Hey all!

Making the rounds and taking on the last couple commissions for our current sketch and signing opportunity...

Offering up and securing 1/1 custom sketch covers of Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Hildebrand) and Daredevil (Cox). Covers will be signed by the actors in Vegas the weekend of the 29th.

Cover work starts at $140 in b&w...$220-240 in color... and goes up from there (depending on all thats involved in the overall composition; additional characters, extensive detail, etc.)

Signatures and work will be witnessed and authenticated by Collectors Choice Comics (CBCS Certified Facilitator)....books will be submitted to CBCS for grading and encapsulation.

For further questions on pricing, fees and for exact quotes on work you can hit me up via DM or email chad@chadwickhaverlandstudios.com ....you can also contact Ryan Hicks of Collectors Choice Comics as well.