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Reward / membership structure?4043

Collector ComxDlr private msg quote post Address this user
I would like to see if i am just missing something

I keep looking at the "membership" stuff.. and dont really understand what benefit it is to have the membership, and guess maybe that for what i have to get done which is mostly autograph authentication and certification of books ive had signed by Stan Lee, McFarlane etc.. probably not worth doing the lesser known ones (at least the authentication part of it).. but heres my question.

For those that 'are members' (since nonmembers dont get the 'reward points') has this reward system been implemented.. I cant see anything other then 'it is coming in 2016'

I get you dont have to be a member of CBCS.. which is really cool but.. I would think that being a member of something would give you some cool benefit that made it (more than?) worth being a full fledged Member

I may send a few autograph verification books in.. but have been holding off cause if the membership helped.. its possible i'd send a lot of books, since im trying to sell off stock from a comic shop we had for 20 years.. and have a pile we need graded.
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COLLECTOR dielinfinite private msg quote post Address this user
The biggest benefit to membership is the discounted pricing which saves you around $2-$4 per book. That might not sound like much but if you're getting a membership, it probably means you plan to have quite a few books graded and after 50 modern books your savings will have paid for a Bronze membership.

The memberships also come with coupons for free fast passes (which cut turn-around times in half) or 2 free rapid tier grading, which can be worth nearly the cost of membership.

The rewards program has not been fully implemented. It is being tested so some members may have some points but it is not yet in full effect
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Collector neyko private msg quote post Address this user
How is the reward with Golden Age stuff?
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Collector ComxDlr private msg quote post Address this user
Just checking if anyone knows if this was ever updated? I dont see any changes to the Membership tab.. it says the reward program is coming in 2016, but its about to turn 2018 (just in case someone needs to know )

I am still deciding whether i want to start up here, and i'd like to do some VS books.. but not sure what to think of the membership/lack of membership/reward program.. etc..

Seems like things go slow in this industry.. not sure why (and not saying this is just CBCS.. as it is NOT) if you have a 6month backup of getting "your product/service" out if it doesnt make sense to either figure out how to ramp up 'production' or hire more people or something that would help speed things up.. Sending in 10 books I would guess would be $1000 at the lower average.. and not having them for 6months.. seems like a long time to me.
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