I have 2 items available, one is very rare and one is a 1/1.

First is the original cover art for Nucleus #1 from 1979, published by Heiro-Graphic. Nucleus is a collection of shorter comic stories and the first one in this issue is "Demonhorn" from Bill Sim featuring a very early appearance of Cerebus. I would post the content page but some of the titles are nsfw, Cerebus fits right in. I've heard this is the first appearance of Cerebus outside of his own series but I've also heard its not, I cannot verify either way so that's the info I have. Original art around Cerebus is very rare and hard to price especially in the current market, interior b&w pages from the regular comic sold years ago for 5 figures and there aren't any recent sales I can find. I think I have this very fairly priced on the lower end at $3,000. This is a big piece as you can see and it also comes with the negative and copy of the comic itself. I obtained this directly from the original artist Bill Bryan and it is in great shape.

Second is a CBCS graded 2.5 unrestored copy of Black Knight #1 from Toby comics, 1953. This predates the Atlas version by 2 years and features a very early bondage cover. This was a one shot comic that only has around 25 total graded copies on both census, the highest is a 8.0. Grader's notes show potential for a bump with a clean and press. Sales data is also hard for this but there are some sales this year on gocollect, the fixed price sales seem to do better than the auction sales. I have this priced at $2,500.

I would really love to add some cash to these and trade for my first big #1 grail in a low-mid grade; Avengers, ASM, FF, Daredevil, Incredible Hulk, X-Men, or TMNT. Also open to other keys in that range especially early ASM's. I think there is plenty of room for growth on the art as it is and if you could pair it with an interior Cerebus page from that issue you would have a really big payday imo. Open to other offers as well, those are just the top of my list. I can send more pics if needed, if you have any questions just ask.

Finders fee also available if you connect me to someone who makes a deal.

Payments through Paypal G&S, all prices include fully insured, well packaged shipping to the CUSA, shipping elsewhere pays the shipping cost minus a $100 credit.

Thanks for looking!