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The Fifth Golden Girl sborock private msg quote post Address this user
My good friend and fantastic artist will be doing a signing with us! I am very excited!

John K. Snyder III - $15
*Prices are per signature, per book & DO NOT include grading fees.
-Books must be in hand (not postmarked) by 6/5
-Go to and in the upper right-hand corner click “submit comics” and login. If you do not have an account, please sign up for one. Regular memberships are free.
-Click "add comic" and enter some information about the book.
-On the bottom click “add authentic” and enter John K. Snyder III
You can use today’s date for the signing as we will be adjusting the dates when the books are signed and returned to Dallas.
-Repeat this for every book you wish to add and then complete the checkout which will ask you for information such as payment and shipping.
-Print out a copy of the invoice, package up your books and send them to the Wyoming, PA address listed.
Shipping books to Dallas will result in delays that may prevent your books from being included in the signing.
-When books are received, we will be adding Simon's fees to your invoice and charging your card.
*Please note, we can only accept card payments for this. No checks or cash.
*Please note, we can only accept card payments for this. No checks or cash.
*ASP Yellow Label (signed) and CBCS Blue Label books (non-signed) cannot be combined on same invoice for this event.
*DO NOT send in non signing books to the Wyoming Pa address
*Books cannot be combined with books from other signings
Book Prep:
-All books must be prepped with pre-cut signing window (window bags).
All books received unprepared will be subject to an additional $5 fee per book on the CBCS invoice to be prepped.
-Books may be sent in slabs, however, CBCS does not guarantee that books cracked out of slabs will hold their grade. Books will be re-graded.
There will be no additional fee to remove books from the slab.
Please provide a bag and board with a precut window for your book to go in when it comes out of the slab or a $5 fee per book will be charged to the CBCS invoice.
Please include name, email, phone number, order number, and John K. Snyder III on the backing board
-There is no guaranteed turnaround time. Signing can take in excess of 4 months to complete. Please have patience.
-CBCS is not responsible nor guarantees the quality or color of signature.
-CBCS promos can NOT be used for these invoices.
***Please make sure when prepping window bags, that you cut a window large enought for the creators to sign In. Not doing so will incur a $5 charge to re-cut window.

Email for more information.
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If I could, I would. I swear. DrWatson private msg quote post Address this user
Oh, so it isn't Bo Duke.

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