Just saw this CBCS 8.5 on ebay in a no reserve auction format, this seller has this slab and about a dozen other heavy hitters up for auction now, all without reserves and no minimum bids.

FTR, I have nothing to do with this seller...

I'm curious to see how this CBCS 8.5 performs in auction, book looks cherry from the pics I see but I'm messaging the seller to ask them to post a couple additional pics of the back cover of this slab.

I won a CGC slabbed copy of this book back in 2020 off eBay back in 2020, not an 8.5 but fairly nice.

I paid a bit higher than I wanted to for it, not sure without checking GPA but it was around $350 or so...cant recall offhand for sure but I think mine is a CGC 5.5.

I do remember getting 2 absolute steals from the same seller on that same day; which more than made up for paying a bit high for the Bobby Benson slab....two 50's war CGC slabs at 5.0-6.0.

The nicer of the 2 was a slab of this book:

I think I paid like under $100 for that one,which was ridiculously cheap....around that same time, mycomicshop auctioned off a 4.0 or so which sold for $238, they have a 2.0 coming up next week.It was a legit 4.0, not undergraded....I think I even saved the images of it on my desktop.

The other steal was a slabbed racist Korean war cover book, which I can't recall the title of offhand.

I'll put those 3 slabs up in a sales thread on this board, along with some other raws and slabs which I have already scanned or have pics of on my cell, over the weekend...before subbing them to MCS for consignment.