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New member, first post. So, after about 4 months, I got an e-mail I'm going to be getting back my first CBCS comics I submitted at a con. I submitted them to take advantage of the signature verification program, and the "major" ones are listed in my profile as being verified, but 1 comic was missing. I went back to my order history, and 1 comic is listed with a $4 charge, but no "verification" charge. It's an oddball from early in my con days, a modern (1987) comic from Last Gasp signed by Robert Crumb at a Dallas convention appearance. In looking at the website, CBCS sends an image of the autograph to CSA Comics to be authenticated. CSA lists the signatures they can authenticate on their website, and Robert Crumb is not listed. Wouldn't the CBCS representatives at the show have a list of signatures they can and cannot get authenticated? They even commented that the Crumb autograph was rare, but mentioned that they had heard of a signature opportunity at a New York con a few years ago (looks like it was 2010). I guess I just hold on to it and keep an eye on the CSA website until they list Robert Crumb as a signature they can authenticate? Anyone else have any signatures they submitted to be authenticated but that couldn't be done because they didn't have any examples to compare it to?

Dave M.
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@Fiawol The list on the CSA website is not comprehensive. If you have a signature that is not listed on their site, it’s best to contact them and ask.

I haven’t done too many red labels and none had been rejected. I did contact CSA about a Michael Turner book I have from his early days on Witchblade when he signed with a different signature than the one that is most often seen. I haven’t sent the book in for verification yet though because it has 4 signatures that need cerification and would cost about $100 to have it verified and slabbed :/
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@Fiawol Welcome to the forum!
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I had to dig up the list to see what's on it.

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