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CBCS 10th Anniversary Celebration Auction @ MCS ending Mon 17th - Fri 21st! Scifinator Jump to first page52Jump to last page 1 minScifinator (15416): LOBO is in the Auction! Included are earlier appearances of the Main Man in Non-Lobo titles! Demon (1990 3rd Series) 13 CBCS 9.6 Current bid: $1.00 Demon (1990 3rd Series) 14 CBCS 9.8 Current bid: $6.00 Demon (1990 3rd Series) 15 CBCS 9.8 Current bid: $1.00 Demon (1990 3rd Series) 19 CBCS 9.8 Current bid: $2.00 Legion (1989 1st Series) 3 CBCS 9.4 Current bid: $1.00 Legion (1989 1st Series) 5 CBCS 9.8 Current bid: $1.00 Legion (1989 1st...
Figment's Fire Sale figment Jump to first page727Jump to last page 21 hoursfigment (18176): Concrete #2 CGC 9.8
FS: Marvel Comics Presenta #22 (Italian) & True Believers-Marvel Zombies Galen130 11 1 dayGalen130 (5777): Wonder Woman #126 (direct). This issue features an appearance by Shazam. VF+, or better; off-white to white pages. The front shows a couple of small but light bends/waviness that can be pressed out. They don’t break the ink. The back cover shows some light ink wear below the bottom staple, close to the spine. $2
MCS Auction, by CBCS Forum Members, ending Monday June 10th Scifinator 10 4 daysScifinator (15416): @Nearmint67 - Yup!
20,000+ Comic Books for Sale Eclipse9665 1 4 daysEclipse9665 (208): We have over 20,000 comic books for sale. You can check out everything we have here: We have discounts on raw books! The more you spend, the greater a percentage you save. See any listing's description for more details! We have a wide variety of stuff available! Happy hunting! ...
ComicLink art auction starts ending in a half hour! Great art!!! sborock_ComicLink 3 8 dayssborock_ComicLink (3204): @James42 Yep! totally insane piece and it ended close to $600,000.00! Wish I was rich! LOL! I do get to see cool stuff every day, as well as talk to many collectors every day as well! I am a lucky man, as this hobby has treated this old Hippie extremely well, quite humbling. ☮
WTS Uncanny X-Men #177 & #301, signed by John Romita, Jr…CGC 9.6 Galen130 8 14 daysGalen130 (5777): Closed
Young Avengers #1 - CBCS 9.9! WalkinWillie 13 16 daysWalkinWillie (238): Just to let you know that we are up to 40 books dropping in price 1% per day until sold at Walkin' Willie's Comix. The highest discount on any book right now is 22% as of today (5/29/2024) - combine that with the automatic discount of 15% off of five or more books and we are getting to some fairly serious price cuts. Default sort is new to old so change it from old to new to see the books with the highest discounts. Sign up for our newsletter...
MCS Weekly Auction by CBCS Forum Members end Monday, May 27th Scifinator 12 18 daysScifinator (15416): Auctions end this evening starting around 4pm Pac 7 pm Eastern. Batman (1940) 500D CBCS 7.0 (21-22F6136-016) Collector's Edition 1st new Azreal Batman costume Current bid: $16.00, 5 bids Vertigo Preview (1992) 1 CBCS 9.4 (22-1BB703D-011) Direct Edition. Exclusive Sandman Story Current bid: $12.00, 3 bids X-O Manowar (1992 1st Series) 0B CBCS 9.4 (22-1BB786C-003) Ivory Production Variant. Current bid: $13.00, 2 bids The...
Avengers 4 CBCS 4.5 OmahaComics 5 23 daysdonutsdad (10): It's a nice book and one I need still, but I personally prefer to stick with the "big guy" on the block. I like registering my books on the comic registry and the 5 cbcs books are sitting next to about 650 cgc slabs...i would have to lower my offer price to reflect additional costs to get it into my preferred slab. jmo
MCS Auction by CBCS Forum members ending Monday May 20th! Scifinator 18 23 daysPolarisNuclearSS2020 (1124): RICK AND MORTY #1 CGC 9.8 2015 1ST PRINT Books A Million Variant
Just speculating, but…. Scifinator 4 23 daysJoosh (4163): I’ve got a handful in the auction; curious to see how it goes
Price reductions and NEW Listings in my MCS Consignment Scifinator Jump to first page71Jump to last page 23 daysScifinator (15416): I've got some very exy price drop for you... $75 X-Files TPB #1-1ST CBCS 9.8 1995 $36 X-Files Special Edition #3 CBCS 9.6 1996 This item's CBCS grade exceeds the top grade in the CGC census, 9.0 $36 X-Files Special Edition #2 CBCS 9.6 1995 $85 X-Files Season One Deep Throat #1 B.WIZ.SIGNED CBCS 8.5 VSP Jerry Hardin 1997 $35 X-Files Comics Digest #2 CBCS 9.4 1996 $38 X-Files #38 CBCS 9.0 1998 $29 X-Files #37 CBCS 8.5 1998...
eBay ending soon, Faro's Lounge, M House and more! Ending Soon! joelzstuff 2 26 daysjoelzstuff (89): Ending tomorrow Thanks!
FS: ASM 300 Low Grade, Wolverine 1 (Limited) 00slim 3 1 month00slim (17696): ASM 300 GONE (in trade).
Mercy Sparx metal cover for sale, 2nd highest graded James42 1 1 monthJames42 (3769): I am selling a CBCS graded copy of the most recent Mercy Sparx title, Mercy Sparx: No More Angels Left To Fall. It's the Brooks Kim metal cover variant, graded by CBCS as an 8.5 blue label. This is the second highest grade currently in existence. I do not know how many copies of this were printed, but it was a $70 book with a variant cover from a relatively unknown artist. ...
MCS Weekly Auction ending May 6th featuring Forum members comics. Scifinator 23 1 monthPolarisNuclearSS2020 (1124): Auction in progress, bid now! Weekly Auction ends Monday May 13! Firestorm (1978 1st Series) 1 VF- 7.5
Comic Link NO RESERVE Auctions (ending 3/29 - 4/08/2024) JazzyJeffie 4 1 monthJazzyJeffie (418): Thanks to everyone who bid, hope you won! Considering to send some more. It takes awhile for the sales to be remitted, but it's worth the wait I guess.
MCS Weekly Auctions featuring Forum members comics ending Mon 29th. Scifinator 18 2 monthsScifinator (15416): The bids on these three have me a little perplexed. I thought that this trio would be towards the higher end of the 19 and not at the very bottom. Terminator Endgame (1992) 1 CBCS 9.8 (19-2B978A3-186) Current bid: $9.00, 5 bids Terminator Endgame (1992) 2 CBCS 9.6 (19-2B978A3-187) Current bid: $5.00, 3 bids Terminator Endgame (1992) 3 CBCS 9.4 (19-2B978A3-190) Current bid: $5.00, 3 bids
Some random stuff for sale - slabs, keys, variants, filler, etc. lawguy1977 Jump to first page45Jump to last page 2 monthslawguy1977 (5831): Action Comics #1000 (Fabok Yesteryear Comics Variant) - NM - $20
sd2416's excess slabs for sale. SD2416 2 2 monthsXMYTHICxAtlas (87): I'm interested in duke issue 3 1:25, the baroness cover.
43 auction lots of comics with $1 starts & no reserve (3/22 - 3/31 2024) Darkga 5 2 monthsRafel (3832): Hi Rafel, I’m selling this collection on behalf of the former owner’s estate via a contract they have with Catawiki. They are from Belgium, but the comics are in my warehouse here in Atlanta. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on future auctions of Pre-82 Marvel comics though. Thanks![/quote] Thank you.
Weekly MCS Auction by Forum members ending Mon March 25th Scifinator 7 3 monthsScifinator (15416): Auctions end this evening. Bargains are lurking: Vertigo Preview (1992) 1 CBCS 9.4 1992 Current bid - $8 Vertigo preview featuring an exclusive Sandman story by Neil Gaiman and Kent Williams. Contains two page previews of Death: The High Cost of Living, Enigma, Sandman Mystery Theater, Mercy, Kid Eternity, Sebastian O, Black Orchid, Sandman, Hellblazer, Doom Patrol, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and Shade the Changing Man. Wildcats...
Win $100 of Comic Books! Eclipse9665 21 3 monthsEclipse9665 (208): Bump :)
I just posted some Faro's Lounge, M House, graded, sigs and a lot of raws o joelzstuff 4 3 monthsjoelzstuff (89): one day left Thanks everyone!!!
St Patrick's Day Comic Show in Lond Island, NY Route110ComicShow 8 3 monthsRoute110ComicShow (10): thanks! hope to see you at the next one in April!
FS: Modern Age drek, fillers, keys, odds & ends, yada yada yada!!! :) Galen130 Jump to first page392Jump to last page 3 monthsGalen130 (5777): CLOSED. :)
Weekly MCS Auction by forum members ending Monday March 11th. Scifinator 10 3 monthsScifinator (15416): Less than 3 hours left before the first auction ends a around 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific. Click HERE for the diecr link to these auctions. Thanks for checking them out. Happy bidding!
Any Advice on Selling Comics in a Garage Sale? Dealiod 18 4 monthsMutantMania (5673): @Dealiod no worries....yeah I got the info from mcs as well.
Some Advice Needed X0MEN King Size Special #1 dfoster43 7 4 monthsmakahuka (3133): Cool book.
For Sale: Sinister Tales #23, Alan Class UK TOS #39 Reprint 00slim 4 4 months00slim (17696): Ok guys, price drop to $900 (firm) for the forum. I
Weekly MCS Auction starting Jan 29th Scifinator 30 4 monthsScifinator (15416): @figment - I will be looking to see what CBCS comes up in the auction. Still filling holes and keeping an eye out for upgrades.
Comic lots for sale (Silver Age to Modern) James42 Jump to first page130Jump to last page 4 monthsJames42 (3769): Ghost Whisperer 1-5 "A" covers and Ghost Whisperer: The Muse 1-4 "B" covers lot. Ignore the "of 5" text on the second series; there were only four issues, and this is a complete set. VF/NM, although the bags are awfully wrinkled. $10 plus $6 shipping.
New Site Up And Running! SilverAgeSlanger 2 4 monthsmakahuka (3133): Checking it out.
Precode horror comics for sale. consumetheliving 4 5 monthsconsumetheliving (881): I'm motivated to sell so accepting serious offers :)
FS: MAD Magazine Collection (1950's to 1990's)!! Other magazine drek!! Galen130 Jump to first page97Jump to last page 5 monthsdfoster43 (1634): thanks, @Galen130 it was a pleasure. I'll let you know when they arrive! :) Have a great weekend!
Where can I see an accurate price guide for each of my Green Lantern comics Comicscollection 10 5 monthsNDS (134): Thanks @Nearmint67! That was very informative. I am primarily using GoCollect for slabbed books and that seems to be on par with his analysis. Haha... I did love his initial answer, though. Use all of them! I see why if he's playing raw and slabbed and buying selling on large volumes. Makes sense. I appreciate the input. NDS..
FOR SALE: Action Comics #108 CBCS 7.0 (OW/W) Kripsys99 10 5 monthssborock_ComicLink (3204): We would have taken your book with having much better bidders and you could have kept your money with us in case you win a piece to pay for it. We would also send you your money back ASAP if you did not win, with no fees or interest, like some places. Email me next time before Feebay. I always take care of other hobbyists!👍😀
For Sale: Whiz Comics #5 CGC 5.0 $1,395 plus cost to ship to US or Canada CWill2021 4 5 monthsmakahuka (3133): Rad book.
MCS Auction ending January 2nd Vrishnak 20 5 monthsScifinator (15416): Final update… With the auctions ending tonight starting at 7pm E / 4pm P, there are 9 comics under $10, and another 6 comics are between $10-$19. Cheers For the direct link to this and my other 18 auctions, please click HERE!.
Incredible Hulk 181 - CGC 9.2 OW/W - no reserve auction ends 12/27 2pm EST Darkga 4 6 monthsGAC (69528): Best of luck with the sale and it's unfortunate that IH181 auctions now require a qualification statement.
Some Sketch Covers for sale ThorneArt 4 6 monthsThorneArt (1916): Some other Covers that are available. These prices are for Forum Members shipping is included. Mad Max Fury Road: Furiosa #1 - $40 DARTH DONALD - Art Sketch Cover IDW - Disney's Donald Duck - $80 THRAWN...
WTB Wonder Woman 177 stanley_1883 8 6 monthsstanley_1883 (1998): 1968
eBay ending soon, Faro's Lounge, M House and more! Ending tomorrow joelzstuff 2 6 monthsmakahuka (3133): Nice books.
MCS Auctions Ending December 4th Vrishnak 6 6 monthsVrishnak (865): Bump. Auctions end later tonight.
25% OFF Comic Book Sale for Black Friday! 10,000+ Comic Books Eclipse9665 3 7 monthsEclipse9665 (208): 2 days left for some great deals!
Famous Fantastic Mysteries 8/1946 SKULL Cover & BRAM STOKER $300 B/O PolarisNuclearSS2020 4 7 monthsPolarisNuclearSS2020 (1124): -
96 Marvel Masterpiece Cards Wyldchyld 1 8 monthsWyldchyld (1431): I have a few graded 1996 Marvel Masterpiece cards I would like to sell. I am going to offer them here first. Payment thru PayPal. Shipping is free. First I will take it in the thread gets it. $125 $150 ...
Comics for sale ICConquest 3 8 monthsICConquest (1223): Thank you!
SOLD!!!! Skottie Young bundle of books!!! EddieTheComicGuy 5 8 monthsEddieTheComicGuy (915): @makahuka NO WORRIES!!!
CBCS Marvel Comic Book Lot for Sale! Vboi 5 8 monthsVboi (32): New Lower Price $1250 USD Shipped Firm!
FS: 1st Dazzler and more lawguy1977 5 8 monthslawguy1977 (5831): X-Men 130 sold to @DrWatson! Thanks!!!
War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas 1 1:50 Variant CBCS 9.8 Vboi 4 8 monthsVboi (32): Marvel phase 7, the team will appear on Disney plus or maybe a movie. Good long term investment, let's see if anyone wants it =)
Check out my Bronze Age auctions ending 9/10/2023! Darkga 6 9 monthsDarkga (4787): Auctions close at about 2pm EST today 10/1. Happy bidding! :)
Want to buy: Detective Comics #92 CWill2021 5 9 monthsCWill2021 (920): -
$1 start, no-reserve Bronze Age comic auctions ending 10/1 Darkga 2 9 monthsmakahuka (3133): Congrats!
Comics I am selling ICConquest 8 9 monthsmakahuka (3133): Nice books.
MCS Weekly Auction Ending September 25th xkonk 7 9 monthsVrishnak (865): Bump. They're ending tonight.
For Sale: Napoleon Dynamite #1 SIGNED By Jon Heder CBCS 9.8 00slim 20 9 months00slim (17696): Bump?
RIPPED...the Deuce! SteveRicketts Jump to first page157Jump to last page 9 monthsEbayMafia (36876): My pickup at OAF upon meeting the creator. Will give a review once I've had a chance to read it:
MCS Weekly Auction Ending September 18th Vrishnak 5 9 monthsVrishnak (865): Bump. They're ending later tonight.
OAFCon , will you be going to the OAFCon 2023 Sept 16th-17th? TerrysComics 11 9 monthsEbayMafia (36876): lol, that's probably why the name "Oklahoma AF" means something different to today's younger generation.
Ultimate fallout #4 1st Print & Venom Lethal Protector #1 $0.01 Auction Vboi 8 9 monthsVboi (32): This is the 1st time I ever seen a UF #4 1st print so low after 7 days on auction, usually by now it should be at least $200. By the way thanks for bidding and good luck all!
FS: F.F. #54, #55 (4th Silver Surfer); True Life Secrets #23, pre-code!! Galen130 19 9 monthsGalen130 (5777): Closed!!!
FOR SALE Hulk annual 1 cgc 5.5 Rjman48 1 9 monthsRjman48 (299): On ebay $270 plus shipping. Offers enabled
Want To Buy: Whiz Comics #5 CWill2021 8 10 monthsPolarisNuclearSS2020 (1124): On second look, I should have extended that circle ⭕️ I made to go all the way up the spine. A spine should not look that perfectly straight.
FS: FF #52, 1st Black Panther & Edge of Spider-Verse 2 00slim 5 10 months00slim (17696): Spidey 2099 #2 SOLD. Other books are still available.
FS: Pre-Code Horror DWeeB1967 4 10 monthsDWeeB1967 (11134): As promised, the back cover to Shock Suspenstories #7.
Crazy Flanders's Slabbed & Raw Comic Sales Thread flanders Jump to first page96Jump to last page 10 monthsflanders (25101): SOLD on Fleabay! I think the Summer of Slump is finally coming to an end.
JLA Paradise Lost #3 CGC 9.8 $84 ONLY 9.8 IN CGC CENSUS MILLAR & OLIVETTI PolarisNuclearSS2020 3 10 monthsPolarisNuclearSS2020 (1124): 😂- still not showing up for some reason, but the BC scan is posted in the listing and the mirror listing.
Collection Connection is back! CLLXCNNX 2 10 monthsMrNotSoNice (3433): Is this legal? Is it for 70-year old comics that are in the public domain?
FS@ComicConnect: James O'Barr Crow Original, FF 116 cover color guide Sharkey 4 10 monthsSharkey (58): Bump! Ends Monday August 21!
MCS Weekly Auction Ending August 14th flanders 6 10 monthsfigment (18176): Today's the day! So far we're averaging $2 per book so the bargains are certainly there for the taking if you're interested.
Super Saturday Slab Sale! Noblebeast315 6 10 monthsflanders (25101): @Noblebeast315 good luck with the sales. That Last Ronin cover looks great with the red signature.
Want To Buy: Whiz Comics #17 CWill2021 2 10 monthsdrmccoy74 (12407): There is a 2.5 on mcs
Eclipse's Sales Thread 2023 Eclipse9665 10 10 monthsEclipse9665 (208): Bump
Looking for Edge of Spider-Verse 2# Greg land signed Stan lee Gul10 8 10 monthsDrogio (7726): It is for a modern!
FOR SALE: Slabbed 1st Appearances HooperSchaefer 3 11 monthsHooperSchaefer (51): Gotcha—Thank You Amazing Spider-Man #361 (Carnage) 1ST PRINT - CBCS 9.8 (old label) $350 Avengers Annual #10 (Rogue and Madelyne Pryor) - CBCS 9.8 $750 Bloodstone #1 (Elsa Bloodstone) - CBCS 9.8 $400 ...
SwallowTail Kickstarter SwallowTailComics 1 11 monthsSwallowTailComics (4): Hello everyone we have launched our first kickstarter campaign with two stories we’ve poured our hearts into even if you don’t leave a donation we’d like you to take a look 😁 clickable text
Lawguy's Sales Thread lawguy1977 Jump to first page100Jump to last page 11 monthslawguy1977 (5831): @BigRedOne1944 thanks!
Value Estimate on Darwyn Cooke Signed Book MurrayC 4 11 monthsHooperSchaefer (51): I think ComicHoarder gave some good advice & numbers. I would piggyback that Cooke signed books currently have a limited market. He’s one of my favorites—and you’re right, there won’t be any more signed copies—so I don’t get it, but it is what it is. However, you do have three quintessential Cooke floppies where he’s responsible for cover & interior art (with “Batman: Ego” probably being the title that would round out...
For Auction: Various comic mag lots & others comics ZosoRocks Jump to first page78Jump to last page 11 monthsZosoRocks (2131): Lot #45 Headline Publications / DC Comics / DC Black Label / DC-Milestone - 9-lot of various titles - includes: - Amazing Mysteries: Black Magic - Anima - Snarky - Icon - Blood Syndicate - American Vampire 1976 (***Viewer Discretiin is advised / 17+(?)*** - average condition is 6.0+ - many are mid-grade and mid-grade+ - $0 99 starting Thanks for viewing the auction. Tim ...
Want to Buy: Detective Comics #54 - 1941 CWill2021 1 11 monthsCWill2021 (920): I'm looking for a graded copy of Detective Comics #54 - 1941 Let me know if you want to sell or trade
San Diego Comic Con - Who will be there?? ThorneArt 4 11 monthsmakahuka (3133): I did see you at WonderCon, and will see you at some point during the 5 days!🤣
Galen130’s Pre-Vacation Sale—Marvel & Image Keys, Newsstands, and Drek!!! Galen130 Jump to first page117Jump to last page 11 monthsGalen130 (5777): CLOSED!!!
When the market makes clear, NO reserves… jgzachary13 21 1 yearGAC (69528): There are many different motivations for people putting up an eBay listing....up to and including no intention of actually selling.
WTB Ruins stanley_1883 9 1 yearSpiderTim (3290): It's written by Warren Ellis so how can it not be good? this book lately has risen in price and rightfully so.
MCS Weekly Auction Ending June 26th Vrishnak 7 1 yearVrishnak (865): Bump
Wanted: a copy of Spider Punk 1 1:50 Okazaki Variant Vboi 2 1 yearTravis (476): eBay might have them I don’t know
I need to figure out how… jgzachary13 6 1 yearIronMan (6203): Quick and convenient always means less money. Slow and time consuming means more money. You have to choose. If achieving maximum value, you are going to have to sell on eBay, Facebook or find local comic book shows (books in the dollar boxes often sell well) to attend. On eBay you just put 10-20 books in a listing so it is worth listing and selling. It's very unlikely any comic book store is going to be interested in trading a key, expensive...
TMNT: The Last Ronin 1 Lot 9.9 and 9.8 $1 Auction! Vboi 14 1 yearpower_struggle55 (6379): feel I really should read this series. picked up the first issue of the sequel (lost years) while at a convention. I see the tpb is $20 on amazon
Spider-Man 2099 For Sale: 1st & 2nd Print 00slim 3 1 year00slim (17696): 2099 #1 (2nd print) 8.0 sold on fee-bay. The 9.4 is still available (here at a lower price).
Slabs for sale.Including Batman 423. Auctions starting at .99 Ending 5 days calisto6 3 1 yearcalisto6 (29): Less than 24 hours remaining for these auctions.
CSP Silver or Current 24pt coated 1 side Back Boards - 1000ct bulk mattsbaseball 1 1 yearmattsbaseball (39): Current or Silver Boards 24pt; made in USA $52/1000 + shipping fedex ground / truck freight Please message or email address for ship rate. Always seeking brick/mortar store front accts - please email details of your store thanks, Matt Mattsbaseball
For sale! Fantastic Four 48 CGC 7.5 Rjman48 1 1 yearRjman48 (299): Elite_comics11 on instagram $3750 shipped
Auctions are ending tomorrow! joelzstuff 3 1 yearjoelzstuff (89): Thanks everyone for looking!
Journey Into Mystery Grail Bundle SilverAgeSlanger 3 1 yearPolarisNuclearSS2020 (1124): Nice books…but NEEDZ MOAR…. Tales Of The Unexpected #16 I currently have 4 copies of TOTE 16, been hunting that book since I found out it has the first appearance of Thor by Kirby in comics back in 2016. I regret not scooping up more of them, it started getting market recognition about a year and a half ago, when CGC began labeling the book correctly, which coincided with the buildup to the most recent Thor movie. I have only sold 1...
xkonk's slab sale xkonk Jump to first page147Jump to last page 1 yearxkonk (17678): @Keylowatts I'm afraid the raws are all out of hand now. You beat me to updating the thread.
250+ CBCS comics for $39.95 (or less)! vacomicon 2 1 yearvacomicon (190): Lots of fun NEWSTAND variants in this list!! -Brett
Batman 423 Buzbe 5 1 yearMurm (2619): Ok thanks was asking as I think I have those books but can’t ship right now if you were close to Maryland was going to suggest meeting up. Hopefully someone else on the boards will be able to help you.
1,500+ CBCS comics for under 100 bucks! vacomicon 5 1 yearcomicsforme (4016): 😳
MCS Weekly Auction Ending May 8th Vrishnak 19 1 yearfigment (18176): Steals is right, I can't look!
Part II of Galen130's Sale: Copper/Modern Raw Comics---Batman Collection!!! Galen130 Jump to first page624Jump to last page 1 yearGalen130 (5777): @Jesse_O Please lock this one as well. Thanks a lot!!! :)
For Sale: Copper/Modern Raw Comics---Massive Collection!!! Galen130 Jump to first page989Jump to last page 1 yearGalen130 (5777): @Jesse_O Would you lock this thread please? Thank you. :)
Anyone want 11 GA/SA mylars? Studley_Dudley 7 1 yearNearmint67 (10337):
For Sale: Infinite Crisis 5 CBCS 9.8 1st Jamie Reyes Blue Beetle, More? 00slim 19 1 year00slim (17696): ASM 316 & 361 SOLD on fee-bay.
Beavis and Butthead #1 Legends & Lore Signed Slipcase Ed. + Rick Parker OA PolarisNuclearSS2020 6 1 yearPolarisNuclearSS2020 (1124): Open thread to view post.
anyone remember the trading thread... ERB_in_CLT 10 1 yearMutantMania (5673): I'm always on the look out for HO Scale slot cars 🚗
Prints! - FREE (+shipping) to good home ERB_in_CLT 6 1 yearERB_in_CLT (616):
Which one is accurately graded??? Scifinator 25 1 yearBigRedOne1944 (11512): This
TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED #16 1st Thor by Jack Kirby $400 PolarisNuclearSS2020 2 1 yearPolarisNuclearSS2020 (1124): I also have a House Of Mystery #85 at MCS for sale…..make me an offer here for that book via DM, and I will take less than $400 for this book, if you want both books. Purchase of HOM 85 would occur thru this listing, after we agree on a price. HOM 85 is the 1st Stone Men prototype , predates JIM #83 as well as the 3 other Stone Men prototype issues ie Tales To Astonish #6, by several...
FOR SALE ltimate Fallout 4 & Edge of Spider-verse 2 Rjman48 1 1 yearRjman48 (299): For sale on ebay. Rocky_mtn_collectibles on ebay or on IG same name for direct buy. UF4 cgc 9.4 $575 obo EOS2 cgc 9.4 $475 obo
Need some guidance here. MikeyLee26 22 1 yeargrapeape (491): When will we find out what you got for each book? The Tales of Suspense is killing me. 😂
For Sale: Turkish Comic Books collectybles 1 1 yearcollectybles (4): Hey guys! Check our store for DC and Marvel comic books in Turkish language. Thank you!
Help with consignment pricing JC600 8 1 yeardesslocktx (137): How many people have that issue on their Want List? I’ve found that metric useful when pricing a book on MCS. Good luck! Steve
For Sale: Superman #15, March 1942, CCG 3.0 Golden Age DC CWill2021 2 1 yeargrapeape (491): That's FMV for a terrific book. It presents nicely for a 3.0. Somebody's going to be very happy with this one.
SILVER AGE BOOKS ADDED SilverAgeSlanger 6 1 yearRjman48 (299): Good luck getting more eyes on your site, bypassing that fee eating monster that ebay is!
Over 75 Items Marked Down on Site! SilverAgeSlanger 6 1 yearHulkSmash (9784): Spider-Man annual 3 Hulk 116, 131, 159, 250. Wouldnt hurt to have nicer copies of 106, 108 Iron man 76 Defenders 10 TTA 100 Captain Marvel 10 But I cant afford them.
Bunch of Silver Age and Precode Horror Added to Site! SilverAgeSlanger 2 1 yearcodychunn (134): Lots of good stuff listed. Marvel Premiere #45 is the bargain. That man-wolf story is one of my days of yore favorites. Beautiful artwork.
WonderCon - March 24-26 - I will be in Artist Alley ThorneArt 9 1 yearThorneArt (1916): Not that I know of. :)
Venom #3 CBCS 9.8 - Kirkham Variant Cover B Signed 3 times! fakadar 2 1 yearfakadar (12): 1 day left
You can't handle the truth! drchaos Jump to first page34Jump to last page 1 yeardrchaos (27646):
For Sale: Detective Comics #43 - Early Batman Golden Age 1940 - $1,400 CWill2021 5 1 yearCWill2021 (920): Sold
HurriCon Comic Book Art Show 6/17/2023 - $5 GTS_Comics 2 1 yearNuffsaid111 (18852): Great great great show!
For Sale: Booster Gold #1 DOUBLE SIGNED CBCS 9.4 00slim 7 1 year00slim (17696): Bump?
Faro's Lounge, graded, sigs and a lot of raws on eBay joelzstuff 7 1 yearjoelzstuff (89): I reposted, They are ending in 3 days. Thanks! - Joel
WTB: Action Comics #1 Reprint - CBCS graded CWill2021 1 1 yearCWill2021 (920): WTB: Action Comics #1 Reprint - CBCS graded Looking for a 10 cent version
A Few Repeat CGC Slabs For Sale!!! Galen130 Jump to first page188Jump to last page 1 yearGalen130 (5777): @Jesse_O, when you have a minute, would you lock this thread for me please? Many thanks!!! :)
My Website SilverAgeSlanger 10 1 yearSiggy (25509): @SilverAgeSlanger You have an Iron Man #15 Penn Dutch Pedigree listed with an image of an Iron Man #19.
Some art for sale! LotsaSequel 3 1 yearLotsaSequel (295): Bump!
Journey Into Mystery #84. F/VF For Sale SilverAgeSlanger 15 1 yearSilverAgeSlanger (81): You would probably cringe then watching me crack what I do out of cases for myself. Lol I'm not going to send it in to get it put back in a case to sell it. I'd probably get it back and accidentally crack it back open. Haha
Fantastic Four 3 - CBCS 3.5 For Sale OmahaComics 1 1 yearOmahaComics (32): $1460 Shipped in US, Canada add $35 ACCEPTED PAYMENT check, money order, Venmo, or Paypal FF No returns on CBCS books
Detective Comics #55 Early Batman! Sept 1941 CGC 4.0 $1,200 CWill2021 3 1 yearmulti007 (3938): @CWill2021 congrats
FS: X-Men 133 Newsstand, CBCS 8.5 lawguy1977 6 1 yearlawguy1977 (5831): @jfry20002000 No worries, totally understand, and thanks for looking. @DrWatson And thanks for pointing that out! :)
MCS Weekly Auction Ending Monday 1/23 flanders 6 1 yearflanders (25101): Ending tonight
Pedigree - Keep, Sell, Trade Scifinator 20 1 yearcesidio (2116): My opinion I'd sell. Or trade put proceeds to a number 4 1 or 3 in that order. My two cents
CBCS ART Label Sketch Covers For Sale ThorneArt 1 1 yearThorneArt (1916): I have some of my sketch covers available. All drawn by me. All prices are shipped free in the USA for Forum Members. Rick Grimes The Walking dead #115 - CBCS ART Label - $150 Vader in Bacta Tank Vader Down #1 - CBCS ART Label - $150 Bloody Governor The Walking dead #115 - CBCS ART Label - $150 Vader Burned - CBCS ART Label - Darth Vader Annual #1 - $150 ...
