This was posted two days ago on the Official CBCS Signature Programs (ASP/VSP) Facebook page by Mark Roman. When you are dealing with a new CBCS AW or facilitator, it doesn't hurt to check if they are legit by asking Mark Roman.

Originally Posted by Mark Roman
ATTN CBCS Customers, AWs & Facilitators:
When a facilitator is in question of their status, PLEASE feel free to ask me (in PMs or emails) if they are a CBCS approved facilitator or not. I've been hearing reports of non-approved CBCS facilitators posing as CBCS facilitators. Besides this action being illegal, it's immoral and unethical and you, as a consumer/customer, are taking that risk of possibly having issues with your books and/or submissions. CBCS will not take any accountability for lack of anybody not doing their research and reaching out to us prior. CBCS is only accountable when reaching out to us at a convention to get your books witnessed from a CBCS representative working the CBCS booth. Outside of that, you're taking a chance, so it's best to do your research or contact me, prior. Thank you!
-Mark Roman

His email is: