rust #12, published by Now Comics in 1988. Slabbed or raw, but very high grade only, please. Thanks for looking.
ISO: Uncanny X-men #100 grade 7 or lower ThorneArt 6 6 yearsThorneArt (1916): I appreciate the responses! I picked one up! I love it.
What is your eBay name? Gabriel85301 Jump to first page37Jump to last page 6 yearstjr909 (54): Hey everyone, I just updated my eBay name to match my IG and youtube name: gorilla.todd.comicbooks.4life clickable text
Best online comic subscription services? kaptainmyke 20 6 years1243782365 (503): I've never ordered from DCBS. If I have, I can't remember but this week I have heard MULTIPLE stories of a mistake they made with the J. Scott Campbell Daredevil variant. This variant was supposed to be a 1:100 variant but DCBS presold them as a regular variant at cover price when they were doing there preorder sales two months ago. And guess what? They fulfilled EVERY order. That is why I am looking into moving my online subscription to DCBS.
The “Well, Now I Want One” Thread 00slim 24 6 yearsBabaLament (2961): @00slim Back is clean. The gnarly bag was setting off my OCD, so I re-bagged it. Looks much better.
Looking for Marvel True Believer Comics Gabriel85301 7 6 yearsGaryhaylock (16): Hi, i have 2 cgc 9.8 true beleivers if your interested. Deadpool 1 (first apperance) Hulk 1 (planet hulk)
LA Comic Art Show This Weekend--Sunday November 4th! HippyComix 1 6 yearsHippyComix (43): LA Comic Art Show is the first West Coast convention dedicated exclusively to Original Comic Book Art. You'll find no comic books or collectibles, but an incredible array of thousands of pages, covers, paintings, and pin-ups: Original Comic Book, Comic Strip and Illustration Art from the 1940s to the present! Some of the Nation's top Art Dealers and Exhibitors who will be set up in the spacious Breakwater Room: Cool Lines Art (Rich...
WTB Wow Comics #38 - Fawcett 1945 Helric1 1 6 yearsHelric1 (6907): I'm looking for a copy of Wow Comics #38 - Fawcett 1945. I would consider any grade raw or slabbed. PM me if you have one. Thanks! :beer::(|)
Wanted to Buy - Perfect Crime #23 and various L.B. Cole comics JMR 1 6 yearsJMR (133): Hello. I am looking to buy a copy of Perfect Crime 23 in Fine or better, as well as various issues of Blue Bolt Weird, Spook, Startling Terror, Ghostly Weird, All-Famous Police, etc. Please contact me if you have any of these for sale!
She Hulk Numbers Don't Jive ONLINE_209 8 6 yearsONLINE_209 (1867): @Jesse_O She Hulk has always been one of my top favorite characters of all time and thanks for sharing the pictures
Batman Damned Topsykrets Jump to first page68Jump to last page 6 yearsGAC (70754): Agree 100%! Raw = $5 but Batman Damned raw is a 1000% mark up and CGC is $10 but Batman Damned CGC is a 500% mark up....yup! seems fair.
The Rocketeer JLS_Comics 17 6 yearskaptainmyke (27079): and yet that Sequel never happened... Hollywood bureaucrats shelving film projects...
Captain Marvel JLS_Comics 24 6 yearskaptainmyke (27079): Do not sell yet. This movie is going to take off to crazy levels. Wait until after week 2 of the movie.
Superior Spider-man JLS_Comics 2 6 yearsstanley_1883 (1998): i completely agree. the series was awesome, i loved it.
Looking to buy GSX1 robo_beardo 4 6 yearsGAC (70754):
Ebay Coupon: 15% off $25+ 8/28 8am PT until 10pm PT dielinfinite 17 6 yearsxkonk (17713): For people that missed out, I got an email to activate an eBay bucks bonus today/tomorrow.
Adi Granov Elektra Variant stanley_1883 1 6 yearsstanley_1883 (1998): I was wondering if anyone has an Adi Granov Elektra variant? He was selling them at SDCC. I missed out as I got some Billy Tucci prints instead. Specifically I'm looking for the black suit. Please let me know if you have one you're willing to part with. Raw preferably. Thank you kindly.
Found this awesome sites for silver age! Phahn20 3 6 years50AE_DE (6464): The site had been around for quite some time. As mentioned above, the site had been cherry picked and most keys are now gone. I'm a member of their prime shipping and I still shop there whenever there is a sale. They grade using their own grading system that may not be consistent with Overstreet.
Looking for Stan lee signed book Flip1987 5 6 yearsDrogio (7803): I have an amazing fantasy 15 reprint signed by Stan, cbcs yellow label. It's the 2004 reprint that was inserted into American newspapers weekly up to about issue 13. Pm me if interested. I have a second one I'm waiting for to arrive from cbcs as well...was signed back in April, and sent in fast pass...but I had it pressed so you know...4 month TAT added on...
