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Submitting a book at comic con2688

Collector LowlifeSocialClub private msg quote post Address this user
Ive paid for a book to be graded and plan on a friend dropping it off to CBCS at there Planet Comic Con booth in Kansas City. Is there any problem with this exchange i should be aware of and will they accept my book being dropped of by another party? Thanks everybody.
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Collector Crunkpostit private msg quote post Address this user
Personally I wouldnt see the issue. You paid for the comic, did the form, having it dropped off even by Mr. T I dont think it'd be an issue. But, 50/50 I could be wrong.
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Collector Gabriel85301 private msg quote post Address this user
Not at all.
I am in Phoenix and I have had to ship some books to a friend in Chicago, who then has them signed and submitted at that Convention in his area. Other then the payment process, I give him the information so He does my paperwork Once CBCS in Florida receives them, they locate me through my phone or email, then they bill me, not him.
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COLLECTOR dielinfinite private msg quote post Address this user
@LowlifeSocialClub It shouldn't be a problem, just include the printed invoice with the books. Just so you're aware, the books probably haven't been billed yet. Barring some separate arrangement you might've made, you're not billed until CBCS has received the books.
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CBCS broke up with me over Facebook. CFP_Comics private msg quote post Address this user
I always find it helpful if you write contact information on the back odf the backing board. This way if the book ever gets separated from the paperwork it can easily be identified. That and making sure it is secure my using the right size bag with multiple backing boards to minimize the chance of damage.

Having been an eyewitness of how CBCS packs up books at shows, you have little to worry from their end.
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Collector ZosoRocks private msg quote post Address this user
...and be specific on the invoice on what you want to have done.

I'd like to see CBCS change their rules on OA....where as, included on the label - the character's name the art is in reference to.

I just think it would be a cool addition to have "Badrock" in quotes on the label above the "signature verification" of Rob Liefield.

Of course this is just an opinion I have.

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