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Collect Forever Soft Slabs19028

Collector Belarak private msg quote post Address this user
I went on Upper Deck's Collect Forever website to try their service and to determine whether it was worth it. The following is what I found.

• There is a nice selection of upcoming releases from DC and Marvel. Unfortunately no indies.
• The books are sold at cover price.
• You have a chance of receiving an incentive variant with every purchase that has dealer incentive variants. Odds of receiving one are slightly less than the actual ratio. 1:25 = 1:27 1:50 = 1:53 You will not get the book you bought plus the variant. Only the variant.
• They will ship the books to you for a minimum charge of $8.00 or you can leave them on their website to trade or store.
• The soft slabs are 12 x 7 ½.
• You have to wait about a month after release to be able to trade or ship.
• The slabs remind me of the inner well of graded comics.
• The books will shift slightly in the case but the corners are protected.

I bought a couple Nightwing #99’s and was lucky enough to get the 1:25 variant. When the books was eligible to trade I received an trade offer. 17 different books for my variant. I am a big Nightwing fan so I turned it down and asked to have it shipped to me.

The packaging was absolutely perfect. It was sandwiched in between several pieces of cardboard and bubble wrap then more cardboard and more bubble wrap. Definitely $8.00 worth.

The biggest issue I see is the size. They will not fit in a standard size comic box and they are too small for slab boxes. If enough people buy these I’m sure someone will come up with a new box to store them. Possibly even Upper Deck.

Overall I think this is nice product. If you are interested in protecting new books for a fraction of the grading price, this is a good solution. If you want to read the book and then encase it in a Gator Guard or some other protector, this isn’t what you want. It’s nice that you can get an incentive cover for cover price but the odds are small. I bought 8 different books and was only lucky enough to receive the one ratio variant. While I like the idea of a book soft slabbed for cover price I don’t think I’ll buy any more. The cases are decent quality but I don’t like the hassle of waiting for them to be available for shipping and they’re difficult to store. Plus I like to actually read my books.

As you can see from my scans the upper left corner has a slight ding. If it wasn't encased I could probably fix it. It looks a lot worse in the scan than it is. That's another issue with getting a book slabbed before you actually see it.

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Collector Briten private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks for the review.
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Collector Josh7945 private msg quote post Address this user
That’s a neat business model and the price range is perfect. I might have to pick a few up.
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Collector xvipah private msg quote post Address this user
Thanks, I'm giving it a try now, see what I think.
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Collector makahuka private msg quote post Address this user
I reviewed the same when I was introduced to them at SDCC, plan on getting more. Posted the same results, one of my books had a tik, but over-all like the concept, and buying a few months before, even though I had to wait for the release. I think it would be cool if I could self-encapsulate myself. I have a few do-it-yourself slabs, but have not taken the books out to see if the soft slab will fit.
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Collector Josh7945 private msg quote post Address this user
Can you take them out of the soft slab?
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Collector makahuka private msg quote post Address this user
You can, but no way to put them back, well not easy any way. I have not done it myself, but is similar to the inner well of a CBCS, CGC inner well slab. You have to carefully cut it open.
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