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Forum Crier OGJackster private msg quote post Address this user
The question is who do you trust and who is more accurate?

Let's compare DOORWAY TO NIGHTMARE #1 in 9.0 conition.

CovrPrice has the FMV at $71

GoCollect has FMV at $120

They both have the last sold info of
APR 2022 $71.00 - 04/16/22
but why doesn't CovrPrice average it out like GoCollect? Which FMV is the actual FMV? I'm confused and also wonder how this will affect the merging of CovrPrice values with CLZ???

Any thoughts?
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Collector DWeeB1967 private msg quote post Address this user
Could the $3.25 sale on 2/23/20 be skewing the CovrPrice FMV lower? It doesn't look like Go Collect includes that sale.
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The apple sauce and pudding were the best part... Bronte private msg quote post Address this user
I don't use either but here is gpanaylsis so you can add a 3rd data set to consider.

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Masculinity takes a holiday. EbayMafia private msg quote post Address this user
@OGJackster I use GoCollect but FMV is the least important information. It's the 90 day average and 1 year average that is more useful for me in determining pricing. Also click on the right pointing arrow to the right to see more sales history. That way you can see if it is a real trend or a one-off based on a single auction report which may or may not have even been real.
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Collector Byrdibyrd private msg quote post Address this user
Some of it just looks like the approach to the math needed to calculate FMV. GoCollect has more datapoints, but they are using the data from sales that are over a year old in order to have all those datapoints in their calculations. CovrPrice has access to all the same information, but they choose to eschew the older data.

If there were a lot more recent sales, CovrPrice would have the more accurate FMV because their calculations seem to be based upon recent sales only rather than outdated ones, and that would make a much better estimate of current FMV for an ephemeral in a volatile market. Their numbers are more likely to reflect the value of the book right now, rather than trying to come up with a value for a book right now by using sales prices for books from a year ago.

GoCollect is using outdated datapoints to come up with an FMV, but at the same time, the more data there is, the better the math. If there are more recent sales and they stay around $70, then GoCollect's numbers will drop, too. This is why I tend to look at recent sales when I check out GoCollect, rather than just take their FMV at face value. With them, you need to look at both.

I use both CovrPrice and GoCollect (and a few other grading sites, too, including GPAnalysis), because like I said, the more datapoints you have, the better the math.
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Collector drloko private msg quote post Address this user
Neither gives you the fair market value in general. Every book is unique with different flaws, so it’s not possible to assign a value to a book unless you sell it in a competitive market.

The guides are approximations under the assumption the book you have is similar to the books recently sold in similar condition. The grade is used as a proxy to compare the book you have with other ‘similar’ books. This is valuation by comparable sales and you should expect a value range, not an exact number.

The value range can be vary large, especially with assets that don’t come to market often.

In this case, the sales in 2021 are outliers away from the values both before and after. These may be erroneous sales, a speculative buyer, or an attempt to manipulate the market. I would estimate the value between $60-$100, expectation near $75.
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Collector Byrdibyrd private msg quote post Address this user
Absolutely. There's no sure way of assigning an accurate static dollar-amount FMV to any ephemeral. Ballparking it is as good as it gets, so a range of estimates is much more likely to meet expectations. No matter what you do, there will be factors that no one can predict or take into account. For example, seeing a really nice sale could mean that the one guy willing to pay that much just got what they wanted, and another book selling for that price isn't going to happen again. Also, the grade won't tell you things like whether or not the cover wrap is really nice and perfect or if it's a little off or a total miswrap. Each book, seller, and buyer is different.
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Corrector CaptainCanuck private msg quote post Address this user
Looks like all three services present a 90 day average of $71.
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