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I go through Midtown for most of my back issues and some previews. I recently did a Marvel subscription and found out it was actually Midtown which I was fine with until my comics started coming in. They ship each comic in plastic with something close to a board but not as tick and sturdy. It honestly turned me off from renewing my subscription because the comics wind up bent and damaged by USPS. I think my wife even threw one or two away thinking it was junk mail. I never had an issue with Midtown but their shipping for subs stinks. Anyone have any suggestions other than eBay for comics?
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I had the Marvel subscription for a long time but now just use Midtown's pull list instead. They ship pull list comics they same way they ship anything else. It's more expensive (that subscription discount is pretty awesome) but you get your comics in decent shape. I'm sure pretty much any online shop or your LCS would do a pull list/subscription as well.
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COLLECTOR Studley_Dudley private msg quote post Address this user
Agree. If you Have an LCS, check them out. I do my subscriptions online through Graham Crackers but there are plenty of others and some offer discounts and what not. I went back through some of my old subscription issues from the mid 90s and a lot of them looks like they were given the business.
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I have had good experiences with Midtown by mail and in person.
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Many of my comics from Midtown came damaged or at least at a lower quality than I wanted. I switched to Things from Another World ( and have not turned back. I get preorders bagged and boarded. They take groups and further wrap them in paper to secure books in a way they can be stacked (and keeps them secured so they do not shift in the box or on each other). They do not have a ton of back issues like Midtown, but their handling of preorders are phenomenal. I receive books monthly to reduce shipping costs, but you can ship them more frequently.
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Collector dameki private msg quote post Address this user
I haven't found a LCS that I like out here. Anyone have a suggestion for a LCS in San Diego?
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I used DCBS mail service for the better part of the last three years. Very easy ordering/ good prices and secure shipping. Even got a couple of 9.8s graded from them. The only draw back is that you are ordering three months in advance. So, new titles your interested in get to you after you've committed to the first three issues. They will bag/board with poly or Mylites and regular/ half/ full back boards. Shipping price options are limited but I never had a complaint with the packing. Bundled in stacks of ten to twelve in either popcorn or inflatable foam that forms around the bagged bundles. Never had corner bumps and sturdy boxes. If you can't find a good LCS, they're great.
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I have personally never had a subscription to any comic shop, but this is because I do not trust most people to handle comic books. Even the shops I go to that I like I hate the way their staff handle the books. It drives me nuts when they grad the book by the spine. Its total crazy that it is not taught at shops to never do this. To them it is just paper, but to the customer it should be whatever they want it to be.
I live in an area were I have a lot of options and I will gladly drive out of the way for the shop that has books on the shelf that look nice. I also expect the staff not to jack up my book when putting it in a bag either. This should be simple stuff that is part of training at a comic shop, but it seems to be like spotting a ufo to find one that cares.
My honest recommendation would be to express your to the staff that you care that the books you get not be in bad condition and ask that they hold a nice copy for you if you are subscribed member. If not I would just cut out st lunch on Wednesday’s to grab hatecer but you need.
All the best!
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Originally Posted by dameki
Anyone have any suggestions other than eBay for comics?

I've been using Atomic Empire for the last 2-3 years. 97% happy with them, just a couple issues missed and back-ordered in that time. They bag and board everything (in super-cheap bags) and give 30% off at my tier.

I am trying DCBS for the first time, which someone else mentioned. I am waiting for my first order (in a week or two) before going whole-hog in. Atomic Empire makes it really easy to order, though, so I'll miss that as I get used to DCBS (if I switch).
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