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i've collected comics since i was a kid..but..was not real kind to them until the 70's when i tried to keep them safe. i sold many in rummage sales which now that i'm older (wiser?) makes me ill to think about. i can remember almost every Marvel and DC i sold for a nickel or dime back then. i quit at the end of the 70's..and then got dragged back in around 92 during the diecut, refractor, holographic, chromium fad (which i fell for..sheesh! i say this because throughout my life i never aquired a golden age comic. i always drooled over the EC's at my LCS, but couldn't part with the extra scratch. well i grabbed this at the heritage auction tonite and now i can say i finally own one. now here's the stupid part: i've been slowly prepping and collating my comic, action figures, sports card and non sports card collection for sale over the next few months.
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Have not owned a Captain Midnight yet, that’s a nice example.
It’s funny how taste changes, and you are willing to sell stuff you could not before. I sold this Conan, and when I was packing it, I decided I regretted it. (The artists depiction of what my fevered brain sees as Barbara Eden on the cover of course) So I found another. I would bet you will keep a few things.
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