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How to contact CBCS Customer Service?15232

Collector ferant316 private msg quote post Address this user
Hey everyone,
It was suggested in a CBCS fan group on Facebook I try reaching out to here for some advice with CBCS Customer Service.

I have a dealer account and some customer's books we submitted for VSP and grading were damaged after leaving our hands. We were not informed of the package arriving damaged so were unable to file a USPS Shipping Insurance claim for the books if they were damaged in shipping.

Have been trying to reach someone in Customer Service at CBCS to help deal with this situation dating back to May 28th through every avenue possible (phone, email, Facebook groups, Facebook messenger, text message, mutual friends & other dealers) and have so far turned up empty aside from the occasional promise of an answer or resolution within 24 hours of the response only to never receive a response back with resolution.

One of the customers the books belong to has gotten very agitated by the situation and further exacerbated today when they reached out to CBCS and received an immediate response informing them they I have never reached out to CBCS nor made any claim of damage both of which are wholly untrue but has just further stoked the fire for the customer who the books belong to as now they think I have been lying to them for two months (which I haven't and have copies of all my contact with CBCS to backup that fact).

I have now spent my entire work day trying to get in touch with anyone at CBCS and come up empty so I am coming to the forum begging and pleading for any kind of assistance speaking to someone of authority who can help with this situation.

Thank you & regards,
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COLLECTOR dielinfinite private msg quote post Address this user
Unfortunately CBCS’ customer service has not been good for a long time. Normally it can be ignored but with the how backed up everything has gotten it’s become much more of an issue.

Normally you would just have to repeatedly email ( and hope you get a response (it used to take at least a week to get a response before everything hit the fan).

The call center is just that, an off site call center so they can do little more than answer the phone and mostly just tell you what you can already see on the web site.

You can try emailing @Darryl_H directly at or you can also try messaging him directly via Facebook. Again, no guarantee of a quick response but he can normally get things taken care of

Finally, there is @SteveBorock who you can email at He might just direct you to Darryl but bringing the big cheese into the conversation might grease some wheels
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Collector ferant316 private msg quote post Address this user
@dielinfinite thank you! I have been trying to get in touch with Darryl for some time now but I just shot a message to @SteveBorock so hopefully I can get a response.

Thank you,
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