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Hello all!

So, after the boondoggle of trying to contact ComicXPosure & having to resort to placing a stop-payment order w/ the credit card company due to failure to furnish goods, I’ve been leery of purchasing books online; unless through a reputable large shop, or from a fellow CBCS forum member. However, another order has been pending for a while, this time from Unknown Comics. Figured I would reach out and see what’s going on.

Totally different customer service experience. Called the contact number for Unknown & got a person right away; no trip to automated hell, “thank you for calling, please hold,” purgatory, or direct-to-voicemail abyss required! She was extremely polite, professional, and able to resolve things in real-time. If anyone from Unknown is in the forums, the lady who answers the phone in customer service deserves a raise.

Any other shops ya’ll work with on a regular basis who are professional w/ good customer service? Other than CBCS of course.
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Collector KingNampa private msg quote post Address this user
I just buy on ebay. That way you are always protected.
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Collector Gotlift private msg quote post Address this user
I have had good luck for new stuff with.
KRS Comics And Golden Apple Comics. Both have been real receptive and very helpful always very prompt when answering emails. They have always gotten the orders correct and have communicated promptly when they have gotten a bad batch of books from the printers. They’ve even included pictures of The messed up books. I am a happy customer thank you.
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Collector Drogio private msg quote post Address this user
I have not ordered from golden apple, KRS or TFAW, but they seem to,get positive feeback.

I too can vouch for And avoid midtown comics if possible (Too many damaged comics not the result of shipping). My local shops do not order many B covers so I've been ordering from UCBs lately. Plus Ive gotten a few exclusive shop variants. All great condition (9.6 or better).

Hope I didn't just jinx it there. I said the same thing about midtown, and then got 3 straight orders of damaged comics and terrible customer service!
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Collector Hcanes private msg quote post Address this user
I had an issue with an Unknown Comics order and they went above and beyond what they needed to do to settle the issue. I would definitely buy from them again. Their customer service is top tier.
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Collector BabaLament private msg quote post Address this user
@Drogio I’ve always had good experiences with KRS.

I ordered a set of books from The Secret Stash (Spider-Man & Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do) when I ordered a Bobhawks Jersey; which arrived in Armageddon-proof packaging, and the books are in such pristine condition that I may reach for false hope & submit them with the soft whisper in the back of my mind: “...gem.”

I have never had a problem with Midtown with items ordered from their store; it’s the Marvel subscription books that show up looking like the USPS used them for K9 defense training courses. That isn’t strictly speaking Midtown’s fault, but I do wish they spared an extra piece of card stock to sandwich the books instead of the sole subscription sheet.

Mile High Comics has been good to me with hard to find nuggets. I don’t even bother with their website, which is the gem of early 90’s webpage design; I call in if I’m looking for something in particular. The staff is extremely polite & more often than not they have something.

Incidentally, I just got a response from ComicXposure after reporting them to my credit card company for failure to ship on a $250 order. They refunded two of the books & are shipping the rest. They still have not provided a tracking number, so who knows on the “shipping”. I fully expect confetti on arrival, so I’m keeping the complaint ticket open until after the books arrive. To prevent counter-claims of shenanigans in the event the books come out of the shipping looking like exploded fireworks or wet toilet paper, I may get a tech-savvy friend to come over & assist in live-streaming the unboxing on YouTube.
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