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Suggestions for Comic Database & Tracking Software10849

Collector Cool_Fool private msg quote post Address this user
Help me get organized - Asking for suggestions on what to use to keep track of my comic collection. I see so many options but hope the CBCS community can narrow it down. Looking for it to have easy input/scanner, mobile access and value. Bonus would be a notes section. Thanks. ^_~ HavaTaco
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COLLECTOR dielinfinite private msg quote post Address this user
I personally use and recommend the CLZ desktop app by Collectorz. It’s really robust and costumizable and it does have a notes section. I’ve written about some of it’s lesser known features in the past and it has started adding new features to better support graded books and value tracking.

Unfortunately, it recently switched to a subscription model for some of it’s database features, so automatically downloading issue images and information is now locked behind a subscription but if you don’t mind adding the info and images yourself then you don’t need the subscription (after the initial year that is included)
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Collector crystalphoto private msg quote post Address this user
I use Comic Price Guide ( ). It helps me keep track of my books, and store the information online, so I can log on to any computer, it also has a phone ap... It keeps a running value, though I am not sure how accurate it is (it seems close) Small collections are free, after so many books (i forget how many) you need to subscribe to one of the different levels. It has other features worth checking out. If your computer crashes, no need to panic, just log in need to wory with what you entered last...
It works for me...
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Collector KYoung_1974 private msg quote post Address this user
I will second @dielinfinite's recommendation. A few months ago I got the bundled option for all their products, Desktop, cloud storage, and mobile version. I don't always make it into the LCS every week (more like twice a month) and with all the variant covers, I found myself double buying issues because I couldn't remember if I had picked up a particular issue on my last visit. By having the mobile app synced to my desktop, if I'm unsure, I can look and see if I already purchased it.

One of the features that I love is the ability to indicate which box a comic is in. It's just gotten too hard to try to keep comic titles together (for now due to limited space) so I can just drop them in a box and mark which one it is on the desktop software. The other thing is that you have the ability to add customized fields.
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Collector cyrano0521 private msg quote post Address this user
Clz phone app is my go to for basic inventory; still keeping Access for detailed inventory
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