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Question about my first set of graded books1841

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Hi, all. Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been very busy this past week: with work, looking for a condo to buy, dipping my toe in with online sales, and - as Mattness pointed out (Thanks, Mattness!) - today's my birthday, so I've been doing birthday stuff, too.

Based on the feedback from Joe above, and the shallowness of the waves on these few, I have so far decided to not do anything. Steve Ricketts kindly offered to take care of the problem (see above); however, I think he misunderstood my original post and thought the close-up pic of the dents was new, that this was the damage sustained in shipping. They aren't new. I just posted that because I was afraid that the shallow waves were putting pressure on the dent that was already there. And part of THAT is because I misunderstood, and thought the inner well would be sort of like a mylar sleeve, or a standard bag and board, and exert some uniform pressure to keep the comic flat. Thus I believed that "waviness" of this type wasn't even really possible. But I think Joe and others cleared that up.

And so I decided that the very small chance that there IS an issue here, one that a new slab would clear up, wasn't worth the time and effort, due to a high chance that this really isn't a concern.

(I should mention that part of this decision is also due to the value of the books, which isn't very high really. The biggest problem book is a Green Lantern #17 at 5.5 ... maybe a $40 or $50 dollar comic.) A few of the comics just don't lay completely flat. I'll pay more attention to these details for my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc., submissions, note that sort of thing in advance. And maybe I'll take these to HeroesCon in the summer and let CBCS folks look at them directly and chat about it. For now, I am largely satisfied that the issue isn't really an issue.

Thanks, everyone. I appreciate all the input and feedback.
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Hmm, I'm not sure I want to let mine be. My order was for three books, all three were pressed by CFP and two of the three have waves. They didn't have waves when I sent them out. None of my other CBCS books have any waves. I'll contact CBCS on Monday and post any info I find out.
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It might be worth sending them back just in case. You never know, there could be a defect in that batch of inner wells that was missed. CBCS would know how to diagnose that, but only if they can physically handle the slabs.
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I would also send them back...I know it was 6 months, but echoing darthlego they (cbcs) need to determine if errors/defects in the encapsulation are occurring before getting hit with potentially hundreds more...acting quickly might save a lot of grief and losses (all around). Just saying.
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Originally Posted by CFP_Comics
Just saw this thread and usually would have replied sooner. Been down the last week with the worst case of the flu I have ever experienced. Books being wavy in cases is nothing new. Square bound and certain golden age book exhibit lots of waves from the inner well. If Ted had contacted me directly (maybe he did as I have not been online at all) I would have helped him get his answers. It appears he has been sent in the right direction, but it is nothing to worry about as it usually has no affect on the books condition. If there were rings or foreign objects inside the well, then it would warrant being concerned.

This may be a ridiculous question, but I am still fairly new to having book graded and slabbed as well so I figure I'll ask it anyway. If the waviness is nothing to be concerned about what is the cause of the waves, and how do the waves not damage the book over time?
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Originally Posted by IronMan
You need to look up the grading notes. If the grading notes mention waves or bends in the books, then this is most likely an (undesired) result from the pressing. If the grading notes do not mention waves or bends in the book, then perhaps it's something to do with the encapsulation.

Most likely, what you see is from the press. I'm not meaning to be critical. CFP has a good reputation and anyone/business pressing can occasionally have books exhibit waves or bends. The good news is that another press will near always fix it.

The one book with the "spine dent" is not a defect that can be fixed with pressing. That dent actually has damaged the paper. One of the confusing things about graders notes is the "color breaking crease". White is not a color. White is the absence of color. You will not see a grading note that says "color breaking crease" in the white areas. But if that crease was in an area that was black or blue or red, it would most certainly be breaking color. Because even from a picture you can see the paper is damaged. Pressing can't fix that.
IronMan is right....waves can be caused by a slew of improper pressing mishaps. And those spine stresses, possibly could have been mitigated better. However, spine stresses IMO, are the one of the toughest flaws to mitigate while pressing a book.
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UPDATE: I received my two books back from CBCS today. Both books were sent back because of waves in each of the books. I contacted CBCS, they asked if I could please send them pictures, I did they said to return the books for re-holdering. The worst book is 100% better (pics) There was no change on the second book (not shown). The second books waves is pretty minute but it's just one of those things that you know is there. All in all it was a painless experience and the first book looks great.

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