MCS Prime Auctions by Forum Members ending from Mon 9th thru Fri...oh cr@p! Scifinator Jump to first page35Jump to last page 1 yearJoosh (4163): I didn’t get around to sharing my others from this auction but there’s one still active. Final prices were quite low overall, some great buys for some people. Strange Academy #1 3rd print CBCS 9.8
CGC books up!! Make me an offer consumetheliving 5 1 yearJesse_O (39244): Yes. That's fine.
Price reductions and new items for sale! Scifinator Jump to first page35Jump to last page 1 yearScifinator (15416): - SOLD - 2001 A Space Odyssey (1976) 1 CBCS 8.0(21-22F6136-001)Sold for $29.00 Batman (1940) 500D CBCS 5.5(21-22F6136-014)Collector's Edition. Sold for $21.00 Conan the Barbarian (1970 Marvel) 125 CBCS 9.8 (19-279A9AA-184)Direct Edition Sold for $51.00 Crypt of Dawn (1996) 2 CBCS 9.8(20-486CC23-003) Sold for $53.00 Dawn Genesis Edition (1999) 1A CBCS 9.2(21-22F6136-033)Genesis Edition Sold for $38.00 Hercules the Legendary Journeys...
Thor 337 & Avengers 10 cgc slabs for sale Rjman48 1 1 yearRjman48 (299): Certified Comic Shop has these keys for sale! Buy directly from the links below! Avengers 10 CGC 3.5 $250 plus shipping Thor 337 CGC 9.4 $160 plus shipping You can also send offers through the link or DM him on Instagram.
WTB Wonder Woman 177 stanley_1883 2 1 yearstanley_1883 (1998): Bump
Weekly MCS Auction by CBCS Forum members ending Mon 2nd - Over 2 doz Scifinator Jump to first page38Jump to last page 1 yearScifinator (15416): The Auctions start ending tonight from about 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern with final auctions closing around 9pm Pacific / Midnight Eastern. 13 items currently have bids from $1 - $9 along with nine other items that have bids between $10 - $19 and 4 items currently between $21 -$29. Happy New Year Bargains! The direct link is: Direct Link to Auctions. Thank you for checking them out.
MrNotSoNice's Bizarre Comics Bazaar MrNotSoNice 11 1 yearMrNotSoNice (3433): For Sale: Tales of Suspense #67 Raw 7.0 to 8.0 $60 shipped
Silver age CGC beauties and more closing today! LotsaSequel 1 1 yearLotsaSequel (295): 30ish auctions ending today and 30 starting today! NO RESERVE ON ANYTHING!! Thanks for looking!
FS: 3D printed Busts & Sculptures dielinfinite 17 1 yeardielinfinite (26546): Thought I’d share this concept art of a model coming sometime next month!
Christmas BLOWOUT! CBCS UNDER $50! vacomicon 4 1 yearScifinator (15416): @vacomicon -Thank you, same your way.
Weekly MCS Auction ending Monday Dec 12th! Scifinator 18 1 yearScifinator (15416): @KatKomics - A virus is a submicroscopic infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of an organism. Viruses infect all life forms, from animals and plants to microorganisms, including bacteria and archaea. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Also, @katkomics & @flanders, this was the the thread for the previous auction. Lol, i did put bids onthe tmania and venom though. 🤠
GI Joe A Real American Hero #6 CGC 8.5 2nd print signed ending soon! LotsaSequel 16 2 yearsLotsaSequel (295): Link to the eBay store itself so you can see everything up for auction not just the slabs ending today! So many good books for auction you don’t want to miss out! 15 more starting tonight!
Foreign Comics Year End Clearance Sale! HotKeyComics 7 2 yearsJames42 (3769): @HotKeyComics I recently discovered the Turkish comic industry and have been shopping for Turkish versions of various modern comics. I do wish there were English translations of the works of Turkey's creators. Many of their books look amazing, I just have limited ability to puzzle out the words.
Golden Age Sale: All LB Cole Comics, 7 books in all! Come have a look! lucjan 15 2 yearslucjan (49): Thanks! Will have to move this somewhere else. If anyone has any interest, feel free to give me a shout. Some flexibility in prices (some books, more than others). Btw, is there a way to close/lock this thread, or just stop bumping it?! haha. Cheers!
CBC4C Winter Series of Auctions Zanziber 1 2 yearsZanziber (118): Greetings #CBC4C Supporters! It's that time again to help us raise $$ for the American Cancer Society. Our Winter series of auctions are now live on eBay and you can check them all out here: Here's the official list of all the covers that will be available: WONDER WOMAN & JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK: WITCHING HOUR #1 DC COVER BY CARY VALLERY BOOSTER GOLD (1986) #25 DC COVER BY CARY VALLERY SANDMAN...
49 Slabs for Sale Silver through Modern - Most High Grade jbud73 Jump to first page66Jump to last page 2 yearsHeinzDad (30561): @jbud73, my books arrived today looking great. You weren’t kidding about the Phantom Stranger. Someone pissed in the graders Wheaties that day.
15 slabs in auction ending this Sunday with NO RESERVE! LotsaSequel 2 2 yearsLotsaSequel (295): All these slabs end today and there are some STEALS left!! Thank you for looking!
One slab for sale!!! 1993 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1, with card!! Galen130 13 2 yearsGalen130 (5777): This thread is closed until it’s locked. 🤬
Weekly MCS Auctions by Forum members ending Monday Nov 7th! Scifinator 25 2 yearsKatKomics (28823): 10 minutes - still at bargain prices!
Rocky Mountain Comic Con Nov 5-6, 2022 Denver Colorado RTSUnlimited 2 2 yearsRTSUnlimited (46): This Weekend! Come meet Joe Staton! Hope to see you there!
Faro's Lounge, Graded comics & Raw Comics joelzstuff 4 2 yearsjoelzstuff (89): Just reposted some, Ending in 2-3 days Thanks! - Joel
Comic Book Soft Slab San Diego Comic-Con 2022 makahuka 7 2 yearsSiggy (25509): Yep. They'll probably make money too. For a little while, anyway.
FS:Kirby Signed Avenger #2 CBCS 6.5 Verified AcuMan 7 2 yearsPhantomEwan (3705): @Joosh when I spoke to the CBCS rep at Washington State Summer Con about the imaging he told me they don’t do that anymore. I wanted to do the exact same thing with mine:
Geiger #1 (2021) 2nd Print 1:25 CBCS 9.9 Geoff Johns Vboi 5 2 yearsVboi (32): 1:25 meaning is for every 25 regular cover printed, a rare incentive cover is printed. It's a hit or a miss for later printing because the print run is much lower or not. One of the best example was Ironheart 1 which had about a 60k 1st print run. Everyone had the 1st print so barely anyone ordered the second print, which resulted in a less than 1k print run. The price exploded because rarely do you see a non manufacturered extremely low print...
Ghost Rider for sale!! Action figures, toys, collectibles!! Galen130 23 2 yearsGalen130 (5777): This sales thread didn’t have legs. Oh well. @Jesse_O would you lock this please? Many thanks!! 🤙👍🖖
Comic Shop Canada Modern Key Book Auctions Vboi 5 2 yearsVboi (32): Less than 3 hours left before spider verse 6 end! Spider verse fans, don't miss this key!
Faro's Lounge on eBay joelzstuff 2 2 yearsjoelzstuff (89): Ending tomorrow Thanks -Joel
For Sale War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #1 1:50 Zircher CGC 9.8 Vboi 5 2 yearsVboi (32): Final bump!
FS: A couple Fun Universal Monster Books 00slim 4 2 years00slim (17696): Bump.
For Sale key ironheart, spider man 2099, spider punk, spider verse Vboi 4 2 yearsVboi (32): Ironheart 1 2nd print is up for auction!
eBay sale for Wolverine #88 CGC 9.8 $1.50 variant ending in just under 2hrs LotsaSequel 2 2 yearsmulti007 (3938): @LotsaSequel good price so far...
For Sale FCBD One Punch Man / My Hero Academia CGC 9.4 and 9.6 Vboi 2 2 yearsVboi (32): *bump*
Weekly MCS Auctions by forum members ending Mon Oct 3rd Scifinator 20 2 yearsBakersman (164): Let me know if you have any questions thanks UNCANNY X-MEN #130 CBCS 9.2 WP NEWSSTAND IRON MAN #282 CGC 9.0 WP RICK AND MORTY #1 HILL VARIANT CGC 8.5 WP
WTB: Hawkeye, Lucky the Pizza Dog stanley_1883 19 2 yearssteveinthecity (624): There are copies of the 1st print currently on MCS unless this isn’t the same book?
FOR SALE!! How about a few Gold Key Star Trek??!! Low grade, but complete!! Galen130 Jump to first page51Jump to last page 2 yearsGalen130 (5777): @Jesse_O, would you lock this thread please? Thanks so much!! 🙂
FREE FREE FREE horror action graphic novel to download October 14th to 18th blevin 8 2 yearsDrWatson (50094): @GAC Just like a free pet. There's no such thing.
Bobby Benson's B-Bar-B Riders 14 CBCS 8.5 SHRUNKEN HEAD/BONDAGE $1 AUCTION PolarisNuclearSS2020 1 2 yearsPolarisNuclearSS2020 (1124): Just saw this CBCS 8.5 on ebay in a no reserve auction format, this seller has this slab and about a dozen other heavy hitters up for auction now, all without reserves and no minimum bids. FTR, I have nothing to do with this seller... I'm curious to see how this CBCS 8.5 performs in auction, book looks cherry from the pics I see but I'm messaging the seller to...
Raw Books For Sale Minor Keys 00slim 30 2 years00slim (17696): Open thread to view post.
Weekly MCS Auctions, by forum members, Ending Monday Sept 19th Scifinator 5 2 yearsScifinator (15416): With today's auctions endings between 4pm - 9pm Pacific and 7pm - Midnight Sons Eastern, the current bids on my items are: If Bidding, thank you and good luck!
FS at auction: Bisley Lobo page, Kirby FF, Darrow, Marvel Zombies Sharkey 13 2 yearsSharkey (58): Last bump - thanks for looking, auctions end tonight!
Journey Into Mystery Annual #1 - CGC 6.0 - First Hercules and Zeus - $775 CWill2021 10 2 yearsCli4dR3D0g (4777): Thank Zeus.
eBay comics, Check it out joelzstuff 2 2 yearsjoelzstuff (89): Thanks Everyone! -Joel
Fire Sale Golden And Silver Age! Hulk #2, X-men #1 and more! silveragecomicsuk Jump to first page39Jump to last page 2 yearsflanders (25101): @silveragecomicsuk just a heads up, pgx isn't allowed to be sold or have any photos of the slabs displayed here.
Weekly MCS Auction by Forum member ending Monday August 29th! Scifinator 15 2 yearsGAC (69528): Just saw this....not sure if you got your answer but that signature and art is by Ken Haeser. He used to be contracted to Dynamic Forces...he still could be. clickable text
Tomb of Dracula #1 - First Appearance of Dracula in Marvel $300 CWill2021 3 2 yearsCWill2021 (920): ***SOLD***
For Sale: Ready for Verification Web Heads!!! leelewis17 5 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): Nice books! I'd consider it if I had the spare cashola.
Books for sale consumetheliving 7 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): Don't worry about it. I'd check out that link above, though. ;)
FS: ASM 300 CGC 7.0 00slim 5 2 yearsGAC (69528): Awesome!! 🍻
Heritage Comics & Comic Art Signature 2022 Select Auction September 08-11 Jedyzon 9 2 yearsJedyzon (876): Sounds good man
FS: Dell Movie Classics: Creature CGC 7.5 00slim 5 2 years00slim (17696): SOLD!
Just 3 days left on eBay, Thank everyone! joelzstuff 2 2 yearsbeastboy1980 (1125): Open thread to view post.
Weekly MCS Auction by Forum members ending Monday Aug 15th Scifinator 29 2 yearsEbayMafia (36876): @figment That Avengers Annual 1 belongs to me now. At least it will, when I pay for it.
Eddie's "Road to NYCC" Sale!!! EddieTheComicGuy 2 2 yearsEddieTheComicGuy (915): I'd hoped to get some traction but it looks like no ones interested. No worries they'll be other times. Thanks to anyone who stopped in to take a look.
High Grade Comics for Sale MRmintastic 3 2 yearsMRmintastic (225): Price drop to $350 US.
FS: GSX #1 CBCS 4.0 Ow/W Pages 00slim 7 2 years00slim (17696): SOLD
WTB: Whiz Comics from 1940 - 1942 CWill2021 5 2 yearsSidTheSquid (1437): I have 1941 Captain Marvel Adventure #1 missing the cover and first wrap. It's graded- by whom I can't say.
Quick Poll Scifinator 18 2 yearsJustThatGuy (5004): If it’s a newer case, then great. If it’s an older case, then great. I am ok with either one. I care for the book. However, I do appreciate CBCS is constantly trying to make the case better and more secure.
Comic Book Covers 4 Cancer Summer Series Of Auctions Zanziber 4 2 yearsZanziber (118): Responded to your PM. For anyone else that would be interested in helping, please reach-out through our FB page here:
Adventure comics 247 CBCS 3.5 For sale Boomcity 4 2 yearsBoomcity (17):
FS: Marvel Super Special #1 CGC 9.6 & more 00slim 25 2 years00slim (17696): So, I’m making some room in my collection since I have our local Con in a couple weeks. I’m only selling this because I have 3 or 4 more raw copies I need to grade. Tough to price since they don’t come up for sale above VG often. Here is a 7.5 second print from 1964. Same terms as above. Asking $400 shipped, or best offer. ...
New sales Thread Slabs & Raw keys Enelson 11 2 yearsGAC (69528): @Enelson Congrats!! Great job!!
Books submitted in August 2021 Grades are in drchaos 4 2 yearsdrchaos (27646): Next group is getting scanned in at CBCS now: Archie (1943) 19 CBCS 3.5 (21-2F3E3D3-002) Archie (1943) 134 CBCS 5.0 (21-2F3E3D3-001) Archie 80th Anniversary Everything Archie (2021 Archie) 1E CBCS 9.8 SS Parent/Shultz (21-2F3E3D3-019) Witnessed Signatures: Dan Parent and Jeff Shultz (both with sketch) on 07/31/2021. Collector's Edition. Archie and Friends Superheroes (2021 Archie) 1COLLECTOR.A CBCS 9.8 SS Parent/Shultz...
Roughly 1000 golden age books, most of them coverless, for sale or trade. agamoto 18 2 yearssilveragecomicsuk (33): I’ve sent you a message. Let’s go from there. Don’t want to waste your time.
Weekly MCS Auctions by Forum Members ending Monday July 25th Scifinator 13 2 yearsetapi65 (4060): I accidentally put my "starting July 25th" in this thread instead of "ending July 25th".
FOR SALE! Iron Fist 14 CGC 9.0 Rjman48 3 2 yearsRjman48 (299): Bunp
Charlton, Dell, Atlas/Seaboard, Marvel! War, Horror, Drek! Low/Mid-Grade!! Galen130 Jump to first page148Jump to last page 2 yearsGalen130 (5777): My pleasure as well…glad to hear it. 👍🤙🖖
5 Day Ebay auction started today! Lots of Keys & 1st Appearances! KaptainKia 9 2 yearssportshort (15314): I had the exact same problem, I closed my browser (after a dozen wasted attempts), and it works fine now.
For Sale: Spawn #1 Newsstand McFarlane Verified Signature CBCS 9.6 00slim 11 2 years00slim (17696): Spawn sold on fee-bay this evening. Less than I wanted, but he bundled 3 books, so, I gave him a deal.
MCS Prime Auctions by Forum Members - Auctions ending July 11th-15th Scifinator Jump to first page78Jump to last page 2 yearsflanders (25101): Last bump: We Live #1 CBCS 9.8 - Current Bid ($46) well below FMV
Thor # 165 - CGC 8.0 - 1st full Adam Warlock Appearance - $1,000 CWill2021 2 2 yearsCWill2021 (920): Sold
Prime Day Deal: Universal Monsters 30 Film Blu-Ray Set: $70 00slim 6 2 yearsIronMan (6203): Plenty for sale for $50 on eBay (DVD)
For sale: Iron Fist 14 CGC 9.0 Rjman48 1 2 yearsRjman48 (299): GrailzComics has this Iron Fist 14 cgc 9.0 for sale. $925 shipped. Link below.
Fantastic Four #52 CGC 7.0 For Sale - First Black Panther Appearance $2,100 CWill2021 6 2 yearssborock (48457): @CWill2021 DM sent
Raw books I’m selling WndrWmn74 10 2 yearsWndrWmn74 (791): I’ll also include free books with every purchase.
I want to BUY or Trade for thread Scifinator Jump to first page66Jump to last page 2 yearsstarlord (5374): I don't get paid till Friday next week, but I thought I would throw my line to see if there are any Bites. I'm looking for an Silver age Incredible Hulk number 3,4,5,and 6 at 1.8-4.0 grade.
NOT A COMIC Topic - BASEBALL TICKET dfoster43 8 2 yearsTom74152 (2458): You will probably do better if you get it authenticated. I would see what Beckett has to offer.
Have several slabs I’m willing to part with… WndrWmn74 Jump to first page49Jump to last page 2 yearsWndrWmn74 (791): Wolverine #22; CBCS 9.6 Asking $30; firm + $15 shipping inside the continental US Accept Venmo, Zelle, CashApp and PayPal Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you. More to come later today/tomorrow.
Ultimate Fallout 4 Newsstand CGC 9.6 Bender3455 22 2 yearsBender3455 (43): Thanks for that. I'm going to look into that and see what it would entail.
Not Another Sales Thread!? Noblebeast315 2 2 yearsHeinzDad (30561): Ruh roh, I’ll be keeping an eye open. @Noblebeast315 reels me in at some point on all his sales thread!
Eclipse's Sales Thread Eclipse9665 5 2 yearsEclipse9665 (208): Updated list of available Amazing Spider-Man comics below. Up to date as of July 3, 2022. NEW BOOKS ADDED -> Lots of McFarlane Added: Amazing Spider-Man Comic Books Up for grabs are a ton of Spider-Man comics. Please see the list below for what I have and prices. Grades are my approximations based on the Overstreet Grading Guide and other resources. These are not professionally graded by CGC or CBCS. They are raw grade...
MCS Weekly Auctions by Forum Members, ending Monday June 27th. Scifinator 23 2 yearsNearmint67 (10337): @KatKomics yipee.... :) lol.... Glad for you. Unexpected expenses are no fun.
CBCS Verified Slabs on eBay griffmiester 1 2 yearsgriffmiester (136): Lots of autographs and remarked CBCS verified as well as some Blue CBCS and "other" slabs. Please take a look thank you clickable text
Vacation fuel fund sale!! Offers welcome, yes to combined shipping!!! Galen130 Jump to first page236Jump to last page 2 yearsGalen130 (5777): My wife and I are planning on a much needed vacation later this summer, driving across/touring northern Arizona. We’ll be driving because I don’t fly anymore and she hates flying. Since gas prices are nuts, and probably getting worse by August, I want to start up a fuel fund for the trip by trying to sell more stuff from this thread and my raw comic sales thread. All offers are welcome, but I don’t have anything new to add. We really...
Vacation fuel fund sale #2!! Offers welcome, yes to combined shipping!!! Galen130 Jump to first page159Jump to last page 2 yearsGalen130 (5777): My wife and I are planning on a much needed vacation later this summer, driving across/touring northern Arizona. We’ll be driving because I don’t fly anymore and she hates flying. Since gas prices are nuts, and probably getting worse by August, I want to start up a fuel fund for the trip by trying to sell more stuff from this thread and my CGC sales thread. All offers are welcome, but I don’t have anything new to add. We really need,...
Flanders's Undesirable Crap for Sale At MCS flanders 26 2 yearsCli4dR3D0g (4777): @flanders OK bro... I'll stand down. Desperately seeking THOT11.
New Hip Comic Store Listings obrie2tm 4 2 yearsRafel (3832): Cool. I'll look for them. Thank you.
SELL or HOLD? Scifinator Jump to first page564Jump to last page 2 years00slim (17696): So, I just got this in. Sell or hold for more movie buzz? The reboot has been in development hell for like five years now.
MCS Weekly Auction by CBCS Forum Members ending 6/20 Scifinator 22 2 yearsEbayMafia (36876): My only big disappointment in the auction was the Turtles #4 9.0 selling for $112. At that price I would have bid on it myself if I could. Everything else seemed to be with 15-20% or so of recent sales prices, which is what I've come to expect from MCS auctions.
MCS Weekly Auction by CBCS Forum Members ending 6/13 Scifinator 24 2 yearsxkonk (17678): I'm torn between "I'm confused why there's so many of them every week now" and "don't worry, you can look at next week's nudie prints already"
Avengers 8 FOR SALE ebay Rjman48 1 2 yearsRjman48 (299): Send an reasonable offer!
Avengers 8 FOR SALE Rjman48 5 2 yearsBatman66 (22219): @Rjman48 started following you @Krazy4comics
Bronze age & wolverine/hulk variant books. Auction ends soon Rjman48 1 2 yearsRjman48 (299): Ebay auctions
Amazing Spider-Man #12, CBCS 8.0 $2000 incl. shipping Smokinghawk 2 2 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11512): Nice Book I would have it re-holder in a New CBCS slab.
FOR SALE - HARBINGER #0 PINK MAIL-AWAY Dshel61 1 2 yearsDshel61 (1537): Thought I'd offer this here before I put it on eBay. I'm selling a nice copy of Harbinger #0 Pink Mail-away version. This is CBCS graded at 9.4 with a check mark. I acquired this first hand by collecting the insert cards from issues 1-6 and sending them in to Valiant myself. I am the only owner and I bagged & boarded it once it arrived. Non-smoking environment. Feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have. I'm...
Bronze books for sale-ebay Rjman48 2 2 yearsRafel (3832): I like the KING SIZE HULK #7
The 4 best Keys???? you can buy them all here! d1al 16 2 yearsPDGray (620): Great books! PDG
MCS Auction ending Monday the 16th. Scifinator 4 2 yearsScifinator (15416): Deathmate Orange Preview - Current Bid $2.00 Plasm O 9.8 - Current Bid $51.00
Fantastic Four #52 !st Black Panther 6.5 CGC $2350 includes shipping d1al 7 2 yearsxkonk (17678): Nope, mea culpa. Posted while I was doing something else.
My first sub is back!!! consumetheliving 16 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): I have a few Peach Momoko variants. So nice. I haven't seen a 'meh' one yet.
Just posted on eBay... Graded, Sigs & Raws joelzstuff 1 2 yearsjoelzstuff (89): Thanks everyone that have bought from me before! Anyways, I just posted some raw, graded and some sigs on eBay. Please take a look. My user ID is joelzstuff. Thanks again! - Joel
Modern Age Slabs For Sale RonMob 1 2 yearsRonMob (122): Good afternoon friends! The wife is complaining that I am buying more than I am selling and she doesn't want to deal with them after she kills me, so please help me out! I have listed about 100 modern age graded books for sale on MySlabs and eBay and will be adding more slabs and raw comics over the next couple of weeks. If any issues of are interest to you, please feel free to DM me here for the best possible prices. The listings...
Something is killing the Children consumetheliving 1 2 yearsconsumetheliving (881): Hello all, just plugging my ebay page with many key raw/slabbed/signed SIKTC comics. Take a look to see if there is anything worth a purchase.
New Comic Auctions Beeda 1 2 yearsBeeda (59): In honor of Dr.Strange, we're looking at a new auction method based around our website instead of some of the other methods. We've stocked this first week with books revolving mostly around Dr. Strange. All auctions end tomorrow.
RANDOM SALE!!! EddieTheComicGuy 1 2 yearsEddieTheComicGuy (915): I'm going through my short boxes and found some books I feel could go to a new home. I'll keep posting books as I find them in the boxes until Saturday. This is a TOTALLY RANDOM collection of stuff. If you're interested in any books simply comment which books you'd like. I usually ship USPS Priority Flat Rate, but if you'd like first class I'm fine with that too. I WILL NOT SHIP MEDIA MAIL!!! I'm sorry I just won't do it!!! I want...
SOLD: ASM 44 CBCS 7.0 2nd Lizard the420bandito 3 2 yearsthe420bandito (11262): This book is no longer available. Thanks
My eBay listings are ending Friday, Check it out! joelzstuff 1 2 yearsjoelzstuff (89): Thanks everyone that have bought from me before! Anyways, I just posted some raw, graded and some sigs on eBay. My user ID is joelzstuff. Thanks again! - Joel
ISO ASM #2 and #3 For Sale, Trade or Both. Graded or Raw Gibby357 1 2 yearsGibby357 (114): Need to complete my run of 1-20. Let's see what ya got!?!
Have a few Fantastic Four late silver/early bronze age comics for sale Carpendaddy 2 2 yearsCarpendaddy (70): BUMP Comic auctions are all ending today and there are quite a few under-performers. Get some FF fillers and keys that range from issue 84 to 151 for a decent price. LINK Good luck to anyone who may be bidding! If you win more than 1 auction ending today, please wait until all are finished and I will send an invoice with combined shipping. Thanks!
MCS Prime Auction Underway (links and Pics within) Scifinator Jump to first page36Jump to last page 2 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11512): Lots of nice looking Valiant books! Ive been getting some similar Valiant titles from my auction buy listed in my Hip Comic store. Hip Comic store listing Hip Comic Store Listing ...
Aliens, Predators, Monsters & Monster Hunters 4 SALE Noblebeast315 1 2 yearsNoblebeast315 (2194): Hello Folks! Selling a couple more graded books from my PC. I am digging deep this time too as these are books I really like. But if I am going to sell I would prefer to sell to the forum board. I have sold to a number of you on several occasions and think highly of many of you. I know I am in good company here with folks who love comics for the right reasons, so I am opening up the treasure chest a little more. All graded books are...
Lost Universes being listed Scifinator 14 2 yearsScifinator (15416): @Reelgee - @EbayMafia is on point. Battletide is a good example of the lower end fringe. I actually had all comics shipped back to me before I started using MCS. I sold mist of the 9.8’s (Battltidr included) on ebay for $50-100. So most of those sales were a double to triple of cost basis. A majority of my comics came back at 9.8 and there were several solid 3 and 4 figure sales. I am Scifinator, so there was a crap ton of Star Wars titles....
Unboxing first CBCS submission - and Thank You! Ryan4421 15 2 yearsRyan4421 (353): Thanks, and yes it did arrive looking less than ideal since it was a pretty heavy box with 11 slabs inside. I was a bit worried that there may have been some damage to some slabs but the shipping team put enough padding inside to keep everything intact to support all that weight.
CGC Finally Graded My Robert Downey Jr Signed Books drchaos 11 2 yearsdrchaos (27646): All five books are now up for sale on my comic shop. Link below: Iron Man # 1
For sale: Hero For Hire #1 CGC 8.5 1st Luke Cage Appearance! CWill2021 4 2 yearsCWill2021 (920):
Hero For Hire #1 CGC 8.5 1st Luke Cage Appearance & Origin CWill2021 5 2 yearsCWill2021 (920): Thanks BigRedOne1944 most appreciated!
Noobs are the experts on slabs and God forbid if yours isn't good enough drchaos Jump to first page80Jump to last page 2 yearsPolarisNuclearSS2020 (1124): Correct @poka , I posted the abpove and than read the end of Bill's post on here. 10+ years changes that situation, obviously. That said, I have yet to be fleeced on ebay, only had 1 buyer attempt to rip me off. An overseas buyer bought a raw silver age marvel ASM key off me a few years back for a couple hundred, like a Fair, and filed a item not as descried. He posted up a pic or 2 of the interior of another copy of the same issue #, with...
FS or trade JLA /Avengers limited to 7000 print run Bronte 7 2 yearsBronte (37296): Sold Please lock
FS: 91 Dark Horse Star Wars Comic Lot 00slim 5 2 years00slim (17696): @xvipah I’ll put a list together this evening after work.
The Recount #1 Metal Cowabunga_Kyle 1 2 yearsCowabunga_Kyle (2271): The Recount #1 Metal is a limited edition of just 50 copies. You can snag one over at Cowabunga Comics. You can get your copy signed at no extra charge, just send us a message. I hope you cats dig...
FANTASTIC FOUR #52 CGC 9.0 OW/W - OPEN TO OFFERS, TRADES, & TIME-PAYMENTS!! Top_City_Comics 6 2 yearsCWill2021 (920): Are you selling the 7.5 graded copy of FF#52? -----------------------------------------------------
Thor #165 CGC 7.0 1st Full Appearance of Him (Adam Warlock) 1969 CWill2021 3 2 yearsCWill2021 (920): **SOLD**
For Sale x2 Iron Man #9 Variant CGC 9.6 First App of Riri Williams Nick 1 2 yearsNick (17): Got a couple of Iron Man #9's for sale. Shipped from UK but willing to ship Internationally via Fedex. Payment accepted via Paypal G&S, no returns but if a major issue occurs I will do my best to help. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Invincible Iron Man #9 Variant (First App Riri Williams) PRICE: £2300 (Negotiable) ...
For sale! GS Defenders 3 & Sub-mariner 5 cgc 7.5 Rjman48 2 2 yearsRjman48 (299): Submariner SOLD
Graded Silver and bronze keys for sale Rjman48 8 2 yearsRjman48 (299): Defenders & Subby going to eBay real soon. Buy direct from Certified Comic shop to save $. Send him your inquiries
Slabs for Sale Jprez111 1 2 yearsJprez111 (78): Hey All, Was going to sell these to my LCS, but figured I’d throw it out to you guys if interested. Looking to unload these 3 slabs. 130 + Free USPS Priority shipping for all three. Would consider individual sales. DM if interested.
A few Slabs For Sale 00slim 13 2 years00slim (17696): New Mutants #87 1st Cable CBCS 9.0 OW/White Pages $160, shipped
Raw Comics For Sale--Fillers, Runs, Drek!! Mostly Modern, some CA/BA/SA!! Galen130 Jump to first page224Jump to last page 2 yearsGalen130 (5777): @Jesse_O This thread is done. Please lock it at your convenience. Thanks a lot!!! :)
Beautiful Wonder Woman Sketch Cover for Sale WndrWmn74 9 2 yearsPre_Coder (19029): Nice sketch cover. Let's see the one you're not selling.
