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The Last Days of Stan Lee5746

Collector Drogio private msg quote post Address this user
Not every day you see Stan lees face pop up on the yahoo news front page.

picked apart by vultures
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Collector vacaboca private msg quote post Address this user
I read that earlier this morning... seems like a tough situation. I think when someone and their money are depended upon by others for their jobs, or for what they think could/should be their future, it's almost impossible for them to age and pass away without tension at best... and often the very worst of human nature coming out. I hope he at least isn't stressed out emotionally as he goes out... the mess around him is going to happen regardless in this situation.
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COLLECTOR conditionfreak private msg quote post Address this user
I don't get it. Sure, Stan Lee is old and probably not fully in control of his normal brain powers.

But his daughter seems perfectly capable of handling things.

So why isn't she?

I'll tell you why, IMO. It is because people in Hollywood, in the "arts". Are touched in the head.

They live in La La Land, and can not function well in a real world.

I feel sorry for the elderly that get taken advantage of by the money grabbing leeches. I'm turning 65 shortly, and I am experiencing constant phone calls and visits to my door. From people trying to get me to hand over to them my money. Everything from representing themselves as "Medicare Support" (but having absolutely nothing to do with Medicare). To claims they are the IRS and I must send money today or risk losing everything. Not to mention again, the people at my door saying they are selling meat and were sent to me by a neighbor. But they are in my driveway in a Ford Escort with a dog in the front seat.

When you are approaching 65, you apparently get on lists that are for sale to the vultures. These things are not happening to my three sons in their 30's. Just me and my wife.

And don't get me started on the charities that constantly call and send mail, apparently because we do give monthly to three charities we picked. Somehow the rest of what is out there, knows we do that.

While I am on a rant. Do you ever wonder how are government functions, when EVERYTHING said in classified and closed door meetings of Congress. Is in the news in an hour, from "sources"?

No wonder we haven't won a war since the big II. We can't keep secrets.
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Collector BrianGreensnips private msg quote post Address this user
@conditionfreak Tell me more about the meat salesman with the dog in the front seat of the Ford. Not sure how that went down.
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COLLECTOR conditionfreak private msg quote post Address this user
I'm pretty sure he was testing to see if anyone was home and what they looked like, and if there were any big dogs. ie: casing the place for a break in or robbery later.

It has happened by different people over the last ten years. three or so times by "door to door meat sales" and once selling photo's of our property taken by an airplane later, if I paid. Several times by men asking if they could hunt on our property. But I only have ten acres. Course they didn't know how much land was ours, so they were probably legit. People come from down south to hunt deer here. Apparently deer in Ohio are bigger than deer in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, etc.

I have a friend here that owns 98 acres of woods. Every year he has three guys from Alabama pay him $1,000 each, to hunt on his property for 3 days. And they rent a garage turned into a cabin, from another friend of his and mine. That guy who owns the cabin is interesting. His job is driving the Amish to wherever they want to go. Maybe Florida or Kansas. They pay his expenses to stay in a motel while they do what they do, and they pay him a salary. The only bad part is that he could be in Florida for a week, but is on call in case they need his driving while there. So he can't treat it like a expense paid vacation.

Hunting around here is big time. The schools close during hunting week for deer. All of our stores and restaurants around here, have pictures of kids with their trophy's they get hunting. Even 9 and 10 year old girls. We have adult women who love to hunt, and chew tobacco and spit.


But I digress.
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Collector BrianGreensnips private msg quote post Address this user
@conditionfreak Interesting about casing the place out. That did not come to mind when you were telling your story. Hunting pretty huge up here in Michigan too. I have 4 acres and they roam all around my back yard. I am in a zone that I cannot use a rifle on them though. I may look into the crossbow rules here. I have a crossbow that stay in the basement for self defense and a shot gun in my master bedroom. Feeling pretty safe in my rural sanctuary.
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Collector BrianGreensnips private msg quote post Address this user
By they roaming; I mean the deer. Lol
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Collector det_tobor private msg quote post Address this user
No, @conditionfreak, Unless you get trained for it, how can you tell a con-artist from a good guy accountant? That problem is nation wide. Some banks have had dept execs embezzle from clients, get caught but not go to jail for fear of bad bank publicity. I learned about this from a few victims in the 70s.

A good con-artist works hard to gain trust..but bad apples can be anywhere, even in the most legit of places. If you have millions, how are you going to know when someone is starting to siphon funds?
Best you may be able to do is make sure who ever you hire can be investigated and bonded.

As for the meat sellers, years ago I was with an older cousin as we drove thru a different part of the city. We came across a couple guys selling meat from a big truck. My cousin wanted to get some of that good looking cheap meat. One little detail - I had to explain to him that truck wasn't air conditioned on this very warm day..he left real fast.
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Collector BabaLament private msg quote post Address this user
@conditionfreak Sorry to hear that people are so rude to you; but its not limited to your location. We had a bad summer last year with a trio of "salesmen" going door to door casing the neighborhood & breaking into places. They hit about two dozen houses in the area until they got caught; one of the neighbors in his 80's heard the guys searching the first floor. He called the police, then went downstairs to introduce himself & his double-barrel 10-gauge shotgun. Both of the robbers survived & were arrested at the local hospital w/ their driver while being treated for GSW.
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Collector 00slim private msg quote post Address this user
Listening to the latest episode of the Mike & Ming podcast (#83), they seem to think it's his daughter that's the problem. Their interactions with Max paint a much different picture from what I've heard elsewhere.

No matter who is the troublemaker here, I hope it gets resolved quickly. Stan deserves better.
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