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Collector stanley1883 private msg quote post Address this user
So the majority of our discussions here revolve around older comics, variants, signatures, etc. I'm curious as to what current issues you're reading and if they're any good. I read Sword Daughter by Image, ill give that a chance, seems promising, i think it will become something awesome, the potential is there. How about you?
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I’m not an ant. I’m a rootin tootin Hornet! Zombie_Head private msg quote post Address this user
Hillbilly by Albatross is good. Old man logan is good. Pestilence by after shock.
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Collector dpiercy private msg quote post Address this user
I talk about all the stuff I buy & read here:
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COLLECTOR JLS_Comics private msg quote post Address this user
a little of this, a little of that
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Collector Darkseid_of_town private msg quote post Address this user
Buying the newest Hulk title, Newest Iron man title, Mister Miracle and any Zatanna material I see
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Collector Paulbg2000 private msg quote post Address this user
Recently with #1 issues started Deadpool, Immortal Hulk, Die!Die!Die!, Amazing Spider-Man and Death of the Inhumans. All have been decent so far...Death of the Inhumans was the only one I was kinda iffy on, I meant they're killing a lot of characters, but it's also a short run.

Older ones I'm still with since issue #1 are Star Wars, Darth Vader and The Punisher...Still happy with the way all of those are going so far. The Punisher / War Machine spin was entertaining and the recent Platoon Mini Series was also well done.

I have a request for the upcoming Predator Hunters run...

Aside from that it's a random mish-mash of older books that catch my eye and modern variant covers.
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Collector Themaxx35 private msg quote post Address this user
I need to scale my pull list down. I have a hard time dropping something once I start, but my "to-read" pile is getting out of hand, so is the comic budget. I've also jumped on a lot of limited series over the past year or so, i.e. Batman White Knight.

Batman - Not sure if Tom King knows where he's going here
Catwoman - High hopes for Joelle Jones
Nightwing - almost dropped it, its been mostly a miss, but giving the new creative team a chance
Red Hood and the Outlaws - great Rebirth series
Titans - great Rebirth series
Teen Titans - will likely drop next month now that the team's changed
Hal and GL Corps - getting canceled a few issues from now
Flash - a great Rebirth series
Doomsday Clock - too many delays, but great book
Mister Miracle - way behind on reading
Superman - still wary of Bendis
Action Comics - still wary of Bendis
Aquaman and the limited Mera series - will drop as soon as Dan Abbnett leaves as writer
Hawkman - giving the first story arc a try
Justice League - not really on my pull list, but been grabbing the B covers by Jim Lee. I haven't read them yet, its always worth giving Scott Snyder a try, but his stories have been getting weird (i.e. Metal and No Justice )

I've been sampling Damage and Sideways - they're good, but not sure they need to be added to my pull list.

Moon Knight - this one could be on the chopping block; Marvel ticks me off more often than not

Black Hammer and limited series off shoots - one of the best books out there
Pestilence - still trying out this second series

I'm probably missing a title or two.
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SpongeBob Comics #1 sells for $991! Joosh private msg quote post Address this user
Venom, favorite title currently
Spawn, close 2nd
Batman (likely cutting after #50’s letdown)
Infinity Countdown, (multiple titles)now Infinity Prime
Eternity Girl (not very good but I keep getting it, WHY?)

Stopped ASM at 801, was dissatisfied with death of Flash Thompson; should’ve been MJ.
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Ima gonna steal this and look for some occasion to use it! IronMan private msg quote post Address this user
I don't read new comics. Haven't since about 1997. I resent the endless reboots, the publishers ignoring previous continuity. The cover prices suck as well. If I read really slow and admire the pictures, I'm done with a $3.99 comic in 15 minutes. For $11 a month I and family members are entertained 100's of hours a month by Netflix.

