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USPS Delivery Attempted15746

Collector jsrtt private msg quote post Address this user
I apologize if this has been asked before, but has anyone ever sent a package to CBCS and when checking the tracking it stated "Delivery Attempted-No Access to Delivery Location"? Every package I have had delivered to them prior said left with individual. It was a pretty high dollar book (insured of course) and I'm hoping it was just scanned wrong. It's a 2-day modern as well, so hopefully if it was scanned wrong then it will show as received on my dashboard soon (or maybe not with the way things are going...).
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Collector zdoes10 private msg quote post Address this user
@jsrtt , ten to one, USPS tried to deliver it after hours.

I have been getting packages up to 10PM from USPS.
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Collector xvipah private msg quote post Address this user
It happens once in a while, they'll redeliver it the next business day.
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Collector crystalphoto private msg quote post Address this user
I have had it happen to me when the mail person is too lazy to deliver it, or forgot it in the truck. At this time, I live in a huge apartment complex, with an common area where all the mailboxes are located. If the package won't fit in the box, there are large boxes that are rotated with the key left in the regular assigned box. if the package is larger than will fit in those boxes, mailperson has to leave package at door, or leave tag for Post Office pickup. I have had packages several times, read online, "no access to building" or something to that effect, (the buildings are always open, never locked)only to have it left in my box the next day or two. I had a very lazy mail person. (I believe, she has since been replaced. One can only hope...)
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If I could, I would. I swear. DrWatson private msg quote post Address this user
The USPS is dreadful when it comes to "Attempted" deliveries. I ordered two TV trays for my parents. I received a notice from the USPS that the items weren't delivered because the delivery was "attempted" but the items couldn't be delivered because the mail box was full. How many TV trays do you know of that will fit in a standard mail box?

The next notice I received told that the the items were oversized and that they would need to be picked up. My parents are 86 and 84. They aren't going to the post office to pick up TV trays. I let the post office send them back to where they came from and received a refund.
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Collector Sigur_Ros private msg quote post Address this user
I got it when they attempted a Saturday delivery. It arrived there on the next Monday.
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