Looking to buy Amazing Fantasy #15 .5 or 1.0 artymarine123 18 6 yearsSteverogers11 (3605): Traded it
WTB : Some modern books! xpsp3windows 9 6 yearsxpsp3windows (73): Same here. There are a couple of listings at the moment on ebay but nothing to my liking.
ASM# 299 Grade BatCatMan 7 6 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): 7.5 or 8.0 with a press. there plenty of these out there in better shape you could land at reasonable price. Books a good investment, just not this book. nuff said
WTB Gotham City Sirens 1 Catwoman Variant stanley1883 1 6 yearsstanley1883 (46): Anyone have an issue of Gotham City Sirens #1 Catwoman variant for sale. let me know please. Raw or slabbed, high grade/nm-ish condition please .
Atlas Teen Titles Wanted AtlasLad67 8 6 yearspoka (24374): Have a number of Atlas comics but no Teens
The "WANT TO BUY" Thread! (WTB) JLS_Comics Jump to first page196Jump to last page 6 yearsAnkurJ (117): Coverless/incomplete Detective 33 Low grade/restored More Fun 52
Stolen books need help obiwan1971 22 6 yearsobiwan1971 (243): Thank you all for helping
Comic book long boxes Thearrow 6 6 yearsManonfire (63): Here is one that is 13 x 9 x 11-9/16" (HxWxD)
CBCS is Moving to Dallas... SteveRicketts Jump to first page128Jump to last page 6 yearspoka (24374): Refer to this thread
Looking for, Seeking out, Searching, :) Gabriel85301 1 6 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): I jumped up on those True Believers a little too late, I have been buying in lots of 3 or 4 per title. If anyone of you out there got a bargain on any of issues, or can point me to the right direction, let me know. I'm pretty much gonna pick off MidTown at the end of this week (like I did with Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel TB issues), but I still have a list of about 90 more titles too go.
Hulk 181, Giant Size 1. Looking to buy. robo_beardo 2 6 yearsDarkga (4787): I may have a 4.0 to 5.0 GSX 1 that I'm willing to sell. It arrived at CBCS Friday 6/22 submitted under 2 day Modern tier, but it's with another book on the 1 week Rapid tier. I'm not sure how bad the backlog is at CBCS post move, but it should hopefully be back #soon. I'll keep you posted.
[Hoax] First Screenshot of CARNAGE kaptainmyke 17 6 yearsBabaLament (2961): @kaptainmyke Very happy to hear this is a fake trailer.
Prioritizing 00slim 12 6 yearsMR_SigS (11124): Exactly. I purchased my .5 copy 6 years ago for $2425 (cover split & detached, but present with no tape, stains, or anything missing). Two of the last three recorded (GoCollect) sales- $7000 and $8000, have missing wraps. The third has a detached cover with a wide spine length strip of tape. Best. Decision. Ever. But I wouldn't at all be shocked if it drops.
Sky Between Branches Tdog13 2 6 yearsTdog13 (692):
Looking for Maxx ashcans, and darker image ashcan kutworksinc 6 6 yearsScorpion (1013): let just say it sold for over a little over $150.00 and was still in the original holder bag and board that it came in. i'll have to find and old ebay pic when it was up. also it was in 9.6 or 9.8 conduction RAW. and as the one with the seal are harder to find and can not be graded as CBCS will not break the seal, this is one reason i sold it.
For Sale/Trade: Superman #76 for your GSX #1 Darkga Jump to first page133Jump to last page 6 yearsDarkga (4787): We'll continue this in another thread, however the for sale portion of this thread is officially closed. :(|)
Looking for ASM 361, possible trade Relaxin89 14 6 years00slim (17699): Cool! Their Museum Edition frames have UV protection!
International Comics? AtlasLad67 Jump to first page36Jump to last page 6 yearsTimBildhauser (2239): Yep, I do pretty much all of the labels on the foreign books submitted to CBCS. Some of the more modern stuff is handled by Jim Noble because we notate on the back of the label if the cover that's used doesn't match the interior content and he's far more familiar with modern variants. For the record, the Martin Luther King book is a Spanish language edition but it's not from Mexico or Spain. And... I see all this talk about foreign books...
Action comics #12-looking for BWayne18 2 6 yearsGanaSoth (9401): Can't find a copy on any comic book auction sites. But I found a pic.
WTB He-Man... OGJackster 26 6 yearsGanaSoth (9401): @kaptainmyke Thats awesome too!
Looking for Pricing DR STRANGE #169 7.5 -8 BigRedOne1944 4 6 yearspoka (24374): @BigRedOne1944 CGC stats 7.5 8.0 8.5 9.0 ST 150: 50, 94, 77, 110 ST 151: 44, 60, 100, 132 DS 169: 200, 275, 300, 425-490