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FS 0.99 Bronze Age Ebay Auctions Ending Soon4837

Collector RyanHicks private msg quote post Address this user
I recently posted another bronze age, mid-high grade run of Amazing Spider-Man and Incredible Hulk on ebay; all starting at $0.99 (most still at $0.99). They all end this weekend (Sunday) so take a look if you are looking to fill holes in your ASM or Hulk runs:

I also have a bunch of CBCS slabs up for sale; if anyone from the forum is interested in any of those, I can do most of those 20% off from ebay prices if done through PM instead
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Collector BigRedOne1944 private msg quote post Address this user
Looks like you might have some nice books, but my red flag always come up with:

Pretty stiff Shipping for one Raw book with no mention of any combined shipping cost

"Not a professional grader" is a line that always makes me gun shy.

I would change your listing to include your stated Combined Shipping info.

I am looking at a few books I may take a chance on.

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COLLECTOR shrewbeer private msg quote post Address this user
@RyanHicks agreed with @BigRedOne1944 on the professional grader comment.

Youve got some tempting slabs up there though! 🍺
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Collector RyanHicks private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks guys, that is some good feedback. I am always torn about throwing that line in there because i have always kinda felt the same way when i read that; however, i always convinced myself that it is giving me a little added protection if a buyer ever disagreed with my grade; but ultimately, it doesn't matter cause if they disagree with the grade, they can always return it no matter what.

I will likely take that out of my future listings; as for the combined shipping, primary reason i don't have a set combined rate is that i sell all types of collectibles from raw comics, graded comics, toys and cards so its a little tough to declare a combined shipping rate.

I have about 150 more slabs being delivered from CBCS next week so i should have even more up by then

Thanks again guys
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