ISO/Want to buy Fantastic Four 5 Rjman48 2 2 yearsRjman48 (299): Closed
Slabs and Raws for Sale Swamp Thing moon Knight more Enelson 9 2 yearsEnelson (6289): Moon knight sold New Avengers pending
virtual (mostly) $1 bin sale... $1 books minor keys, modern Marvel, etc. ERB_in_CLT 1 2 yearsERB_in_CLT (616): Hi everyone, I thought I would post here first (before going the fee route). I am trying to make some room, so have books below for sale. Shipping is 10 or fewer books, $9, and 10+ is $15. BUT... for the fine folks on this board, if you buy more than 10, I'll pick up half the shipping and if you buy 20+, I'll pick the whole shipping cost. I'd also maybe consider trades for TPBs (specifically Star Wars or Jeff Lemire that I don't have)...
FOR SALE! X-men 109 cgc 9.4 Rjman48 19 2 years50AE_DE (6464): @Batman66 $610
Drawing again!!! EddieTheComicGuy 10 2 yearsEddieTheComicGuy (915): I’ve been on a roll lately. Here are a couple of pencil sketches I’ve been working on lately!!! They will be inked and colored soon!!!
Just posted some stuff on eBay... Thanks! joelzstuff 4 2 yearsjoelzstuff (89): Ending tomorrow, Thanks! -Joel
Infinity Gauntlet themed Betty & Veronica Ltd 250 Pre-Sell! vacomicon 6 2 yearspower_struggle55 (6379): I hear if you input the kanami code....half of all saved files are deleted
TPB's For Sale!! HeinzDad Jump to first page47Jump to last page 2 yearsHeinzDad (30561): X-men and spidergwen lots have been claimed via pm.
MCS Auctions Live Now rgreenson 1 2 yearsrgreenson (786): I have a few graded comics up for auction on MCS. (All CBCS Graded) Batman (2011 2nd Series) 1B CBCS 9.8 Detective Comics (2016 3rd Series) 1000COMICMINT CBCS 9.8 Walking Dead (2003 Image) 100H CBCS 9.8
Flanders's MCS Prime Auction Listings Ending Next Week! flanders 11 2 yearsflanders (25101): @EbayMafia thanks, I think I'm losing $20 at the moment :eek: but that's the risk of slabbing dreck.
250'ish graded comics for trade before I consign to MCS for Sale Scifinator 11 2 yearsScifinator (15416): Here is an additional 100 Malibu/Bravura/Ultraverse titles that I will be sending in on top of the other 250 comics. Let me know if interested in any trades or such. Bravura (1994) Preview Book 1A CBCS 8.5 Break Thru (1993) 1A CBCS 9.8 Break Thru (1993) 1 HOLO FOIL Ltd Ed. 1 of 5,000 CGC 9.8 Breed (1994) 1A CBCS 9.0 Breed (1994) 1A CBCS 8.5 Breed (1994) 1A CBCS 8.0 Breed (1994) 2 CBCS 9.8 Breed (1994) 3 CBCS 9.8 Breed (1994)...
More slabs for sale, have a look! furlo316 7 2 yearsfurlo316 (234): Sorry, all books are sold.
Interesting Stat Scifinator 7 2 yearsScifinator (15416): @etapi65 - Haven't had the time to box up and send to MCS yet, so yes, still available for trade or offers. Here is the thread link: 250 Comics soon to be shipped to MCS
recommended places to sell comics smeninc 10 2 yearsEbayMafia (36876): seems to have a pretty small buying audience but it can be a good price to sell well priced slabbed books. And since their sales are small, sales tax will only apply to buyers inside your state. The commission is only 1% for each the buyer and the seller.
Just a few high grade books for sale Pickycollector Jump to first page55Jump to last page 2 yearsKatKomics (28823): I like that atomic knights book....unfortunately I'm not really buying right now
Digital Code Sticker hogan36 3 2 yearshogan36 (198): Good morning Thanks
Some stuff on eBay joelzstuff 2 2 yearsjoelzstuff (89): Ending tomorrow, Thank Everyone! -Joel
Modern Age CGC Slabs Going Up For Sale--A Few SA/BA/CA Slabs As Well!!! Galen130 Jump to first page266Jump to last page 2 yearsGalen130 (5777): @Jesse_O When you have a free moment, would you close/lock this thread for me? Thanks so much!!!
Yet another sales thread xkonk 23 2 yearsGAC (69528): Flawless transaction! Thanks @xkonk Alex! Received today, perfectly packaged, very secure and fast shipping. Would buy from again without hesitation. 🍻
For Sale: Multiple Copies of Cool Comic Books! Eclipse9665 3 2 yearsEclipse9665 (208): Bump :)
Ice Cream Man #25 hogan36 5 2 yearsdpiercy (4787): Love this series.
Journey into Mystery #85 CBCS 4.5 - Open to offers, trade, & time-payments! Top_City_Comics 3 2 yearsTop_City_Comics (38): This book is on it's way to a better home, tho I do have one other copy on hand... More books upcoming!!
Some Keys & some Rarities part of 33 CBCS 9.6 - 9.8 Comics Auction! Scifinator 27 2 yearsScifinator (15416): I have a White page 9.8 at 299.99 and a 9.6 at 97.99. Had a listing for 9.8 white sell for $320 via ebay/MCS store back in Sept.
The Recount #1 Special Edition - Detective Comics #880 Homage Cowabunga_Kyle 2 2 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): @Masochism :heart::heart::heart::beer::beer::beer:
Flanders' Comic Emporium Listings on flanders 10 2 yearsflanders (25101): Marvel Preview #3 CGC 6.5 sold on myslabs. The rest of the dreck is still available.
New Year Price Drop on myslabs dennisqdw 8 2 yearsBatman66 (22219): @EbayMafia nice pickup
3 Comics up for Sale in MCS Auction ending Monday January 14th Vrishnak 2 2 yearsVrishnak (865): Pushing to the top for continued visibility.
19 Comics up for Sale in MCS Auction ending Monday Jan. 3rd. Scifinator 22 2 yearsEbayMafia (36876): It's 5:15 on the West Coast. All the Bud Root print auctions are over...let the comic book auction commence! Auction link:
New Years Day Slab Sale Noblebeast315 4 2 yearsNoblebeast315 (2194): UPDATE: the following books are no longer available. - Frankenstein 1 - Supernatural Thillers 2 - Supernatural Thillers 5 - Dark Horse Presents Annual All the best.
X-MEN #1 CGC 5.0 OW FOR SALE/TRADE - Open to offers, trades, time-payments! Top_City_Comics 9 2 yearsTop_City_Comics (38): THIS BOOK HAS BEEN MOVED VIA MEGA-TRADE!! MORE BOOKS TO COME!!
“Name your Price” yearend SALE! Scifinator 12 2 yearsSiggy (25509): I wondered if someone would mention that.
Pre-Orders OPEN! Ltd 100 GI JOE Larry Hama Exclusive vacomicon 4 2 yearsvacomicon (190): Only 6 copies left!
Slab at MCS Auction This Coming Monday - UXM #266 9.8 - 1st Full Gambit lawguy1977 2 2 yearslawguy1977 (5831): Bump for tonight’s auction. Hope everyone had a good holiday and thanks for looking! Uncanny X-Men #266 - CBCS 9.8 - 1st full Gambit and first cover of Gambit. Current bid is at $760.00.
Fantastic Four #48 CBCS 5.0 - Open to offers, trades, & time-payments!!! Top_City_Comics Jump to first page32Jump to last page 2 yearsTop_City_Comics (38): Thanks man! I appreciate the kind words! Happy Christmakwanzicka!!
Where will it sell? Scifinator Jump to first page33Jump to last page 2 yearsGAC (69528): The signature being graded? Are you really confused or are you just looking for a reaction? Come on man, I'm pretty sure you're not confused.
Some Mark Brooks Slabs For Sale ThorneArt 4 2 yearsThorneArt (1916): CGC 9.8 Spider-Gwen #1 (2015) Mark Brooks Variant $SOLD No shipping cost to Forum members!
For Sale! War Machine 1 (many copies) + other books Eclipse9665 3 2 yearsEclipse9665 (208): @Reelgee I am not sure about pressing the War Machine #1s as they are foil and embossed. I think the embossed part is more problematic than the foil part according to my minimal research. I want to be upfront though and say that the Storm #1s and Rogue #1s each tend to have at least one or two coloring breaking spine tick (hence why I am giving a raw grade estimate of 8.0-9.0). If that is ok with you please send me a message privately with your...
18 copies left! Ltd 250 Dan Parent VALENTINE'S Cover for Pre-Order! vacomicon 6 2 yearsNuffsaid111 (18852): Your Archie variants are the one and only variant I purchase for the entire year. That's how much I love these Dan Parent ones you've been doing for the last year or so (starting with that flourescent pink version of both Betty and Veronica)
MOVING RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS SALE!!! EddieTheComicGuy Jump to first page42Jump to last page 2 yearsEddieTheComicGuy (915): I’m glad your happy with your books!!! Thanks again!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
COMICS For SALE - All are $2 Bucks Doc_Cop 3 2 yearsbeastboy1980 (1125): nice books
Slabs at MCS Auction This Coming Monday - 1st Dazzler and Champions #1 lawguy1977 3 2 yearslawguy1977 (5831): One last bump for tonight: Uncanny X-Men #130 - CBCS 9.4 - 1st Dazzler. Current bid at $180.00 Champions #1 (2016 series) - CBCS 9.8. Current bid at $62.00 Thanks!
For Sale: X-Men #1 (1963) Graded 1.8 lawguy1977 14 2 yearsOGJackster (49058): The first thing I do when I get a book from ComicLink is take that damn sticker off!
Slabs for sale, come have a look! furlo316 15 2 yearsfurlo316 (234): Hulk 1 is SOLD, only the N.M.87 remains. I am actively accepting offers, don't be afraid to make one!
FS: Jack Kirby Signature X-Men #2 4.0 AcuMan 10 2 yearsDrWatson (50094): It's the nouveau riche. Next they'll only want to be paid with pictures of money.
Modern Slabs for sale RonMob 3 2 yearsRonMob (122): Image of Back of ASM 365 below (requested)
48 Hour Slab Sale Before eBay: Flash #105, Flash #106 (5.5!!), Tec #359 jokioo 19 2 yearsStnman (8): Awesome books!
BATMAN CGC and CBCS comics for sale! Comicsadelphia 15 2 yearsComicsadelphia (44): Hey everyone, this weekend, I am offering 10% off all listings on this thread! I will honor this offer until 8am Monday, for all you over night buyers. Thank you for looking!
For Sale: Batman 423 Signed by McFarlane and Starlin lawguy1977 6 2 yearslawguy1977 (5831): Sold!
Some fun books up on eBay griffmiester 4 3 yearsgriffmiester (136): Thank you!
Weekly MCS/SlabSmart Graded Comics $1 starting bid Auction Scifinator Jump to first page31Jump to last page 3 yearsScifinator (15416): Tonight marks my final auction ending this year. I have the following comics up for auction, with each comic having over a dozen First Appearances & both with WHITE pages and both in the NEW style sonicweld encasements! The Alpha Flight #1 9.0 presents at a 9.6-9.8 at first glance. Try to see if you can find what Graders notes reflect "light 3/4" stain bottom spine back cover". See photos. Bid it, win it, crack it and...
MCS Slabs At Auction On Monday -- 1st Dazzler, Mr. Sinister, Jubilee & more lawguy1977 13 3 yearslawguy1977 (5831): Last bump for tonight's auction. Updated bid below. Thanks! Wolverine #1 (1988 1st Series) CBCS 9.4 - Signed by Chris Claremont. Current bid at $140.00. Uncanny X-Men #130 - CBCS 9.2 Newsstand Edition - 1st Dazzler. Current bid at $155.00. Uncanny X-Men #133 - CBCS 9.2 Newsstand Edition - 1st Wolverine solo story. Current bid at $155.00....
How to make a link? Watcher5866 5 3 yearsWatcher5866 (378): Wish I was that lucky to own any golden age books! Some could be golden in a few years! Thanks!
Slabs at MCS Auction this coming Monday -- Gambit, Carnage, SIKTC lawguy1977 4 3 yearslawguy1977 (5831): Bump for tonight’s auction. Uncanny X-Men Annual 14 - CBCS 9.4 - First cameo of Gambit. Current bid is $105.00 Uncanny X-Men 143 - CGC 9.6. Current bid is $51.00. Amazing Spider-Man 362 - CBCS 9.6 - 2nd Appearance of Carnage. Current bid is $46.00 Something Is Killing The Children 1 (LCSD...
New Auctions! infinityG 1 3 yearsinfinityG (1280): Greetings fellow collectors, I just posted some new listings on my page with more to come. Have a gander, maybe some will interest you! See Listings Thanks!
Uncanny X-Men 281 1st Print in MCS Auction Vrishnak 3 3 yearsVrishnak (865): Bump. Thanks for looking and good luck.
New art for sale from the Hero Initiative sborock 1 3 yearssborock (48457): A very good cause!
FOR SALE: Slabs and Raw Keys Doc_Cop 14 3 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): Giant Size Invaders SOLD SOLD SOLD to the Silver Samurai!
X-men 12 cgc 8.5 for sale Rjman48 2 3 yearsRjman48 (299): Listing removed. Book still fs by owner. Me. 5500 shipped.
The Rise of... Scifinator 9 3 yearsScifinator (15416): With the auctions ending in a few hours, the current bids on the Series issues are: Darkhold #1 Vol 1 - $22 Ghost Rider #28 - $66 Ghost Rider #31 - $21 Ghost Rider, Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #1 Vol 1 - $12 Morbius, the Living Vampire #1 Vol 1 - $49 Nightstarlkers #1 Vol 1 - $13 Happy bidding!
Slabs at MCS Auction this Monday lawguy1977 5 3 yearslawguy1977 (5831): One last bump for tonight's closing auctions. Updated bids are below. Thanks! Black Widow #1 - First app of Yelena Bolova. CBCS 9.4. Current bid at $31.00. Black Panther #1 (Vol. 2) - First app of Okoye. CBCS 9.4. Current bid at $34.00. Wolverine #1 (1982). CBCS 9.0. Current bid at $106.00....
european exklusive Fathom: The Core variants by Michael Turner Chr. Zullo exphysiker 2 3 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): Hadn't seen these before. Cool!
FOR SALE! Thor 337 CGC 9.8 Canadian price variant Rjman48 4 3 yearsRjman48 (299): Sold. Thanks
Our newest LTD 250 Archie Exclusive - Christmas Veronica!! vacomicon 6 3 yearsvacomicon (190): Only 26 copies left! This Christmas one is going fast. Pre-Order YOURS today:
TMNT Advs. #1 9.8 CPV FMV? MurrayC 5 3 yearsHcanes (5197): A newsstand 9.6 sold for $1250. The bump up to 9.8 is typically ridiculous, why most of us are happy with a 9.6. You'd have to find a CPV collector and I wouldn't be surprised you could get a minimum 2.5k
best way to sell some minor/non-keys, readers? is there a thread here? ERB_in_CLT 6 3 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11512): Weather here, on Ebay, Faceboomk... whatever platform..... I always find good pictures and detail grading info are required first and foremost. Welcome aboard!
SUPERMAN: SON OF KAL-EL #5 hogan36 5 3 yearsOxbladder (1287): I don't think they always announce a sellout. Most of the ones I hear about are usually ones that happen before or on release day. Since this issue is part of the whole bisexual reveal they have likely seen something in the numbers or market that provoked the second printing.
DEEP From the depths of the PC… Comes a 4 Sale Thread Noblebeast315 4 3 yearsNoblebeast315 (2194): For the record I am happy to provide additional photos of any books you may be interested in.
Absolute Carnage #1 Skan Srisuwan hogan36 5 3 yearsJesse_O (39244): @hogan36 the only thing I can think of is that TCM DID have a Skan signing event at the 2019 NYCC where he signed these. Perhaps the signed ones were from that event. That's the only thing that would make sense to me. TCM told people that got one with their orders that Skan would be signing them there.
FS: Some of my Slabbed Sketch Covers ThorneArt 1 3 yearsThorneArt (1916): I have some of my sketch covers available. All drawn by me. All prices are shipped free in the USA for Forum Members. Rick Grimes The Walking dead #115 - CBCS ART Label - $150 Vader in Bacta Tank Vader Down #1 - CBCS ART Label - $150 Bloody Governor The Walking dead #115 - CBCS ART Label - $150 Vader Burned - CBCS ART Label - Darth Vader Annual #1 - $150 Dok-Ondar Doctor Aphra #1 - CBCS ART Label - $125 ...
Shortboxed? tonnage71 5 3 yearsDWeeB1967 (11134): That.
Fall Sales Thread - Modern Marvels obrie2tm 20 3 yearsobrie2tm (6443): Marvel Super-Heroes #8 - CBCS 9.6 First Squirrel Girl - $300
Flanders Dreck For Sale Before Mailing to MCS flanders 18 3 yearsflanders (25101): Ending tonight with a current bid of $31.
Slabs for Sale on MCS (Batman, X-Men, Mondern Keys and more) lawguy1977 3 3 yearslawguy1977 (5831): Giving this one more bump
Rogue 1 and Storm 1 Lot for Sale - All Newsstands Eclipse9665 1 3 yearsEclipse9665 (208): Hey everyone, I have a lot of Rogue #1 (1995) and Storm #1 (1996) comics for sale. They are all newsstands. Check it out with the link below. Only looking to sell as a lot right now.
Ironheart 1 2nd Printing for Sale! Vboi 1 3 yearsVboi (32): Up for sales is Ironheart 1 2nd printing, Freshly graded by CBCS 9.8 ($2,000 USD), 9.6 ($1,000 USD), 9.4 ($800 USD). There is an estimate print run of under 1000 Copies, It's Riri William's rarest key cover. I'll ship any of these books for free with tracking across Canada and USA, it will be definitely well packaged! Payment accepted will be PayPal invoiced to buyer! ...
Jack Kirby Fans Scifinator 12 3 yearsBPaxson002 (709): I wonder how Houseroy liked working on a Kirby project.
Selling my small Golden Age collection on Myslabs dennisqdw 15 3 yearsdennisqdw (198): :D:D Thanx, makes me feel good to hear that. Parting with them has not been easy, but I've hardly looked at them for decades. Good to know that they'll make other people happy now.
Legit Website? hogan36 19 3 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): @hogan36 So sorry about your uncle getting scammed! We're lucky we have a community that helps us look out for each other. :heart:
FS: X-Men #50 CGC 8.5 AcuMan 2 3 yearsTerry88 (1276): God, I love this book. GLWTS
Rocky Mountain Con Nov 6 & 7 2021 Denver CO RTSUnlimited 3 3 yearsScifinator (15416): Wish I could go.
Trade or Hold? stanley_1883 11 3 yearsRafel (3832): I'd trade it for some key AMAZING SPIDER-MAN that I need.
For sale! Thor 337 CGC 9.8 Canadian Price Variant 🇨🇦 Rjman48 3 3 yearsRjman48 (299): Bump
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures 43 Slab for Sale lawguy1977 3 3 yearsHeinzDad (30561): My book arrived today. It came quick and packed great. @lawguy1977, the CGC fella grading that must have lost his dog the day before. One won’t often hear that come from my mouth. Thanks dude!
some comics for sale xkonk 12 3 yearsxkonk (17678): A few raw graded books just back from CBCS. Same deal as previous post on the buying details. Uncanny X-Men 95, death of Thunderbird, 5.0. Forum price $75. Uncanny X-Men 96, first appearance of Moira MacTaggert, 8.0. Forum price $200. Incredible Hulk 102, first self-titled issue after Astonishing, 3.0. The only comparable sold copy I can find recently on eBay...
Auction win super bargain? Scifinator 11 3 yearsScifinator (15416): It is always a tragedy when one doesn’t get good wood on the puck. And, @KatKomics - congrats on the new moniker. 🤠
Lots of trades, hardcovers, graded Akira/Otomo books! anansigg 2 3 yearsEbayMafia (36876): Or click here:
$1 Starting bid MCS Prime Auction ending Friday Oct 15 Scifinator Jump to first page37Jump to last page 3 yearsScifinator (15416): Here are the current bids on the final pieces left in tonights auctions. Note: the MCP’s if your a Sam Kieth Wolverine/ Cable / Ghost Rider fan. Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 91 CBCS 9.8 Direct Edition. Auction in progress. Current bid: $26.00, 6 bids Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 93 CBCS 9.8 Direct Edition. Auction in progress. Current bid: $31.00, 4 bids Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 94 CBCS 9.8 Direct Edition. Auction...
For sale: CBCS 9.8 Marvel Secret Wars #8 newsstand ralph_malph 6 3 yearstonyz58 (219): Yes?
Pre-Order Our HORROR-themed October DAN PARENT Exclusives! vacomicon 3 3 yearsvacomicon (190): Thanks! Our sales have been THROUGH THE ROOF on this one! Here's a preview of all 3 versions: Pick 'em up HERE before they sell out! Our last few exclusives go for over $100 on ebay, and one even got listed on Key Collector! Brett
Books For Sale! Rjman48 6 3 yearsRjman48 (299):
Comics (Slabs) For Sale - Keys Doc_Cop 5 3 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): Sorry for late response @esaravo, Can't part until I upgrade the copy I have. Thanks for the interest.
Circle City Comics hogan36 3 3 yearsEmporiumCo (1): They are my local LCS, completely legit and great service / quality.
For Sale: Venom and Carnage Mavel Key High Grade Slabs Ryan4421 3 3 yearsJesse_O (39244): Folks, if you aren't buying or interested, move along!! Start a new thread if you want to.
From a Purist perspective Scifinator Jump to first page34Jump to last page 3 yearsKatKomics (28823): I think PGX has it right...once they are slabbed who cares if it's missing coupons or pages or has colour touch - no one will ever know - give grades to all comics..and generous ones at that!!! Overstreet is just a guideline that the grading companies use but have come up with their we can't really say coupon cut is max 1.0 because that isn't how they grade or what the market is accepting of. ...
X-Men Slabs for Sale lawguy1977 7 3 yearslawguy1977 (5831): One more bump before these head out to MCS next week. Still have the following: X-Men 221 - $300 X-Men 133 - Reduced to $275 X-Men 143 - $90 X-Men 164 - $85
eBay: I posted some stuff... Raws, Graded and Sigs joelzstuff 3 3 yearsjoelzstuff (89): Ending in 5 hours, please take a look. Thanks everyone! - Joel
Watch this shoe, and see if it DROPS. Scifinator 24 3 yearsHulkSmash (9784): You ever open a box brah? Shiiii…paper cuts for days.
Flander's Slabs at MCS Weekly Auction Ending 9-27 flanders 2 3 yearsflanders (25101): Bump, auction ending tomorrow night. Thanks for looking.
Comics and art for sale Stardust_Memories 2 3 yearsOGJackster (49058): @Stardust_Memories happy birthday!
I put some books up on ebay to pay for grading! anansigg 4 3 yearsRjman48 (299): Oh. Gotcha
Buy some of my books, please? Golden age, SIKTC, Swamp Thing, plenty more Carpendaddy 10 3 yearsByrdibyrd (24736): I bid on a few more, too. Nice books!
Various Slabs for Sale DWeeB1967 Jump to first page32Jump to last page 3 yearsDWeeB1967 (11134): Marvel Premiere #15 - $1260 SHIPPED 1st appearance of Iron Fist CBCS 9.2 with white pages The most recent eBay sale of this book in this grade that I saw (sold September 7) went for $1349.99 with shipping included. ...
Invincible Iron Man #9 CBCS 9.8 For Sale Comicbookzach 4 3 yearsComicbookzach (1020): Open to offers
New Golden Age Replica Website CLLXCNNX 20 3 yearsCLLXCNNX (117): Yes! Lots o pre-code horror replicas. Much more to come. ~Sebastian Collection Connection Facebook - Instagram - Twitter -
For Sale - ASM 362, X-Men 1, New Agents of Atlas 1 Yoosh5492 1 3 yearsYoosh5492 (763): Hi All!! Amazing Spider-Man 362 (3 available)- $200 shipped X-Men 1 (1991) - $160 shipped WotR: New Agents of Atlas 2nd print, Comic Mint Edition - $140 shipped. Venmo for payment, will ship USPS priority or FedEx. US only. For Canada I'll need to check shipping costs. All sales are final, and no returns. I'm in LA. I'd be happy to meet up if you are local. Posting here first. Let me know if you are interested or if you have any...
I just posted some comics on eBay joelzstuff 4 3 yearsjoelzstuff (89): Ending today Thanks everyone! Joel
New books! Comicbookzach 7 3 yearsComicbookzach (1020): @Doc_Cop Thank you!
MCS CBCS Slab Auctions rgreenson 3 3 yearsrgreenson (786): These all end tonight - Links above Currently at $41 - DC Universe Rebirth #1B CBCS 9.8 - Ivan Reis Retailer Incentive Currently at $35 - Detective Comics #1000 CBCS 9.8 - Comic Mint Exclusive Variant Currently at $76 - Flash #197 CBCS 9.6 Currently at $15 - Flash Secret Files and Origins #3 CBCS 8.0 Currently at $55 - Teen Titans #12 CBCS 8.5 Currently at $28 - Walking Dead #108 CBCS 9.8
Nucleus #1 original cover art + Black Knight #1 Toby 1953 for sale/trade HotKeyComics 1 3 yearsHotKeyComics (5138): I have 2 items available, one is very rare and one is a 1/1. First is the original cover art for Nucleus #1 from 1979, published by Heiro-Graphic. Nucleus is a collection of shorter comic stories and the first one in this issue is "Demonhorn" from Bill Sim featuring a very early appearance of Cerebus. I would post the content page but some of the titles are nsfw, Cerebus fits right in. I've heard this is the first appearance of...
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles slabs for sale MurrayC 7 3 yearsMurrayC (2710): Bump
Updated Slabs for Sale (Batman, X-Men, Moon Knight and Black Panther) lawguy1977 23 3 yearslawguy1977 (5831): X-Men 129 sold. Remaining books: Black Panther #1 - $125 Infinite Crisis #3 - $90 Big thanks to Cesidio for being so great to work with on some of these sales! Just a super stand up guy.
For Sale: ASM 46 CBCS 7.5 - 1st Shocker the420bandito 1 3 yearsthe420bandito (11262): One book up for sale. Asking price $575 shipped UPSP Priority Medium Flat Rate box with full insurance. PayPal payment accepted. 1st appearance of Shocker. Feel free to message me with any questions. I'll take in the thread or PM works. ...
Stranger Comics Kickstarter Belarak 2 3 yearsBriten (1743): Just a thought, if you spend 60 dollars the item you receive is not free.
For Sale: FF 48, 1st Silver Surfer CBCS 4.0 00slim 11 3 years00slim (17696): This is still available if anyone is interested. I’ve had at least two people locally express interest & flake. I’d definitely rather deal with a forum member.
Star Wars: THE HIGH REPUBLIC #7 hogan36 18 3 yearshogan36 (198): @Belarak Thank you to you all as well!
Rare slab for sale LotsaSequel Jump to first page39Jump to last page 3 yearsLotsaSequel (295): @HeinzDad I’ll be the first to admit I may be biased here but if you’re looking for opinions I’d say buy it!! Lol If you do buy it and pay today I can have it shipped today as well. I do 2 day flat rate with it protected inside of a Gemini mailer.
Strange Raws 4 Sale Part 1 Noblebeast315 16 3 yearsBatman66 (22219): @GanaSoth lol, too funny
Tranzor Z Comics hogan36 20 3 yearsBuzbe (158): Just for taking them to school where they where band.
WTB: Fantastic Four 46 cgc 6.5-8 Rjman48 5 3 yearsRjman48 (299): Found.
Graded books for sale: ASM316 9.6-DD158 8.5-GIJOE:ARAH1 9.4 the420bandito 8 3 yearsthe420bandito (11262): Book is still for sale. It is yours.
xvipah's $0.99 drek blowout sale! xvipah Jump to first page103Jump to last page 3 yearsxvipah (4870): Thanks @Bobashek pleasure doing business with you. :)
Absolute Carnage #1 1:500 Virgin General Question hogan36 Jump to first page36Jump to last page 3 yearsSebastsk8 (2354): @HulkSmash I grabbed a couple of those already 😂
Golden Age Batman and Wonder Woman slabs for sale andrewscomics 11 3 yearsBobashek (991): Do you have any GA Batman 9 or older or Detective earlier than 77?
WTB: 9.9 and 10.0 Superman Unchained jgzachary13 3 3 yearsjgzachary13 (187): @dielinfinite Yeah. I figured it’s worth a shot though.
Swamp Slabs For Sale Noblebeast315 4 3 yearsNoblebeast315 (2194): @esaravo Hey Ed thanks for the ask. I will pass this time.
MAKING ROOM FOR NEW ART ART SALE!!! EddieTheComicGuy 8 3 yearsEddieTheComicGuy (915): Thanks very much appreciated!!!
Amazing Spider-Man graded books and other Marvel books!! Comicsadelphia 14 3 yearsComicsadelphia (44): Venom #2 (2018) CGC 9.8 Ryan Stegman cover - $80
For Sale: X-men #4 CBCS 9.8 and Avengers Forever #1 Westfield Variant 9.8 sckao 8 3 yearsbeastboy1980 (1125): nice covers
Doctor Aphra 001 R0gu31 8 3 yearsZombiebigfoot (4150): @R0gu31 I also have a copy of that issue (Cover 1A), but chose this variant to have graded instead (Cover 1H, the Retailer Exclusive Variant). I’m sure with a cleaning & press it would’ve come back with a 9.6 or 9.8, so I’ll definitely do that when I send issue 1A in (just in case of any imperfections). It’s like...
Prodigy 1-6 CBCS 9.8 2-6 9.4 1. Netflix adaptation Jetsetfive 1 3 yearsJetsetfive (8): #1 is a 9.4 the others are all 9.8 Great series plus the Netflix adaptation is right around the corner. $350 plus shipping. Let me know if anyone is interested.
Introducing the Larry Hama File Copy Collection vacomicon 4 3 yearsvacomicon (190): I'm super excited about all of the JOE single issues that are being worked on by CBCS. Since Larry had all of the ultra-rare out-of-print Joe Trades (who knows how tiny some of those print runs are) I partnered with MCS to to satisfy fans in the meantime. Thanks for checking them out!
FOR SALE: ACTION COMICS #80 CGC 4.5 & RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK #1 CBCS 9.8 jokioo 10 3 yearsjokioo (642): Excellent! Thanks for the prompt payment and I’m glad to hear the book made it there safely. @Davethebrave don’t give up!
