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SALE: Non-Sport & Comic Card Sets (Scan Heavy with Prices)7191

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Offering up some

Beautiful One Owner Non-Sport & Comic Card sets

All Set Prices are postage Paid
Shipping for Single Cards is $3.00 no matter how many you buy. 1 or 100 its $3.00

Payment is by Pay-Pal Friends & Family Only
Pay-Pal Address is:

Buyers MUST PM me your shipping address upon the purchase of any books

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Thanks for stopping by for a look!

John Clayes

OK, Gotta lot of Super Nice Card Sets to show ya....... So let's get started!

1979 Topps Star Trek "The Motion Picture" Set EXMT-NM

Set of all 88 cards in nice EXMT-NM condition. Over all centering varies, but is quite nice considering Quality control was virtually non-existent back in 1979. Nice corners and edges with minimal wear.
No Creases, Writing, rips, etc... Nice Classic Set from the very 1st Star Trek Movie. $39

1990 Marvel Series I Complete card Set MINT
Complete Master Set with all 162 cards and All 5 of the Insert chase Holograms. While Marvel had a few obscure sticker sets in the mid seventies and a couple lack luster sets in the late eighties. This Set is widely viewed as Marvels first venture into the high end card market featuring high quality premium card stock. That being said, Marvel's Quality Control during printing left a lot to be desire. Print flaws and mis-cut cards plague the set. The Set was the precursor to the boom in Super Premium card Sets that would begin to appear only a few short years later.

As usual, at the time I was obsessed with building perfect Mint sets. I think I threw away more cards than I actually kept. There is no shortage of "Dealer Sets" featuring inferior cards.

This one owner Set features nice sharp cards with outstanding centering through out. The 5 Insert Chase hologram cards are Mint as well with NO:fingerprints or Scuffs. $100

The Stan Lee #161 card in the set immediately became the perfect autograph median. I wasted no time in getting one signed. I also had a opportunity at a Todd McFarlane signature and the only thing I had availble to sign was a Spiderman #29 Card from the set. Both those Signed cards are available if anyone has an interest in them. $75 (for the pair)

I also have Super High Grade MINT singles ( $5 - $10) Idea beauties for Autographs

1991 Marvel Series II Card set NM-MT - MINT
Marvel's 2nd Premium card stock set. Like series I the lack of quality control makes building a true high end set tough. Compete 162 card set in beautiful one owner condition. NO: Creases, Stains, writing, etc.. $40

1991 Marvel Series II High Grade MINT Singles ($3 - $5)

1993 Skybox Star Trek Master Series Set MINT
Without question one of the most beautiful Star Trek Sets EVER produced! Premium High Gloss card stock.
The portrait cards by renown Star Trek artist Keith Birdsong alone are worth the price of admission

Also note that these High gloss cards were VERY vulnerable to surface damage from fingerprints & Scratches. This one owner set will have NONE of that! All are in stunningly high grade Mint condition. The set also had a 5 card "Spectra" Random Insert Chase card set, which is also included with the set!

Complete 90 Card Set with the 5 card Spectra Insert Set $89

1994 Fleer Marvel Masterpieces Set MINT
Just an Absolutely gorgeous set that is graced by the stunning artwork of comic book legends Greg & Tim Hildebrandt. Super Premium High gloss card stock with gold foil lettering. Needless to say these cards were super susceptible to surface damage, scratches, scuffs & fingerprints, not to mention chipping of the Gold foil lettering. Again.... We will have NONE of that with this Super high Grade Set! Every card was cherry picked for this set and are in MINT condition. Yes you can fall for one of those "Dealer sets" claiming high grade cards, only to find out the hard way there was a reason it was "Bargain Price"

This Set also had 3 Random Insert chase card sets (All 3 are included)
10 Card Silver HoloFoil Set
10 Card Gold HoloFoil Set
9 Card PowerBlast set
The HoloFoil inserts are VERY condition sensitive! I don't believe you will find them much nicer than these.
The PowerBlast Set is tough as well. just a hint of wear on a couple of corners. NM-MT or better.

Complete 140 Card Set
Complete 10 Card Silver HoloFoil Insert Chase Set
Complete 10 Card Gold HoloFoil Insert Chase Set
Complete 9 Card PowerBlast Insert Chase Set

I only have one High Grade Mint single left from the set. $5.00 (see above shipping note for single cards)

1995 Fleer Flair Marvel Annual Set MINT
When it comes to Premium Card, NOBODY out does the gorgeous set! These Super High gloss beauties are almost like credit cards! They are also graced by gold foil letter! Once again they are Super condition sensitive to fingerprints,scuffs and chipping on the gold foil lettering. AND Once again we will NOT see any of that with these high grade beauties! This set was also loaded with 4 different Random Insert Chase sets. All Super tough and all super condition sensitive. You will Not find higher grade versions of these chase sets.
2 of the 4 Insert Chase Sets are complete and 2 are not complete.

Complete 150 card set
Complete 12 card Chromium Insert Chase Set
Complete 3 card Duoblast Hologram Insert Chase Set
4 of the 24 PowerBlast Insert Chase Cards
2 of the 12 HoloBlast Insert Chase Cards

High Grade Mint Singles ($4-$10)

1992 Topps Stadium Club Batman Returns Set MINT
Complete 100 Card Set $25

1978 Donruss Elvis Presley Set NM
Here is a great set that often gets over looked. It was put out by Donruss the year after Elvis' death in 1977. Obviously there was very little if any quality control during the printing of the cards and centering and print flaws do plague the set. I have assemble many of these sets over the years and I don't believe your gonna find it much better than this NM set. Over all centering is pretty decent, the cards a sharp with little to no corner wear. NO:Creases,Writing etc..

Complete 66 Card Set (includes 3 of the original Wax Wrappers) $50

1997 Kiss Preview Promo Set MINT
This was the 9-Card Limited Edition Promo Preview set for the 90 card Kiss set that was issued later that year. It also includes the No Number Header Card. $20

1995 WildStorm Spawn Set NM-MT to MINT
Todd McFarlanes first card offering came with a beautiful set of over-sized cards. The black borders along with there larger size made them extremely condition sensitive. This own owner set is in beautiful high grade condition with NO: Creases, Stains, Writing, etc... The set also comes 4 of the random insert chase Cards, a fist full of the advertising cards and 6 Original Foil Wrappers. Find a nicer one of these black bordered Spawn Sets and I pat you on the back. $49

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Collector BigRedOne1944 private msg quote post Address this user
Inquiry on the 95 Marvel Annual Silver Surfer Card

Card is in MINT condition with sharp corners. No: Surface Scratches or Fingerprints. NO: chipping on the Gold Foil Lettering.
An absolutely beautiful silver Surfer rendition in top Mint condition.

$7.00 + $3.00 Shipping (Will combine shipping on multiple cards and/or Sets)

Thanks for the interest!

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Weekend Bump / Update

1997 Kiss Preview Set (SOLD)
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1990 Marvel Card #80 (Apocalypse) (SOLD)

1990 Marvel Card #128 (Journey into Mystery #83) (SOLD)

1990 Marvel Card #135 (Tales of Suspense #39) (SOLD)

1991 Marvel II Card #26 (Scarlet Witch) (SOLD)

1991 Marvel II Card #40 (Beast) (SOLD)

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1992 Batman Returns Set (SOLD)

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Many items still available
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1995 Spawn Set (SOLD)
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209655 10 10
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