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New Comic Releases Dec 27 - Tryptophan5120

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The week before Christmas through the first week in January, I would consider a bad one for releasing books to comic shops, but I guess no one let publishers know that! As long as there's a big draw to stores (event or new/great book or series), something will get people in there anyway. For gifts, people don't think, "oh, let me pull something from the new release wall!" Or, at least they shouldn't...

Anyway, let's see what we have in store after we've already had to loosen our belts from last week...

DC Comics:

Action Comics 994 - If you're following, this is "Booster Shot" part two, but the first description where they verify the story is about Superman and Booster Gold being off to "verify Mr. Oz's identity." Plus, "a mysterious force attempts to sabotage the journey."

Two Covers - Dan Jurgens / Trevor Scott and Francis Manapul

Batgirl 18 - One Shot? Batgirl vs Harley Quinn in Burnside in the holiday season "on a wild-goose chase around the city to find a cure... after the maid of mischief infects Barbara Gordon's company party with a killer virus."

Two Covers - Dan Mora and Joshua Middleton

Detective Comics 971 - Fall of the Batmen Part 3 - This is a Huge storyline for Detective, so I'd recommend keeping up! Something big coming for Batwoman... I'm really wondering, too, if it ties to her own book, but not sure... I'm watching!

Two Cover Options - Eddy Barrows & Rafael Albuquerque

Doomsday Clock 2 - You know you're going to buy it, right? Do we need to talk a bout it? I bought too many copies, because I wanted multiple versions, and I couldn't wait for my mail-in versions, ha ha...

Two cover options, both Gary Frank - "First Panel" (Classic) and Modern <-- At least that's how I'd describe them.

Hawkman Found 1 - We finally get to find out what has happened to Hawkman (Carter Hall) after years of being missing in New 52 / Rebirth / Whatever, and how that ties to Dark Nights: Metal. This should be a crazy ride!

Two Cover Options - Liam Sharp and Jim Lee

Justice League of America 21 - A Ray solo story? What?!?! This could be a fun one! I was reading online that this introduces a new character as well (villain), who appears on the B (Doug Mahnke) cover, too. That would be the premise of this "Against the invisible God" of the storyline. Check it out!

Two cover Options - Carlos D'Anda and Doug Mahnke

Teen Titans 15 - Super Sons of Tomorrow Part 3 continues here, if you were following in Superman and Super Sons last week... Good one, bad one, Amazing one? Well, keep on reading to see where it goes from here! The Batman of Tomorrow reveals his plans to the Titans and it leads to the Teen Titans vs the Super Sons!

Two Cover Options - Francis Manapul and Chad Hardin

IDW Publishing

Back to the Future Tales from the Time Train 1 - The history of Doc Brown's time train is visited in this IDW series, so we can find out what happened to "Doc, Clara, and the whole family at the end of the third film!" There are several cover options, but let's focus on the Megan Levens one... If you're a fan of Back to the Future, I'm certain this will be a welcome addition to canon.

Image Comics

Bonehead 1 - "The Mask is Who you Are"... I can't say for sure how this book will be. Bryan Hill and Rhoald Marcellius have the chops to pull this off, but superpowered parkour gangs as a selling point doesn't really do it for me TODAY. Seems more like something we'd want to read about several years ago, so this really needs to have some punch. The description may have been better focusing on that as a secondary and drilling on the last sentence of the description, "a story about technological and human revolution." Let's find out more about this in the promised "sprawling megalopolis" in the near future it talks about. Just saying!

Marvel Comics

Phoenix Resurrection 1 - Here we go... I don't think I want to list all of the covers here, ha ha... It's just too depressing! We have a regular cover (lenticular by default), a Stanley "Artgerm" Lau Green Custome Variant, Art Adams 1:50(?), John Tyler Christopher trading Card, In-Hyuk Lee Jean Grey Variant, John Byrne Remastered 1:1000 variant, John Byrne Black and White Remastered 1:2000 variant, Jenny Frison, Skottie Young, Leinil Francis Yu Green Costume Variant, Stanley "Artgerm" Lau Red costume variant, and don't forget all of the sites releasing variants as well. PHEW!!!! We knew this was coming, though... The OG Jean Grey is back... But why? And why did she bring all of these covers with her? I'm kidding... The bigger question is, what are her intentions, what does it mean for the Phoenix force, the X-Men, the younger Jean Greay, the Marvel Universe at large, etc... Five Weeks, one mini-series, and, in the end, X-Men Red...

True Believers - To round out Phoenix Resurrection Month, be sure to pick up "Death of Phoenix 1", "Phoenix Origins 1", and "What If 1"... The two best of the bunch are Death and What If... I do with on Death of Phoenix, they had focused on her FIRST death, not her last, though I suppose it makes sense! Or, at least revisit all of them, since there have been a few... The What If issue actually has pages from the original Uncanny 137 (original ending, plus runs with the original intent a bit. It's worth the read!

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Collector ZosoRocks private msg quote post Address this user
Great update Bard.

Some of those do look interesting.

Good luck in 2018.
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Collector Drogio private msg quote post Address this user
No love for Batman Creature of the Night?
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Collector thelastbard private msg quote post Address this user
Originally Posted by Drogio
No love for Batman Creature of the Night?

I mainly focus on issue 1's and new storylines, plus the "duh's" tied to events... This one SHOULD be paid attention to, though, shouldn't it... Head it's good, but I haven't picked it up yet. I'm missing out, right?
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My pick-ups this week. Have not tracked down a foil version of Hawkman: Found...picked up the variant (?) non-foil cover in case I can't...wondering if Books A Million will carry foil or non-foil.

Also all issues of Doomsday Clock #2 and Batman COTN had some sort of damage at the top and bottom of the spine...and I had about 30 or so to choose from...

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@Drogio Nice pick-ups! I don't know the exact numbers, but I heard the thresholds to allow retailers to order foil covers for the Metal books wasn't very high, so hopefully it's not too hard to track down if you want one still. Of course, maybe Harkman Found was ordered less than the others OR retailers ordered heavier on a Jim Lee cover... What do I know?!?!
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Collector Drogio private msg quote post Address this user
@thelastbard so annoyed at Books a million. Went there today and they have boxes upon boxes of magazines that have been sitting on the floor, unopened, for weeks. I think the most recent comic is 3-4 weeks old currently on their racks, I asked them If I Could look at the labels on the boxes to see if any were comics, and they said they were all magazines. Of course, one that was opened sitting nearby was full of comics, yet to be put on the shelves, all releases from two weeks ago. I flipped through them and noticed they got the foil metal #4, but no other variants. So that gives me some hope they might get hawkman found foil.

Will call the up tomorrow to see if they know anything about What was ordered.
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@Drogio I guess it's good and bad? If there are books that sell-out nationwide, you're SET on the speculator side if you keep an eye out for which issues and/or covers are doing well.

Still, though, RIDICULOUS that they aren't keeping on top of things. That is what we call not giving a $%#@ about their jobs and time sensitivity of releases.

Ummmm... WEDNESDAY is new comic release day, not Friday, next Monday, two weeks from Sunday, or, "oh, it says January on it!"
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