Going to be adding some additional comics to my MCS/SlabSmart store Scifinator 2 3 yearsScifinator (15416): So, here are the Indie publishers that I will be sending to MCS. It will be about 400 additional comics so it will take some time. If anyone care to offer an opinion or desire as to which publishers I send first, feel free to let me know. Big Entertainment Bravura Broadway Chaos Continuity Defiant Event Majestic Malibu Sirius Tekno Topps Triumphant Ultraverse Cheers
Comic Book Covers 4 Cancer Summer Auctions Now Live! Zanziber 4 3 yearsZanziber (118): Please PM me through our FB page.
Batman CGC and CBCS for sale!! Comicsadelphia 5 3 yearsComicsadelphia (44): @beastboy1980 thank you!
For Sale: Spawn Comic Books Eclipse9665 7 3 yearsEclipse9665 (208): #100 Alex Ross B Variant is sold
A hard eight of slabs... Sale! robo 4 3 yearsrobo (350): Cool, I'm sentimental on 94. Not that I have any objectivity.
Slabs for Sale - Infinite Crisis 3 and Detective Comics 27 Fan Expo lawguy1977 1 3 yearslawguy1977 (5831): Couple slabs here for sale. Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail and included in the price. I accept payment via PayPal. Any questions, just let me know. Thanks for looking! Infinite Crisis #3 - First Jamie Reyes (new Blue Beetle) - Perez Variant. Asking $110 OBO
Lawguy's Raw Keys For Sale lawguy1977 7 3 yearslawguy1977 (5831): Uncanny X-Men #137 - Death of Phoenix. I'd put this in the FN range (6.5). Asking $30 OBO. ...
SEVEN Slabs For Sale! robo 21 3 yearsrobo (350): That's great CatCovers! Enjoy your new slab. Cheers.
GeekFuel Variants - Anyone Familiar with these?` dfoster43 3 3 yearsdfoster43 (1634): Thanks! Yeah all the Rebirth copies I saw were other variants, not this GeeksRule. I'm sure the other two are in that same camp or worse. LOL
Batman 232 and Detective Comics 1000 Slabs for Sale lawguy1977 10 3 yearsDavethebrave (15754): Love this book - I need to get mine signed and graded. TATs make yours tempting to just have two haha
2 CBCS graded comics up for Auction w/ $1 starting bids. Scifinator 6 3 yearsScifinator (15416): With one day left, the current bid on the Alpha Flight #1 is $37 The current bid on the WildCATS #1 is at $47. Happy bidding.
Evil Ernie 1-5 Set for Sale Murm 6 3 yearsMurm (2619): Refreshing thread GoCollect FMV is $1405 my price $1300 shipped.
Books for Sale Murm Jump to first page32Jump to last page 3 yearsMurm (2619): Refreshing thread with updated prices.
Just some random cgc slabs for sale. Jetsetfive 3 3 yearsComicsadelphia (44): @robo :D
For Sale: Double Cover - Spider-Man Unlimited #1 Eclipse9665 4 3 yearsEclipse9665 (208): @Briten @GAC Thanks
Old to Modern books for sale - approximately 160 comics in a group QuaBrot 1 3 yearsQuaBrot (2018): Decent size group of comics for sale. I deal with Gold and Silver books, so I don't know much about these except that most of them are modern(ish). A few Golden/early Silver Dell books, a few 60's/70's Dell, Archie and Marvel (Sgt. Fury and leatherneck, I think) and Bronze Daredevil (issue 198 is earlies?), but the majority are modern DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, etc. See pics. I counted about 160 comics total. Shipping will have to be a...
Amazing Spider-man 252 8.5 newsstand for sale Enelson 5 3 yearsHeinzDad (30561): Dang.....
Selling TMNT #2, #3, #4, GI Joe #1, Thundercats #1, Transformers #1 Derickson007 5 3 yearsDerickson007 (1): @KYoung_1974 Just the lighting and camera - I did not use any filters as I didn't want to misrepresent in any way what they look like. Pics were just taken in my house under overhead lighting which is all I have. Happy to take more in different angles or try different areas of my house. Just uploaded a pic I took last night again just no filter but with a brown background and not white ...
Hcanes Slabbed Books for Sale Hcanes 7 3 yearsHcanes (5197): Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 97 Kevin Eastman Studios Variant CGC 9.8 Signed and remarked by Kevin Eastman $175
Various Justice League CGC Slabs, All-Star Batman #1 CGC 9.9--For Sale!! Galen130 22 3 yearsGalen130 (5777): I think that would be better, then I can correct and fine-tune my own foul ups. I've already been contacted by the buyer for the 1st slab I sold, so we'll settle up. @Jesse_O , is this okay with you? Sorry for the hassle. :angel:
Selling Key book! Incredible Hulk #180 CBCS 5.5 jw0ng23 2 3 yearsjw0ng23 (3): additional pic
For Sale: Young Avengers Comics Galore! Eclipse9665 2 3 yearsEclipse9665 (208): Bump :) Young Avengers #1-12 + Special + Marvel Previews 16: $975 CAD -> Young Avengers #1-12: $850 CAD -> Young Avengers #1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12: $450 CAD ->
Shadow Doctor Exclusive Beeda 1 3 yearsBeeda (59): Hey everyone, we wanted to let you know that our new exclusive drops next week with cover art by Beeda. There are limited 200 trade dress and 100 negative print. We chose this book because it's a phenomenal story...a phenomenal true story. It has lasting ramifications for social impact regarding race relations. The story follows the first black doctor West of the Mississippi who gets in with the Mob and Al Capone. Anyway, we thought we'd...
Local Comic book and Sports Card show Bristol RI Johnnylray 1 3 yearsJohnnylray (2675): Hi All, hope all is well with you guys. A few months ago I posted that i got back into Sportscards. Well, I took the leap to be a show promoter. I will be having bi-monthly Sportscard and Comicbook shows here in Bristol RI at the local VFW. I am trying a 50/50 split w/ comics and card dealers. I hope some of my RI friends can make it to the show this Sunday..Ray...
For Sale: Spider-Man 2099 #1 2nd Print ToyBiz Variant 9.6 00slim 3 3 years00slim (17696): One more bump. If no interest, I’ll move it to e-bay this weekend.
WTB Strange Tales #169, 170, 173 and anything with Brother Voodoo flanders 14 3 yearsdfoster43 (1634): Wow that 169 just sold for crazy dosh for a nice copy, like 27K$ ! LOL yikes!
Spawn CGC & CBCS 8.0 - 9.8 and Crossover # 3 CGC 9.0 Comicsadelphia 11 3 yearsComicsadelphia (44): @BigRedOne1944 this is my first time posting (at least a post that wasn’t locked), so cut me some slack. It’s 10 photos, I’m sure your index finger can manage moving that little wheel on your mouse to scroll up and see the prices. If you were truly serious about purchasing a book you wouldn’t sweat the scrolling up, you would just get the book. You just like to seriously complain.
Spawn # 37, 286, 313 (3 copies), & 314 CGC 9.6 - 9.8 Comicsadelphia 4 3 yearsHeinzDad (30561): You get a lock and you get a lock, and everyone gets a lock!
Nightwing (2020) # 71, 72, 73 CGC 9.8 NM/M VARIANT COVERS Comicsadelphia 3 3 yearsComicsadelphia (44): @DrWatson you could have just posted your comment on one of my posts, you went for every post. You bored much today?
Spawn #9 CBCS 8.0 NEWSTAND $60 + shipping Comicsadelphia 5 3 yearsComicsadelphia (44): @DrWatson But you didn't help, just assisted this problem you say exists.
Dark Nights: Death Metal # 1 & 2 CGC 9.8 NM/M VARIANT COVERS Comicsadelphia 3 3 yearsComicsadelphia (44): @DrWatson How do I do that? It's easy to just shout empty threats at someone though it would save you more energy to just explain how one thread is made to list all? Creating one thread with the variety of books I have to list will make a mess and no one will be able to search for something specific.
Batman # 451 (1990), and from 2016 series # 50, 77, 91, 95 CGC 9.2-9.8 Comicsadelphia 2 3 yearsDrWatson (50094): Stop creating a separate thread for every book you have for sale. Create one thread and list multiple books. I suspect you will be receiving a warning from moderation before the day is out.
Detective Comics #667(1993) AUTO CBCS 9.6 NM+ & Batman Eternal #1 CBCS 9.8 Comicsadelphia 2 3 yearsDrWatson (50094): Stop creating a separate thread for every book you have for sale. Create one thread and list multiple books. I suspect you will be receiving a warning from moderation before the day is out.
Crossover # 3 (2021) CGC 9.0 VF/NM McFarlane 1:8 secret VARIANT Spawn Comicsadelphia 1 3 yearsComicsadelphia (44): Crossover # 3 (2021) CGC 9.0 VF/NM McFarlane 1:8 secret VARIANT Spawn Price is $40 + USPS Priority shipping, which will be USPS Priority Mail $10-15 depending on your location from shipping location. I have been shipping comics for over 10 years (first time selling through a forum), your graded CGC comic will be shipped securely. ...
For Sale Spawn #68 CBCS 9.6 NM+ (1998) Comicsadelphia 2 3 yearsComicsadelphia (44):
Fresh slabs for sale. X-men, gi joe, spider-gwen, miles morales Mattcomics 16 3 yearsMattcomics (4): Edge of spider-verse 2 sold
For Sale: Amazing Spider-Man #361 CGC 9.6 Eclipse9665 1 3 yearsEclipse9665 (208): Up for grabs is this copy of Amazing Spider-Man 361 CGC 9.6. The case is in great shape. Please let me know if you have any questions. Yours for $690 CAD. Shipping extra.
2nd Annual Pennsylvania Comic Crawl! July 10th Doc_Cop 4 3 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): Crawl was a blast! Scored some great bronze and copper keys as well as some speck books. Go to my YouTube channel "Doc Cop Comics" and check out my hauls from the crawl. Hope you can all make it next year. So much nicer bonding with fellow collectors in person.
22 Comics up for Auction (Most are CBCS 9.8) Scifinator 24 3 yearsScifinator (15416): . Current bid $26
xkonk's new sales thread xkonk Jump to first page120Jump to last page 3 yearsxkonk (17678): Last bump and then the previous three are off to MCS this week. I haven't sent them anything to auction in a while and I'm going to remind myself how much I prefer them to eBay.
ASM #4 - 1st Silk $195 CAD Eclipse9665 1 3 yearsEclipse9665 (208): Up for grabs is this copy of Amazing Spider-Man #4. Please see the pictures for the condition. There is a small tear at the top of the comic’s cover. Please contact me with any questions. Yours for $195 CAD. Comic comes bagged and boarded. Shipping Extra For payments made with PayPal Goods & Services I add 4% to the cost. ...
Auction ending Monday July 5th. Scifinator 2 3 yearsScifinator (15416): Current bids are: Alpha Flight 1 8.5 = $41.00 and ends around 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern WildCATS #1 9.8 = $57 and ends around 8:30pm Pacific/11:30pm Eastern. Direct Link:
Raw Comics for SALE - Plus 1 special slab Doc_Cop 12 3 yearsHulkSmash (9784): Got em. Let know if you want to trade any slabbed 9.6/9.8 Walmart variants for that Venom
HUGE COMIC SHOW ROCHESTER NY JULY 10 StanLee 1 3 yearsStanLee (6): - The Date: Saturday, July 10, 2021 - The Time: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM - The Place: The JCC of Rochester 1200 Edgewood Ave. Rochester, NY 14618 - THOUSANDS OF COMICS FOR SALE! - From $1 Bins to CGC / CBCS Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Modern Key Books! - Trusted and experienced vendors! - Onsite Comic Book Pressing Submissions!
SOLD Eclipse9665 8 3 yearsBrashSmurf (980): yeah i have a 9.6 #174 for a raw #119. its getting harder to hold onto them with these prices climbing
12 item AUCTION for Jesse_O Final Scifinator installment! Scifinator 22 3 yearsScifinator (15416): Just waiting for the payment on 5 comics from the above auction, so hopefully I can make the contribution this week. Thank you to any of you who bid on and or won any of these auctions. As soon as the payments are completed I will forward 100% of the proceeds to the @Jesse_O GoFundMe account that @SBorock set up. Again, if everyone pays, the total of all three of my auctions should net appx $500 after MCS fees.
Empire Comic Fest - Rochester NY! JULY 10!! StanLee 1 3 yearsStanLee (6): - The Date: Saturday, July 10, 2021 - The Time: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM - The Place: The JCC of Rochester 1200 Edgewood Ave. Rochester, NY 14618 - THOUSANDS OF COMICS FOR SALE! - From $1 Bins to CGC / CBCS Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Modern Key Books! - Trusted and experienced vendors! - Onsite Comic Book Pressing Submissions!
3500+ X-Men Comic Books for Sale Eclipse9665 8 3 yearsEclipse9665 (208): @Donnied Not currently.
Empire Comic Fest! Rochester, NY! JULY 10th! StanLee 1 3 yearsStanLee (6): Vendor application is live! Check the website for a sneak peak of some books that will be there!! - The Date: Saturday, July 10, 2021 - The Time: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM - The Place: The JCC of Rochester 1200 Edgewood Ave. Rochester, NY 14618 - THOUSANDS OF COMICS FOR SALE! - From $1 Bins to CGC / CBCS Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Modern Key Books! - Trusted and experienced...
Raw Comics for sale - On the cheap! Doc_Cop 11 3 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): Still waiting on PlaidJ to settle up on Lots 8, 9 and 10.
Crossover #7 Exclusive Beeda 1 3 yearsBeeda (59): Hey all, We have a new exclusive for CrossOver #7, the only Crossover exclusive to feature Madman (or any other character not created in the book). Cover art by Alex Morrissey. clickable text We like the CBCS community so now through the 30th discount code CBCSISTHEBEST will get you 20% the exclusive. We hope you enjoy Alex Morrissey's return to the comic book world.
Just posted some stuff on eBay... joelzstuff 8 3 yearsjoelzstuff (89): Ending today Thanks everyone! -Joel
I have some CBCS and CGC comic books in my eBay listing... Aslpride 3 3 yearsComicNinja0215 (4384): Welcome Kevin! 👍
Part 2 - New Auction for Jesse_O Scifinator 6 3 yearsDarkseid_of_town (14297): gave the Alpha flight a pretty good shove, but did not get the lead.
Announcing BKLYN CARTOONS!!! EddieTheComicGuy 12 3 yearsEddieTheComicGuy (915): Thank you so much for the shout out Brian!!! I hope your son likes the artwork
Wolverine 8 CBCS 9.6 for Sale Comicbookzach 2 3 yearsComicbookzach (1020): I'll take offers!
My newest Exclusives: Dan Parent and...ROB LIEFELD!?! vacomicon 3 3 yearsKCBatmanFan (2522): Yes, it was changed to a one shot rather than a mini-series as Liefeld bowed out after a retailer variant spoiled a major plot point. David Gallaher is scripting it now, but it's still full Liefeld art.
Auction for Jesse_O Scifinator 15 3 yearsScifinator (15416): Thanks to any who bid. The final bids were $30 for the alpha flight 1 and 82 For the wildcats 1. I suspect the af 1 was lower than typical as a lot of people were probably still in the middle of activities or traveling back from the holiday. I will announce another benefit auction shortly.
spider-man record willlewis78 8 3 yearswilllewis78 (30): I dont have it here I will tomorrow tho
For Sale: X-Men #129 lawguy1977 19 3 yearsDarkseid_of_town (14297): Its also a book that is right at forty years old ...aside from introducing two key players in the x men storyline. So many comics that are selling nowdays are random speculation but this book has perhaps been underpriced for a while already...Key villians that appear in a movie nowdays gain much more traction but since February Jones appeared as the character before Disney it did not seem to push the book up as may be only now seeing...
Incredible Hulk #1 CBCS 8.5 Exceptional White Pages for SALE! ccmp99 8 3 yearsNuffsaid111 (18852): And with the Ebay 1099 set at $600 next year, Instagram will become more popular imo.
For Sale Raws and Slabs - Keys - Champions #1, Spectacular Spiderman #1 Doc_Cop 8 3 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): Punisher #1 SOLD SOLD SOLD to HeinzDad.
Seeking to Buy: Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1, Grade 8.0 - 8.5 CWill2021 3 3 yearsCWill2021 (920): Yes, Luke is a good superhero with lots of potential in the MCU
WildCATS #1 & Alpha Flight #1 up for $1 starting bid auctions! Scifinator 4 3 yearsScifinator (15416): Auctions end tonight with the Alpha Flight # 1 ending just after 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific and the WildCATS #1 ending about 11:30pm Eastern / 8:30 Pacific. Good luck to you if bidding.
#1 IRON MAN $400! robo 6 3 yearsrobo (350): Keep wanting to make a Monsantos joke with that back cover. Billy and his evil seed team hocking GMO!!
10% OFF SALE until June 1st! Thousands of X-Men Comic Books for Sale Eclipse9665 1 3 yearsEclipse9665 (208): My dad and I launched a website to sell his personal comic collection. If interested, you can check it out here: Free shipping on orders of $65 or more. Payments are made with PayPal or Stripe. We are having a 10% off sale on all comics until June 1, 2021. Use the coupon code MAY2021 at the checkout to get the discount! You can read my Dad's ad for his X-Men comics below. Thanks for looking! I have...
CBCS Slabs for sale Carpendaddy 1 3 yearsCarpendaddy (70): - pictures of books Payment via PayPal. Shipping will be USPS and shipping charges are factored into pricing. I haven’t sold here yet but if you need references I can provide them. Also have eBay and mercari profiles with 100% positive feedback on both. Amazing Spider-Man 300 CBCS 7.0 - $675 Amazing Spider-man 238 CBCS 9.6 - $1200 Batman Adventures 12 CBCS 9.4 - $1100 Batman & Robin Adventures Annual 1...
FOR SALE: Flash Comics #86 - CBCS 2.5 - WHITE Pages Terry_JSA 21 3 yearsTerry_JSA (86): You guys are totally fine. I forgot I had this thread posted on here and since no one decided to buy it, I just closed it.
For Sale - Some Slabs and Raw Books From My Collection esaravo Jump to first page104Jump to last page 3 yearscesidio (2116): Turtles (original series)1-4 1 2 can be any printing 3 4 1st Thor #4 V1 FF #20 Thor #148 V1 Wolverine returns #1 McFarlane variant color or b&w
Slabs for Sale lawguy1977 5 3 yearslawguy1977 (5831): @Jabberwookie I know, right? But hey, maybe the movie will be good. Thanks for the bump!
Star Wars VLIX Oncard and BOBA FETT Prototype are coming! Scifinator 3 3 yearsScifinator (15416): @Briten - There are 15 "L" slots and 4 "J" slots that have been graded by AFA.
Alpha Flight #1 Vol 1 auction Scifinator 17 3 yearsScifinator (15416): Sold
Spider-Man Unlimited #1 - Many Copies Available Eclipse9665 2 3 yearsEclipse9665 (208): Bump
Comic Sale - Raw keys and first Dylan Brock Slab Doc_Cop 10 3 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): @Joosh - Your books are packed up and ready to ship. Just need your info.
Sales slowdown or anomoly? Scifinator Jump to first page56Jump to last page 3 yearsTowmater (10537): Seeing how long TAT's have become in the industry, if I ran a large convention I would offer free space to a grading company if they came and graded at my show. I think it would entice people to the show in big numbers and get people through the doors that might be hesitant to venture out. On a side note, I think that the grading companies might want to freeze new submissions until TAT's get beck to a more reasonable amount of time. Maybe...
My LCS is closing-statues, AFs, pops and books for sale starlord Jump to first page58Jump to last page 3 yearsstarlord (5374): I can match that price on that statue! If you're interested please DM me with your details. Thank you!
My last Exclusive is now on Key Collector! Next one up... vacomicon 1 3 yearsvacomicon (190): Hi, CBCS friends! I can't believe my humble Betty and Veronica variant (The PINK one) has been added to Key Collector's list of hot books this week! I also heard copies are going for as much as $80 each on ebay. WOWZA! Well, our LATEST exclusives literally JUST arrived and we will begin packing them up this weekend. Don't miss YOUR chance to get a set of THREE Archie comics...each is an homage to ASM #300. With our last SINGLE...
FS: Uncanny X-Men partial run (182 issues) with some keys Darkga 5 3 yearsDarkga (4787): Oh, I'm in Atlanta, Georgia. :)
FS: Avengers Masterworks 13,14,15, Inferno, Conan, Star Wars Omnis!! Rimmer 1 3 yearsRimmer (1): Have the following books for sale: Avengers Masterworks vol 13 (new in Brodart cover) = $175 Avengers Masterworks vol 14 (new in Brodart cover) = $105 Avengers Masterworks vol 15 (new in Brodart cover) = $110 Conan the Barbarian Marvel Years Omnibus vol 1 (DM variant cover, sealed) + Hour of the Dragon TPB = $200...
FOR SALE: The Avengers #2 4.5 OW/W robo 4 3 yearsJabberwookie (5694): I splurged on New Mutants 98. I’ve got a pic over in the “new to my collection” thread. It was a grail, so I had to jump. I had no idea you’d be posting another wish list item. Presents really well, too!
FOR SALE: Iron Man #1 2.5 OW/W robo 5 3 yearsrobo (350): Cheers Jabber.
FOR SALE: Iron Man #1 - CBCS 4.0 - CR/OW Pages Terry_JSA Jump to first page47Jump to last page 3 yearsTerry_JSA (86): I’m not sure how someone informing me that my price was a little unreasonable is a personal attack. Sure they may not agree with it but I also don’t want to overprice a book either.
My first sales thread Jabberwookie 14 3 yearsJabberwookie (5694): No worries. My oops was because when I looked at the copies for sale, I didn’t realize they were newsstand and mine was direct. Someone with more expertise on this than me might chime in, but newsstand used to be more common then around the 80s comic shops started popping up and direct editions became more common. The thing about newsstands is they were sitting on spinner rack or newsstand so having one in really good condition can get...
COMIX FOR SALE! comixcited Jump to first page36Jump to last page 3 yearscomixcited (1337): X-men #130 FN $75
Slabs and Raws For Sale jokioo 5 3 yearsBriten (1743): I purchased a slab from Jokioo a few weeks ago. Good seller, good packaging.
Pre-Order! My latest Archie Exclusives: ASM 300!!! vacomicon 1 3 yearsvacomicon (190): Hi, Fellow comic nerds! First off, Thank you to EVERYONE here on the forums who pre-ordered my last 2 Archie exclusives! While Everything's Archie has been delayed a month (to add a reprint of the now-famous Betty in 2021 story (yay, free bonus!), we have been authorized by Archie to pre-sell our next exclusives... A rare 3-PACK ASM #300 Homage (Archie & Friends SuperHeroes #1) for only $49.95, with each book limited to only 300...
2 Moon Knight books >> raw Tyler 2 3 yearsrobo (350): I got the Moon knight #1 myself. Got it in a corner store. I'd grade lower on both - though not the greatest at judging. Just got my first batch back from grading - nice getting taking out of the equation - now if I practice not being greedy on the $. But if the market is crazy up. - hadn't checked MK yet. Heard the actor they picked for the character - don't really see it. Though like the actor - he's always good. So could turn out like...
FOR SALE: Atomic Comics #1 - VF/NM Terry_JSA 10 3 yearsTerry_JSA (86): It did not.
SOS...need to flip this 9.8 for the Diego Luna signing ERB_in_CLT 1 3 yearsERB_in_CLT (616): I've not sold on this forum before, so please be gentle. :D $225 shipped Donny Cates signed 9.8 Venom #30 Alex Garner variant I thought I would try here before Mercari (where I do have some minor keys for sale btw ) DM me if interested. Thanks!
Six Vintage Marvel Ties For Sale JerrySS 10 3 yearsMrNotSoNice (3433): I have the Spiderman one. Big hit at my daughter's elementary school.
CBC4C Spring Auctions Begin Zanziber 1 3 yearsZanziber (118): Our Spring series of auctions to help raise $$ for the American Cancer Society are now live on eBay. Please help us by placing your bids throughout the next week as well as sharing our posts. Here's the official line-up for this series: ALL-NEW HAWKEYE (2015) #1 MARVEL COVER BY IKE KHIENVICHIT #CBC4C BATMAN BLANK COMIC...
FS some slabs and raw books starlord 15 3 yearsstarlord (5374):
RAW COMICS FOR SALE - High grade low prices! Doc_Cop 13 3 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): Spidey 2099 SOLD SOLD SOLD to bobadont!
FS: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures #71 newsstand CBCS 9.8 warden5523 3 3 yearsHeinzDad (30561): Shout out to new forum member @warden5523. My book showed up today and I appreciate you negotiating with me a bit.
Dark Horse Star Wars Key Issues Ebay Sale bluemeenie 3 3 yearsbluemeenie (77): @ebayMafia yeah the ebay start times I totally screwed up on that. I was taking pictures and getting information ready and by the time I started them auction I didn't realize it was after 1 am. 2 already have bids on them so there is nothing I can do now, but I am thinking of ending the other 2 early so I could fix it. Maybe I'll do what you are suggesting and pull them and restart them as BIN for a month and see what happens as I am not...
Weekly SlabSmart/MCS auction ending Monday 4/26 Scifinator 2 3 yearsScifinator (15416): These two auctions end tonight with: Alpha Flight #1 Vol 1 ending just after 8pm E / 5pm P and a current bid of $30. WildCATS #1 9.8 Vol 1 ends just after 11pm E / 8pm P and a current bid of $51. Good luck to those bidding and thanks much for checking them out. Direct Auction Link
FOR SALE! Amazing Spider-man 238 CGC 9.6 Rjman48 3 3 yearsRjman48 (299): SOLD
Hilarious and cool comic book review of Doctor Leviathan published 2005 blevin 5 3 yearsblevin (31): There are a few copies left of Doctor Leviathan issue #1 published in 2005 - This is the link to the Graphic novel Doctor Leviathan volume one published 2017 -...
Silver Age Sale MatterEaterLad 13 3 yearsMatterEaterLad (2462): X-Men #41 - 3.0 - $30 - Presents well but small spine split on the bottom and splitting in the upper left.
MAIL CALL Accepting offers griffmiester 1 3 yearsgriffmiester (136): The first batch of CBCS submissions I've made. Admittedly, I probably should have paid for a clean & press on them all, but I was new to the game and did not have the necessary knowledge I have now. 1993 DC Superman Funeral For A Friend Set Of 9 each numbered #281 of 2,000 Signed CBCS VERIFIED with Dynamic Forces COA 1993 DC Batman Knightfall Set Of 3 each numbered #2,487 of 4,000 Signed by Norm Breyfogle CBCS VERIFIED with Dynamic...
FOR SALE: Golden Age Captain America Comics #42 & Batman #235 jokioo 9 3 yearsjokioo (642): Sale pending on both books.
Selling Like Hotcakes drchaos 7 3 yearsdrchaos (27646): Thanks! If you check out the auction wins thread you will see where some of the funds went. I am currently putting together a CBCS submission for GSCF in June.
Some books and slabs for sale Yoosh5492 11 3 yearsYoosh5492 (763): @Ginosdad It was so bad. Lol. Nothing in there that I would ever buy.
48 CBCS Graded Comics in SlabSmart MCS Prime Auction Scifinator Jump to first page39Jump to last page 3 yearsScifinator (15416): Looks like no winner this time as the Hulk 250 took the top bid followed very.l closely by detective comics 536. I will probably run the contest again in the July prime auction. Cheers and thanks to any who bid and congrats to any winners.
Revisiting RAW Grading ReCollecting 21 3 yearsReCollecting (41): One of the best advantages of RAW grading is that it provides a third option. The biggest question when purchasing a comic virtually is grading. You won't know the condition of the issue until it's in your hands whether RAW or slabbed. Yes, slabbed offers a higher level of physical protection, but not grading. And I've seen my fair share of damaged comic books inside slabs. In addition, there is a group of collectors who also include the...
Selling FF52 CBCS 2.5 OW/W Any offers? Comicbookzach Jump to first page33Jump to last page 3 yearsTerry88 (1276): That's great news!
MCS Prime Auction: Star Wars Legacy #2 9.6 lawguy1977 2 3 yearslawguy1977 (5831): Just giving this a bump. Auction ends in 2 days. Current bid is up to $218.00, I believe. Thanks for checking it out!
My eBay Auction for SiKtC Rinova 9 3 yearsRinova (262): @Tedsaid - I have one more 9.8 SiKtC but I'm keeping it for my PC. Sorry. @Drogio - Yeah!!! I like free stuff, wait what a 1099k no no no don't want it.
Mixed lot Cbcs/cgc slabs and raw books for sale Enelson Jump to first page103Jump to last page 3 yearsEnelson (6289): $125 OBO shipped 6.5 white pages
FS: Bronze Age Incredible Hulk Slabs tonnage71 3 3 yearstonnage71 (730): @Dalkiel...thanks! PM me your shipping info and I will reply with my PayPal details.
FS: Demon #1 cbcs 7.0 starlord 6 3 yearsCli4dR3D0g (4777): Absolutely.
YouTube Live Stream Comic Book Auction this Sunday Doc_Cop 4 3 yearssportshort (15314): I'll give it to the old college try but no promises, the wife seems to have her own agenda (weird). LOL
Latest CBCS Mail Call drchaos 18 3 yearsdrchaos (27646): @Nuffsaid111 @Pre_Coder @MrNotSoNice Glad you like the books. They are now available for sale on My Comic Shop (links and prices in the post above).
A few MCS auctions ending today, Venom(2018) Deaths Head Joosh 1 3 yearsJoosh (4163): Let’s see if I did this right: Death’s Head II 9.8 Venom 1 2nd print 9.8 Venom #4 2nd print 9.8 Venom #4 3rd print 9.8
Cthulhu Invades Oz Cowabunga_Kyle 3 3 yearsCowabunga_Kyle (2271): @EbayMafia Basically Cthulhu meets Dorothy and she tells him all about Oz so he decides that's a place he'd like to ravage. The first few chapters are the telling of his coming and it ramps up from there It's 160 pages. I'm 1/4 of the way through it myself.
Weekly auction ending the evening of Monday the 5th Scifinator 1 3 yearsScifinator (15416): Up for auction this week, a CBCS certified 9.8 WildCATS #1, featuring 10 first appearances, and an Alpha Flight #1 which presents at first glance at around a 9.6, but upon close inspection you have these grader notes: "light stain front & back cover bottom spine", hence the lesser grade. Direct Link: Thanks for checking them out & good luck if...
ALBEDO #2 CGC 8.0 first appearance of Usagi Yojimbo - 1 of 2,000 jeranimal 11 3 yearsHeinzDad (30561): @jeranimal, I’d love to own this but pre stimulus piss away money I’ve never seen this book priced so high. I’m putting it bluntly.
RAW COMICS FOR SALE: Bronze, copper and modern keys - Spider-Woman #1 Doc_Cop 15 3 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): ASM 305 SOLD to Batman79.
