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Add authenticate signature of already verified signature CBCS graded book8431

Collector smeninc private msg quote post Address this user
I have a New Mutants 98 that I have verified signature of Rob Liefeld by CBCS from last year and slabbed as 9.2. Now, I am going to a convention that includes FABIAN NICIEZA to get his authenticated signature.

My questions are:

What is the fee to get regrade since I already it graded or is that the CBCS Re-holder fee?
What if I want to add pressing to hopefully increase its grading? Would I trigger a full re-grade fee? Is it worth pressing it?

I also have Net Mutants 100 graded by CGC at 9.8. Is there is discount to get the authenticated signature with CBCS grading?
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COLLECTOR dielinfinite private msg quote post Address this user
Any time the outer shell is compromised (like removing the book to get another signature) the book will require a full regrade. The cost would be the standard grading fee (in this case $18) plus the Authentic Signature fee ($5). You would have to have the book cracked open by a CBCS Witness when getting the Nicieza sig and they will have to be in possession of the item until submitted to CBCS.

Whether the book is a good candidate for pressing depends on the type of flaws on the book. Here is a good list of what makes a book a good candidate for pressing. Review the book and check the grader’s notes to see if it could benefit from a pressing. of course, some people just press everythkng, just to be sure.

In general, you’re not going to see many discounts on CBCS services. I do believe there is, or was a one point, a small discount on books submitted in competitor’s cases but it was something like 50¢ and I’m not sure if that is still offered but CBCS will honor the CGC yellow label if you submit it in the case, and MAYBE if the book is opened by a CBCS witness (to get another signature for example) and submitted with the original CGC label
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Collector etapi65 private msg quote post Address this user
My understanding is that cracking a case resets the process, what if your fingers are really dirty? What if Nicieza bends the spine while signing or drops it (by the way, he was very considerate of the comics I've had him signed...which isn't a given for a LOT of creators). It's not just reholdering. So I believe it's a full cost, signature series. I might spend the $ on pressing cleaning as New Mutants 98 is not all...and at higher grades exists in high quantities. There are over 12,000 in the CGC census between 9.2 and 10.00 with over 7,700 of those being 9.6 or higher. So if it's a question of value going from a 9.2 to a 9.4 is definitely worth it. It is, in my opinion, the most inflated comic currently on the market (200-300% higher than it should be valued). If the New Mutants 100 is signature series they will count the CGC witnessing and you will not have to red-label. However, if you have a conditional (green label) and it's already signed but not witnessed, you'll have to pay for the sig verification and get a relabel.
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Collector smeninc private msg quote post Address this user
Thank you dielinfinite and etapi65. I have a few signature of Rob Liefeld from the early 1990s and will definitely need signature verification series.

Can I put pressing and non-pressing books on the same invoice? Therefore save myself shipping costs?
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Collector etapi65 private msg quote post Address this user
Separate for pressing and non-pressing. They go to different places.
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Collector Manonfire private msg quote post Address this user
It cost me $46 to get a graded comic opened, signed, authenticated, and re-graded that is including shipping.
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