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Grading Help Needed

Whats the steps...3468

Collector Mickee92 private msg quote post Address this user
So I live im the Ukband a couple of my comics deserve to be graded so what do I do?

Can I have them graded by a cbcs approved uk dealer? As paying charges to get them over to the US will be a pain.

Also I read somewhere about a raw grading from cbcs where its only in a mylar cover where they grade it, hologram it and security seal it on the back but is ancheaper option for people who want to still read their comics??

Also during grading do they press them?
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COLLECTOR DarthLego private msg quote post Address this user
CBCS did have an official UK rep, but their Facebook page isn't working, so I don't know if that fell through?
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COLLECTOR drchaos private msg quote post Address this user
There are one or two big shows in London each year.

You may be able to submit your books at one of these shows.
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Collector nikki666666 private msg quote post Address this user
@drchaos @Mickee92 @DarthLego

This is definitely something id like to know too as being in the UK and having signed books that need a sig verification is only CBCS!

Its looking around £140 for me to send 2 books in!!
thats insane!!!!
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Collector Redshade private msg quote post Address this user
EDIT. Sorry not nikki666 I meant to answer mickee92

I have cut and pasted a few comments from an old thread that may be of interest to UK members :

Hello all.

Just for interest I have had three lots of comics graded by CBCS services and I show details below which show that the grading /slabbing/return shipping fees work out at appx $30 per comic for me in England. Add on shipping costs out to the US of appx $2/3 each comic depending on how you pack them.


Date Order # Status Items Total
Sep 25, 2016 16-3605345 Completed 12 $353.81
Sep 3, 2016 16-3193D28 Completed 10 $308.81
Aug 11, 2016 16-2CFA009 Completed 10 $309.30

Hello all.

Added info to previous post. The comics were late 70s and early 80s Uncanny X-Men comics and thus the CBCS charges were the $18 rate per book. The shipping costs were therefore $12 per comic (in batches of 10).

There are UK comic dealer affiliates/associates but they of course would add their own fees on top of said charges,(this is not a dig at them, they are businesses and have to make a profit)but I have dealt directly with CBCS (using the Royal Mail) and have experienced no difficulties or problems using this method.

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Collector poka private msg quote post Address this user
@Mickee92 - I have sent you a pm.
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