Venom 26 Variant Covers jgzachary13 14 3 yearsSebastsk8 (2354): This was the first book I did some actual speculative purchases on and bought 10 copies of the trade dress kirkham A covers, they have since dropped in price but I made a few hundred off of them from that gamble. Since then I havent done that really, just bought covers that I liked or were harder to find. The peach venom 30 sketch cover is one of my more favorite recent covers though, the knull/venom cover is a nice one.
SLABS FOR SALE: Including First Morbius ASM 101! Doc_Cop Jump to first page31Jump to last page 3 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): Thanks @MatterEaterLad! Glad it arrived safely. Enjoy and I appreciate you helping me out. Enabled me to buy my Iron Man #1 which I had been hunting for over a year. All the best.
When You're Home During A Pandemic EddieTheComicGuy Jump to first page58Jump to last page 3 yearsEddieTheComicGuy (915): [quote=xjagnew]These beauties showed up today! So glad to add them into the hoard. Everybody make sure to hit up Eddie for some amazing books! You sir are the man!!! Enjoy the books!!!
Raw Comics For Sale - Copper and Modern Punisher #1 Doc_Cop 7 3 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): Silk 1, Brzrkr 1 and Black cat 1 all SOLD!
Packing How-To's for USPS Priority/Insurance (~4.5k book). robo 11 3 yearsCatCovers (10880): Double-boxing is important. Here's a package I got last week. It was NOT double-boxed.
FS: Silver Age Marvels, Mega Keys, and Underground Comics (eBay) MatterEaterLad 16 3 years00slim (17696): My purchase arrived today. Very well packaged. The wife loves it. Thank you!
FOR SALE: 1st Winter Soldier, 1st Thunderbolts, 1st Red Hulk + more fire! Doc_Cop 25 3 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): Thanks @Kenjisan! Just sent the Slabs for sale new thread. Enjoy all slabs under fair market value including ASM 101 8.5.
Weekly $1 auction ending Monday 3/29 Scifinator 1 3 yearsScifinator (15416): This week, my last 6.5 Alpha Flight #1 is up along with another WildCATS #1 9.8. As with the other Alpha Flights that i have been auctioning, this presents much higher, but for close inspection. Here are the grader notes: 2" stain bottom spine back cover & bottom spine front cover Auction Link: Direct Link Thanks for checking them out. ...
Auction ending Monday 22nd w/ $1 start bids Scifinator 4 3 yearsScifinator (15416): Alpha Flight #1 SOLD @ $31 - Thank you to bidders. WildCATS #1 still open for bids for another 3 hrs.
MCS / SlabSmart weekly auction ending March 15th Scifinator 4 3 yearsScifinator (15416): WildCATS 1 9.8 current bid at $56 with a couple hours left Alpha Flight #1 sold at $24
Mars Attacks & MCP Trade? Scifinator 1 3 yearsScifinator (15416): Hi all. Before I send these in to MCS SlabSmart store, I wanted to find out if anyone is interested in picking these up from me in trade? I have: Marvel Comics Presents CBCS 9.8 #'s 90-102, 104, & 106-108 Mars Attacks 1 - 7 (have NOT been pressed) #'s 1,3,4,5,7 are 9.8. #2 & #6 are 9.6. #2 Graders notes: crease middle left back cover barely breaks color#6 Graders notes: light bends middle crease back cover Mars Attacks...
Silk #1 Stacey Lee 1:25 CBCS 9.8 SS Stacey Lee/Stan Lee FS pkpickard 2 3 yearspkpickard (42): Now on Ebay with a $9 starting bid, no reserve.
My eBay and MCS stuff for sale lawguy1977 10 3 yearsHulkSmash (9784): Got today. Couldn’t ask for any better. Thanks!
Betty and Veronica #1 Exclusive Ltd 250 vacomicon 19 3 yearsvacomicon (190): Glad you all like it, and they arrived in such good shape! Signed copies went in the mail today. The pink cover is SOLD OUT! Don't miss our NEXT Archie exclusive, over at: clickable text
MCS SlabSmart auction ending Monday March 8th Scifinator 7 3 yearsScifinator (15416): Tonights auctions end at Appx 8pm E / 5pm P for Alpha Flight #1 w/current bid at $21 Appx 11:40pm E / 8:40pm P for WildCATS #1 w/current bid at $51 Direct link: MCS / SlabSmart 3/8 Auction Good luck to you if bidding!
For Sale 1st Knull, 1st Mister Sinister, Star Wars & other raw high grades Doc_Cop 6 3 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): Spider-man 1 (Gold) SOLD.
For Sale: Tales of Suspense 73, 80 MatterEaterLad 4 3 yearsHexigore (2044): Payment sent. Thank you!!
Comic Book Covers 4 Cancer Auctions Start Today @ 10AM PST Zanziber 2 3 yearsno1lufcfan (3058): @Zanziber great cause 👍
FOR SALE! Fantastic Four 5 CGC 4.5 Rjman48 5 3 yearsTerry88 (1276): Well done It sure presents better than a 4.5
FS: New Teen Titans 1 - 9.8 MatterEaterLad 8 3 yearsEbayMafia (36876): DC Presents 26 in 9.4-9.8 also seems to very recently be up 25%-50% from it's 12 month average. One of the few rising DC comics.
Image error comics Airmomo 13 3 yearsAirmomo (24): Never seen that spawn error before pretty cool.that vision book is a killer find also.
Ltd 250 ARCHIE Exclusive - Young Romance #150 homage! vacomicon 4 3 yearsvacomicon (190): Thanks! I was VERY happy with the way it turned out, and so far pre-sales have been rather strong! Brett
COMICS For SALE! Raw Copper and Modern keys Doc_Cop 10 3 yearsBlair1999 (512): @Doc_Cop got mine yesterday as well, very carefully packed, THANK YOU.
Raw Comics Sales - Modern, Copper, Bronze Doc_Cop 6 3 yearsRinova (262): Claim Namor #1 and Amazing Spiderman #798 (first Red Goblin) Sorry for the trickling buys; I'm at work on PC and keep swapping back and forth. LOL!
Alpha Flight #1 vol 1 & WildC.A.T.S #1 up for auction. Scifinator 4 3 yearsScifinator (15416): With 3 hrs left, WildCATS #1 9.8 is at $53. The Alpha Flight #1 6.5 sold at $43.
Silver Surfer #1 activity/spike Scifinator 7 3 yearsGAC (69528): @the420bandito my opinion on this (like any movies etc.) is that when it ends, the values of these book will be higher than their values before the TV/Movie announcement but lower than their highest values during the time of broadcast/theatre run.
I posted some things... ending on Wednesday joelzstuff 5 3 yearsjoelzstuff (89): I posted some more things, Please take a look Thanks Joel
Snowy Day Comic Sale Noblebeast315 17 3 yearssportshort (15314): @Noblebeast315, My Dr Strange 170 came in today, It was well packaged and as described. I appreciate the service. Thanks!
WTB: Detective Comics 583 9.6-9.8 00slim 12 3 years00slim (17696): @Studley_Dudley Ok. I appreciate the follow-up.
FS: Ginger #1 (Archie, 1951) - 4.5 OW/W pages Darkga 3 3 yearsPre_Coder (19029): + another nice :cool:
Amazing Spider-Man 4 Ramos 1:10 variant CBCS 9.8 Signed Ramos Robodog 2 3 yearsRobodog (56): Lowering the price to $575 shipped. Good until Sunday (Feb 21) @ 5:00pm. Then I’m taking it down and auctioning it off.
Silver Surfer 3 CGC 8.0 FOR SALE Rjman48 12 3 yearssoutherncross (29226): @Rjman48 congrats on the sale 👍
CGROC slabbed and raw comics for sale Cgroc09 20 3 yearsCgroc09 (244): Awesome, glad you're happy with them. Paul
FS: Slabbed Modern Keys tonnage71 4 3 yearstonnage71 (730): ASM #210 is gone! All other books still available.
PayPal question Rinova 17 3 yearsRedmisty4me (773): ^Important info.^
For sale Golden Age Cgroc09 13 3 yearsCgroc09 (244): Action comics # 81 SOLD Thanks. Paul
X-men for sale Cgroc09 15 3 yearsCgroc09 (244): X-men 50 SPF. PM inbound
Silver & Bronze Keys for Sale! Noblebeast315 9 3 yearsNoblebeast315 (2194): @Darkseid_of_town They are still available. Let me know if you are interested in anything. All the best.
Hero Initiative & Binc Open Double Visions Auction sborock 3 3 yearsCool_Fool (1071): Marvels Snapshots: Amazing Spider-Man #1 AUTOGRAPHED by HOWARD CHAYKIN - SOLD!
Various modern CBCS slabs for sale Silk, Spider Gwen and Fairyland Robodog 25 3 yearsRobodog (56): Well, I have one more and a very happy customer! LOL I’ll (try to) sell the other one for closer to FMV.
xkonk's revived sale thread xkonk Jump to first page571Jump to last page 3 yearsxkonk (17678): Someone cleared out a bunch of my 90s Image and Malibu from eBay. The shipping is going to kill me but now I don't have to look at them!
For sale Fantastic Four Cgroc09 5 3 yearsCgroc09 (244): You got it. PM inbound. Thanks
For sale ASM 62 Cgroc09 13 3 yearsCgroc09 (244): ASM # 62 SOLD Thanks, Paul
Slabs for Sale - Many Big Keys! daredevilart 3 3 yearsdaredevilart (390): $15 USPS Priority boxed/insured.
CBCS 9.8 and Raw Books for Sale jibaro 1 3 yearsjibaro (22): CBCS 9.8 Modern Key lot Ice Cream Man Presents Quarantine Comix Special #1 CBCS 9.8 / Foil Cover - $150 Superman #25 CBCS 9.8 / Ivan Reis Variant / 1st Appearance of Synmar - $100 Batman #96 CBCS 9.8 / Jimenez Variant / 1st Appearance of Clownhunter - *SOLD* Batman #93 CBCS 9.8 / Jimenez Variant - $80 All Books are Near Mint The following Raw Books are for sale: Daredevil #25 - *SOLD* Daredevil #25 Knullified Variant -...
HUGE Auction Mostly 9.8's & CBCS! Scifinator Jump to first page31Jump to last page 3 yearsmoodswing (3040): @Scifinator Link didn't work. I should be able to find your shop though.
Flipping Videos from Doc Cop Comics Doc_Cop 11 3 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): @Zombiebigfoot - Thanks! I enjoy the hunt and the flip to improve my PC! More videos to follow for sure! Joe
Riddle me this... Scifinator 16 3 yearsZombiebigfoot (4150): Smh... Ralphie? Take it from here please... 😝
Auction! 100+ Copper & Modern CBCS 9.8 Keys end TONIGHT (Weds)! vacomicon 1 3 yearsvacomicon (190): I have over 100 9.8 Copper and Modern keys (A-L) ending tonight (weds) 8-1130p EST at's Prime auction. Just go to THIS LINK and type the title below into the search bar. Thanks for looking everyone! Action Comics (1938 DC) #862B CBCS 9.8 Keith Giffen Variant Current bid: $17.00 Adventures of Superman (1987) #424 CBCS 9.8 Direct Edition. Current bid: $27.00 Air Raiders (1987 Marvel/Star Comics) #1 CBCS 9.8 ...
4 days left! CBCS 9.8's for $17 or less each! See list! vacomicon 1 3 yearsvacomicon (190): I wanted to thank everyone who has bid on my entries in the latest MyComicShop auction (ending in 4 days...or less!). Here's the list of books priced less than the cost of grading you can bid on right now over at: My Comic Shop Jan Prime Auction CBCS 9.8s. Just click the link above and type the title below into the search and you can go right to it. Action Comics (1938 DC) #862B CBCS 9.8 Keith Giffen Variant Current...
FS (eBay): John Romita Jr & Klaus Janson Spider-Man original art Darkga 2 3 yearspoka (24133): From the drawer?
Puckster's Dollar Bin Puckster 4 3 yearsPuckster (3001): @BigRedOne1944 Essentially, yes. Everything is starting out at 30 cents a book. If it goes above 50 cents, though, I won't charge shipping for that book and I honestly don't see many going for much more than that. Otherwise I'm pretty much giving them away after fees.
HAPPENING NOW! 270 CBCS 9.8's with NO RESERVE! Many for $1 each! vacomicon 6 3 yearsvacomicon (190): Thanks for the support (and bids) everyone! Hope you all win at least one of the books. Woot woot! Brett
For Sale 1st App Krypto, Mr. Freeze, Sabrina SupaCor 9 3 yearskaptainmyke (27076): I've been wanting an Archies Madhouse 22 for a while now, raw copy
High grade keys for sale and auction Ambush_Bug 1 3 yearsAmbush_Bug (200): Hi there, I have a number of High grade Books up for auction this week, and some for sale, including a 9.8 SS of Amazing Spiderman #4, first Silk, and a 9.8 Ms. Marvel # 1, Origin and 1st series of Kamila Kahn, Abedo 3,the 2nd Appearance of Usagi Yojimbo, signed with sketch, Silver age keys such as an 8.5 Avengers 47, first Dane Whitman/ The Black Knight and an 8.0 Fantastic Four #33, first Attuma. I hope you can check them out, amongst many...
200+ Copper & Modern Keys - ALL CBCS 9.8's - $1 Auction begins MON Jan 4! vacomicon 10 3 yearsKatKomics (28823): @vacomicon Have them all except the Care Bears and Muppet Babies!!
WTB/ISO Captain America Annual 8 cgc 9.8 newsstand Rjman48 2 3 yearsStudley_Dudley (48802): Good luck. I have a 9.6 for you if you can't find a 9.8
ISO: X-Men 266 CGC 9.8 NEWSSTAND. Want to buy Rjman48 3 3 yearsRjman48 (299): Found 1. Thanks
Just listed some .99 books infinityG 4 3 yearsPuckster (3001): Couple I'm watching and will probably be bidding on. Don't need to be buying right now, but....
47 CBCS graded comics up for Auction! Scifinator 17 3 yearsScifinator (15416): And for those Newsstand Fans at $9 with 9 min left:
Saddle River Comics Spooktacular Halloween Clearance Sale! drchaos Jump to first page46Jump to last page 3 yearsdrchaos (27646): Just sold this book on consignment with Comic Connect: I have another copy in the same grade that I just listed for sale on ebay:
Special discount for CBCS forum members! Scifinator 16 3 yearsScifinator (15416): Just in time for Christmas! I have the last of my listings up in the SlabSmart store of mcs. Here is the direct link: clickable text Treat yourself to a great gift...Currently 1519 to choose from. Ehh, why choose, just buy em all. Still offering a 22% discount for CBCS forum members.
For sale ASM 300 Yoosh5492 1 3 yearsYoosh5492 (763): Hi All, I have an Amazing Spider-Man 300 CGC 9.4 available if anyone is interested. $950 shipped in the US.
#CBC4C End of 2020 Auctions Zanziber 1 4 yearsZanziber (118): The Comic Book Covers 4 Cancer End of 2020 series of auctions are now live on eBay: Help us to make 2020 a little better by increasing our total donations for the year to the American Cancer Society by placing your bids on any of these wonderful covers donated by some truly talented...
Lyonsdencomicshop BronzeAgeBaby 7 4 yearsBronzeAgeBaby (286): More stuff added! Forum members get 15% off with code: CBCS 125$ shipped to US (only)
final batch of Auctions are ending today, there are amazing Marvel bargains TerrysComics 5 4 yearsEbayMafia (36876): I drove through that smoke a couple of times today. I imagine it's got to be bad where you are. You can come crash at my place but I would need to go buy some better beer.
FS: VENGEANCE OF VAMPIRELLA TPB Original Cover Art by Buzz Darkga 1 4 yearsDarkga (4787): Cross posting my auction which is up on Comic Link right now and ends on 12/8. This is the original cover art for the Vengeance of Vampirella TPB drawn by Buzz! Happy Bidding! ...
WTB X-Men #4 Slabbed low to mid-grade flanders 1 4 yearsflanders (25101): Thanks for looking, please pm me if you have a one and the price you're interested in selling for.
Any Mark Brooks fans? xkonk 10 4 yearsBrianGreensnips (14650): @xkonk I will send you a PM. Thanks.
Action Comics CBCS 2.5 OW Pages For Sale RicksComicCrypt 1 4 yearsRicksComicCrypt (30): Just picked this up recently and thought I would offer it up here before trying eBay or another venue. Payment due via PayPal G&S within 24 hours, unless otherwise agreed to via PM beforehand. USPS domestic Priority Mail shipping is included in the BIN price. It will be shipped double boxed. Action Comics 252 CBCS 2.5 OW $865 ...
Clone Wars #1-12 For Sale! daywalker 1 4 yearsdaywalker (3708): Anyone interested in a set of Star Wars The Clone Wars #1-12? I’m thinking of letting a set go. I’d say the average condition on these are VF/NM or better. I’m looking to get $1000, but listening to offers if you’re interested, otherwise I’ll throw a set up on eBay. MORE PICTURES AVAILABLE! Just ask! Thanks!
Awesome Slabs For Awesome Folks! Noblebeast315 11 4 yearsSiggy (25509): My slabs arrived and were perfectly packaged! Thanks!!
MCS Weekly Auction Star Wars #22 and #39 CBCS 9.8 Ending 11-23 flanders 6 4 yearspoka (24133): Sorry. I am still the high bidder on one of them :)
Star Wars #1 up for Auction! Scifinator 6 4 yearsScifinator (15416): Whoops, forgot, doesn't actually end at 7 pm Eastern, the proxy bids end at 7pm. At that time, the live bidding starts and there are about 400 lots before this one, so if I were to guess, this auction will probably hit around 8pm Easter or give or take. Auction link for this Bronze Age beauty: clickable text
SELL a few to SLAB a few comixcited 5 4 yearscomixcited (1337): gonna have a bunch in the next few days. 2 for now... YA #1 9.6 $210 OBO BATMAN #3 9.8 $60 OBO
500 CBCS 9.8's FIXED-PRICE liquidation! Part 1 of 2! See list! vacomicon 3 4 yearsvacomicon (190): Rock on! Most appreciated! -Brett
500 CBCS 9.8's FIXED-PRICE liquidation! Part 2 of 2! See list! vacomicon 2 4 yearsno1lufcfan (3058): @vacomicon that's some great selection of 9.8s you have there good luck with your sales 👍
Instagram Newbie - Help Doc_Cop 10 4 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): Thanks Masochism! Great advice!
Joosh is selling some cheap CBCS & CGC slabs $150 and under Joosh 5 4 yearsJoosh (4163): Bump!
WTB Something is Killing the Children #1 flanders 4 4 yearsflanders (25101): @Tedsaid a graded 9.8 frison variant and possibly two copies of the regular cover raw, but I'll have to see if the online shop I got them from actually ships and hopefully they arrive in high grade.
50 CBCS SLABS FOR SALE jbud73 Jump to first page79Jump to last page 4 yearsjbud73 (103): Ok this thread is Now CLOSED. Thanks again to all who made purchases.
My First My Comic Shop Auctions: Daredevil #184, Spawn #8 & Grimm Terror mattness 4 4 yearsmattness (1514): @Rafel Thanks! @poka Thank you I really appreciate it!
8 hour flash sale VSP Remarked Thanos Quest 1 & 2 2nd print Scifinator 4 4 yearsScifinator (15416): Gone.
WTB or Trade for X-Men #266 9.4-9.8 flanders 4 4 yearsHarrisonMade (167): I do have a raw newsstand copy available.
Any Interest? 00slim Jump to first page33Jump to last page 4 years00slim (17696): Black Widow Kotobukiya, PVC Gallery, & Spider-Gwen SOLD via PM.
New sales store Scifinator 5 4 yearsScifinator (15416): Just an update, there are now over 1,000 comics listed in SlabSmart at Mostly CBCS Marvel, Valiant, DC, and Image followed currently with a smattering of other independents. That will change over the Next few months. Here is the link again: clickable text Remember, if you give me a heads up that you are making an offer, you will get a 22% discount. If not, i will either decline or counter at 0%-10% depending on the...
New Stuff Yoosh5492 5 4 yearsYoosh5492 (763): @Reelgee Thanks. I preordered some of the books and sent them in as soon as they arrived.
46 CBCS 9.8's for $1 each, No Reserve! vacomicon 1 4 yearsvacomicon (190): Another week, another auction! I have 46 CBCS 9.8s at $1 no reserve auctions this week at My Comic Shop. Thanks for looking, and happy bidding! -Brett Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series) 276 CBCS 9.8 Direct Edition. No bids. Click HERE to bid at My Comic Shop! Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series) 286 CBCS 9.8 Newsstand Edition Current bid: $1.00 1 bid Click HERE to bid at My Comic Shop! Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st...
500 (!!) CBCS 9.8 SLABS! $1 LIQUIDATION AUCTION! vacomicon 15 4 yearsmoodswing (3040): @vacomicon Preview what you will be listing? I need an xmen 94 :)
For Sale: Modern Keys tonnage71 7 4 yearstonnage71 (730): The Stan Lee variant of X-Men Grand Design #1 sold on eBay yesterday. I’ve still got ASM #347, Wolverine #10 and Web of Spider-Man #32 available if anyone is interested. Make me an offer!
My 500 CBCS 9.8's at $1 Auction - CORRECT LINKS Pt 2: vacomicon 3 4 yearsDrWatson (50094): No, you go to MCS.
My 500 CBCS 9.8's at $1 Auction - CORRECT LINKS Pt 1: vacomicon 2 4 yearsbrysb (12491): :eek:
Books for Sale DWeeB1967 9 4 yearsDWeeB1967 (11134): The Amazing Spider-Man #100 and the New Mutants #87 are no longer available.
Some books up for auction with MCS lawguy1977 1 4 yearslawguy1977 (5831): In case anyone is interested, I'm giving the MCS auction a try for a couple books. Batman #2 (2011) graded 9.6 by CBCS and signed by Snyder and Capullo clickable text Wolverine #66 (2003) graded 9.6 by CBCS and signed by Steve McNiven clickable text Auctions start later today. Thanks!
SauceDog auctions - No Reserve Graded Golden Age (and Swamp Thing) SauceDog 11 4 yearsBatman66 (22219): @SauceDog got one, missed the worlds of fear by $5
Just posted some comics on eBay... joelzstuff 3 4 yearsjoelzstuff (89): Ending today! Please take a look, Thanks again - Joel
FS: Lady Death Vs Vampirella Published Mike Deodato Jr. Original Art Darkga 2 4 yearsDarkga (4787): Bump! And if you are interested in multiple pages (or even better the whole lot) I can definitely make a nice discount. :) Thanks!
Ed's Summer Sale - Slabs and More esaravo Jump to first page136Jump to last page 4 yearsesaravo (93411): Wonder Woman #160 (1966) - CBCS 4.0 with Off-White/White pages, $165 shipped. This book features a Cheetah cover and appearance - although it does not state first SA Cheetah appearance on the label, that is how I see this book listed on eBay and other sites. Note: This book is from my personal collection. I don't believe that I purchased it new, but I know it has been in my collection for over 40 years. I submitted it to CBCS for grading...
Flanders's Comics for Auction at MCS - Ending Monday September 14th flanders 7 4 yearsTedsaid (7340): hey, that star wars is doing much better now!
Teenage mutant ninja turtles 1 2nd print on ebay Enelson Jump to first page45Jump to last page 4 yearsEnelson (6289): The saga of the tmnt auction is complete. The comic finally sold on Instagram through PayPal goods and services...not for the $4050 I thought had during an ebay auction, but for significantly more than last recorded sales.
Kon_Jelly's Modern Slabs for Sale kon_jelly 4 4 yearskon_jelly (509): We were all out of smaller boxes, but holy crap did the delivery folks do their best to crush that thing. Glad it arrived safely!
MutantMania's Super Sales Thread MutantMania Jump to first page66Jump to last page 4 yearsMutantMania (5673): ****SOLD**** Comicraft Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four 51-60 / Annual 4 Comicraft Marvel Masterworks Amazing Fantasy 15 / Spiderman 1 – 10 Comicraft Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four 1 – 10 Marvel Masterworks Amazing Spiderman 21-30 / Annual 1 Marvel Five Fabulous Decades Of The World’s Greatest Comics by Les Daniels Last call on Alias 1 CBCS 9.6 Not Pressed - $95.00 with FREE Priority Mail Shipping ...
FS: Whiz Comics #22 - Classic Cover! 3.0 CBCS SauceDog 12 4 yearsTedsaid (7340): Yeah, I also wish I could afford it right now. Nice! Will keep it in mind, and maybe down the line it will still be available. Love the cover!
Several graded comics for sale; Johnjakewish 2 4 yearsJohnjakewish (81): Bump
Some raws, Graded and sigs for sale joelzstuff 8 4 yearsjoelzstuff (89): Ending today in a little over 1 hour. Please take a look. Thanks -Joel
Clearing out some dreck and other stuff Puckster 15 4 yearsPuckster (3001): I've added some stuff since last time. Mid 90's promo cards and ashcans. Ending this weekend. clickable text
OMG! A HORROR ANTHOLOGY SIGNING AT THE DALLAS CARD SHOW 8/22 GenuineCOA 1 4 yearsGenuineCOA (176): Genuine COA​ is teaming with Aequitas comics​ for the release of OMG! A HORROR ANTHOLOGY #1 at the Dallas Card Show​ on Saturday, 8/22 in Allen TX. You can find Genuine COA at the Aequitas Comics booth for CBCS Comics​ grading, along with SEVEN of the book's creators who will be signing at the show. To celebrate the release, Genuine COA is offering to acquire the book, signed by all seven creators, and submit to CBCS for ...
Star Wars Kanan the Last Padawan #1 FOR SALE! daywalker 1 4 yearsdaywalker (3708): Kanan The Last Padawan #1 in NM condition FOR SALE! $20 plus shipping! Shipping: 1-4 books $5 via media mail packaged in a Gemini mailer. 5-9 books $9 priority mail. 10-15 books $15 flat rate priority.
FOR SALE: Star Wars The Clone Wars #2, #6, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12 daywalker 1 4 yearsdaywalker (3708): Star Wars The Clone Wars #2 in NM condition FOR SALE! $40 plus shipping! Star Wars The Clone Wars #6 in NM condition FOR SALE! $30 plus shipping! Star Wars The Clone Wars #8 in NM condition FOR SALE! $20 plus shipping! Star Wars The Clone Wars #9 in NM condition FOR SALE! $15 plus shipping! Star Wars The Clone Wars #10 in NM condition FOR SALE! $15 plus shipping! Star Wars The Clone Wars #11 in NM condition FOR SALE! $15 plus...
FOR SALE: Star Wars Kanan the Last Padawan #1 daywalker 1 4 yearsdaywalker (3708): Kanan The Last Padawan #1 in NM condition FOR SALE! $15 plus shipping! Shipping: 1-4 books $5 via media mail packaged in a Gemini mailer. 5-9 books $9 priority mail. 10-15 books $15 flat rate priority.
Ultimate fallout 4 9.8 for sale $899!!! devo3000x 13 4 yearsdevo3000x (17): Awesome Josh, I really like the new cases. Glad it arrived quickly! Tim
Mail Call - Spidey senses are tingling Scifinator 16 4 yearsScifinator (15416): As long as they continue not to damage my comics in grading or encasement and as long as @SteveRicketts keeps up the magic with my press comics, I am good.
FS X-MEN 10 Cgroc09 8 4 yearsCgroc09 (244): No longer for sale. Thanks for the interest.
High End Spideys And More 4 Sale Noblebeast315 11 4 yearsElvinv (568): Finally received books. USPS 🤦‍♂️ Thank you
Absolute Carnage #1 Set hogan36 8 4 yearshogan36 (198): @HulkSmash Thank you!
Who likes Ashcans? Scifinator 28 4 yearsPuckster (3001): These were part of a collection I acquired recently. Anyone interested? Make an offer. I'll send actual scans if needed. ...
2 copies g I joe 1 value comparison chefcomics 3 4 yearschefcomics (159): thanks for the info, very helpful. guess i better keep my job
X-Men #2 for sale Cgroc09 12 4 yearsCgroc09 (244): SOLD. Thanks to everyone for your help and intrest. There's more to come. Paul
Some eBay Comics... Sigs and other stuff joelzstuff 5 4 yearsjoelzstuff (89): Bump Ending tomorrow Thanks again
Bat Books For Sale Noblebeast315 8 4 yearsNoblebeast315 (2194): Yup the pair. Sounds great. DM me.
Naftixe's Sales Thread naftixe Jump to first page45Jump to last page 4 yearsnaftixe (190): Update 07/19/2020 CBCS forum discounted prices. FREE Shipping within USA. International Shipping is extra. All of these Comics are listed in the CBCS Database. Send me a Direct CBCS Forum Message to buy at these prices. $35 Each, or 3 for $100: 9.4 Chastity Love Bites #1 Premium 9.2 Dawn #1 9.4 Lady Death: Love Bites #1 9.2 Lady Pendragon Preview Edition #1 8.0 Preacher #3 9.4 Undertaker #1 DF Alternate 9.4 Untold Tales Purgatori...
Pennsylvania Comic Crawl and Swap 7/26/2020 Doc_Cop 3 4 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): Thanks Scifinator. There will be other get togethers. Stay safe!
YoyTube Auctions Beef Doc_Cop 16 4 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): Catcover - that would be my luck as well.
Earth 616 Collectibles hogan36 3 4 yearshogan36 (198): @crystalphoto Okay. Thanks so much!
For Sale: Modern & Bronze Keys tonnage71 17 4 yearstonnage71 (730): Great news @sportshort! Hope we can do business again one day.
Graded Comics for Sale by Scifinator! Scifinator Jump to first page96Jump to last page 4 yearsScifinator (15416): @xkonk & @HeinzDad - I am glad your comics made it to you intact. And, thanks much for the well packed trades! And to all, my sales (or Trades from my Want to Trade? thread) are still available as I have not yet shipped out for consignment.... but soon.
EBAY: graphic novels, collected editions, etc. KeepItClunky 3 4 yearsKeepItClunky (1495): All auctions end this evening, get yourself something cheap.....
For Sale Edge of Spider Verse 2 / ASAM 194 / Incredible Hulk 141 Doc_Cop 16 4 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): My intent on selling these keys was to get the cash together to score either an Iron Man 1 8.5 or an ASM 101 8.5. Ended up the winning bidder on the ASM 101. So thanks to all for your purchases. I hope you enjoy your books! I'll do an unboxing video on my YouTube channel (Doc Cop Comics) when I receive it. Nuff said.
