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ASM #300 Style Cover Collection.2860

Collector BabaLament private msg quote post Address this user
Hello all!

I'm new to all this, but working diligently to put together a respectable Spider Man collection. I really like the ASM #300 cover & the various homage covers it inspired...dare I say "Spawn-ed"? *collective bad joke groan*

Anyhow, I'm putting the group together & wanted to check with the CBCS community to see if I managed to catch them all. I'm not going for *every* 300-style cover; so no Spawn #227, DeadPooh #1 or #3, or Archie #1. I'm trying to stick w/ Marvel characters. The overall goal for these is to get them slabbed & then framed as the centerpiece of my game room wall. The issues I have so far are as follows:

ASM #300, ASM #301, ASM #700 (2nd Printing/Doc Ock), ASM #15 (Decomixado), Web Of Spider Man #50, Spider Gwen #1 (Red, Gold, B&W Phantom's), Silk #2 (Red, White, B&W Phantom's), Silk #3 (Black Cat Phantom), Deadpool 45/250 (Phantom & Signed by Fabian Nicieza), Venom #2, Venom #6, Carnage #1 (Gold, Black, B&W Phantom's), Thor #8 (Gold, Black, B&W Phantom's), Ant-Man #5 (Phantom), Moon Knight #57, The Incredible Hulk #344.

First Question: Did I miss any?

Second Question: Does Spider Man & Silk SpiderFly #4 make the cut? I keep going back & forth as to if I should include it or not.

Third Question: A couple of the above are already CGC. Would it be worth it to re-submit them to CBCS so I can have uniformity in labels on the slabs? Mild OCD; I don't know if the slight difference would be enough to drive me nuts over time.

Fourth Question: Would this qualify as a Collector's Set?

Any feedback appreciated. Thanks all!
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COLLECTOR dielinfinite private msg quote post Address this user
While I can't guarantee that it's comprehensive (though the site is generally very well organized), here's a list of ASM 300 homages
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