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Why is the OWL card still outdated?1986

COLLECTOR DarthLego private msg quote post Address this user
Gemstone released the Overstreet OWL card in 1992 and still sells the exact same card today even though it is grossly outdated and depicts the old grading system which was abandoned.

Additionally Overstreet even mentions using the OWL card to measure page whiteness and the importance of witness level (page color) in determining the grade in the grading guide. Yet nowhere in the entire guide is there a single chart shown for determining witness level. Leaving one to have the only option to use an outdated card from 1992 which doesn't even include Creme.

So why on Earth has Gemstone not released a modern version of the OWL card?
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COLLECTOR shrewbeer private msg quote post Address this user
Because its the same as grading a Golden vs Modern comic, in that each left the factory in different condition, thus there cannot be a one-size-fits-all solution.

The OWL was considered outdated because of different publishers releasing books that would be off white or another color to START, and thus overstreet thought it best to abandon the method, as listing something off-white when it is mint otherwise is contrary to grading and would have to be given a deduction for not having white pages. Thus, publishers that start with less than white pages could never get a mint grade.

kind of rambling but I think I made my point lol
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I got 99 problems, but a hurricane ain't one. drchaos private msg quote post Address this user
I would think that since neither grading company wants customers challenging their grading (hey the owl cars says my book should have been "OW/White instead of off-white" the current page quality standards are not published for the public to see.

If an updated OWL card were produced it would only be a rough guess of the grading standard used by one or both companies.
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COLLECTOR shrewbeer private msg quote post Address this user
Few years ago Overstreet suggested abandoning the OWL card altogether. Few snips from overstreet themselves(note I stole this from a guy on the other side of the street, so not entirely 100% that his typing matches exactly what is said in the OS Grading Guide; I would imagine its close enough tho and I'm too lazy to cross check it with my guide)

"...we no longer recommend relying that that card as it is not up to date with current grading standards and its tonal scale is inaccurate"

"... the freshest possible quality of the paper in any given comic book may differ markedly in color and tone from that of another comic from another company or era. "

"... we use the term 'white' loosely in all cases to refer to the freshest and brightest color and tone of the dominant paper stock used in any given comic regardless of the actual color(s) and tone(s) that may be evident. Subsequent descriptions of 'off-white,' 'cream,' 'tan' and others should be interpreted in related to the 'white' starting point of the comic described."
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Collector BrianGreensnips private msg quote post Address this user
@shrewbeer That makes sense. I have never scene where it says to not consider using the OWL card and this years Overstreet is the only one that I missed in awhile. I have a couple OWL cards and besides newer stock materials being used I still think it would be useful. I will have to look closer at last years Overstreet. Thanks for the info.
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