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This is borrowed from the Official CBCS Signature Programs page on Facebook. While it will be kept up to date as best as possible, everyone is encouraged to visit the page and check the pinned post for updates.

Originally Posted by Mark Roman
Latest Updated List of Signature restrictions: AWs CANNOT self-witness ROBERT KIRKMAN, TODD MCFARLANE, J. SCOTT CAMPBELL (only through CBCS scheduled & private signings or AWs obtaining a multi-event form that involves Art Rep. Brett Cate), STAN LEE (only thru Excelsior Collectibles via CBCS [stop at the CBCS booth for a submission form and then stand in line for Stan Lee to sign your book(s) & immediately proceed to Excelsior Collectibles, to drop off your book(s) with a $20 cash handling fee] or mail/send books to facilitators: Steve McDonald, Jeff Avigliano, Genuine COA & Trinity Comics for private signings), JIM LEE (only thru CBCS & any Non-DC/Marvel booth signings), JIM STARLIN (only thru CBCS or an AW working the CBCS booth) & ROB LIEFELD (only thru CBCS private signings [list of approved Facilitators coming soon]).
*** Scott Snyder, Tom King, Jock, Steve Orlando, Joshua Williamson, Marguerite Bennett, James Tynion IV, Donny Cates & Greg Capullo can only qualify for yellow label (ASP) if the AW has a CBCS form, to have handler/rep. Doug Peters sign or thru a CBCS private signing, which will show proof that you paid for the signature that will ultimately be certified under the ASP. ***
* Some of the artists/writers will have a ticketing process OR initials on the CBCS submission forms by the art rep./managers, to qualify for CBCS yellow label (ASP) ONLY. LARRY LIEBER, JOE GIELLA, JOHN ROMITA JR. & TONY MOORE will work this way, by comic book creator's handlers (Desert Wind Comics, Jeff Harnett & Mr. & Mrs. Tony Moore). Tickets that are not given to CBCS or no initials on the CBCS submission forms by the art reps or managers, will not qualify as ASP & will be given the option for a red label (VSP).*
*** The following "AT-HOME" signings are approved by the following creators & art reps. thru CBCS facilitators Genuine COA: John Romita Sr, Sal Buscema, Joe Giella, Don Perlin, Gerry Conway, Michael Kaluta, John Romita Jr. & David Michelinie. ***
******* Melbourne Toy & Comic Con, as well as Orlando Toy & Comics Con, are off-limits to witness for CBCS & CBCS AWs. *******
** ALL signatures qualify for the VSP (red label). **CBCS announced private signings could simply be dropped off at the CBCS booth of that particular convention the comic book creators will be signing at.**

Updated 11-07-2017

Official CBCS Signature Programs Facebook page
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UPDATED AS OF 10/16/2019

Witnessing Restriction List

This information is current as of 10/16/2019 and is subject to change.


AWs and Facilitators CANNOT witness:


J. SCOTT CAMPBELL (only through CBCS approved private signings)
JIM LEE (only thru VIP signings & CBCS private signings, no DC/Marvel booth signings)

Comic Sketch Art

Talent represented by Comic Sketch Art will only qualify for yellow label (ASP) if the AW has a receipt of payment or CBCS submission form initialed by a CSA representative.

Essential Sequential

Talent represented by Essential Sequential will only qualify for yellow label (ASP) if the AW has a receipt of payment or CBCS submission form initialed by an Essential Sequential representative.

More Great Art

Talent represented by MGA will only qualify for yellow label (ASP) if the signature has been witnessed by a CBCS booth representative.

Doug Mahnke

Books signed at conventions can qualify for yellow label (ASP) through Clan McDonald private signings only.

*If Clan McDonald is not attending a convention when Doug is available, ticketing has to be used.

Some artists/writers will have a ticketing process or require initials on the CBCS submission form by their manager to qualify for CBCS yellow label (ASP).

This Includes, but is not limited to:

Joe Giella

Tony Moore

Doug Mahnke

Tickets that are not given to CBCS or CBCS submission forms without initials from the artists representative will not qualify for ASP.
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Personal authorized witness online application.
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ASP rule changes from 2018.

CBCS is announcing some changes to our Authentic Signature Program. CBCS is dedicated to keeping the integrity of the ASP at the highest level, and over the last 12 months, it has become evident that change was needed. We did not make these changes sitting in a boardroom, we actively solicited and received feedback from both our customers, creators and Authorized Witnesses. The overwhelming area people thought we could improve upon is the security of the program. Most people think the ASP has grown so big that tighter restrictions and more safeguards needed to be in place. We agreed.

After very careful consideration CBCS has decided to put the following changes into place.

CBCS is going to create two categories of Authorized Witnesses, Personal Use, and Facilitators. Personal Use AWs can witness signatures but are NOT allowed to take other people’s books and witness them being signed. Facilitators are those AWs who can take other people’s books to a signing event and witness signatures for them, they are allowed to solicit for these books.

Facilitators have to meet a minimum annual submission volume in order to qualify as an Authorized Witness. Anyone can request to be an Authorized Witness / Facilitator, the program director will review each request and make a determination based on past submission history.

Facilitators / Authorized Witnesses must apply for Facilitator/AW status annually.

· Facilitators have 60 days to add signatures to books from one signing event/show to another signing event/show, previous restrictions and documentation still apply.

· Facilitators must submit all books within 10 business days of the last signing event, submissions after 10 days risk not qualifying for an ASP (yellow label) designation.

· Facilitators submitting books with incomplete submission paperwork or turning in books inside of window-cut bags, will have a $1/book surcharge added to that submission. Effective March 1st, 2018.

Personal Use / Authorized Witnesses must apply for AW status a least two weeks prior to the signing event. CBCS will be conducting background checks on applicants, which must be completed prior to approval.

· Personal Use AWs are not allowed to witness other people’s books and have to submit at least 10 books per event.

· Personal Use AWs are not allowed to have their books travel to other events to add signatures, unless the additional signatures are handled by a Facilitator, with proper documentation (multi-event forms).

· All books have to be submitted at the end of the signing event, or given to a facilitator to add signatures. Mail in submissions have to be postmarked within 2 weeks of the signing and/or sketch event. International AWs have 1 month to submit their signed books to a facilitator or CBCS (due to customs sometimes holding packages for several days or weeks).

Additional changes that effect both Personal Use AWs and Facilitators include:

Any ASP book submitted with 10 or more signatures will be charged an additional $5 processing fee. ASP books with 20 or more signatures will have an additional $5 fee added on again. The reason for this increase in processing fees is the length of time required to check each signature and date associated with the books.
Book(s) submitted to artist or writers, by mail, is taken into consideration, and will be given 10 business days from the date the artist/writer signs off on the Signature/Sketch Ops form, which could also be mailed directly to CBCS, with the submission forms completely filled out.

I'm sure there will be questions please feel free to email me at

Edit: policy change 02-09-2018

03-01-2023 Matt Edwards is in charge of the AW program. His email is

CBCS is now more stringent on giving people permission to witness their own books. If CBCS is going to be at a convention, they almost never will ok someone to be an AW. CBCS has witnesses available at their con booth.
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