Absolute Carnage Slabs FS HulkSmash 4 4 yearsHulkSmash (9784): These are back. Same deal as first post. New links below. Offers are welcome. Bagley Hidden Gem 9.8 CBCS $125 clickable text Premier Variant 9.8 CBCS $75 clickable text Donnie Cates Midtown Comics Exclusive 9.8 CBCS $50
DWeeB1967's Stuff For Sale Thread #2 DWeeB1967 7 4 yearsDWeeB1967 (11134): Amazing Spider-Man #100, CBCS 9.2. $380 shipped.
Cbcs slabs over 125 pictures and price chefcomics 10 4 yearschefcomics (159): New batch Pm with offers and question
Don's Special Sale Donnied 16 4 yearsEbayMafia (36876): can you paste links here directly to your items? I'm sure you could get some bumps.
Some Comics on eBay joelzstuff 5 4 yearsjoelzstuff (89): Ending tomorrow... Please check them out. Thank you! - Joel
CHEAP CBCS SLABS WANTED TheJokersWild87 7 4 yearschefcomics (159): how many you looking for?
Looking to sell 120 or so slabs worth $21K agamoto 21 4 yearsagamoto (292): Here's the spreadsheet link
Fresh cbcs batch 3 for 100 $50 each FRRE SHIPPING chefcomics 4 4 yearschefcomics (159):
X-men 1 CBCS 4.5 for sale QuaBrot 8 4 yearsHulkSmash (9784): Dang! That’s 5 mortgage payments; I guess I’m losing the house.
Romita Jr. Iron Man page, O'Barr Crow Art for sale on ComicConnect Sharkey 5 4 yearsSharkey (58): Thanks @Kinsella5 - I will check out your post. Yes, these older vintage pieces are definitely rarer to find. I have another piece in my personal collection that is a full body Crow that's NOT going up for sale LOL. I'll post it up on the OA thread.
CBCS Blowout Slab Sale teacha777 16 4 yearsteacha777 (1180): Bump
Netflix's "The Old Guard" Movie Image Comics Series Kinsella5 1 4 yearsKinsella5 (728): Netflix is starting the marketing train for their upcoming movie adaptation of the Image Comics series "The Old Guard" created/written by Greg Rucka. Starring Charlize Theron, the film releases July 10, 2020. There was an article with interview and photos yesterday from Vanity Fair and a brief teaser has debuted. Unsure how the film will do, but with Extraction doing quite well for Netflix and a sequel already green lit, The Old Guard...
eBay: X-Men #1 Cover "E" Signed 4x CBCS 9.6 Kinsella5 4 4 yearsKinsella5 (728): Just now seeing this, thank YOU for bidding and winning, I am glad it went to a good home and that someone here on the forum was able to get it too!
Fresh batch CBCS. Starting at $50 chefcomics 12 4 yearschefcomics (159): UPDATED LOT 21 COMICS $795 SHIPPED
Batman Keys for Sale lawguy1977 7 4 yearsesaravo (93411): So tempting, I've never owned a #171...
Top Loaders From Amazon hogan36 6 4 yearshogan36 (198): Thank you for all of your responses everyone! I'm unable to file a complaint with Amazon via phone or chat because no one is there to take calls due to the Coronavirus/COVID 19. I was reading his feedback and 3 people as of today's date put that they are having the same exact issue as me.
For sale early signed/graded X-Men Cgroc09 22 4 yearssportshort (15314): @Cgroc09 - Thanks, appreciate it.
My new Ebay listings offered direct here EbayMafia 20 4 yearsEbayMafia (36876): I should probably update this one more time even though I promised not to: CBCS Raw Grade Astonishing Tales 25 7.5 $80 Flash 140 5.5 $100 Showcase 80 7.0 $100 Showcase 80 6.0 $70 Showcase 73 8.5 $130 ASM 86 6.0 $65 CBCS Slabbed X-men 107 8.5 $110 plus shipping Booster Gold 1 9.8 $185 plus shipping See photos above. All others no longer available
Absolute Carnage #1 hogan36 6 4 yearsRinova (262): I have a copy of that comic @hogan36. Not sure if you are still interested?
Run A Lemonade Stand With Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman Cool_Fool 1 4 yearsCool_Fool (1071): The supposed truce comes as Reynolds and Jackman team up for the All in Challenge, a charity effort to raise money to feed people ― and to sell a little lemonade. The actors will show up at the winner’s house (when it is safe) to help the winner’s kids run a lemonade stand. According to the All in Challenge Foundation, 100% of the initiative’s proceeds will go to Feeding America, Meals On Wheels, World Central Kitchen and No Kid...
Kickstarter Horror Comic Book Series - Stay Awake GanaSoth 1 4 yearsGanaSoth (9401): Guys. This is a Kickstarter horror comic series from creator Joseph Oliveira, located in Liverpool, UK. Click or Touch here to get in on this horror series. STAY AWAKE is a 4 issue Psychological Horror Comic Series. Plot; Isaac Banks, a psychologist is forced to revisit the cases of three of his former patients when a detective reveals that each has died under suspicious circumstances. Parasomnias is a category of sleep disorders...
CBCS sale 3 for $100. chefcomics 6 4 yearschefcomics (159): check them out some jewels
Ed's Cabin Fever Sale esaravo Jump to first page84Jump to last page 4 yearsJohnnylray (2675): @esaravo I'd be happy to pay now and figure something down the road...This at Home crap is driving us all batty... Hope your family is safe and sound as well..Will talk soon. Thank you Ed!
CBCS. X men 4. Omega Red chefcomics 6 4 yearschefcomics (159):
Spend your Stimulus Checks Here!!! ggovel 3 4 yearsmichaelekrupp (29997): @Nuffsaid111 it would be interesting to start an EBay auction for those things at .99 cents and see where it ended up lol. @ggovel good luck with your sale, bro.
... Enelson 13 4 yearsSiggy (25509): Yeah, I'm not playing either.
know of any brick & mortar stores with an eBay Presence?? Gabriel85301 19 4 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): Thank you! I will follow up with many of these in the next several days. I am a part time employee (I was only getting 25-32 hours week) at a "store" that starts with the letter "C," that many people shop at in bulk.. ha ha ha. I am in great health so I'm putting in about 36-40 hours a week. It is quite a change for me, but I'm loving it yet I come home so exhausted.
Burned Covers Legalburning Jump to first page32Jump to last page 4 yearsLegalburning (63): Thank you. I'll be submitting my first piece to you guys shortly. Appreciate it.
Early Golden Age Books For Sale tunglashr 3 4 yearsOGJackster (49058): Awesome books! If only I had the bucks :)
my lcs is doing some sweet ebay stuff Gabriel85301 3 4 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): my recent article of about my lcs, but please let me know if your lcs has a web/ebay presence and is shipping books out with all this going on...
Bunch of keys - Silver, Bronze and Copper Doc_Cop 1 4 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): Recently posted 50 books on eBay if anyone is interested. Most are keys and priced fairly. Ebay seller name is josepcroc_47 . Thanks for looking. Nuff said....
Shout out for a great artist Cool_Fool 2 4 yearsNuffsaid111 (18852): I like it. Unfortunately no originals though which is what I am after
For Sale on eBay joelzstuff 3 4 yearsjoelzstuff (89): I Posted some more that are ending today. Please check them out. Thanks everyone and be safe! -Joel
For Sale Torchy 4 CBCS 4.0 Mijael 3 4 yearsPre_Coder (19029): Nice
Newest Peach Momoko Variant ElRey 3 4 yearsElRey (3): that's a sweet commission!
FS EARLY AVENGERS SLABS Cgroc09 3 4 yearsCgroc09 (244): Avengers 52 SOLD Avengers 55 still available, offers welcome
SOLD gregha Jump to first page39Jump to last page 4 yearsgregha (31): Yes, it is a different one. I didn't realize the other existed. Obviously I think he is asking too little but it's his book. @cool_fool was just trying to help protect other members but he was wrong about it being the same book. It wasn't, many similar copies exist.
FS: Eternals #13 CBCS 9.8 WP $850 shipped RedGiant 4 4 yearsRedGiant (22): CLOSED - Don't see a way to edit main thread - this deal is no longer available.
$0.01 opening bid Auction w/FREE shipping! Scifinator 9 4 yearsScifinator (15416): SOLD - $19.50
WTS NYCC TMNT & DeadPool Signed 9.6s & 9.8s Cool_Fool 1 4 yearsCool_Fool (1071): All signatures were done at NYCC 2019. These are being offered here and not on feebay or other sites for a week or two to give you fine ppl a shot at some great issues at good prices. TMNT #1A Re-cover (7/18) Planet Awesome Exclusive - Signed by CA Boss Logic, Signed & Remarked by Kevin Eastman (Raphael cover) $120 ...
needed donho 2 4 years00slim (17696): I’d suggest putting “WTB Avengers 57” in the title. It would be more likely to catch the eye of someone who’s looking to sell. Just a thought. Hope you find your original, though. That’s always frustrating.
Lois Lane comic lot for sale... 13 issues BLHK133 2 4 yearsBLHK133 (5): sold
Comic Website Inquiry hogan36 11 4 yearshogan36 (198): @GanaSoth Thanks!Good Detective work. That's what I figured.
Madalorian / Boba Fett / Star wars fans Scifinator 1 4 yearsScifinator (15416): So with recent board discussions of the Mandalorian and Comic Rooms, I thought I would just put it out there, that at Hake's auction house, the do both comics and other memorabilia. If you are a fan of Mando, you may also be a fan of Boba Fett. In the current auction there is a Life Size Boba Fett by Don Post Studios plus several Attakus 14" to 19" tall Star Wars character statues. Darth Vader, Gen'l Grievous, etc. I have no...
Superman #224 graded $0.01 Auction w/FREE domestic shipping! Scifinator 12 4 yearsScifinator (15416): Yes, I do. And, as @Poka said, only Buy It Now listings can be promoted. But, a lot of people will do a search for auction style listings or "lowest price" so auctions have their own drivers in a sense. Now, what comic should I put up for my next .01 starting auction? Think...think...think. No, it is not going to be Winnie the Pooh or Do You Pooh for that matter, as I have neither in my collection.
Marvel two comic packs 1996-97 Johnnylray 9 4 yearsJohnnylray (2675): For the record- 1 of each 2 packs (15 total) , boxed is aprox 7 pounds. Average priority mail is $18.95 ..or can go 1st class for 17 or media rate I suppose ! Thanks for looking ray.
My CBCS Graded Comic Auctions Kinsella5 3 4 yearsKinsella5 (728): Actually it is technically my first time offering slabbed comics on eBay as I sat on the grading fence for a very long time, finally submitting some books last June, and again in December. Some to keep, some to sell but from an eBay seller standpoint, I have been selling since March 1997. I plan on packaging them quite carefully. Lots more I plan on submitting this year for grading. :-)
Bad Buyer Alert!!! Yoosh5492 7 4 yearsetapi65 (4060): This is what it sounds like is happening. Taking the hit as a buyer to feedback to increase chances of selling his copies.
$0.01 Auction-Web of Spider-Man #90 (Doppelganger Edition) CBCS Graded 9.4 Scifinator 7 4 yearsScifinator (15416): 1 hour left!
Captain A shield Crofty111 11 4 yearsJesse_O (39244): @Crofty111 That's pretty cool!!!
Ebay: $5 Off $50+ YMMV? dielinfinite 7 4 yearsDWeeB1967 (11134): But that only opts out of texts from eBay. That wouldn't apply to any company that eBay sells the number to.
My First MCS Auction...Probably Gonna Take A Beating EbayMafia 10 4 yearsTedsaid (7340): Yeah, I am still surprised by what I see going on, and I have NO idea what the buyers are up to. I've stopped trying to figure it out. I was in the auction last night, too, with a bunch of books. (I didn't get around to making a post about them, though I should have.) Among them was a Batman #77 cover A 9.8, the death of Alfred issue. It ended up at $46.00. And, right after that auction ended, someone bought another copy from me in the...
Graded Comics for Sale by Scifinator Scifinator Jump to first page58Jump to last page 4 yearsScifinator (15416): So, today, I offer up my early X-Men comic to the CBCS rhelm: Freshly Graded 5.5 Fine - with WHITE Pages in January 2020 and has NOT been restored. Photos reflect slab has not been removed from protective bag hence some color/reflection effects. Up for Sale! X-Men # 12 Volume 1 - This important early issue of X-Men contains not only the first appearance of powerhouse villain Juggernaut, but the Origin of X-Men mentor Professor Charles...
Blackhawk Comic lot for sale, 9 issues BLHK133 2 4 yearsBLHK133 (5): sold
Flanders's Slab Sales Thread flanders 19 4 yearsflanders (25101): bump...need $ for food.
High Grade Slabbed Auction starting @ $1- Cool_Fool 2 4 yearsCool_Fool (1071): More slabbed titles listed for auction stating at ONE DOLLAR - Happy Bidding -J ^_~ HavaTaco
FOR SALE: a few CBCS SLABS FOR SALE Johnjakewish 3 4 yearsJohnjakewish (81): Bump
FS: Harbinger #1 CBCS 9.6W & Rai #0 CGC 9.8W combo package Darkga 1 4 yearsDarkga (4787): I have a Harbinger #1 CBCS 9.6W and Rai #0 CGC 9.8W Valiant combo package for sale $460 shipped in the USA (international extra). Just selling some books to pay for slabbing the many books I still need to send in for grading. :) Harbinger #1 CBCS 9.6 White Rai #0 CGC 9.8 White; This was graded before the...
For Sale: Invincible Iron Man #55 1st app of Thanos Jedyzon 5 4 yearsJedyzon (876): SOLD
9.6 Guardians of the Galaxy 25 Auction w/ $0.01 starting bid! Scifinator 13 4 yearsScifinator (15416): SOLD - $31
CRUZZER's SALE Gabriel85301 17 4 yearsArak (1000): Oh ... no. I am so sorry , You misunderstood me .. What I meant to say was since I dont do signatures do you have anything unsigned other then Street Fighter?
Nova 1 9.8 for sale Yoosh5492 7 4 yearsArak (1000): Sheesh !! Nice job Yoosh ( as I scrape the gunk off my cowboy boots ) ;) Great Nova though !! :beer:
Star Wars Dark Empire #1 .01 starting bid Auction. Scifinator 16 4 yearsScifinator (15416): $26 final
Spawn #1 - CBCS 9.6 signed by Todd McFarlane on Ebay. fakadar 1 4 yearsfakadar (12): I have this auction ending tomorrow night.
MAGNUS Robot Fighter #12 CGC 8.5 Up for Auction with $0.01 starting Bid Scifinator 15 4 years50AE_DE (6464): That's great if you got it as a "throw in" since you probably just broke even after shipping and ebay fees. I did look at your other books and even though you had a bunch of 9.8's, the books were just a lot of stuff you can see in quarter bins.
Eclipso: The Darkness Within #1 Up for .01 start Auction! Scifinator Jump to first page65Jump to last page 4 yearsScifinator (15416): Yep, SOLD, and congrats to the winner! Mow onto the next .01 cent starting bid itemw which is CBCS 8.5 Star Wars Dark Empire # 1
Ebay auction Yoosh5492 6 4 yearsYoosh5492 (763): @Terry88 Great point. I didnt think of that. I'll try it here next time.
Next $ 0.01 starting bid auction Vote. Scifinator 1 4 yearsScifinator (15416): Tomorrow I will be listing another 1 cent start auction. I thought why not have some fun with it and let the CBCS forum decide which one I put up from the list of CBCS Certified & Encapsulated comics below: 9.6 - Guardians of the Galaxy #25 (has not been pressed) 9.6 - Justice League Europe #34 (has not been pressed) 9.0 - L.E.G.I.O.N. 92 #38 (has not been pressed) 9.6 - Marvels #4 (has not been pressed) 9.6 - Secret Weapons #2 (has...
For Sale - Batman Shadow of the Bat #1 CBCS 9.4 Has NOT been Pressed! Scifinator 15 4 yearsScifinator (15416): SOLD!
For Sale: Various comic book variant sets - Spawn, Hulk + More Jedyzon 1 4 yearsJedyzon (876): Selling a few of my raw variant comic book sets. All books are NM condition. If you need additional pics please PM me. Spawn #280 Mattina Variant Scorpion Comics exclusive set - $115 shipped Immortal Hulk #20 Dale Keown Aspen comics virgin set - $100 shipped Daredevil #600 Adi Granov set - $80 shipped Spectacular Spider-man #300 - Gabrielle Del'Otto set - $50 shipped Venom #1 Adi Granov virgin - $35 shipped -Smoke free...
Major Key for Sale...maybe trade Dfanderson 2 4 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11512): Nice looking book with a nice straight cover. Is the last photo the same book? Before it was graded?
For sale Heroic comics #1 (1940) VFNM Unrestored 1st Hydroman thejudge01 2 4 yearsTommyJasmin (490): What's really cool (IMO) is if you look at interior panels (as I recall, it's been awhile), it's basically Namor in the non-masked panels.
SALES THREAD mstrangeII 12 4 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): Not in my collection wheelhouse, but beautiful books and preserved very well. Kudos.
Online YouTube Auction MarvelousComics 28 4 yearsMarvelousComics (2067): Last Charity Auction of the Year for Hero Initiative CBCS gradings were donated and up for auction tonight! Thanks @SBOROCK
Graded Batman Shadow of the Bat straight auction w/FREE Shipping! Scifinator 10 4 yearsScifinator (15416): Sold $29!
The Amazing Spiderman 792 and 793 Stegman Variants For Sale MutantMania 1 4 yearsMutantMania (5673): I have the ASM 792 and 793 Ryan Stegman Variant covers up for sale. I would say both are in NM condition and will come shipped in bags / boards in a Comic Skin Slab-It-Yourself holder. Asking $65.00 each with free Priority Mail shipping Payments of Paypal and Venmo accepted No International Shipping / No Returns
Batman 66 Jurassic_Comics Jump to first page32Jump to last page 4 yearspoka (24133):
Slabs for sale BIN/Obo 11Taylor06 1 4 years11Taylor06 (38): Batman/Superman #1 Greg Horn Variant set. CBCS blue label 9.8 $150.00 + $14.99 USPS Priority mail shipping
CBCS Graded Books For Sale! tunglashr 1 5 yearstunglashr (10): I have a nice stack of CBCS graded stuff I need to get on the market due to the purchase of a grail book (ToS 39). Offers on multiple books with a discount will be considered. Images of all books are in a linked imgur album at the bottom of the post, and more can be provided. Payment via PP G&S. Because all books are graded, no returns. Lets get started! Harbinger 1 CBCS 9.6 verified Jim Shooter and David Lapham signatures...
Steve Ditko "War of the GoBots" artwork, color guides for sale Sharkey 4 5 yearsSharkey (58): Thanks @GAC - fixed!
FS: VHTF and RARE Led Zeppelin out-takes & live recordings ZosoRocks 1 5 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Since it seems there are some vintage LP collectors out here in the comic collecting world, I have to start releasing some core Rock and Roll collectibles, due to financial concerns I am having. Both of these were acquired by myself in the late 1970s / early 1980s and are all original. Amazing Stork Records - "Out Through the Back Door" - 2-LP set out take recordings Turtle Records - "Early Jitters" w/o bonus 45rpm...
Marvelous Comics Sale Thread MarvelousComics Jump to first page67Jump to last page 5 yearsMarvelousComics (2067): Buy 2 get 1 free is slated to run through December 21st. Just go to the link and search in store for CBCS and all those will show up.
BIG Bronze Age auction starts Monday -Wonder Woman, B&B, Supes, Star War #1 Tedsaid Jump to first page42Jump to last page 5 yearspoka (24133): It is a new feature they have started to roll out
Lehigh Valley Comic Con December 7th Doc_Cop 1 5 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): I will be selling a few hundred key comics, all 8.0 - 9.8, 50 graded and the rest raw at this coming Saturday's Lehigh Valley Comic Con located at Lehigh Carbon Community College in Schnecksville, PA. Hope to see you there. For those not interested in keys, I will also have a few long dollar boxes. For those who have bought from me in the past, all books are sold below FMV. Nuff said...Joe
Raw book lots for sale...Most $10 and under MarvelousComics Jump to first page66Jump to last page 5 yearsMarvelousComics (2067): DC Lots - $25.00 for all, plus shipping Various Conditions
FS: Blizzard World of Warcraft 8-lot collection -- Reaper of Souls / x3 SS ZosoRocks 1 5 yearsZosoRocks (2131): This World of Warcraft (WoW) 8-lot includes a game, x7 books - including x1 Exclusive Employee only Coloring Book. This lot also has x3 items that are Still Sealed. All items are better than great condition. Thanks for viewing my auction. Good luck. Tim
Looking for Conan the Barbarian #1 (1970) CBCS 8.5-9.0 Paint_Monk 4 5 yearsdrchaos (27646): This one is just under your grade range but I have an 8.0 White Pages CBCS signature series signed by Roy Thomas. I have it listed for sale on MCS, here is the link: Conan the Barbarian # 1 Here is a picture:
The Comic Mint - Customer Service = EXCEPTIONAL GanaSoth 19 5 yearsArak (1000): That , Is some above and beyond the call of duty customer service, Perhaps now with the backlash to outsourcing and dropped profits due to extremely bad customer service...we will see more businesses return to GOOD.... these guys are great letting you keep the other book - GREAT
Ebay Censorship and Listings Removed drchaos 21 5 yearsetapi65 (4060): If the nudity is covered, they're not delivering the content to minors. If you're talking about minors buying stuff on ebay that's already regulated. You have to be 18 to open an ebay account and 18 to have a paypal account. So minors can't purchase this stuff at all based on "regulations. I understand what you're saying, and for nude covers where the seller does not go through the process of covering those parts I get it; it's a...
@enelson sales thread part deux Enelson Jump to first page67Jump to last page 5 yearsEnelson (6289): Epic Illustrated lot $50 shipped. #1 still has the insert All books f/vf average This series has the first appearance of Dreadstar
Tips for selling off a 100 slab collection? Darkga 15 5 yearsDarkga (4787): Thanks for all the input! I'm leaning more on the "sell the bigger books at retail" and then that would allow me to be more flexible on the rest. Also the MCS idea sounds good too. However the right offer on the entire lot would be easiest to ship them all to the same place and be done. Here is the list of 85 books I could let go. I started at 100, but then nostalgia got the best of me on 15 of them,...
Collection Pick Ups!! Doc_Cop 14 5 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): @Brandon77 - I was approached at a local comic show ( I had a table) and the guy confided that a guy owed him $500.00 and couldn't come up with the money so he gave him these books. My offer was fair not seeing the ASM 300 at the time of the offer.
New Jersey Silver and Gold Con xkonk 14 5 yearsxkonk (17678): @esaravo Yeah, I'm sure at some shows the cost for vendors to get in the door makes any real buying cost prohibitive. On the other hand, you at least saw those books! I didn't have a lot of options looking for low numbered X-Men, even if I wasn't going to pull the trigger on much. I guess it's a trade between price and availability.
Marvelous Comics - Graded Books For Sale - Here before Ebay or HipComic MarvelousComics Jump to first page50Jump to last page 5 yearsMarvelousComics (2067): I thought it was a 9.6 or better, but I just figured I missed something. Its an awesome cover. I considered that book for one of the frames that I make.
Books for Sale! Earn Some eBay Bucks! cjbehr948 1 5 yearscjbehr948 (170): I have some CGC'ed books for sale on my E-bay page (along with other items; portions of some sales go to charity). There's an E-bay Bucks Bonus underway right now for USA users. Figured I'd post it. behr948 on E-bay The CGC books are set up in Best Offer format, so don't be afraid to make some!
Danger Will Robinson! or why I wont buy from Comic link again Arak Jump to first page32Jump to last page 5 yearsWatcher (4166): Agree with BigRed..hate the stickers...why should everyone know where I bought it which gives insight as to when and for how much....and then I have to worry about getting it off without scratching the slab unless I want to patiently keep reapplying an oil to soften it up. Why? I own the book not the auction house..they get their PR with the auction itself. put a flyer in the box and call it a day.
Primer #2 for sale! Below GPA/FMV! First Grendel! Grail! Enelson 6 5 yearsEnelson (6289): SOLD!!!
Offered before going to grading. Jlh9776 Jump to first page31Jump to last page 5 yearsGAC (69528): Bone is coming to Netflix
A few more books for Sale ** Spidey and Fantastic Four ** yamada69 1 5 yearsyamada69 (66): Fantastic Four #3 Spider-man #1 UPC Gold Edition ...
35 cent Price Variants up for Auction yamada69 1 5 yearsyamada69 (66): Up for auction a few books JOHN CARTER, WARLORD OF MARS #3 Single Highest graded JOHN CARTER, WARLORD OF MARS #2 Highest grade ...
For Sale - Showcase 22 CBCS 3.5 Dfanderson 5 5 yearsDfanderson (12): Understood. Dranderson3000 on Reddit @dfanderson2007 on IG
DWeeB1967's Good Stuff For Sale Thread DWeeB1967 24 5 yearsDWeeB1967 (11134): Next up, Amazing Spider-Man #238 - the first appearance of the Hobgoblin. CGC 9.6 with white pages. I've owned this book since the late 1980s. I think this was the first Spider-Man key issue that I ever bought from a dealer. 😊 Price on this one is $340 shipped. Please see the beginning of this thread for shipping and payment information. Thanks for looking! Sorry about the light reflection at the bottom of the pictures. ...
Incredible Hulk 181 CBCS 9.0 Authentic Signature Herb Trimpe $6500 jeranimal 13 5 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11512): Then it becomes and expensive Shame;) I apologize to the OP for derailing his sale post. I know signed books are very popular and this one is for sure a holy grail for one lucky signature collector. As a purest it's just not for me. Good Luck with your sale.
Ed's Bronze Age Golden Nuggets For Sale - Some Sets/Runs esaravo Jump to first page55Jump to last page 5 yearsesaravo (93411): Black Diamond #1-4 (Americomics 1983) Here is an almost complete set from my personal collection. All books appear to be VF/NM or better with bright white pages (IMO). If you want some great covers (#2 especially) and want to know where Marvel got the idea for Black Widow's movie costume, these are for you. I am asking $16 for the set, and that includes Priority Mail shipping, tracking, and insurance. ...
Looking to trade for a Tank Girl #1, 1991, Dark Horse Jesse_O Jump to first page54Jump to last page 5 yearsdoog (8368): Well done Jesse, I tend to not care too much about seller ratings, or how a book is shipped, although in a bag and cardboard wrapped seems like a minimum to expect. Been lucky with several hundred purchases, only had a couple arrive damaged. I picked up the 4 issue tank girl set 10 years ago for about $75. I think they are all 9.8 candidates. I gave the set to my daughter for Christmas about 5 years ago. Comics make great gifts. I’ll gift...
Graded comic for sale JLA555 5 5 yearsTedsaid (7340): Love that Dell'Otto cover!
Doctor Doom comes out tomorrow! GanaSoth 3 5 yearsDrWatson (50094): Simone Bianchi :eek:
For Sale - Thanos # 13 CGC 9.8 Albuquerque Variant GanaSoth 2 5 yearsGanaSoth (9401): Sold. Thanks guys.
Dr Chaos Christmas Sale in September drchaos 13 5 yearsdrchaos (27646): Our Sale has ended. Thanks to everyone for checking out our store.
For Sale: Famous Funnies #214 7.5, Personal Love #28 7.0p emme_jay 6 5 yearsemme_jay (154): My brother was a huge Frazetta Fan. He only had a few covers but the Famous Funnies is the best of the bunch. I'm pretty sure there is Frazetta art in all the Golden Age comics he had.
FS: Selling my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 CGC 9.0 3rd Printing Jedyzon 1 5 yearsJedyzon (876): Selling my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 CGC 9.0 3rd Printing OW $400 shipped Paypal Only US shipping only PM me if interested Serious inquiries only
Giant Size X-Men #1 for Sale Murm 10 5 yearsSiggy (25509): Oh man, I'm glad you got my address right! :(|)
FS: The Walking Dead #1 CGC 8.0 White Pages Jedyzon 2 5 yearsSteverogers11 (3605): Nice book still looking to get one. One day
Flanders's Slabbed and Raw Comic Sales Extravaganza! flanders Jump to first page137Jump to last page 5 yearsflanders (25101): @Jabberwookie sent you a PM.
WTT For A TMNT #10 9.8 (1st Series) flanders 1 5 yearsflanders (25101): I've been looking for a Ninja Turtles #10 9.8 for awhile now. I'm low on funds since I've been buying too many comics but I'm interested in trading for something slabbed I have that's worth between $130-150. Thanks.
AVENGERS #43 - First Red Guardian for sale daywalker 3 5 yearsStudley_Dudley (48802): Holla!
AVENGERS #48 1st Black Knight for sale daywalker 11 5 yearsGAC (69528): Definitely heating up....I wonder if #48 is going up as well.
FS: 2015 Blizzard Employee Exclusive - SEGA "THE LOST VIKINGS" statue ZosoRocks 1 5 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Inner seal still unbroken....SS. Box condition 6.0+ Thanks for viewing my auction. Tim
AVENGERS #47 - 1st DANE WHITMAN for sale daywalker 1 5 yearsdaywalker (3708):
AVOID TRCA-80 ON EBAY cpfefer 21 5 yearsSiggy (25509): In other threads, here and there, I recall discussions about how the Grading Company got it wrong, and everyone was on board bashing the Label Grade. It would be hilarious if an "everyone here (CBCS, CGC, FB, wherever) thinks this label is wrong" slab made it to eBay, only for the seller to be ripped apart by people not knowing it's the same book and owner.
Black Widow 1 (1999) J.G. Jones Wraparound Variant 1st Yelena Belova! daywalker 11 5 yearsPaulbg2000 (4667): Secret Empire Omega #1 and Tales of Suspense #101 are both dollar bin books right now...if they reveal that Black Widow in the MCU is actually a Red Room Clone (or the one that died is a clone) these books will heat up.
NJ anime convention 9/21 Puchi Con! babylinda 1 5 yearsbabylinda (1): NJ anime convention Meadowlands Anime Convention
The Boys #1,2,3,4,5,6 daywalker 3 5 yearsdaywalker (3708): Thanks brother!
FS: 2011 Sideshow Premium BLIZZCON Mini Tyrael - Sealed/Unopened ZosoRocks 1 5 yearsZosoRocks (2131): 2011 Premium BlizzCon Mini Tyrael statue. Unopened/Sealed S/N: unknown Thanks for viewing my auction.
FS: 2011 Blizzard Exclusive StarCraft Queen of Blades ZosoRocks 3 5 yearsZosoRocks (2131): LOL It is very palettable....*smiles*.... Thanks OG for viewing. Cheers!
