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The Immortal Hulk - Mistake in Issue #16568

Collector GanaSoth private msg quote post Address this user
Hey guys. Reading The Immortal Hulk issue #1 and I already spotted a mistake. Maybe the writer and artest should talk before throwing things together.

The guy goes in to rob the gas station, the gun goes off, then he proceeds to kill the last remaining witnesses inside the store. A Total of three murders.

Then we go to the detective, whom is telling the news reporter that they have "shell casings"...
How can they have shell casings at a crime scene when the guy only shot three times with a revolver?

Just wow.... Sloppy....
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Collector KYoung_1974 private msg quote post Address this user
Sounds like the equivalent of the movies/TV shows that have a semi auto pistol dry fire when empty instead of the slide being locked open.

At the end of the day it probably boils down to the people involved just not knowing enough about firearms.
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Collector thelastbard private msg quote post Address this user
Well, plenty of blame to go around there! Final blame should go with the editor for not catching it. Writer may or may not have written the dialogue first. If he writes a full, detailed script and that's handed to the artist, the artist goofed... The letterer, if they have a mind of their own, could have read the script, looked at the art, and noticed there was a discrepancy between art and dialogue.

Tail end of the dog - editor - "Hey, letterer, fix that balloon!"
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Collector Wraith private msg quote post Address this user
All in all our was a good read I thought. Looks like leaving the pulpy smash and bash for weapon h and hulk is a bit more horror / spooky out of control hulk for immortal hulk

Makes for good read each month between the two if it follows this trend.
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