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Originally Posted by Helric1
I saw this post in the CGC forum. I'm following it to see what king of replies it gets. Apparently the post was originally buried in a another thread

Keep us posted. CGC's "SOTA" holders are destined to make them Lord of the Newton Rings.

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Ok - to continue a conversation that was started on the "New to your collection #3" thread, here are the pics and the screenshot I shared. These are dealing with newton rings and a lack of an inner well with CGC slabs.

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I got 4 flip books back last week. Each has a very small amount on the back cover. They have made good progress on the problem, but it is not quite solved yet
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Newton Rings

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Just sent my 181 9.0 in for re-slab...let's see how it comes back since it's going up for sale upon delivery. gonna be bummed if I have to deal with disgruntled buyers on that big a purchase
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I don't have any experience with CGC or the newton rings. I've read enough about it on the boards to want to avoid it. I've also seen the explanation that it's the inner well that pushes on the outer case that causes it and that made a certain amount of sense.

I saw a guy on a FB group say that it was the tpe of plastic that CGC was using that was causing the rings. I blew it off, because I had already read on the internet what the cause was (and it must be true because Internet!). But it made me do a little more digging into what Netwon Rings are and what causes them.

So in scientific terms, a Newton ring is caused when two planar surfaces are not aligned properly and there is air between them. The refraction of the light through the air causes a Newton ring. Which started me thinking, if it was pressure on the outer case caused by the inner well, I would expect that the pressure would come from the edges, causing the center of the outer case to bow out in a convex shape causing the gap for the light to refract through. If that was the problem, I would expect the Newton Rings to be almost uniform in appearance from book to book.

However, a lot of the pictures on this thread look more like the issues seen with the old cell phone screen protectors. And I don't see how pressure on the edges could cause those rings.

All that to say, maybe it is the plastic and not the design like the guy on the FB group surmised. However, maybe it's not the type of plastic, but defects in the manufacture (air bubbles?) and in exact tolerances of the sheet (wavy sheets of plastic?) that cause this.

It could explain why the thicker slabs don't have these issues as they are manufactured to different standards.

Of course, I didn't sleep much last night and could be way off base, and maybe it really is just an inner well pressure issue.

And now that I re-look at the pics on my PC and not my cell phone, they do appear to be uniform. <Sigh> that's 10 or 15 minutes of my life I won't get back.
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