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So often we hear about the bad eBay sellers and shippers, let's hear about some good ones.

I just had an experience with leescomicsinc. Somehow, eBay used my old "ship to" address. I had not used it in over two years. My purchases both before and after this one were sent to the correct address. I have no idea how I messed this one up. But it happened. I didn't realize my fubar until after I got a tracking notice that I was going to receive it on Saturday. I saw the mailman pull up to my apartment building. I waited for a knock. He left. I was mystified. So, I checked the tracking notice closer. Sure enough, it went to my old address.

This being Saturday, the post office in my old town closed at 10 am. I sent an email to Lee's and explained what happened. I told them I was going to see if I could make other arrangements to get my package. This is in rural Minnesota and in a town that I had lived in for many years throughout my life. My brother is a business owner and I figured I could have him pick it up if I could catch it in time. But if I couldn't, I told Lee's I'd pay for postage to send it out to me again. I received a reply within about an hour (on a Saturday) from Lee's. They said not to worry and that they would reship at no cost to me. Now, this is a SMALL purchase. It was the White Knight Special Edition Black Label comic along with L'il Gotham #1 for $5.99 shipped!!! They can not be making more than $2-$3 max on this the way it is!!! For them to offer to reship at no cost to me was a surprise!!!

As it turns out, I was able to talk to the postmaster this morning and he is holding the package for my brother to pick up for me. Well, it'll actually be my sister in law. Anyway, I have purchased from Lee's Comics before and I know they package their comics soundly. I believe they use Gemini mailers if I remember correctly. So, I'm not worried about that.

And I have since edited my addresses in eBay so that my current address is the only one listed. But I figured the least I could do is to give a shout out to Lee's and their customer service.
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Lee’s is local here. Great store!! Awesome employees. They have scaled down a bit, but still offer great customer service. Nice to here an LCS from my neck of the woods to get a shout out!!
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Ive had successful dealings with Lee's on Ebay.
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Shameless plug:
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