In the last several days so many people have been asking on different web sites and social media how to properly prep books for signatures and since we are now in to CON Season, I'd thought I would share my own method.

I seen a lot of people prep comics for signatures different ways. I am sure you can all find video or page on how to properly prep a book for signatures, I just try and take it a step further so there isn't a big gaping hole with just tape on it like many traditional people end up doing.

Here is my method.

1.) I mark the sweet spot on the bag with a sharpie. I get an additional board put my info (name, phone, email) on it, any info of the comic (book, issue, volume, variant) put in the board as to sandwich the comic. I do this in case I am sending my books to to authorized witnesses, it is easier for them to find the proper information to do the submitting of paperwork to CBCS.

2.) I cut the mark of the sweet spot with an Xacto knife I made with the sharpie, then trace a cut out of the sweet spot on the front board from the hole. I pull the front board out, Xataco the sweet spot on the board. I also write that name of person (writer/artist) color I want the autograph then I slip the front board back in, now with a hole in it matching the sweet spot.

I'll then put that comic that is double boarded into a magazine size bag board or top loader. When I turn in my books for grading, they see on my front board, whose book it is (name/phone/email) and also any info. on the book (issue/volume/variant info.) and also it says who signed it on the front board.

I hope this helps some of you.

By the way, I always try and find pictures of signatures of whomever I'm getting autographs of, online to get a close comparison as I can to guess how big I'm making the sweet spot hole.

My thumb is covering my personal info of phone/email address.