Spider-Gwen Vol.2 #1 Bradshaw Variant Verde 6 5 yearsVerde (89): Bump
FS: Spider-Woman 1 9.4, Batman 497 9.8, Black Widow #1 00slim 11 5 years00slim (17696): Ok. Black Widow #1 is no longer for sale. I just won one of the production art transparencies for the cover & page 1. I need it as a companion piece. 👍🏼
Spider-Man Keys for sale bige31 6 5 yearsbige31 (2452): @Darkseid_of_town haha I saw that and just shook my head. I can honestly say I didn’t write it lol.
Golden Age EC Pre-Code Horror on Ebay daywalker 2 5 yearsdaywalker (3708): Here are a few other Golden Age issues I’m going to be selling if anyone is interested.
EBay WOLVERINE books ending Sunday yamada69 2 5 yearsyamada69 (66): Ending tonight!! Still some great deals to be had.
Silver Age Slabs For Sale!!! Noblebeast315 1 5 yearsNoblebeast315 (2194): Amazing Spider-Man #109 Graded 8.5 by CGC. $90 + $5 shipping Spectre #2 Graded 8.5 by CGC $80 + $5 shipping I also have a Doctor Strange #169 7.5 Graded by CBCS for sale as well but I will have to...
Up for Ebay auction! X-Men, Wolverine, & Venom Yoosh5492 3 5 yearsYoosh5492 (763): @esaravo Thanks!
For sale: Signed man of steel 18 - CBCS 9.8 - 1st doomsday Doran 1 5 yearsDoran (12): Man of steel 18 - first appearance of doomsday. CBCS yellow label, 9.8, signed by Louise Simonson. $100 PayPal goods and services, includes fees and shipping. clickable text
50+ CBCS 9.8's end in 2 days! Wonder Woman! 80's! See List HERE vacomicon 2 5 yearsxkonk (17678): I think I bid on a couple of those Uncanny's. Good luck with the sales!
68 9.8 CBCS comics at ComicLink end tonight - Highest Graded vacomicon 1 5 yearsvacomicon (190): Hi, Friends! My LARGEST BATCH of CBCS comics closes tonight on ComicLink. Many are the best copy on the planet. Here's the list and the current bid amount. Check 'em out! ALPHA FLIGHT #51, CBCS 9.8 NM/MT $38 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #209, CBCS 9.8 NM/MT $65 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #425, CBCS 9.8 NM/MT $21 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #430, CBCS 9.8 NM/MT $59 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #433, CBCS 9.8 NM/MT $21 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN v2 #39,...
FOR SALE - X-MEN #1 U.K Edition Eisnerschoice 17 5 yearsEisnerschoice (15): cheers mate, it was a long road but we got there eventually lol.
Signed Raw Books for Sale Bmoney83 11 5 yearsBmoney83 (8): Here are some photos from the signings at MegaCon this year....
WTB The Flash #141 - Mint to NM condition GanaSoth 1 5 yearsGanaSoth (9401): Guys. Im looking to buy a mint to nm+ condition "The Flash #141." Send me a PM or respond here please. Thanks in advance.
For Sale: Spider-Man (1990) #1 Silver Cover Blue Lizard Variant BigRonnie 5 5 yearsBigRonnie (124): I've got a raw copy for sale. Front cover is flawless, some spots on the back. Hasn't been cleaned or pressed yet. $200.
@enelson's Sale Thread- Immortal Hulk,ASM,Image books,Watchmen-w/updates Enelson Jump to first page48Jump to last page 5 yearsEnelson (6289): Some 99 cent carnage related auctions up on ebay ASM 430 NM clickable text ASM 431 VF clickable text Maximum carnage full series clickable text If you really want one of these ahead of time, make an offer and I'll just end the auction and sell here Not on ebay, but for sale ...
For sale fantastic four #5 graded .5 Robg 7 5 yearsRobg (52): I’m new on here lol
Major-X #1 First Print For Sale GanaSoth 15 5 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11512): I have to admit that Cover #2 is really bad. I think the guy must have gotten lazy with an ego after his early success because Ive always loved a lot of his work.
July 7 FLASH SALE Alert!!! Noblebeast315 Jump to first page124Jump to last page 5 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11512): I just got the two books I bought from Duston's Flash sale. Packaging was solid and here are the books... Thanks Duston! Much obliged :)
Some CBCS signed books for sale AlexH 5 5 yearsAlexH (181): The Canada post website says it is $11.32 US ($14.77 cdn). This is standard shipping. No signature, but I trust you. Let me know. Also, thank you Dr Watson. It is good to hear from you
Immortal Hulk #1 - eBay auction GanaSoth 2 5 yearsGanaSoth (9401): It's sold. Thanks.
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero toys for sale KYoung_1974 4 5 yearsGotlift (4795): Thanks for the offer on the dress. I have to pass though It’s not my size. Lol. Yep if you didn’t leave the batteries in it most of the time they’ll work. 🖖
WTB WTT Wendy Pini art or sketch DanM 2 5 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11512): I love Her work as well
For Sale: Justice League 1-12 Jim Lee Sketch Variant Set lawguy1977 3 5 yearslawguy1977 (5831): Thanks, it definitely hurts a bit to sell them, but the grail I got was more than worth the sacrifice. :)
FS: 1990s Bone comic books, TPB 6.0-9.0 - x1 signed ZosoRocks 1 5 yearsZosoRocks (2131): I've started to add comics for sale on ebay, if anyone is interested in raw 1990s Cartoon Books frpm the "Bone" series. Also included is the HTF 1993 Hero Premiere Holiday issue in about 8.0 visual grade. Thanks for viewing my auction. Tim
Black Cat exclusive Campbell variants for sale! gman 5 5 yearsStantheman (1141): Gorgeous covers!
Independence Day Sale! MarvelousComics 24 5 yearsMarvelousComics (2067): Claim the ones you want in the thread and PM me. Shipping will be exact shipping. No gouging. NC will include tax.
Short Box of raw Amazing Spiderman for sale/trade Enelson 21 5 yearscrystalphoto (1602): I am interested, but got distracted by all the Media Mail hoopla...PM sent...
Should I be offended? Donnied 27 5 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11512): Sorry Donnied I didn't see anything in your post above suggesting the rude, obnoxious, assholes that do seem to have a presence in the hobby. Absolutely they can take a hike..... ANY offer I made for a book, Low ball or not is done with a legitimate respect in trying to come to a reasonable price in hopes of making a successful deal for both buyer and seller. Always Thank the seller for their time and consideration. Indeed a little...
Selling Graded Comics Very Low Prices Robert86m 9 5 yearsRobert86m (246): Still selling all orders made today will go out on the 5th
FS: Action 39 CBCS 3.5 OW/W pages AnkurJ 3 5 yearsPre_Coder (19029): @AnkurJ Good luck with your sale. Very nice looking 3.5. If I was in the market I would certainly deal with you. Also has the original CBCS label,... gotta love it! :D
Selling comics for first time on forum. sportshort 24 5 yearssportshort (15314): Nope, it gave me a perspective very different from my own and i always assume if there are two possible ways to take something, i always assume the person sharing their opinion means it in the best possible way. thanks again! P.S. check out the post i just started, I'ts funny in a sad way but funny.
00Slim’s Slab Sale For A Grail, Offers Welcome 00slim 12 5 years00slim (17696): Thought I’d revive this. Still Available: Stan Lee/Epting Signed Cap Fantastic (UK Black Widow) ASM 361 The Creature books I also got in a few 9.6 Danger Girl Previews. $60 each shipped!
For Sale: 1 book - Fantastic Four #49 CBCS 6.5 the420bandito 1 5 yearsthe420bandito (11262): asking price: $900 shipped with tracking, insurance, and signature confirmation via USPS 1-3 day shipping. Paypal payment preferred. thanks for looking
Amazing Spiderman 1 CGC 1.8 movie Time Trilogycomics 1 5 yearsTrilogycomics (127): For Sale Amazing Spiderman 1 CGC 1.8 4500.00 Free Shipping in USA
AMAZING SPIDERMAN CBCS SALE 1ST MYSTERIO & 1ST DAREDEVIL CROSSOVER VisceralDreams 1 5 yearsVisceralDreams (259): Hey everyone I have some books for sale. All books prices are shipped. Shipping in the U.S. Only excluding Hawaii & Alaska. Payment via PayPal. Sorry for the glare. $675 shipped AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 13 CBCS 3.0 OW/W PAGES - 1ST APPEARANCE & ORIGIN OF MYSTERIO (QUENTIN BECK) ...
The Maxx 1/2 red and blue covers Airmomo 1 5 yearsAirmomo (24): Looking to try and complete my collection. Hoping someone has one or both of these Maxx 1/2 covers they're willing to sell. Looking for Graded or raw copys
Graded Books for Sale ThorneArt 3 5 yearsThorneArt (1916): *Bump*
Ed's Father's Day Slab Mini-Sale esaravo 29 5 yearsesaravo (93411): @MR_SigS - Mini-slabs would work for these comics.
Great CBCS Books for sale Sabersaw 12 5 yearsSabersaw (25): up
For sale, on Ebay: Tomb of Dracula #10 CBCS 6.0 JesterHats 1 5 yearsJesterHats (18): Tomb of Dracula #10 1973 ~ First appearance of Blade, the Vampire Slayer! CBCS graded a 6.0. For sale on Ebay here: Asking $450 or best offer
What's your eBay site? MarvelousComics 24 5 yearsX51 (14744): I never have animosity towards anyone for over-pricing a comic. I'm not going to buy it, but your taste is just as valid as some person wandering past it on eBay. If it's worth that to you, so be it. If you really want to sell something, you have to settle for what the next guy is willing to pay.
For Sell Venom Spider-man Hulk related Slabs oakcitycomics 1 5 yearsoakcitycomics (626): Venom #7 Secret Tongue Variant - 1st Appearance Of Dylan Brock - CBCS 9.8 $90 Marvel Secret Wars #8 - CBCS 9.6 $120 Web of Venom Cult of Carnage Dell'Otto 1:50 CBCS 9.8 $125 Web of Venom: Carnage Born #1 Virgin Variant 1:100 CGC 9.6 $75 Immortal Hulk #16 CBCS 9.8 1st Print 1:25 $120 Shipping Cost All books ship priority mail only. Graded Slabs $15.00 for first two, $3 each additional Slab PAYPAL GOODS AND SERVICES PAYMENT...
Marvel Collectible Classics: Amazing Spiderman #1 (#300 Chrome Cover) CGC elee 1 5 yearselee (1): FOR SALE MARVEL COLLECTIBLE CLASSICS: AMAZING SPIDERMAN 31 (ASM #300 IN CHROME) CGC 9.8 WHITE Pages Asking price $1,150.00 USD including shipping in CANADA. Additional $17.00 USD for shipment to the USA.
ComicConnect Ends Monday - Color Guides: ASM 423, 425, Thor 23 (Thanos) Sharkey 5 5 yearsSharkey (58): Just a little bump - auctions end tonight, Monday June 10!
Conan the Barbarian #1 CGC 4.5 avengers 684 9.8 $125-shipped Enelson 6 5 yearsEnelson (6289): Bump.. $100 shipped on the avengers book (Final price drop)
New Online Price Checking Guide - Drek Check Jesse_O 21 5 yearsHelric1 (6849): This is worthwhile for the Comiclink results since I hear they are not reported to GPA.
1st Key Appearances For Sale - Offered On Forum First MarvelousComics 2 5 yearsMarvelousComics (2067): Nova #1 - SOLD Marvel Premiere #47 - SOLD All others are still available.
Real or just to thinking Buzbe Jump to first page426Jump to last page 5 yearsJesse_O (39244): Yeah, this thread has outlived its' usefulness.
Symbiote Spider-man #1 - Crain - Best Cover GanaSoth Jump to first page36Jump to last page 5 yearsGanaSoth (9401): Haha
EBay ending Sunday Haunt, The Wicked & Divine, Thor yamada69 1 5 yearsyamada69 (66): Hello all, A few books ending on Sunday. All starting at 0.99! Haunt, The Wicked & Divine, Thor, Blackest Night, Wool, Image United, Trees, clickable text
Great Deal on Mylites2 and Fullbacks GanaSoth Jump to first page48Jump to last page 5 yearskaptainmyke (27076): Short boxes will do your back a huge favor @Kinsella5
Slabs For Sale MarvelousComics 4 5 yearsMarvelousComics (2067): X-men 12 - sold Defenders 10 - sold ASM 252 - sold Secret wars 8 - sold
Link not working ignore-Post Fail Memes Enelson 20 5 yearsEnelson (6289):
TOS 64 CGC 7.5 For Sale & Maybe More To Come 00slim 8 5 years00slim (17696): One last bump.
EBay Blackest Night Regular and Variants Auctions ending on Sunday .99cents yamada69 1 5 yearsyamada69 (66): Hello all, Check out all the BLACKEST NIGHT regular and variant cover books I have up for sale ending Sunday. All starting at .99 cents!! clickable text
Harbinger 1 CBCS 8.5 For Sale obrie2tm 1 5 yearsobrie2tm (6443): CBCS Graded 8.5, Harbinger 1 with coupon. $125 + $10 shipping. Number 18-46F6841-004 for graders notes. Returns within 14 days after receipt.
Amazing spiderman slabs for sale Enelson 6 5 yearsEnelson (6289): *Cricket Noises*
Sale Thread - a few late silver / early bronze World's Finest (MyComicShop) Tedsaid 28 5 yearsDarkseid_of_town (14297): I was right where the sale was about to slip over to pending Monday night for that Captain Marvel 16 in 9.6...first Raven Darkholme….I had bid up to 115 and was winning at 105...tonight with a full day to reflect and research went for like 121...I let it go. Furious that was the best accommodation that could be made for a sale that all but ended ….got them a higher commission but doesn't seem fair.
For Sale: some keys - ASM 129 9.2 - Jimmy Olsen 134 9.4 - Ghost Rider 1 8.0 the420bandito 11 5 yearsDarkseid_of_town (14297): Love that Jimmy Olsen but just too rich for my blood..great comic
Candy Shop Yoosh5492 8 5 yearsYoosh5492 (763): This candy is calorie free and guaranteed to hit the spot. :D
What grade would you give this? Peanutt 15 5 yearsMR_SigS (11124): Absolutely. Look for some grading guides online or in book form (Overstreet) and make a serious effort to study it. Buy a few inexpensive slabs in varying grades for some visual examples, but keep in mind you could have two 6.0s that look completely different. Mid grade comics can be a pain to grade. If you're more collector than seller/"investor", you can save a lot in grading fees. IMHO
ASM #300 CBCS 9.6 For Sale! Noblebeast315 1 5 yearsNoblebeast315 (2194): I got a great deal today for anyone who might be interested. I have a Amazing Spider-Man #300 in 9.6 CBCS Grade up for sale for $600 +$5 shipping. Please DM me if you are interested. Thank you and all the best.
No way this is a 9.6 CBCS Graded Comic GanaSoth Jump to first page44Jump to last page 5 yearsJLA555 (389): @DrWatson THANK YOU DRWATSON, WELL SAID
For Sale: Silver Surfer #1 CBCS 6.5 (1968) KingNampa 13 5 yearsagrkdj (16): Following
For Sale: Detective Comics 359 7.0 SpeedforceKJ 6 5 yearsKingNampa (6756): PM sent
Immortal Hulk Buy or Sell(Spec/sale question) Enelson Jump to first page124Jump to last page 5 yearsdrchaos (27646): Al Ewing will be signing at Midtown this month. Limit is three items. For me: Immortal Hulk # 1 1:50 RI Immortal Hulk # 1 Regular Cover Immortal Hulk # 2 Regular Cover
Mutant Beaver - Immortal Hulk #2 GanaSoth 16 5 yearsWraith (2115): Sadlemon and 7ate9 comics sell the same books and I've had nothing but good experiences with the latter .. ( they ship from uk which is cheaper for me (
Immortal Hulk #1-16 for sale - 1st Prints GanaSoth 13 5 yearsGanaSoth (9401): @esaravo Thanks ! Good luck to everyone that bid or will bid.
Justice League #1 CGC 9.8 for Sale GanaSoth 1 5 yearsGanaSoth (9401): Selling: Justice League #1 - Crain Virgin Cover - Limited to only 600 copies $100 Shipped I accept PayPal. Private Message me. ...
CBCS Slabs 4 Sale Amazing Spiderman,New Mutants 98,movie/tv,some raw books Enelson 17 5 yearsHeinzDad (30561): Right on
## Showcase #22 CBCS 5.5 For Sale## Sabersaw 2 5 yearsSabersaw (25): up
1st Thanos & 1st Shazam Comic Lot - BUNDLE! *Free Gift* comic_book_man 23 5 yearsxkonk (17678): Yeah, they're cool books but I don't want to lowball you. I'm not in the market for these at any kind of reasonable price. Hope you can find a taker!
Items for sale Yoosh5492 6 5 yearsYoosh5492 (763): Thanks @B3Chandler !!
Various CGC Spider-Man Comics For Sale! B3Chandler 6 5 yearsB3Chandler (140): No problem, and thank you for the purchase!
EBay Blackest Night Variants Auctions ending on Sunday .99cents yamada69 3 5 yearsyamada69 (66): Seems to work for me but try this
Rocky Mountain Comic Collectors Showcase - April 14th - Denver Colorado RTSUnlimited 4 5 yearsRTSUnlimited (46): Show is tomorrow! Met Paul Gulacy and his wife last night. Super nice and super fun people! Can't wait to get a sketch from him! Pre-sale tickets only $5.00 from www.RockyMountainCon.Com or $10.00 at the door tomorrow.
Chewbacca #1 DF - Get it while you can for only a $1.00 GanaSoth 1 5 yearsGanaSoth (9401): Get your DF Chewbacca #1 for only $1.00 (Pay for shipping.) Click or Touch here for link!
Shazam #1 9.6 - Anyone want? comic_book_man 3 5 yearsSteverogers11 (3605): Pic. Thanks
Flash Comics #49 Mile High Pedigree (DC, 1944) CBCS NM 9.4 roasty 1 5 yearsroasty (23): Flash Comics #49 Mile High Pedigree (DC, 1944) CBCS NM 9.4 Exceptional White. The single highest-graded copy, CBCS or CGC! And with exceptionally white pages. Also, Air Fighters Mile High, Daredevil Comics #8 File Copy, and more exciting comics coming up for sale.
My first time selling here thread...slabs Enelson 29 5 yearsEnelson (6289): Awesome- great to hear Anyone else interested? I still have New mutants, East of West, ASM 361(leaning towards keeping that one soon) ASM 569, ASM 298, Southern Bastards, Redneck, Failsafe, long Lost, X factor, new mutants 8, Nam
My even more ridiculously cheap xmen sale Enelson 3 5 yearsEnelson (6289): Price Cut $65 bucks, shipped, 80+ comics...I'm just sick of storing 30 volumes of xmen, it confuses me Final price also check out the cbcs graded books I have up clickable text
Free Comics - you pay the shipping ThorneArt 4 5 yearsScorpion (980): to many copy's made and horde by collectors to make them not worth anything today. also the writing was bad. peps line up at LCS to buy 2 or more copy's of these books. 20 + years later everyone got one lol. the one to buy would be the gold or plat, copy's that where made and where less copy's of them.
14 golden age comics on eBay. No reserve. Roarshack 1 5 yearsRoarshack (78): I put up a batch of comics if anyone feels like perusing:
Selling off last of graded comics Robert86m 2 5 yearsDarkseid_of_town (14297): per the forum selling rules some pictures couldn't hurt and helps establish its a real offering
Who will be at WonderCon? (me) ThorneArt 6 5 yearsCatmanAmerica (30278): Now in Anaheim, just dined at Karl Strauss, growlin' and ready for Wondercon... :beer::D
Question about Gene Colan art major99 4 5 yearsxkonk (17678): He did at least 200 books for DC. Hard to say how many of them might have had a Superman appearance.
Slabs for sale, incl Edge of Spider-Verse 2! vacaboca 29 5 yearskaptainmyke (27076): Nice collection you got there
New TAT's SpiderTim 11 5 yearsxkonk (17678): Just throwing in my order status... I have an order with sig verification from 12-12 that's in labels (hadn't checked it before, so not sure when it got to grading/labels) and a fast press/fast pass order from 12-25 that's also in labels after having been in grading for a week or so. It does seem like December is getting cleared out.
For Sale: Venom Lethal Protector #1 Black Error Variant CBCS 9.6 Jedyzon 8 5 yearsStudley_Dudley (48802): Cool book, bro! Welcome to the forum!
Selling Captain Marvel & Spider-Man 2099 fakadar 3 5 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): holmie I wish I would have known so I could have given you some advice on that.. but I assumed you needed to come up with some fast $$ For that Captain Marvel, I was straight out selling 9.8s in the $140 RANGE with ease.. I have a boatload of True Believer Captain Marvels in the 9.4-9.6 graded range signed by KSD (yellow labels) that I been getting $80-115 range.
Help I.D. GA Archie and Supes. Roarshack 7 5 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): Glad to help.
eBay sales listings Topsykrets 2 5 yearsTopsykrets (255): All New Wolverine 21
help identifying who signed this print donho 9 5 yearsPaulbg2000 (4667): It's Rodenberry... Prints were apparently given to TV Stations that aired the show...
Newbie Questions Kidvic69 5 5 yearsStantheman (1141): I am not an expert by any means but I agree with the other posters I only think the Thor 165 would benefit from a pressing Auction ends each Monday MarvelousComics 1 5 yearsMarvelousComics (2067): Great prices on some good stuff. Auctions start ending at 7:00 EST
Posted a couple of CBCS graded on ebay Exiledgl2814 3 5 yearsExiledgl2814 (52):
Graded Books For Sale Noblebeast315 6 5 yearstonnage71 (730): Nice books!
Golden age comics for sale Roarshack 14 5 yearsRoarshack (78): 👍🏽😁👍🏽
Graded Thanos 13 9.8 signed for sale up on my eBay! KingSasqautch42 1 5 yearsKingSasqautch42 (1): Throwing this out to see who might be interested. I just put my Thanos 13 up on eBay. It's 9.8 witnessed signature from Donny Cates. Thanks in advance for any interest!
FS: CGC 9.8 SDCC Comics #2, 1st Hellboy 00slim 10 5 years00slim (17696): Bump for Spidey. 😏
FOR AUCTION - Amazing Spider-Man #700 CBCS 9.0 Signed by STAN LEE 2nd Print fakadar 2 5 yearsfakadar (12): 2 days left, ends Saturday.
Ed's Copper and Bronze Age Flash Sale esaravo Jump to first page171Jump to last page 5 yearsesaravo (93411): @Paulbg2000 - Excellent, the last lot has finally made it to the Great White North! I am thrilled you are satisfied, Paul. And I have many more Judge Dredds available (and you know how to reach me).
ISO - UXM #95 mid grade slabbed ThorneArt 4 5 yearsDavidM (1582): There’s one on eBay that isn’t graded but it’s starting at $13. May be your best bet.
FS: Amazing Spider-Man #28 CGC 8.5 DWeeB1967 5 5 yearsDWeeB1967 (11134): The ASM #28 has been purchased.
FS: The New Teen Titans #2 CGC 9.6 DWeeB1967 1 5 yearsDWeeB1967 (11134): I'm looking to free up some cash for a purchase, so I'm selling off a few comics. Up for sale is this copy of The New Teen Titans #2 CGC 9.6. $295.00 shipped. PayPal only. PM me if you are interested. Thanks for looking. ...
Check out my 2 auction items Yoosh5492 1 5 yearsYoosh5492 (763): Hi All, I have a Wolverine Limited 2 and a X-Factor 6, both signed by Joe Rubinstein up for auction on ebay.
Books for Sale; Earn EBay Bucks in USA! cjbehr948 13 5 yearscjbehr948 (170): There’s another EBay Bucks promotion going on! Just added a ton of Walking Dead 15th Anniversary variants to my page. The #19 1:100 pencil sketch is one of them! Good luck!
Anyone interested in Marvel G.I. Joe comics MutantMania 6 5 yearsMutantMania (5673): Here are a few pics...
Selling Amazing spider-man #252 JLA555 3 5 yearsJLA555 (389): @drchaos thank you I will
Check out these Comic Mask for sale ! GanaSoth 2 5 yearscomicsforme (4016): Sweet.
Army Of Darkness #1 first Ash CBCS 9.8 Signed Ambush_Bug 5 5 yearsAmbush_Bug (200): Ah yes.. but look at those groovy action lines around the chainsaw he drew on this one!! Now you KNOW he's ready for action. ;)
selling comics tonyz58 9 5 yearsdrchaos (27646): Several years ago I started trying to figure out how to start selling the books I had bought back in the 1980s. At New York Comic Con I spoke with Heritage, Comic Link, and Comic Connect. I got the sense that Heritage and to a lesser extent Comic Link were going to be too picky and turn their nose up at most of my books. Before I started working with them, Rob Reynolds from Comic Connect introduced me to Matt Nelson at the Big Apple show a...
Tales to Astonish 49 CBCS Stan Lee SS up for sale Ambush_Bug 7 5 yearsakiva (29): I gotta join this GPA website. That data looks awesome! I have been building my own sales charts using ebay and excel.
Harley Quinn keys for auction on eBay Exiledgl2814 4 5 yearsStantheman (1141): GLWTS! great books! Monday Auction MarvelousComics 2 5 yearsKatKomics (28823): I've been clicking on the free comic raffle thing when I can remember - you never know, someone has to win - could be me?? Also been checking the auctions far nothing peaking my interest, but again, listings always change so you never know!
Signed Marie Severin/Jim Mooney original art being auctioned on eBay ivegotneatstuff 3 5 yearsivegotneatstuff (34): Thanks!
FS - CBCS 9.8 Batgirl #12 Artgerm ThorneArt 4 5 yearsOxbladder (1287): Those Batgirl covers were some of his best, even though he was mimicking Sana Takada's style.
FOR SALE: Incredible Hulk #181 CBCS 9.0 Authentic Sig. Herb Trimpe $6000 jeranimal 2 5 yearsSteverogers11 (3605): Nice book. GLWS better centering I’d be all over that. Congrats on having a great copy and a proper sig
EBay Walking Dead issues yamada69 2 5 yearsyamada69 (66): Bump!! ending tomorrow!
CBCS Ultimate Edition Detective Comics 1000 GanaSoth 6 5 yearsDrogio (7726): If Batman on tech 1000 isn't your thang....
FS: Dark Horse Comics 2-lot "The Umbrella Academy" #nn ZosoRocks 1 5 yearsZosoRocks (2131): This is another auction for a couple of HTF comic books that Netflix had adapted and has now made a new Netflix series on the action. Condition is subjective for both, but IMO they are no lower than Fine/Very Fine+ - and I also believe that they both can be professoonally pressed and/or graded to become NM (9.0+) or better. Sharp corners! Thanks for viewing my auction....good luck! Best regards, Tim ...
FS: Hulk 180 - Married Murm 5 5 yearsMurm (2619): Price drop to $200 which includes Priority Mail shipping to U.S. addresses
Signed slabs Muaythai88 11 5 yearsGabriel85301 (1764): Parting with your BATMAN Collection? That SCARLET is BEAUTIFUL! GREAT STUFF!
Never seen an error like this one before. GanaSoth 4 5 yearsX51 (14744): It's very unusual.
*For Sale: Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows#1 Stan Lee Scott Campbell* B3Chandler 17 5 yearsB3Chandler (140): Wow, didn't imagine when I started this post that I would dig out some good information nuggets like this. :D
CBCS Graded Silver Age Surfers for sale! CrazyCanuck 15 5 yearsCrazyCanuck (28): Listing closed
xkonk's sale/trade thread xkonk Jump to first page99Jump to last page 5 yearsxkonk (17678): My Batman lot sold, and my Superman lot has a bid on it. Doesn't close until Thursday night if anyone wants to jump in (I think this should work): I'm hoping to find time to do more scanning, but I start teaching a class in a couple week on top of my regular job. Time seems to disappear.
Sandman: The Dream Hunters #2 (Mike Mignola variant) for sale Magellan 1 5 yearsMagellan (332): Sandman: The Dream Hunters #2 (Mike Mignola variant) - CBCS 9.4 NM - Witnessed Sig: Mike Mignola - $800 This variant is super rare and incredibly hard to find. This is one of only two graded copies I have ever seen. Note: CBCS made a mistake on the label (it is not issue #1) Paypal only, please. Price includes shipping via Priority Mail w/in the US. Sales are final and no returns. Feel free to message for more photos and...
Santa Ed's Christmas Bundles of Joy Sales Thread esaravo Jump to first page89Jump to last page 5 yearsesaravo (93411): @BrianGreensnips - Glad you enjoyed them, Brian. Some of those old stories are pretty fun to read and can make you remember simpler times when you could buy a comic and a handful of candy for less than a quarter. Bill Finger probably deserves more attention for his contributions to Batman, and he obviously worked on lots of other comics too. PS - I still have more Tomahawks if you need more reading material.
FS: 13-LOT 1995 Star Wars Power of the Force 2 - .00/.01 ZosoRocks 4 5 yearsZosoRocks (2131): IMO - I think they didn't hold the you can tell by the starting price. These are some cool figures. nonetheless. Maybe someone will enjoy them as I have. Thanks for the responses, gents!
FS: Marvel Collector Corps 4-lot - Deadpool X-Men Spider-Man Squirrel Girl ZosoRocks 1 5 yearsZosoRocks (2131): All boxes are complete with initial subsctiption issues included. All were opened upon arrival to verify completeness. Deadpool - 1st issue X-Men Women of Power Spider-Man Thanks for viewing my auction. Best regards, Tim
FS: 16-lot Japanese Anime/Manga - action figs, graphic novels ZosoRocks 1 5 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Items i found while cleaning up - all from my son's previous collection. Shonen Jump Naruto Viz Media Dragonball Z SDCC exclusive figure and promos. Thanks for viewing my auction. Best regards, Tim
Auction - Hulk #1 9.8 CBCS Restored GanaSoth 3 5 yearsCaptainCanuck (6120): It’s an “apparent” 9.8.
What is your eBay name? Gabriel85301 Jump to first page37Jump to last page 5 yearstjr909 (54): Hey everyone, I just updated my eBay name to match my IG and youtube name: gorilla.todd.comicbooks.4life clickable text
Auctions on eBay @99 cents no reserve tjr909 4 5 yearsHcanes (5197): I like the bids on the Darkhawk 1 Newsstand. Found mine in the dollar bin.
MARVEL STAR WARS #39-44 EMPIRE STRIKES BACK COMPLETE SET STORYLINE FOR SALE Praxis99 6 5 yearsGanaSoth (9401): Welcome to the forums. Very nice books!
