So I said I was gonna do it, so I finally got around to it.

Big Thank You to Jake Fleming, Steve McDonald, Kevin Gawthrope
for the assistance they provided me at Phoenix Comicon this past weekend on witnessing my books and all the other stuff CBCS does. I submitted 18 modern books with signatures, and 2 moderns without signatures

Jake Fleming advised me, since I am planning on submitting a good 50+ books in September that why don't I just get a membership now, pay the $100, get my 2 2day moderns comped (just pay for shipping, duh) and get my other books at $16+($5) at a lower rate. I figured I'd be saving $36 around, which would cost the rate of my shipping of my two moderns, yup, not rocket science.

That being said, Thanks again Jake, Kevin and Steve for your help.