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Where to get size guide (check trimming)?1439

Collector QuaBrot private msg quote post Address this user
I know to get a black light to check for color touches, but where do you get a guide to check if a comic has been trimmed? Just got burned on a couple of books, but I couldn't tell by just looking at them . . . is there a way to tell?

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Collector Oxbladder private msg quote post Address this user
Comics are rarely their actual given dimensions because the printing process is not a precision system. Micro-trimming usually will not be discovered by dimension measures as the amount trimmed away is within error margins.
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Collector steveinthecity private msg quote post Address this user
Since the same book can have different heights, widths, angles, wraps, etc. it would be impossible to tell by simple measurements except in the more egregious examples. One quick way to check on the right side of the book is to lay the book flat and the center leaf should stick out slightly more than the top or bottom pages.

Edit: I can't seem to use a forward and backslash to represent the pages.
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Collector PovRow private msg quote post Address this user
Basically the centerfold should stick out a little more and, as you approach the first/last page (this is when the book is folded normally) gradually stick out less. It forms a > shape when looked at edgewise from the top or bottom. Just get a newspaper and you will see it easily.

Some books have the illusion of being trimmed because more art is cut off on the right edge or the top or bottom. This can be caused by mis-wrapping where the back is starting to come over onto the front (like those wide white borders on the spine) or the cover was shifted up or down. This will make it look like the art if chopped off due to trimming. Just compare images of graded books (CBCS or CGC) to judge the artwork. Look at how much visible art there is top/bottom and left/right. See if the missing artwork on the right, for example, is actually compensated for by more of the back showing on the left.

These are basic tips. A big problem is the lack of consistency, especially in older books. Books fresh from the printer can and do show different dimensions, wraps etc. So one also has to rely on knowledge and experience to help make a determination.
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