Decent size group of comics for sale. I deal with Gold and Silver books, so I don't know much about these except that most of them are modern(ish). A few Golden/early Silver Dell books, a few 60's/70's Dell, Archie and Marvel (Sgt. Fury and leatherneck, I think) and Bronze Daredevil (issue 198 is earlies?), but the majority are modern DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, etc. See pics.

I counted about 160 comics total.

Shipping will have to be a couple (as in at least 2) USPS Medium Flat Rate boxes (unless you live in the NYC area and want to arrange pick up). Shipping can be arranged but be aware that shipping is above and beyond sale price.

First unqualified "Take" here wins, trumps any private discussion or agreements

I guess I'll ask $100 for the group (again, shipping will be figured out depending on if you can pick up or where you live - NO OUT OF US please).