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Qualified comic worth buying? 9.2 IronFist 14 signed7089

Collector KatKomics private msg quote post Address this user
Sooo...have my eye on an Iron Fist 9.2 green label - signed by Byrne

Still 2 days till the end but it is surprisingly low right now - only have 1 other green label (Aquaman 4 at 9.0 with a detached staple).

I won't touch purple books but what do we think about green??

How much of a drop off a normal grade should a green label take a hit for??

If I win I may send for red label at CBCS - in my mind that is better than green yes?
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Collector GAC private msg quote post Address this user
100% red is better than green.

personally, I wouldn't touch a green label unless it's a signature that I feel is legit. at which point I'd crack and send to cbcs hoping for a red. outside of this scenario I dont buy green.
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Collector Homer private msg quote post Address this user
A green label because of signature is somewhat acceptable. Green label because of missing coupon or detached staple is a serious defect to a book.
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Collector IronMan private msg quote post Address this user
What Homer said. Green labels because of unwitnessed signatures don't typically take a big beat down in price compared to blue label. Unless the signature looks seriously forged.

Think of it like raw books. You wouldn't pay NM price for a NM book with a coupon cut out or a staple detached from the cover. You would expect to pay a substantially less than the raw, NM price. BUT the same raw NM book with a creator's signature - that looked authentic - you wouldn't expect to pay a lot less than a NM unsigned copy.

And for a key issue signed by one of the better artists I'd certainly resub for signature verification.
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