FS: Artgerm Batgirl #12 9.8 ThorneArt 1 5 yearsThorneArt (1916): Hey Folks, Selling my Batgirl #12 CBCS 9.8 $275 + $15 Priority shipping in the USA Thanks
Guardians of the galaxy exclusive Gmac7787 9 5 yearsGmac7787 (37): Thanks buddy they acutally changed the way he looks have u seen the new rendering pretty awesome
FS: 2007 Marvel Toys Legendary Comic Book Heroes - Madman / BAF Pitt torso ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): I've listed the VHTF original 1st issue of the Legendary Comic Book Heroes "Madman" figure that comes with "Timmy" and a BAF Pitt "torso" piece. Thanks for viewing my auction and good luck. Best regards, Tim
FS: 1996-97 Star Wars POTF2 Mail away figs - Han Solo & Obi-Wan ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): This 3-Lot has been stored since purchase in the late 90s. Original boxes included (C8.0/8.5+). x2 Han Solo Stormtrooper x1 Hologram Obi-Wan Kenobi Thanks for viewing my auction. Best regards, Tim
FS: 18-lot 1998-99 Star Wars Episode 1 - various ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Another Star Wars action figure lot up for the taking. Episode 1 figures = x17 characters and x1 Deluxe Darth Maul Thanks for viewing my auction. Best regards, Tim
FS: 17-lot 1996-1999 Star Wars Power of the Force 2 - Green/hologram cards ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Various card conditions (C5.0 to C9.4+), but still an overall nice lot. Thanks for viewing my auction. Best regards, Tim
FS: 1995 Kenner Star Wars POTF2 Classic Edition 4-pack C9.4 ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Here is another vintage 1995 Star Wars POTF2 action figure set. Another candidate for AFA grading. This one is the Target Exclusive "Classic Edition 4-pack" with the figures that were recasted from the original 1977 issues. Thanks for viewing my auction. Best regards, Tim
FS: 1995-96 Star Wars POTF2 Speeder Bike & Deluxe Stormtrooper ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): These are pretty nice with high visual grades. Thanks for viewing the auction. Best regards, Tim
FS: 1997 McFarlane Toys 4-Lot KISS Ultra Action Figures ZosoRocks 4 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): LOL - thanks! Sitting in a box is not paying bills. 😢 Thanks for viewing!
X-Men Marks Jewelers Comics for trade ThorneArt 4 6 yearsThorneArt (1916): Thanks @xkonk I appreciate the trade and goodwill. I will pay it forward. :)
FS: Toy Biz 9-lot 1991 thru 1994 Marvel action figures - 3.75" ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Various characters - including Magneto, Wolverine, Cable, Shatterstar, Mojo, Invisible Woman, and Gambit. Thanks for viewing my auction. Best regards, Tim
Black Friday Sale Part 1 Early Releases elreycomics 2 6 yearsdrchaos (27646): That is a nice group of books. GLWTS!
ThorneArt - For Trade - Hulk ThorneArt 1 6 yearsThorneArt (1916): Hello, I am looking to trade these HULK issues for sub #140 Uncanny X-Men. I have never been a great grader, so please bear with me. Hulk #149 Fine? Hulk #187 VF+? ...
FS on ComicLink - My Recent Listings ComixPop 1 6 yearsComixPop (76): The following are my recent postings on the ComicLink Exchange, in case any are on your Want List. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #300, CGC 9.4 NM CAPTAIN AMERICA #100, CGC 4.5 VG+ FANTASTIC FOUR #52, CGC 4.5 VG+ INCREDIBLE HULK #180, CGC 9.0 VFNM ...
BATMAN IN DETECTIVE COMICS 89/90 organic 1 6 yearsorganic (13): Hi, I am clearing out some of my collection and willing to sell some of my books. Feel free to contact me if any question. Set of 5 comic books BATMAN IN DETECTIVE COMICS #611,#612,#613,#615,#116 Price for set $25 Here are the buying details: The Book what you see that is the book what I am selling. Please see pictures for the condition. Shipping method will be at the buyer's request . You can tell me if you...
WOLVERINE VARIANT EDITION 2007 organic 1 6 yearsorganic (13): Hi, I am clearing out some of my collection and willing to sell some of my books. Feel free to contact me if any question. [ b]WOLVERINE #50 VARIANT EDITION $50 [/b] Here are the buying details: The Book what you see that is the book what I am selling. Please see pictures for the condition. Shipping method will be at the buyer's request . You can tell me if you want extra insurance or just the cheapest option, etc. I will use...
FS: Spider-Man 2099 #1, rare 2nd Print ToyBiz Variant CGC 9.8 00slim 3 6 years00slim (17696): True. It has great potential, but I have one more for my PC already. I know some boardies would appreciate it & just wanted to offer it in case.
SUPERMAN'S GIRL FRIEND LOIS LANE 1960'S organic 1 6 yearsorganic (13): Hi, I am clearing out some of my collection and willing to sell some of my books. Feel free to contact me if any question. Set of 3 comic books SUPERMAN'S GIRL FRIEND LOIS LANE #46,#47,#48 Price for set is $47 Here are the buying details: The Book what you see that is the book what I am selling. Please see pictures for the condition. Shipping method will be at the buyer's request . You can tell me if you want extra insurance...
Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane 1963 organic 1 6 yearsorganic (13): Hi, I am clearing out some of my collection and willing to sell some of my books. Feel free to contact me if any question. Set of 4 comic books Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #38,#39,#40,#41 Price for set is $75 Here are the buying details: The Book what you see that is the book what I am selling. Please see pictures for the condition. Shipping method will be at the buyer's request . You can tell me if you...
SUPERMAN 1960's organic 1 6 yearsorganic (13): Hi, I am clearing out some of my collection and willing to sell some of my books. Feel free to contact me if any question. Set of 3 comic books Superman #213,#214,#215 Price for set is $57 Here are the buying details: The Book what you see that is the book what I am selling. Please see pictures for the condition. Shipping method will be at the buyer's request . You can tell me if you want extra insurance or just the cheapest...
Detective Comics early 1970's organic 1 6 yearsorganic (13): Hi, I am clearing out some of my collection and willing to sell some of my books. Feel free to contact me if any question. Set of 4 comic books Detective Comics #421#424#427#428 Price for set is $105 Here are the buying details. The Book what you see that is the book what I am selling. Please see pictures for the condition. Shipping method will be at the buyer's request . You can tell me if you want extra insurance or just...
BATMAN 1970's organic 1 6 yearsorganic (13): Hi, I am clearing out some of my collection and willing to sell some of my books. Feel free to contact me if any question. Set of 5 comic books BATMAN #273, #274, #275, #277, #278 Price for set is $63 Here are the buying details. The Book what you see that is the book what I am selling. Please see pictures for the condition. Shipping method will be at the buyer's request . You can tell me if you want extra insurance or just...
TOMB OF TERROR 15 CBCS 2.5 on eBay Larryw7 1 6 yearsLarryw7 (258): Ends tonight.
LA Comic Art Show This Weekend--Sunday November 4th! HippyComix 1 6 yearsHippyComix (43): LA Comic Art Show is the first West Coast convention dedicated exclusively to Original Comic Book Art. You'll find no comic books or collectibles, but an incredible array of thousands of pages, covers, paintings, and pin-ups: Original Comic Book, Comic Strip and Illustration Art from the 1940s to the present! Some of the Nation's top Art Dealers and Exhibitors who will be set up in the spacious Breakwater Room: Cool Lines Art (Rich...
FS: Strange Adventures 205 (8.5) & Detective Comics 359 (7.0) Deadman BatGr ComicFan 25 6 yearspoka (24133): No need to be sorry. Not my listing :)
FS: 4-lot WoW World of Warcraft DC Unlimited Series 1 ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): I rcvd these from an ex-Blizzard employee, whom I imagine recieved them before the wave was released to the public. This is a complete set of 4 and the blister packs are in an average 9.6+ condition...nice! Thanks for viewing my auction. Best regards, Tim
Ebay Pet Peeve drchaos 17 6 yearsdrchaos (27646): I have not had that happen to me yet but that would piss me off. After experimenting with best offer early on I decided I want no part of it.
FS: 4-lot 2017 Star Wars Force Link - mainline figs ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): I've listed an auction for a small lot of four mainline 2017 Star Wars Force Link figures: Rose, Paige, Finn and General Hux. Thanks for viewing my auction. Best regards, Tim
FS: 4-lot Marvel Toys Legendary Comic Book Heroes - Monkeyman Series ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): I've listed another Legendary Comic Book Heroes action figure 4-lot for sale. This lot includes HTF and VHTF variants and "chase" figures. x2 Ann O'Brien = original & variant x1 Judge Death = transparent variant x1 The Darkness = VHTF / rare / "chase" Thanks for viewing my auction. Best regards, Tim
FS: SNES-101 Super Nintendo deck with x10 games ZosoRocks 10 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): LOL - you look to be correct. I did not know that....but.... My son says it is just s SNES mini, and after looking online, it appears that the Famicon Jr. looks to be a bit different. Anyhow...maybe soneone will get a good deal...*shrugs*....
FS: Nintendo Game Boy Advance Pokemon Gold NY w/6 games & bag ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): I've listed an auction for a HTF handheld gaming lot - featuring a used, but WORKING GREAT, Nintendo Game Boy Advance Pokemon Gold New York Center handheld unit, with 6 games, and a carry bag. Thanks for viewing my auction. Best regards, Tim
Rare Modern Variants for Auction/BIN on eBay (Star Wars, Tsum Tsum & more) xpsp3windows 1 6 yearsxpsp3windows (73): Selling a bunch of rare modern variants on eBay. Either I upgraded them or have multiple copies so no longer need them. Can offer some good deals for boardies! STAR WARS SPECIAL C-3PO #1 HARRIS RED ARM SPOTLIGHT VARIANT 1:1000 CGC 9.8 (Auction ending Today) MARVEL TSUM TSUM #4 JOHNSON 1:25 VARIANT CGC 9.8 (Auction ending in 4 days) All other Buy it Now listings can be found here " xpsp3windows items for sale" ...
FS: Artgerm Batgirl Variants ThorneArt 1 6 yearsThorneArt (1916): Hello Everybody, I got a couple of books that are for sale. Batgirl 2009 #12 & #14 Batgirl #12 9.8 $325 (ship incl in the usa) Batgirl #14 9.6 $90 (ship incl in the usa)
Advice on selling variants KYoung_1974 10 6 yearsKYoung_1974 (741): @Treweldy I expect them in by the end of the week. One of the lots was all Dawn comics, Dawn 1 - 6 with the 3 variant #1's, Crypt of Dawn, and Tears of Dawn. I will post them when I get them in.
Ed's Odds and Ends Sale Thread esaravo 15 6 yearsesaravo (93411): Yes, I have one, Jackie. But it might be too pretty to sell (even if it’s only a mid-grade copy). I almost brought it with me to a convention in CT a few months ago, but I had Neal Adams and Dennis O’Neill sign my copy of #232 (and a GL #76) instead. If CBCS can get caught up, I hope to get them back in December.
FS: 3-LOT Star Wars JAKKS Pacific 18" Darth Maul-Kylo Ren-Captain Phasma ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): All three are new and in their original unopened boxes. - Darth Maul was the hardest of these figures to find and I believe it was an exclusive to Walgreens, and was stocked in limited quantities. - Captain Phasma is 20" tall Thanks for checking out my auction. Tim
FS: 4-lot Star Wars various - Clone Wars & RotS Sneak General Grievous ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): x2 Revenge of the Sith figures - General Grievous and Grievous's Guard x2 The Clone Wars & Legacy Collection - 1st Day Issue - General Grievous and Leektar/Nippet Thanks for checking out my auction. Tim
FS: 3-LOT Star Wars Saga Collection & McQuarrie concept Obi-wan/Yoda ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): The McQuarrie Concept Obi-wan & Yoda is also a SDCC exclusive in clamshell. x2 Saga Collection figures - in clamshells. One is for TRANSPORT USE ONLY! Thanks for checking out my auction.
FS: 6-lot Star Wars 30th Anniversary w/coins and HTF figures ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): This is another 6-lot of 30th Anniversary Star Wars figures, but this lot has all figures issued with collector's coins, and two HTF ("nn") Fans' Choice figures - Utapau Shadow Trooper and Cover Ops Trooper. x4 gold coins x1 silver coin x1 black coin Thanks for viewing my auction. Tim
Lehigh Valley Comic Con Doc_Cop 1 6 yearsDoc_Cop (3100): The Lehigh Valley Comic Con is this Saturday, one day. It's a smaller show with some great vendors. Is anybody planning on going that may want to meet up?
FS: Hasbro Star Wars 30th Ann figure 6-lot ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Some included are Commander Gree, EVO Stormtrooper, and Battle-Damaged Darth Vader. Thanks for viewing my auction. Best regards, Tim
FS: Anita Blake Vampire Hunter mixed lot ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): 3-lot of two books (x1 HC / x1 paperback) and a SDCC exclusive Marvel Limited Edition Print. Thanks for viewing my auction.
FS: 4-lot Where the Wild things are ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): I have listed a 4-lot of children's books by Maurice Sendak - if you are interested in some 1960s/70s/80s animation art. - 10th anniversary edition - 20th anniversay Trophy edition - 25th anniversary Trophy edition - Renewed copyright 25th anniversary edition Thanks for viewing my auction. Best regards. Tim
FS: HALO 4-lot - x1 McFarlane Spartan Athlon / x3 Hot Wheels Warthogs ZosoRocks 2 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): I guess it would have been helpful to include a link, huh? Sorry everyone... eBay:
FS: Mattel DC Super Heroes - 6in Steel & Cyborg Superman ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Both figures are considered MIP and both packages are visually C8.5/9.0 and C9.2. Thanks for viewing my auction. Best regards, Tim
Amazing Spiderman organic 5 6 yearsjohnctan (85): Are you selling?
FS: Valiant Comics 1992 Archer & Armstrong #0 - CGC 9.6 ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): I'm continuing to list auctions for other high graded pre-unity Valiant books, if you are interested - but be forewarned, I'm running out. :o) Thanks for viewing this one and if you haven't, check out my other auctions. I've lowered prices on many things. Best regards, Tim
For sale: fantastic four 48 Batman66 1 6 yearsBatman66 (22219): Cgc 8.5 A-1 color touch I have the grader notes, was told that a-1 color (professional done) can be removed. 1225 shipped. Paypal only
Graded Books for Sale; Earn E-Bay Bucks! cjbehr948 1 6 yearscjbehr948 (170): Just listed some big guns on my E-bay page. If you're in the E-bay Bucks program, you can get 8% in E-bay Bucks on the purchase if you buy them before 2:59 AM Eastern/11:59 PM Western. - TWD #1 CGC 9.0 - TWD #19 CBCS 8.5 - TWD #100 Lucille Edition CGC 9.4 - ASM #129 (1st Punisher) CGC 7.5 (WHITE pages) - Rick & Morty #1 (Roiland Variant) CGC 9.6 behr948 on E-bay Good luck!
FS: Marvel Star Wars #1 CGC 9.6 Signed Chaykin ZosoRocks 24 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Thanks for viewing the auction Ted. And you are right....I know I had Chaykin sign the book in front of me. I don't have a picture, because I wasn't thinking of selling it for "guarantees". I had it signed, because it was a cool thing to have done. I don't regret it not being VSP...and will eventually transform it myself when I can (if I am able and it doesn't sell).....but right now....that is not a priority and someone else can...
FS: Sirius Comics - Dawn #1 (Blacklight Ed) #1/2 (Wizard Excl) signed 9.4+ ZosoRocks 5 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): :o) thanks for the compliments....first bid at $35.00 is in now. IMO - right now - that is at a bargain!! I've had them in my "to get graded bin" for years....*sighs*.....sadly.....that isn't happening any time soon. Someone profits on my holding back!! :o) Thanks again for checking out the books! Tim
FS: Entity Comics Zen Intergalactic Ninja / Young Zen / signed 9.4+ ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): This auction is a 4-lot of signed and unsigned comics. It also contains a sketch on backing board by Bill Maus. Thanks for viewing my auction. Best regards, Tim Look at this on eBay
FS: Marvel Comics - Venom 6-LOT various titles - includes Newsstand var ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Thanks for viewing my auction. 6-lot of various "Venom" titles from 1994-95-96-97 and one issue from Jun 2018. Includes two Newsstand variant copies. Best regards, Tim Look at this on eBay
Books for Sale - CBCS graded Bronze/Copper Age (some Keys) QuaBrot 16 6 yearsQuaBrot (2018): Thanks!!!
FS: Marvel Dan Panosian - sketch on board Wolverine ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): This drawing was acquired by myself in the 1990s at one of the SDCC. In addition to the primary sketch, the reverse side of the backing board has a sketch of Cyclops. Thanks for viewing my auction.
FS: Valiant Comics Solar, Man of the Atom CGC 9.6 ZosoRocks 5 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): I've always wondered that too...and I am not sure if CGC ever corrected the label template...because other eBay sales are also like this label. Good post...thanks!
FS: Verotik Comics Death Dealer 1 & 2 - signed ZosoRocks 2 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Link corrected...sorry.
FS: Marvel Comics - various Spider-Man series ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): I've just listed a 5-lot of various dated and various titled Spider-Man comic books. All are in various grades. Thanks for viewing my auction.
FS: Valiant Comics Harbinger #1 - CBCS 9.0 VSP signed Lapham ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Thanks for viewing my auction.
FS: Revolutionary Comics Led Zeppelin & Van Halen ZosoRocks 2 6 yearsvacaboca (1063): I think this is the correct link :)
FS: CBCS ART OA - Rob Liefeld - Badrock ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Drawn in the 1990s and in gold ink for myself amd upon request. Cool item. Thanks for checking out my auction.
FS: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Book #4 - CGC 9.0 ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): "Superman vs. Batman" Look at this on eBay Thanks for viewing my auction. Tim
FS: Marvel Venom: Lethal Protector Mini-Series 1 2 3 (x2) 4 5 6 - 8.0/9.0+ ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Look at this on eBay Thanks for viewing the auction! Tim
FS: Various Spider-Man series w/ McFarlane Spider-Man Silver/Gold ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Look at this on eBay Look at this on eBay Thanks for viewing my auctions. Tim
Huge collection organic Jump to first page57Jump to last page 6 yearsVaComicsGuy (4033): For fans of irony: Newb is too busy with his baby and custody battle to say what he has for sale or list prices but he has time to respond to individual PMs Newb is FLIPPING his books for money but says, "...I feel 25% is fair. I feel it is a very good discount for "COLLECTORS". 50% off eBay completed sales .............smells of a "FLIPPER" I.M.O" and my personal favorite: Newb is calling forum participants...
FS: Doctor Strange 169 (8.5) White Pages! tonnage71 1 6 yearstonnage71 (730): Got this book back from CGC and to my surprise received a purple label as they found slight color touch ups on the cover (was not disclosed when I bought the raw book). I don’t collect restored books so wanted to see if anyone on the forum has interest before I try eBay. Asking $250 + shipping ($14 for USPS Priority with $50 imsurance). Haven’t sold on here before but have been on eBay since 1999 (username: inchtimer), plus @esaravo can...
FS: 8-lot FUNKO POP! Spider-Man Venom Carnage GitD ZosoRocks 7 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Thanks for the posts gents! Enjoy!
FS: 12-lot FUNKO POP! Star Wars themed characters - HTF exclusives, GitD ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): I've just listed another collection - this time it is all Star Wars FUNKO POP! vinyl figures/bobbleheads up for auction. So if you are a collector that is looking to fill any holes, update a damaged box, or even upgrade your collection in general - this is a nice diverse lot that includes the HTF General Grievous, as well as, other HTF exclusives. Thanks for viewing my auction. Look at this on eBay
Good stores to buy from? Phahn20 15 6 yearsdrchaos (27646): Other than ebay?
Darkga's Slabbed Comics Sale - GOOD BOOKS INSIDE! Darkga 27 6 yearsDarkga (4787): sold!
Found this awesome sites for silver age! Phahn20 3 6 years50AE_DE (6464): The site had been around for quite some time. As mentioned above, the site had been cherry picked and most keys are now gone. I'm a member of their prime shipping and I still shop there whenever there is a sale. They grade using their own grading system that may not be consistent with Overstreet.
My ebay shop - New ID poka Jump to first page115Jump to last page 6 yearspoka (24133): Well - given it didn't sell - I submitted one of the 1:500 Ross for grading :)
FS: 1995 VALIANT Visitor v Universe 1 - CGC 9.4 Newsstand ZosoRocks 5 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Darn templates! The formatting is different for each the desktop, the tablet and the phone. That field can only be deleted on the desktop version. Corrected....thanks! Checked my other auctions, and corrected them as well. Thanks!
FS: 11-lot var dated Amazing Spider-Man ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Earliest is #179 & #180 (Diamond Dist), blank barcode square. Also included is a signed John Romita Ann #5, along with a Newsstand edition of the HTF #602. Thanks for viewing my auction.
FS: Marvel Comics MIRACLEMAN #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 8 - w/ 1:25 & 1:50 var ZosoRocks 2 6 yearstimberghost (269): Looks sweet, nice starter price too.
Venom:Lethal Protector#1 @ $23,750.00 WHY??? vvv 23 6 yearsBigRedOne1944 (11512): Congratulations to YOU! Sadly, working hard and being accountable for yourself is a lacking trait in with today's self-entitled youth
FS: Valiant Eternal Warrior #1 (Aug 92) - CGC 8.5 White Pages ZosoRocks 11 6 yearsX51 (14744): Bingo. Thanks.
FS: Funko Pop! Peanuts - Ghost Charlie Brown #333 ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): For sale: #331 Charlie Brown (with mask) - C8.5+ #333 Ghost Charlie Brown - C9.4+ Thanks for viewing my auction. Tim
Need Some Help: Selling a Huge Collection Norbi 19 6 yearsNorbi (19): Some other books from the collection, hope you like them ...
FS: MARVEL COMICS Civil War #1 - CGC 9.4 NM ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Here is another graded comic I am selling. Thanks for viewing my auction. Best regards, Tim Look at this on eBay
Aquaman #1 1.8 CBCS 1962. For Sale JesterHats 2 6 yearsJesterHats (18): Bumping before trying another site soon.
Spider-Man comics for sale. bige31 5 6 yearsbige31 (2452): @billkruser5 sorry brother. Hopefully you can find them out there like we did. Best of luck!
TMNT #3 Laird NYCC Variant (1985) - CGC 9.0 DouggieW 2 6 yearskaptainmyke (27076): Not a bad price for a 9.0. Here's mine. I got it from Kevin Eastman's personal collection:
Secret Wars #8, Some Cool Steranko Signature Slabs SpiderRish 2 6 yearsSpiderRish (1): Bump
Jon Hughes Art New Sketch Covers COMMISSIONS AVAILABLE! JonHughes 6 6 yearsJonHughes (82): Here's a Black Manta.
Must see eBay ad ONLINE_209 10 6 yearsONLINE_209 (1867): @Drogio maybe the cat food is really for her lol
A few comic books for sale! iggykoopa30 1 6 yearsiggykoopa30 (261): I have a few comic books that I'm trying to get rid of. Take advantage! All prices include shipping. I accept PayPal and will ship out bagged and boarded and packaged extremely well. Please let me know if you have questions! First up is Amazing Spider-Man #298 and #299. These are a package deal. 298 has spine ticks. 299 in great shape. Asking $95 shipped for these 2! ...
A Few Slabs FOR SALE esaravo 19 6 yearsesaravo (93411): @shrewbeer - If you haven’t bought anything in a while, NOW is the perfect time to reward yourself and satisfy that collecting urge that gnaws at your gut.
For Sale: Fantastic Four #52 6.0 OW/W and All-Star Comics #58 9.6 W Darkga 4 6 yearsDarkga (4787): bump :beer:
Venom Fans Only Cowabunga_Kyle 2 6 yearsCowabunga_Kyle (2271): I'm delighted that Ryan Stegman is digging these. I hope you cats dig them too.
Couple slabs for sale Dalkiel 7 6 yearsDalkiel (2028): Cool.
FS: Blizzard DIABLO III CE - unopened/SS ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): I've just put up another ebay auction and this one is a Still Sealed copy of Blizzard's "Diablo III" Collector's Edition. I rcvd this from my son who workedat Blizzard for over 10 yrs. I am not a gamer, so maybe someone else can enjoy it...AND AT THE SAME another "down on his luck community member" with some bill payments. ...
For Sale : Spidergwen Silk and Venom VisceralDreams 1 6 yearsVisceralDreams (259): Hey guys, I've got some books up on my eBay right now and I thought I'd post them here as well. I've got more new listings coming. I'd rather sell on here or instagram but the insta sales have been kind of slow lately. My eBay is ivanscomicstore . Anyways here are some listings: 1st Appearance of SpiderGwen CBCS 9.6 First Print Edge of Spider-Verse 2  NIB ...
Nice CBCS books in auction BrotherKenneth 2 6 yearsBrotherKenneth (66): Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th. Just a reminder that these auctions end on Tuesday July 10. Thanks for looking.
FS: 12 Gauge LCBH Legendary Comic Book Heroes 2-pk Conan vs Wrarrl ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): HTF Still Sealed/NEW set with figures that are MIP. Thanks for viewing the auction. eBay - Best regards! Tim
FS: Marvel Star Wars #3 CGC 8.5/VF+ ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Hi community. Here is another graded comic up for sale. Marvel Star Wars #3 - 30 cents Thanks for checking it out.
Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars Lot for sale! iggykoopa30 1 6 yearsiggykoopa30 (261): Selling the set of 1-4 of Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars complete with the variant #2 first appearance of Gwen Pool. All books are VF/NM- or higher. Asking $90 shipped. Let me know if you’re interested! Thanks!
Requests for selling some books xkonk 23 6 yearsxkonk (17678): Maybe one or two newsstand, but that's it.
NYX 3 for sale Steverogers11 2 6 yearsSteverogers11 (3605): Drop to $500. Which is below GPA. Or even open to a trade. Thanks
FS Hunt for Wolverine #1 1:500 kubert poka Jump to first page51Jump to last page 6 yearsDJC_II (1829): Great success!
CBCS is Moving to Dallas... SteveRicketts Jump to first page128Jump to last page 6 yearspoka (24133): Refer to this thread
Shipping/Mailing Slabs from US of A to Canada? Gabriel85301 10 6 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): I'd rather pay 10% and sell a book for generally more on eBay, than sell for less on Facebook. I buy from Facebook groups/auctions, I can't see how selling on Facebook groups pays. I do know a couple of dealers who sell cheesy copper/modern hot books on Facebook, for more than the book sells for on eBay. They don't run auctions, they just have dedicated followers who overpay, not knowing any better. I could sell like that, but it'd...
FS: Amazing Spider-Man - Ltd Ed USPS repro #1 / SD Union-Tribune 24 promos ZosoRocks 7 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): Thanks for all the comments everyone. Yes...I am aware of BIN...never have had luck with it. As for leaving money on tbe looks like the winning bidder will get a bargain then. This stuff is just sitting around collecting dust. Hopefully I get a sale.... The secondary market is a bitch to be part of...LOL Thanks again.
FS: Star Wars 2 3 4 5 6 8 ZosoRocks 1 6 yearsZosoRocks (2131): 2, 3, 4, 5 are all "Diamond" Reprints 6 and 8 are "Diamond" 1st prints. Thamks for checking out my auction.
Books for Sale on My E-bay Page! Earn those E-bay Bucks! cjbehr948 2 6 yearscjbehr948 (170): For those interested in "Preacher", I have 11 auctions for the series ending TONIGHT (6/21) starting at 8 PM eastern. Graded issues & a 47 book lot. Good luck!
Looking to sell/trade bulk series lots in NJ-jersey shore area Enelson 6 6 yearsxkonk (17678): Also NJ-related: I saw that one of the comic guys who sets up at the Peddler flea market in Sicklerville is selling his whole inventory. 30,000 some books. I only looked around there once so I don't know what all he has, but if anyone is sitting on a bunch of money...
Darkga FLASH SALE - Saturday 6/16/2018 6PM EST Darkga Jump to first page150Jump to last page 6 years00slim (17696): This still up for grabs? If so, I’ll take it.
EBAY Brightest Day Run DC Green Lantern yamada69 2 6 yearsyamada69 (66): one day left!!
FS: TOS 52 CGC 7.0 OW/W Pages 00slim Jump to first page47Jump to last page 6 years3JJr (205): Good, because just having tracking info may not be enough for paypal to fight for you with on a claim or chargeback. Buyer fraud scenario: Carrier is delivering to an area where he can sign off on the parcel (same as driver release with UPS) and leave it on a doorstep if no one is home to accept it or doesn't hear the doorbell. Now, one of three things can occur with that parcel laying in plain sight. 1) The buyer either: a) opens the door,...
WTS: Vampirella #1 CGC 7.5 (1969) White Pages KingNampa 10 6 yearsKingNampa (6756): SOLD THANKS TO EBAY COUPON
FS: TSR Dungeons & Dragons Game, Handbook, Ltd Comics ZosoRocks 11 6 yearsBabaLament (2961): Hitting up used bookstores looking for old D&D or WoD sourcebooks is a tangential hobby to comic collecting. I have a goodly collection of D&D, Forgotten Realms, & World of Darkness core sourcebooks; but it’s the supplementary books that are the really hard finds. I also found a bunch of cloth maps from the old Ultima PC games in a box. I wish more games had cool add-on lore items like maps or codices, instead of poly-resin...
For Sale/Trade: Superman #76 for your GSX #1 Darkga Jump to first page133Jump to last page 6 yearsDarkga (4787): We'll continue this in another thread, however the for sale portion of this thread is officially closed. :(|)
WTB: Looking for TMNT Archie comics 60-70 kaptainmyke 3 6 yearsCopperAgeKids (3717): I also (had) a full run in NM; sold it about 10 years ago on eBay. I got around a $100 for it, give or take $20.
Is This The End For The Walking Dead? JLS_Comics 19 6 yearsX51 (14744): I do too. It'll never die. It's like a zombie or something.
Comics For Trade? AtlasLad67 12 6 yearsAtlasLad67 (52): PM me an email I'll take fresh pics rn lol
Ebay Auctions ending tonight ThorneArt 6 6 yearsThorneArt (1916): Hello Folks, I started a bunch of new, actual, auctions this weekend. :) Please feel free to take a look. ebay seller ct98
... Watcher 17 6 yearsWatcher (4166): :) I posted 10 ASM silver raws for sale and no one really had interest except the Kaptain so I deleted it and PM'd with Kap.
FoR Sale: Strange Tales #110 1st Dr. Strange KingNampa 29 6 yearsBrianGreensnips (14650): @KingNampa Glad to hear you got your price. Which avenue did it sell for above FMV? Did you have to throw in a bonus book like you were thinking about doing?