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mid-90s comic card error question9235

Collector etapi65 private msg quote post Address this user
I have a couple of hundred (at most) comic cards from the early-mid 90s. I've been organizing them and came across this card. It's a 1995 Venom golden web card. The obverse is fine, but the reverse has part of the wrong backing from the Ian Miller card. I know they make these by creating a giant sheet and cutting it. If they did this by printing all 9, there are at least 8 more of these with the backs offset, but for all I know that's it. There are 9 total (one of each card) I don't really know where to look, but general searches have come up with nothing on this error. If someone here knows more about it. Is this is a common printing error? Is this special? Should I hold onto it?
Get it graded? Suggestions?
Had these things just sitting in a box for 14 years, some of them are really cool looking, but other than my Nolan Ryan collection I dumped the vast majority of my cards 3 years back.

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Collector kevinlmillard private msg quote post Address this user
Most of the Marvel error cards on ebay are going for $20 - $30. I personally wouldn't waist the money on grading, but it would be worth posting on ebay with how popular Venom is these days.
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Collector Lisa private msg quote post Address this user
I know this sounds weird but check to see if the cards aren't just stuck together I had that happen to one of my planet of the apes movie cards, I thought I had a misprint but the cards were so tightly squeezed together it looked like one card.
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Collector Darkseid_of_town private msg quote post Address this user
Misaligned card backs and fronts are fairly common and do happen as well.....I have shoebox sized bunch somewhere. I even have cards they forgot to gloss, etc.
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