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Anyone have experience with restoration spotting?17234

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I found this book in a mystery box so that’s a little sus to begin with but it had an $80 price tag so it might be right, I don’t know much about grading. But I had two concerns with the book. One is the the staples look clean for the age so I’m worried they were replaced. On the inside middle it looks clean where the staples go, like it’s lined up properly, but there are frays next to the holes which have my concerned. My next issue is that on the front outside cover there are a bunch of scratches and gashes on the front but on the inside there is little evidence of the scratch which is odd because one you can just feel it, it’s deep but on the inside there’s not equally matching damage. The whole cover feels nice and smooth no sort of abrasiveness or anything odd, but yeah I don’t know much about restoration.

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To me the staples look fine. Unless it’s the lighting; they look discolored, but not rusty (rust = bad). The “frays” look normal from the natural break from stapling. If I’m wrong; tell me! As for the cover; I have no idea.
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that paper loss in the upper left corner, is that bug chew?

I'm thinking vg- 3.5, what are those going for?
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