Sorry to throw shade. Someone needed to say it For those that continue to enjoy purchasing and reading new comics carry on. I'm glad there is still those that do.
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Collector Drogio private msg quote post Address this user
Moon Girl
Deathstroke (just the Batman/Damien Wayne daddy drama issues)
Doomsday Clock

For the covers (killer Bs)
Flash (Mattina/Dell Otto)
Detective (next couple Bs starting with next issue)
Batgirl (Middleton if I like it)
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Collector cseale0223 private msg quote post Address this user
Action Comics - new team
Superman - new team
Nightwing- might drop
Red hood - okay
Batman - okay
Justice league - might drop
Outcast - great
Oblivion song - great
Gideon falls - okay
Spawn - great
Green arrow - great
Red sonja - okay
Saga - the best
Archie - great
Jughead the hunger - okay
Vamperonica - interesting
Lowlifes - promising
Deathstroke - was going to drop but got better
Doomsday clock - good

Had a lot that are done or finishing so didn’t list them. Well get most of the new dc black.
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Collector Flip1987 private msg quote post Address this user
I buy all The new stuff almost 3 months later than you from spain.
Batman white knight- confused between good or not...
Mister miracle- one of My all time favorite stories, new and old.
X men Red- nhaaaaa
Venom - í like it, but...its My favorite caracter from marvel so im suspect on that apreciation.
There is My 2 cents on that.
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If the viagra is working you should be well over a 9.8. xkonk private msg quote post Address this user
I get most of the X-books and a few others. I've been enjoying the solo titles like Old Man Logan and All New Wolverine more than the group books. I know some other people in the forums like Weapon H; I think it's ok. Mostly I'm angry that Marvel is putting Greg Land on so many covers and now he's the interior artist for Astonishing as well. Can't stand his art.

Aside from those, I liked Fraction and Aja's run on Hawkeye and carried it through to the Kate Bishop Hawkeye series. I like Kate enough that I'm thinking of trying West Coast Avengers when it starts to see if they keep the same kind of tone. I'm enjoying Ms. Marvel for the same reason - light tone but not frivolous.
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Collector BrianGreensnips private msg quote post Address this user
Pull List:
Batman A & B cover
Harley Quinn B cover.Frank Cho!
Doomsday Clock
Old Man Logan
Old Man Hawkeye.
This is it for the pull list.Then I grab whatever else looks cool.
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Collector billkruser5 private msg quote post Address this user
Pull List:
Detective Comics
Wonder Woman
Green Arrow
Nightwing - Going to drop
Doomsday Clock
Deathstroke - (Only for the vs Batman issues)
Amazing Spider-Man
Captain America
Tony Stark: Iron Man
Walking Dead
Gideon Falls (Might be my favorite on the list right now)
Rick and Morty
Marvel Super Hero Adventures (I have a 6 yr old son that loves these and honestly, these stories and art are better than some of the ones I read).

Coming up:
Batman: Damned
Red Hood and the Outlaws #26 (Cover B, Putree cover). Single order only. That cover looks amazing.
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Collector stanley1883 private msg quote post Address this user
so i see the usual suspects with a handful of exceptions. Was surprised to see Walking Dead, since the show jumped the shark, ive lost complete interest, dont know why honestly.
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Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock Tedsaid private msg quote post Address this user
It's a graphic novel only, so may have slipped under the radar, but I just read Green Lantern Earth One and it was fantastic. Just really great stuff.
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Collector jrs private msg quote post Address this user
@IronMan, I'm in the same boat, although some new titles and people's enthusiasm here intrigue me to maybe take a look at some new books. I was interested in the Thanos run but it is astronomically expensive now for first prints. That's the only newer material I've really considered.
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COLLECTOR JLS_Comics private msg quote post Address this user
OK, I'll put a real answer

Harley Quinn (Cho Covers)
Catwoman (Artgerm Covers)
Seven To Eternity
The Realm
Stabbity Bunny
Doomsday Clock
Mera: Queen of Atlantis

I just dropped a bunch of books. I'll be adding (Based on October solicits)again soon
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Collector Odins_Raven private msg quote post Address this user
Moon Knight

Both are fantastic.
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Collector stanley1883 private msg quote post Address this user
Ok so heres my take so far.

Mera: Queen of Atlantis is great, seriously awesome. Well done DC

Die! Die! Die!- I'm underwhelmed by the first issue, Kirkman's never let me down before so i may give issue 2 a chance, but issue 1 was meh, felt like the same old thing.

New Lieutenants of Metal- super fun and campy book, has a great playlist with it, just a fun comic for those that also like hard rock, as Boy Band Nation are the enemies

Death of the Inhumans- im intrigued, but ive always liked Black Bolt so maybe im biased.

Sword Daughter- I like it, has potential. Then again God is Dead had potential until they shit the bed and the series turned god awful after issue 3 or 4 i think? but I digress, Sword Daughter looks funs, Vikings and Kill Bill style mash up looks like fun
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