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Collector jbarnes020889 private msg quote post Address this user
Hi all,
I would like some clarity regarding 'grade screening', as this question seems to be unknown to many dealers I've asked and unclear to others.

Does a book cost more when submitted, under grade screening and fails?

For example, I submit a book from the Modern-Tier costing $18. Do I still pay that full amount (plus a rejection fee)?
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Collector Stelbert_Stylton private msg quote post Address this user

"Somewhere along the line, during our migration from the old to the new site, the Grade-Screen service was left off.

I am sure our team is working on getting the info up. CBCS calls it "Grade-Screen" not "Pre-screen". In the meantime, here is a quick, and hopefully correct, overview....

You can pick a Grade-Screen on any tier EXCEPT: 2-Day Modern, Quickstream, Rapid and 1-Day tiers. There is a minimum of 5 books for The Expanded tier, but as Pov has stated, you do not have to pick the same grade across the board. If you feel that one book the lowest grade you would accept is 7.0 and the next would be a 9.4 and the next a 3.0, you can do this.

I am pretty sure that if 75% (maybe 70%, can't remember, I am just a lowly primary grader and president) of your order meets the Grade-Screen, you do not pay a reject fee for the other books that did not pass. Your CC gets billed for your order when your book pass the QC stage.

Keep in mind, when using the Grade-Screen, that you pick the lowest grade you would accept, not the grade you "hope" you will get.

Also, restoration checks are part of the process. If your book, or books, meet the minimum grade you asked for, and a comic book has been found to have restoration or conservation, it will still pass the Grade-Screen. The is no "opt-out" for restored/conserved books."
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Collector DrWatson private msg quote post Address this user
You do not pay a grading fee unless the book is actually graded. So, no on the $18, but yes on the rejection fee unless you have met the minimum (70%) passing mark.
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Collector nevinem private msg quote post Address this user
Trying to make sure I understand the 70% .

Lets say I submit 100 books and of those, I have 50 screened, if 20 of those meet my grade I will have 70 total books being graded.

Now here is the question.

70% minimum to avoid fees is

A. 70% of total books in order graded (the above example meets that)


B. 70% of books screened must be graded regardless of total order (the above example would need 85 total books graded)
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COLLECTOR dielinfinite private msg quote post Address this user
From the wording it seems you'd need 70% of the books that were screened to pass, not 70% of your order, so the latter of your two situations
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