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Collector Zini private msg quote post Address this user
I want to submit an original art done by Randy Emberlin but it will be done unwittnesed and not at a convention. Would I have to do OAP as well as a Verified signature?
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COLLECTOR dielinfinite private msg quote post Address this user
Hi, welcome to the forum!

First off, make sure you're aware that the maximum size for an ART label is 10.25 inches tall by 7.25 inches wide. A sketch cover is fine but larger, like a standard sheet of paper or a larger 11"x17" art board is out. If it's a Sketch Cover or some other comic with an indica, you can submit it for regular grading if you wish. If it is not a comic, has no indica, or you don't want to burden the book with a grade then yes, it will have to go in an ART slab.

As long as it meets those criteria, you have several options. As you mentioned, you can submit it for a verified signature, which is an additional $25 fee and would get a red label like this:

The other option is that CBCS can provide a short form that you could give to Randy along with a CBCS submission invoice for the book. Randy would have to fill out and sign the form and submit it, along with the art and Invoice, directly to CBCS and it would qualify for a yellow label for an additional $5 fee. To inquire about this option, I would recommend contacting Steve Palus via email at

Finally, I think you can technically submit it as a blue ART label, at which point it's basically just being encapsulated with no information on label.
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Collector Zini private msg quote post Address this user
@dielinfinite Wow amazing response. This answers everything I needed. Thanks so much!
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