Hello all!

Premier Comics is proud to present the Nickel City Collection. This comprehensive, high-grade collection was recently purchased from a single meticulous collector in the Buffalo NY area. The Nickel City Collection consists of an impressive group of Copper Age comic books (including almost every key from the era). They were methodically purchased, protected, and stored with great care. It is our pleasure to offer them for the first time in 30 years!

In over 20+ years in the business we have never seen anything quite like it. The scale, variety and condition have no equal for a single Copper Age comic book collection. As many collectors would agree, it never gets old looking through long boxes and finding tight covers, crisp corners and white pages.

These books are being graded by CBCS, with a special label indicating that each comic is part of this unique group. You can now add them to your collection and give these pristine books the new home they need.

With huge smiles we will be continuing to carefully sort & make these books available over the next year or more! Find them on eBay now. User name PremierComicBooks.